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wait. So temples a pretty squished campus. So But our version of the clock would be This is a screen patches. Very beach. Alternate second and it's bythe bell tower. So here we go. Lots of people chilling on the grass here and over there. Not start bell tower. What's happening? Capture all the people on the outside for Hey, guys. I am currently in the student center. These TV center is one of the most important buildings on campus. It is basically the hub of student life. We have a Starbucks in here. We have the book store. We have the court, which is full of places to eat like salad works, which which two tacos, ship fillets. I, uh, burger fi Chinese Zen is constant way. Also have a game room way. Have a commuter lounge. We have all the student or oxes. Peter. I think that's pretty much it. A lot of events happening. You're funny right now. Night events happen in here. What's really be place to go. And it's definitely a place that you need to be familiar with during your time here at Temple tonight, I got a Chick fil A for dinner fest decision I ever made because there was no lines. What's usually during lunch, this place is packed to the brim. They could never find a place to sit. Lines are all the way to Jersey. It is just It is a mess in this building. But dinner was a good choice to come here because you didn't have to wait very long list of people, and it's a very comfortable setting tonight. No. Starbucks. They don't take your rewards, but they do take like your card. Just can't turn them in for your free drink for free snack. Okay, so I'm about to head to working. It's one of the dining halls. It's ten to three swath, but it's when I go to the most. So that's going well. So when it's nice around, you see lots of states for Bill to sit outside. But it's not warm outside, so I'm beginning inside. So here we have a Tuesday treat table, the apples and, like the pizza area behind of waffles Caesar, the drinks get fruit juices a lot, but also there. So does. Then there's the Burger Station salad bar on soups over here as well. This changes. Sometimes it's talking. This looks pretty good. More seating, cereal bar with no thie otherside, lots of Hey guys were at the Democratic rally with Top Wolf, Bob Casey and Barack Obama. Science clean slate legislation. You know that he took offense at a moment. Christ, unlike any America seen in decades, his leadership help rescue the economy. But even though I love being with you, I actually came here for something. But the good news is like how you got something to go, a reason it's so important. For them is because they're going to spend for you. You don't like what's going on right now? Don't complain. No. No. Don't put your head in the sand. Don't. Don't. Just with your poison. You too cool. That is you. Just the Obama rally. It was Rally promoted Tom. Bob Casey is It is completely free. They give me free water and posters. That was right, You're in the city. Here is my beautiful dorm room. My dorm room essentials. Basically, our posters that I took from the art school. What favorite flush? It's normal, Brandon. He is. He is an essential part. It's for you. So one of my door women essentials is this US cycle. It's fun ago, Eunice. I got on campus and I can't get out of your beach on the bell tower. And I've found other units cyclers at the school, which is a surprise, like how many year cycle is to you now? So I have a yoga mat because, Tom plus free yoga classes at the IBC. Like Jim, I don't know what that stands for. I think the independent BlueCross gym, which is a block away from my door. So I got you a lot. I also have these fake flowers. I just like to have this have real flowers because they die. So, guys, I have all the stickers basically chilling on my wall because I don't want to stick them than anything. I got my bed here. There are no lights in my room. At also all the light at night is like lights that I brought here. We have some of the posters have hanging out. So this is my calendar, Tyler on it basically has, like what's happening every day, that to me, here's a guy. This came in my door, My hang on my bags here. Something important is the shoe rack because I would be so disorganized without it and basically start my shoes over there. And it looks neat and I put no effort in my view outside, I have a view of Cease will be more, and it's very interesting, very allowed at night. A lot of people was a bar across the street, and I can see Temple Public Safety from here. Boone Public Safety. So, yeah, we close by. And then we go the other way. There's Champs Diner, which is open over the weekend. Really good food. Well, their breakfast. And it's very nice to just people watch and at my lovely see. So the more I use cigar boxes is storage to put stuff in because their aesthetic and cute it's a way to recycle. I have my alarm talk right years in the morning. I can see it from my bed. I got a text book over here for my Gen. Ed. Yes, still even read that some more books got some posters hanging up. I designed that one in the middle. Mac remains on my favorite things. Got that from five below. Cannot leave. That was five dollars. I have another one over there. Here's my clutter for dusk. If you can tell. I love things and student crime love the Amazon So I get everything I own. I have a lot of dorm decor because I'm like that. And the desk lamp was very essential. This very dark in here at night. Um, I like to hang out my side losses on the wires of the TV. I don't know if that's a fire hazard or not, but I think I'm fine. So my Norman Cay with the frickin television, even selfie. I don't watch much TV, but if I wanted to, it definitely could I get cable and there's a list of channels. This mirror I drifted. Look at me behind my tripod. So this dresser here came with the room, But these hooks on it has a lot of room. See? Yeah. I have lots of room in here. I've stored up there to put my hand. Just find a hang up in the city because you never know when you'll find a tree. Oh. Oh, my closest shoes down there. Yeah, There's even a mirror in here camera. Hey, guys, I'm here to show you my bathroom. Got my shower, which is actually a lot bigger than my shower last year. I'm just saying, you know, shelves like in Morgan, my showers a lot smaller, so loving this public tours under this saying things, and you Andi, Here's our kitchen food. Good food. Good. Came of this French. You can see we got the goods and a freezer so I can make ice cubes. You know what? Some foreign lots of storage. I always cabinets. Have a stove and microwave, Apparently. Ziro Clause. Here are my keys. Got my temple lanyard. This one I use for buzzing in and buzz it into the elevator. I have this one to come in, tow my dorm. And then this blue one is for my room. And I got a mailbox key which I have never used, cause no one sends me letters, but yes, it's always gonna have to saw me, and I cannot lose any of them. So what happens if you get locked out here? First lock out is free yet a But after that, you have to pay money if yet locked out further nooky. Or like for this didn't let you in. No art. A bird got a bird watching really Thank you so much for watching my videos. It really means a lot that all the time and effort it's like help. Right School Temple University is perfect. If you love the city environs, you are creative, open minded and really looking for, like diversity and being independent. Temple's also great for meeting so many different types of people really exploring different walks of life. I hope you choose the school because it has made my life so much more interesting. Just living in Philadelphia Temple really has a lot of opportunities. Founding worlds. I love Philadelphia. I love the city. I love the location so much. Temple Main campus really isn't a great spot. And I feel safe here. Thanks again for watching my videos comment like subscribe. How? Like my YouTube channel Bolognese. You can still follow me, I hope the sea around Okay, so now we're going to check out the Tournament Learning Center, which houses a couple things. So let's go check it out. So the first thing that's really big Beth Kettleman is it has the study abroad office, which has lots of information about anything. Study brought related. They can help you. I'll like it stuff. There's also standing desks here. Also, that's one end of the writing center. The other part of the reading center is coming up. Um, there's like posters and stuff on the walls to inspire. Then we have the Honors Lounge, which I go to the honors program and has much computers on his person. And then there's this nice kind of further land just for everyone. Probably mostly honest kids do go back here because they know it exists. And then this is an example. Classroom in total mint had actually been in that room birth three classes so far. The bottom floor of total men is they're all dry and lecture halls, and then the upper floors continue to be classrooms like the one on the second floor of that I just showed you, but yet thes air all just don't lecture halls on Hi, My name's Lauren Schwarz Bart, and I'm currently a freshman in my second semester Temple University. I'm a film in media Arts major with a minor in general business studies, and I'm also an honor student. So that's my building. I'm from South Orange, New Jersey, which is a medium like size town in North Jersey, New York City, and I chose Temple University for a couple reasons. First of all, I love the film program, and that's my major. So that's important. My grandparent's win here. So that was like some interest in the school, and I just absolutely fell in love with the campus When I toward it. It was like a dark horse candidate that just totally blew me away. This was the first cool applied to the first luggage into, and now I'm here and I love it. Tampere University is a city school, but it's really nice because it's in North Philly, so it's not like right in City Center. But it's super easy to get there that you can see it really like you concede you couldn't walk to City Center. You can also just like so I take the scepter for handy It's a pretty big school. It has about thirty thousand undergrad, but it doesn't like feel overwhelmed. I don't feel like I'm a number here and said, I feel like I'm just part of a really big, bustling, active community. A lot of people. I mean, I'm wearing Temple gear today and I didn't even like, plan that for this video. Like I just wear my gear because I'm proud of this school and so many people are proud of Temple. I absolutely loved being here makes me happy walk around campus. I feel like I I really picked the best place for me and I'm so excited take you along to see my room to see the campus, to learn more about it because, you know, this could be the perfect place for you as well. Well, Hey, So sorry, my chairs. Look, Ricky, in this video, I'm going to talk about some quick facts about Temp University, which I'm rapping today, kind of totally by chance. That's kind of fun. So Temple is a pretty big school. It has about thirty thousand undergraduate students, about ten thousand grad students. That's like forty thousand people spread out and there are several campuses. There's Main Campus in Philadelphia. There's also like the center city portion of that. And then there's Temple Rome, Temple Tokyo, I believe so. We're spread out. And there's also the Ambler program, which is more of a rural aspect, which has some other field. Like some other majors are kind of base there. And you can also take classes at your freshman year and then come to the main campus for suffrage in your seat here, which is pickle. Tom University is a state school public school, and it's in North Philadelphia. It covers kind of like a rectangle. Hang on a sec. Okay, so it's more than get square. But these are all like the buildings and then finish all around here, or apartments for students live. That's pretty cool. About seventy percent of the students are from Pennsylvania, and then I guess thirty percent are not. I'm one of them, those thirty percent because I am from New Jersey, which still is in that pharmacy mania. But it's a different state. I will say, though, even from even though most people offer Pennsylvania, penciling is big state. There's lots field from all over Pennsylvania, so it's not just like they're stabbing two percent of the same people around. That's not at all what it's like. There's still such a diverse culture here, and it's really, really, really, really, really incredible. And you gotta check it out. Also it has, according to the website, that just checked a fifty fifty eight except percent acceptance rate so you could easily get in if you tried. The overall student faculty ratio is fourteen to one. However, I think that's probably pretty skewed from like the small honors classes and smaller like upper level classes. But still, unless you want Giant Lecture Hall, which is like anywhere from one hundred fifty teo, maybe three hundred people, you'LL still always have that last period or the recitation with a smaller group, so it probably will feel a lot more like that closer ratio, so that's pretty exciting. So Temple has almost a thousand five hundred like art events that I think everyone puts on lots of plays. There's so many things you could do on campus every foot first every Friday. There's like a night out element. And so that's from nine p. M. To midnight. So So you understand Friday night. But you don't want to go like rah rah partying. Then you go to a night owl, that which is really nice and every first Friday, the month they have bingo. And you could win really nice stuff, like Airpods or speaker or something just from winning. Bingo. I haven't won being your yet, but so my friends have one being so It is possible. Temple also has, and a lot of suffering to give one school. It has thirty five. Like intercollegiate sports clubs, it is thirty three Greeks like Greek life organizations like three hundred plus general clubs, service programs, it really has everything. You bu everyone be here and do what ever you want to do here. And if for some reason, the club they want that public you want isn't he is not in existence. You get something together and you can make it happen. The only thing I will say about Temple is that it is really windy. I didn't know I was going to win these. So be prepared for your umbrella to die. And let's get out of those about umbrellas. Yes, there's some quick facts on Temple. I hope you enjoy and learn something new. Hi guys. I'm going to give you guys a quick apartment tour. I think to know I do live off campus again. I am a junior at Temple, and once you hit sophomore, people start migrating off campus and getting their off campus apartments, and that is what I did. It's not as clean as it usually is. My roommate and I are both very busy going back to school and going backto work after break, and he's just crazy. So I think it don't give you guys a little insight to out where I live. I always like a apartment tours, even though I know I'm going to live in one that doesn't look anything like the one I'm getting a tour of, but I still think they're fine. This is when you first walk in from our door, walk right into our living room. It's all right, you know, it's tiny, It's very tiny and our conductor is a little too big. Four. Our area. Let's sit out here. Come on tonight's of watching the Bachelor and the Food Network. It's a great time. Then we walk over this way and we go into our kitchen, keep our food than our. It's very, very tiny, so you can see that you put a lot of things on the counter. Please, Basic kitchen. We keep all of our glasses and plates in the Cabinet. I mean, you wouldn't expect anything less right on DH. Then we won't have a little too section over here. This is my side. It's pretty stocked. I like doing a lot of cooking, so I have a lot of kitchen gadgets, like the Instant pa and a popcorn maker in a blender. There's even a crock pot here. We also have this sign that everybody signs when they come and visit us, and I think it's really fun. And then if you go back that way, we have our laundry area and then that's my roommate's room. But I'm not going to show that to you guys keep walking back this way. We're gonna get into my room, Uh, kind of a master. Sorry, very. I have a lot of stuff in here coming from Virginia. Teo, Philadelphia. I brought basically my whole bedroom in Virginia. So yeah, TV really small. Everybody have a bigger TV, but I make do with it. Closet also jam packed full of stop. It doesn't even fit. I also I also the calendar when he first walked in and I put a lot of my important dates on a friend's poster. Friends is my favorite show. I actually have another one over there. Yeah, that is my bedroom. I feel like I should show you the bathroom, even though it's just a bathroom. But people are always like Natalie. Do you have a bathroom? And I'm like, yeah, doesn't every house of a feather? I mean another asking to use it. But you should just like, can I use your bathroom? Not. Do you have that room? I don't know. Maybe I'm just weird, but I'll show you the bathroom people. Get the light switch. So they think is on this which apparently it is like on this aside and most bound like would be to your right to your left. Ours is to your right. This picture about Mermaid gets knocked down all the time, but it's a start. Lovely, not so special. Great. Lf that is my apartment again and told you not very clean, I apologize. It's a very busy week getting back into the swing of things, but I hope you enjoyed that little tiny