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Hello. Welcome back. It's your girl, Krystyna Janda. And today I'm doing a little video human, eh? Basically, about how I got into my school. For those who don't know, I gotta do university and Madison and your regime And I'm a junior, So yes, my third year, third day out here. Yeah, I'm about to give you guys all the tea in information. So to start off one of the questions is How did you get to your school and what was your essay topic? I applied obviously my senior year if I spoke to my school, I personally applied to a lot of different colleges that probably did 15 20 applications. I know that's a lot, but I applied to Drew and what my process was like, you know, just a basic. I applied a regular decision and then I found out if I got in around March, my essay topic I apply through common, and my essay topic was basically just about, you know, my personal background life story, focusing heavy one, like my mom who was sick at that point in time and just growing up with a single mother. And like why Collins was so important for me and basically what I planned on achieving once I got to college. The second question is, what do you think Diminish admission officers volume in applicants? Honestly, I think am Inish administration values. You know, a student that's well rounded. So you know it's great to have great grades, but at the same time, it's also very important to be active at your school. So have some type of actually correct activity. And, you know, just have a good personal statement. Let them know, because I like your personal statement, is your time to shine and let them know what you plan on doing while you get to campus or their institution of what you can bring out a student to their institutions like that super duper important. Good morning, guys. And welcome to my first day of the semester. You guys can see I'm in a little tighter. Just got out the shower. Yeah, basically, guys will be joining with me today as I take on the day I'm a sophomore in college. I got it. Drew University Communications and Media Major. First things first. I gotta get ready, so get ready. It's like I'm watching something. Provide. I'm almost ready. I just thought thio consumer on my face. Some lip stay. Do my hair. I'm ready to go. I got this this address, but it's like I'm trying to figure out is like a like sweat your dress from girls from Venus. I'll put the their website below. Their black owned business is super soft, thick material. Not like cheap materials. So you guys should definitely check it out. Okay, Ready? I'm just throwing this. Get over it to go. Because if not, I would be really hungry in class. Somebody with comedy, which is I can't lose you too. How cold it is outside before I even get no wonder people gonna be looking at me because I'm logging baby son Really fucking up My butt, but it's actually not that cool. Like I expected to be colder, but maybe I just have a hellish it on, you know, But anyway, no walking over two comments. No, I mean, good morning. Happy New Year. Hey, Richard, introduce yourselves. Hello? I'm leaving. You guys excited for spring semester? Like, 90% of these? Okay. Fair's okay, guy. Look, I'm eating breakfast, okay? So tell the blogger bought yourself today. It's true. Major in English pop in here. Really not. I was. Then you wait. Met last semester in our media and communications class, and I just seen her Mike and nearly breakfast, so I'm not about myself. Okay, I'm going this way. I'm going to class now by it is literally so freaking cool. I'm freezing, period, but God, don't you gotta do I'm going to my classes Start. I love 50 spit nish. I really hope I do well, because last Mr I tried to take a towel, you have to drop it because it was a shit show. So, yeah, look who it is. Wait, You can't really see Yes, I had my block. It's not his Holly's story and the living flesh where you going? What, are you going to the meeting tonight? Yeah, I might be a little not little league Now. There's no reason you should be late. My class started love for the embattled Spanish. I'm really scared because I got that professor that you had, You know, I got good luck. Okay, Class is over. That was the only class for the day. Has Spanish. It was pretty cool. I think it's gonna be better than Italian now. I'm about to go to the E C and get lunch with Delaney goes so yeah, I know what it's like. A crowd of people in front of everyone. So slow. Hey, all my cases they can't see you is Kierra matchup. I, my lord, traveling all over the world. Are you going to class where you got to go? Really? Jumping up? We got the whole gang here. You were What time your class Over to 30. Then You're done for the day? Yes, I got work at three. I'm about to go. You were doing in there trying to be warm. Yo, your makeup Rogan and his cameras. I'm in that you see now whole way. So wait. We're doing? Look at you. You finally workings thing. This is Chevy. He worked at the start. But hey, don't be working for real, though. How did you break? Yeah, make that money. Okay. Yeah, partying. You should go the right way. Okay. I want more birthing you got Everybody says is fat makers all 2019. Every girl I know in a happy relationship making this fact. What a beer theory say, not going nowhere. You can't run from it because we have a bridge cake. The same skinny. Make it worse. They still have time for fattening it. Semi. Who would a nice, long a Chris? Look, man, people are going to class, you know? I just got us so not your children. See you later. No way. Okay, guys, I'm in the library now. I start work at three. AM Overly. I'm with what's your major with your year, but I don't know. How do you like Drew? Be honest. Okay. I like Drew, but it gets really quiet. Glory party, like yeah, things that any more. Okay, that's weird. You guys, I made it to work. Start at three. 3 to 5. So I'll be here. Okay, now I'm back in the house. I'm in doing here Room. Hey, they smack you here. May be about to freestyle. She tried to find To be right now. Yeah, I want to fuck these *** up. What? Waiting. But they gave it Fucking sucks. I wouldn't know because I'm emerging. But I could tell. I think it was like to be a rapper. Get out of here. Just be like, Okay, now we have two comments. Whoa, Booth. Last not last year. Last night, the people that we said they were going on talking about he's crazy stuff. Let's try over here every year. Yeah. Sorry. I'm rocking. Michael Hose on living flesh. Hold This is way way, stinky baby. I'm literally just recorded everything. You don't How's your first day back? Yeah, I gave up that night class life this semester. I couldn't do it no more. Enjoy your food the way you are. You have music artist now a au sable smith of the U T campus. Alex whole shoes. She wears Manny. This is the Vice president. Wow. I'm the vice president. That's the president of the issues. We had a moment there. You did crack crack said the crack is back in. Don't let me expose you. Expose me. I think there's a reunion of my guys. I love candles. I e love. Yeah. Okay. Now I mean, Karen Delaney room abusing me. And it was good. I'll say hey to the ball girl. This the last one Because I'm about to Kiki. And then we got to go to bed. Orrin, you got any last remarks for the viewers? You saw that the Christians people got e gotta What? You got a way of thinking about it? We're working on it. Okay, bye. I love you so much. issue Girl Kristina Liliana and welcome to my new series called University on the Pat Ryan and college students about relationships. College life. So first, tell me, what's the worst date ever see? Just like my life. But I would say like experience in terms of leaving When I was first, she didn't talk to me time, and then I and then I was getting hurt. And then the next way So wait, what state that I've ever been on? I didn't know it was a date. At first on, my friend took me to a mountain to go skiing because he wanted to be out of a case over. Oh, my God would have a skate was great, but he got super nervous and didn't teach me how to stop. So I fell down the hill, hit like three children and then, like a fence and broke this finds like the children were crying and his loss like speed up speed away and let his boss like, yell at me for being on the mountain unattended on. I was like Why didn't you stop right? And he said, because I was nervous because we're on a D and I think again. Yeah, like friends. Like it was like, just let it go. Oh, OK. Second question now is how do you feel about talking? You know, the talking stage is like the easiest part of the whole relationship. You're talking to each other. You get to know each other. It's all fun and games. It's easy. You ask them a question. They ask you a question point is to get to know each other, right? Right. No need to be stressed out. I mean, I also do what you do. So is it really that hard? Right. But also, you feel like it's important to, like, go out with someone like, Why aren't you with Gillette? Sometimes people skip over that part. Yeah, see the part. So the talking stage is where you build a foundation. So you go do new things with each other. You go, Dr Foods, you go see things and all that, and that builds a foundation that kills a friendship that's important when you jump off into a relationship. Once that ends. If that ends and you decide to fall back into friendship, where's that friendship gonna go? If you don't have anything to do, right? Don't really good. Yeah. So tell me, how do you feel? First, I think that it should exist because talking can be lost Everything. So I feel like getting stand talking. And then bring that stage. I go like whatever you want to get to know each other for days, like children. I don't think you should be like that's what reasonably is. Okay, so tell us, what is the word they ever been so one time in high school, Like my first day ever. Like go. That was, like, 14. And I was like, I mean, I guess, like I know him. And it was like the same kid that I would go reverie Something. Okay. Came and his dad drove us a threw up with tape lab. It was hungry. Wow. Yeah. So after that, did you just like, OK, bye or no, I was pretty evil at that one of my life, so I told everybody about it. If you like world. Yeah, rides out those right. What is the worst date you've ever been on? Okay, so it's a double date, and him and his friend were our late afterwards, we were like driving food started smoking. Okay. Okay. So tell me, how do you feel about, um I feel like it's hard because, like, boyfriend, like, what's going on? And like Like I want to. Right? So it's like, never ending thing. Yeah. Just keeps going on and on. And then sometimes they just stopped. Yeah, definitely. Okay. So how do you feel about talking personally? I'm not a big fan of the talking stage or you know what? I feel like it should be a very short stage relationship with someone. So I don't mind talking to someone for getting face time, trying to see if you do. They'll be like on a date. If you like each other, they start dating. I feel a lot of time talking stages, like, stretched out, and it becomes a beast. Everyone, the other person doesn't have the intention. Like being seen with you. Okay, So tell me, what is the worst fake? I got this, but, uh, ever sending, okay. And so I want a while because I became this conversation, but I stopped otherwise the worst day. The worst thing I've ever been on was probably thinking that I was going to do with someone and then end up ending up with that person's house. Nobody. I wasn't even really a date, but it was like it was a scare. Oh, my God, That was lean thing way. Hey, guys, Welcome back to my channels today. I'm recording. We're having a game night. I'm gonna be blogging for you guys. For the first time, I've loved something that's, like, not me actually going somewhere, but he Oh, okay. No one's here yet. Being here and doing your host eating way. Got some games, card games over there. I think I'm about to make some s'mores. I don't know. Get way that every time. You, no matter what, People never know right now. Okay, Game night is full of facts, but check The girl was in the kitchen. I got to make s'mores. I really didn't want to use the stove, to be honest, um, I'm trying to do any of my going first. And then if that's a flop, then I'm going. Yeah, okay. I had to bring here and because I talkto anything. No. Look, So play. You take all the ingredients saying, God, Hershey's chocolate and he's our kitchen is a fucking See that I was a little space kitchens. Wait. Okay, First you burn. You okay? Wait. You need to Oh, my God. I'm breaking graham crackers. Wait, wait. Great. A truck with Danny. Don't you get the graham crackers? You get chocolate. You probably want a brick about just one chocolate, because it's what you make it. Make it a lot you don't want. It will spread one trying to show once you add the marshmallow, then you have the march of my loan you pressed down. It's kind of like a sandwich. Like a sandwich. Wait, wait. The game night has ended. Everyone has left. Unfortunately, I think me or your lock me out my rooms online on public safety to come on Laki, and then I'm gonna go to bed. But yeah, it was fun, but I gotta say, Oh, okay. So today we're going ice skating in shopping. Um, is my first time ice skating, so I'm a bit nervous, but you don't see how it goes. I think it should be fun, So yeah. Okay. Now, one that we were going to the ice skating rink. Um, today I'm blogging. One christened today, So Mom just called her. We're seeing Hey, say hi. Kristen's law. What? They had Christians block for you, too. My mom a baddie. You look good. Yeah, Nothing. Just forget it. It's over. Now it's over. That's my mom. Look, he's up, you know that. You look great. We just got here. Now let's go get our skates. It's cool. We are gonna be out here for, like, not one. Great good, like, maybe 30 minutes, Max. OK, we got their shapes on. Um, I'm pretty scared, but I'll be fine here. I'm really right bythe I can't skate, so I'm on the sidelines. You're doing good over. And now we're in the mall. So excited about my favorite mall ghetto. I don't love that. Okay, now we're eating were smashed burger, but I'm the only one that actually got smashed. Burger Duwayne. He's going through a crisis, but she's getting some pretty cute clothes. That green sweater that watch T shirts. I'm getting an idea before, like, fiber crab. We're now back. Body works here is smelling all these candles. I really don't want anything in here, but I'm just here for the fun of it, So Yeah, sure. What boyfriend? It's my fucking move. Go right, period. Guess what? Guess is getting very Wow. Pick your ring. It's pretty cricket. No, uh, probably still he bother. Right you are. Robin. You knew about it. Safer room. Oh, thank you. You millions out stealing. You're married, Katie. Very cool. And now we're in splinters. Don't know how we got here, but we're here, people. It's such a weird story to me. What? Yeah, you like it? I'm not purchasing anything from here. Theory is a It's a pocket for new a pocket. Just It's just my ass for you, baby. Even the music is Okay, guys. Now I'm back home. It was really fun. Long day about to clean my room. Get in the bed and relax. Thank you guys for watching. Make your light comments and subscribe. Now wait. Now you would have. So this video is about test prep advice. This clamor. I just want to say that my institution drew university. I believe it began. Maybe my year that I entered or maybe the year before, which was 2017 became s a T prep optional. I do advise those submitting your score's even if they aren't the best. That was something I did. I don't know if that hindered or help my application, but I definitely still got him. Regardless, a SZ faras test vehicle test prep goes. I took the A, C, T and the S A T. I put the a c t wants and I took S a t twice. I didn't have the best scores. I think messing teased had a nine something. Not just something My first go around. And in the second time it was like one One is like 1000 something. Um, I'm just personally not a good test taker, but I feel like if you show that beyond test, you know, you're still good academically. You have good grades. Good. G p A. You're still well rounded student participating in your high school. Then I think you should be fine personally. I just think that there's no set way answer into getting accepted into college, and it's just really about your application as a whole. So don't feel defeated if your test scores are super good in conclusion, as far as test prep advice, girls, I did and roll into some S A T prep classes. Um, I don't really I mean, it might have helped me. I don't know. You improved my score by a lot. But, you know, I do recommend as 18 prep classes either way, because it's just a good practicing strategy as well as you know, getting the workbook and just studying, just trying to be as prepared as you can at