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What percent of freshman live on campus?

According to our research, 99.0% of freshman live on campus at Sarah Lawrence College?

What type of housing does Sarah Lawrence College provide?

The below table outlines the different housing options available at Sarah Lawrence College, and how what percent of students are estimated to live in each type of housing.

Available Percent living in Accomodation
Co-ed Dorms true -
Women's Dorms true -
Men's Dorms true -
Sorority Housing true -
Fraternity Housing true -
Single-student Apartaments true -
Married Student Apartaments true -
Special Houses for Disable Students true -
Special Houses for International Students true -
Cooperative Houses true -
Other Housing Type true -

What are the dorms like at Sarah Lawrence College?

You’ll have to watch the CampusReel videos to see for sure. However, Sarah Lawrence College dorms are similar to most college housing options. Most on-campus residence halls include singles, double, and suites. Floor plans vary from residence hall to residence hall. CampusReel hosts dorm tours of Sarah Lawrence College, and every one is different. As you’ll see, every dorm room is decorated in a unique and fun way - students are creative with their setups to make Sarah Lawrence College feel like home!

What are the dimensions of Sarah Lawrence College dorm rooms?

The Sarah Lawrence College dorms dimension depend on the residence hall. This information is usually contained in one of the dorm room tours of Sarah Lawrence College on CampusReel. Supposedly the average dorm room size in the U.S. is around 130 square feet, and Sarah Lawrence College likely has dorms bigger and smaller than this.

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So I'm gonna give you guys a tour of my hill house apartment. So Hill House is one of the main places you can live as the first year. Um, you can live anywhere is the first year. But a majority live in my building, which is hell house. Um, it's apartment style housing in all the apartments are different, but in my apartment, there's a triple a double and a single with its own bathroom. And then the trouble in a double share. A bathroom. So this is my room. I live in the triple. It is what it looks like. And we have a shared living room and a shared kitchen as well. We have our own kitchen, which is really nice. This is literature. Is that my suitemates? So we had to bring our own toaster microwave on coffee maker, but it has a fridge in oven on a sink, and the bathroom is it's small, but it's very functional. Uh, we have our shower bathroom. This's the single and stark I want. I want to do that. But, yeah, I really like living in Hell house because we have our own bathroom in our own kitchen. The other first year dorms where the other majority of the freshman live is Garrison and Taylor, which is more traditional dorm style living where they have a communal bathroom on a kitchen at that shared between the whole building. So yeah. Thank you guys. So much for touring Sarah Lawrence with me. If I can leave you with one piece of advice, I would say even though I love Sarah Lawrence, I've definitely found my home here. It's important. Tio go somewhere. You feel like it's the right place for you. So come to Sarah Lawrence if you think that it's the right place for you. But ultimately what's most important is where you end up where you belong, so good luck. Hey, guys. So this is going to be part of one of the dorm rooms? I'm going to show you guys that I mentioned previous video. I want to show you as many dorm rooms they possibly can starting with mine. I live in a single, and Garrison Garrison is part what we call our duty, which stands for Rothschild Garrison and Taylor Rothschilds. Actually, just multiple apartments with, I think, singles and doubles. But then Garrison and Taylor are singles, doubles and triples. Um, and then every hallway has a communal bathroom, and every building has a communal kitchen. I also want to show you more dorm rooms. Not just like one single in garrison, but also a double and warren green or a triple in hill house. Whatever I could find. Just so you guys can see, like, a wide range of dorm rooms and what they look like. So this is one of the garrison hallways. Khun. See, there's some My friends, everyone Okay? Okay, so my dorm room is right here is my door sign Little welcome mat down there and then you walk in. And this is the first thing you see. This is the overall view. Dorm room, the door. We just walk in through. I have, like, my piano. We barely got this in here. My big calendar posters, pictures of friends, books, Dresser my desk that has, like my desk house laptop and my dinner and all those other essentials. My fan, my closet. Then I have a little kitchenette area right here next to my bed pictures, my tapestry. And then, you know, there's some like led lights that we have. And then this is the window. It's very long. It goes all the way to the floor and all the way to the ceiling. Uh, this bottom half here is so so don't be worried about anyone peeking in, but this is what you see there. Some other dorm rooms. This is one of our main lines over there. It's kind of hidden, but you kind of see it. Hey, guys. So today I'm gonna be showing you around. Um, this is gonna be my what we call the old part of campus. There is Westlands behind us and then a right here to my left. This is our G t. If you watch my dormer and video, you know that I live, like, right there. And you can see my tour of my dorm room and all those other things on. I also then explain kind of the format of our duty. Okay, This right here, this little shed, Um, this is actually what we call the teahouse. When Sarah and William Lawrence lived here, they actually used it as a a little summer patio that they could sit on a read books. And now we have students use it for tea and coffee, Um, and just a cute little place to read. It's really nice and cozy in there. It's really packed, though, so I'm not gonna be able to get it. But mark my words if you're ever here, go inside. It's like the cute assed little Allison Wonderland bookstore You've ever been doing your tire life. So moving on, you have all of the old dorm room buildings. So that includes McCracken, Dudley Lawrence Tits, Worth. I know, and oh, Silas. So of course, brain from its roots. So I'm gonna film this one first. It's right behind me. All of them kind of had the same field. They look relatively similar. And then this one down the hill, that is, Oh, Silas. This one right here is Dudley Lawrence and, of course, originally named after Sarah and really insist son Dudley. All of them, I'm pretty certain, consists of singles and some doubles with either I think shared bathrooms. Where is it? Like two rooms will share a bathroom or I think some of them have communal hall the atoms as well. There also are some offices letter in there for professors and some classroom. Okay, So what I'm going to be showing you right now is need away and all of the dorm rooms that air on mead way. So, uh, if you ever googled the address to Sarah Lawrence College, it will tell you that were located at one meet Wei Yonkers slash Bronxville. New York is kind of on the border. So when the original school was established, Sarah and William Lawrence did live here at this estate before they turned it into the institution. It is today. And the location of the address is, of course, one meat away. But Midway is actually the road behind the school on DH. You can see these like columns right here. We're part of the original fence that find the back of the campus. Of course, now this is no longer the end of campus. And Alice is these air he just in a kind of memorial. But now this entire road and all of these houses, our dorm rooms, they were all originally family homes, and the college bought all of them and turned them into dorm rooms. Some of the dorm rooms are special co ops with different specialties, and then some of them are just storm rooms. So right after that, we had the first house. This is Schmidt. Um, this is just a regular dorm room building. Very beautiful. Uh, so this house right here that, you see is Warren Green. Now, Lorne Greene is one of those special ones that I was talking about because it is, um, what I call our sustainability dorm room. It is a co op that you have to apply toe livin, but it specifically for people who want to find some sort of community in taking care of the environment. So things like gardening and recycling and composting, thes air, all things that Warren Green does. Two of my best friends actually live in war in green. So later in these in these videos, you guys will get to see their dorm rooms and what they look like and what it's like living in a house on me away on. They also have cute little decorations up right now. Fall time. They put out their little decorations when they have some little ghost. That right there is the war in Green garden. I kid you not. They have their own garden and five days out of the week. They make community meals with the vegetables from the garden. It's beautiful, It's pure. It's homey. It's just adorable. Okay, So leaving the Warren Greenhouse and going further down, made away as you can see. So, like I said, this is the back of the school, so behind me at all, if you can really see it at all. But these are other doorman buildings as part of the old campus, this is it's worth right here. US is another dorm building on need way. This is Morris. Um, that one is Perkins. And then behind these trees down the hill, little bit hard to see his man cell and Brebner. And Midway goes all the way down this road all the way to the end of the campus. And it's just a really nice place to live on campus. If you enjoy kind of having your own space, a comfy house like community but also your super super close to main campus and all the classroom finally made to tell the road a little bit more. This is a man so another with acute dorm building and not one word. There is Brebner this big building right here is Bates. That's our dining hall. Our main dining hall. Faculty dining club's faces offices, student affairs, career services, a blue room, you name it. There's a bunch of stuff in here. Hey, guys, me again here to give you a cute little tour of my room so I don't actually live on campus anymore. I moved off after my freshman year, but I'm going to show you around my room and tell you what I think. Sub dorm room essentials are, in my opinion, you want your dorm room to be equal parts fun, but also not too distracting that you don't get a new work done. When I moved onto campus, I bought a ton of artwork for my friends and family so I wouldn't feel less homesick. I also brought movie poster is a TV poster, so I'm surrounded by things that I'm interested in, and my room reflects my personality. But at the same time, you also want to make sure that you have a cool, quiet space to be working in. And naturally, there are just certain things you're not allowed to have in your dorm room on campus like candles, string lights, hot plates, anything that could possibly be a fire hazard. So to summarize, basically want to create a cool and calm environment where you feel like you can relax with your friends, but also do your conference work. Whether you're in a single, a double, a triple, a suite or floor situation, you're going to be spending a lot of time in your room. So you want to make it feel as comfortable as possible. So that's it. That's my room. For the next two videos. I'm going to take you around as many of the dorm buildings as I can show you as many different kinds of rooms that I can to show you what you could possibly be living in if you were to come to Sarah Lawrence. My half of the room. Char. This is my room, mates. I have a bagel Beyonce Hey guys. So right now I'm here with one of my good friends. Be who is an R A. Who is also a Nikon and theater student like me who is also one of my best rhymes who also lives in tweed. Just so many things for guiding a stage manager. It's fine. Oh, wow. What is it? Okay, you It's cold, but I still have ice coffee. It's fine. No, it's caramel. Oh, gonna take you guys inside to show you my house and then also show you my dorm room. Hello. No. I'm just making posters for wrestling. Come on. So this is tree. It's one of our single family house style dorms on campus. This is actually an old Tudor house, that the college of fires. We're pretty sure that this used to be the Sun Room because I have sixteen windows and it's actually the smallest room in the house. So there are a lot of bigger options, and this is still a really nicely sized room. I think it's fun. I decorated it with my with my tapestries and my Halloween decorations and everything, so it Even those Sarah Lawrence is a very small school. It really only takes about twenty five minutes to walk from one end of campus to the other. There are several different dorm buildings that I marked here with stars to start. We're going to look at the building, which you would most likely be living as a freshman, which is hell house. Hell House is a pretty basic apartment building. It has singles, doubles and triples, and most freshman end up living here. It's also the biggest housing place on campus, and I lived there, too. My freshman year, I lived on the sixth floor in a triple the West. Please, anyway. So Hill House is set up in different suite, so they'll be anywhere between four and six people in any combination of rooms, all sharing a bathroom and a kitchen. And then downstairs, you have a laundry room and a little store where you can get food on your meal plan. Now we're on our way to our second location, which is Salone, um, woods. I love the Slow Woods House is. It's a great location. You're close to the gym, you're close to the rest of campus, and everyone who lives here gets their own room. There are eleven different houses and their eight people living in each house. There are two floors, and there's a bathroom on each floor, and then you will share one kitchen. Next up is Andrew's court, which in my opinion, is the best place to live on campus. There are twelve houses with six or seven people, all living in single rooms. You share two bathrooms and one kitchen. But unlike almost everywhere else, you get air conditioning. Which means that a lot of the time these houses end up going to upperclassman. So sorry, freshmen Next to Andrew's court, we have Andrew's House, which is a mix of doubles and singles sharing a few bathrooms in one kitchen. It's also in a really good spot on campus. Just over the lawn from Andrews Court, you get Tau Westlands. Now Westlands is the central building on campus. A lot of offices are located in here, so just a few students live inside Westlands, and it's all quiet housing. On the right side of Westerns is McCracken, one of the old dorms. It's a three story building, and on the first floor is a dance studio, a study space, a meeting room and some offices. And then on the top two floors, there are doubles and singles that connect with a bathroom across member cracking in the other old dorms, we have what we call the new dorms. This is Rothschild, Garrison and Taylor and Tailor. Each floor shares a community bathroom, and the building shares a kitchen in Rothschild or six air condition apartments and therefore six single rooms that has a kitchen, a living room in a small dining area and then in Garrison, which is in the middle of the three buildings. Each floor shares a community bathroom and the building shares a kitchen. Next up we have the old dorms Dudley Lawrence, Tits, Worth and, oh, Silas. Each of these buildings is set up in a very similar way, with doubles and singles connected by a bathroom on the bottom floor, Deadly Lawrence and Tits worth. They're also faculty offices, conference rooms and in tits worth a lecture hall behind the old dorms or the Midway houses. Brebner, Mansell, Perkins, Warren Green, Mars and Schmidt all of these houses of very similar. It's doubles and singles sharing a couple of bathrooms and one kitchen. However, Warren Green is a little bit different because it's the sustainable house on campus. So there's a cute little garden outside and solar panels on the roof. So that's about it for the dorms on campus. Next time, I'll take you into some of the rooms of my friends to show you around what living in these buildings is actually like. Three Oh. Okay, So this is one of my best friends. Antonia. You know her already, But who you haven't met is for a cute little kitten. Sage. Um, Sage is Antonio's emotional support animal. And she's going to be telling you guys a little bit about what that process was like getting her registered as an ESA animal through Sarah Lawrence And what it was like bringing her to Sarah Lawrence from San Francisco, which is where and Tony is originally from and how life has been as a student. Uh, now that she has this cat. So that's when you can tell us a little bit about those things. Yeah. I had to bribe together up here in this sage since I was a senior in high school. So I already was kind of. She was already informally. Yes, but in order to have me here on campus, I had to get fill up some forms with my doctor, which was pretty easy. I just explained, like how she helps me in, like, the process, like what she does on DH. Then I registered with disabilities here. The person in charge of disabilities is Polly world man. And she was really helpful. Kind of telling me what to do the whole time, giving me instructions. I'm not. We flew from serious isto. I was able to get her, like, a free to get because she's registered with JetBlue and she just went in a little carrier underneath my feet on It was pretty good. Like it was scary for sure. Got here. It was okay. I'm sorry. Well, and she's been adjusting really well. She is actually acting a lot nicer than she usually doesn't. Everyone in my house loves having her around, and,