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All right, guys, save your person who's probably might have night classes like I do sometimes this is what a typical I'd say. Engineering. You know when When your junior and you're in your four hundred level courses, This is what your class size is gonna be like. You know, not even half the seats are gonna be field. You know, I have thermodynamics in this class and is about thirty of us. You know, mainly, you know, people they don't like to sit in the front row. Of course. So, B A This is what it looks like. Um, I'd say class from size. You're gonna have, you know, we are big camp. And so, you know, you always had that fear of having, like, five hundred to six hundred people in your class. However, you know, taking a look at it And, you know, being able to be here for three years and experience a lot of classroom usage. Um, you know, the five hundred people classrooms are going to be like your gym classes. So psychology one hundred year, Jen ai ds. Um, you know, it could be you could be in the psychology, so kind of psychology is a really, really big major here. So, you know, being in class like that, we're like a physics class. Like physics to eleven is kind of a prerequisite for anybody in stamps. It doesn't give me a lot of people in that classroom. You know, you might be in Thomas, which, you know, holds the biggest lecture hall and campus. That's like a thousand seats in there. And you might have about five hundred, you know, for my math to fifty one class couch for class. I have a regular classroom like this, but when we take our exams, we take their exams. And Thomas, So you're sending in like a classroom that's fit to be four thousand students, and there's only thirty of us in there, so that kind of just gives you guys an insight. And then what's also a really cool thing is that we have chalkboards where we also do have projectors. You know, it sounds a little bit old school, but, you know, a lot of you who are looking to go into the same field get used to this and this because that is how your professor's gonna copy down your notes. But other than that, ah, LA professors are good with, you know, using PowerPoint, things like that and always, you know, check cameras if you ever have problems. And, you know, being in a small classroom like this, I have a great relationship with my professors. But, you know, don't rely on being in a small class to have a good relationship, because they're just gonna know who you are because there's only thirty. You guys definitely go to office hours. Make yourself known because, you know, you're gonna need these professors, especially as you get into your upper level classes. You three hundred years, four hundred level classes. You're going to need professors for, you know, let her recommendations. If you wanna go to grad school, you're gonna get an internship. You know what you're gonna have to make yourself known. You're gonna have to, you know, go to professor like Hi, my name's Jalen. I'm gonna excited for your class, you know, for me, you know, there's one professor in my department who's troubling the neurologist, and, you know, I just don't happen to want to do tropical meteorology. You know, even if I didn't have him as a professor. But I do. I was going to be like, Hey, I'm interested in this. Like, what role do I take on? So, you know, I always get engaged in the classroom. Raise your hand making eye contact with your professor's a good wayto, you know, establish some type of connection with him. Because if you make eye contact with your professor, they're going to continue looking for you, looking at you for the entire class. And someone told me that when I was a freshman, But it's serious if you look at your professor, what his reasoning knows he's gonna basically present. Then I was like, He's talking to you. And that's a good way to develop a really *** idea, Professor, for those you know who starting out in Janet classes. So, like, psych one hundred, Psychology one hundred. Just to clarify that, um, you know, email your professor mou th get to know you tease ifyou're gonna be a classroom and you professor civilian, not that available. Always make a relationship with your TA because you know it. They're your direct connection to your teacher. If you're not able to reach them like I am able to do for my professors because my class is so small. And you're always gonna have to look at your major, too, because meteorology is a very, very small major on campus compared to, you know, most of the majors in the cause of, like, liberal arts. So, like psychology, you know, the nursing program, um, and things like that. But I hope you guys enjoyed being in one on Walker, and I will see you guys I got. So we're going to talk about what most people don't talk about. And that is the worry and the stress of randomized roommates, whether it's on campus or if you live off campus. And then we're going to just touch on the fact that even if you do have, like a roommate coming into on college, you know what to just be mindful of it and things that you can take to make sure you maintain that friendship. S O. Starting off both my freshman in my sophomore year, I was, um, kind of with randomize roommates. I had met a girl at the end of my freshman year, and then she became I remember we were relieved that close of friends, but my freshman year it was completely random and going into it's like you have to adapt to somebody else's lifestyle, like how they're like they're cleanliness, you know, their personality and things. And then you have to think of you guys like Don't hit it off the back and you guys are friends and they're bringing their friends in. And then, of course, like bad time, like I usually like to stay up late sometimes but you don't have a room and he wants to see. But I can't be up making sure these noise, having lights on, playing music, doing things like that. You really have to be mindful, especially from a female's perspective, you know, just like cleanliness and everything. But, like on the other side of a male perspective, like having roommates, I know Charles had a very unique living situation. Like a lot of places you just have, like the standardized resident call. You have to twenty five beds and then you just share a common area bathroom. But Charles is goingto yeah. So my first semester I wass, eh, a room with five other boys. Five other random boys called supplements Supplement album just temporary housing until they can fill you in tow a dorm because people do end up leaving unfortunately, like halfway through the semester or first semester, because, you know, they, you know, family emergencies or they don't want you on campus. So I was in supplemental my freshman year, but I got place, like, two weeks after. Yeah, I was there for pretty much the entire semester. It was a very challenging experience for me on ly because normally you can address it is one person's, you know, personality. But imagine having adjusted for other people's personalities. And then cleanliness was not a thing, especially being a boy. Some, you know, some boys are just not as clean as you want them to be. That room was not claimed. I was having several issues. Bedtime wasn't a thing because it was like a big space. Just, you know, everyone wasn't have their own individual corner basically, and I was just in the middle and no one really believed in bad times. People come in whenever they wanted. Teo and we were kind of in the basement of the residence hall, so across the hall was pretty much the like lounging area. So we heard people in the lounge area in the computer lab. So it really wasn't the best situation in the washing machine in the washing machine was right there. So people have passed us what? We want to keep our door open because it was hot. When you're like that, people will be looking at us. It was kind of very awkward. And mind you, when I met Charles, like I knew who was in supplemental, but the supplemental I was in, it was just a room with two other girls. And I'm sure we had a bunk bed with one girl. And then the other girl had a bed to herself on the side of the room. So that was just when I moved out. They would just remove them part of the bunk bed. So I was like, Oh, he's just in a living thing because he would always complain about it. And then I like I went out to his room one day and there's like, this huge basement concrete basement, and it looks like a like a camp, like it was pretty much a prisoner way. Don't want to say that to scare you guys off because you know every single thing you experienced in college, you have to choose to either learn from it and grow from it, grow from it or, you know, like enforces. Some people do end up leaving. But just seeing that type of living situation was just I thought I struggled like my first couple of weeks and supplementary, but I cannot imagine living with leg ten other people and then just the claiming miss and just being in like a dark place with no natural lighting there it was like it was very bad. However, I'm glad it happened to me because when I did get placed out, I went to another residence hall, actually, air condition, which was great on DH, my roommate. He was dirty, too, and he didn't believe in bad times. And it was just it was a lot, but since I dealt with it the previous semester, pretty much help me deal with it from that point on, and I for this year I live off campus with Jalen, and we had a random roommate as well. And that was a very interesting experience, However, because I had the skills of dealing with, you know, that particular situation in supplemental housing with five other people dealing with the one other random army that we did get. It wasn't as bad, however, one thing I would say when you do live off campus or you do pick to live with your friend in a dorm, be careful on ly because living with your friends is an exciting time. It's exciting. However, you're going to get tied to your friend Oh, that is an understatement. I remember hearing that my freshman year, like, do not room with your friends because usually when I had my my roommate my freshman year, we did not get along like we got into arguments and everything in line. Just imagine, like getting in to argue with someone you don't know, like you can go to a safe place. You can go to your friend's room and you could just calm down and relax. But, you know, if you're getting into a fight with me and Charles like after we became close friends, when we get into a fight, we have to be in the same house like that same energy. Everything is gonna have the HUS like the hostile environment. So just, like, be mindful and like if you are going to live like there's nothing better than living with your best friend, like living with someone you trust, who's clean, who respects you and your space and you respected like their space. But you just have to be willing to work through the things that you're gonna go through things, not even in a French. But there's bringing, you know, just such a huge responsibility into that friendship. You're gonna have to be mindful because there's times I just want to like I get angry. But I want to go talk to my best friend and there in the room next door, like in the same house of me. So you're just gonna have to have patience is definitely think you're going tohave and having a random roommate is not all that bad. Trust me because you learn a lot from a person that you don't know and you learn about a lot about yourself. You learn a lot about them and you never know. There's so many things you can miss out one by not having a random roommate. It's okay. And you make friends that way having random roommates. So ultimately it wasn't bad, like mice Element. I think I made two friends with, you know, with those boys that were in there, and they're still my friends to this day is actually a great experience. They weren't all bad and just have to always find the light of the situation and make it positive, no matter how negative it can be. And trust me, your living experience to be great your living experience is what you make it not what the world make it. The world makes it the housing complex. The resident makes it. It's what you make it. So if you put that energy in and set rules set boundaries, you know, and it's gonna come back tenfold and it will be great, trust me. And that's what Jalen idea with our past remains. And it worked out and it was pretty great. So, yeah, I think that the one thing to take from this is just, you know, you can always like It's okay to, like here, buy some other people. But you have to know that your experience is your own experience, like everyone has a different personality. Everybody, thanks to different way, ask different way lives a different way. So just be be, like accepting to change, because it's going to be a big change, like you're gonna have to deal with the ones eating schedule. Someone's cleaning the schedule like if you're living in a house and like you can't wash clothes at the same time. Like you know, are you know if the dishes are in the same, but you're gonna have to you don't have to set a schedule. It's just like responsibility is like the biggest thing that you're going tohave. You're going to learn, you know, living in a residence hall or off campus with any type of roommate. Regardless, if you know them prior or they're around a person. Like I said, it's not all negative having random roommate and I wouldn't discourage anyone getting around. A roommate actually, like you should get a random or make all that, because that's how you can make you meet new people. You learn new things and you learn more about yourself and how you are as a person because you could feel someone is this exact thing. Person is you exact displays, exact same everything, however they live with you and I'm like it's like a pigsty like this is that that's not what I want. But you would never know that if you don't explore in life is about exploration, so why not get around the roommate? Why not have fun and see without there? So yeah, alright, guys that his roommate talk one on All right, guys, this is my farewell video. I just learned, first of all, thank you guys for coming on the square with me for being a part of it. It was definitely challenging for me walking around campus and being so open about videotaping and things like that. But just one piece of advice I want to give everybody is just, you know, make your mark. Trust yourself. Trust your good trust your instincts about going to college. You know, they're going to be times where you're gonna be scared, Tol Only because it's your first time to be with home. It's your first time making decisions on your own and, you know, just having this big wave of responsibility. But, you know, just dressing in yourself. You know, surrounding yourself with positive vibes, positive energy, you know, positive things, you know, not letting petty. That's getting in the way and just, you know, believing in yourself. You know, nobody's going to believe in yourself like you believe in yourself. You know, I'm not the victim advice I would give to those who are, you know, kind of scared, especially about academic wise. You're like, Hey, I don't think I'm smart enough for such a big school like this. You know, we all have our own challenges. Everybody has really gives. Everybody has, you know, my strengths are my friends weakened. Since the Andersons are might mean witnesses, I advise you to please, you know, take advantage of tutoring. Penn State learning lion tutors, air. So many tutoring opportunities. You know, I think that you know, of course, you know, you have to be a little bit smart to get into college. But, you know, there's some things that I do struggle with, and, you know, even if you, you know, get a homework assignment may go to a tutor, make sure it's right. You know, even in putting your college, like in earth mental science, they have graduate students. They have students who got an A in the forces who were able to tutor. So just don't be afraid to ask other people. Don't be afraid to break out and make connections, you know, talk to your professors, you know? No professor is not going. Teo, be there for you. I mean your pain. So, you know, just trust herself, you know, have a network. Don't be for mental health of this thing, you know, costumey overwhelming, especially my freshman year and being out of state, you know, it was very, very hard and just, you know, utilizing counseling services. You know, talking to somebody letting it out because keeping a ball and is going to affect you within your schoolwork and everything's, you know, just love yourself. Trust itself. And you'LL have a great college journey, right? My hair is like extra coffee today, so we could just, like, try to ignore that. Be great. Thanks. So help. This video's in coming too late for you guys. I kind of just had this idea. Not that long ago, but today I'm telling you different tips I have for when you're going toe orientation college. I personally didn't have the best orientation experience, and I think that was all on me. And I was just completely overwhelmed with the fact that I was out of high school. I was going to college, so I might have had a little bit of a mental break. DeMann orientation. Hopefully be giving me the sentence will help you to not have about experience because I definitely shouldn't have won. But, you know, I'm me and it it's just what happens before getting into the video. You guys are new here than definitely subscribe down below. I make tons of videos about my life, college and tips I have for college. So if you're interested in any of that, the deputy subscribed devil. Oh, because within the next month, I'm going to have a lot of college contact coming because back to school season is almost here, But besides that, I'm just gonna get right into the tips that I have for you. Bad for Exit, Mr Researcher. Major Andrew Classes. This might be obviously a little difficult if you don't know a major going into, But if you not least the field or if you have a couple, definitely go into the different majors and see the classes that typical freshman would take. Take notes right down the classes. And even if you want to like look on Raymond, professor and look up some of the professors that usually teach the classes. That stuff could be helpful, cause I know a lot of freshmen schedule their classes during orientation. That's what I did. Well, everyone I've been sick goes out, by the way, I'm going myself more year at Penn State. So I did all this orientation stuff last year, so it's pretty fresh in my head, going to tell you what your scheduling, but I personally got really overwhelming in the situation, and I'm just me and you get overwhelmed pretty easily. But I do wish I had researched before and broke things sound that I thought I would take and then ask questions about their their classes or something like that. And just remember that you do have flexibility in your classes. You do have control over what teachers you take, and you do have control basically, over what classes you take. If you could kind of switch your on your classes, they don't have to be in the exact order that they tell you. Keep that in mind because I think when I got there, I was just like, Oh my God, I have to take these exact classes at these times and it doesn't some time that I like What am I gonna do? Your orientation and literally accidentally scheduled the day where I had class from 8 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Straight. And I like I don't know how I did it. I don't remember. I was just overwhelmed and I just called my mom crying after that. But just like no, you do have options, and it's a little like, scary and overwhelming at first. But like I said, I think researching beforehand might definitely help you with that overwhelming feeling. Back sitting I think you should do is go on your School Space book page for mine be a Penn State class of 2020. If you go on that Facebook page good. What's going on? Orientation This day. Let's make a snap, chat, chat or even just start messaging. People start training people, they respond to your posts. That way, maybe there will be a couple. Familiar faces were new there because when you go there, a lot of times like you feel really alone and all by yourself because you obviously don't know anybody yet. So I think it's a really good way to kind of jump star making friends. You might not find your best friend orientation, at least for the couple days that your orientation you have a little buddy that you could go around with, that you could talk to us that way. You guys don't feel so alone but attends a break you off a new group. So if you're in a group and you get a couple of people Snapchats like sometimes that would also be a good way to start to make friends just a little bit like acquaintances, more so than friends. But I just think that's a really good way to meet people get to know people. So definitely hug on your Facebook page. Start being social, start trying to interact with people of all people. Instagram do all the things because I think that kind of helps jump start your social interaction. I grew up in a small school. I never had a deal with making friends or anything like that. Pupils in kindergarten with I graduated, but I never really had to make any new friends. So that was definitely something I struggle, but even honestly, to get practice when the day comes that you're gonna have to actually try to make friends when you're actually in college or in your door, you have to make friends. It's good. It's good practice. It's a good practice room. Also, a good thing I think to do is find people with similar majors. There is actually a girl that I sat next to during orientation, and we're still friends. We ended up being in a couple classes together and we're not really friends. We don't go hang out together, but it's still nice to have the same classes as her and have around snap truck. So I know that I could text her if she needs any air. If I need anything so no could snap cheddar if I needed anything or have any questions or something like that, I think it's really cool that activity at orientation that we kind of consult each other when it comes to a couple different things the way, if you need each other, you could help each other out. The key part of that is finding somebody with similar major a lot of tax in your freshman. Obviously, you're scheduling classes. You kind of familiar. So I really think it's a good idea to find company within your major would. Maybe be taking one or two of the same classes you or maybe even more, because I just think it's so helpful to have a community around you in which, like they could help you. You could help that. Like I said, you don't have to be best front of them. I never go out with any of these people or go eat with them or anything like that. But I measured them all the time and ask some questions on homework on just anything. Honestly, even if I'm just struggling in a closet text, my friend and be like, Oh my God, are you gonna die during this time exam tomorrow? You know, it helps you feel not as alone. Just having people there to support you during your classes is just really great. It's also easier to start talking to them when you find something at the same major and orientation. You have a talking point to talk about wire interested in the major what you like about the major. If you chose Penn State because of that major, I feel like it just leads to a lot of different topping points. So I hope that that's just like a good conversation starter for you. If you talk to anybody of any major talking about your major is something that we really good talking for. My next step is kind of obvious, but it's not to panic. Literally. Orientation is not of a deal. If you don't talk to anybody, don't panic. If you don't figure out what classes you taking dope. Panic. If you hate your federal, don't panic. If you don't make the right schedule that you could still change it. Most colleges I'm pretty sure almost all colleges have a drop at period where you could switch around your skin's wall without any penalties at all. It's so easy to do that. I didn't know I could do that, can I? Don't panic. Give you don't get everything exactly perfect. It's not going to be perfect. You're gonna have to go home. We're gonna have to tweak some things and it will be okay if you're not talking people during orientation that's completely okay to you could still make friends. When you get to call, the next thing you have on here is to ask questions. I know some people feel like idiots asking questions. You need to figure out as much information as you can during orientation. Every little thing that you could possibly find out there, you're gonna want to find out because it's gonna be helpful. It's gonna be useful. And it's gonna be easier than finding out too late. A lot of times, orientation leaders or their people, at least in your orientation that are kind of upperclassmen. So you could ask that any questions you have any advice that you want the chance interact with upperclassmen is just a great way to get the information that you need to now. In a lot of times they'll be super truthful because they've been through it before. They know they go to the bags, and I won't be scared to tell you. But that's questions. Asked for advice to do everything that you can to get the information that you need. That's what orientations for orientation is to get you prepared for when you come. So make sure you take advantage of that. Next year's never sit alone and nobody knows anybody. Nobody really has any friends yet, so I'm sure everyone kind of doesn't want it alone because that's kind of awkward. If they do know somebody, it's probably from high school or something like that. So definitely just go. Somebody sitting alone, going sit with them. If there's a group of people sitting, asked if you could go sit with them, nobody really knows anybody or have any friends, so you will be completely fine asking if it's okay to sit next people. I think that's a really good way to make friends gather, sacked. Let's get their instagrams, find your acquaintances because acquaintances could be so helpful. Somebody said they could help you out with their cause is that they're in the same class. So definitely just take advantage of that opportunity to kind of get your name out there, I guess. And kind of just get to know a bunch of people that I have for you today. Thank you so much for watching. I hope this helped you guys good luck at orientation. Good luck in your freshman year of college and, yeah, I sure do. Great. Bring subscribe down low if you haven't already make tons of college videos and college videos about my life. So if you're interested in any of feet on the ground with head and Big John and say I'm going to be doing a dorm tour for you guys. If you guys know I'm at Penn State University and I'm here for some recession, so I might do a fault from tour later because I don't have a different dorm, but kinda gonna meet the same stuff. So let me know down below. If you want to see both the summer and fall or just the summer, you has been requesting this video like crazy. So here I am bringing it to you. I'm so excited. I've been waiting to do this video for what feels like ever now. But I really want my doorman. I'm happy how it came together. So I am really, like, happy with the finished product. Have I forgot to mention any stuff where it's from? You should definitely go watch both of my dorm holes because they definitely have something in there somewhere about where I got things. So if I forget to mention it, that's where it'll be. I think that I haven't already definitely subscribe down below, because I am a college freshman now, and I couldn't be more excited to make college videos. So if you, like, call on two videos and definitely subscribe. So, yeah, let's just get right into the dorm tour. Also, I'm not showing you my remains side of the room because it's her stuff, but I don't want to like computer privacy or anything, so I'm just gonna stick to my side of the room. So on the back of my door, we have to hoax. This is my hook. I just have my rain jacket. Hang on here and then you turn right. That's my roommate's closet. My roommates dusk. And then this is my side of the room down here. I just have this pink robe from T. J. Maxx is actually my roommates beanbag chair. And then my favorite part of my room is I have these curtains hanging up. I just hung a string and I put some command hooks to hang the string. And then I just read that through the curtain. And so that way, if I needed, like, a little privacy or something, yes, the currents are see through. But still I just like having my own little privacy if I wanted to, even if it's just a little bit. So this is my bed, my comforters from Target. It's fuzzy on the inside, and that has this pattern on the outside. This throw pillow is from home goods that little floozy pills like bears from Walmart behind my bed, I kind of keep, like, a couple of things. So first I have this little light board that I don't have batteries and this is don't worry, be happy that I have this little three picture thing with me and my boy from me and my friends and me and my sister. And then I just have a couple things up here that I like to use when I'm like sleeping a little time. Like in my glass case of any my glasses. Headphones. I have a sleep mask because it's very bright in here in the morning, and I never slept with a sleep mask in my life, but sober in here in the morning. So I have thio hair, tied tissues and then the sign just says Work for a college out for applause would like to express not to impress. Don't strive to make your president noticed just to make your absence dealt So I've had them for a while. I honestly think I got it from Claire's when I was, like, 12. Anyways, moving right along here overhears kind of my desk area play printer's down here, and then I just have this three shelf thing on the bottom shelf. I have three pictures, and then up here I have two basket things. This one kind of has, like paper clips, a stapler, like all that kind of stuff in it. This just has a bunch of random stuff in it that I need for life, you know, and then up here to have this box paper, like printer papers in it. And then my sister wrote me like, open one letter. So that's what's up there next to my desk. I have used drawers and they just have closing them. They're mismatched, and they're really ugly, but they're yours, and they hold a lot of clothes. So then here's my desk. I really don't sit at my desk a lot, so it's a little like not practical, I guess. Sissy cushion I got from Wal Mart and this is my backpack. I usually keep it here. I bought this little mirror from old because the lighting is so bad in here when I have to do my makeup. So it's super helpful to have that. Just this lamb from home goods. I don't know where that's from, but it's his life is met. Four good friends in great adventure. This court board came in my dorm, so I ended up getting wrapping paper and using that as, like, a backdrop for it. I got it at home goods. Super cute. And it really adds like a nice such my calendar is currently a mess. Right now, you could see my friend who wrote on it. Um, but I'm pretty sure this from home goods. My friend got it for me for graduation. Um, but yeah, that's just my calendar. And right here I keep a box fan. Um, we keep the window closed because we actually about an air conditioner. But at night, I like to turn the fan on under my desk. I have this little drawer, PSA, and I use that when my makeup, my hair stuff and a little like miscellaneous things down there, we just have the trash bin. And then right here is our air conditioner I don't think we're supposed to have air conditioners, but my roommate bought one. It has been a lifesaver. Honestly, because it got so hot in here. This is my microwave and my fridge. Nothing special that came in the room. So on top of here, these are my roommates plates. But I just keep paper plates and Ziploc bags up here. If I want to bring it snack to class or something, then next to the fridge and microwave, I just have this three tier car I got from Michael's on the top here. It's like my little breakfast. Look, I have a toaster and a keurig, and then just there's funny there for my teeth down here. Have some cups and dishwashing stuff if I need it. And then down here, keep gallon jugs of water. My tide pods, paper towels, silverware, all that kind of stuff. So it's kind of my little kitchen in, um, three shelves right here. I have this fooling mirror pretty self explanatory. This is my closet. I hang my towels on those two broad things, and actually, my claws is pretty big. So this in my closet, it's a little bit messy. but up on this hook, I hang my robes down there, have my shower, caddy. And then in these little shoe boxes, I have all my shoes. I use my laundry basket as a hamper as well. There's another book bag over there and on this side. I just have clothes hanging up more shoes and I have some dishes up there. Have empty boxes, bags from when I moved in. Thank you guys. So much for watching. I hope you enjoy. I know this video husband so requested. So I hope you guys like that. Don't forget. Describe if you haven't already. I've been making tons of college videos and there's so many more coming. So please subscribe. If you wanna watch any of those types of videos also, follow me on my instagram and Twitter, which should be right here and that we could stay updated with me and life and whatnot. But otherwise that's pretty much it. Thank you so much for watching. I hope you enjoy it and I'll see you next So this is Paula Commons, another huge common area for students to go study and get food. So let's go take a look inside here. So Pollock has something that none of the other common has. They have Dan stand revolution for anyone to play for free. There's usually someone going crazy over here, but I get so early. Nobody's playing right now, but it's really fun, really fun to go with. Your friends, just like mess around, have a great time together. So this is another convenience store in Polic. You can order food made toe order or you can get any snacks you want, but also pretty big. And there's a lot of options. One of my favorite things is the frill milkshakes because they're just so amazing and they have all the flavors. Um, you can choose your thickness, and it's just such a tasty snack or dessert. They also have the huge frozen section above anything you could really want to eat and a refrigerator section as well. So also in the Commons is something called rez calm, which is where you can go to take your technology issues not open right now, but they're actually really helpful free service from hence state. I've gone there before to fix my laptop, then. Also over here is the Commons desk, where you pick up mail, any questions about housing. Everyone's really friendly and super nice and helpful as well of a huge study room where you can come hang out with friends, play games like Ping Pong or billiards, or even just watch TV, which is a really nice, cozy feeling in here, Mom that I know a lot of people would love to take advantage of. boy it is, Sonny. Is this too much? That's better. Hey, guys, it's Jonah, and it is Sunday morning. I just thought of this video idea, so I'm not really sure how it's gonna go, because I haven't exactly planned it out yet, But I want to start it like immediately. So I get a lot of questions on how I study and prepare for exams. So I thought I would do kind of like a study with me throughout this video. I'm just gonna be telling you and, like, bring you along with me when I'm studying, Kind of telling you different tips and tricks that help. May I thought the video could be helpful for those of you are struggling to find out how to study. I definitely struggled my first semester, but I think I'm finally kind of getting into the groove of things and figuring out what works best for me. So I have a biology exam on Thursday. Like I said, today's Sunday. So that's gonna be the main thing I'm studying. For those of you who have never worked my videos before, my name is Jonah. I go to Penn State University and I'm a freshman, A bio behavioral health major. But I am on a pre med track, so I'm taking all pre med classes. Just is a little background for you guys. If you were wondering, I'm just gonna go and get ready for my day. And then I'm gonna start studying So I will catch up with you guys once I start studying. So everybody welcome my favorite study location. My favorite way to study in general is to teach information for biology. Really? Just study best by explaining things to others. But obviously, nobody wants to hear about, like, 10 chapters of biology. What I do usually is I come to a classroom today. I'm in Willard. You get good at Penn State. I love going to Willard. But in general, I like to just find a room with the white board and a lot of time. All kind of like teach information and I'll just do diagrams on the white board. Waiting on the white board kind of helps me lay out all of the information the best that ISS my favorite way to study for biology. When it's something like chemistry, I prefer to just do practice over and over and over again in it needs lots of like so, Yeah, I'm just going to get started with studying for that. But I'm gonna tell you guys a few essentials for when I'm going somewhere else. A lot of times I feel like I could do work in my room like busywork and homework and stuff, but I can't really focus and study in my room. Super Well, I definitely can, but not the best environment for me. A lot of times obviously have to go different places like the library or a classroom or something. So here is everything that you need to have when you're going to study somewhere a snack, you're gonna get hungry, Your planner, You have to know what you have to do. And then obviously, like all your school supplies, like if you're thinking about bringing something you like and I'm not sure I need this or not bring it. You'd rather have it and not need it than need it and not have it. So definitely bring anything that you could possibly need. School wise notebook wide and I'm do water bottle, but I could fill this up, but bring a drink, you're gonna get thirsty. X. I have dry erase markers because a lot of times the dry erase markers in these classrooms suck. So I have my house and a portable charger because I'm addicted to my phone. So those are pretty much all of my studying essentials that I bring. Wherever I go, I'm just gonna get started and start studying a so really quickly. I just like to tell you some things that I've done before. I start like, intensely studying. Obviously, each chapter is broken down into specific categories, so I don't really like to look at chapters. I kind of liked look at category because I feel like they just all connect. One way that I do that is kind of summarizing everything into their specific categories. The thing that's most important is how I organize this Information's might not work for everybody, but I really like color coding. Things helps me like visualize it better during the actual test. I could kind of, you know, visualize in my head where something specific ISS and try to remember. So here's an example of like a color coded chapter that I've gone through. Specific category is a different color. So in this portion of the chapter, you could see that they're pretty small categories and they don't have a ton of information, But they can get as big as this one where I had to dedicate a whole page to that color. So that kind of helps me to study because I break it down by category. So this first category here is Protess, so focused on studying just the orange portion right now. And then I started that way I find it easier to break it down to next, the purple section or the brown section or the green section or the red second, any section I want. I mean, I do try to kind of go in order, but obviously, if I only have 30 minutes to try to memorize something like, I'm not gonna try to memorize this whole thing, I would probably go for a smaller category. They go back to my room will probably do this, but a lot of times will take them together, so be more like a little bit more like a study guide. But while I'm trying to memorize information, just gonna keep them all separate. This is something that I started doing this semester and I have found it. So So So try to break your studying down into categories and just focus on one thing at a time. Here's an example of how I go about memorizing information while talking out loud. I kind of had it. Haven't set up almost like a power point is. So you see this point I have here it is what? Our protest. So then I kind of at that point and I'm like, Okay, I talk out loud what protests are, and I have a point that's is that three domain system. So I talk out loud and say, with the three domain system is so that way, I'm actually reciting the information instead of just reading it over and over again the 1st 2 times, I have to, like, recite the information by, like, reading out of my notes and then, after, like, 345 times, I can actually recite it without directly reading it. And that's kind of time. We're calling it from my memory. So I keep those points up and I work my way down and just keep making points as I go to memorize different information. And then after a certain amount of time or after I memorized a certain thing, I start from the beginning again and I go through all the informations. That way I could number one, make connections and number to make sure I'm not forgetting the information that I originally memorizing. This is a super, super great way to study reading the same thing over and over and over again, like you're not doing anything doing flash cards over and over and over again. You're not doing anything. You're not making any connections. You're not recalling the information from your long term memory. You're kind of visually memorizing. It is different than actually storing it in your long term memory. So I wanted to tell you another little tip that I use when I'm studying, I get super distracted with my phone. I think we all can say that we are very destructive ira bones. I could be really hurtful when you're studying. Hate to turn my phone completely off because if my mom calls me and I don't answer honestly, she'll think I got kidnapped. So there's the first thing. Second thing is like I just I don't like to have my phone off because I'm scared there's gonna be an emergency or something. I don't know. That stresses me out a way that I kind of keep my phone on. But yet don't use it. I set a timer for 25 minutes at 25 minutes. I don't touch anything. I don't go through my backpack and look for something I don't like. Open up my snack and eat it. I just make sure I don't look at my phone. I just make sure that I'm sitting and studying for 25 straight minutes with no distractions. I try not to go to the bathroom during that time and just study for 25 straight minutes. After that, I give myself a five minute break. So set my timer for five minutes again. That's what I could go to the bathroom, eat, take a drink, use my phone if I want to. I could do anything really that I want. This structure kind of gives me the ability to focus during a set amount of time, but yet keep taking breaks. So let's say you're planning to study for three hours straight. Let's be honest. You just you're going to get distracted by your phone. So if you just at certain periods of time where you're allowed to go on your phone and certain ones where you can't that are short periods of time instead of like three hours at a time, I don't know. I mean, if you could do that good for you, but I definitely can't stick to that. So yeah, I definitely think that's a very good tip for you guys. If you struggle with getting instructed by your phone. So here is kind of like the aftermath of me studying different topics. So here on the board are all things that are directly connected to each other. I don't know if you guys know anything about biology, but here I have, like, literally, it's all the different kingdoms of you. Carried. Split also almost tested my toe, sis. But I don't have my toast is on any of these boards because I'm trying to study one thing at a time. My toast is it does really to these things generally, I guess. But that's not You're not really making connections between the kingdoms and my toast. So that's why I studied all that at one time. I'm finishing up now. I'm taking a break. The guy break, we're actually leave. And I don't know if I'm to go to Duncan or my room, but I'm just gonna leave this space for a little bit about two hours of studying. So I feel like that's a good chunk of time for me that I like. I got a lot of information in that two hours and it's definitely time for like, an actual break. That's not just five minutes. I'm gonna finish up here and I will talk to us and a little bit. We're on day two for studying for biology. Yesterday you guys saw me like trying to memorize, like, a lot of information at one time. So right now, what I'm going to Dio is kind of go over that information one last time, just kind of skip over and repeat it one last time. And then I'm gonna try to write down everything from memory because copy your notes exactly. Word for word is actually really not beneficial. Thio. We literally had an entire psychology class the other day on good methods of studying in bad methods of studying. So I learned the other day that copying down your notes it word for word is not beneficial to you at all. That's why I'm going to try to recall it from memory and write it all down. But then once I do that, I will move on to my next category of memorizing. And I think I'm staying in my room today in my room. It's not gonna be here, so I'm able to, like, talk out loud when I study, and that's kind of a huge factor for me. I really like to talk out loud. A lot of people are different with this, but I definitely needed a super comfy while on studying. I have so pants are men's repents to exact because men so pants away come here than girls in this, like loose T shirt. Yeah, I'm gonna get started studying. You know, we talked about this a little yesterday, but I told you guys that I was going to, like, tape the little study guide made together. So is pretty cute cover because it's a fun part making study guides, okay. And I just kind of tape them all together in order. I just think this is a really cool way of keeping things together. I don't know. I like to be organized, and I feel like this kind of makes me organized. So I'd like one of these for Exam one on pretty much every class besides statistics. So now that I did what I told you guys that I was going to d'oh! Now it's kind of time to start the process all over again. So starting to take sections apart, one by one of like, a different chapter of what I'm learning is take the different sections apart one by one, and memorize them individually. Then tomorrow I am going to do more of what I did to that. Whatever I try to study and memorized today, I'm going to try to recall from memory tomorrow on my own. Before taking that psychology class where I learned how the study and how not to study. I would normally make flashcards for an exam like this because it's tons and tons of memorization. But I recently learned that flash cards are flashcards are completely and totally ineffective or long term memory storage. It is hurting me not to use flash cards right now, but hopefully this will get me the grade that I'm looking for on my exam. So I'll probably just come and update you guys tomorrow with where I'm at when I'm studying. So, guys, So it is to stay tonight and we still studying out here. But I am back in the classroom and the Willard building. And if you don't go to Penn State and that's kind of a relevant for you, you just need to know that I'm in a classroom. Now that I've spent two nights studying two different portions memorizing two different portions. What I'm gonna do is I have this nice white board here I am going to bright out all the things I remember in black. I am going to do a little Look, I'm going to reference a little bit of an outline. Just kind of like So you see how this part has title? So I'm gonna look at the nucleus and right. Just look at the word nucleus. Write down everything I know about the nucleus look at and no membrane system. Right now. Everything I know about the November in system and so want I think you guys get the point, So I'm going to write that down in a black marker. Each section will be written down in a black market, but then, after I finish pulling things from my memory, I am going to go through, see what I forgot. And whenever I forgot, I'm gonna be writing in a different colors. That way kind of stands out, and I know that that's what I'm missing. That's just pretty much home studying. No, this is only one section, but it's not that bad. Well, the black is the information that I pulled from my head. And then the blue is information that I should have pulled from my head that I either missed or in that case, I kind of said, transportation vesicles. And so the transport vesicles. So this gives me an idea of things I need to focus on. And I could clearly see that I know this section really well because I don't have that much blue there, and there's just a couple of details that I was missing. So I now know that this information from that I studied yesterday was stored into my long term memory. Just going to keep doing this with the other information, and then I have another whole section that I have to study. Yeah, I will check in with you guys tomorrow. You know how the studying is going. Hello, guys. I am looking really rough today, but it's fine. We had a snow day and I didn't get out of my bed until 8 p.m. So just rolling with this Look, today's one say, and my exam is tomorrow. Now that we have fully memorized all the information Mmm. Find the mostly a day before the test is the day that I like to go through all of the practice problems, if you have any. But most most people have, at least at the very least, homework. So go through your homework's answered those problems signal of the ones that you got wrong and see if there's a trend. If you are like lacking information in a certain area, while your practice us to all your homework's like go through them all, see what you know, see what you don't And if there's any subjects that you see that you're constantly getting questions wrong with, and maybe that's the section that you need to go over again. That's what I'm gonna do right now. I'm gonna start doing some practice problems, seeing where I need some work. I can't wait for this exam to be over because that means we're one exam closer to spring break. I'm gonna go work on some practice problems, and I will see you guys in a little bit. Just want you guys to know that I tried to feel me doing homework problems for you. But all of my homework problems are online. So, Dexter, it's gonna be extremely boring to sit here and look at my computer screen. Well, I do home our problems, so just so you know, I tried, but I just saved you from boredom. So, guys, it is the day after my exam. I think it went OK. I definitely knew all the information that was on it. The only issue I had was actually applying it. So I feel like the only thing I could have done better is maybe the more homework problems. But I felt like the homework problems weren't nearly as intense as the problems that were on the exam. I just thought it update. You guys on how I think I did. So I think I'm gonna call this like a study with me. I don't know how I study something like that. So I hope you guys enjoyed getting a look at how I study for my exams. A lot of you guys ask how I study in college. Obviously, I'm still a freshman and I'm still trying to figure out the best way to study in college. But I think this method has been like one of the ones that have worked best for me so far. Especially just like going to the costume, talking out loud, writing things down on the board. That's how I retain information the best. Every person's different. Every person's going to retain information differently. Able might work for me. It might not work for you if you guys enjoy this little video where I had some study tips and should you guys how I studied it and, like, took you as along with me while I studied for my biology exam. Let me know because I have tons of exams, so I could probably do this video 1,000,000,000 onetime side of 1,000,000,000 and one exams. You guys in which watching I hope you enjoyed. Don't forget to subscribe down below. If you haven't already, I go to Penn State University. So I make tons of videos about my life here. And I would love for us if only along on this journey. So definitely subscribe down below. If you want to keep updated with my life otherwise think you have so much watching. I hope you enjoy it. And I will see next time my feet on the ground with her head in Hey, guys, it's Joan and say, I'm going to be telling you my high school stats, that independent state, I guess all other colleges I apply to too. But I got your feet on the ground, good head, and you guys didn't know I woulda Penn State University. I was admitted as a biomedical engineering student. I ended up switching majors, which was my last video. If you want to go hear anything about that. So I know you guys are probably seniors in high school and Yuri, they're finishing up. Your college applications in the middle are starting wherever you are in your application process. You're probably just really interest to get acceptance letter from wherever you're flying to. So hopefully I'll be helpful either when you feel better insurance you more. But I didn't even know. I know a lot of people like to watch these videos while they're waiting for their acceptance letters. I feel like so many different kinds of people fly, and there's so many different factors that they look for. So I think it's really helpful together a bunch of information from a bunch of different people to see what exactly they look for And if there's a trend or anything like that, every time you guys, my G p A s, A T and the cards and activities I was involved in in high school, so hopefully this will open. Got So it's just concerning Penn State is the school I go to now. But I also applied to the University of Scranton, Elizabethtown College and Widener University. I know I feel like they're very like popular school status, but in case you were also find any of those schools that might help with that as well, because I ended up getting into all of them. So yeah, I am definitely another four point out student. I was not four point of student high school and like, I feel like I'm a very pretty average student. So I feel like the scores could be interpreted differently, depending on where you are. Some people look at me and be watched grow stupid looking. You'd be like, Wow, she's really smart. Some people could be like, Oh, she's really average, like I don't know depends on where you are. So please do not judge me for anything like that. I have I interest here to help you out don't hurt feelings such as the new version of the essay tea. So I know the score is different for the new one. In the old one, I took the new one for starting at six. He was in the fall of my junior year, and I ended up getting a 5 80 in both math and reading and that total up to 11 60. Outside of the essay portion of that, I got a 20 out of 24 which I was pretty proud of. But I'm also pretty sure that no, this was applied to your part of the outside. So the second time I did, my city was the spring of my junior year, and I actually stayed the same in reading, so I got a 5 80 But then I got a 6 10 and Maps, so that ended up being in 11 90. I didn't have to super score anything. My reading scores stayed the same, and my math went up, so I ended up applying to schools with 11. 90 s, my city. That's pretty happy with that score. I don't think I could have gotten much higher if I took it again. So I was pretty happy with it. I go to a really small school, not special my school kill miss school, but we don't have very We were not known for Academic said it was not a very good school. I wasn't. We didn't have any AP courses. We had honors courses. They're barely even different from the normal courses. So I only knew one or two people in my class that we're taking the a C T. So I just didn't take it because the school's required it. So yeah, that was it. I said to you scores and I'm gonna get into my g p A. And the cops took I know opportunities for Ap credits. In high school, I had honors classes, which was pretty much you were either in honors classes or you work. So when you are 1/3 grade, they determined, like by your grades, whether or not you put in honors classes. So, yeah, I was in all underst losses, but at the end of the year, they only told me my on waiter GPS, so I don't really have a way to g p A. For you guys. You could probably trying to figure it out. I'm gonna tell you, I actually applied to schools with because I only applied to schools in my own way to do so. My lady, g p a. Ended up being a three 175 because that was pretty good. But I think the most important thing about GP when you're applying to schools is improvement. I think my G p 1/9 grade was like a 3.3 or 3.4, But then I ended up improving over the years, obviously lifted my g p a up. And I think of colleges See that if you didn't have the strongest U P. A and your freshman or sophomore year, but you really were trying to bring that up your junior and senior year. I definitely think that shows something about you and your character that you're growing into student and you're learning as you go. So if you have a freshman g p a. That subsets pulling you down like don't worry about it. As long as you're trying to improve yourself in every thing, that's all you need to try to do. You could do your best. You could do. So I guess there's nothing really more to say about my g p a or my S A. T s. Because I guess it is what it is to get into the activities that participated. I stayed in the lot. I'm not a lot. So just bear with it. Student council for two years, Matt inside stuff for four years and within math and Science Club. I did a lot of science competitions. I didn't mention that one of my f say things and the truck alone for four years, which I know you guys probably don't know. That is because it's pretty rare, I think. But track love is pretty much where you raised trout from on their little eggs and then you at the end of the year, you go really stunned and it's really fun. I was vice president of my class on I was elected that sophomore year. So when you're elected in South Korea, you automatically get it for the rest of the years and what she liked resigned or something. So I feel like that was a big focal point of my I was elected in this thing called peer mediation myself for you as well, which teachers take you If you're like, have a good character and they know you and your they think you're a good person, it's pretty much an anti bullying program. So I was selected for that software year, so I did sophomore, junior and senior year. I did cross country for two years. I did soccer for four years, and I was captain of the soccer team, my junior and senior year, and I did skate Club for four years. Most importantly, you're not involved in a lot of activities. Try to take leadership rolls, and I know I heard that lot. Like all that's a stupid leadership roles. Whenever I don't know, it looks so that if your earlier also I'd like to throw this in there, this has something to do with applications. But I did go to a career for a lot of the recruiters asked me, Do you have any leadership experience? So it doesn't even just help? Her college application helps going on. So yeah, that's pretty much my college application, said no. On Pence's application, the personal same is optional. But if you're in the lower to mid range in their average that they have online, then definitely do the personal statement that could really show your character that could really blown away. I personally was kind of the middles right in the middle for Penn State Africans. So once again, I was pretty much an average student to get in. But I really think that my personal statement probably did play a big part. So I hope this video isn't all over the place. Those were pretty much the steps that I played all colleges with, and I got in. Like I said, I depend State University, the University of Scranton, Listen, Town College and Widener University. So you guys have any questions? Definitely. Leave them down. The law will be happy to answer them. If I get a whole bunch of questions, I will definitely make a video about it. So if you guys have a bunch of questions, just leave them down there. I will enter them for you. Whether it's about pence a or the application process or high school or anything, just leave them alone. Thank you so much for watching. I hope you enjoyed. I hope this helps you Good luck in your application process. if you're going through that right now, I really hope you get in. Because if you D'oh, then you could come. We could be friends. Good creamery together. And so I think it's so much Roger. I hope you enjoy it. Will get into every college that you apply to that you want to be Oh, my feet on the ground with a head in a Hey, guys, it's Jonah. Today. I'm one to be filming a week of my life video. You guys don't know. I go to Penn State University and I'm a freshman and sound pretty much going to be taking you guys along with me throughout the weeks. That way you could see what a normal week is like for me. So today's Monday, the class I'm supposed have today are e con cam and Cal. I don't go to Couch because I don't learn anything in that class. That's a whole nother story. Yeah, I don't have a couple other little things going on today, but I get you as we'll see when we get there. It's about quarter to 10. My first class starts at 10 10. And if you're wondering, I never, ever look nice for class. So this is about as good as you're gonna get me. I'll check up with you guys. Four. Wait, so I just kind of coughs. And except for a little bit in the library, I have to go to an advising appointment right now because I'm thinking about such a major. I'll talk more about that. You there later, in a different video when I figure it out. Okay, I was ready to go. Okay. Heading for small. So shallow to Shivani because I just stole her room will choose that class and there's nobody in here. It's just me. I'm actually in a facilitated study group for chemistry A which is all the way on the other side of campus. And my friend lives on the side of campus, and I have about an hour, and I wanted to eat, So I just went over to her comments and I grabbed Burger. I'm going to my study group at five. And it's about 3 30 right now, so I have a little bit just show, and that's what I'm saying here to occupy my time. My friends went to class, so they just let me sit in here until I wait. So I just got a cheeseburger because we live that healthy college. Really, you know, really see things such as shoes, burgers. Now I'm gonna watch prison at me. Hello, guys. It is Tuesday morning. I didn't log the rest of last night because I feel like that a lot of these nights are going to be repeated things so I feel like it wasn't a big deal if I got everything from yesterday because I'm going to be doing the same thing on other days. So I didn't want this week in my life to be too repetitive. Like I said, today is Tuesday and the only class I have today is a four hour lab, which really sucks. It's from 1 30 to 5 30 I have homework doing there and a quiz, and I haven't started to work on either of those yet. So pretty much up until 1 30 it's about 11 Now. I am going to the doing my work for this class. I also don't want to do too many montages and me just doing work. So I'm gonna try to keep those to a minimum because they definitely got a couple yesterday. I'll keep you guys updated. So after my four hour long lab, I grab something to eat, and then I went to the gym, and now here I am, all sweaty after the gym, so I'm very sorry for my hair sits right now, but on the rough side. But you know, I really don't care, actually, but I haven't economy exam tomorrow. So I'm just going to study and go to bed so I will update you guys in the morning. It is really windy. This clip might feel a little loud, but today's once said the difference in today than Monday because I have an extra class on one said It's called the first year seminar off Freshman are required to take it. You take the seminar that corresponds here, major or something that's very similar to your major. So it's a really easy class. It's just once a week, like said. And I did actually go to calculus today because my friend convinced me todo I'm on my way to that right now. I have it until 2 15 After that, I'm done. E. I actually have a couch exam on Monday, and there are these things at my school. Call it lying tutors. I don't know if you has got a that state, you know they are, but they have free exam review sessions and their four hours long. I'm going to the calculus one today, so that is at six and says it could last from 3 to 4 hours. I'll be there all night, pretty much. So you guys, I won't be seeing much of me Kind of like yesterday when I have for class, I give log in there. So that's my tire. Day after this, I'm gonna eat and maybe try to go to the gym. We'll see the tutors is across campus, so see how much time I have, but yeah, that's pretty much my life right now. I had come home work that was due at six o'clock today because you submitted online. But I actually did my camera work during Kim class instead of listening. So I just submitted that about an hour ago. He also just tripped up the stairs. So yeah, I will probably up to you guys after my upward angle, but I really just want, like, I'm super tired and I'm super hungry. I think I'm in the oatmeal now. Go to the gym. Probably shower after that. Then by then, maybe it'll be time for either the dining common teared open, or I'll just go thio difference Dining comments. But I'm so tired. I don't know how I'm gonna sit through this four hour tutoring session today. I am so so. I also didn't have any teeth today. Maybe I'm, like, so tired to have any caffeine. I'm gonna go make thine oatmeal, so I'll talk to you guys later. Okay? So I'm gonna go head to the gym now and I'm gonna work out. It's gonna be a relatively short work out, probably 30 or 45 minutes, because I really don't have that much time to work out. So I want only my dorm by five, and it's quarter after three right now, and I just have a snack. But since the tutoring session is four hours, I'm gonna need to eat dinner, short workout, maybe a shower, probably shower, hopefully of time shower, and then I'm gonna go and eat and all that. I'm actually missing a meeting today to go to a tutoring session. I know that's a week of my life, but normally, yes, today I'm going to to during session. But a lot of times I'll have a club meeting or something like that so that I would let you guys know that there's always something different going on, and I usually I have something at night, whether it's a meeting or tutoring, probably about three times a week but yeah, if you guys want to see a video about, like, the clubs that I'm involved in, all that stuff and let me know and I will give you more details into it. So I just got back from the gym. Now I'm in a shower. I believe my 4 30 some way I can get dinner and then go to the tutors. So this is probably the last time talking you got today and I will see you guys in the morning and it's currently 10. 48. And this is why I love Thursday. I just woke up and I don't really know what I'm gonna d'oh. So I can't really tell you anything, But I just wanted to let you know that I got to sleep in today and it's the best feeling ever because I was so tired. I feel like this week in my life may have been filmed in the same spot every single day. And I'm really sorry about that. If that's the case, because I don't really remember. But today is Thursday. Thursday is my favorite day of the week, and I will tell you I have one class today and it's from 3 34 30 So does not require me to get up early. It is not a four hour long class. So by Thursday is a really good especially this Thursday, because I feel like all of my work that was due was doing beginning in the week rather than the end, usually in the mornings on Thursdays. A lot of times I have to wake up not early, but probably by 10 o'clock just to get up and, like, do homework until I have to go to class. But today, I didn't have to do that. I do have homework to do after class, though, because I have a take home math quiz that's due tomorrow. And also homework, muck, math, homework. That's due tomorrow. And that's not too bad. Like I didn't have to get up early to do it right now, I'm gonna head to the gym after I do that, Then I'm going thio comeback and shower. Then after that, you know how I went to advise me advising appointment on Is it Monday? Maybe. Yeah, I think Monday she pretty much just referred me to a different adviser. So I have that appointment today and hopefully I can figure something out because it's kind of been stressing me out. So let's go to the gym here being one thinks you look like a little bit. But I'm so hungry and I just took a shower. So I would like to comment and grab something to eat and get You guys were wondering. I only get a ham and she only get him. And she is on my panini because I'm a super picky eater, and I don't like anything fun. So I'm gonna go eat this and then go to my advising appointment. Okay, guys. So I just got back to my room after class. I went to my advising appointment, too, which for the second time, they directed me to another adviser so that I'm really stressed out over this switching major thing or whatever, and I just kind of wanted to get it figured out when I'm the type of person that we were gonna go until I get figured out. So the fact that I have to sit and wait until it gets all sorted out kind of sucks right now. Actually, I don't know why. Mid quiz. I decided that I would blow, but I'm actually taking a quiz online right now for chemistry. It's due by midnight 4 30 I have a meeting at six for the Society of Women Engineers, and Grey's Anatomy starts night the new season, and it starts at eight o'clock. I'm going to like this watch party thing and I don't know anybody there. It's kind of weird that I don't know anybody there but hear me out for a second. So I know a lot of colleges have this, but Penn State has, like a class of 2022 Facebook group. So somebody posts down there one day. Oh, put your Snapchat sound below you want? I have Ah, Grey's Anatomy watch party. Your watch Grey's Anatomy together When it first comes out or something like that. I actually, like put my staff chatted and I'm going to watch Grey's Anatomy with a bunch of strangers, which should be fun. But I'm probably not gonna blogging because I don't know anybody there that would be super weird. So I just did my quiz and a bunch of math homework, and now I'm going to go to my meeting. That's from 6 to 7. And then after that, I'm going to agrees. An enemy language already you talked about before, so I'm not gonna talk about it any more. The last time I up did you? I was going to Grey's Anatomy went toe Grey's Anatomy and ship went with me. You guys have seen Giovanni in the last wall going? If you haven't, then go watch it. She Montes May College b f. It is one I am. We just finished doing. Our Mac was figured out. This classroom is here in my commons and there is a microphone, and the teachers at Penn State was talking like your phone. So I took it upon myself to use the microphone for the night. And anyone who's in this classroom tomorrow will subscribe to, so yeah. Anyways, I'm gonna go back to my room just talking on the microphone. Watch Grey's Anatomy until I fall asleep. So I will see you guys in the morning And tomorrow's the last day of my week of my life. I will see you guys tomorrow morning. Today was kind of the same as Monday and Wednesday, which is why I didn't really film at all today because it's literally the same thing Monday, Wednesday, Fridays of the same, with the exception of the additional one class on Wednesday. So I just got out of Coke and I'm gonna go eat. We'll see later. I'll probably close the log a little later. I'm on my way to the gym, honestly, have a lot of homework to do today. So I think after I do that, I think I'm just gonna study and get homework done, but actually going home next week. So I want to try to do homework in advance, which sounds really nerdy, but I don't want to do anything when I'm home because it's the weekend before my birthday. But I'm technically going home for my birthday. I want a fully enjoying my birthday weekend. You know, I'm gonna go to the gym for a little bit in them, probably study. So I just went to Target and I got some groceries and then I came back to my dorm, and that's pretty much all that's gonna happen today. I have a math exam Monday, so I'm definitely gonna be studying for that tonight. I know it's a very anticlimactic Friday but I have to study because tomorrow's game day so there's gonna be no studying going on tomorrow. If you like to college theme videos and definitely subscribe down below, I make tons of those types video so interested in any of that, then definitely subscribe. Don't forget to MoMA and screaming Twitter right here. If you want to stay updated with my life outside of you two in the athletes, pretty much all I got Thank you for watching by feet on the ground We also have a lot of coffee places like Starbucks. Um, five guys, another personal favorite. Great French fries. Great burgers. There's also some really cute cafes downtown. There's also Dunkin Donuts, so don't worry if you're not a Starbucks person. We have both. But yet there's some great places to eat and shop. And I love going downtown. It's super close. You can go hang out with your friends shop, do whatever you want, even if you just need to pass some time. It's just a really great place. Tio. Walk around in so noodles and company is one of my favorite restaurants downtown. They have the best pasta and the best. Mac and Cheese like ever. I could eat it every day for my life. I know there's also a fight over Cadeau Perverse Chipotle, but don't worry, we have both all right. Here's fiddlehead, which is another really, really popular restaurant. They have soup, salads, one of my favorite salad places to go. You can customize a salad, pick it up. Quarter in. Salads are huge, so I could never finish it all. Okay, this place snap pizza is brand new. It is so delicious. It's custom pizzas where you could go up in line and order it, just like you had to pull a and make your own pizza. And it is so amazing and I highly recommend it. And look, they take line cash. So look at this. Just go right up to the counter and order whatever you like. There's also lots of places to shop. You can get pen seat apparel, basically on any corner, anything you'd like any sizes. And he designed. So yeah, I would recommend stocking up on Penn State Apparel Shop is the family clothes line. They have everything Penn State, literally everything. So this is one of my favorite places to shop downtown because I am always in need of new Penn State clothes. Oh, my God. See, I told you ugly Christmas sweaters. But squirrels, because the swirls here are literally crazy. I swear, they're insane. Oh, my God. So here's a new hot spot for nightlife. It's called the basement, and it's just a club in a bar. It's not open right now, but hi. But yeah, a lot of the older kids really like