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Thinking about Wagner College and trying to determine if it’s the right fit for you? The college search process can be tough, but CampusReel is here to make it fun and engaging. If you’re thinking about visiting Wagner College in person, we strongly recommend you at least complete the virtual tour first. After watching the entire virtual tour, the next step would be to take an in-person campus tour to further vet Wagner College’s culture and community. Whether you are a prospective high school student considering the school or interested in transferring to Wagner College, these videos and reviews are designed to give you a complete understanding of the Wagner College experience. These Wagner College video reviews share the culture and daily life of students both on and off campus.

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Pipes who, James show you really what a typical day here is like it's a Saturday double campus events and stuff that we're going to sew. I'm starting with the wine to Brooklyn to go shopping and then coming back in the afternoon, there's a basketball game I'm going to go to and then at night, completely. Certain productions, which is the student run theater, reappears, having a gala so good to see what that's like on bears events and stuff every weekend. So I won't be doing that specific weight going your basketball game, going to a gala every weekend. But there's something different every beginning that I can do on campus. So being in college, you know, have most amount of money. So you have to, like, find places to get things for cheap and stuff like that. And in New York, sometimes that could be hard. There you go. Is in Brooklyn. Yeah, Street subway station. Because it's everything you possibly need Target. And then a bunch of thrift shops. Old, maybe level maybe. And then well, so you can find things for cheap fine. So everything I needed, Yeah. Office really happening today? Yeah. Oh. Yeah. Hey, so about to head out to the gala looking, everyone looking fan. Yeah, it's freezing. Let's go. Here. Wait. So in terms of other things, nightlife wise at Magnum because on a huge school, there's not a ton of like, huge parties. There are some Pritchard isn't stories that have parties, and I mean you could find partisans up on weekends. But it's Sunday. Quite the Sam was like, go into like a huge school. But there's definitely like parties and something that an off campus bars and things like that people go to so different like clubs. Also, their parties, other than sorties in fraternities like CSU, has parties and other clubs, and things like that have parties. So it's not all. And even if you're not like authority for turn anything and not in a sorority or fraternity, it's not the end. All be all here. There's lots. People that arm and you console have a social life, Hey, so right now I'm inside a typical Spiro Hall lecture room, so there's about four or five of these in the building. It's a cool building. It's shaped like a circle. So and here they're larger classes because they're more lectures based. And I'm also sometimes meetings and things were held in here for departments are like honors, program meetings and things like that. So here's what a typical lecture hall room looks like here. Come on. So also upstairs in Spiro, there are a lot more classrooms on top of all the absolute. Here's a look at another typical classroom for smaller class size. So also in spirit, going to be the lab's terrible Mac Labs and PC labs up here on the second floor. Cool. So on the spirit hall and then our science, but they are connected by a pathway above and then a Catholic from ground level. Right now, I'm in the basement, kinda between them, and there's lots of laboratories in office is to show you those we have to happen Electron microscope, which is over Okay, so right behind me is the centre Opal. It's like there's like wind. But I also thought that, um, there's a lot of things like all people find me and sterile, all lithe, warmer weather has scary now it just today during warmer weather out here, it's nice grass when there's a lot of love affairs and other things happen on the oval graduation have us on the ball the first time you're here. Thank you. Your planets like that number, So I made the twenty two. Show your love. Sussed from the parking booth. And then there's also the stage one black box senors across Howard. Okay. Someone do a quick tour of my room. All freshmen live in the same building. So with the same room South setup, you have a double. So you have a room. A nemesis. You have a need for a medical single, or you end up having a roommate that leaves. And then you have what we call it Dingle. So you're living a single and a double room, but yeah, here we are, twelve. Five. So let's go check it out. Dollars. So here we are. Here's my roommate through. So over here. Started with the back. We have closets, lots of space. I decided that my dresser inside to make it more space. The sensible fridge. Microwave for it. Ah, Curagen Then my desk Kind of messy right now. Sorry about that. On and then I have some things from home. Some other inspirational things. I put my bed over here. Um, and then I just have some lights, and then that is my theater major self decorating. We have very feed her room and hears any roommates. So And then my favorite part. How's the room is this? You look I'm going to Hi. Welcome to Wagner College here on Staten Island in New York City. My name is Andrew Cooler. I'm a freshman theater performance major here, Wagner, and over the next couple videos, I'm going to give you a virtual tour of our beautiful campus here on Staten Island. So a little bit about me and Wagner in general. I am originally from Fredericksburg, Virginia. That's a smaller town in central Virginia, and I chose to come to Wagner because of the theater program is very well known and the location in New York City and a lot of the other good programs that Wagner has to offer. Wagner is a small, little liberal arts school, meaning you'll take classes in all disciplines, not just your major on DH small meeting, where under two thousand undergraduates. So it's a very tight knit community here. I really like where under because of the small class size is that we have making it feel really small. But also we have the one football. So there's elements of both the big school and a really tiny, CZE small, tight knit community, which I really, really, really like. So over the course of next few videos. I hope you like Wagner. You get to see more about college life is like Andi. Hope it informs your decision. So right now, I'm in Guildhall, which is primarily sophomores and juniors, and I'm just going to show you around a little bit. Right now. I'm in some friends rooms, and it's the way guild works is there's like a suite. So you have a room with two people with a shared bathroom and then two people on the other side. So let's take a look. Okay, so they're also theater majors. So look, there's me. Anyways, it's a lot bigger than the other rooms. There's Colleen and Lauren, so graciously that video. Oh, my God! So graciously let me videotape their room. There's a lot more space. It's nice and there's windows to the outside. They have pretty decorations. They yeah, look at them. Look at them. And here's the bathroom. Nice little Kate Spade. Seven. Another room through there. So, yeah, This is an option. Like sophomore year and then Junior. You can also go into a building called Towers. Your sophomore junior and senior year. It is this huge building much I already showed you. And then Yeah, but this's Guild Hall. Hi. So I thought I'd just take a couple seconds to talk about the workload Change between hex one college a minute, Dance to you right now. Take a little break from dancing. Um, so the main difference for me probably is just like the amount of work you have. Because even if you take, like a pea I cost like that in high school, I used to have a lot more in class time every week. At least I did then what you do in college? So here we only have three hours and class a week, whether that's an hour and a half, two days a week, three hours, one day, a week or an hour, three days a week. So that means that most of the work study concept to you is outside of class. So if you used to like going home and only just spending a tiny bit of time on homework and stuff like that, that it's time a shock because you have to do to say things like, But your timing wise is you still need to run errands. You still need to go to meetings. I go to the gym practice songs plastic bath. Whatever your major is on top of that extra, like reading and writing papers and stuff like that. Just because college is very writing heavy and very out of class happy If you don't do your work out of class, you'll get by. Basically, that's probably mean big difference. And like the type of work and how it is and then how I deal with it. I think the big thing is you have to, like, you know yourself how you work. And if you don't know, you'll find out very quickly in the first semester, just like what worked for you, What doesn't like, I personally know that I am. Someone need to do my work done earlier in the day, because if I wait till like a minute fucking name, I just feel like, No, I don't want to do it or it's not gonna be as good because I'm just like, I wanted to do better. I want to focus on something else on DH specifically to my major. A lot of work, at least this semester and for coming semesters is not necessarily already, and it's a lot like dance and vocal and scenes and suddenly got So it's also budgeting time for that in space. For that for me is harder. Just cause I have to make sure I find time to be a dance, to do every day and being a vocal studio every day on to have, like, prop since and meeting with other people. So that's for me is to safely with my major is like a challenge that you don't really face as much highschool stuff like that. Yeah, I just couple insights and how colleges different than high school coursework wise. Hey, so should every day to show you some stuff to do off campus. So right now we're at the Staten Island mall. Oh, yeah, There's a couple days to get here. You can either uber or you can take a bus that stops right at writers campus, and that takes a bit longer, but it's a lot cheaper, but let's go check it out. Hi, this is Amanda freshman. So since we're in New York City, there's lots of things you all over. But you don't have to really leave Staten Island if you don't want to. So right now we're at the mall and walking the streets from campus. There's a grocery store for restaurants and then also on the island. There's lots of other things, too. D'oh come to the wake, although they are more in our target. We love Target, and there's a couple there, like top of the restaurants like Go Bar and there's lots of cars for people over twenty mine, So it's got to be Manhattan and Brooklyn and all the other boroughs. Send Alan School to Don't let anyone tell Sorry. Nyman union, which hosts too mean in places we have here, Reiner wish our talks just fast food takeout thing on then main dining hall way called Deal. It's a shame. So right now I've been a call, which is like the main dining hall. We only have one person all small. There's all types of food options way, way off to deserve good option. So's Olivia, look, it's Wagner Green green. Yeah, there's a much different read option. Wait, hey, something to talk about Neal fans and eating So like your solitude, places even to mainly hiding places are made. Dining Hall and Ox Cox is more like fast food on like we have a star about suing. Wait probably serves a mountain officials but on and then haul its like a normal college dining hall, open seven days a week on then for three meals a day on week days and two mules today on weekends if you have a full meal plan, so the meal plans are, you know, there's like, either you get all What's that? Six toe, fourteen, nineteen hours a week where there's like fifteen years because it like that and then you get Flack, See you. So you Lexi can use either, too, likes wife in the dining hall, or to really get stuff from Hawks Mom or that the Starbucks thing. So, yeah, what else? The type of food I'm personally embedded period and under pretty easy to find food sometimes have to make your protein. But only there's like chickpeas and like tofu, so like that in the south of our line. So that's good. And friends that are like gluten free don't have too much trouble in peanut allergies and stuff like that. It's pretty easy to get around. So that's good. Yeah, there's not. Other than those two options on campus, there's a small, like another cake. You want to call it a fake Starbucks. But like that, we probably serve. Serve US coffee and foundation homes with senior storm, which is open, stirring the day. And then they're fighting machines of all around campus. Yeah, that's the food here.