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Thinking about Stony Brook University and trying to determine if it’s the right fit for you? The college search process can be tough, but CampusReel is here to make it fun and engaging. If you’re thinking about visiting Stony Brook University in person, we strongly recommend you at least complete the virtual tour first. After watching the entire virtual tour, the next step would be to take an in-person campus tour to further vet Stony Brook University’s culture and community. Whether you are a prospective high school student considering the school or interested in transferring to Stony Brook University, these videos and reviews are designed to give you a complete understanding of the Stony Brook University experience. These Stony Brook University video reviews share the culture and daily life of students both on and off campus.

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Hey, God. So now I'm going to give you a tour of East Side dining, which is one of her dining halls here on campus. That, except the unlimited meal plan for the swipe in. But it also has a retail component to it, with different stations that you can get with dining dollars. So basically it's like a festival. So you under in side dining. Thank you. Different sections for retail. So the different sections include way have along, which is right there. Wei have casilla frasca, which is like a fake. Wait. Italian life here. In Korea. So I'm gonna take you on a tour of the Emporium, which you can use your dying dollars stuff. The important thing. Also, this section called Highland Soul, which is, honestly everyone's favorite. It's Jamaican food menu looks like thiss. So, Yeah, this is basically retail and everyone wants island, so So for your unlimited meal, you're actually gonna have to go through that either the North portal or down there, and you're gonna have to wait on line and you're gonna have to swipe into the dining hall. So once you swipe in, it's basically you just stay there. Yeah, buffet style as adults. And they have different things every day. What? You can check through the nutritious, laced up beforehand. He also different things, like the route to spend on news on. They have a street fair coming up, too. So when you get to the dining hall, all you have to do is grab your tea. Yeah. I'm fine. And please thank you. I'm good. How are you? Thanks. Thank you. Have a good one. I know so, but there is section pasta. Let's see what else he has. There is Wow. Salad looks really good. Some salad things. And then there's also a waste collection, which are for people that cannot eat peanuts, tree nuts, fish, shellfish, eggs, milk, soy we are leaving. There is a real section. Here is just a section which is right here. Vegan, the light and the deli. Far there is a really big rice cooker, but a lot of rice as well as different things that you could put with rice or with Sue. There's also a waffle maker and some cereal. And then on the other side of the way, I have coffee, more cereal, soy milk, regular milk bagels, different kinds of cream cheese and butter way Have a dessert section which dessert? Screen. There's a lot of different condiments. And basically, just grab whatever you want. And then when you are done, you will go to the disc return and then place your dishes in here. There's actually a lot of seating and dining. So to all the way back there to all the way over there. So I guess that concludes the tour of East darning. Thank you so much. Oh, hey. Hey. Jeffrey on. Yeah, that's it. Hey, guys, it's Olivia. I'm currently in Chavez Hall, which is home to you three and you force standing students here. So basically shot, this hall is super nice. It's one of the new bill things along with Tubman Hall on DH. It makes up what toll is, and that's basically where we are right now. So any student that has you three or you for standing and has at least a two point seven five g p A eyes allowed to live here. So we're going to take a tour of one of the sweets here, and then you guys can see, like what the future may be for you, so I'm gonna go and knock. So you created me. It's Olympia. Hello? Hey, Sean, this's unexpected. Thank you so much. Shot. This is my forms on Chavez. Right here are my two friends, Michael. That's my Sweet and Monica Common Room has a really nice view of the Kanto storms. You can really see it because it's kind of you, but really beautiful. Yeah, And then it comes with a table. The Ari's gave that to us for some reason, but wow, actual table on. This is my cousin's TV night's Republican from us. Let me show you my room. So over there is our is my two suitemates room over there is a shower. If you notice there's kind of a you know, this is kind of like we're I know it's everywhere, my friend, that just so Nice. So how many rooms are in here? All right, now those for Mom. I think there's a little I think it would go like past Give up to six. Okay. One room. Is that right, Michael? Sure. Maybe five. A great for three room and summon Or rather, Chavez and told a single lie. Things are separated from the the toilet. It's separated from the yards because if you just find it in the regulars sweet, like Roth and they're actually connected from one mother. Right? And this is my If you could see the beautiful portrait of me friends Teo. And so with each room, you get a closet that looks like this. And it probably closes too, right? Yeah, Just never. Really? Yeah. And then you get this nice bed frame right here with two drawers underneath. You, You you get a dust that Leanne is currently sitting at Ugo. That's cool. It's like use. Oh, yeah. Many here because I stand for my mirror. Okay. But also really good. U S O hasn't really good view during the day time guys with natural light And what would you say are things that people should bring to college with them. Like, don't forget to bring this. This and this Go back home from my heart from that I don't know. Yeah, it was like office supplies. Like you didn't really like scissors. T e c That you have a fridge? Yeah. Also, many first that my dad gave me. So you're always allowed them in any door? As long as they're living requirements. Right? And do you? So you have the You also have a shower. You're gonna say yes, we do. Okay. There were other two suitemates where I think they're just wanted because it was close. So there's someone in there. Thank you so much for Hello, future college students. My name is Washed a Kindle, and I'm occurred first year student here at Stony Brook University. I'm currently majoring in twisted environmental studies with a minor in geospatial Science, and I was born and raised in Queens, New York So coming from the New York City area to a large and diverse school like Stony Brook was definitely an exciting experience for me. There's always a lot happening on campus, so just to get into the swing of things, I'm going to tell you a little bit more about the university itself. For the most part, a lot of people do know Stony Brook as this really big and popular stem school. We're currently in the top 25 Forbes Strange Stem School's list, but the truth of the matter is, Storybrooke has a very wide and diverse range of academic programs that you can choose from. So in total, SPU actually offers over 200 majors miners and combined a few programs. So there really is no lack of academic options that students can choose from here. And I would have to say that the biggest aspect of my first year experience here, which truly made me realize how awesome as he really is is the undergraduate college systems or Yuji sees. So, In essence, the purpose of the species is to group like minded students together into these smaller and close knit communities. Just some students have a better understanding and familiarity of the resource is that they have access to, as well as being able to network and branch out and really just be able to meet other fellow peers and staff and faculty members who have similar interests. But at the end of the day really gives students just a home away from home. In total, there are six Yuji sees on campus, and the Yuji sees all come with a residential living claude and a common themes. So the Yuji see that I'm a part of is, which stands for information and technology studies, and that's affiliated with Mendelssohn Quad. And then there's also other Yuji sees, like leadership in service, which is an H Wad Global Studies, which is with Roosevelt Quad. There's also human development and Kelly Quad Science and Society and Raw Quad, and there's also art, culture and humanities and table er quad. So the doorman experience here, as I was coming in at as like, a completely new first year student was not what I was expecting. In fact, it really just surpassed my expectations completely. So now been discussed with you guys, the door Ming and living experience here on campus. some of my previous videos. You guys have already heard me talk about stuff like the undergraduate colleges and the many academic programs that as if you have to offer But what I'd like for you guys to also know about some of our campus traditions and waste get more involved. Student. So in total, there are over 400 clubs and organizations on campus, including the create quite organizations like the fraternities and Sororities. Even though Storybrooke isn't a really big party school, there are definitely a lot of events and festivities that happened on campus all year round. Some popular campus traditions include Roth Regatta, in which every year students build boats out of cardboard, duct tape and other materials, and race those boats and raw. And there's also Strawberry Fest, in which students get to try out different strawberry related delicacies and treats from different cultures and region. So there's the opening weekend activities, which are huge on campus, and this takes place at the beginning of every fall semester, so it serves as a really grand and welcoming a gesture for the new students as well as the parents students on DH. It's really nice because I remember my opening weekend, and it was really cool to see how some of the organizations on campus and some of the students got together, truly plan out of very fun filled day with a lot of performances and interactive activities that really made me feel welcome in the university and really set me off on the right foot. And honestly, if I could talk to my high school self right now, I would tell her that she should stop crying over getting rejected from her dream school because after coming to Stony is when she realizes what her true passions are, and she meets a lot of really awesome people that are very supportive of her. I mean, I didn't even expect to have been easily able Tio get involved on campus here and accomplish the different things that I have, both professionally and personally. So it really looks. It really makes me look back on the experience that I had during my high school senior year and really say that sometimes the unexpected is kind of what we really need, and it brings us closer to achieving our goals and achieving our own dreams. So I want to thank you guys so much for watching my videos. I really do hope that I've shed some light on help. You better understand how it's like being a Stony Brook University student. And for those of you who didn't get accepted to study for congratulations on your acceptance, I know it definitely wasn't in music process to get accepted to speak because of him, because if it is so, I really congratulate you on that. And I do hope you pick story there and no pressure, but as views really great. It's fantastic and festive walked to everyone. I know that you know, the college application process is very daunting and all that, but I really do have faith in each and every one of you. And I know you're going to accomplish so much may bring things regardless of which college to choose to. if you're looking to apply toe spu fearsome college application advice that may help you boost your chances of getting accepted. My first piece of advice, you guys would be too. Definitely strengthen your academics as much as you possibly can. Now, you may have already heard about this from your guidance counselor, but your transcripts as well as your s a t r a t exam scores, serves a really significant aspect of your entire college application. Since the African pool ranges your tear, there really is no cut offs. But something to consider is that for the most part, that average and coming Seawolf typically has an average above 90% on the 100% scale and a score of over 13 country. So it's really important that you try to boost your G P A and exam scores to the highest marks that possibly. But of course, perfection isn't everything. So don't sweat not having a perfect 4.0 g. P. A or anything like that. The admissions officers already know that it's not possible to have perfect grades all of the time, so there is some consideration in this area. My next piece of advice to you is to really just be yourself. The admissions officers don't know you who you are, and all they have to determine that is the information that you provide on your application. So you should really try to make sure that what you write down on your app truly reflects who you are. I know that when I was going through the college application season as a high school senior, once upon a time, I was afraid of writing down all my really big accomplishments and highlighting the major contributions that I've made through the activities that I received simply because I didn't want to appear like an arrogant or over confident person. But it's really important that you keep in mind that these admissions officers have no idea who you are, what you've accomplished and what you're really like. But as soon as they pick up and reach your application, they're going to have a better understanding of the type of person that you really are based on the info that you give them. So be sure to include all the passions and accomplishments of yours that you've really made and that really strike out as the person that you really are. So if you really enjoy painting and have soldier paintings online, perhaps one a couple of art competitions because of that, that stuff is definitely something that you should put on your application so the admissions officers can understand the artistic and creative person that you are on my application for S P U. I specifically highlighted both my passion for the sciences and my love of teaching. They're both my extracurricular activities list. On my person statements, I included stuff like being a self employed tutor for four years, in which I helped students prepared for the New York State Science Regions examinations, as well as being both the co founder and president of my high school science club. And I feel like by doing that, it really helped me earn the SPU acceptance that I wanted, even though my grades weren't the best of the best, and my exam scores important super high. So, in essence, you really do want to aim for having the admissions officers be able. Teo easily treated tagline for you as a candidate because that's how they're going to remember you by so none gillaspie sure to really sit down and reflect on all the progress you've made and all the things that you've done, because it's information like this that really distinguishes you as an applicant. And you want to be able tio to write down and highlight what it is that makes you different from the average. Joe gets good grades and is a well rounded student. Hey, guys. So now I'm going to take you on a tour of my suite. You can see all my door decks of there. They're super NYU's. I've been collecting them for a while since this is my second years and all right, And I'm going to be in our next year, too. So if any of you guys decide to come to Stony Brook, I will be here as an array in Roth Quad. So let's under my roof or my sweet rather and this is what it looks like. So each sweet. You get two sofas, they could be different colors on DH. You get a table, and then we can take you on a tour of the bathroom. I say we like me and LeAnn LeAnn sitting right there So double mirrors, double sinks and that little thing and then below. There's also a thing where you can put your stuff. And then there's a bathroom stall. Well, it looks like this just a normal toilet on, then shower with a curtain. Uh huh, another curtain and then just like your typical shower. But this layout is really awesome because obviously you get one whole bathroom for four people. So this is sweet style, and we have someone that comes weekly once a week to clean our bathroom. And they actually cleaned our bathroom today, which is why the two things are so nice. So we have two rooms and a suite. Well, some sweets have two rooms of some sweet have three rooms and then some sweets have four or five rooms. Was that here in the you three or you for toll, Chavez or Tubman? Or if you're in West apartments, which is also for upperclassmen. So this is my room. I'm in room A so we can take on a. So each room comes with two closets. So this is about the size of a closet right here and yeah, So closet solving a lot of shoes space, and then the back has hooks, so you could actually hang your towels and your robe, etcetera. So each person gets one desk and desk. Looks like this, and these are actually kind of cool because you can pin different things on there. Then each desk also comes with three drawers and a chair. So in total, there are two chairs, two deaths and two closets, then going over here. This is just the tour off my room. So Vivian actually moved out into the other room because one of our suitemates moved out. And so that means that I get this room to myself, so it's actually meant to be double occupancy. But then when you're in our A and someone who's out mid semester, you actually get the single, which is kind of cool. So then I have my fridge right there and I have a nespresso machine. So I mentioned before that Roth is the only undergraduate college or only quad that has air conditioning. So that's really nice. And then eat Person gets two of these, so one and two and there's actually two more behind there that are kind of just hiding, because I don't obviously need four sets of two drawers. So yeah, so going back up. So this is my bad right here. It's actually a ting size, but because I put two Twin excels together. So it's a huge bed. And yeah, so I will show you now the B room, which is a room that you will be placed in if you come to stony broke and you're a freshman and you're sharing a room with one other person or maybe to other people. Also, you can bring your fridge here so we have two fridges in the common room and yeah, and We have Lands TV right there, and that's my reflection right behind my head, and that's Lillian and they hung that up for my birthday, so that's really nice. So and said he and it's actually sleeping, so we're going to take a very quiet door. No, we have I can't to class it. One, two none. The tasks. We have one desk, and then we had another desk, and then we have two beds. We have to. This's bad. And then each person has two tours, as I mentioned, So there's one drawer, that one right, and the same on this side of one. On a cycle, it is right. And that concludes our door on tour. Hey, guys. So I just got back to my dorm. And this is my sweet mate, Leanne Er, And we've been sweetmeats for, like, three years now. Yeah, and land. What's your major? I major in technological systems management, and I specialize in applied mountains distance. And what would you say is your favorite part of your major? What I love most about my nature is the fact that I have, like a major adviser, she's been so helpful too. We have another person that just came in. We can interview her later. For now, remember, now we're going to continue with Leah. Yes, so when it was most majors, like my advisor super helpful to me when choosing classes and also making sure that I have, like, the right schedule so I can graduate on time because I actually didn't come into stony broke with the technological systems Masha Major that I have now. So she's been extremely helpful in that regard. And also, I thought that my classes have been really fun. So far, I've been learning a lot of different subjects. Like things were economics, like marketing. It's also like management, and it all revolves around technology, so it's not purely focused on science. Humanities, Um, and what is your least favorite thing and your favorite thing about Stony Brook? My lease they only see everything. Is that sometimes personally, for me, the classes are just so big that it took me a really long time to get used to know. And so for that regarding had to really push myself to take more initiative. And it's like learning the material. And also just like trying to talk to professors because it's actually impossible for them to remember everyone just sizes. They're so large. And so for me, I'm not really used to that. And I feel your love. We really are with class, size of like hundreds of people. Yeah, definitely. So that was probably one thing. I didn't really like it first, but I think one thing I like most is that I think so. It was really great at providing. Resource is for people who learn differently, is definitely like if you're the type of person who learns more like audibly, they do have a recorded lectures so you can listen to lectures and do other things. And the teachers always just really helpful to try to, like, utilize technology. So I really like when professors are like don't hand in homework just like like sent it over through black Ford as like a pdf. And I prefer that so much better than, like walking to class and like hitting people just like you can always lose your homework. Yeah, scary, definitely. And, well, are you involved in outside of your classes? Also part of fine society with the apparently the secretary Part of a group of students who are trying to get a new club on campus which they become recognized called Yahtzee. I'm their PR director. I also do some other programs outside of school with the Career center, like a DPL and program which dance for diversity Leadership Network. Yeah, really long title. Yeah, right on in an internship with the Center for Excellence and Learning and Technologies. It's either technology or teaching this part, that goes, But it's one of them. That internship first and you're gonna be teaching workshops and you're gonna be working next semester. That so that's exciting on then, what is like one last piece of, like advice or like information that you would give two incoming students whether they be out of state like you, or like in st that want to come to Stony Brook University? Bye. I definitely like, try if you can, to come too. Get this and see what it's like that I know that when I was back home in Pennsylvania, should I go here? Shine are like what the campus looks like. I took like, virtual towards our looked up pictures, but it's not the same. That's like actually coming to campus. I'm walking around because I didn't realize how big the campus wass you like the pictures or the cultural tour because they took, like, ten steps, one sign. So it made it seem like everything was so close, but really taste like a ten minute walk to go somewhere. So that should be taking it. Hi, guys. So this is the Charles belong center. Inside, there are many different things, including one of our dining jasmine, which is personally my favorite dining. So we're gonna go inside and we're gonna look Jasmine. We're also gonna look at me like the architecture of this building, which is absolutely stunning. They also have many events. Any fears such as these events, which is kind of awesome. And they also hold events in here such as this past month. They had Google come in unto workshop and they also had Barclays Common doing workshop as well. So this is what the inside looks like is absolutely stunning, as you can tell. It's just super beautiful. We are going to go inside Jasmine and we're going to get some day. There are many different options at Jasmine, they're ISS. Indian food. Bacci. Chinese Food, Little sides. There's also a Korean food and my favorite, which is Japanese. Good. Can I have an avocado roll, please? So, Yeah, they have different rules, which is awesome. They also have sushi burritos. More elaborate rules they have. Hey, guys. So I'm back with my sushi. It looks absolutely moving. They made it fresh for me. But unfortunately we're not allowed to record in Jackman, which we did not know because we've never recorded or tried to record in Jasmine before. But Goodell also got food and we are going to sit. You don't want to sit down Seriously, are upstairs. Okay, so let's go downstairs. People. Oh, there's a lot of people going to say Okay, we'Ll just we'Ll just eat up. There's and then you don't show us what he got from Jasmine, which is from the Korean section, which I'm not so sure I got to show you, but it looks really good, Yes. Okay, so we are going to do Abel. Also, this is a place that you can actually go outside, which is kinda cool. It's really nice. And I've actually taken pictures there, so that's kind of awesome. There's no tables up here. Okay, Downstairs we go. And there's beautiful artwork actually down here. And there's also the chapel right here. Stop. And just other beautiful artwork. You can see some of the beautiful artwork like, for example, that very nice, that also very nice. And we're going to go downstairs and hopefully find table because Dr Berman is one of the most popular dining hall to eat. But they are dining dollar only, Which kind of sucks. Oh oh, and we'LL be wall, but you don't really get wolf you. Yeah. So we're just gonna try to find a place to eat. What? I did out. Okay, Let's see. Let's see. Will there be a table? Okay. Well, though, that's my our friend Awilda. She looks like this guy's She's doing the class right now. Okay, so we finally find a sea, which is awesome. Yeah. Let's see, Tudo. You want to show them what you've got for dinner today? Go. So be it. Oh, and some noodles, Yeah. And yeah, that's about it. We're just gonna have dinner Hey, guys. So I'm gonna talk to you about the transportation system at Stony Brook. So this is our main bus stop in this selectively center or the sack. So and that's good right there. So we have many different buses at Stony Brook University. We have the outer loop. We also have the inner loop. Yeo, one of my friends and I go with you. And this is actually the line for the inner loop. Inner loop goes to West Apartments. It also goes Teo, just like the inside kind of of campus. Okay, on DH, then there is also the railroad route, which goes to the Long Island Railroad on the hospital and shape and root, which goes there. There's the's Southampton bus that goes to South Hampton. Um and I would say, like those are the main bus is that we have on this campus. Um, the bus says are really easy. All you have to do is like, wait here at the sac for them, and they come on and you can also wait at any of the stops. So that's kind of awesome. And all you need is your stony brook on, and you don't even need to show them like they're super chill about you, just like hopping on the bus anytime you want. Um, they come like every maybe, I want to say, like five to ten minutes. Some come more than others like an outer loop is definitely the most popular one, along with the railroad route. If you're going home or going to the city, Um, and also like in the hot thing that I was at before, there's actually a schedule of when the bus has come. It goes up there on the screen, but you can also just download the app and it'LL tell you like where the bus is and like when it's coming and stuff. So that's not like the on ly transportation that we have on campus. We also have used which our bikes they're super easy and fun to use. Their calls will be a ride a bike shares, and basically it looks like that, and there's a lot map of like where all of the bikes are. So that's kind of awesome. And all you have to do is you have tio put in your idea, right? Answer here and then you put in your birthdate, and then basically, you could just use one of these bikes on DH. Then you just have to return it after an hour so you can use it to get somewhere and then park the bike and then get a new bike. So those air two different transportation systems that we have here, along with the Long Island Railroad, which obviously Hey, guys, it's me, Olivia Way Air here at the Student Activity Center, also known as the Sac, which is the centre part of campus and is connected to basically everything. So let's go inside and see what's there. Hey, what's your major businessman with minor? Nice. So what business classes have you taken? The foreign principals find lands into a lot of most. And you like the business program that stony broke Wait. For the most part, what has been your favorite class thus far to save Prince. It wasn't right. Getting a really cool project way just created like a really cool like branch from a company. And just like introducing And you're also in English My name right? And how would you describe the atmosphere in those classes? How many people are in those classes? Twenty three. Not so. You'd say you're close to your professor. Something like that. Very much more individualized. Interesting. So did I. Was going to go up with us on this tour of the student activity center. Okay, and here we go. So on the tour, the first part of the tour is going to be the infamous. Why structure on the wash structures and important? Because it's a really big question mark. Why doesn't what? And in addition, when it's open, this right here is the ticket office. You can get tickets for everything from Sushi Night, which we had this past week as well as concerts. So, for example, don't are going to Brooke Best, which is super exciting. Yes, on DH. It's basically just like a really big concert for all Stony Brook students. This is actually a poster for Brooks, ours on. We have ISA for Amina and Little Skies coming, which is super exciting going into the main part of the sack. This is what it looks like. It's very nice, and all the tables actually have outlets. So you could do homework and stuff like that. That's really awesome. And then going up the stairs way have what's going to hopefully a cafe or a supply store. Supposed to be a dog donuts. But they can Yeah, and then next we are going to show you the sack Food court. The sax stands for Student Activity center. Okay, so let's go. Hey, guys. So we are here at the sex food cord, and we're going to show you some of the lovely food that the stock has to offer. Thiss would be for dining dollars only. So we have a deli where they can make you anything that you want as well as stir fry. We have salad, we have gold global flavors. And then we also have a very wide variety of wei. Have noodles where you could grab a bowl of noodles and then get draw and protein adity! Rebuttals if you would like, we have an Italian section, and then we also have a grill section and some suits and sandwiches. We also have a big coffee thing that stays open all day every day as long as it's open, and then thiss is where our students, when they want to eat. This is known as the Fish Bowl, and there's also seating upstairs, and this is basically a tour of the entire sack food court.