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Thinking about Temple University and trying to determine if it’s the right fit for you? The college search process can be tough, but CampusReel is here to make it fun and engaging. If you’re thinking about visiting Temple University in person, we strongly recommend you at least complete the virtual tour first. After watching the entire virtual tour, the next step would be to take an in-person campus tour to further vet Temple University’s culture and community. Whether you are a prospective high school student considering the school or interested in transferring to Temple University, these videos and reviews are designed to give you a complete understanding of the Temple University experience. These Temple University video reviews share the culture and daily life of students both on and off campus.

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We're on the subway. This is the broad street line we wanted from the War Station eighteen. You got him in the leg with the Eagles allowed. Oh, hey, someone tore. Actually, it's kind of gross, but some ways, like two dollars. Hey, guys, we're GameDay. It's Thursday. We're at a football game. Go birds. It is Temple Owls versus where they Oklahoma. OK, guys, get started. I don't know that Wade got these three shirts for you. Hold this up. Look at this free shirt. We got dark side Temple football. Thank you, God. Three. No. wait. So temples a pretty squished campus. So But our version of the clock would be This is a screen patches. Very beach. Alternate second and it's bythe bell tower. So here we go. Lots of people chilling on the grass here and over there. Not start bell tower. What's happening? Capture all the people on the outside for Hey, guys, A slow welcome back to my channel And if you're here, Welcome. So today I I wanted to share with you want to keep in my backpack for my some four year here at Temple University? I'm currently on spring break, so I'm not really needing this, but I want to share with you what I keeping it Because some people are asking are also made a video on how I stay organized and what's my backpack over on Temple University's YouTube channel. So if you want to check that out a link it down below. So the first thing that I keep in my backpack is my journal. This is just like my personal journal. We're right down the hall of my thoughts and like what? You know, experiencing in this life, Sometimes I just like doodle or straight down like cute quotes that I find and Pinterest or just just like bringing dump. Just write it on here. So I'm pretty sure I got this at T. J. Maxx, Marshalls Home Goods or one of those stores. Next thing that I keep in my backpack is my planner. I also got this. I'm pretty sure at HomeGoods and I just write down, you know, like all of my things I need to do. It's one of the ways that I make sure that I stay organized and stay on top of all of my schoolwork. And normally I keep my like It's like a pink, a little new book that I got Temple Bookstore and it's just for notes for my marketing class on my television class. But that is at Temple University right now, and I'm at home because this spring break, so I kind of left my notebook there because I knew it wasn't gonna need it, so that is there. But just imagine a pink notebook right here. Next thing that I carry with me is my external hard drag, but this is just something that I used out of my videos so that my laptop doesn't really storage. I just put all of my video files and things on here. Next thing have my backpack is my camera shop, which I probably should put on my camera because I don't want to drop back as it was expensive. So the next thing that I got in the back is my laptop charger. that is just came with my laptop, which I got my freshman year of high school. I'm now a sophomore in college, but you know, she's still running strong. So far, so good. Knock on wood. So I don't see myself getting a new one until she stops working. We'll know why. Just called it a shame. Okay, so the next thing that I have a backpack are my glasses. So this metal's glasses case and then hold my glasses aren't how Keith be. Costs is These are goldfinch glasses. So that's the kind of just looked like Warby Parker. Cute little Kipps your losses. But the case is really cute and it was my mom's and she was gave it to me because I think I stepped on my glasses case and broke it. Yeah, that's definitely what happened, but I keep these in here fried backpack because can't really see from far away. So I'm sitting in the back of a lecture. I really need these in orderto understand what's going on. So the next thing that I keep in my backpack or markers and pen so I really like journaling and taking notes with the pig MMA micron pens in black, especially in the 0501 I really love just like a really, really, really thin line marker. I know I'm super knowing about my stationery and stuff, but I don't think it makes like no taking, more enjoyable other. Also love using the zebra mild liners. These are the best highlighters ever. Well, they're mild, so they come in a variety of colors, and the one end is like a thicker highlighter. On the other end is like a thin marker, so they're just great for, like taking notes or highlighting anything, especially your studies. Next time you have is this little hand sanitizer. The scent is in the stars. This is like one of my favorite sense from bath Body works right now and the pit and then also in my backpack. I just have something extra jewelry because I don't know about you guys. But if I told him jewelry on, I just feel like I'm not fully clothed. I know that's dramatic, but I have something actually bangles and bracelets in here for if I forget to put jewelry on, I could put it on because it's in my bag, ready to use. And then the next thing that I got is my laptop. So this is just my good old dandy laptop got here. Probably like 45 years, about five years, and you still running strong. I don't really know what versions is. I think this is the Mac book pro 15 inch retina display 2014 2015 something along those lines. But, you know, kind of old but still works. So that's everything that I'm carrying in this backpack of this time being. So if you're wondering, was which is the black like playing Herschel backpack with the gold Zippers came with these little brown leather tassels, but the one over here fell off. So I made the soul, like, you know, when you at summer camp when your little least make like, little tie knot bracelets and remember what they're calling. But I mean, like a little tiny like thing to put on it because I wanted a little poorly. So I just made one. Would like some cute pink read like yellow and green colors Just so cute. Um, I used to have a pin on here from Instagram, and it fell off when I was heartbroken, but yeah, it's just like a simple backpack has little computer sleeve. It does the job, you know? So, yeah, that's everything that keep in my bag for my sophomore year. A temple university. I try not to carry too much around because, uh, like carrying heavy backpacks and also I, like, live on campus. So if I need to get more things and only just, like, bring what I need for one class and then if I need more things I can just go back to my room against, um Yeah, I hope you guys enjoyed it. Seeing what? I carry my backpack. Yours have any video crust or video ideas about college or life or anything? Make sure you leave them down below, and I will be sure. Look at that. Thank you so much for watching. Please give this video with thumbs up if you like, and subscribe Deathblow for more college and university themed videos. And I'll see you guys soon, guys. Hey, eyes. It's like Welcome back to my channel and if you're new here, welcome. So today I'm going to making my first video in the hole, back to school, Siri's And today, when we share it with you guys, my college essentials and what you should bring with you to college, especially if you're living in a dorm. So I have a little list on my phone and let's just get into starting off with your bedding. The first thing you really want to get is a mattress topper, because a lot of people stepped on that bed before you, and it's probably not the most comfortable thing in the entire world. So definitely invest in a nice mattress topper like a comfy, cozy one. You can get them a target or bed bath and beyond Wal Mart places like that. And then also I would suggest getting a cover so they sell these like plastic cover things. They put on it just in case. I don't know what if they had bedbugs or who knows what happened from those bets before you, so just just cover You know another thing you're gonna want to get for your bedroom of your dorm is sheets, and I would recommend getting like a couple of sets that what you could do your laundry and switch them frequently because it's not really good to sleep in dirty sheets. Salsa, Penta, Gross and, um, if you're living in a dorm, a lot of times the sheets need to be for Twin Excel because they're like extra long beds. So definitely check in with your school and find out whether your regular matches or longer one. Another thing I would recommend getting is an area rug. A lot of times, dorm rooms have those like school buildings, like tile floors or not comfy, cozy or more unfeeling, and it just feels like you're in the center but prison. So I would definitely suggest getting a little area rug. They have really cute ones at Target Bed, Bath and beyond. You could get a cheap one just like a plain color. And then I just got one for my apartment for next year at T. J Maxx, and they also have lot home goods that are reasonable price. Another thing that I use this past year that I thought was so helpful to have was under the bed storage bins so you could raise your beds. Or ask the maintenance people to make your bed a little bit lifted or hires. You have more storage underneath, so deftly invest in some storage bands or just bring some old ones from home. I also had, like you get plastic bands from Target that happening drawers. So if you need more room for clothing or shoes and stuff like a great place to put it because it's outside, the storage bins are good because it's like taking advantage of as much space as you have cause a lot of times, dorm rooms are super small, especially your share you with another person. So just making sure that you're using all of your space to the best of your ability. Another thing that I found super helpful this past year was a hanging shoe rack hung up in my closet, and it was a really great way for me to store my shoes. It's just those hanging things, putting a closet where you can, like have so little compartments. Put your shoes in there. You can also put like baseball hats or just like persons, whoever fits in there. It's just like a good storage, and they also maketh, um, not for shoes. Just have a wider storage hanging racks. So for new storage, for sweatshirts of things that don't necessarily wanna hang up, those a really great as well. So another thing that you might want to think about is bathroom supplies. So if you are going to be using a communal bathroom, I would definitely recommend getting flip flops because you don't want, like, waiter bare feet in the bathroom. I'm no sense kind of grows on also a shower caddy you so you could take your stuff from your dorm room to the bathroom and, like put all your life ship use conditioner and body wash and all that kind of good stuff in your shower caddy. It just makes things a lot easier to carry. Another thing that people use when they have a communal bathroom is like a shower wrap or a bath wrap. So it's just about towel that you can like wrap it like Stick says, like Velcro or like a button. So that way you know it's good secure if you're doing your hair whatever, or if you're walking back from the bathroom to your dorm. You know what to worry about. Like, you know, show many thing. Another thing you should probably get is like a loofa. And then just generally, like shampoo, conditioner, shaving cream, razor and toothbrush. That's mainly what you want to get for the whole, like, bathroom situation. And then also, just remember your essentials. I also say, try not to bring too much stuff because you're not gonna want to bring, like, every single about the body works body, mist and body wash that you've had forever. I know I brought so much stuff with me this past year and was definitely unnecessary. But I have my own bathroom, so it was kind of okay, look at space for it. But, you know, just don't bring too much stuff. Try to, like, cut down. Just bring the essentials. I think you're gonna wanna bring is cleaning supplies. You are going to have to take care of yourself, take care of your space and clean up after yourself. So definitely make sure that you have these supplies to do so. I really liked having the Clorox wipes to wipe down my desk. And also just a duster. You could have like a broom, like a pan, just like basic cleaning supplies. That way, you could, like, take care of your space. Another thing that you might forget, but it's really important to bring with you is medicine, so have, like, a little stockpile in your room for any time to get sick, because it's so easy to get sick of college. You know, people have colds and flu is and what not Temple University had the mumps. So anyway, just bring like a little stockpile of like Tylenol or Advil or ibuprofen or Tom's Pepto Bismol, like whatever it is, just like bring a little stockpile of a bunch of medicines. That way, when you're sick, you have it ready to go. Also, some throat drops, some tea. Maybe just have a little like a care package for yourself. If you ever attend dance and then going along with whole medicine thing, also bring your vitamins. It's just helped to not get sick, and Elster's makes you like healthier. So pack some vitamins and get in the habit of taking those as well. And then, okay, so now I want to talk about the kitchen things that I found most helpful for me and what I think you guys should bring. So first things first get a curing they're so helpful and good to have. Coffee can get so expensive if you buy every single day. I know for a temple we have so many amazing little coffee spot with, like a little bagel hut Richie's and all that kind of thing. And Starbucks and Tax be using little of so many places to get coffee. And I could be really tempting to buy, like, a $4 coffee every day or a couple times a day. So having a coffee maker and a curate, we'll just save you a little bit of money. And also, it's just convenient for life when you first wake up. Morning. Next thing you're definitely gonna want to bring with you to college is a reusable water bottle. I personally have quite the collection. I don't know why I tend to buy them, get some events people give them to me. So I brought a tone with me. But it's just so go, and if you're gonna go work out or just go into class or hangout friends, it was just good to have water bottles. You stay hydrated, so definitely bring one of those. Another thing that you're gonna want to bring in the whole kitchen category is for usable grocery bags for when you go food shopping. So especially if you're living a little bit far away from the grocery store on your campus or that's close to campus, it's good to have grocery bags because it makes it easier for you. Carry all your stuff back home going along with the grocery bags situation. I also loved having those big blue Kia bags with me at school. They helped me so much whether I was bringing clothes back home for winter break or if I was bringing stuff to school. Those big blue aqui bags. You know what I'm talking about? Those air lifesaver and they're also good for if you have a crap ton of laundry to dio putting all your stuff in there and makes life 10 times easier, Great promise. Another thing that you might want to bring with you to school is a coffee mug. Now I wouldn't suggest bringing a ton even if you have a bunch of cute ones, you just got home. Good. I know it's exciting to, like, buy all that stuff, but trust me, you really only need one or two in a dorm. You really don't have that much space. So you want to try to, like, limit the amount of stuff that you bring. So definitely just try to bring a little bit of, um, kitchen supplies. But don't overdo it, so definitely bring one or two coffee mugs. It's just for, like, a few 100 coffee in your room and then also may be bringing a coffee tumbler like reusable coffee mug so that you can bring it Thio, bring it with you to class. You get like a yeti. Sorry I or they also have sometimes I beauties at home goods and like similar brands, I would definitely check that out to try and get one of those. Another thing that you might want to bring along with you to school for the whole kitchen category is chip clips, said the little clips you put on your feet packages so your food doesn't go bad because you don't want nasty food in your dorm, especially if you don't have kitchen like you keep your snacks and stuff in your room. You don't wanna hold moldy mess. So definitely just like keep your food clean and organized. And now I want to talk about, like office, office by stationary things that you should bring with you to school. So the first thing I think is really important. Tohave is a planner. This will be a lifesaver. Trust me. Even if you have never really gotten into using a planner consistently before, I would definitely suggest trying it out this school year. It's a great way for your, like write down everything that's going on, especially if you're involved in a couple different clubs in Greek life and then school and social life. You know, it's all sometimes could be a lot of one's. Definitely having one central place to write everything out is super helpful. Another thing in the whole office category that's really helpful is having a white board. I loved writing down my big assignments by any papers d'oh or my test states so I could write out. My white board had time. That way. Nothing really crept up on me, and I also like using my white board to write like cute quotes on the top of her, Like you've got this, like, little motivational things just to remind me, you know, that everything's gonna be okay. I think you're probably gonna wanna needs is a laptop for school. So I personally have brought my laptop that I got my freshman year of high school. I'm now going into my junior year of college, and it still works, so I didn't feel the need to get a new one. She still works. She's still running. Great. So what's the point in buying a new one? I didn't really feel like that was necessary, but if you want to do that, that's cool. Or if you need to buy a laptop to begin with, that's probably a good thing to Dio. And then if you don't want to spend the money on laptop, that's totally fine. A lot of schools have, like a tech center or a library where you can rent them, or you could just, like use their computers there and get your homework done. And then another thing that you should bring is either a little key chain wallet or just like a key chain tab where you can put your student i d. Because at least for my school, we have to sign in or scan into a lot of buildings and also use your student i d for your meal swipes. So having that handy and ready to go at all times is pretty important. So maybe get a cute little key chain purse or find when this little slider things that can put it in. And then you probably also gonna want to get a good, sturdy backpack that can hold, you know, your laptop, maybe a tax book and a notebook that would suggest getting too many notebooks, really, each class because biscuits a little out of hand, I really would suggest getting like one notebook with different sections and then also just like a couple of different pens, markers, highlighters, things without sort don't like completely overdo it. But also I love stationery, so a normally overdo it. When it comes to that, I think I'm gonna make a school supplies hall video sash, what's in my backpack. So if you guys would want to see that, definitely let me know let by liking this video or comment on below. If you have any video suggestions and thinks about sort. I'm so excited the next couple weeks, I'm going to be making a couple of different back to school videos for you guys. So definitely stay tuned. And if you guys are new, definitely. And make sure to subscribe down below and stay updated on all my upcoming videos. So that was all of my school essentials or what? To bring with you to college. I hope you guys enjoyed an L. Hey, guys. I am currently in the student center. These TV center is one of the most important buildings on campus. It is basically the hub of student life. We have a Starbucks in here. We have the book store. We have the court, which is full of places to eat like salad works, which which two tacos, ship fillets. I, uh, burger fi Chinese Zen is constant way. Also have a game room way. Have a commuter lounge. We have all the student or oxes. Peter. I think that's pretty much it. A lot of events happening. You're funny right now. Night events happen in here. What's really be place to go. And it's definitely a place that you need to be familiar with during your time here at Temple tonight, I got a Chick fil A for dinner fest decision I ever made because there was no lines. What's usually during lunch, this place is packed to the brim. They could never find a place to sit. Lines are all the way to Jersey. It is just It is a mess in this building. But dinner was a good choice to come here because you didn't have to wait very long list of people, and it's a very comfortable setting tonight. No. Starbucks. They don't take your rewards, but they do take like your card. Just can't turn them in for your free drink for free snack. I think I want you to be happy. I want you to be happy. Oh, hey, guys, it's left open back to my channel or, if you do hear, welcome. So today I'm going to be doing my 2018 college moving bog. Today I'll be moving into my dorm at Temple University, so I'm transferring from Penn State. Will branch campus of Penn State's and A commuted last year. So this is my first year living in actual warm, so I'm very excited, but I'm a little nervous. I also have some super exciting news to share with you guys this upcoming school year. It'll be Temple University's student longer, so I'll be making videos over on Temple University's YouTube page to celebrate the amazing community that is university. And I'm so beyond thrilled and excited to have this opportunity and share it with you guys, so make sure to go subscribed. Temple University's You to Page will be linked. Breakdown Ballu. Make sure you like comment and subscribe and all that fun stuff and look our guys too long, your baskets full of my clothes. And then I got this storage bin at home the other day under my desk for better drugs for a living room, a comforter, back shoes like my house. Like that on the cover of stuff. So we're all packed. Ready to go. Okay, so we're on our way. Thank you. Just let it go. All our stuff packed up way. Mom is ready to go, and and we're on our way there. Okay? So we just got into my room, and I'm so excited. We got all our stuff here. We got mom goddamn way. We got some nice views over here. The view is absolutely amazing. I'm so excited. People down there, that little ants. So this isn't from my living room to see all of Philly dilly dilly the views, the beautiful What do you think? That wonderful, wonderful, you guys. A quick review. So first we have a bathroom and we got another one of the bettors present my room, and then we got our general like, living room. Kitchen area. Got all the stuff that needs to be impact. So start living room. Rob him. My dad view. Here you go, Little fridge. This is my bathroom. It's nice and spacious. And then this is my bedroom. my door. And this is for you from our room? Yeah, when I saw storage desk and then camera because they're filming for Temple's Future channel. So now I'm gonna okay getting settled in. Cubby next. Got my friend Jesse got me when you sweeting also have this little water bottle that I got from instagram and then another one about Been straight with snacks in their kitchen, Dad and, uh Hey, Mom. Doing a beautiful view. So now we're getting a little more settled in. The parents are relaxing nice and calm. Your living room. We've got a kitchen kind of set up for the most part. Have mobile cubby over here. And then here's the room. A little bit more put together than earlier. So I got my bedding is really cute and pink and got these pillows say, good morning, gorgeous. And then I still think on this is the view once again, just absolutely beautiful and crazy. And then for my desk. I'm getting all my stuff together that will know pad planner and then some. Like little decorative things. I still need to put a picture in there And then let's go out laundry baskets will close, and I'm gonna find some of them up there. But this isn't my soul over you. My room so far. I'm still leaving in packing. eyes. It's live off back to channel. And if you're new here, Welcome. So today I'm going to be taking a day. My life here in Temple University to my last final is on Wednesday, just currently Monday morning. So I really need to get prepared for that and also get prepared to move out Slightly sad. I live in Morgan Hall here, a temple, and I love living here. It's a nice booty, but unfortunately have to move out duties. And your girl has got a lot of stuff like I really have stuff here. I don't know how I brought it all here. A lot of you guys really liked my last college day. My life, Jimmy for my finals. Last message received. No, I figured I'd make another one. It's my agenda for the day is to start packing my stuff. Connor and I'm a boyfriend. We're gonna go to my parents. Aston ate for dinner, and he's gonna help me take my stuff bag. Tonight is currently like, eight forties has pretty early morning. So I'm gonna try to clean my clothes until around 9 35 45 for our men. I'm gonna go get her first. So that is the agenda for today, but, yeah, I'm feeling a little sad about moving out. I can't believe the skier is already over. School year went so so fast. I went to school at Penn State. The bridge campus. Uh, that year took 5000 years. Honestly, quick reflection. I'm much more happier here. Feel so much better mentally being a temple, that Penske So p s a from the day you're feeling mentally unwell because of your environment, your school transfer. It's a good idea. I did. It worked out. Everything is so much better. Okay, I'm done. My little ramble. So I'm gonna go get cleaning, Okay? So as far as clean and goes, this side of the closet is my stuff, So I'm gonna try toe pack upon my jackets. I'm gonna do that last and then also underneath my bed, I like bunch of storage container things with clothes, and then I'm going to put them into a little bit. So I'm gonna take the stuff that was in there and then put in here. So this been I think it's just gonna be shirts and I'm another bin I'm gonna do more like pants, skirts and things like that. So that's what I'm doing right now. So I'm just taking stuff from my jester I'm putting in. So I finished getting all of the shirts from underneath my bed storage thing. And now, with, um, intimate been and I'm gonna go through my other storage thing that came in my closet. So this is our cola, Please. Side is mine. And then we have these two little Ben's gonna go through the top one is shirts and then added to the bed, you know, it's already, like, pretty damn full. So Okay, so I finished packing up most my clothes, which is so exciting. And it's only like 9 30 in the morning. So, you know, I got the rest of the day. I had to me to study those two bands. Airfield close. The top one is like mostly pants and then some, like sweaters and jackets and with the bottom's all shirts. And I still have these jackets, but they're so puffy, like a lot of them are just like with six materials. So I thought I would put them in, like, a key a bag that as far as the extra hangers, I'm going to be putting them into a little Okay, so I did a quick outfit. Change. I just put on this little tank top from Pakistan are like because, like, Squared Client and I put on my old just to get your sweatshirt. It's probably for, like, 2013. I know it's comfy it at that and love it. The structure that I was wearing, the cape, my structure. It's like when I was really, really think comfort, color censured. And I just thought I'd be too warm. I'm gonna warm. I don't know because I was packing up my game. Zork. It's hot in our room, but I just changed something a little bit later. So now I'm going to go get back. Hey, I came back from getting my breakfast sandwich and studying. I got a breakfast sandwich with Giggle Hut. I got a bacon, egg and cheese on a plain bagel, and then I added hash browns. Very good. And then I went to Founder's Plaza. Appreciate such a nice little area to sit down. It's right across from the new library that is being built. Right now. There's a waterfall and bring worrisome seats. So I sat there and waited for my ass for little. We have a website specifically for our class has an outline of what we're supposed to have read and watch for each each week. So I'm going back and reading and re watching all the videos for this exam. So there is construction with library. And when I first got there for, like, an hour so there was really much noise but doesn't start to get it a little bit noisy, a little bit more crowded. There are, like a lot of people sitting in the area. So I came back, I got myself a Dunkin and refocus fuse was just feeling a little bit too noisy there. Now that I have my coffee on a quiet space, I'm going Thio do the same thing saying for m I s OK. So this is the Korean setup. I got my laptop, my notebook and then a pencil case and my coffee. I'm gonna watch some of these videos, so I just go through and watch them and then taking notes. So here are the notes that I took earlier, just from the various videos on the numbers continue to do so let's get to work. Hey, guys. So I'm just about done doing my work. I've been starting for M I s for a long time, so I'm pretty much done studying and no cars on his way to pick me up. And then we're gonna be in my parents house for dinner. But I don't want evolved there because, um, I just want to spend quality. Time's gonna peace out now. But thank you so much watching. I hope you enjoyed it and subscribe for more abuse. Okay, so I'm about to head to working. It's one of the dining halls. It's ten to three swath, but it's when I go to the most. So that's going well. So when it's nice around, you see lots of states for Bill to sit outside. But it's not warm outside, so I'm beginning inside. So here we have a Tuesday treat table, the apples and, like the pizza area behind of waffles Caesar, the drinks get fruit juices a lot, but also there. So does. Then there's the Burger Station salad bar on soups over here as well. This changes. Sometimes it's talking. This looks pretty good. More seating, cereal bar with no thie otherside, lots of Hey guys were at the Democratic rally with Top Wolf, Bob Casey and Barack Obama. Science clean slate legislation. You know that he took offense at a moment. Christ, unlike any America seen in decades, his leadership help rescue the economy. But even though I love being with you, I actually came here for something. But the good news is like how you got something to go, a reason it's so important. For them is because they're going to spend for you. You don't like what's going on right now? Don't complain. No. No. Don't put your head in the sand. Don't. Don't. Just with your poison. You too cool. That is you. Just the Obama rally. It was Rally promoted Tom. Bob Casey is It is completely free. They give me free water and posters. That was right, You're in the city. Here is my beautiful dorm room. My dorm room essentials. Basically, our posters that I took from the art school. What favorite flush? It's normal, Brandon. He is. He is an essential part. It's for you. So one of my door women essentials is this US cycle. It's fun ago, Eunice. I got on campus and I can't get out of your beach on the bell tower. And I've found other units cyclers at the school, which is a surprise, like how many year cycle is to you now? So I have a yoga mat because, Tom plus free yoga classes at the IBC. Like Jim, I don't know what that stands for. I think the independent BlueCross gym, which is a block away from my door. So I got you a lot. I also have these fake flowers. I just like to have this have real flowers because they die. So, guys, I have all the stickers basically chilling on my wall because I don't want to stick them than anything. I got my bed here. There are no lights in my room. At also all the light at night is like lights that I brought here. We have some of the posters have hanging out. So this is my calendar, Tyler on it basically has, like what's happening every day, that to me, here's a guy. This came in my door, My hang on my bags here. Something important is the shoe rack because I would be so disorganized without it and basically start my shoes over there. And it looks neat and I put no effort in my view outside, I have a view of Cease will be more, and it's very interesting, very allowed at night. A lot of people was a bar across the street, and I can see Temple Public Safety from here. Boone Public Safety. So, yeah, we close by. And then we go the other way. There's Champs Diner, which is open over the weekend. Really good food. Well, their breakfast. And it's very nice to just people watch and at my lovely see. So the more I use cigar boxes is storage to put stuff in because their aesthetic and cute it's a way to recycle. I have my alarm talk right years in the morning. I can see it from my bed. I got a text book over here for my Gen. Ed. Yes, still even read that some more books got some posters hanging up. I designed that one in the middle. Mac remains on my favorite things. Got that from five below. Cannot leave. That was five dollars. I have another one over there. Here's my clutter for dusk. If you can tell. I love things and student crime love the Amazon So I get everything I own. I have a lot of dorm decor because I'm like that. And the desk lamp was very essential. This very dark in here at night. Um, I like to hang out my side losses on the wires of the TV. I don't know if that's a fire hazard or not, but I think I'm fine. So my Norman Cay with the frickin television, even selfie. I don't watch much TV, but if I wanted to, it definitely could I get cable and there's a list of channels. This mirror I drifted. Look at me behind my tripod. So this dresser here came with the room, But these hooks on it has a lot of room. See? Yeah. I have lots of room in here. I've stored up there to put my hand. Just find a hang up in the city because you never know when you'll find a tree. Oh. Oh, my closest shoes down there. Yeah, There's even a mirror in here camera. Hey, guys, I'm here to show you my bathroom. Got my shower, which is actually a lot bigger than my shower last year. I'm just saying, you know, shelves like in Morgan, my showers a lot smaller, so loving this public tours under this saying things, and you Andi, Here's our kitchen food. Good food. Good. Came of this French. You can see we got the goods and a freezer so I can make ice cubes. You know what? Some foreign lots of storage. I always cabinets. Have a stove and microwave, Apparently. Ziro Clause. Here are my keys. Got my temple lanyard. This one I use for buzzing in and buzz it into the elevator. I have this one to come in, tow my dorm. And then this blue one is for my room. And I got a mailbox key which I have never used, cause no one sends me letters, but yes, it's always gonna have to saw me, and I cannot lose any of them. So what happens if you get locked out here? First lock out is free yet a But after that, you have to pay money if yet locked out further nooky. Or like for this didn't let you in. No art. A bird got a bird watching really