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Hey guys, what's on campus? You block minus. And today I'm gonna be taking you around nine University student group on TV Talking about how soon Brooke is as a university How is it? Cost fees? Intuition. How is the student campus life? How is the door making cops that food House of recreation activities on I'LL be taking you around telling you exactly what you need to know as students I'll be talking about. This university has compared with the university which is just has his competitors on DH. I think you're gonna like it. It's gonna be no long, so please enjoy. Hey, guys, it's Olivia. I'm currently in Chavez Hall, which is home to you three and you force standing students here. So basically shot, this hall is super nice. It's one of the new bill things along with Tubman Hall on DH. It makes up what toll is, and that's basically where we are right now. So any student that has you three or you for standing and has at least a two point seven five g p A eyes allowed to live here. So we're going to take a tour of one of the sweets here, and then you guys can see, like what the future may be for you, so I'm gonna go and knock. So you created me. It's Olympia. Hello? Hey, Sean, this's unexpected. Thank you so much. Shot. This is my forms on Chavez. Right here are my two friends, Michael. That's my Sweet and Monica Common Room has a really nice view of the Kanto storms. You can really see it because it's kind of you, but really beautiful. Yeah, And then it comes with a table. The Ari's gave that to us for some reason, but wow, actual table on. This is my cousin's TV night's Republican from us. Let me show you my room. So over there is our is my two suitemates room over there is a shower. If you notice there's kind of a you know, this is kind of like we're I know it's everywhere, my friend, that just so Nice. So how many rooms are in here? All right, now those for Mom. I think there's a little I think it would go like past Give up to six. Okay. One room. Is that right, Michael? Sure. Maybe five. A great for three room and summon Or rather, Chavez and told a single lie. Things are separated from the the toilet. It's separated from the yards because if you just find it in the regulars sweet, like Roth and they're actually connected from one mother. Right? And this is my If you could see the beautiful portrait of me friends Teo. And so with each room, you get a closet that looks like this. And it probably closes too, right? Yeah, Just never. Really? Yeah. And then you get this nice bed frame right here with two drawers underneath. You, You you get a dust that Leanne is currently sitting at Ugo. That's cool. It's like use. Oh, yeah. Many here because I stand for my mirror. Okay. But also really good. U S O hasn't really good view during the day time guys with natural light And what would you say are things that people should bring to college with them. Like, don't forget to bring this. This and this Go back home from my heart from that I don't know. Yeah, it was like office supplies. Like you didn't really like scissors. T e c That you have a fridge? Yeah. Also, many first that my dad gave me. So you're always allowed them in any door? As long as they're living requirements. Right? And do you? So you have the You also have a shower. You're gonna say yes, we do. Okay. There were other two suitemates where I think they're just wanted because it was close. So there's someone in there. Thank you so much for Hey, guys. So now I'm going to take you on a tour of my suite. You can see all my door decks of there. They're super NYU's. I've been collecting them for a while since this is my second years and all right, And I'm going to be in our next year, too. So if any of you guys decide to come to Stony Brook, I will be here as an array in Roth Quad. So let's under my roof or my sweet rather and this is what it looks like. So each sweet. You get two sofas, they could be different colors on DH. You get a table, and then we can take you on a tour of the bathroom. I say we like me and LeAnn LeAnn sitting right there So double mirrors, double sinks and that little thing and then below. There's also a thing where you can put your stuff. And then there's a bathroom stall. Well, it looks like this just a normal toilet on, then shower with a curtain. Uh huh, another curtain and then just like your typical shower. But this layout is really awesome because obviously you get one whole bathroom for four people. So this is sweet style, and we have someone that comes weekly once a week to clean our bathroom. And they actually cleaned our bathroom today, which is why the two things are so nice. So we have two rooms and a suite. Well, some sweets have two rooms of some sweet have three rooms and then some sweets have four or five rooms. Was that here in the you three or you for toll, Chavez or Tubman? Or if you're in West apartments, which is also for upperclassmen. So this is my room. I'm in room A so we can take on a. So each room comes with two closets. So this is about the size of a closet right here and yeah, So closet solving a lot of shoes space, and then the back has hooks, so you could actually hang your towels and your robe, etcetera. So each person gets one desk and desk. Looks like this, and these are actually kind of cool because you can pin different things on there. Then each desk also comes with three drawers and a chair. So in total, there are two chairs, two deaths and two closets, then going over here. This is just the tour off my room. So Vivian actually moved out into the other room because one of our suitemates moved out. And so that means that I get this room to myself, so it's actually meant to be double occupancy. But then when you're in our A and someone who's out mid semester, you actually get the single, which is kind of cool. So then I have my fridge right there and I have a nespresso machine. So I mentioned before that Roth is the only undergraduate college or only quad that has air conditioning. So that's really nice. And then eat Person gets two of these, so one and two and there's actually two more behind there that are kind of just hiding, because I don't obviously need four sets of two drawers. So yeah, so going back up. So this is my bad right here. It's actually a ting size, but because I put two Twin excels together. So it's a huge bed. And yeah, so I will show you now the B room, which is a room that you will be placed in if you come to stony broke and you're a freshman and you're sharing a room with one other person or maybe to other people. Also, you can bring your fridge here so we have two fridges in the common room and yeah, and We have Lands TV right there, and that's my reflection right behind my head, and that's Lillian and they hung that up for my birthday, so that's really nice. So and said he and it's actually sleeping, so we're going to take a very quiet door. No, we have I can't to class it. One, two none. The tasks. We have one desk, and then we had another desk, and then we have two beds. We have to. This's bad. And then each person has two tours, as I mentioned, So there's one drawer, that one right, and the same on this side of one. On a cycle, it is right. And that concludes our door on tour. Hi guys. So I'm going to explain how dining works at Stony Brook. So for all first year students, you are now required to get a unlimited meal plan. What that means is that you could have unlimited swipes to either East Side dining or Westside dining, which are both like a buff, a kind of style, and it changes daily. What is offered you also may have the option of getting dining dollars with it. So maybe fifty dining dollars, two hundred fifty nine eight dollars or five hundred dining dollars. The's Diamond Dog dining dollars Khun B used a different places, like the Student Activity Center. It could be used at Jasmine, which is my personal favorite Asian cuisine, and it can also be used at Roth Cafe. Um, I would say that the unlimited meal plan is good for some people. It's good for the people who, like want to go in, and they want to eat all that they can on DH. They don't want to worry about that declining balance. But after your first year, you are able to change your meal, plan to onley dining dollars or some block meals plus dining dollars, which is currently what I have. I currently have eighty block meals, and then I also have about seven hundred seventy five don di name dollars, which is the r A plan that was given to me since I'm a resident assistant. But overall, I would say that the dining dollars definitely give you more options and allow you to get more things. In addition, if you decide to live in Roth Quad, which is science and society, or Table Quad, which is arts, culture and humanities, you will get one swipe a day at Roth Quad, as in a meal exchange program. And I think that's really awesome, because Ross has different options that maybe maybe other dining halls I don't have. So Ross has, let's say, subway smashing Jake, which is kind of like a fake shake shack. They have stir fry. They have a brunch all day section. They have Italian, so you're definitely getting more options. A few decide to live in Roth and Table er, Roth or table ER on. Your first year was an unlimited meal plan. I also forgot to mention that there are two other things. Number one. So you actually Khun, see what West and East Side have to offer before actually going there. So we have an app called Nutritious Lies which shows you ahead of time, what they're gonna have that day. So instead of like waking up and being like, Oh, I wonder what Western East has today and then walking all the way over there you could just check on your phone ahead of time and see if that's something that you'd like. Another thing about the unlimited meal plan is that you can have take out what takeout means is basically, you go up to them and you ask them, Hey, can I have taken up? And they swipe your ID and they give you a box, and then they also give you a cup. And basically what you Khun Dio is you can take out your food so you can put whatever food you can in the box and then whatever beverage that you want in the cup, and then you can take it out to class or wherever you want to eat it. So those air to other things that I forgot to Hey, guys. So I just got back to my dorm. And this is my sweet mate, Leanne Er, And we've been sweetmeats for, like, three years now. Yeah, and land. What's your major? I major in technological systems management, and I specialize in applied mountains distance. And what would you say is your favorite part of your major? What I love most about my nature is the fact that I have, like a major adviser, she's been so helpful too. We have another person that just came in. We can interview her later. For now, remember, now we're going to continue with Leah. Yes, so when it was most majors, like my advisor super helpful to me when choosing classes and also making sure that I have, like, the right schedule so I can graduate on time because I actually didn't come into stony broke with the technological systems Masha Major that I have now. So she's been extremely helpful in that regard. And also, I thought that my classes have been really fun. So far, I've been learning a lot of different subjects. Like things were economics, like marketing. It's also like management, and it all revolves around technology, so it's not purely focused on science. Humanities, Um, and what is your least favorite thing and your favorite thing about Stony Brook? My lease they only see everything. Is that sometimes personally, for me, the classes are just so big that it took me a really long time to get used to know. And so for that regarding had to really push myself to take more initiative. And it's like learning the material. And also just like trying to talk to professors because it's actually impossible for them to remember everyone just sizes. They're so large. And so for me, I'm not really used to that. And I feel your love. We really are with class, size of like hundreds of people. Yeah, definitely. So that was probably one thing. I didn't really like it first, but I think one thing I like most is that I think so. It was really great at providing. Resource is for people who learn differently, is definitely like if you're the type of person who learns more like audibly, they do have a recorded lectures so you can listen to lectures and do other things. And the teachers always just really helpful to try to, like, utilize technology. So I really like when professors are like don't hand in homework just like like sent it over through black Ford as like a pdf. And I prefer that so much better than, like walking to class and like hitting people just like you can always lose your homework. Yeah, scary, definitely. And, well, are you involved in outside of your classes? Also part of fine society with the apparently the secretary Part of a group of students who are trying to get a new club on campus which they become recognized called Yahtzee. I'm their PR director. I also do some other programs outside of school with the Career center, like a DPL and program which dance for diversity Leadership Network. Yeah, really long title. Yeah, right on in an internship with the Center for Excellence and Learning and Technologies. It's either technology or teaching this part, that goes, But it's one of them. That internship first and you're gonna be teaching workshops and you're gonna be working next semester. That so that's exciting on then, what is like one last piece of, like advice or like information that you would give two incoming students whether they be out of state like you, or like in st that want to come to Stony Brook University? Bye. I definitely like, try if you can, to come too. Get this and see what it's like that I know that when I was back home in Pennsylvania, should I go here? Shine are like what the campus looks like. I took like, virtual towards our looked up pictures, but it's not the same. That's like actually coming to campus. I'm walking around because I didn't realize how big the campus wass you like the pictures or the cultural tour because they took, like, ten steps, one sign. So it made it seem like everything was so close, but really taste like a ten minute walk to go somewhere. So that should be taking it. Hi, guys. So this is the Charles belong center. Inside, there are many different things, including one of our dining jasmine, which is personally my favorite dining. So we're gonna go inside and we're gonna look Jasmine. We're also gonna look at me like the architecture of this building, which is absolutely stunning. They also have many events. Any fears such as these events, which is kind of awesome. And they also hold events in here such as this past month. They had Google come in unto workshop and they also had Barclays Common doing workshop as well. So this is what the inside looks like is absolutely stunning, as you can tell. It's just super beautiful. We are going to go inside Jasmine and we're going to get some day. There are many different options at Jasmine, they're ISS. Indian food. Bacci. Chinese Food, Little sides. There's also a Korean food and my favorite, which is Japanese. Good. Can I have an avocado roll, please? So, Yeah, they have different rules, which is awesome. They also have sushi burritos. More elaborate rules they have. Hey, guys. So I'm back with my sushi. It looks absolutely moving. They made it fresh for me. But unfortunately we're not allowed to record in Jackman, which we did not know because we've never recorded or tried to record in Jasmine before. But Goodell also got food and we are going to sit. You don't want to sit down Seriously, are upstairs. Okay, so let's go downstairs. People. Oh, there's a lot of people going to say Okay, we'Ll just we'Ll just eat up. There's and then you don't show us what he got from Jasmine, which is from the Korean section, which I'm not so sure I got to show you, but it looks really good, Yes. Okay, so we are going to do Abel. Also, this is a place that you can actually go outside, which is kinda cool. It's really nice. And I've actually taken pictures there, so that's kind of awesome. There's no tables up here. Okay, Downstairs we go. And there's beautiful artwork actually down here. And there's also the chapel right here. Stop. And just other beautiful artwork. You can see some of the beautiful artwork like, for example, that very nice, that also very nice. And we're going to go downstairs and hopefully find table because Dr Berman is one of the most popular dining hall to eat. But they are dining dollar only, Which kind of sucks. Oh oh, and we'LL be wall, but you don't really get wolf you. Yeah. So we're just gonna try to find a place to eat. What? I did out. Okay, Let's see. Let's see. Will there be a table? Okay. Well, though, that's my our friend Awilda. She looks like this guy's She's doing the class right now. Okay, so we finally find a sea, which is awesome. Yeah. Let's see, Tudo. You want to show them what you've got for dinner today? Go. So be it. Oh, and some noodles, Yeah. And yeah, that's about it. We're just gonna have dinner Hey, guys. So I'm gonna talk to you about the transportation system at Stony Brook. So this is our main bus stop in this selectively center or the sack. So and that's good right there. So we have many different buses at Stony Brook University. We have the outer loop. We also have the inner loop. Yeo, one of my friends and I go with you. And this is actually the line for the inner loop. Inner loop goes to West Apartments. It also goes Teo, just like the inside kind of of campus. Okay, on DH, then there is also the railroad route, which goes to the Long Island Railroad on the hospital and shape and root, which goes there. There's the's Southampton bus that goes to South Hampton. Um and I would say, like those are the main bus is that we have on this campus. Um, the bus says are really easy. All you have to do is like, wait here at the sac for them, and they come on and you can also wait at any of the stops. So that's kind of awesome. And all you need is your stony brook on, and you don't even need to show them like they're super chill about you, just like hopping on the bus anytime you want. Um, they come like every maybe, I want to say, like five to ten minutes. Some come more than others like an outer loop is definitely the most popular one, along with the railroad route. If you're going home or going to the city, Um, and also like in the hot thing that I was at before, there's actually a schedule of when the bus has come. It goes up there on the screen, but you can also just download the app and it'LL tell you like where the bus is and like when it's coming and stuff. So that's not like the on ly transportation that we have on campus. We also have used which our bikes they're super easy and fun to use. Their calls will be a ride a bike shares, and basically it looks like that, and there's a lot map of like where all of the bikes are. So that's kind of awesome. And all you have to do is you have tio put in your idea, right? Answer here and then you put in your birthdate, and then basically, you could just use one of these bikes on DH. Then you just have to return it after an hour so you can use it to get somewhere and then park the bike and then get a new bike. So those air two different transportation systems that we have here, along with the Long Island Railroad, which obviously Hey, guys. So now we're going to talk about different living options on campus for first year. So unlike many other colleges and universities who have designated freshman dorm ng, we do not sow. In every single building, there is designated freshmen suites or rooms, so I think that's really important to differentiate between our school and other schools. Also, we have this thing called you GCS, which stands for undergraduate college, is. So once you accept Stony Brook University and you decide that you're coming here, you will be asked to rank your top three undergraduate colleges. What an undergraduate college is is. It's basically just like a subsection off your whole class. So what that means is there's going to be about five hundred to six hundred of you living in one quad, and there's six different quads, so we have different undergraduate colleges are first undergraduate college would be Science and Society, which is located in Roth Quad. Then we also have arts, culture and humanities, which is located in Table er quad. We also have Global Studies, which is located, and Eleanor Roosevelt Quad. Then we have Human Development, which is located, and Kelly Quad, we also have leadership development which is located in a squad, and we have it s or information and technological services, which is located in Mendelssohn Quad. So these are the six different undergraduate colleges or quads that we have that you can live on campus. So obviously there's different pros and cons of each of them, and a lot of people get caught up in the name of Oh, I'm part of SSO, which is science and society, or I'm heard of HPV, which is human development. But to be honest, what it basically means it is, or what it basically stands for is that you live in that designated area for your first year and you live with the people who also chose that specific undergraduate college. So there's different pros and cons to different undergraduate colleges, which is just based on where you live. So science and society, arts, cultures and humanities, and then also human development, which is Roth, Quad Table or Claude and Kelli Claude are all going to be sweet style, which means that there's either going to be two rooms or three rooms that are connected with a living room, and then you share a bathroom. Four leadership development. It s information technological services on and then also G. L s global studies. Those are going to be your quarter style, which is basically just your typical college room. It's going to have two people, maybe three if it's a triple. But there's pros and cons to both of them s. So this is what I've noticed. I'm just being here. So HTV, which is human development or Kelly Quad is going to be the one that's closest to the Long Island Railroad, which is probably how you will get home if you don't have a car and it goes into the city. So that's a good thing about Callie. Quad it. Also, all quads are kind of, especially this sweet style ones are formed in a circle. So, Kallick, what is going to be a circle? And it's kind of been going to be forced to be on the inside. And Kelly Quad has balconies, which is super cool, and all the balconies face the inner quad, which is awesome. So that something special about Kelly Quad as far as Ralph Squad, which is where I live, or science and society, it is goingto have air conditioning, which is really off autumn. It's also going to have a pond in the middle of all of the buildings surrounding him, which is where Roth or Gotta happens S. O. That is also super important to know, because Roth Quad is one of the only quads with air conditioning. So no other quads actually have air conditioning, except the exception of two buildings, one and Kelly Quad, which is a lot of beer hall and then one in Global Studies. Or Eleanor Roosevelt Quad, which is Yang. And those two buildings are special because they're basically brand new, and they're going to be like a ho style hotel style accommodation. The good thing about H Quad, which is leadership in service, is that the community is going to be the strongest there since it's corridor style. Everyone has their doors open. They always come to this thing called Hall Council, which is on Tuesday nights there. Super excited. They have a lot of pride, so if you're definitely someone that loves a social environment, you don't mind sharing a common bathroom on every floor. Then I would definitely recommend age quad. It's also right across from the stadium and also across from the student Health Center. If you need anything, so that's kind of awesome. The only downside is that it's kind of far away from campus, so you'LL have to do a little bit extra walking. The good thing about Mendelssohn quad or information and technological services is that it's really close. Or it's closer to Eastside dining, which is one of our dining halls but also towards the middle of campus. Something about just to think about in general is that when you choose, I would choose it based on what kind of style of living do you want. What kind of experience? What kind of first year experience do you want to get out of this? I would not think about it like if I do science in society, I have to be interested in science because for me I was a business major. Andi. I didn't choose leadership in service as my first one. I actually chose human development, and I think that that's just an important thing to think about because no matter which one you choose, you're goingto have a one on one class, so it's going to be caught either sso one o one h e d wanna want etcetera, and they're going to try to tailor it. To which ever, UGC or undergraduate college that you're in. But it's not necessarily going to be fully about that. The one on one classes are really just like an introduction to Stony Brook on DH. The information is going to be the same regardless. So maybe if you have any friends that want to come to stony broke or thinking about coming to Stony Brook with you definitely talked to them and think about where you want to live for your first year at Hey, guys, it's me, Olivia Way Air here at the Student Activity Center, also known as the Sac, which is the centre part of campus and is connected to basically everything. So let's go inside and see what's there. Hey, what's your major businessman with minor? Nice. So what business classes have you taken? The foreign principals find lands into a lot of most. And you like the business program that stony broke Wait. For the most part, what has been your favorite class thus far to save Prince. It wasn't right. Getting a really cool project way just created like a really cool like branch from a company. And just like introducing And you're also in English My name right? And how would you describe the atmosphere in those classes? How many people are in those classes? Twenty three. Not so. You'd say you're close to your professor. Something like that. Very much more individualized. Interesting. So did I. Was going to go up with us on this tour of the student activity center. Okay, and here we go. So on the tour, the first part of the tour is going to be the infamous. Why structure on the wash structures and important? Because it's a really big question mark. Why doesn't what? And in addition, when it's open, this right here is the ticket office. You can get tickets for everything from Sushi Night, which we had this past week as well as concerts. So, for example, don't are going to Brooke Best, which is super exciting. Yes, on DH. It's basically just like a really big concert for all Stony Brook students. This is actually a poster for Brooks, ours on. We have ISA for Amina and Little Skies coming, which is super exciting going into the main part of the sack. This is what it looks like. It's very nice, and all the tables actually have outlets. So you could do homework and stuff like that. That's really awesome. And then going up the stairs way have what's going to hopefully a cafe or a supply store. Supposed to be a dog donuts. But they can Yeah, and then next we are going to show you the sack Food court. The sax stands for Student Activity center. Okay, so let's go. Hey, guys. So we are here at the sex food cord, and we're going to show you some of the lovely food that the stock has to offer. Thiss would be for dining dollars only. So we have a deli where they can make you anything that you want as well as stir fry. We have salad, we have gold global flavors. And then we also have a very wide variety of wei. Have noodles where you could grab a bowl of noodles and then get draw and protein adity! Rebuttals if you would like, we have an Italian section, and then we also have a grill section and some suits and sandwiches. We also have a big coffee thing that stays open all day every day as long as it's open, and then thiss is where our students, when they want to eat. This is known as the Fish Bowl, and there's also seating upstairs, and this is basically a tour of the entire sack food court. Hey, guys. So this is what the sack looks like during campus Lifetime Campus. Lifetime is on Wednesdays from one O'clock to twenty when there are absolutely no class is in session at all. I think there's also a festival fare today in the side bar, so we're gonna check that out. Those are two of my friends. As you can see Leanne and then Priyanka Priyanka is also in finance a scythe big line for first. Wait. Yeah, sorry. I know that's a thank you so much. Thank you. Wait, Mom. E. I think there are people here performing for you. Wait. Wait. Way goes, Yeah, Vivian is really missing out