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Thinking about SUNY College at Potsdam and trying to determine if it’s the right fit for you? The college search process can be tough, but CampusReel is here to make it fun and engaging. If you’re thinking about visiting SUNY College at Potsdam in person, we strongly recommend you at least complete the virtual tour first. After watching the entire virtual tour, the next step would be to take an in-person campus tour to further vet SUNY College at Potsdam’s culture and community. Whether you are a prospective high school student considering the school or interested in transferring to SUNY College at Potsdam, these videos and reviews are designed to give you a complete understanding of the SUNY College at Potsdam experience. These SUNY College at Potsdam video reviews share the culture and daily life of students both on and off campus.

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hi guys. So this video is going to be a quick tour of Kelis Hall, and I will be showing you an example of a classroom that you might be in. I know coming out of high school is a little interesting to just have to transition to a lecture hall, but I promise you it's really not that scary there. Most firms on our campus are just like any other classroom. Some of them are a little bigger, as you can see here, a lecture hall is kind of big, and it's a little intimidating at first. But at the same time, there really aren't that many students in it, not much more than what would be in your high school class. This is my math class. So this is a basic Jenna. This is kind of the way most Kelis rooms look, and this is probably of room you're going to be in at some point at your time. Here. Crane rooms often look a lot different. The piano rooms are like Phil, but just keyboards. And we all have practice rooms, which you have probably seen in one of my other videos. So, yeah, that was just a mini tour of Kelis. Hi, My name is Trish. I am from Orange County, New York, and I am currently a music education major on the vocal track at the Crane School Music of City Potsdam. Potsdam is located right below Canada in northern New York. It is in St Lawrence County were a fairly small school within eleven toe, one faculty ratio, and we offer one hundred thirty two academic programs. Throughout my collection of videos, I will be giving you a tour of the campus and trying to give you kind of some insight on the way things work here. I'll be trying to answer as many questions as possible, but if I miss a few and you have any extra questions, you can totally feel free to reach out to me. I will be making my contact information accessible to you, and you can totally reject me at any time. Now I'll do what I can to get back to you. My primary goal is to make sure that anybody who is even considering coming here really knows the ins and outs of how it works here so that people aren't confusing. They get here. I hope you are as excited as I am to join me on this tour of suny Potsdam. So for this video, I'm going people. I'm really focusing on scheduling. So as a crane student, a typical day for me is pretty lengthy. Ifyou're looking into Sunny positive for the music program, do you expect to have a pretty box schedule for me? Not one of my days were exactly the same, based on the other things that I'll have to dio. So I'm going to read you through my schedule, kind of, and you can kind of get an idea of how long the days are. The kind of break shall have, depending on what your major is. So my week starts at nine in the morning on Monday with my math class and trust me nine in the morning is much better than eight in the morning. Doesn't seem like too much of a difference. But trust me, if you'd taken eight a. M, you will realise your mistake for me. I only take eight AM If it's I one hundred percent cannot get out of it any other way. I will try to move it around because you're going to be tired in college. It's an exhausting time. It's a fun time. It really, truly is. But it is exhausting primarily in the first year because your emotions are kind of adjusting Tio. Especially if you're moving us far away from home. I had Teo. I'm six hours out currently, so it does become exhausting after a while. So my earliest Costas semester begins at nine AM and it is my math class. It goes from ninety nine fifty and then ten AM on Mondays. I moved to Crane. Uh, and I'm in key boarding from ten to ten. Fifty eleven a. M to eleven. Fifty AM I'm in music theory. Your music theory classes are pre registered for you and you will have one of those every day. If you're in Crete, then I have my studio class on Monday. You? If you're a vocalist, you'LL either have your studio on Monday, Wednesday at one PM or if you're an instrumentalist, those kind of vary to falling. That a two p. M. I have my choir and at four p. M. To four. Thirty p. M. I have my voice lesson. On Mondays you will have a lesson schedule which you don't register for. That is your class. You meet with your professor and they will tell you what time works best for them. You guys can coincide. In time, you will have to purchase an accompanist. And I kind of wish someone didn't tell me that before I got here just because it was kind of a bit of a confusing process without having known. And there were some kids who kind of did know, and I just didn't. So what happens is this is all instruments you will have to purchase an accompanist there is on database. There's a database of all the companies here, a crane and there are a lot of them are students. A lot of them are workers in the area, and they do cost money. And they will attend your lessons with you on the days when you need them. And they will accompany you while you're performing different recitals and different things like that. That's an example of my Monday. You have your lessons once a week on ly, no matter what your instrument is, unless you're Professor decides that if your performance major they want might want to spend more time with you for different things, where you can schedule makeup lessons, that's all on your own time. That's not really a class or anything. That's just for your studio. My Wednesdays are almost the exact same, except I have crane porous at six p. M. To seven. Twenty p. M. So my Tuesday Thursday classes are much shorter days, which is really nice. I have to get up until ten AM because my theory class starts at eleven on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Your theory classes your oral skills class. But usually most teachers kind of bash with them around because you had the same teacher everyday at the same time, the same amount of time. So I make very class eleven, two, eleven, fifty, and then I have right after that at twelve. Thirty to one forty five hundred school health class. You'LL only take this class if you're an education major here, which a lot of people are. And my third class on Tuesdays and Thursdays is intrude addiction. What? You only take fear. A vocalist and I have that from three to three fifty when you're a crane student. Most of your library studying time is spent in a practice room, and if your musician New York definitely used to that if I'm honest. It's quite a grueling day after awhile on some days, especially when your classes or spread widely apart, because for me, my class on Wednesdays and three and Crane chorus starts at six. Usually I spend those three hours in between in a practice room, and it is quite a lengthy period of time. So as long as you kind of math out how you want to do it and you have very good concert your time in the way you want to get better, it's usually quite okay. Typically, if you're not in cream, you'LL spend most of the time that we spend in our practice rooms in the Crumb Library, studying whatever you need to be studying. It's a two for library. It's really great. Personally, my free time is spent. I'm either in a practice room or I'm just hanging out with friends somewhere in someone's Stormers. Thanks. So that's pretty much my basic week. Things switch up from time to time based on whatever kind of events are going on. Whatever clubs you're involved in, which there are a whole slew of will have their own events at different times, and it's really great to get involved because it books your schedule. And it's nice to meet people, especially for crane students, about the other things going on where you're required to attend different recitals and different shows. I know for us vocalists, we are required to go to all voice area events. That's kind of the same for the instrumentalist. There's a big brass area event. They'LL want the brass players to attend. So as you can see, some days are busier than others. Some weeks are busier than others. It's a very fluctuating schedule, a lot changes per week. A lot changes per day. You'LL really get used to the group of things. So no matter what college you end up choosing to attend because they're all pretty much the same with that kind of thing. So I hope that answered most your questions about scheduling Hi, guys. For this video, I will be showing you around our dining halls. We actually have. Ah, lot of, um there are a lot of options places to eat. And our meal plan is actually pretty efficient and really easy. Understand? Once someone kind of explains it to you. So that's what I'm going to dio. So the way our meal plan works is as a freshman come again. You will have two choices. You will either have what I have, which is fourteen meals a week and five hundred dollars in flex money. A meal is six dollars and fifty cents worth of food. Um, you could build it up. However, you, like a lot of post on campus, will have set meals that will just be the exact meal bounce you need. And flex comes in handy because it last year the entire semester you're fourteen meals on Lee last you the weekend. They're not carried over. So you will see a lot of students in the union last minute get in cases of water too. Finish off their mail so they don't lose them. I really recommend doing that because when you add it up, the meal plan here is quite expensive, and you want to use everything you can. You are flecks, though last year, the entire semester. For me, like I said, it is five hundred and it, uh, basically covers use. So if you get a meal and it's seven dollars that last fifty cents will be covered by your flex. You are also given ten guest passes per semester. So if your family is visiting or if you use too many meals one week and you need one for yourself, you can use that guest pass at any time. Um, the other option is nineteen meals a week and one hundred dollars in flex. Personally, I don't recommend doing that because ninety miles a week is a lot for them to not carry over. And what ends up happening to a lot of students is that they're flex diminishes a very, very quick rate. And then they'LL find themselves half with semester with no flex, and they'LL be using full six dollars fifty cent meals to cover fifty cents on a meal. That was too much money. So we have nine places to eat on campus, and I will be taking you through one of my favorites called Lehman Hall. This is a buffet style on, but also only cost you one meal swipe way. Have a variety of food. They do different things. Different days. There's a salad bar. There's desert far. There's pasta every single day. There's a real available to you every single day. And yes, it is all you can eat. So there are things you conserve yourself and there are also things you can order. One thing I do I love about this campus is how amazing the food is. Honestly, we have been ranked number one in Sunni for a couple of years now for food, and it is and rightfully so. If I'm honest, I personally think the food on this campus is really, really great compared to some of the others campuses I've been to. And I love Lehman so much because it is only one meal swipe, and it's a really good way to keep track of your flex when you're going there and knowing that you're going to leave full and satisfied and not have spent any flex. So there are some places on this campus that only take flux, and there are some places that only take meals to a certain time and different things like that. And that's when you'LL find yourself using your flex primarily. If you're going to like the Starbucks on campus or like the cafe on campus, those air more expensive and they cost flex money rather than meals. So those were more of a treat thing. If you go to a cafe every single day, your flex is gonna go really quickly. There are all flex plans, but you can't access those until you are in your second, third and fourth year. Your freshman plans. We're basically the ones I just kind of spelled out for you. So the other places to eat on campus conclude the student union. There's a dining court in the soup opinion. There's a huge amount of food there everywhere, from the grill to Pasta station to Thea other Grillo, uh, the pizza station to a burrito bar. We have it all people serious, wide variety. So off the dining hall's you'LL find outside of the student union, including leaving Our Dexter's Cafe, which only takes flax very, very, very good food. There a few other ones or crane common which is in crane. So if you need to just run somewhere real quick and get a snack, it's writing Crane. And you could just take a break there instead of going to a practice rooms and also the Performing Arts Center Cafe, which is, uh, Starbucks. And you can pretty much get any Starbucks drink that you're used to get in there and they have some pretty awesome sandwiches and other pastries. And like things like that, there is well, which is really great. Um, I know those were kind of many tours, but I kind of wanted to give you guys, like a bit of an insight to my favorite places. There are a few other options you'LL have here. There are sit down meals and things like that. You couldn't d'Oh, but I usually stick to those places primarily. And yeah, so I hope you guys have a pretty good understanding of how the system works here. So this is my dorm room. Um, I live in Dream Hall, which is the closest building to the student union. It's not the freshmen dorms. The freshmen dorms are actually Bowman, which is right across in the student union, is on the other side of May. We have a lot of residents options on campus. We have a town house is what you could do in your second year old I am doing next year. We have Dream Hall, which is closest to the union and a little close to Crane. We have Knowles, which is closest to Crane. We have Bowman, which is the primary fresh from building, and we have leaving, which is the farthest storm hallway from Crane. But it's close to some of the academic buildings, and it's also attached to the buffet. I give you guys a tour of buffet and a future video, so hopefully you stick around long enough to see that, Um, but dream isn't really close proximity to the Union, which is really great, and it's in pretty close proximity to Crane, which is really nice for me. Um, Dream is really famous for their single dorms. I'm in a single room. Uh, you can get a single dorm if you pay the extra money for it, or if you have a medical reason to have a single dorm. We do have a pet friendly residences as well, which is really awesome, if that's your type of thing. The only rules we have about our living space is that the company fire hazards. There's certain number of inches from the ceiling that everything has to be any kind of tapestries. Things like that can't be done. There's no smoking in the dorms, as are all outside. Obviously, I personally love my dorm. I feel like it's really cozy, and it's in a really great spot. I don't think it's too small for one personal live in. There are some rooms that are actually a lot bigger. Some of the ones in Knowles are kind of sized. Boulders are for two people. When they get into your dorm, it comes fully furnished with a desk and a bed and all that fun stuff. Everyone has closet in their room on DH. Everyone has addressed our tonight stand. That kind of stuff is basic. We do have access to cable if you bring your own box. I'm pretty sure I don't use my PlayStation three and I watched that looks New Loom. There were allowed to have TVs. All that great stuff allowed way are allowed to hang lights up. I don't currently have to thinking up because it's not a holiday, and usually during the holidays I will hang mine up. We are like having hang up. If they get approved, it's, uh, just put them up and basically the Ari's. What kind of come around and let you know if there's any fire hazards? They can't be too close to the ceiling and they can't be on every wall in the room, but you can't have them. I find that living in your dorm is kind of a really comfortable thing. Personally. For me, the dorm life wasn't something that was a problem. I enjoy it. Uh, well, you do have to share your bathroom with an entire four people, and that sucks. But that's kind of the way. It isn't any school you're going to go to. And yeah, that's basically how the residents system works here. It's really great, and it's honestly, it's a very good system. We have a lot of options for everybody, and it's kind of really easy to find where you kind of fit in based on where you need to be close to and what's like ideal for you. So it is really awesome. So, yeah, thanks so much Hey, guys. So for this video, I'm going to be giving you a tour of the Crane School of Music. Many of you may be looking into SUNY Potsdam Firth Crane School because it is a really popular reason to come here. As you can see right now, we're looking at the Performing Arts Center, which is the newest addition to the Crane School of Music. It's where all the theater type things happen. There's a black box theater in there. There is a percent him. And there there's a lobby, and there's even a Starbucks, which is super awesome and delicious. If you continue to walk to the performing arts centre, you can go down that flight of stairs and you will end up in the Crane School of Music. The first thing you'LL see heading in are all those cool little costume rooms and waiting rooms and all that fine stuff on DH. Then, as you go toward this way, you're in Crane. Crane is a pretty old building, so it does not look nearly as modern as the performing arts center, and there aren't many windows, so it gets a little tiring to be in there, create is made up of four parts. Teo schooling halls where you have your classes and to concert halls. Snell and Hosmer Hall. What you looking at right now is the expedition to find a practice room. Many of them are often taken, and it's really hard to find one some days. But as you can see, I got lucky. Speaking of the concert halls, we are going in that direction right now. Hosmer's our biggest haul, and you're about to see it right now. As you can see, there is more than one level the Hosmer. You should hear the residents in that hall. It is absolutely crazy hearing a concert and there is pretty magnificent. I took this video right after our crane course rehearsal, which is the biggest choir at SUNY Potsdam and S. Oh, yeah, I hope this mini tour of Crane was helpful to you. And I hope that if you are considering coming to SUNY Potsdam, you'll feel free to reach out to me with any of your other questions.