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Thinking about The College of Saint Rose and trying to determine if it’s the right fit for you? The college search process can be tough, but CampusReel is here to make it fun and engaging. If you’re thinking about visiting The College of Saint Rose in person, we strongly recommend you at least complete the virtual tour first. After watching the entire virtual tour, the next step would be to take an in-person campus tour to further vet The College of Saint Rose’s culture and community. Whether you are a prospective high school student considering the school or interested in transferring to The College of Saint Rose, these videos and reviews are designed to give you a complete understanding of the The College of Saint Rose experience. These The College of Saint Rose video reviews share the culture and daily life of students both on and off campus.

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Closing Remarks The College of Saint Rose

Hi guys. My name is Sarah Man and I go to the College of St Rose. I am so, so excited. I found out about campus real, because that means I get to make all these videos and documents, turn things around campus and promote the school for any of you guys who can't come here to see the campus. I'm a transfer student. I transferred from Sunni Adirondacks. So this is actually my second year at St Rose. But my final year, I am finally a senior at the school. At both colleges I attended Sunni, Adirondack and now St Rose. I have been studying communications, and there's a lot of different parts of communications. But my concentration is film in new media. And if you guys are totally unfamiliar to what communications and all this video stuff means, The field of communications basically involves graphics, design, PR, public relations, Web design, marketing, video editing, video production, audio production, broadcasting. And this is why I love St Rose so much because they have a great communications program. They have a lot of great buildings and teachers and classes. Now a little bit more about me. I'm from Ballston Spa in New York and where I'm from, it's a very rural area. So coming to St Rose was a big change for me when I came here because Albany is the city and I was not used to the city at all because I'm from a rural area. But now I'm very much used to it. The campus itself is in a safe place in town. Everything's very close in proximity, and it was just very easy to get used to also every year of my college experience. So far I have lived on campus. It's been a great experience. I love living on campus. I feel like I'm a part of the whole community. I feel very involved, so I have never commuted. Commuting would just be very hard for me, considering I don't drive and it's about forty five minutes. I know that seems pretty close, but that would just be a pain every single day because I have classes every single day. So that is what you guys are seeing right now in the background. This is my dorm room. I have a single, which is pretty nice. Every year. I've been at college. I've had to share it with a roommate. So this is the first year I have something to myself. Also today, I just moved in. So that's why a lot of the the walls are very bare. I'm typically a person who loves to decorate. So I'm sure in a couple months these walls will be filled. But anyway, guys, thank you for washing this introduction Flog about me again. I am so excited to be filming more videos about the College of St Rose in just my personal experiences as well. And yeah, stay tuned for future videos because you guys will be seeing a lot more exciting stuff. I have. Right? Usually student film claim here sometimes will have a map ofthe or welcome messing starting tour weekends because it's a weekend or because they don't have no content. Right now, there's nothing up on play, but it makes it easier for me because you've been hearing vest. If you look around all it'll see posters for upcoming performances in advance billing now shared communications people but it is also music industry department and like journalism and hearts have some of their classrooms in here especially if you like dicks are so there's a lake but excited This is all right. Yeah. Do their work. This is our wall of notable alumni factor, please. Jasmine, do you mind? What about Jimmy Fallon? Do you mind? Um, yeah, in fact, actually, uh, by the way, I'm Brandon Video. His history major. Interesting fact. Uh, listen mean exact same dorm fellow was saying out when he was here in Lima. Was ready for a place in this room. Oh, that's actually getting cool things. I didn't know people anyway or, you know, where is the start when you need it? I'Ll be back by favor, man. Anyway, that's the radio studio you've been trying to see through the window there. It's dark right now. Nobody's in it. I don't have access there because I'm a music student. But there is a broadcast, Andi, like radio concentration for our com majors. So you'LL see them in there a lot. And we do have Radio St Rose, which is a podcast that goes out all over him. This is Theo. Problem is, this is like our lives. This is our live performance space on campus that used to be called Jack's Place. Um, we got a big donation to redo everything with a new sound board and a balcony area. So it's now named after a member of the Hurst family. So it's G three. I think it's like George the third or something. We're also George Hair of Paris yet. Yeah, George Hearst. But he's the third by that name. So that's why she three, um, unders state of the art sound equipment. In there you can join me. So which is the Music Industry Student Association and learn how to run the board and everything. And you follow me this way over there to find important all that's systems off She's mine industry department and that other music industry teachers. But be honest, I forget what it is right now. We're gonna see if anybody's a right now they fight. So where could be quiet just in case there's a session going on right now? Yeah, there's a session going on right now, so we're not going to go in, but this is one of our to sound studios we have on campus state of the art equipment in there, and all of the equipment is locked. We have these things called tap locks, which are Bluetooth locks that you be given Act two through, um, your phone or smart devices. If you don't have a smart phone, one of your friends and lab with you will. But we do our labs either in Studio Ares GOP and his music industry major. You also have to record a senior project, so I do a lot of work in studio this year. I'm reporting Original song as a project for one of my classes. Tons of working here. It really is just like a giant playground. I'm going to see you. Gonna be kind of quiet in case someone was in here working. Yeah, somebody's in there working, so we will call on there. And the poor street was locked. But this is This is one of our studios. And if you look through the window there, what's going on in there? We have our sound board and all of that. I would show you guys more, except I don't want to disturb the students. And the schedule gets pretty book pretty fast. Um, I'm not gonna lie getting studio. So, my friends, you are music steam or somebody who wants to do anything. Book early and book soon. A student of the sooner you can and your name said he had this semester. All the seniors are crunching on their senior projects. Well, not yet, Father. Like, I think you got a sort of space like I would like because unfortunately, just like most couples costume and leave everything lost minutes while we can. This chronicle is so this is our student newspaper. You see one of the journalist working right now? You always have that runner going with highlights of what's going on in the community and at school. A hundred. It's pretty empty right now because we have a hit that weak yet. But these air where students can get free copies of the big newspapers because the journalism, um, department is also in here. Journalism is another concentration of our communications major. I believe this is the big conference room. So Rose record label meeting here that we haven't on campus record label, which is pretty cool. Their nonprofit. But they have signed a couple outside bands and a couple bands that are with our students. And if you come here, you could be part of running a full record label. Any music industry student or technically animator conjoined right as an elective. But we'LL have a lot of their meetings and their That's why this is probably the only conference room I can find a piano. Really? Yeah, that was great for partisan ls this the media lab and a bunch of students are working, But I will show you guys around for a few seconds. I'm not going to talk once I go inside because, like I said, people are working. Uh, but there's all Mac computers, always really good speakers and meeting keyboards. There's pro tools and Sebelius on all of the computers in here. Um, so we get pro tools certified at user level as a required part of the music industry program. I'm kicking pro tools right now on Mondays at night, which is really cool. And then you also could take up to your operator certification as an elective and second semester class. But I'll go in and show you guys a little bit and then I will. Hey, Gracie. Hey, Grace. He's one of my music industry friends. Um, but so I'll go in and show you guys a little bit of this room. I take music business in here and also pro tools, because obviously for pro tools, you're gonna use pro tools. You need access to a computer, right? Everything swipe access from this point on. So there's one This is what one of the stations are right. You have your computer and pull this out a keyboard that functions with pro tools interface and either those speakers or that row over there. Building. Here's like a bush mortars stuff of different news are. Our marketing student project? No. No. I think this one is neither calm majors, Like the journalism majors. I don't have access to this one. And honestly, if I'm going to do homework or to go in the mini lab anyway, Friends, this seems interesting. Thomas Crowley's office is one of the music industry features on a lot of these other offices. Are there, uh, communications teacher, so I don't personally know them, but some of the music industry teachers are here. Oh, and Emily Pinkerton had a class with yet, but I've had the privilege of meeting The young lady has her office in there. Um, and as you can see, you can usually tell which one of the music industry professor, because they have stuff about upcoming performance, is that there are others are doing on their doors. No, honey, I do about it. I'm back. My class. Where you need with other people with same instrument is you im and perform for each other is in studio A on Mondays of so we kind of perform for each other and stuff out before we for me convo patient, which is where? All the industry. Okay. And now your performance. We have a bathroom here. Most much this building. I'm sorry to do more available for me to show you guys war. Um, but I will see you guys Hey, so this is, um I'm going to show you guys Camelot. Um, this is kind of our other main dining place on campus. You can use Neil dollars here that come with their plan, but like, I'm out, so I'm gonna use my credit card. But anyway, also you guys around Okay, so during the day during the week, there's like, sandwiches over here, we'LL make sandwiches to order. That's the That's the Pepsi station serial coffee there, kind of a little bit more limited on weekend snacks and all the stuff you can use points with. I'm really looking for a salad, so I'll probably get something from over here. Over there's the grill hamburgers, hot dogs on breakfast sandwiches, that sort of thing. Movies, prepackaged goodies, much more lake grab and go than the upstairs dining hall is. It really is kind of awesome in here, though I will be perfectly honest. I base who lived on Camelot, whose first semester probably why I gained, like fifteen plus pounds, mostly burgers and fries. Um, but anyway, that's pretty much camp. There's really not much more to it, so Hey, guys, it's Sara today. I'm gonna be giving you guys a room tour. I'm not going to be in the frame for most video, considering I want to show you guys my room to basically, I live in an upperclassman apartments suite with three other girls that this year. But we each have our own room, so that's the best part about. And also they're not here. So I thought no better time to make it video. So here we go. Okay, so currently were in the doorway. So once you walk in, this is generally what the whole room looks like. It's a very tiny room, considering it's a single, there's me. So I call this my stationary table top. I have all my cosmetics that my makeup, my lotions, my jewelry. I also have my vitamins there and a lot of hair products. And if you're wondering what this might be, I made a menu for myself because I do not have a meal plan. My mom stopped my fridge up with food, so this kind of keeps me on track from not gaining fifteen pounds. This is a dresser, So in my top drawer, I have all of my shirts. I pack some false stuff, some summer stuff because it's still quite warm out and I do have a lot of clothes, so I tried to jam pack it into these doors. But as you can see, there is a ton of space. I still have space in the back. In the enjoy. I have all of my shorts and my third drawer. I have all my pants and a priest. Yes, I suggest if you guys go to college, don't fold your pants, but roll them because look how many pants on fitting and just this one drawer. So, yes, even though there's only three drawers, they do fit a lot now over to my desk area. This is where I am most of the time, considering I do a lot of video editing and social media. So this is a new chair. I got my brother actually put it together. For me, it's a nice white leather chair, and if it's very nicely right here, this is my big monitor screen. And that's my laptop with my mike. I'm very big into filming, and I also do YouTube video, so I saved up enough money to buy some of the equipment for it, and you guys were wondering what's going on on the screen right here. This is me recording my voice, but I'm very happy with this. Is death set up this year? There's a lot of space on my desk where I can put everything. I have all my pencils and pens over here, my stationery stuff. As you can see on the side of the desk, they have a place where you could put your lamp and that appear. They offer you of shelf, which is built into the desk, which I really like because I always bring a lot of stuff. So I'm really glad I have enough room for my mirror, my diffuser, my fruit, my binders and workbooks and I fan and just other things. Also, with this desk, they give you a couple of drawers as well, so I can put all of my miscellaneous stuff. And then I could put the rest of my school books in this shorts and I want to my bed area. This is a twin bed. I tried to style it up a little bit more, putting up Emoji pillow British pillow bed lamp over there. And again. As I said, I just moved in today. So this is the on ly decoration. I have my wall to wall poster and I haven't slept in this bed yet, But just by sitting on it, I can tell it's already very comforting. Now, over in this area, at the end of my bed, I basically just have my laundry hamper, and underneath that I have a bunch of water bottles in drinks and my bag on my head. And that was just the words or give you. I really like this wardrobe because of how much space there is you a lot of room, which I love because not only can I put all my clothes in it, I can put my stash of snacks. I have my chips up there, have some Arnold Palmer, and then here are all the rest of my lunch and snack items. I have more in the kitchen as well. And while we're on the topic of snacks, I also have some more down here, like popcorn and ships and more drinks. Also, when you're a college student, you like a lot of coffee is just my preference on a lot of coffee cake cups for my K cup machine. Can't go a day without that. Obviously, like a typical closet. I have all of my hangar closed right here, and as I said before, they give you a ton of space. So I still have this whole space left now the last part of my room. As I said, This is a mirror I kind of want on the wall, but right now it's just resting on my other dresser. But this actually works the moment, and this is just something I always do. But I always liked bringing another dresser with me. This is very light. Portable, basically. Just have my other type of clothing in it stuff that didn't fit in my other dresser. So this is very handy to bring. You can also put sweatshirts in it or any sex was like belts and stuff. So I find it very handy to have this with me. I have this every year collar. So far. That's another tip. Always reuse stuff you use that college for. Don't feel like you have to throw it out at the end of the year. And yeah, that's my whole room. Hopefully, you guys enjoyed it again. Every college room is different, depending on where you are. But this is what the room's kind of looked like for upperclassmen houses. So again, if you come to St Rose, you might have a different kind of rooms. But every room I have seen and had on this campus has been very good. So that you guys for watching this room tour. I really love doing it. I always love just showing around the room. And hopefully you guys enjoyed Washington's a swell and again stay tuned for more fun videos in the future. Hey, guys. So it's game night with now, Andrew Rod. This is pretty typical game next year, us. So we're playing betrayal legacy. And the reason Brandon is not in the room is because he is the traitor. This is one of those games, more advanced board games with a trader element. So three heroes and the Trader have different objectives based on what hot you're playing and the difference between betrayal, legacy and betrayal, which we all met playing betrayal at Geeks of the Round Table, which is a club where all part of and yes, that that that that's the game is that you play as a family is supposed to a particular character. So and there's a cohesive story line between Game was whereas betrayal. The storylines completely different each time and isn't related to one another. So we're on Chapter eight. Right now. The game is organized chapters. There's thirteen chapters in a prologue, so basically we're seven No. Nine games and at this point, and Brandon will be back in a minute. This's our current hot and our objectives. We don't know what his are. He doesn't know what ours are. Entirely as things happen it kind of gets revealed to the other side. Hopefully, you guys will catch on, but I'll show you *** in pieces. We are in the commuter lounge that I showed you guys in a previous video, and we're going to get underway once Brandon gets back. And he's, you know, because we have to send him out of earshot because he can't know our objectives and we can't know his so hope you guys enjoy. Really? Okay, So Brandon's been back for a while, and both me and Ellie are basically the closest to dead we can get in this. Hot karate is like the load person who's really here on me and Elliot traders, But we're pretty much useless because all of our stats are the lowest they can go in this game and branded as God crazy and hungry for power. Well, I am a little. I guess you're not continuing fair, but like we could die. Wait. Our president would probably kick his butt in this game. Hey, needs us would have found a way to strategize through anything. But like what? I trader. I read his rules, and we were like, a fraction for the beginning. There was no way this ends. Well, it like, really the best strategy Should the world bother mention I used to pay for example, how much air little items, how they had to three forty five So basically and it's over my story if you want Next time it'LL be harder for you to win. Okay, let's just say it's more like a heirloom item then. Yeah, Darfur. The second closest Nelly, You had no ten point Yeah, one. Yeah, it's lit and I have, like, two. This is like, this is literally number three for me. But now that Gerard is the only one left, I guess I'll reveal it re needed heirloom items to even be able to make a dent on any of his fats. And he's like the on ly one with heirloom items from our past games, which is like this element we get items is part of this game and you could heirloom them, which gives you like a special effect. But you could on Lee attack him with Erlend items that were your heirloom. So and really, you guys attack attack? You wouldn't say that You don't You like the power of your ancestors. Jake's hero Damage. Yeah, I'm like, Yeah, way so your foot way, Time way stepper Like festive getting eso We'LL probably do another chapter tonight and hopefully that will very least even if we lose be less of an ultimate murder is colleague of and more of a say hi, mommy Ravenous Wolf Way will come back to you at the start of the next game. This's just funny. They've decided that they're going to give each other and obey personalities she chooses. So what's everybody personality again? Through trouble ahead of a personality. Really? Well, my stereotypical anime personality is the alone Eddie got gamer, so basically you wouldn't really life but Rover satisfied. Oh, and what are we calling You're talking like a group more diverse. Well, I mean, you like your Leo crunching Caucasian in our current give group, so it means I'm Hispanic, but you know, for years like your car is best part of my job. I moved the conqueror and conquered anyway. He's conquered the slaves. Americans conquer the Puerto Ricans during the early nineteen hundreds. Wait your intimate personally Take it away Now a wow his personality. Well, I will see you work looking. He's the chubby one. Also trailing All scream on this, the guy wearing things that look evil. You were going to be the game's release here. So this excited college let's go. Basically, she seems nice, but after work and start singing, she likes heavy metal scene it way forgot one person in the group. Mellie. What's Jasmine's? So this is gonna be fun. You really got it and obey, right? So if you pick something that's, like, really animated specific, I'm gonna have no clue what you're talking about. What you are the pushy know it all high horse foster care. Do that. Everybody hates the beginning end of somehow loving in the end. Okay, that's actually kind of accurate. That's kind of how I robbed this group. I thought the game and like start of the game right, she will hunt you down in a Romney's animal, for example. I like to wait. What about saying I want like, not religious awful activity guys? And you wonder why anyway, for example, so basically we were getting teaching factories celebrate my birthday and the cross book down. He's like, Why don't you guys, here's your coffee is like the bus broke down, so I didn't see that the bus broke down and told, like, five texts after that. Then I stopped down to you about it, and then I just simply asked you haven't e th from blind by literally sending something goes awry. You like Lucy? Yeah, as a matter. Anyway, something about the murder I would do with the murder. Wait, you have no idea. You tell me. Find out. Next time in the next chapter, I I'm pressure to write us about to die, just heroes. And Brandon is super Opie. But anyway, we will pick this up next chapter. But we decided we're not going to do a second chapter today. But we have this bleak journal that basically tells us what happens at the end of every hot. And Brandon would read that for us, and then I'm going to go hang out with the boys and play some video games. Correction. Watched them play video games, cause I'm not really good at it. Hey, wait for tomorrow. Yeah. Good point. You'd still I still want to know what it was doing. Tellem. Surprise, surprise. Who won and who feels like bad, right? E think everybody knew you were gonna win like you had everything stacked up for you, Man, that Gabe was broke. It I mean news. To be fair, though, you guys give me all the information I needed. Unknowingly. But how could we have prevented it? Like we had no clue what tires were never saying? I feel bad that you guys have. There was there was almost no way to present you for morning perfect vessels for your master. You got through the world's leading male heroes and inhabitants of the house behind you down toward where he lies. Chained with Iran upon a cold stone altar. He's beyond death in a fern o p have alive by means and home skin has been cut from her chest, leaving ragged hole. You approach with caution only to see the eyes awaken. It's well Kuala run across his sharpened teeth. You are brought me again. This pleases me. You would do well. Add servants to him. P five to the vet, a predatory neck, p fifty two. So at the end of every game way add stuff to our different Dex. Based on what the bleak journal says So that's That's where I know he's looking right now. I can't do that and hold the camera, guys, where you forget you're This's the purgatory. Okay, I'll find it. Pass it over. I just can't film and you don't have enough feelings. I think clothing would be awful hard to find. I love you guys. Lauren's for fun. Not that kind of fun. Frank Party favors Like playing video games. You'LL be a master. I know you're thinking about Delhi where the events were the events. Oh, jeez. God put it in there. What else are we adding, Brandon? Once active barb, it's put into the regular stuff because I just you have put it for that in there during tryingto turn two hundred ninety five in the bleak journal. Okay, so now we're going to read something else. Is it on this check for me? Yes, His limbs Flyer on the change. Straining streaming flex training for it. And then the chains break. I am crashing to the blade ground Even you back up away from him toward the lights of sun just away When I'm done, I am free. He's long realizes he's thrills will serve me Well, he smiles of those you have brought him is a chilling sight. This is I have always said nothing of any own world in harmony. My strength has returned. He will leave and return to my world. The youngest hero, the most innocents. The hardest worker up remains a moment of clarity of the challenges in the entry of hell. Sure, they will close the portal that we're gonna key off in the lock. They're young, hands reaching. Grab the callous. Maybe on bound. But he will have in this world of the doors shut with her shrink. Young foot crushed the chalice. Calls him it or to hell. Your master is angry. So angry he's trapped here and you, or intensify revenge from below. So I need the purgatory deck again. Purgatory? Yeah. I didn't realize it's right in front of you, Brandon. Wade. Got more entries? Yeah. Youngest. Fine. Fourteen. I'm fourteen. I was sixty twenty. But technically, I think would be the little girl token. Probably. Yeah. Yeah. Present events and waits till we're done with this. We haven't had a journal entry. Another. This's the most journal entries we've ever had. Guys, this might honestly be the longest end to game night there has ever been to game night. Uh, let me check. Make sure there's actually are final Final. What? Yes. OK, then the house shutters important. The big collapse in on itself screens me hurt within none of those who had entered, you're gonna have to rearrange something now. It's not fit in the box, though. No own wish to search terribly thoroughly. Houses abandoned people who passed by me. The sign toward away evil years passed house phones of this arranged all this. He decided to use the thing. Property is a hospital for dollars. World with illnesses of the mind Destroy the deed of the house. And no one who owns the house anymore destroyed a chalice Roman card. It is lost. So, basically, where is the house that needs to go? Bye bye. Okay, we're keeping it just is like a momento thing. It's not part of the game, but I don't want to. You want to rip it? Yeah. We have to actually destroy cards in this game because basically, at the end of the game, you end up with a custom I version of betrayal or the chalice Give me the Omen. Cardinal Chalice Video. Yeah, he's gone. Bye bye. It's been quest to save the world. Really wide open gate to hell. Things out because way all this down for death, right? Loss as our deaths, your loss of your health lost the use of hill House, then fell lost gets hell house, then felt I Yes, I lost fourteen. So technically out of you do do this is still not like no dude Well, tonight and look for the other things. So don't try to put it in the box from a mental state. I mean, they use is basically another heart. Whatever you do, you're free player. Whatever. OK, so we put the five for pizza for Pete to five four. Yeah. Anyway, I think that this court is a good time to stop filming guys. So I will see you at, like, video game time. Well, you and you'LL see these two crazies. I love them, but they're all it stayed. And now he has to go home because where she lives has a curfew so good. So I will see you guys later, guys. So, unfortunately, I wasn't able to show you guys the videogame portion of our night because my phone died and Brandon lent me his phone to record on. But then the file was so big that he couldn't send it to me after the fact. So, unfortunately, you guys missed the guys playing Digimon and Suraj dorm room. I do apologize for the technical glitch, but I will see you guys in the next video. Hello. Um, but being friends with you, I will be here in Thank you. Such a baby. This was walking right here. No, we're just for us. Yeah, No. Anyone. This area right here obviously wasn't. The conference will happen in your mouth. Like most of the Education channel, some of that ginger from back that's famous comes here preaches about what they've learned of studies. Also, Orientation Week tends to have a lot of stuff that goes on in here because it's really the biggest area on campus. That and St Joe's, the auditorium, because we don't really have any lecture hall size classes. The largest size class I've ever had is like thirty. But when we do need to do big campus events, that tends to be the two places where we do him and you follow me. I'LL show you where the libraries are problems. You know what you want most. My classes were not Burgess. It's wrong. Like twenty to twenty two kids aboard, Professor this place has won't here has a library. Thanks for anyone, Major. Well, what's going on? No. Well, you can talk about what's in there. You personally? There were a lot of writing books, some free. No. Somebody on raising. You know, pre school isn't going. Studies some classes for studies, for homework on projects. Basically, I know elaborate has lost. We have books depending on what? Something means. Yeah, if you want to hear, okay. Studying storm is typical. You're gross on work. Really Well, for much, much more. Circle classrooms talk clumps that Well, you know, it's morning before discussion. Closet basically Washington for basically basically just I am a teacher. You live. Okay, So what do you think about this? Ok, OK, them think about this. What? You since we're often generous doing become teachers ourselves this way, all the sound basis, getting No, We're just sending class rights being part of the participation I really enjoy. And call me this. This here for the pop of the authors are most advisers within the program. There's a lot. No. First, my floor isn't a temple area. Like I believe people are working. Brandon. You guys are putting out schedules for you. For education, Major. I went to them. And what is a lot of action while he's here? Watch for information. Help. Basically strong. Come teach to inspire There were photos off the campus or all campuses in Albany. You know, Laura Ah, homey sharing, basically, you know, in a regular office. And for years, let's walk over. The other conference office is one level above. Over. Because four I mean, we could take the elevator. There's nothing against that. The good news is about this campus is that all of our building's air handicap accessible except for some of the dorms. Well, because some of the dorms are like converted old pound houses, so that wouldn't really work well, for another review Coming? Yes, it feels okay. Hello. So, you guys want to meet you guys up there, and when you're up there, I'll try and see if it's open. That's where you go, you ass into that, officer, so Hey! Has life. I'm enjoying seeing all these buildings I don't normally get to see. However, I love bread then but I am not doing that many stairs today I'LL be perfectly honest. It will not happen e kind of a group e Brad has more energy That five baby bunnies and branded is already here. Let's not forget. Wow. Is one of the other conference hall Yes. Four for important meetings like sound meetings. Excuse of writers. Well, this is another place you'LL go to for orientation. Also, if you decide to join the National Society of Leadership and Success, which I am, um and you have to earn your induction, But all you have to do in order to get invited to earn your induction is I think, yeah, I needed, like, a two point seven five years, like a little under an eighty. Uh, and then I had to do I have to do three speaker broadcasts and three networking groups. But this is where we do a lot of our chapter meetings for that. Anyone? No. No. No, I follow you this time in exercises. No. Well, I also doubt is better than up man. Also stop running. It's hard to follow you with the camera. Seriously, I think he wants to get their first guys. So I think I'm gonna let him because I can't keep up. No more your area person. Nothing before self control. Us. Actually. I went down there during advising when I made my first semester schedule with Dr Lister, who is one of the teachers in the music department before I got assigned to Sister Nelson firm. Why? Oh, it's been for us. Fun, fun. The dean of the school actually used to be my sister's soccer coach. Interesting going down anyone? Yes. Of a woman. There are worse things to be. Yes, far worse. I I'd like to say they don't act like this all the time. Yeah. Hey. Vending machines necessary for life. Everyone got reminds me. I'm telling a story here. There's his store means education majors. Oh, it's locked on Castillo computer room. Like finding any campus. Yeah. So, yeah. Keep start. Almost always. It's just ominous because there's no classes going on. And it's a weekend. Yeah, Sunday. I wonder where the stairs are. Says yeah. No, we're not taking those back up. We were you want to be killed? Yes. Oh, screw off. You have to be. People want natural, don't you? Natural? Doesn't mean way may just around, but I still love these guys. Wait. Right, And you're going Oh, Hardy, Har har. The camera wasn't rolling right now. Oh, my God. You can't be a party to these people. Know this is your anything party. Hey, dirty mind. Now follow me with stories I had to do. So yes, Travel song you got there Just what is getting there? I think I must convince all of the roads. And this is where the stories are Majors. You get, like food. Really? Like classes. Me snacks. Very convenient. Since Monster Trio with a couple hours here, I needed to know this existed much sooner. To be fair, though. Does not open all of the time. Yeah. Lalli pod. Oh, well, yeah. Very specific hours, guys. Still, though. Well, there's something Teo eat on this side of the campus. Yeah. No, nothing. I just point out most classes have this since. Well, that's giving. Using coming one present, like, get around complex places. Nice. But I mean, if you have to dress British cash will have to time. Yeah, remind me why we do this. Because on that day anyway, as many as this is bowling balls off. Explain to me why. You tell me? Help people. Yeah. A fine lady with all the species thing. Just because I drink blood does not mean I am not a human being. Okay, now that is way sprint Fernando's and something off seeing this video. Okay, so this is our main dining hall, where a meal plan words close to Niels. Let's go over there to that kiosk annual Swiper student ID card meal plans start out at, like, unlimited and then fifty dieting dollars that you could use at Camelot or Starbucks and go all the way down. Teo, if you're an apartment, you can get exempt from the four main meal plans and get fifty mils weak. But apartments are only for upperclassmen. So when you start here, we'LL have to be on one of the four main meal plans. And basically, as the meals go down your dining dollars to spend that cam and Starbucks go up. So, like I'm right now, I'm on. I think it's like one hundred and thirty meals for this semester, but I get two hundred fifty dining dollars, and last semester I was I think it was one twenty or one twenty five, but I got three hundred dining dollars to make up the difference because, well, they want to make sure you're eating. So if you're a first year student here, you're going to be and you're living on campus, you're going to be required to have a meal plan. So over here, where they'LL have some sort of entree or something, we've done nachos and then on weekends and during mornings will do like omelets and stuff over here. Prison salad bar. Your life means you're attempting to get healthy. This's only open and over here, and I don't like the condiments. No way normally have fruit, but it's towards the end of the day, so it's mostly cleared out. We have like seeds and stuff. It's usually some sort of dead for Hamas, no. And then the girls Over here, you get hot dogs from the sandwiches. Sometimes they have grilled chicken. Sandwich is usually it's like girl cheese or something. Um, they always have french fries. Those seem to be popular. This is literally how I gained my freshman fifteen at my old school. This this could be dangerous right here, but it's amazing. This is our ice cream container. And I think the young man behind me wants to use it. So I'm gonna move out. Hey, and wave. Good friend. Ian, we're filming for campus. Real. We're gonna give students that can't come to campus tour. That's good love. Anyway, they usually have various tappings here. There's talk about today and there's usually something like strawberry topping and cherries over here. There's always a waffle maker out, which is nice. And police sent over here way Have a vegan option. You're vegetarian, Some sort of protein and vegetables. Non ice cream dessert station. It's kind of do that now because at the end today, but they'LL have cake, brownies, all of those good things that sandwich station like major order sandwiches. And pizza station. We'LL always have pizza, and during the week there's some sort of vegetarian pasta option for those of us that or vegan pasta option for those of us that can't do hair your meat. But the dining hall food here is, you know, pretty good. It's not your mom's home cooking, but you're like not going to come here and starve. There will be something you can eat and all He's good. And if you have dietary restrictions, you can with dining services and they will work with you. But if there is for some reason you need a meal plan exemption, they will work with you to get that through the office for students with disabilities. And that's pretty much what you guys will get here in the dining hall. I'LL talk to you next video Hey, guys, it's Sara. And in today's video, I'm gonna show you two examples of what students do for fun at night. So if you come to the St Rose campus, we actually do have a lot of night events and day events. And this night event in particular, was hit mitts. This night in this event, attracted a lot of students. It was very popular. They actually have this every year at St Rose, So it was quite a hit. Everybody always has so much fun at these type of events. And yes, even though these events are more care towards first year students, freshmen, we still get a lot of upperclassmen that go to these events, too. Rush are tribal comes, try harder, more, which is harder. And not only was hypnotised event very fun. We also had a night out on the green. It was called Movie Night, and they set up the projector and a movie, and everybody start out on the green. And this, of course, attracted a lot of students as well. Because you have food, people have their own blankets and was basically just a social gathering. So even if you weren't interested in the movie or you didn't like the movie, it was just a time where people could just get to know each other or talk to each other on the green. So these were just two of the many events that we have on campus, either at night or during the daytime. But the events at night are usually very, very fun. But thank you guys for watching this night life on campus and I will see you guys in the Introduce yourself and explain why you chose Saint Rose. My name is the Saviour. Ortiz, Ray's music and major sophomore. I chose Saint Rose. Financially speaking, I got a bunch of scholarship money academically, musically would really spoke to me was how comfortable I felt. How natural spontaneous I felt here with not only the students when I first started coming in first coming weeks, but also the faculty and the facilities that we have in this, uh, school. I really admire how up to date we are with technology, um, how informed our professors are, no matter how young or old, with technology, with how we how we learn as young, growing musicians, adults. I came from a smaller school, smaller town. So having the smaller, more concentrated environment really, I can dig it. I get I got used to it. So and then again, I'm only twenty minutes away from home. But it's still nice to have that homey feeling. Explain the student body at your campus. I am a Latino small town dude that sings barbershop and dances salsa and loves to run and cook and etcetera. And I know people who are from all over the U. S. From different parts of the world who either in there the music program are there, not the music program, but divers is the number one statement I could. I could put forth torrents that question. There's just there's just tons of people. It's ridiculous on a grape awesome way, spiritually speaking, socially, everyone. What is your major? And described the academic climate? Well, I'm a music at Major, with a concentration on voice. You can either go on instrumental or voice. I am an instrumentalist as well. But climate of the of my major, I'd say it's pretty Hi temp and I say hi, temp and meaning of There's a lot going on. There's high demand and certain things. Um, you know, there is. I wouldn't say competition, but everyone wants to do their best. And there's only certain of only a certain amount of opportunities for only a certain specific amount of people. So it's kind of first come first served. But we're all trying to do our best. We're competitive or also very collaborative and supportive of each other in the same invite. What is your favorite and least favorite part about your school and why I think my least favorite because we are in a concentrated school, right, um, environment and people who come from small towns or even huge cities. The cons. I would think it would be the narrow minded of this of people. A lot of people don't have the ability to brought in their palate as far as acceptance of other humans of other majors of anything, really a small environment. Ifyou're usedto being in a big city, then you come to a small environment like this, a small concentrate environment. It could be conflicting. I don't care for the lack of unwillingness to be accepted. It's not everyone. I mean, there is. There are bad apples in every batch. My favorite part of St Rose is probably the people again, back to the whole diversity. You really get people who are acceptance of broadening their palate and who are there and continuing to do that. You can learn so much from everyone. You know, you have to speak with them. You can just kind of looked their way and kind of see how they go about doing their things and learn from that and appreciate that. And I understand that. There are different lives. People live and gives you perspective. Gives the whole well rounded. This some Thank you for doing this interview. Thank you, Sarah, man.