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What percent of freshman live on campus?

According to our research, 97.0% of freshman live on campus at NC State University?

What type of housing does NC State University provide?

The below table outlines the different housing options available at NC State University, and how what percent of students are estimated to live in each type of housing.

Available Percent living in Accomodation
Co-ed Dorms true 63.0
Women's Dorms true 1.0
Men's Dorms true 1.0
Sorority Housing true 2.0
Fraternity Housing true 1.0
Single-student Apartaments true 28.0
Married Student Apartaments true 3.0
Special Houses for Disable Students true 1.0
Special Houses for International Students true -
Cooperative Houses true -
Other Housing Type true -

What are the dorms like at North Carolina State University at Raleigh?

You’ll have to watch the CampusReel videos to see for sure. However, North Carolina State University at Raleigh dorms are similar to most college housing options. Most on-campus residence halls include singles, double, and suites. Floor plans vary from residence hall to residence hall. CampusReel hosts dorm tours of North Carolina State University at Raleigh, and every one is different. As you’ll see, every dorm room is decorated in a unique and fun way - students are creative with their setups to make North Carolina State University at Raleigh feel like home!

What are the dimensions of North Carolina State University at Raleigh dorm rooms?

The North Carolina State University at Raleigh dorms dimension depend on the residence hall. This information is usually contained in one of the dorm room tours of North Carolina State University at Raleigh on CampusReel. Supposedly the average dorm room size in the U.S. is around 130 square feet, and North Carolina State University at Raleigh likely has dorms bigger and smaller than this.

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North Carolina State University at Raleigh


Hey all it's Olivia. If you're new here, I mean mostly fashion videos, But I've also a current student at N. C. State University. So do tons of college videos, and I'm currently doing back to school stuff. So if you have anything that you want to see or any questions, I'm gonna do a back to school like Q and A. I am a junior in fashion textile management. And whenever I get back to school, I'll do College week of my life, videos and all kinds of things like that. It's like I said, make sure to subscribe. But today we're gonna be talking about how to survive living with roommates because it could be a big change, especially if you're an only child like me. And are you still having, like, tons of time alone and at home by yourself? Living with roommates could be a change, and it could be difficult. I just wanted to give my tips for having the best experience possible. So the way NC State does rooming and housing and all of that, it's freshmen have to live on campus, and then after that you can live off campus. But freshman year you have to live on campus in a dorm, which is you and one other person, and you could be in like, a whole style where it's like your room is just on a whole kind of like a hotel, and then they'll be like a bathroom out there. You won't have a bathroom in your room. You'll have, like two bathrooms at the end, where you have, like communal showering and communal living and communal, going to the bathroom and all of that kind of style where you live in a sweet style, which is what I lived in. I lived in Carol Hole and see Say, It's one of the tri towers. So there's Carol Metcalf, and why am I blanking Carol Met Cough? Obviously, I don't know Bowen. Is that the other one? Where is that? Tucker? No. And Tucker and Owen Bohan. Okay, whatever. I lived in the Tri Towers at N. C. State my first year, which is sweet style living. So I think there were five different rooms and we were in our own pod, and we all shared a bathroom and there were four pods on each floor. And then, like downstairs, we hade a communal area with like, a kitchen and, like couches and TVs and stuff if we wanted to go down there for that. So the way that we chose our roommates, I didn't know another girl that was going to in see State that I was gonna live with whenever we went to ST Like I was basically the only girl from our school. Like, I think there was like, one or two other girls, but no one that I was really close with, So I was really just starting over, and I wasn't sure what to do. But one of my friend showed me that they have a Facebook group for finding roommates war. And you say you have to apply to be in it like you do most Facebook groups. And I think you have to, like, prove that you're accepted. Like maybe with your student, I d or something. I honestly don't remember because it's been a while. But there wasn't a Facebook group where you can post like Hi, my name is Olivia like, I cheered and played tennis in high school, and I really like fashion. I'm in fashion textile management. I'm really laid back when it comes to living situations. I really care, like looking for a roommate that I could become friends with and, like, blah blah like a little thing about yourself. You can read what other people wrote kind of base it off of that because that's what I did. But that's how I found my freshman year roommate and I really liked her. We had a really we were really good together. I don't think we had any major complex or anything like that. Like a raw would say, I had a really good roommate and I found her through that. So that's an option. Or you can pick somebody you already know if you know somebody, you can request to be with them. And another option is to just do complete random. So living situations could be pretty competitive at schools, depending on, like if they have enough housing or not. So empty stay actually really doesn't have enough housing for us, and they require all freshmen to live on campus so it can create conflicts. They'll put freshman overflow into university towers, which is not. It's on campus, but it's not an on campus housing. It's an off campus housing like it's paid for separately. But NC state, we'll house them there because they run on a room so housing could be competitive. So what they have you do is they have you put your like top three picks of where you want to live. You could, like, go on their website and look out all the different options. Like look at tours like virtual tours. I'm pretty sure they have been like layouts and all that stuff and read about it. I chose Carol because it was sweet style, and it was like, right in the middle of writing your tally. So you were kind of out of middle point on campus. We could really get to anywhere in the same amount of time. You know? I mean, so you'll rank houses you want, and then you'll put your roommate. And I'm pretty sure they prioritize the roommate that you request. If you request someone, you guys will probably end up together. You just might not end up in your first choice of housing, but for me, whenever I was buying this coming year to live in the same well for departments, I was trying to apply with my friend and she didn't live on campus last year, so it made a conflict because we're going into our junior year. So sophomore year, she didn't live on campus, and I did, so I had more of a priority than she did. So we didn't end up together. I'm gonna have random this year, so I will let you guys know how that goes. I had one random last year and she was great. We were fine. So I've had a good experience all around with who have been placed with, if that makes sense. But yeah, that's kind of how you pick your roommate and like, where you're gonna live in, like all those details. So my first tip is to discuss what you guys need for the room and how you want the room to be set up and all that kind of the layout kind of like the boundaries of, like, where you want your stuff where she wants her stuff before you get in there and just do it because we had a little bit of a conflict on moving day because I kind of set up all my wall the way I wanted it to be. And like I was planning on filming in front of it like this and then she had wanted to change the way her bed Waas. So it created a little bit of a conflict that she did it. And then I came back, and then I saw it and, like, we should have just all been there to talk about it together. So make sure whenever you're like rearranging on the first day and all that thought you communicate with each other on what each other wants, don and talk prior about what you need for the rooms like we split the cost on like curtains, I think, and then like or maybe I bought the curtain and she bought the rug. I bought the full body mirror. She bought something else, like we split it up and we talked about it. And if you wanna have, like, a matching room, that's great. We sort of had a matching room, but it was kind of just like by coincidence, like we both had white comforters and, like I had lily pillows, I think she had one lily pillow like I put a little e pelo that I had an extra with her. We just got a match overall. But we discuss everything prior to moving in so that we knew what we had and we didn't have any duplicates or anything. Also, just like dorm room living in general, I will link down below. I have post talking about what you do need and what you don't need. But make sure that you figure out what you are allowed to have in your dorm and what your dorm comes with because mine came with, like, a microwave and a mini fridge and like stuff like that. So you want to be able to figure out like what things you do need and what things you don't need. So check out those posts down below. So my next tip in general is just to keep the arguments to a minimum. Like if you have a problem, definitely address it, especially if it's like a serious problem that you mean to address with each other. I wouldn't live in like this passive aggressive, tense place, because that's really uncomfortable, and you want you want your space will be somewhere that you feel comfortable in our happy in so I would address problems that you have, but also just be considerate of each other and try to be a little understanding. You know, you're living in a college room where things are not gonna always be how you want them to be. And that's just how colleges that's how living with roommates is. You need to realize that. And it's a great learning experience. For example, I'm working on my study abroad applications right now. And one of the questions is, How have you shown that you're good with change and let go with the flow And like all that and the first thing that I think of is like, I am a really relaxed roommate. I am like, I do not care about the temperature, the lights, the decorations. You want to borrow some clothes, borrow some clothes. You wanna come in really late, and I go ahead like I'll wait up for you and we can talk after like, you wanna have friends over. Let's have him. I love to meet new people like I'm very laid back whenever it comes to a roommate, and if there's a real issue, then bring it up. But like try to be a little understanding, but also on the other side. Be consider of your room And don't do anything that you wouldn't want don to you if you get what I'm saying, like you never want your room to feel like a place that you can be in. So if you're doing something that you know makes your roommate uncomfortable, just try toe. Keep that into consideration and think about how you would feel, you know. But there are certain things like alarms and like their side of the room, being a little messy and like them wanting the light on or the temperature a certain way. You just you need to be aware that you're gonna have to deal with things that you might not necessarily deal with at home. But you need to be able to to go with the flow with that, so that it doesn't create a huge issue over nothing. So there are certain rules within the dorm. Technically, like some dorms are wet dorm. Some dorms are dried warm, so if you're allowed to have alcohol or not, definitely if you're underage, you're not allowed. Have alcohol there. There's also things like lights and certain things that like stringing lights, certain things like that that you're allowed to have and you will have an R A on campus and they'll come in and check on that and they will do like we call them, pack chats where they check up on you and make sure that everything's going okay and all that kind of stuff. And there's also rules about like when people stay over. Um, I think you're allowed, like three times, like technically, I think you're allowed, like, three times a semester and no more than, like once a week or something like that. As long as you, your roommate, have an agreement about that with each other, you don't really have to worry about the Ari's like busting you or anything. It's really just for to be considerate to the other person and try to, like, set that boundary. If that person has a problem with it, which I feel like that is a conflict that comes up a lot. It's like boyfriends and like when they could be in the room when they can't be in the room and, like, try to be considerate of that because I would just say like it's college freshman. You guys are excited to finally have your own place and like, be ableto have your boyfriend over whenever you want and all that roommates just try to keep that in mind. But also keep in mind not making the other person uncomfortable and making them feel like they're like being unwanted in their own room. You know they don't want to be the third will in their own room is what I'm trying to say. So try to, like, just be very consider that maybe have a discussion about it. If it's something that is gonna be of concern. I know I've seen where other people like they've recently gone through a break up, and then their roommate will have their boyfriend over a lot, and it's like, uncomfortable for them and they don't really address it. So I feel like addressing things like that, even though you don't want to say, like you're not allowed to have him here. But like maybe just having a conversation about it in general and just making sure that it's not something that you feel like you're getting walked all over about like you feel like you're unwelcome in your own room about. Just be open with each other about that and be considerate and understanding towards each other and have discussions if it's something that's really bothering you. But if it comes to a point with that, with anything, anything, any type of problem that you're having with your roommate, if it comes to a point where you've addressed it with them and nothing is changing, you can always go to your R A and you guys can have a meeting sitting down about it. And if you end up with somebody that you really can't live with, it's really just not working. I know NC state. At least you can request a remake. Change where you will move out and go and live in a different dorm and your roommate will give a new roommate. So if you find yourself in a living situation that you really can't handle, you can always do that. But I really just recommend letting things go that are like little issues that you might not love but that you can deal with little things like them. Coming in late are things that you might just have to get over because you guys were in college. People go out, they come in late. It's part of college. Living in a place like that is something that you just have to deal with, especially like other rooms being loud and stuff. That's just something you have to deal with. That's what it's like whenever you live in a setting like that. So I really recommend just trying to be as go with the flow as you can about little things like that. And at the end of the day, your only living there for a short period of time and living in a situation like this can be a really good learning experience. Also, if you just. If you're having a really hard time with your roommate and you don't want to go through moving or anything, you just want to deal with it until the end of the year. You guys don't have to be best friends. You don't have to do everything together. You only have to sleep in the same room, really, or if you really want, you can go and say it's someone else's and try to be in the room as little as possible. But Hopefully, you'll end up in that situation. I've never felt that uncomfortable in my room or in my apartment or anything where I felt like I couldn't even stay at my own place At the end of the day. You don't have to interact that much if you don't really want to. If you're a freshman coming in, I also recommend that you start to make friends with your roommate. You know, I didn't really try that hard with my roommate and my suitemates. I don't feel like I feel like I could have made more of an effort to be friends with them. You know, they recommend that you leave your dorm room open the first few days because then people will come in. You'll interact. You'll meet, people, make new friends. They'll say, Hey, you want to go to the dining hall with us or we're going out tonight? Do you want to go? And I could be a really great way to make funds with them. Just really try with them because that's something that I regret. So just to recap, all I'm trying to say is, you know you have to be a little understanding and a little more go with the flow than you might normally be because you're living in a situation that you've never lived in before. And you just want to avoid conflict as much as possible. But definitely address if you have any major issues. But that is all I have to share with you guys. I hope that you enjoyed this video. And if you did, make sure to give it a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel is that you don't miss any of my upcoming videos. If you have any requests or college questions, please leave those down below and I will see you guys next Hey, y'all, it's Olivia. If you need here, I mean Wesley fashion videos, and I'd love you to go ahead and subscribe. I'm a current junior at N. C. State University. I'm in fashion textile management. So look, you two, go ahead and subscribe. So we are doing our back to school. Siri's right now. We being me and I will love to hear any of your questions about college or concerns about college or school in general and anything that you would love to see me do doing back to school season. Please leave those down below, and I will make sure to include them in upcoming videos. So today we're going to be talking about moving day and how to pack for college. So I have tons of different back to school post I will always down below. I have so many, so make sure that you read through all the different ones that I have and check out any that you think would be helpful. I'm just gonna start by explaining how the moving day process AT and T's it goes because that's where I go and I will talk about some packing tips after that, so I am going into my junior. Like I said, this will be my third moving day. I'll probably vlog meat packing for college and my college moving day because those usually do pretty well. Whenever I move to school, I drive my own car because I keep my car at school with me and my parents follow me and we have stuff in their car and stuff in my car, and we normally try to get there pretty early so that we can get things done early in the day and, like, maybe there's less people, but I don't know that there really is. But Howard freshman year. Whenever I lived in Carroll on main campus, I lived in one of the tri tower, So whenever we pulled onto main campus, there were all these signs everywhere pointing where to go and all of that. So we pulled in and we part and then we could check out like a little trolley thing. I don't know what they're called like one of those, like roly things, that you can put boxes on stuff and take that up to your dorm. There was like a tent in the center of the dorms I had to go to with my student, I d and show them and then they would give me, like, my key to my room. And then I could go and meet my parents because they were putting the boxes and stuff on the rolling thing. And then you just went up there and you moved in, and it was like that simple NC state did have a like bed, bath and beyond. Tent set up. That was really helpful. They had set up in front of Witherspoon Student Center and I got things like a full body mirror because we didn't have one of those. We didn't know our room was gonna have one or not, and it didn't. And we got some, like, hooks that I hang over my bed that I can hang like purses on. That's really convenient. I really like those. And then we had some. What else did we get? We got, like, somewhere hangers because I didn't bring enough hangers, so that was really convenient that they had that, But we just, like, went straight into moved in. My roommate wasn't there. Yeah, so we weren't both in there at the same time, so you might want to talk to your roommate and, like, talk about how you want the room to look or like, leave any decisions that she should have a say in two when she's there. But maybe, like coordinates that you guys are in the room with the same time because it can be pretty crowded with, like, everyone's family and stuff. So that's how it was whenever I moved into the dorm rooms highly, and whenever I moved into my apartment, it was pretty much the same. We had a parking lot right in front of my apartments, and I went in and got my keys by showing my I D and whatever. And then we could check out this like, rolling tote thing and then bring that down to the cars and move all that up. And then it's really simple. They have signs and stuff, so it will be easy for you guys to figure out what is going on exactly. But that's how we do it. We try to go early, we take two cars, which I like is important because last year on the way my jeep actually broke down, You asking a watch my college moving Dave long for all of that, but it broke down. So it was good that we had other cars there, just in case we were able to get it running again. But just in case we weren't like it was good to have another car. So maybe consider that even if you don't need two cars, necessarily, it could be helpful. So that's That's the just of moving day. It's really simple. Not gonna talk about a few of my own packing tips. You guys can subscribe to see my light pack with me, and it'll be it'll make a little more sense than me explaining probably. But for my clothes, what I do is I leave my hanging clothes hanging. So I was actually surprised I had a lot more hanging space in my dorm, an apartment than I was ever expecting to. So I leave my stuff hanging, and then I bag it with trash bags over it, and then it just travels on the hangar. That's really easy. It's easier than like taking all the hangers off putting limits, hoping taking them and then folding on the clothes whenever you're just gonna have to, like, take them all out again. You know what I mean? So that's how I recommend moving. Close everything else, we move in plastic tubs. That's just the way we prefer to do it, just like fill it up and try to let cushion around like photo frames. And like anything fragile, it's hard to let cushion around it. And then just you have the tote. So you have the handles, which I feel like it's easier than a cardboard box and the toast you can reuse like always. And I also recommend the toads because whenever I move out, I just leave all my college room decorations stuff that I don't use at home. I just leave it in that toe and just, like, put it away until the next semester. So, you know, like I come home for the summer, so I'm just leave all my stuff together. I do bag my pillows. These are my pillows from last year. They were in these trash bags up until yesterday because I took them out to use them as my backdrop. But you could leave them, bagged up a cz well and put them in trash bags so I put things like pillows and my bedding in trash bags. It's feel like that's easier for me. For some reason, whenever it comes to packing is in downsizing a hell Blood puts out link below. But my basic tips are like Don't bring anything that you don't wear on a regular basis because you're not gonna wear it in college. You know, like I bring everything which I use it for photo. So it's kind of okay, but I tend to convince myself like I might have something fancy to go, too, even though I'm not in anything that I would have something fancy to go to, you know, And like you might think like, Oh, it's a good idea to have business clothes because we're in college and we're professionals in like a professional setting. But, like, do you really have to dress up that often? Not really like normal people where T shirts and shorts every single day to class? I mean, I wear things like this. This is like a really comfortable dress. I still wear an outfit because it's how I feel the most confident. But if you're comfortable in 90 shorts in oversized teacher the mostly bring that like, if you know that you're not gonna wear dresses or like heels or anything, then don't bring them. Maybe bring like, one pair of heels, just in case. And, like one nice dress, just in case. But not like you're like dresses that you never wear anything like that. I would just say, Try to downsize your closet. Like I said, there's tons of room and stuff, but just try not to bring anything that's Terry, and you could be the best judge of that. Like, what do you really wear on the day to day basis? And what do you really see yourself wearing on days that you don't have a ton of time to get ready and days that you're really tired? I would just ask myself that whenever I'm packing, I also have these. Like roly Tubbs. This won't really help for a dorm room because dorm rooms you can loft your bed and then you can put your desk and stuff underneath. That's what I did. You guys conceive my dorm room tour. It's on my channel. But for my apartment, my bed is like normal heights. I have these, like roly tubs that I can put underneath. And those work really well for me. I put shoes and stuff in there, but also things that I know. I don't wear a CZ much. I also just recommend, like bringing that season like think about when you're going home. Next it is. It's still gonna feel like summer when you're at home. So does that mean that you should bring your winter coats right now? Probably not. You know what I'm saying? Like you might wanna pick up your winter stuff whenever you go home for fall break or Thanksgiving. Because if you're in North Carolina and it's that hot that long, then you don't really need your winter stuff. Right now. I'm pretty much already covered all my other things, just recapping. Get there early, Dr. T seven cars. Maybe check out one of those like roly things or find out if your school house one one that I didn't talk about us. Figure out where you're allowed to park. I know I'm moving day. They're pretty casual about where you're allowed to park. But on the normal day, like you cannot park anywhere and see stay. It's really there's so many rules. So the probably signs and stuff. But I know a move out day I had to sign up my parents for, like, a parking pass that they could use to park. I don't think you have to do that for move in day, but maybe check into it and then lastly, leave your stuff for college packed up over the summer unless it's something that you actually need those air. Basically, all my chips. Moving day really isn't as scary as it seems. I promise you'll get through it and we're really exciting and overwhelming time. I know. Whenever I moved in as a freshman, I was very emotional. It all hit me kind at once, and it was really scary to me to be living by myself, like people I know and like my parents to leave. So it might be a little bit scary, but I promise everything will be OK. The process will flow fine. So if you have any other questions, concerns or if you have anything that you want to see for me and for back to school season, please leave those down below and I will make sure to include it in this series and make sure you subscribe to that. You don't miss any of my upcoming videos, and I will see you guys next time. way. Think Hey, doll, it's Olivia. If you're new here, I think mostly passion videos. But I'm also a student at N. C. State University. So I'm in college and I'm doing the backstroke right now, definitely coming down below. If there's anything you want to see today, I'm going to be telling you guys what you absolutely need to take to college. Now you have to remember, this is based off of my experience at N. C. State. So other schools might be slightly different, especially when it comes to what comes with your dorm and what doesn't come with your dorm. So the first thing I have on my list that you need is betting. So I feel like one of your in a dorm. You don't have much opportunity to really decorate. I mean, of course, you can hangs up on the walls and we'll get to that. But, like for us, at least the furniture's already in there. There's not a ton of space, and so I really feel like you're betting makes the most of your decorating. And for college, you meet, you need more than just your comforter. So our beds come with the bed in the mattress, but you need a mattress cover toe like protective because other people have used the mattress. And that's just like now, see, if you don't and you probably want, like a little foam mattress pad as well, because they're just like cheap little mattresses. They're not support about all or anything like that. And then you, of course, need your sheets and your comforter and pillows. And then I also love a ton of decorative pillows because, like I said, I feel like that really decides what your room looks like. Like based on what you're betting is the next thing you need our hangars, you'll probably know or not if you have hanging space in your dorm room. One thing that I did whenever I packed and I'm going to do a different video on packing for college, I'm gonna have you guys pack with me. But whenever I packed, I took everything off the hairs and put them in totes. And then whenever I got there I hadn't brought enough hangers and I had, like, way more hanging space, and I was expecting like I thought, that I would have more door space. But I ended up with more hanging space, so definitely look into that. And if you need hangers, make sure that you bring enough toe hang all your clothing because I know like my sub was piling out of the drawers because I didn't have enough hangers. So if you're living in a sweet style dorm or a whole style dorm, so and to stay Ah, whole style is like a ton of rooms share one bathroom like an entire hole like you would imagine, like a hotel, like a whole whole shares. One bathroom and there's like tons of showers in there. I don't know how many or anything like that, because I lived in a sweet stall, so I lived in Carol. Carol is one of the tri towers. It's on main campus, and it was 10 of us, I believe, to a bathroom with two showers, and you think like same people to two showers. How does that work? You almost never have to wait for a shower like I don't think I ever had to wait because we all have such different schedules. But since we are all of sharing that shower, there are a few things that you need that you wouldn't normally need. So the first thing is a shower caddy. So I don't have one to show you because mine got really nasty last year and I don't think I needed this year, so I got rid of it. But they have them at Target for just like $4. I'll try to link one down below. If you guys, if you want me to do that, it's just a little plastic container that you put all your shampoo and all that kind of stuff in. And then what you also need is a robe to get to and from the bathroom so that you're not like walking down the hallway in your towel and you need a shower shoes. This is very important. This is very important because, like I said, a ton of people share the showers and you don't want to get like athlete's foot or anything nasty from standing on the bare showers like that's just disgusting. You have to wear flip flops. I know some people that agreed with their sweet that they were just gonna be like, really clean and keep their feet really clean and not wear flip flops. But like that isn't the point. Like even if you try to keep yourself clean, it's not. Y'all are all sharing the same shower, and you just need flip flops. If you're going to be sharing a shower with a bunch of people, you have to wear shower shoes. The next thing that you might not think about is laundry necessities. Soon I need like a toad or something to carry your laundry to the laundry rooms like Mont was on the first floor and I lived on the sixth floor, so I had to carry it down there. And then you're also gonna want tide pods because those were the easiest things Thio use in college. It's just a little pond has everything in it, and you just put two or three and they're depending on the load and stuff. It sure to read on your washer at your school what it says to do, because for some of ours, you're supposed to put it in a little drawer and then for other ones, you're supposed to put him in there, but it depends on what you're using. If you're using normal detergent or tide pods, so just look into that. And then you might want dryer sheets as well. So back Thio decorating your dorm You will need to commit hooks to hang stuff on the wall to like to hang up any kind of wall art or a tapestry or anything like that. You have to use command hooks because you're not allowed to make clothes in the wall so you can't use nails or anything like that. Since Lily won't stop barking, I guess we'll let her in here, all right, So one thing that I saw that people said not to bring the college was luggage. And their point was, this is a move, not a vacation. But I found that I needed luggage in order to transport things back home on my brakes. Or like whenever I wanted to switch out for different seasons, my clothing and things like that. So I actually needed to take duffel bags to and from. So I do recommend bringing those so going back to the decorations, I also recommend getting a rug for your dorm. We did that and I just felt like it made it more home because the floors are like classroom floors if you know what I mean. So, like whatever you have a rug, it just makes it feel more home. You just like any kind of decoration like that that you can add that will make you feel more at home in your dorm. It's always good. So next is for college in general, you need to bring comfortable shoes. Now. I've always been someone that's like, Oh, I don't care if they're comfortable or not Like I will wear anything. I will walk in anything no matter where we are and be fine with it because if I really like the shoe, I'm gonna wear this you. But it is a completely different story in college. Like I could just want toe one of my classes at N. C. State and already have a blister, so make sure that you're bringing comfortable shoes. I prefer my Birkenstocks for walking around on campus, but there are also some like boots and stuff that I have that are comfortable to walk in and just make sure that it's something that you know that you could walk in for a long time. And if you think you can and you find out you can't. You'll realize that at school something is changing with the lighting. I don't know what's happening. Also, along with that, I didn't bring close toe shoes whenever I moved to college in August because I didn't really have any that I would wear with, like, shorts and stuff like that. It was still really hot, so I didn't bring any. And then we ended up having a lab, so I had to buy some. So even if you don't think you're gonna wear your clothes and shoes yet, you might want to bring them just in case you have to tour a lab area or do a lab or anything like that, and you need to wear closed toe shoes. Next is a weather coats like something that's good for the rain and, like the cold and walking outside and actually being out in it. I don't really have one of these because I'm so used to just going from my house to my car to school and not having to, like, walk out in everything so walking out and everything definitely changes it, and you need a good coat. Next is a laptop, so in college, basically everything that I've done has been on my laptop. I want to do like a back to school college supplies type video. But I don't really know what I was gonna be in it because I'm mostly used my laptop. You just need a good lot. Top you. I don't think you can get through college without having a laptop, because literally all mine classes and all of my homework and everything is on the computer and the last thing you need is a backpack. So, like I said, we'll be doing a lot of walking in college will be going all across campus if you go to Anti State and you're an engineering major or a college of textiles student, then you will be going on two different campuses and you need a way to carry your stuff around. So you need a good backpack, had my jail in Brooklyn last year, and it is on my posh mark. If you understand that my posh mark will be linked down below so you can purchase that. I want to get a new one this year, and I'm gonna save that for my second back to school hole. So that is all I have to share with you guys. Those are the things that you definitely need to bring to college with you. If you enjoyed, make sure to give this video a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel is that you don't miss anything else. Bye, guys. way. Think Hey, all it's Olivia. If you're new here, I'm obviously a fashion videos. But I'm also a current student at N. C. State University, and I'm doing my back in school. Siri's If you have any requests, please leave those down below. I just uploaded a what you would need to bring to college video. And I decided to also do a what you don't need to bring the college video. So this is gonna be all the stuff that I brought or thought about bringing and then ended up not needing. So I've just made a list that I'm going to go through with you guys. So the first thing that I bought that I didn't need was an alarm clock. I'm used to using my alarm on my phone, but I was really paranoid about oversleeping cause I did that a lot in high school. So I also got an alarm clock, but I've never used it. So if you don't normally use an alarm clock, I don't think you really need to use one now. You can just keep using your phone. Next is a microwave or a refrigerator. So in Carol Hall, which is where I lived at N. C. State University. Our dorms come with a microwave and a refrigerator. This is something that you need to look into before you make any purchases or decide not to purchase, for that matter. And just to go along with that mirror is another thing that you might want to look into. I thought that we would have won because I know what hole has them. Carol Hall doesn't so it just depends on where you are. And there's other things like that, like it came with a trash can. So I didn't need one of those, and it came with, like all the furniture that you would need. So you don't need to buy a chair anything like that. You just need to look on the Web site and see what comes in your dorm so that you know what you need to buy and what you don't need to buy as faras like furniture and like basic names, So next is food. I had a good amount of food mind warm. I wouldn't say a lot. All I would say is you have a meal plan for a reason. It's nice toe. Have food in the door if you don't want to leave. But there's plenty to eat on campus with your meal plan. And honestly, it's unhealthy to just sit around and eat your dorm. And if the foods there it's in the same room as you, you're gonna eat more of it. I didn't gain the freshman 15 but I did gain the freshman eight. So I feel like that's from eating in my dorm a lot and a lot of the food. You just don't really need it unless you're planning on eating, like really late at night or something, or if you're just like sick of the food on campus. But there's tons of different places to eat tons of different options. I really don't think that you need to worry about getting too much food for your dorm. Next is decorative lighting, so, like Christmas lights and stuff, we are not allowed to have that. Our fire marshal would get mad at us whenever they came on our fire drill days and make you take them down. We had some that were hanging that we never even turned on, and we got fussed out about those. So you're not allowed to have, like Christmas lights or any kind of hanging light system and going along with that, you're not allowed to have extension cords. I don't know. It's a fire hazard. I guess you're allowed to have, like, the power strips that have multiple different plugs on them. This is that N c state also. So check with your school. But we, at least in the chart towers, were not allowed to have extension cords, so we had to take those down as well. Along with that again, we're not allowed to have candles. If they see that you have a candle, they're going to say something to you about it. Just don't have one. We honestly had one, but you're not supposed to. So don't take it going along with other things that you know a lot of having your dorm nails and hammers so you're not allowed to, like, make any kind of hole in the wall. If you damage the wall in any way, you have to pay for it. So I talked about this in my other video, but you have to use command hooks and, like command Velcro strips and things like that that are easy to remove instead of like nails and stuff like that. Next thing you don't need is a printer, at least and seized A. It's really easy to print, and my roommate got a printer and I think she used at some. She's in fashion design, though, so she probably need it more. But I was just fine with walking to the library and using their printers. It's really easy. It only cost a few cents. And I think you start out having some money in that account anyways, whenever you like to start the year. Besides that, like most of my stuff, we turn it electronically. I wasn't having a print like every day. I barely had to print at all, so I wouldn't really worry about getting your own printer. I'm sure your school will have one available to you. Neck is like a ton of sit around clutter. So if you guys watch any of my leg blawg sal videos last year you definitely saw that like my desk was just covered in like clutter because I had a ton of like little cuties sit around stuff, and I also have, like, drool, retrace to sit around and like, different things like that. I don't think that you need any of that. It's just gonna clutter it up more like my room dune. And next is like outfits that you can't really picture when you're gonna wear them. But you want to bring them just in case. I wouldn't bother. You probably won't wear them. I know I had a lot of clothes that I didn't wear it school, but, like I brought it for taking photos and for like, the block and stuff. So I guess that worked for me. But if you don't have any plans for that outfit, you don't see yourself really wearing it, Then I wouldn't bring it. So I know this video was a lot shorter, but I just wanted to make sure and tell you guys the things that I brought that I ended up not needing. That is all I have to share with you guys. If you enjoy it, give it a way. Think Hey, y'all, It's Olivia. If you're new here, I meet with the passion videos. But I'm also a current student at N. C. State University. And today we are doing a pact with MIA for college. Okay, so all this stuff in these boxes is stuff that I had at college last year that I knew I wouldn't use over the summer. So we just loved it, packed up the way. Itwas But we're gonna go through it and reorganize it because everything is just a mess. So this son, this is all my towels in my robe and Washington applause. And this is what I used as my hamper. I think it's fine to travel like that. This is like clothes that never inform my thing. But what I need to, like, read, do this black shirt won't go on a hanger. I care. And I have. It's one of my three tooth paste. Like all that stuff's in the slick extra all of that extra all stuff and I bought new stuff. It's on my bed. So you wanna put that with this is command hook stuff. And I also bought New Commandments stuff. So in here was all my leftover stuff from college. So, like, my slippers, extra plates, um, jewelry holder stuff. I'm gonna go through this stuff again, though. Okay? So to move the pillows and blankets and stuff like that, we're gonna put it in a trash bag because it's light and easy and the trash bag won't rip. So all of my decorative pillows are going to go in the trash. Okay, so all my pillows and blankets, Aaron, trash bags, and we've laid out everything else. All of my hanging stuff is right there. These are towels and a hanging thing. Some hanging things in my baskets, kitchen stuff, bathroom stuff, extra stuff over there is, like more Elektronik, like extension cords and stuff like that. We're gonna put everything in these tubs. OK, so we put all of my shower stuff, like all of my toiletries in this and then shampoo and then my washcloth. So all of the like bathroom theme stuff is in this little tub. OK, so we put all the like wall stuff and some soft baskets to, like, cushion it in this rolley one. This is gonna end up going under my bed for like more clothing storage. But we put this stuff in it right now so that whenever we carry, it doesn't bend or anything, and it's not too heavy. And also because, like, these can't really stack on top of other things. And we want to use the other tubs for, like, bigger stuff that we need them for. Put some paper towels on top of this, Candace, just in case like these pieces on the lid scratches so that it doesn't mess up the painting. So left over, we have a few cups and, like a mini blender, some food that I didn't eat, like of the summer that we're gonna take my left over dishware a makeup organizer And then, like all of the electronic stuff and we're just gonna put that all in here since it's just like with leftover for this kind of stuff, and then we'll move on to like my clothes. Okay, so I'm gonna line up the shoes that I'm not gonna wear for the rest of the week out here, and my mom is going to put them in another one of these tubs. Who got two of these? We're gonna put my shoes and that also and then over here, I'm also taking these. But I have to take photos tomorrow, so we're not packing those up yet. Okay, So last year we took everything off the hangars and put it all in tubs and then re hung it up all whenever we got there, and I didn't have enough hangers for my closet. And we saw that my roommate carried her clothes on the hanger with a trash bag over it. So we're going to do that. That's also how we took it home whenever we moved out. So basically, you turn the trash back upside down that you put the clothes in this end, and then you just poke a hole in the bottom of the trash bag. But it's like the top the way that we're holding it. And that's where all of the hangers go. All right. So I put my hand through the hole that we just made, and I'm holding onto the hangars. So I'm gonna take the trash bag and pull the hangars through the hole. If my hand is it, and then pull the trash bag down around the floating. Yes. So now we're also gonna put a twist tie around it, or a rubber band would probably work better just so that the hangers don't get separated and, like, fall apart while we're traveling way. You don't have to live. I'm not things. So now we're just gonna make sure that all the clothes are tucked in and tithe. So we've got all my clothes bag in these bags that we could bag, and then we're putting sweaters and, like, underwear, like stuff that doesn't really hang in here. So I've bag you'd broads and underwear, and then also, it was socks to put in there as well. Break for lunch. Okay, so we are basically on a stopping point for today. All that we have left to do is put that little pile of shorts somewhere and take everything to the car. I have a few things to add, like my shoe rack down there. This tub that I just showed you guys that we filled up. We haven't put the lid on that and, like, sealed it off yet. And like my posh mark clothing, please check out my posh markets linked below. So is my deep pop trying to sell these clothes before I go to school. But gonna drag that along with me if I don't And also just like toiletries and things like that. But I did want to take a second to show you guys the things that brought my wardrobe that I am leaving behind and that I won't be taking the college with me because I feel like that could be helpful. All right. So as you gotta saw him taking quite a few pairs of shoes, But I am leaving all of these wedges just because I don't think I'll wear them. And the ones in this box are especially uncomfortable. But other than that, I'm also leaving like my Jack Rogers because I don't wear them as much. And just like other booties and boots, I'm not quite ready to where yet. And I'm not taking the boxes along with me either, because it just creates more clutter, I think, and then, like, there are even more. She was up there because I have a shoe problem, but I did take along a lot of my sweaters with me. This go around because I found it's annoying for me to try to switch out my clothes by myself, like whenever I come home for breaks and stuff. So I'm just gonna take as much as I can and see what fits. And then like, if I really can't fit it, I guess my mom can drag it back home. I don't know. So I left a lot of these T shirts that I don't wear as much. And also just because wearing T shirts to college every day makes me feel like really not good about myself. So I'm gonna try to wear less T shirts, and I know I'll probably get a ton because they're always giving out free ones. And then I just left some of the tank tops that I haven't been wearing as much. Maybe I need to take this one. It's kind of fancy. I kind of think I need to take that one just in case I have something that I need to go to. Okay. And then over here I left some of my sweaters like the ones I can wait until fall break, for which I probably won't even wear the ones I brought yet. But these are the ones that I like. Don't mind to not have for a little while. I left this top like I talked about. Probably don't think I'll wear it. I left my bus because it's not time for that yet. And I only took a few of my sweat shirts rather than all of them. And then I left my lily dresses because I don't think that I will wear those and my lily shorts and just like some other skirts and stuff and quite a bit of jewellery I don't wear. So I just left that. So I did scale down my closet a little bit. But as you guys saw, I'm still taking a ton of stuff. Okay, also, that is basically it for today. All that we have to do now is finish that stuff up and then put them into my car. And, you know, go and I will do a block of all of that. So make sure that you subscribe so you don't miss that. Thank you guys. So much for watching and give this video a thumbs way. Think happy college. Moving day if you need. Here. My name is Olivia and I make with fashion videos, but I am a current student at Insensate University. And today is moving day. So I left about three and 1/2 hours from the university and is about eight o'clock. So we're leaving now just to get down there and get it over with. My parents can come back, and I will tell you guys more about all that in the car. On the way there. You started for you this morning. Hi. Can I get a grand day? I actually get a venti iced caramel macchiato. You got it out for you. Can I also get the bacon egg bites? They might not have. Um all right, we're going to get sick and I start anything up for you, That's all. 10. 30. Thank you. Thank you. 10 30 a. The advisors so expensive. Oh, my God. It's okay. I really like them, but they're so expensive. But they're so good. Like if you haven't tried to be really need to try them. But they are so expensive there for something like 4 50 and then your drink is like $5. It's like $10. You just like I should have been recording. But she just said that she's like the lady in front of you. Take care of your order And I was like, Okay, it's my mom. I've had my coffee two seconds and I've already spilled wine on my white short. This is literally me. I really want to show you these, but my mom just keeps driving away. Look, there's so good, so good. I'm like, obsessed with these, but they're so expensive, like you said. But she didn't give me a pork, either Someone have to eat with my fingers, or did she fits in the bag? I've lost my mind. I probably got the most difficult thing to eat while driving from Starbucks. Like I can't get the bacon toe pull apart for me to take a bite, and it's too hot to pick up right now. So political. OK, so for those of you that don't know me, I am going to be a sophomore and stay and I'm in a fashion textile marriage minute. My concentration is brand management rather than product development, and I'm also monitoring in journalism So this year I'm going to be living in the Wolf Ridge Apartments there on Centennial Campus. It'll be me and three other girls, and we each get like our own room. But last year I lived in Carol Hall. As a freshman, you have to live in a dorm. I have a dorm for on my channel of Carol Hall from last year. If you guys wanna check that out and I'll definitely do an apartment or probably sometime this week, because let's be honest, since we're just not moving in, that's like the only time that it's gonna actually be clean and also have a movement day block from last year. But it was like one of the first. Okay, are we not? Are we going? Are we not going? What do we do? It's like one of the very first videos that I ever made, and I fell on my phone. If you guys don't know, I don't have a camera, and I'd rather buy clothes on safer a camera because, like I'm not buying clothes and I can't take more photos for the log. And, like I, I buy stuff to create content rather than buying a camera to improve quality. So basically, my YouTube channel works like a fast fashion company. Whatever. Anyways, I was filming on my phone and I filmed it this way instead of this way you guys have ever filmed on your phone for YouTube. That, you know this way is not the way that you're supposed to do it. Do it this way. So I haven't looked back on that video. But if you guys want to see how you check in for dorms, you should check that l and just see the progress of, like, hang everything. I've been told that I don't know, I haven't looked back on it, but I think it would be interesting for those of you that have been caught up with my ear. It's still ringing. And for those of you that are new here, basically my year's been ringing for almost a week. And I went to the doctor and they, like, tortured me with this water suction thing, and it just made my year worse. And I'm using drops and stocking better, so I'm gonna have to do with that, hopefully at the student health center down here. So really, that broad arrest off, and you could definitely tell that it's like college moving day because there are people everywhere. So I'm excited to go back and like to change this year for this year to be different than it was last year, because last year was really hard on me. But I'm, like, Ancient that it's not gonna be any different. And I think they're gonna end up being just like how they were. And I'm not gonna be enjoying my year. And also, I'm just scared that I'm gonna freak out whenever I get all moved in. Because last year once I got all moved in, I, like, had a mental breakdown whenever my parents were leaving, because just the idea of like, there's, like, four days until Klaus starts, like, what am I gonna do in my door? Like, how am I like, Am I just gonna be in my room into a lot? Starts like just not knowing what to do in like a new place and I'm not having people, and even last year I had dug there, but I still was scared about it because I know he had. All of his friends came to school with us, and he likes to go and do his own thing with them. And I didn't really have any girlfriends that came to school with us. And so this year, I'm just a little intimidated because I don't have him like I had him on. And I just know how it is a fool. So trying to get out of the way that it was last year, it's intimidating to me. So I think just about that. But I'm excited to try to change things, and I'm trying to be like a fool and like, look before things that I really know, like, I'm just gonna accept every opportunity that I'm given. Every time someone invites me to go out invites me to do anything with them, I'm gonna do it. I just hope that I get those opportunities again. That's how I'm feeling right now, a little overwhelmed, and I don't want to panic whenever we get there, but I feel like going Thio. I'm already starting to panic a little bit. It's just overwhelming to me. I don't know. I just I'm already starting to panic a little bit, okay, so as if I wasn't already anxious like I was just telling you guys whenever I was just driving a minute ago, I wasn't recording or anything, but my car started like shaking like you and I, like, heard a popping noise and I don't know what happened, and I pulled over because I thought maybe it was a tire or something. But no, my Dr shop came out of my car, so I only was just, like had a meltdown because I was already panicking, you know? And so now we're on this side of the road. I'm in my dad and my step Mom's car and my mom's cars in front. All my stuff's in my car. My dad's gonna see if you can take it out so it could just be, too will drive or whatever, but oh, you guys, a current situation. We love a reliable Jeep. Okay, we just found the checking how to go around a lot because there's under construction and stuff, but I'm gonna have to go check in and then check in tower. I think I should go handle that in. Y'all just chills again so that I can figure out where I have to go. There's like a ton of buildings and stuff, and I don't even know which building is mine. And this area department area is big. Like there's a lot of different options. I realized there was so much stuff over here. Like I said, I've been in here like, twice because I was just like, Yeah, I live there. Go for it. Whatever. I don't care. You? Yes. Just resting on. So I just got my keys and trucked in a lot trying to get one of these things tasting. I got this really big part that's gonna be hopeful. Way love the giant cars, That concert, all my stuff. So handy. So y'all go for Islam is the packing expert. Here we go. Yeah, well, I know that, but isn't this thing knots? It's really big. See if it can fit fully in this thing because it looks like it's about the same saws. Don't let me change. Yeah, look in that. Is there anything smiling? Put that down there. Thank you. Maybe I have to control the camera also. So we'll get home much weight. Everyone's grabbing what they can. Here we go. Are we ready? Who's that? You pushing the thing. Now you're not gonna run into stuff with the shoe rack. Did you press the button? All right, all right. So you have to use your student i d accused elevator, which I didn't know. But now we're on our floor. Yeah, my dad for you, Which are Which side are my own. I think this side is Amy on this son. Yes. Okay, this'll one. So this one's mine, and I'm not keeping this to all the keys is easier. Do I always have to use a key for this Every time I shut my door, He always for this, Okay, Because that's just too much for me. Oh, this is not arranged the way I thought. Itwas And you're gonna be shocked at the size of just Yeah, I don't remember what the bed looks like. Well, here to rearrange my room because I don't like the way this isn't. It's not the way I toward it. And so we're moving around a little bit, because way got it. Rearranged these things roll around what we can put weight. E. I don't know. She's not sure. Well, I think it was like, like, roly things way Charles. All the wall stuff that I have to put like right there? Probably. But I do have, like, a ton of wall space in here, so I'm not really sure yet. Then hang those hooks. They go right there. They're just, like, little hooks here. I'll show you got just, like, little hooks like this, and I'm just gonna put them on the side of that that I have, like, more places to hang, like purses and stuff like that. I think that will be good there. Okay, So update shirts. Aaron, this side to side, like, has a wall in between it and the other side of the other. And then this side has dresses and jackets right now. Jeans and pants here and there. T shirts are in here right now. Here. There's nothing in this one yet. We're thinking that way. We put my shoes right here, but they're in a tub right now, so I don't know. Um, fold these two in these containers. Daddy's voting a lamp. And here's the mess. We've man in the apartment so far. Okay, So it is now the next day. Yesterday we just went to target, and then finish picking up some things. So, so far, I haven't, like, freaked out or been upset yet. I'm still just feeling like a little intimidated for, like, what is about to come this year? Because I just don't know how it's gonna be, but I will definitely keep you guys updated with that. But that is all for this video. Really? I will be doing an apartment tour soon, so make sure to subscribe for that and give this video a thumbs up. If you enjoyed it. fail today, I'm going to be filming my dorm tour. So first, I'm just gonna give you and overlook at our space. So just a quick circle through it all. And now I'm going to go through and go into more detail. So starting at the front, this is what it looks like looking. And so over here is my roommates called face in all of her storage stuff. And then he put a cart below our progenitor to store food and whatnot on. Then we have our fridge. I'll show you about how big it is. So it's got three levels, and then there's also a freezer compartment that we have ice in right now. And then we have a microwave above. So over here is my closet area and up on the top. I have three little baskets right there. That one has shorts and these two have undergarments. And then I have this one, and it has, like, extra food and stuff like that in it. And then down here, I have my clothes. If you can see, I actually ended up with a ton of hanging space, and I was not expecting that. So I did not bring enough of my clothes. I will have to remember that whenever I changed more false up that I have plenty of room to bring everything I want. But yeah, I just have, like, justice and rompers, many tanks and coarsely you slow, please. And he only brought this jacket for now and then I have these shelving, so I have tide pods and dryer sheets just because that's the easiest way to do laundry down here. And then there's another show that just has, um, plastic forks and paper plates so that we don't have to worry about washing dishes or anything in skirts right here. I didn't bring hangers to do short because I didn't know if I would have room. And then we have a Swiffer back there in the corner, and then right here is just a shoe rack. And I only brought those four pairs right there. Like I said, I didn't know how much space I was gonna have. And then I have this larger basket that matches those up there that I'm going to use as a hamper. And I shot my stuffed in well in it right now. Over here, we've put our shower caddies at the bottom, and then we have to tell a rats that we hung our use tiles on to dry so that we can reuse them. And then I've just hung my clean ones on my steps up to my bed because my bed is lofted up here. I have hung some wall are and I'm going to be talking all about those lily ones right below these. I'll be talking about how I made them in all that fun stuff in another blood or you to post, I'm not sure yet. And then I just have really pillows. As you can see, I have a white comforter and just a white blanket, and I also have a body pillow that they're well, it's more of a. It's like a head rest woman like Don't kind of complaint against you can see it. I also just have a little bed clip lamp in case I need to do some homework while my remain is sleeping and I don't want to bother her below. Here is my dusk and I have another lamp right here and then my alarm clock a makeup mirror with a light because the lighting in here is awful to do makeup. Just my student calendar. This is my makeup and this makeup cases from Moscow and monograms and use my code Olivia 98 for 20% off. And then I just have some random stuff right there. And over here, this little area I have got this jewelry tray from Lily Pulitzer with all of my Lillian Laura's and some sugars and earrings on there. And this one just has some more story in its I have this little fashionista at work clock from T. J. Maxx and then just a picture of me and my best friend and then back there I have harmed my Jr crackers flag. And for them you can use my code Olivia in a 10 for 10% off. And then I have three. George right here and right here, the table. Just who's out like that? You need more dust space. And then over here there's another full hour option as well as a drawer and a cabinet. So this cabinet, you can add a padlock to if you want to store like your valuables and whatnot. But right now I just have a water bottle and extra surge protector, lightbulbs, my yeti and then all of my rep stuff right there because they don't have anywhere else to put that and up here, I just have, like toiletries in medicine and bottom losing. That's a steamer. I have my hair dryer, my straightener, all those types of things that you may need for school. And then over here, let's see. This one also pulls out into a table with you. More table smooth. But I have lily to pieces, shorts, skirts, and that's a short that is, a tube top couldn't hang. And then I have my jeans over here in this drawer, I have all my T shirts, tank tops and long sleeved tees. And then in this bottom drawer, I have sweaters and leggings and pullovers ever hear is the corner that I hope to film some my sit down videos in. So starting over here, we got these white curtains with the multi colored tassels from Target. Have this at Symbol. It was on cell for like $3 from re 21 I used a £2 command hook stripped. Hang that up, I believe, and then this one is shopping is my cardio. It was like $3 a target, and I used a command hook for that one, too. And then I have this one with the fashion books. It's from T. J. Maxx. It was probably $12 I used a hook for that as well. And I have this big Paris one, and I used two large like £3 command hooks for this one. And it is also from T. J. Maxx. And then I have this blawg instant sleep repeat sort of print that I mean myself. I saw it on Etsy, but I didn't have time to order it, so I just made it myself. And I really like how it turned out. And this frame was like $3 target. And then the print was like a dollar. And I've hung those up with the £12 um, command stripped the Velcro kind. And then this little hashtag from Target, it was like $5. I believe it's a little crooked, but it's okay. And then I have that pineapple that my mom got me for Christmas and also my little cafe sign from Walmart. It was like only $10 I've put my instagram so you can follow me on Instagram at Price of the bunch. And I will also put all of my social media down below for you. So definitely check that out, and I will try to link as much of this as I am able to. And then I just have another lily pillow and we're putting that desk. You're in that quarter because my roommate is using a new chair and I am using my duster. They're so hers is going to be over here ever here. I just have this, like antler hook from Francesco's, I believe, and ah used three of the £12 Velcro strips toe Hang this with, and it's done great so far so quickly that I'll stay but just my tooth and you find touts and then a monogram hat and this NC state one from Lauren James. And over here I have a surge protector with all of my courts, like plugged into it, and it's really important to have a surge protector in case the building is struck by lightning. This way, your computers or anything like that will be damaged from the lightning and I have these hooks that my dad got from the bed bath and Beyond. 10 that state had set up here for us to shop from on moving day. And I've just hung at my, um, Southern girl prepped right here. You can use my code brightest of the bunch 15 off for 15% off your purchase from Southern Girl Prep. I also have my robe right here, and it's just from target. And I normally hang my toe right there and I will go ahead and show you This is my bag. It's from Moscato and Monograms. And he's my hoed Olivia 98 for 20% off. And I really love this one because it has zippers and little pouches on the back, and it's big enough to fit my laptop. I have a 12 inch, but I would say that it could also that, um, a size up from that, too, if you have a bigger one. We also got this really pretty rug for our room, and it is from target. And then we got this full length body mirror because we thought we might have one on the back of our door and then we didn't. So we got that from the bed bath beyond 10 as well. And I would just briefly show her part of the room and just one more of the full thing. Yes. So we also have these lovely flowers that I'm going to talk about in another blood post as well as this. A banner that we are thinking about hanging. And we have some tassels back there and some little light up things from Target that were also thinking about hanging. We might hang them up there across that little bit of wall right there. Or maybe put something over there or over here. We're not really sure yet, but yeah, that's all I have to show you for my dorm tours. So I just want to share a palace that we did him that tassel garland up there and these light up little balls and flowers on them up there. And then we home these lily flowers on inside of our airmen. Yes. So make sure to check in the down bar for all my social media that you can follow me on. And also, I have linked everything that I've shown that I could find for you below. So definitely check that out. And thank you so much Hey, y'all, it's Olivia. If you're new here, I mean, grisly fashion videos left me to go ahead and subscribe. I'm also a current student at N. C. State University. I am a junior and fashion Taxol management. So I'm doing back to school content right now. Let me know if there's anything you want to see. I also do like we in my life logs during the years to make sure to subscribe for that. But today we're going up back to school shopping. It's gonna be mostly like apartment stuff, like just the basic things that I need to grab for my apartment. Show you. I made a really long list. So we're going to like Sam's and Target. We'll just see. I'm gonna bring you guys along and here we go. Uh, Target got a planner wth e old lights for in the living room. And then I had one of these last year and really liked it, like in the corner. And I had, like, a overhead light that I had the thing in the corner. But then I could just reach out of bed and grab this instead. So we got this one. Then you could just reach up and grab it instead of having to use the big light. So we just saw they have in sober, too. So we changed to the silver one block and then they have sober and why these ones are $8 then they have, like the ones with the doubles and silver and block and those air like 12. All right, so we just grabbed a Q tips you some clean by ear piercing and my normal ears, but we grab some tissues. I don't think I showed that Got more washcloths. You never really liked doing laundry and college because you have to, like, lug everything to a different room, and then you have to sit with this. Nobody takes it, so it's going to have a bunch of different wash policy. Don't have to wash out frequently, and we got of frying pan because I'm going to try to learn how to do everything in the kitchen like grilled cheese and French toast. And then we got like, a spatula, and then also we just robbed, like my face wash and my shampoo and conditioner. Some Clorox wives like ibuprofen and night school because medicine is expensive and it's not going to get sick. It's tool and then have to go to CVS and pay for medicine. So I think that's all the way. Grab some. That's all that we've grabbed since I lost checked in and we're about to leave and go to Sam's. I also described a beautyblender because I currently have pink eyes. That's a little fun. So I've been having to replace all my makeup stuff and I need a new beautyblender anyways and I pulled out the ones I already hot, which were shaped like Christmas trees, which you would think it's fun, but it's actually really hard to use. And then I had another one that was just way too tough for me. So I grabbed this loan and super squishy way. Got everything check down, eating up. Panera Way just recently got one of my hometown and it was really exciting. But every time I've eaten there, it's been really bad, so hopefully this one's good. The one at home is trash, and I'm not here for it. Sorenstam known. I completely forgot to film anything, but we describe the Swiffer what refills and I'll show you what we have in the cart in the second. So obviously we have a ton of stuff on the Grammys over there with another buggy in front of her. But I like the main thing that I make at the apartment because it's just super easy and I don't know how to make real things, but I'm gonna learn. But for now we have 12 of the Mac Veronese, and then way have some towels. I'm gonna split with page or somebody because there's tons of towels in there that got toilet paper that I'm also going to split. I have these kind minis. These are my favorite flavor the dark chocolate and sea salt on the caramel and sea salt. And at home you can just get these in single packs. So we got the minis of these and there's like, 32 then I know it's hard to see, but I also have, like paper plates and plastic forks so I can just throw away stuff. But we also got like dishwasher detergents that I can wash dishes. Um, let me go to the other buggy and then I got Dr Pepper and then I can save these. Of course I can put like six in the frigid of time and then put the other, however many somewhere else. And then we also got Gatorade about the variety pack of women lime punch and orange. I don't like like the purple or the white one, and that's what was in the other box. And I got the Minis because I'll get, like, wanting and Gatorade. But I don't want the whole thing, so I just prefer the minis. And then I got ruffles. These are my favorite chips, and I always get them out of the thinking machine at school, and they're like a dollar and 50 cents out of the vending machine. So we got a pack of 50 for, like, 14 dollars or something around in there. I don't know, but so that'll last a really long time. Grammy got pillows, but already have new pillows. Soak in there, some trash bags that way. Apparently they're like giving away free gifts to the members or something in here right now. So everybody's over there, and it's just, like, really hectic and chaotic. There's so many people in here. It's stressing me out high key. We have basically everything that we need. I just need, like, body wash and stuff like that. We haven't been to that section yet, but yeah. So exciting. Such fun things that were shopping for for college. L O l like total paper, paper towels, slippers, trash bags. You know, nothing super exciting, But the things that you actually do need for school. I just grabbed fruit roll ups. Stop. Hey, just gonna split and then just some bathroom stuff, like shaving cream. I got razors. I don't know where they went here. Got some razors. We just got the rest of the stuff, and now we are all lined up to check out. So here's our one card. And then here's our other cart. So, yeah, just a lot of basic things that you So today is college moving day, and we are just packing up the final things. Before we go, I'm wearing my vineyard von ship, Scher and Nike shorts in Birkenstocks. And then I have on a during the brook tank that you can see in my Mr Bag on boxing that I just posted on my channel. And you can use my code. Oh, in and CSU for 15% off. But here's my room. It's pretty empty. As you can see, I still have a lot of stuff over there, and something's over here. I'm gonna put my makeup in the bag, but it looks really clean for me. Um, leaving a lot of my clothes, as most of them probably will not fit. But as you saw outside, I'm also taking a lot. So and I just wanted to say that it is, like, 4 30 right now. Okay, Mom, what are we doing? We're moving you to college. Are you excited that it's 4 30? I'm gonna be able to sleep here a little bit. You gonna sleep on the life? Yeah, Well, he's gonna miss you, you know. Yeah. Good girl. Are you excited? Yep. She's beyond excited. Well, you're gonna have to contain your excitement. So here is the car all packed up with Tubbs and then in the back of my mind, I have my linens and stuff like that. Pillows. So we're all ready to go. Hey, all it's really dark outside because it's 4 30 and the morning. But if you don't know, I'm going toc State University and moving in today. And we live about three and 1/2 hours from there, and I was looking enough. Thio, get one of the residential storage parking places. So I am driving my car. I will be following my mom and her boyfriend, And then my dad and her, his girlfriend will be driving behind me. So we're just leaving to go now. Way doing today? We're maybe Oh, my goodness. Are you excited? Yeah. Are you decided to be up early and about to drive three and half hours way are ecstatic. So, like I was saying earlier, I was able to get a resident storage law, um, parking sticker and actually lucky I got on as soon as you were able to apply for them because there were 500 parking spots for 5000 freshmen. So you can only imagine I just barely got a parking spot. But I am thankful to have that. We're at a pit stop area. We're still, like, three hours away or something, but it's really dark. And it was raining really hard a minute ago and it was foggy, so it's really hard to see where we're going. But it's cleared up a little bit now. It's still pretty dark outside, as you can tell, but we've stopped for a second and then we're gonna get back on the road. Okay, so it is No. 7 41 I I missed my exit. So I had Thio go through this whole thing for, like, 40 minutes trying to get back Thio where my family was because I couldn't get over because a trucker guy blocked my exit. So we just had that whole ordeal and now we're back on the road. So here we are. We are about to enter and to States campus. If you could see that sign away over there. Here we are on campus. Okay, so we're on campus now. Way our own. Like the backside of it, though So we are driving towards my door. I'll show you around more. So the way we're thinking that this is gonna work is that my mom is gonna get in my car and drop me off at my dorm so that I can go and get my key and go ahead and get it in there and everything. And then they're gonna bring the stuff on this like trolley that the school is providing. I believe so. That's what I think is about to happen here. There are 10 setup. There are just tons of people here. It's still really early. It's like 95. I think moving started at nine. So, like I said, I think we're gonna go by the dorm. And my mom is going to go and park the cars where we're supposed to park them during moving days that I could go get my key and go to my room. All right, so I am on campus, one of these to my dorm. Honestly, I don't know what I'll figure it out. And down here on this little beach area that they have, they're having their check in. So that's how I'm doing. I'm going down here to check in. It's like right at nine. So we've got Iraq. Never checking started. It's going to my door. So I have my key now in this storm is my mind. So I am about to go in there. So we just got here. It's really really these are the more Hi, your design team is here. Don't do this. Oh, I guess on my desk I'll have to get I mean, I get up every morning to get the other long mystery cross use the upper part of my bed, and so far, the gallery will. And this will have whatever I change it to because it's the cafe board. So, like things about my social media stuff like that on my desk, a stillness. And this is the closet area, its stillness. And then we have our tiles over here, and we have this little antler thing for, like, my robe or something. And they're like, so just an update. But car ends the gallery wall ourselves, put something on there, can't decide what I'm gonna put the desk is still a mess. And then same thing up there, the walls and we hung up that antler like I showed. And then I home my hats, my robe and put bag right there to challenge right there. I wasn't expecting this much closet space, so I didn't bring as many hangers as I should have. But so I have that bar right there on those bars and all the coins, their home. And then those are my shoes right there. I still have to organize like my food and trees and stuff. It's up there, but I've put like shorts and undergarments in that. And then we got a only body mirror because we thought we might have won and we didn't. So we went ahead. And so I just want to show now that we have a little more stuff in here. My roommate moved her bed like this. And I change this gallery wall to a little corner like this for me to do videos that went on in. And then I still just have my bed and my desk is still miss like always and then hung up all my clothes. I have I'm just saying that's our rug. I haven't put it out yet, and then we put the fridge on one of the things that storm or in and all her steps and bags, which is a really smart way for her to bring it. And I will do a warm tour. Um, sometime within the next week. Probably. So my roommate just went to dinner, so I'm just gonna finish up showing around what we've done with the dorm so far. And then that will be the end of this log. And I will go ahead and edit that Ariel. So as you come in over here, I'm just turn the switch and see what you see. So her clothes right here and then we got our fridge and little thing and the microwave, some storage up there. My clothes hamper. Shoes, towels, the betting that you seen, I cleaned off my desk a little bit. So does it better I put my Jr Carter slog back there. Now insert my code here for you, and then over here I have my little corner that I love. And I was gonna put my instagram and Twitter and all that right there. But I don't have enough tease to spell Twitter, so we'll see about that. Um, have my hat's on antlers right there. And then I just have some hooks with my totes in my robe thing right there. And we laid out our super cute rug and I'll just briefly go over hers just cause this is her space. And later I will do a more told room tour with, Like where I got things and what I'm storing where, like what? I'm storing all up there in these drawers and whatnot. So be on the lookout for that. Just a reminder that my outfit from today this is my Jalen broke tank and you can use my code. Oh, in nts you for 20% off and you can see this full tank, including the super cute back in my video that I just posted before this one. My Jalen broke mystery bag on boxing. So definitely check that out. So thank you so much for checking out today's flog. I plan to do a block post all about like my housing experiences freshman year. Once I finish with that, so definitely next year be looking out for that. But for now, you can just subscribe, like and comment and you can follow me on instagram. You can follow me on Instagram at price of the bunch Twitter, brightest otb. And so thank you so hail. It's Olivia. If you're new here, I mean, honestly, fashion videos of love You got head and subscribe. Also a currency that n c. State University. And today is college moving days. I'm going into my junior year. I'm in fashion textile management, and my moving day log was one of my most successful videos last year. So I've decided to bring you guys along with me again this year. Already got everything packed in the car, and we are about to head off. All right? I just got in the car to leave. I don't have much in my car, but Mom has most of my stuff in her car, and we're going up in meeting my dad and his girlfriend Paige, and they have some of my stuff as well. Say, Happy college moving day. All right, we are going through a chick fil A to Paige and daddy, right. There you go. I can I get the number one meal with hash browns and a large Dr Pepper. Just catch up, please. Yes, Thank you. Hi. Thank you. Thank you. My mom must have paid for mine because they didn't charge me, but they didn't tell me that she paid for it either. So that's kind of weird. Like when you think that they would be like your mom paid for years. But I got chicken bits and hash browns and catch up. And now we're getting on the road. My dad and them are behind me, so it's going to get all my catch up and stuff together. Out, get my straw together. I got a big Dr Pepper because I have to have my caffeine. All right, we just got here. We gotta move everything. We couldn't park together, but we tried. All right, so today we actually have people that are helping us move in. If you can see back there at my car, they have a like red tub. I'll show you guys in a minute, but they didn't have people that helped last year. But this year, they dio and I'm just going inside to get the keys. You go and you check in with your likes, that idea in your name, whatever. And they give you the keys, and then you can normally check out a cart. But like I said, there's helpers that have the card. So we're good to go. They have the MoveOn signs. Starts not normally up. It's like a moving son. There's another Olivia in your sweet person. I think it's me. I think the other girls names are like in the apartment. It's Emily Ann's Lee and Mayor. With that. You don't right? Thank you. Oh, yes, I guess correctly. I'm in. Let me double check. Actually, that that's actually where I am. I am right here. Right? I don't know. Yes, I'm right here. Here's my empty room. Yeah, All right. So I started putting my like clothes in the closet. The light is meth. Like we might have to change it. I wonder how the light and will be for me to be right there to film. I don't know, Um, and these rolling things that go under my bed that my posh mark stuff have been doing that they went outside to get us to the stuff with the helpers, and I'm just working on my stuff. It looks good, huh? Is not there sitting without the door right now. Well, no page. Hey, Paige, There's stuff on the look out. Look out! Oh, give me that chow. You're gonna get Clinton. One of what do you do when you graduate? Use your best judgment of where you know, the blue one on the wall. A little lost. I put it in. Whenever I move it out, you're getting your floor nasty. I'm so glad you Marie mates are here to see this. So they're not way you could break them into a gently like when I first see your stuff there. Don't be like, wow, She's really need Hey. And then after a month, leave me falling. Let my have something with Go get the door. Yes? Did you have? No, but I thought it was, like, cheap, Like 21 or something. Okay. My bad. Yes. Sorry. Don't trash. Sorry, I got some I I still have weird here, like normal, but there are no window for a lot filming and stuff, so Okay. Can't do it. How are you holding me down? I told him I did. They want to do it. That's the way it goes. No way. No. Yeah, I know. After mom almost like me in the head with it and took my eye out. Well, the shield came off and she almost took my eye out with where the bulb goes. Yea, the filming say's Yeah, a little bit more. Do we want it there? I think it needs to go up a little. This'll I'm a little bit in a little bit to the left right there. Everybody stick it, I think. Okay, It was just a test run. Stop more. A little bit more. This way. It's not straight. Come down on the That's good steel Crooked. Okay, I know that. What? The problem of this one. You actually have much. You're pushing it down. All right? Yes. Ticket. Just take it. Take it good. It's still a little, especially once you get that. I care blocks cricket. What block? When you get the other stuff right in there. Oh, no. Is a good straight straight down. Looks like a wobbly It can open up to 12. 18 rounds. God, we're back, love. Only my coaching coach to the set. Good. Hey, that's right, because it is so mayor got Now don't stick it. I don't know. This is our name on this. No. Oh, hello. Okay, So free. Yeah. Cut. Okay. Action page. Just put pens and stuff in there. Put the makeup stuff over. They're gonna put my jewelry there and then put camera stuff in this Kate Spade thing too. Right there. Did you start? But they also It is Monday. I moved in on Friday. I just went in this video with, like, a little update. So I absolutely love the people that I live with. Like, I am so thankful for who I was placed with and like the way things worked out because they're all really nice, really cool. They invited me out with them on Saturday and I went and, you know, that was like a really big step for me because I never went with my roommates freshman year. And that's like one of the things that I regret the most. I'm so excited that I did that with them, and they've invited me to go again today. Maybe. And since we don't have class until Wednesday, and I'm just really happy with the people I was placed with, like after we all got home Saturday, like one of the girls went somewhere else. But we all got home together and, like, sat in the kitchen until, like, three in the morning. Just talking and like eating snacks and whatever, and it was really great. So I'm really happy with the people that I am placed with. And I'm excited for this year, and I just want to join to know that I just want don't know that things were going really well and I feel like junior year is gonna be really good. So I'm really excited. And if you enjoy this video, make sure to give it a thumb's up in Subscribe to my channel that you don't miss my upcoming videos and I will see you guys next time. Bye, guys. Hey all, it's a live yet Today I'm going to be doing my apartment tour. Okay, so I've come to the entrance of the apartment to start the tour off. First off, I live in wool fridge. It's the apartments on Centennial Campus at N. C. State University's Centennial campus has, like engineering and college textiles, mainly. But I'm in the college textiles like study, fashion, textile management. So it kind of makes sense for me to be over here. But honestly, miss, my classes were so, um, in campus, so iffy. But honestly, I live here because it's a really nice apartment, and it's still through the schools, like my financial aid still covers it without having to, like, jump through any hoops to get the money back. It's just nice. You can take the bus dimming canvas. You get parking outside, and it also comes like fully furnished. So I choose to live here because I think it's the easiest for me. Let's go ahead and get started, right? Whenever you walk in, you just see the living room and the dining table and then on the side over here. My roommates brought this to put like reusable bags in. And then this, like white shelving unit, did come with the apartment. And then my roommate's got those two things to also out of food to a chicken. See, like the floor out here is hard floor in the kitchen, and this is what it's like in our bedrooms as well. But then, in the living room and the hallway space there is carpet. It comes with a dining room set like this. Just the four things. Yet we have the dining room table that it came with, and then it comes with this couch and we brought these pillows and we also brought all those blankets and we brought this ottoman. The living room is actually a pretty good size in my opinion, and then it also comes with side tables. So that one and the one over there and it came with these lamps. I think these air in our room, though, So maybe someone brought there is out here, and then you have to bring your own TV if you want a TV, it comes with this chair, and it's a red underneath. So they decided to get an Opel house blanket from target to cover it. And then there's just, like some plants and stuff that they brought. And yeah, this is what I was showing you before, Like the window out, too. The cars And it comes with that curtain up there also came with this read Ottoman. But we just got that one instead. And I actually got us these lights from Target. Okay, so coming into the actual kitchen portion, you can see we have the like silver stainless steel, and then there's like, marble ish countertops and drawers and yeah, that's what the kitchen looks like. And then each into the hole is the same so of two roommates that live down there. And me and another roommate lived down here. If this is what our half of the apartment looks like, we have a sink out here. And then we brought like, the toothbrush holder, and we brought like hand towels. And then there's like a cabinet space underneath, and my stuff is over there. And then whenever you walk over here, we come into the bathroom and it is just the toilet and a shower, and I brought this shower curtain. This is from a target. We have little shelves in the shower. We can set our stuff, so that's what we've done. And then we have rocks that we can hang our towels on those Caymus well. And then there's also a hook on the back of the door for your robe that came with it as well, and that's pretty much it. The bathroom is pretty simple. And then at the end of the hall is another shelving unit that came in the apartments and my stuffs on this half. So I just have, like, this guy that I put my extra bathroom stuff in which I think is really handy, because you could just take these doors shot whenever you're moving, and then you don't have to, like, move it anywhere else. I'd like extra facial stuff, toothpaste like teeth stuff and like nail stuff down there. I got these things from Target and I have, like, towels and there and also the ones that look like this her from target as well, and that one has stuff for laundry in it, I think, and I use tide pods whenever I do laundry, cause I just think that that's the easiest thing to do. While you're in college. So I have those. Yeah, thoughts basically out here. Now I will show you guys in my room. So, honestly, this is the first time it's been clean and my bed's been made since moving day. We get this cupboard whenever you move in. That has four doors at the bottom that are pretty roomy of my clothing hamper. This is from Target. Yes, we have the mirror on one side of the door and they're sliding doors. It just has hanging space. My clothes honestly are not organized right now, and most of them are shoved on this side of the wardrobe because it opens two different ways. And then in the bottom, I've, like, sucked up shoe bought the ones I don't. Where's much? I just put in there and then up top. Got those from Target again. So moving over to my bed, my betting is from Walmart online from last year, and these two pillows look like this or from Toria and this one's from Urban Outfitters. And then I also have these hooks that we got during moving day on Main campus, and C State does a bed bath and beyond 10 and my dad got those for me from there. And they're really helpful for, like, purses. You can hang scarves, hats, all kinds of things. I really like Those Curtain is also just from Wal Mart is playing here one and then we have a rod of the you like wedge between Or you could also get command hopes. And do you brought on the outside and you have to come in hooked? You can't, like, make holes in the wall. So all this stuff the Paris sorry and has been the only thing that swollen and it fell within like the first week. So I put it back up to show you guys, but it might fall again. All of this is up there with command hooks. This type of stuff is up there with the Velcro kind and the Paris and the at in the hashtag. You're up there with the hook kind and her right there. She's up there with the personally think that the Welker ones work a little bit better and I haven't had any problems with, like, the black and white frames up there, that Paris is the only thing that's fallen. So going across. This is from Walmart Online. That girl up there, I think I got at T. J. Maxx and then the pair of Sinus from T. J. Maxx. That at sign might be from Target. This girl right here is from TJ Maxx. The hash tag is definitely from target. I think that might be from Route 21. I'm not sure I've had it since freshman year. And then this girl I actually found at a goodwill And then I did bring the slight because the light that is in our room, by the way, we have a ceiling fan, which is really nice. But the light that's in our room is like, really awful. I don't know if you guys can tell from that, but it sucks. So I brought my own lamp, and this one is from Target. And it was only like, $12 or, like, $8. It's really affordable, and it does great. I love that lamp. So that's what's on that well, and then on this wall, I have a stream of twinkle lights. This is from Amazon, ends up there with command hooks again. My rug on the ground is also from Amazon, and then I have this bar blink it. This was from T. J. Maxx and I just threw over my chair with my backpack and then my desk. The place that more often than not is just covered in cups or bottles, just covered in drink stuff everywhere. But on my desk. I have a Kate Spade box is from T. J. Maxx as well. I'll try to find these online before, and they're, like, impossible to find. But it's firm. Kate Spade and I found mine at T. J. Maxx about a year ago, and it has, like, sunglasses, belts, accessories, that type stuff in it. And then I have this. This is actually a textbook. I had to get a binder for it because it was loosely this, like, jury guy is from forever 21 last year as well, and it's kind of messy. I don't have it set up the right way, but honestly, the joy where the most I put in that Kendra Scott thing over here I have some clear make up things. I think I got these at T. J. Maxx. You combine them lots of different places, though, and then I have this for breeze like air freshener guy, which I forget to take out my trash a lot so it could be helpful. You should turn it on and let it go. And then I have my straightener, my laptop. Oh, that mirror. It's from Target, I think, and it doesn't work anymore. And then we have two of these flat drawers, and we also have tables that extend like that. So a lot of the times I have that out with cops and stuff on it too. But in the shore, I have, like, makeup, medicine, beauty, type of stuff. And then in this one, I have, like, school type of stuff, like pens and vogue. I guess that school not really. But then down here we have one of these. You could technically pull it out and roll it somewhere else if you wanted to. But I like it right here. It also has a table if you need more space. And then it has a drawer that I have like extra command hooks and light bulbs and things like that. And and then I have another one of those Kate Spade things, and I have camera stuff in there. So then under my bed over here, we again have like, a rolling guy that you can move wherever you want. That has two drawers. So I feel like that's basically everything that I have to share with you guys