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Thinking about Widener University and trying to determine if it’s the right fit for you? The college search process can be tough, but CampusReel is here to make it fun and engaging. If you’re thinking about visiting Widener University in person, we strongly recommend you at least complete the virtual tour first. After watching the entire virtual tour, the next step would be to take an in-person campus tour to further vet Widener University’s culture and community. Whether you are a prospective high school student considering the school or interested in transferring to Widener University, these videos and reviews are designed to give you a complete understanding of the Widener University experience. These Widener University video reviews share the culture and daily life of students both on and off campus.

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So what news in Chester, Pennsylvania, which is not the the city around, but what news? On the better side, you could say so when it comes to night life, a lot of parties or right off campus, not for it all. It's a lot of sports teams that have parties, and then there are also for us. It also party that. If you want to do something other than going to parties on the weekends were only fifteen minutes from Philly, and there's always something to do in Philly. And then there's also media, which is really closed by which is a really nice town. They have a lot of restaurants. It's kind of like a Main Street type of deal, so people go there a lot. Also, since we're also so close to Philly, a lot of artists come to perform. Me and my roommate just saw drink, amigo, still a day, which was really awesome. A lot of people make it seem like such a big deal that we're in such a bad area. But people in Chester really respect the wider community because we do so much for that on at any moment at any time, you will see campus security somewhere, even out on the streets. When there's parties, there's always someone, so it's not as dangerous as everyone makes it seem. Widener is D three school, but we have a bunch of sports from Boy Ball of basketball, baseball, golf on a lot more, including football. Uh, football has games every Saturday. Uh, starting like about a week after we move in until, like November December. And those are always really fun. People get up early and tailgate from the Wagner is also really big with intramural sports and clubs sports. So in Israel sports you are the one you don't like the full commitment, but you still want to play this sport. It's really cool because you still get to travel with your team and go to other colleges and So the first thing I'm going to be interviewing is wearing from different groups. We'll part of groups. I did. You want to come to wine? Well, I love the campus. When I came to visit and I had a really good business school. What's your favorite part about widening. I love the people. And I made a lot of longtime friends the next day and I'm interviewing is few exchanges Fields Where you from? I'm from State College, Pennsylvania. What made you choose one? I came here as an athlete, but I did really love biology program. I just really like teaching myself, like when I came here, visited just metal. This biology your majors is viola. And what sports actually, for volunteers. The next student I will be interviewing is my roommate. Her name is Ashley. What is your major? And why did you pick it? I'm a psychology major, and I really knew. I love psychology in high school. I decided to stick with it. And Wigner has really good classes. Where you from? I'm actually from Montana. What do you think? Because they haven't exchanged program here where I can pay the same tuition out of pain Montana and come here for a year. What's your favorite part about whiteness? My favorite part of whiners. Probably the classes and the campus. Guys, my name is broke. Hey, I go to our university and I'm going to be showing you a lot wonder tell you everything about a little bit about me first I'm nineteen. I am myself more here. My major's business Analytics with a minor in finance. I'm from South Hampton, New Jersey, which is about an hour away from here. And I'm also on Wagner's women's coughed. These videos and are interested in Wagner and have any more questions or concerns or anything you wanna talk about, um, about the campus or anything you can always a message me of privately on Instagram or whatever you want. I'm totally happy to answer questions about this school. So we'll be showing you some of the academic buildings. This's Kirkbride Hall. It's the engineering building. It's got a plan. It's for you. So Okay, guys. Right now we're about to leave, okay? You guys, This is Founders Hall Nursing Building. Okay, so there's three main Neal plans at whiner. There's a platinum gold and silver. They're all unlimited swipes in the CAF, but platinum. You have three hundred and seventy five dining dollars. Gold is three hundred and Silver's two hundred. And what that means is at the pod, which is where you can buy Saks and groceries and stuff like that. Or, if you want to pay for subway or one of the restaurants on campus you can pay with that's already on your prepaid cards. Once a day you get a meal swipe. So what that means is you can transfer one of your cafs wives for subway burger CEO who knows Einstein's or most. And you don't get charged any of your dining dollars. But so if you take a meal swiped during lunch and you go to Moe's during lunch and you male slide, then you can't go to the caf during lunch. You could go to the caf it for dinner. You can't go during lunch because you already used your meals like that moves. If you was a meal swipe for breakfast on signs. And then you want Burger Studio for lunch. You have to pay for Burger Studio out of your pride buffs, which depends on platinum, gold or silver. How much you have it's prepaid. Hello, everyone. Right now getting someone on. I'm gonna be showing you around a little bit. Cafeteria, but I don't mind now having some twenty right So I live in a thirteen percent a party in Metropolitan Home. It's eleven and I'm in for some national back. So I share this bathroom with three other girls. Three other girls. Freedom. No. Key cards to get. It's just my room inside, Mrs Ashley. This is my son. It's a pretty big room. These are the upperclassmen dorms. Freshman doubles aren't as big, but our views. So we walk out of my room, the rest of the single tear. We have a little living here. The really nice ones Now view some of campus the rest of mature, Then you have full kitchen. Kind of a mess, right? Men some more single rooms down there. And that is thirteen percent apartment. All right, let's go to class. Okay, guys. So I just got done our class and now getting some bread. More. OK, guys. So we just got some management class and walked seven eleven and buying some Nutella, and we're stocking up longer. Tris. Okay, so I just finished my last class of the day and I made myself a sandwich for lunch. Al Qaeda cheese, turkey and Mayo. All right, So we're out of here right now. Media. We're Italian. I don't know what it's called. Okay, guys. So now it's time. That was a dating life as Brooke.