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Thinking about University of Pittsburgh and trying to determine if it’s the right fit for you? The college search process can be tough, but CampusReel is here to make it fun and engaging. If you’re thinking about visiting University of Pittsburgh in person, we strongly recommend you at least complete the virtual tour first. After watching the entire virtual tour, the next step would be to take an in-person campus tour to further vet University of Pittsburgh’s culture and community. Whether you are a prospective high school student considering the school or interested in transferring to University of Pittsburgh, these videos and reviews are designed to give you a complete understanding of the University of Pittsburgh experience. These University of Pittsburgh video reviews share the culture and daily life of students both on and off campus.

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Pamela's Diner has the best pancakes I've ever had in my life. Obama actually liked them so much that he flew one of the chefs to the White House to personally make these for him. No college campus is complete without a star books, and we actually have another Starbucks on a street parallel to this because, you know, one Starbucks isn't enough, and over here is lotsa. You can custom make your own pizza, and then it's ready and like one hundred and fifty seconds in the oven. There's Chavo play another college campus essential. And over there's P otta. It's an Italian street food place and you concussed to make your own salads, pastas? Piat is there. So we have a lot of custom Hey, guys, I just came back from volunteering at the hospital. And if your student who's looking into any type of pre health program, whether it's premed, pre gentle, free farm or nursing or physical therapy, occupational therapy, this school is the school for you. Because not only are programs for the Creole science is top notch, but we have a ton of hospitals here under UPMC, which is which stands for the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center and just on Oakland campus, which is pits campus. There are four hospitals, one right behind me right there. And here's another UPMC. I want to say that in Pittsburgh there's a total of around twenty UPMC hospitals, so it's great for union clinical exposure, shadowing doctors or volunteering at a hospital because they're still me different hospitals here for you to get that opportunity. So right now I'm walking backwards across the bridge to a park on campus called Chen Lee Park, and this park has a lot of things. It has a golf course and ice skating rink, playgrounds and a bunch of running trails, which I personally am a huge fan of. And over here behind me is, um, like love locks. We're like couples like lock their love onto this bridge. Over here is Fitz Conservatory Botanical Garden. So, yes, we have a botanical garden on campus. It's free for incidents, which is super nice, and they have like flowers and plants from all over the world. It's really pretty outside. This is okay. There's Cathy, and that area over there is called plaque stuff, Phil. In the summer, they like this huge screen on movies for free. So it's really nice to come with like family and friends. It's a lot of fun All right, let's talk weather. I think whether is one of those things on college campus tours that just gets glossed over. But the weather where you'll be living for the next four years is so important, the whether here in Pittsburgh, it's ah, yeah, we have all four seasons, so we're lucky for that. The springs and falls here are really nice, but we're not so lucky to have is a lot of rain, sometimes unpredictable and not gonna lie to you. Our winters can get pretty cold sometimes in the negatives, but our weather is also really bipolar. Like last week it was snowing almost every day and now it's forty seven degrees. Basically, if you like to have all four seasons and you don't mind the cold that much, then you'll be fine here. Hi. This is my friend Neil. You Hello? Okay. Naomi, what are you studying? So I have two majors. One of my majors is biology, and the other one is the history and philosophy of science. It's abbreviated h ps, and then I'm also premed. I'll be attending medical school in July. I'm going to a higher university's College of Osteopathic Medicine. So it's what I say. Awesome. Um, okay. Tell us, what are your favorite and least favorite things about pit? Okay, so my favorite thing about pits, probably Futral learning. It's just such a beautiful building, and it just frightens your date. Every time that you walk outside and you see such a beautiful building, it just makes everything so much better. And, uh, my least we've been thinking about pit. I would say the hills, especially in the winter. Just walking up the house is kind of difficult. But there is a shuttle that will take you to upper campus if that's where you want to go. So that's something that can kind of be solved easily. Okay. Last question. What's one word of advice for prospective students? So I would say, um, just make sure that You're super organized before coming to pit. If you have any questions, uh, there are people here who would love to answer them for you. So be feel free to ask away. And that way, when you come to hate, you'll know exactly what you're doing. Have a fun time. Thank you so much. Welcome. Bye. So Kyle lives and one of the freshmen dorms called Southern Hall. And it's Ah, it's the honors College freshmen storm. It's on upper campus, so it's a little bit more removed from the rest of campus. But there's a bus that comes up here, so it's not a problem. Toe lock up here or us up here. Um, I actually used to live here three years ago, so it was really nice to come back and look at everything and see how much has changed in the past three years. And it was definitely walking down memory lane. It was really nice to see everything again. Speaking of the changes, this lobby underwent a whole makeover. This is a many food store. Teo, get snacks on DH. They just installed a bakery, and here I was not here when I was tonight here you can buy freshly prepared. And Wow. Check this out. You can order your food from this kiosk. Comes this work sandwiches, You customize it. Wow, you can customize it. That's amazing. Like my in sheets were wall wall right now church. It's one of the two puff a style dining halls on campus. And I remember when I still appear some days I want to leave this building because you could Hey, So these are my friends in biochem when you suffer through biochem together. But this is t Ana, and that's just mean. So what do you guys study? Well, I got a pet. I'm a junior. I'm a bias major, a presentable and I minor in French. And everything about right now is that I don't swim. And I really like the fact that I could stay active while being on campus. Starbucks. Okay, so I'm currently in junior. I'm a pre pharmacy major, so I'm in the middle of applying a pharmacy school right now. And my least favorite thing about it is Hegel, Langley class. It is. So I just finished my biochem lecture, and I want to show you guys what the picture looks like. It fits. I think three hundred people, and usually the science classes in here are between one hundred and three hundred. People on these air were all of the major. Four classes were hold. And because the process is, they're so big. We have what you call recitations, which you meet once a week with, like, a smaller group of states to Hey, this is my friend Kyle. He's a freshman here. Pitt. All right, Kyle, I'm setting bioscience music and chemistry, and this is my room. So And this is my roommates presidency. He is a big fan of the black box. He's from Chicago, But, yeah, there's plenty of space for your put up stuff. He's got this whole half display going on next year. Also have electrical muscle layers. So you can But things that you want to use or decorations, as you can see is good. You know, a little reminder of home over here. Textbook space and all that went over years. Nice to get some good. You know, we do it. We give you You can't see anything right now, though. Yeah, but if you were just a little bit of it, you would have seen the three Nice sunset. And when it snows and stuff, you can see the lots, like, completely white. And it looks really nice on, you know, snow. Let's head for it. And so you're really nice And everything here. Nice. Yeah. This is my house. You got a lot of trash over here, but it's when you run on the desk for me to keep it there. Yeah. Test records and whatnot. This is a nice work space here. Your land built into the desk. You know, they're worried about bringing your own once again once a wall space for me to put up things. That calendar was course from friends, major requirements and whatnot. Over here, we've got our entertainment and foodstuffs. No, this doesn't come with the room. Obviously, the bridge to the fridge, we generous space. Where has been really nice for us? Because we need a lot of, like, snacks and stuff. Especially when you're on the go energy bars, quick bars. They really convenient way. Keep those in here TV like a service brought in. So if you have another room that has this convenient set up here, this is really nice. We have your Xbox and start from there. So became thing out. Only are working there's a closet. Usually they come with two, usually, but by Herman. And I don't have too many clothes. So we just move on and you share this one crazy and enough for us, but not for me. So Kyle lives in a suite, and this is one out of four bedrooms in the suite. So, yeah, we're now in the common hallway. There's another room which has a slightly different layout from Mars. I think all the rooms have their own. Yeah, a little bit. For instance, that room over there on the corner has a a nice walk in closet space, so we don't have. But we have that TV, So in the sweet hell. So these communal closet is, you can see we are really using, but there's also another one down there which we keep most of this stuff. Okay. You sure? Back you. The floor isn't acting very much. That's not a room. It's another room. This is the is about. It's very nice. It's not like, you know, public bathroom thinking. You've got doors. Good privacy in the bathroom yourself plates and whatnot, Charlie, the corners Can we continue? And there's a stranger at the bottom of the floor, too. So he gets where they can see about their lots of closet space and counter space from stuff. Yeah, nice was pretty convenient. You're super nice not having a communal. I can't imagine embryos that would be. And here's the second closet space twelve paper cleaning supplies about you so that sort of stuff here soon. Right now, I'm in another part of our campus called Chen Lee Plaza. And this area is just a nice area, too. Um, hang out with friends, study or eat some food. There are a bunch of food places behind me. There's, like a Chinese takeout place, uh, Mexican place and a restaurant. You can eat indoors or outdoors. And there's also, um, a Belgian waffle place right there. It's really good. You have to check it out. And this area is, well, there's not snow. It's only like this nice grassy area. And people just like to lay down their taken ab study like eat food with friends. It's really nice because when you're laying down there, you get a really good view. Look, Pedro flirting right there. Yeah, we also have to museums on campus. Um, they're right behind me. One of them is the Carnegie Museum of Natural History and the other one's the Carnegie Museum of Art. And they're both three for students, which is really nice actually, like all the museums in Pittsburgh are free if you are suited and chosen your pit. So that is a really nice perk of being