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All right, guys, save your person who's probably might have night classes like I do sometimes this is what a typical I'd say. Engineering. You know when When your junior and you're in your four hundred level courses, This is what your class size is gonna be like. You know, not even half the seats are gonna be field. You know, I have thermodynamics in this class and is about thirty of us. You know, mainly, you know, people they don't like to sit in the front row. Of course. So, B A This is what it looks like. Um, I'd say class from size. You're gonna have, you know, we are big camp. And so, you know, you always had that fear of having, like, five hundred to six hundred people in your class. However, you know, taking a look at it And, you know, being able to be here for three years and experience a lot of classroom usage. Um, you know, the five hundred people classrooms are going to be like your gym classes. So psychology one hundred year, Jen ai ds. Um, you know, it could be you could be in the psychology, so kind of psychology is a really, really big major here. So, you know, being in class like that, we're like a physics class. Like physics to eleven is kind of a prerequisite for anybody in stamps. It doesn't give me a lot of people in that classroom. You know, you might be in Thomas, which, you know, holds the biggest lecture hall and campus. That's like a thousand seats in there. And you might have about five hundred, you know, for my math to fifty one class couch for class. I have a regular classroom like this, but when we take our exams, we take their exams. And Thomas, So you're sending in like a classroom that's fit to be four thousand students, and there's only thirty of us in there, so that kind of just gives you guys an insight. And then what's also a really cool thing is that we have chalkboards where we also do have projectors. You know, it sounds a little bit old school, but, you know, a lot of you who are looking to go into the same field get used to this and this because that is how your professor's gonna copy down your notes. But other than that, ah, LA professors are good with, you know, using PowerPoint, things like that and always, you know, check cameras if you ever have problems. And, you know, being in a small classroom like this, I have a great relationship with my professors. But, you know, don't rely on being in a small class to have a good relationship, because they're just gonna know who you are because there's only thirty. You guys definitely go to office hours. Make yourself known because, you know, you're gonna need these professors, especially as you get into your upper level classes. You three hundred years, four hundred level classes. You're going to need professors for, you know, let her recommendations. If you wanna go to grad school, you're gonna get an internship. You know what you're gonna have to make yourself known. You're gonna have to, you know, go to professor like Hi, my name's Jalen. I'm gonna excited for your class, you know, for me, you know, there's one professor in my department who's troubling the neurologist, and, you know, I just don't happen to want to do tropical meteorology. You know, even if I didn't have him as a professor. But I do. I was going to be like, Hey, I'm interested in this. Like, what role do I take on? So, you know, I always get engaged in the classroom. Raise your hand making eye contact with your professor's a good wayto, you know, establish some type of connection with him. Because if you make eye contact with your professor, they're going to continue looking for you, looking at you for the entire class. And someone told me that when I was a freshman, But it's serious if you look at your professor, what his reasoning knows he's gonna basically present. Then I was like, He's talking to you. And that's a good way to develop a really *** idea, Professor, for those you know who starting out in Janet classes. So, like, psych one hundred, Psychology one hundred. Just to clarify that, um, you know, email your professor mou th get to know you tease ifyou're gonna be a classroom and you professor civilian, not that available. Always make a relationship with your TA because you know it. They're your direct connection to your teacher. If you're not able to reach them like I am able to do for my professors because my class is so small. And you're always gonna have to look at your major, too, because meteorology is a very, very small major on campus compared to, you know, most of the majors in the cause of, like, liberal arts. So, like psychology, you know, the nursing program, um, and things like that. But I hope you guys enjoyed being in one on Walker, and I will see you guys I got. So we're going to talk about what most people don't talk about. And that is the worry and the stress of randomized roommates, whether it's on campus or if you live off campus. And then we're going to just touch on the fact that even if you do have, like a roommate coming into on college, you know what to just be mindful of it and things that you can take to make sure you maintain that friendship. S O. Starting off both my freshman in my sophomore year, I was, um, kind of with randomize roommates. I had met a girl at the end of my freshman year, and then she became I remember we were relieved that close of friends, but my freshman year it was completely random and going into it's like you have to adapt to somebody else's lifestyle, like how they're like they're cleanliness, you know, their personality and things. And then you have to think of you guys like Don't hit it off the back and you guys are friends and they're bringing their friends in. And then, of course, like bad time, like I usually like to stay up late sometimes but you don't have a room and he wants to see. But I can't be up making sure these noise, having lights on, playing music, doing things like that. You really have to be mindful, especially from a female's perspective, you know, just like cleanliness and everything. But, like on the other side of a male perspective, like having roommates, I know Charles had a very unique living situation. Like a lot of places you just have, like the standardized resident call. You have to twenty five beds and then you just share a common area bathroom. But Charles is goingto yeah. So my first semester I wass, eh, a room with five other boys. Five other random boys called supplements Supplement album just temporary housing until they can fill you in tow a dorm because people do end up leaving unfortunately, like halfway through the semester or first semester, because, you know, they, you know, family emergencies or they don't want you on campus. So I was in supplemental my freshman year, but I got place, like, two weeks after. Yeah, I was there for pretty much the entire semester. It was a very challenging experience for me on ly because normally you can address it is one person's, you know, personality. But imagine having adjusted for other people's personalities. And then cleanliness was not a thing, especially being a boy. Some, you know, some boys are just not as clean as you want them to be. That room was not claimed. I was having several issues. Bedtime wasn't a thing because it was like a big space. Just, you know, everyone wasn't have their own individual corner basically, and I was just in the middle and no one really believed in bad times. People come in whenever they wanted. Teo and we were kind of in the basement of the residence hall, so across the hall was pretty much the like lounging area. So we heard people in the lounge area in the computer lab. So it really wasn't the best situation in the washing machine in the washing machine was right there. So people have passed us what? We want to keep our door open because it was hot. When you're like that, people will be looking at us. It was kind of very awkward. And mind you, when I met Charles, like I knew who was in supplemental, but the supplemental I was in, it was just a room with two other girls. And I'm sure we had a bunk bed with one girl. And then the other girl had a bed to herself on the side of the room. So that was just when I moved out. They would just remove them part of the bunk bed. So I was like, Oh, he's just in a living thing because he would always complain about it. And then I like I went out to his room one day and there's like, this huge basement concrete basement, and it looks like a like a camp, like it was pretty much a prisoner way. Don't want to say that to scare you guys off because you know every single thing you experienced in college, you have to choose to either learn from it and grow from it, grow from it or, you know, like enforces. Some people do end up leaving. But just seeing that type of living situation was just I thought I struggled like my first couple of weeks and supplementary, but I cannot imagine living with leg ten other people and then just the claiming miss and just being in like a dark place with no natural lighting there it was like it was very bad. However, I'm glad it happened to me because when I did get placed out, I went to another residence hall, actually, air condition, which was great on DH, my roommate. He was dirty, too, and he didn't believe in bad times. And it was just it was a lot, but since I dealt with it the previous semester, pretty much help me deal with it from that point on, and I for this year I live off campus with Jalen, and we had a random roommate as well. And that was a very interesting experience, However, because I had the skills of dealing with, you know, that particular situation in supplemental housing with five other people dealing with the one other random army that we did get. It wasn't as bad, however, one thing I would say when you do live off campus or you do pick to live with your friend in a dorm, be careful on ly because living with your friends is an exciting time. It's exciting. However, you're going to get tied to your friend Oh, that is an understatement. I remember hearing that my freshman year, like, do not room with your friends because usually when I had my my roommate my freshman year, we did not get along like we got into arguments and everything in line. Just imagine, like getting in to argue with someone you don't know, like you can go to a safe place. You can go to your friend's room and you could just calm down and relax. But, you know, if you're getting into a fight with me and Charles like after we became close friends, when we get into a fight, we have to be in the same house like that same energy. Everything is gonna have the HUS like the hostile environment. So just, like, be mindful and like if you are going to live like there's nothing better than living with your best friend, like living with someone you trust, who's clean, who respects you and your space and you respected like their space. But you just have to be willing to work through the things that you're gonna go through things, not even in a French. But there's bringing, you know, just such a huge responsibility into that friendship. You're gonna have to be mindful because there's times I just want to like I get angry. But I want to go talk to my best friend and there in the room next door, like in the same house of me. So you're just gonna have to have patience is definitely think you're going tohave and having a random roommate is not all that bad. Trust me because you learn a lot from a person that you don't know and you learn about a lot about yourself. You learn a lot about them and you never know. There's so many things you can miss out one by not having a random roommate. It's okay. And you make friends that way having random roommates. So ultimately it wasn't bad, like mice Element. I think I made two friends with, you know, with those boys that were in there, and they're still my friends to this day is actually a great experience. They weren't all bad and just have to always find the light of the situation and make it positive, no matter how negative it can be. And trust me, your living experience to be great your living experience is what you make it not what the world make it. The world makes it the housing complex. The resident makes it. It's what you make it. So if you put that energy in and set rules set boundaries, you know, and it's gonna come back tenfold and it will be great, trust me. And that's what Jalen idea with our past remains. And it worked out and it was pretty great. So, yeah, I think that the one thing to take from this is just, you know, you can always like It's okay to, like here, buy some other people. But you have to know that your experience is your own experience, like everyone has a different personality. Everybody, thanks to different way, ask different way lives a different way. So just be be, like accepting to change, because it's going to be a big change, like you're gonna have to deal with the ones eating schedule. Someone's cleaning the schedule like if you're living in a house and like you can't wash clothes at the same time. Like you know, are you know if the dishes are in the same, but you're gonna have to you don't have to set a schedule. It's just like responsibility is like the biggest thing that you're going tohave. You're going to learn, you know, living in a residence hall or off campus with any type of roommate. Regardless, if you know them prior or they're around a person. Like I said, it's not all negative having random roommate and I wouldn't discourage anyone getting around. A roommate actually, like you should get a random or make all that, because that's how you can make you meet new people. You learn new things and you learn more about yourself and how you are as a person because you could feel someone is this exact thing. Person is you exact displays, exact same everything, however they live with you and I'm like it's like a pigsty like this is that that's not what I want. But you would never know that if you don't explore in life is about exploration, so why not get around the roommate? Why not have fun and see without there? So yeah, alright, guys that his roommate talk one on So we're gonna talk about our favorite places right now. I have Charles, my roommate, following me around today, and right now we're in downtown. So technically, not kids. This is my favorite part of campus. Downtown campus is a portion campus, but there's like the only difference is that they're two different, like police have campus police and then, like, stay calm, stay calm. Police control downtown. Keep so right next to us is my favorite part. I come here about every day. Even if I don't right. I live all keeping. So when on campus, and I'm going to my classes and I need to grocery shop, I don't have to worry about taking the bus to extraneous places. I could just come downtown, give it. I need to get done within the classroom and they come down here grocery shop and then they have eighteen right under and I am a big clothing person. So I love clothes and has she been affordable? We're not here right now, but also there is Urban outfitters on campus. It's very convenient because state college doesn't have to be small and like closest smalls about forty five minutes away and That's still not the greatest small, especially if you're from a town used to a big mall, like over two hundred stores like luxury brands. So this is my favorite part of campus and Charles Fissures. My favorite part of campus is pretty much the same only because I love the downtown aspect. And the downtown part of you know, our campus is pretty much the culture of our campus. Heart of our campus is always advance, like Hogwarts festering somewhere. There's beings before mean there's funnel cakes. There's just always some type of engagement downtown. You see, there's always cars. There's always students. You see people walking around with bags going into teaching him. And I never thought I'd be, you know, in Mommy, where that I wear everyday the classroom with my book bag going on trial close because, you know, seeing someone, a backpack and a mall like Okay, what, like so comet on kid is a good thing, actually, behind us, there's actually photography. Studios of Charles actually gets his hair cut over here, so that's another good thing. There's various places. Get your hair cut, this donut, different little offices and then also another great thing about downtown. You get downtown, you can live downtown. So the livelihood of campus. You know, of course, there's clubs. There's there. He is pleased East. There's like five guys I'd help you with Starbuck News and Company Sarah Brown. Various international restaurants like and that's Josh is like, Not only do we have a bunch of people like cultural wise have restaurants like back it up. Not only do we have, you know, very different countries, we have Japanese restaurants. We have Thai restaurants, Chinese restaurants. We have. It's just it's it's very diverse and that still, like I said, That's the one thing I love about downtown we promote here. A penny saver from what we are, what it's all about. Diversity, inclusion in the downtown aspect? Exactly. Same as you can see, there is a pride of black up, as it is, pride aware this month, and as you can see at the downtown, does take part of that. It is great to see that, um, a promise tree, actually, right now there is a street like full of rain balls, which is very exciting for me. They turn all across walks into rain bows and It's just they make you feel welcome. And like being downtown makes you feel like, yeah, when your own people feel like like I got a way of being downtown like you're still on campus. But, you know, they're stand this walking around prospects, students walking around. And we're really just getting to know your student body, anything with a date. And you just feel like your home. As often says about we are home. It just feels great. So, thank you, guys. And this is our favorite part of this. All right, guys, this is my farewell video. I just learned, first of all, thank you guys for coming on the square with me for being a part of it. It was definitely challenging for me walking around campus and being so open about videotaping and things like that. But just one piece of advice I want to give everybody is just, you know, make your mark. Trust yourself. Trust your good trust your instincts about going to college. You know, they're going to be times where you're gonna be scared, Tol Only because it's your first time to be with home. It's your first time making decisions on your own and, you know, just having this big wave of responsibility. But, you know, just dressing in yourself. You know, surrounding yourself with positive vibes, positive energy, you know, positive things, you know, not letting petty. That's getting in the way and just, you know, believing in yourself. You know, nobody's going to believe in yourself like you believe in yourself. You know, I'm not the victim advice I would give to those who are, you know, kind of scared, especially about academic wise. You're like, Hey, I don't think I'm smart enough for such a big school like this. You know, we all have our own challenges. Everybody has really gives. Everybody has, you know, my strengths are my friends weakened. Since the Andersons are might mean witnesses, I advise you to please, you know, take advantage of tutoring. Penn State learning lion tutors, air. So many tutoring opportunities. You know, I think that you know, of course, you know, you have to be a little bit smart to get into college. But, you know, there's some things that I do struggle with, and, you know, even if you, you know, get a homework assignment may go to a tutor, make sure it's right. You know, even in putting your college, like in earth mental science, they have graduate students. They have students who got an A in the forces who were able to tutor. So just don't be afraid to ask other people. Don't be afraid to break out and make connections, you know, talk to your professors, you know? No professor is not going. Teo, be there for you. I mean your pain. So, you know, just trust herself, you know, have a network. Don't be for mental health of this thing, you know, costumey overwhelming, especially my freshman year and being out of state, you know, it was very, very hard and just, you know, utilizing counseling services. You know, talking to somebody letting it out because keeping a ball and is going to affect you within your schoolwork and everything's, you know, just love yourself. Trust itself. And you'LL have a great college journey, right? So this is Paula Commons, another huge common area for students to go study and get food. So let's go take a look inside here. So Pollock has something that none of the other common has. They have Dan stand revolution for anyone to play for free. There's usually someone going crazy over here, but I get so early. Nobody's playing right now, but it's really fun, really fun to go with. Your friends, just like mess around, have a great time together. So this is another convenience store in Polic. You can order food made toe order or you can get any snacks you want, but also pretty big. And there's a lot of options. One of my favorite things is the frill milkshakes because they're just so amazing and they have all the flavors. Um, you can choose your thickness, and it's just such a tasty snack or dessert. They also have the huge frozen section above anything you could really want to eat and a refrigerator section as well. So also in the Commons is something called rez calm, which is where you can go to take your technology issues not open right now, but they're actually really helpful free service from hence state. I've gone there before to fix my laptop, then. Also over here is the Commons desk, where you pick up mail, any questions about housing. Everyone's really friendly and super nice and helpful as well of a huge study room where you can come hang out with friends, play games like Ping Pong or billiards, or even just watch TV, which is a really nice, cozy feeling in here, Mom that I know a lot of people would love to take advantage of. So classrooms at Penn State have a huge variety. They can range anywhere from twenty kids in a classroom to six hundred or more kids in the classroom. I've had pretty much everywhere in between. I've had classes with, like close to twenty twenty five kids, but I've also been in huge lecture halls with close to five hundred six hundred kids. So I'm going to show you three different kinds of classrooms, a regular classroom, Ah, lab and a lecture hall, So let's go check it out. Okay, so this is a typical lab. It's a computer lab. It probably bits like thirty kids may be a little more, but it's a pretty nice setup. It's set up so that teacher can be up at the front of the classroom, usually having something projecting on the board while students are there. Mirror that on their computer or are doing some sort of activity. So another plus of having a computer lab is. Most of them have nice big white boards at the front of the room so teachers can write on them. Use examples. Call student up to the board, etcetera. So along with conducting riel classes in a computer lab, sometimes there are certain classes where all you have to do is show up, sign into computer and just take an actual lab or do an activity on your own and submit it by the time the periods done. In the past, I've had a statistics course where I had lecture two days a week, and then the third day I would have lab, so I would just go. I would get into groups with people around me, and we would just do statistics and then handed in by the end of the period. So, like I mentioned before, there are some lecture halls, but not all of the lecture halls air as biggest five or six hundred people. So here's a smaller lecture hall. So this is a smaller one. Like I mentioned, it could probably fit around one hundred students, give or take, but to really nice set up. Ah, each of the chairs has a desk that you can take out and right on, So here is how the death comes out of the chair. You get it on one side and you can also open the other side so you can actually fit a lot of space here. Mom, You could fit a notebook here, your laptop here and take notes all while you're looking up at the lecture. So there is one projector here chalkboard here with the projector that comes down same on this side, another projector and chalkboard and then a fourth projector. So sometimes the professors will have the chalkboards open. Sometimes we'll have the projectors out. It really just depends on preference. Okay. Now here is a typical classroom setting. Hi. Probably conf it forty or fifty people. The's kinds of classrooms probably range anywhere from twenty to forty students. So I personally like this kind of classroom setting. I like the smaller classes because it's more interactive with the teacher. There's two huge chalkboards on either side of the room that I know. Professors in the past for me have utilized both. Sometimes they'll call you up to the side, and you'll have Teo do an example on the board. But it's much more interactive than the huge lectures, which can also kind of get boring. So usually in the smaller classrooms, where there's only like maximum forty fifty kids, there's on ly one professor in the room. There's no one else assisting. It's just the small class size and the professor. However, for a bigger lecture, there's usually a few T a's, which stands for teaching assistance. So the ones where there's anywhere from one hundred Tio two hundred six hundred students there is usually multiple t a's who are available for you. Sometimes you could be assigned your own ta, so each TA will have our a group of students from the class Tio B someone to answer any questions go to for help because sometimes a professor can get overwhelmed in those huge classes. Bye. Sometimes you can go directly to the professor because they're always willing to help us. Well, so for the labs, like I showed you before, those sometimes will on Ly have a ta in the room, depending on if it's just going taking an activity or quiz and then leaving. But usually, if it's more of a classroom style with just the computer lab, it's just going to be a professor and no other assistance. What's important to keep in mind, though, is that whenever you need help, somebody is always going to be available to help you, even if you seem overwhelmed in a large classroom or if you're shy in a smaller setting, there's always someone to reach out to. And there's always someone willing to give out a helping hand if you're struggling or even just have questions or Hi guys. So today I'm going to be conducting a off campus housing tour of my bedroom. I currently live off campus at the station, say, college, located in tall trees. So a little bit past the stadium. But just to give you guys an idea of what off campus housing looks like Penn State. So it's definite nicer than the residents, but also depends on which president you do living. So one is a queen size bed, of course, B dressing drawers. Come with it. I also get a nightstand. Most of this stuff is just decoration that DC in the room. But just to give you a view, you see the beautiful cottages outside on DH, then just an idea of what my closet looks like. This is what most majority of the clauses like on campus in the residence halls, except you're going to be in a two person residents. Also, you kind of want to picture it. You have a twin size bed right here and maybe twenty. I've been right there, and then you two are sharing a closet about this size, which is pretty convenient because I lived on campus was kind of set about the closet space. But just imagine, just breaking this in half and then, you know, storage for, like, luggage and tennis shoes can go on the floor. Things like that, of course. More decorations. And then I do have my own private bathroom, which is very, very interesting and beneficial to me. But I just kind of give you a view of what my life looks like. Um, hope you enjoyed it. We also have a lot of coffee places like Starbucks. Um, five guys, another personal favorite. Great French fries. Great burgers. There's also some really cute cafes downtown. There's also Dunkin Donuts, so don't worry if you're not a Starbucks person. We have both. But yet there's some great places to eat and shop. And I love going downtown. It's super close. You can go hang out with your friends shop, do whatever you want, even if you just need to pass some time. It's just a really great place. Tio. Walk around in so noodles and company is one of my favorite restaurants downtown. They have the best pasta and the best. Mac and Cheese like ever. I could eat it every day for my life. I know there's also a fight over Cadeau Perverse Chipotle, but don't worry, we have both all right. Here's fiddlehead, which is another really, really popular restaurant. They have soup, salads, one of my favorite salad places to go. You can customize a salad, pick it up. Quarter in. Salads are huge, so I could never finish it all. Okay, this place snap pizza is brand new. It is so delicious. It's custom pizzas where you could go up in line and order it, just like you had to pull a and make your own pizza. And it is so amazing and I highly recommend it. And look, they take line cash. So look at this. Just go right up to the counter and order whatever you like. There's also lots of places to shop. You can get pen seat apparel, basically on any corner, anything you'd like any sizes. And he designed. So yeah, I would recommend stocking up on Penn State Apparel Shop is the family clothes line. They have everything Penn State, literally everything. So this is one of my favorite places to shop downtown because I am always in need of new Penn State clothes. Oh, my God. See, I told you ugly Christmas sweaters. But squirrels, because the swirls here are literally crazy. I swear, they're insane. Oh, my God. So here's a new hot spot for nightlife. It's called the basement, and it's just a club in a bar. It's not open right now, but hi. But yeah, a lot of the older kids really like Okay, so this is the area near the Starbucks, which is actually brand new. They just finished building this this year. Mom. Really common place for people to study because it's not too loud. It's not too quiet and just a really good place to hang out with friends and get your work done. So a lot of students at Penn State are involved in many different activities, and they have social lives, and just a lot of people are busy all the time. Personally, I usually split up my school, work with my friends by just making sure that our meeting deadlines, um, I have great time management skills and I like to stay organized, which is how I keep track of all my different assignments. My name is Alex. I am a junior. I'm in nutritional science. Inger. All right, So how do you bounce your school? Work with your friends and your social life? Other extra. Cute, really. I'm very conscientious about my work, and I like to get things done ahead of time. I used my planner set dates and deadlines for myself that air before the actual deadline so that I could make time to spend with my friend. Amazing. I really want to try those strategies because, honestly, it sounds like a great time. It sounds like a lot of fun. Did I study a lot? I want to try mine. It's okay. Can you start by telling us your name? Year And your major? I'm Lexi. Cared me. I'm a sophomore and my major CSP. All right, So do you like to study at the library? Is this one of your favorite places to go a client? I can get a lot done. Very productive. So how do you usually balance your schoolwork with your social life, your friends, your activities that you're involved with? Wow. I do a lot of things at the library with my friends, so I kind of combined the two um, my friend to my classes, so I see them a lot there. Um, I use my social life to help me with school. So I get help from my friends. I'm sorority. So I get help from people there. I'm also part of stahn Dancer Relations Committee. So Don is a huge event at Penn State. That happens every February, and it's where we raise money For a pediatric cancer. A thon is a forty six hour, no sitting, no sleeping dance marathon, and that actually takes up a lot of my time because I'm helping FUNDRAISE with various organizations. I have meetings all the time for it, but it's really helpful to just make sure that I'm staying on top of my assignment and that I don't fall behind so that I'm able to do all of these extracurriculars that I really enjoy.