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Thinking about New York Institute of Technology and trying to determine if it’s the right fit for you? The college search process can be tough, but CampusReel is here to make it fun and engaging. If you’re thinking about visiting New York Institute of Technology in person, we strongly recommend you at least complete the virtual tour first. After watching the entire virtual tour, the next step would be to take an in-person campus tour to further vet New York Institute of Technology’s culture and community. Whether you are a prospective high school student considering the school or interested in transferring to New York Institute of Technology, these videos and reviews are designed to give you a complete understanding of the New York Institute of Technology experience. These New York Institute of Technology video reviews share the culture and daily life of students both on and off campus.

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Last semester, I adorned at our freshman dorm, the one that's owned by the college on DH I I liked it. It was just kind of far from our school because the school is on fifty ninth Street Columbus Circle, so it's still on the West side. But it was it was like a thirty minute right to school, and now I'm like, five minutes away from school on the subway. So I think that's definitely a really big benefit. Um, I also we shared it with another school, Manhattan school of music. And I mean, it was loud at times because there was a lot of music going on and like, we obviously, like Way only had a floor to ourselves. So there was never any kids from our school. But I still I mean, I loved it as a first first year student because I had a roommate. Now I obviously don't have a roommate. There's only one bed in the room. Um, and I think that's a really valuable experience. Tohave when your first year starting in college, I just I grew out of it and I moved to a single somewhere where I think I could take more advantage of New York. Target is right across the street. So is the big, like flagship Macy's that takes up the whole block. And I just think I'm getting the best that I can right now, living where I'm living and going to school where I am So look forward to showing you guys more of the dorm. I'll show you the kitchen downstairs and the lounge areas Some currently right in front of the G C building, which is our main building. I'm about to take you guys inside to see the library. This building is mostly just classes, and it's home to the engineering department and the computer science department. So most of the classes for that department are in this building, but let me show you a library. I have to become a quiet even though it's a good box. So here, you see, there's some books on this level there, second level with more books, but basically it's like a collaborative space. People just sit here and they this's were like all the group's co are. And then you have computers Here, let me show you this second level way. Sorry. There's printers over here when you have a CD burner and then blank CDs sold here way, have a vending machine in the back, and we have two smart boards right there and right there years, our bulletin board way put everything that's going on the school. I'm not usually the second level. We have all our books over here. I'm talking about the Mark White in this one because this is the quiet floor of our school. Um, basically, here's our books and quiet study area. It's over what you can study yourself. I mean, there's more of those on the third floor, but it's currently closed for renovations, so on that we'll show you guys the different time. You guys know where at the club fair right now, this is on the eleventh floor. Are sixteen West building. It just It's actually really nice for you guys to see because it's for a bunch of first years and people that want to join the club. So I remember something sweet right now and spot also, I'm going to give you guys like a little tour, but I'm there wait, like sign of these way a lot of years, really. Your exports probably partner with my companies stores. We have our authorities, fraternities here. This's limited once, but I can't wait. I'm just gonna take this opportunity for a little bit about to some of the stuff we have going on at this school because I feel like we do a lot to involve other students years like one of our bulletin boards. And you can see we have our clubs like BM, Yes, on DH. Then you have our authorities is one of them, and then fraternities. It's another one on. Then we have a lot of opportunities for student years. If you can see there's a lot of ways to get involved in our school. I'm I'm a member of spot. I'm said something. I do. And then you have study abroad programs, um, and just Black History month doing a lot of stuff for that right now on. Then we have separate, of course, aside, cost Colin six Sigma. There's that's competition. But we also had a certification course and then sweet. That's another club society woman engineers that I'm part of. And then let's be that's National Society of Black and Jim years. But yeah, and white. He is a great place to So right now I'm in a computer science lab. Thiss is a smaller lab, but here is where this is also a distance learning class, which means way. Use this toe, broadcast this lesson like the lessons in this class, like other campuses or the people that say classes online. So, as you can see, it's just the computers and then the teacher, his desk over here. And then we have a printer and then Peter's sort of grow on. Then we just have a view of fifty nine Street. And over here is of you off the third floor in the library, which is a quiet Hey, guys. So I'm gonna take you on a tour of my dorm or my dog room. I'll leave the dorm friend different S o I live. I don't live on a school door. I live on a dorm in a hotel in the New Yorker Hotel, and it's owned by a separate during company, so it's not affiliated with my school. But I think that's one of the cool things of living in New York. Is that you? I kind of have more options than just staying at the dorms at your school. And I thought there's a vehicle option because I'm literally in thirty fourth Street, right across the street from essence were guarded, and I have a beautiful view of Empire State Building. So that's something that I really enjoy. And I wouldn't really trade that for a school dorm. So I'm going to show you the dorm tour starting from when you walk in the door. So I'm gonna flip. All right, So I'm going to show you guys my room. I'm starting here. They're so there's to my door And then there's a little hallway that leads to the bathroom first. Here's me. I like to put on my toilet ease on this thing on top of the same. It's a little bit tight in here if you haven't noticed. I'm not really sure what that is, but I the showers pretty big guy have a bathtub. I asked for a bathroom because I like taking baths, But as you can see, the bathroom's a little bit retro vintage. But you have to know that this is a really old hotel. It's The New Yorker, so it's very historic. And some of these things are like from the old times, I guess, from a cup like a few years ago. Let's say so. When you walk out of the bathroom, you have my room. Yes, there's my bed. And I bought these little black story tracks just because I needed a little bit more story space. I'm one over there, too, for my cooking supplies. And this is the one for my cleaning supplies. I have a poster of a KN. Even though we have a huge kitchen downstairs, we don't show you in the next video. Here's the desk. The room comes with this little TV, you see right here. And it comes with this fridge on its pretty, spacious, actually, on let me show you. I mean, I have a lot of stuff right here, so it doesn't really open on the way. But it has a freezer space right there on DH, then I mean, it's pretty empty, but it's pretty big. Fridge holds like two weeks worth of food. I'm in my opinion, I brought this TV, and just because I like Amy have my piece for you. Then we have a pretty big closet on. Let me show you a little bit of it. It's it goes all the way around, so, like it goes that way, and then it goes off. That weighs, so there's a lot of storage space on DI. Permission is done there, and I guess my turn in the paper, too. So I haven't really had a lot of problem the story at all. Obviously, I've brought a lot of my own, but I I'm pretty fine with it. But this is my favorite part. The excuse. The windows, the windows air. Not my Faul. Obviously they're dirty, but they're dirty from the outside and I can't really do anything about that. But here's the Empire State Building. It leads to a button and it's beautiful. Then rooms next door have a little bit better view of it. But I'm this is pretty nice. But Shea, the sixteen West building Thiss building has the student like advisement, I guess on it, and we have a third building that has like more offices for it, I guess. But here's like enrollment services and just like were you me with your advisor. So this is enrollment services on This is where people come with any complaints of like such do classes are drop periods. There's like a bunch of information right here on DH. This is also where you meet with like your specialized, I guess like Advisor on. There's also areas for computers here. I mean, this is where they do a lot of the tourist like water. The towards me, Andi, where they take ideas. And we have like this huge touch screens came back there. That's it's really great. So I'm about to show you one of our smaller classes. This is what it looks like. I have a couple of classes in this room. It's just basically your standard, like tables and chairs on DH. This actually works really well, whatever. You have to work and partners or in groups because you could just choose the people next to you and the people behind you. Um, and there's a board, which is good. A lot of the rooms in this building have smart boards, but this one has a like a whiteboard. I guess this is on. Then again, we have projectors in every room, and then the teacher has a computer. And yeah, it's basically just like classroom. And then we have again come views of Oh, John Jay is over there on DH. Also Fordham. So we're really close to our other colleges as well. Yeah, this is another example, but it's a bigger room, ominous IQ. And see, they were just having a math class in there, but this is just like a bigger version of the classroom I showed you with, This is mainly only coming here area here on campus. It has like some sex, and then you have like a bar that you can pick out of a menu. Wei have coffee over here way have crushes on that, a little meeting. It's just like really the place to hang out. I got way and then we have like a yogurt bar. Like more stuff way. Have like a little snack Area two over here on DH. Then we have a salad bar with drinks and then here's R and why T store with our merch way have books over here, and all our supplies are over there, and you could also rent out books here.