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As they go into the dining hall. I'll show you around. Filming is not really allowed in the dining hall, so I'll just, like, do a quick round of food and stuff. They've got a lot of great options. They have the car, God stir Fry station and pastas. Making pasta station a panini pressed. Its really great there's actually is one dining hall on each campus. Um, they're in the really big, and they had a problem not having a spot in there anything. And then I'm Livingston. There's like some other, like food options, like there's a cute job on a diner. I was really good in the movie here. I'll get to all that eventually. Just I'm gonna take you into the dining hall and do a quick walk around everything. Just after you see the dining hall, I'll explain everything to you. They have. They have a stir fry station every night and you, like, pick out your own meat and veggies and you give it to them and they fry it all up with noodles. That stuff for you. They also have make your own pasta and you choose like your protein and your pasta. And your sauce and they put out together like a grill for you and they took it all up. Was it really good? Quite quite busy. They also have a salad bar all day every day, and they have like a waffle maker all day every day, and they cereal out all day, and then they have like a I got prepared salads and grilled chicken, but that's my favorite there, like all the prepared salads and stuff now and then, like one special thing is every September, they have something called King Neptune night and is a seafood night where they have all you can eat crab and lobster and shrimp and clams deaf. It's amazing. It's like really the lines out the door for hours because everybody and their brothers and sisters and families coming to Goa go eat there. The dining hall's good. Unlike a lot of dining halls, they're living. Someone is the best one out of all the other campuses. They like the best food, and I haven't found myself getting sick of it or anything. Um, it's not too bad, huh? The dining hall on the college campus. It's not as glamorous. It's not. It's new, and people do say they do get sick of it. But the Livingston one great. I love it. Keep going back every day. So I'm here in front of the Livingston Dining Commons and the Livingston Student Center. Over there is the car library, and those brings over there are the linen towers is mostly first year's international students. And then back that way are the quads is mostly first years a couple of upperclassmen and international soon as well, the common tossing our students anywhere. So this is pretty much all Livingston is. Plus behind over there is till it hall, which is the main economic buildings. Um, psychology departments. Headquarters is in a few other officers and a bunch Hey, guys, We are in the academic building with my friends. Who Danny Crystals to go. This's a typical lecture hall. I've actually had a few classes in this. Lucy Stone Hall hasn't ailing and abuse. I just want to talk about some important academic buildings for me and my acting career at Rutgers University. So excuse me, that is, on a college campus. I've had three classes there until their future lecture house. As you could see, I've had drugs and human behaviour, the religious mind and this Mr Conflict and Prejudice. It's a really big lecture hall. I typically sit in the same seat for each class. The fourth row in the middle. Um, yeah, the teacher. I'll just talk about my professor for this semester, so he has a very different way of teaching. Basically, we read the textbook and it's a lot of reading and I always fall behind because, you know, by this time that I have worked on management's cast an eye cramp. Yeah, So we basically read the whole textbook by ourselves. And then when we come into class, we don't really discuss coarse material, too much ammunition that we discussed coarse material, but only to clarify. It doesn't teach us, and he talks about how he wants us to learn. And this is his type of way of like making us retain the information. And honestly, I'm not a huge fan of it. I wouldn't take his class again. It's just a lot more extra work in. And in a college students world, you don't have that much time to really to vote one class if you are a part of a organization or you have a job on campus. You did research like that, and I'm certainly in a lot of things. And I really don't have enough time to devote to that class and have a social life and manage everything out. So and I did buy the textbook I bought an earlier version of textbook textbook was like ninety bucks, and I I thought the previous edition and it was like eight dollars, and it was literally, like, pretty much the same. It has given me a problem today. Can you prove it anyway? But basically, when I end up doing is reading as much as I can or care to until I get bored. And then I read the summary and just the teacher mes men going quisling and I study what some people in class and I ask questions during class, and I paid attention to class discussions which had sometimes could get really off topic, so it's really not my favorite class. It's actually my least favorite class this semester, but it's been a challenge, and I do enjoy challenges. So it's whatever the student faculty ratio. So we have one professor. We have tears and a lot of our big lecture halls, but sometimes we don't even know where they are. I don't even know if I have a T A in this class. But I know in one class my mom politics cuts that we do have a TA and might actually teaches recitation, which happens a couple times a month, which just like summing up all the class material. He actually greeted our midterms. Who's in charge of operating? So the teacher sometimes never great. Any of your tests, which is interesting with my best friend transfer. Kirsch was very shocked that you didn't like it, because sometimes you never see the team their life and are able to develop a personal relationship with them unless you go out of your way and got office hours or you just naturally excel at school. So a little bit of both goes a long way. My relationship with my professors, I would say average course I have. My favorite professor is in less favorite professors, like not like unlike whenever you want to call it. I don't dislike any of my professor is one of them. But when I mentioned I don't like his teaching style, but it is a challenge. But I would say my favorite professor is Dr Rudman for my sex and gender classes like Four hundred Psych Class. She's absolutely amazing. I actually requested to record trip, but she wasn't comfortable with it. So of course I respect your wishes. But her class is absolutely inspiring. Amazing way focus on a lot of her own research that she has done, um, undergrad Post grand just yet. It's really fun. Another academic building that has tremendous First, my acting career is to a heart, which I will include a short or or yes, since I'm a psych major and I have a lot of classes, like basically on Livingston in college at sorry, it's not the company. I have most of my classes on Livingston campus in college at camp I'm Livingston. I've had classes until a call. Lucy Stone. Huh? That call those air? Basically all the buildings you have classes and far from the business building. And yeah, not this nature. So I don't have any classes there and on college app. I have classes in the academic building Scat. Forget it. Foresees fall. Yeah, college. I was really did. I don't know why I'm having a brain fart right now. I basically have been all over the place. There's a lot of buildings in college, kind of like a lot of majors. Further, I never had a class on Douglas because it's not my majors for this tour. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to show you guys any labs, because I'm I'm not taking a lab this semester, so I wasn't able to film that for you, but I got a couple of lectures. That's not it. This is where you are. It's. Full on you three dollars detergent. So what's your favorite and least favorite? Part of my fever would probably be that there are five campuses. Every campus kind of has the feel, and I like that. I could go visit my friends a moment. Campuses vacations every weekend when I go visit their apartments, horns, my least favorite, which isn't really like a least favorite. It would probably be the busing. I mean, if I'm running late for class, take a fifteen minute bus ride. But they're very because I don't want to walk. I don't have a car. Not the worst, but sometimes the timing. Okay, so now I'm going to give advice to incoming freshman until the first one is, if you could have one piece of advice to your high school self, what would it be? And it would be to not stress. I mean, as hard as that is to say, time will tell and basically being patient and just understanding, like time and like time management, is literally the best girl you could have because you I need to understand that like some things are just goingto happen and like, you won't have an answer to it right then and there. But eventually you will. But also like timewise, not just, you know, being patient, but also managing your time. So you really like when I wish I knew, But well, I mean, high school did prepare me for this, but it's on a whole nother level. When you get to college like that, you need to really manage your time because, especially coming into college, your schedule isn't like seven a. M till a two thirty PM anymore. It's like on Monday it's nine a M toe like twelve p m. And then, like Tuesday, it's not until five thirty PM. So, like, you have to learn that even though there's those big blocks between your schedule, those box get filled really quickly with clubs and have to go to office hours for your professors and everything she had. Definitely. One other thing is that you have to take a minute of professors office hours because they're here to help you, and they will help you. And, um, something that they didn't tell me on my tour that I wish I knew. Um, I personally don't think they helped me figure out how to use the bus system here, because, yeah, Rutger's because it's so big, you have to get use a bus to get everywhere. So the Rutgers I just kind of had to figure out on my own, So they talked about it, but not to the extent that I wished. Like they were very clear and concise about it. Um, so definitely wants you download the workers app. I would just look over all the buss like all the buses and just see, like, Okay, this is goes here and this goes here. And that's, like, pretty simple. So yeah, overall, when you come in as a freshman. Just also be open, because when you're open, there's just you're open to so many opportunities and you're definitely gonna find something that you like here. Like that's the great thing about Rocker is because it's so big, you're not tied down at whatsoever. Like if you don't want to do this one thing, you can go find something else and just be involved. Like being involved is the greatest thing because outside of classroom, it can help you D stress, too. But it helps you to make friends and everything. And if it wasn't, if I wasn't involved, like I probably like, I don't know how else my freshman year so far would turn out like so, yeah. So I'm underneath Livingston right now. A lot of these on every campus there's a PNC. And they used be chaste, but they lost the contract. Unfortunately, I bank with Chase. Oh, I'm kind of out of luck. But this complex hasn't tm and all that the captains have teams on assumed to have easy access to money. I'm here right now to meet up with friends and go get some lunch. So I'm meeting her in a minute. Okay, everybody. We are Henry's favorite places to come. They have take out and you could sitting in time like actual real diner. And it's pretty cool because they take meals like so let's head on in and see what's cooking. Hello. We're at Henry's diner with the manager here. Could you tell us your favorite part about working at Henry Signer? Favorite part is the students. Excitement is great here. Happy to be around. Everybody keeps them feeling young. I love the energy. Yeah, delicious. And everybody goes crazy for our milk shakes. So thank you. Milkshakes looks delish, guys. Some of it is dedicated Teo and life fans working social parents in college and like this very topic to talk about with anyone on the scene. And I'm still mastering the scales. Happy Friday, first generation in my family going challenge from against it. I have to myself, which was okay because I had a lot of resources and help to do that. But scales don't come overnight, so I think it's very, very important to start implementing the skills you have mastered them. For me, I was a bit of never, never. Let's go. I'm just Clarence. Our soul is Charlie. This is a sterile stair master. We'LL start with our Stargate, just like enough to be able to retain information quickly. Some subject areas, particularly major, so I could look at a few sheep running off and getting depressed. That's really eighty percent of information that one time you lose within two days that were going on that we're not just here to get a degree, so some particular sector I have to take monitor study depends on material, whether it's memorization, conceptual, but every time management setting aside time to do your studies every single day for fascinating in that waiting until the day of the van like I did just this morning to study now E. What? Time, Bob, I really don't want you guys to profess to me because it causes a lot of stress that could do very easily avoided. If you just six top six time every single day, it's one subject for twenty minutes. That's all you have to do is for you the last chance we're getting from that and in between moments time to yourself. When you're waiting on line to get some food, that could be a half hour away. The other day I waited for five minutes, just poured it in time. I thought I could forget about my article. I watch other people screw incident that happened at that time because every day, sometimes successful, uh, so another scary would say to balance work and play would be to, from time socialites, others once. After this. It's a transfer. I just got transferred. Have transfer shock. So that is where you have a different T e T e t e t e great suffering from three. Seven to pay for your ticket, you could start over. But that's the job. So this Mr after that exchange, but have no social life Stay home all the time. Everything will be all, Mr Now, friends just study. And I did it because all of my free time it didn't matter if I were fascinated because as long as it took me that's a lot. Three hours to do something, which is why a lot of time for myself. But I have to remember that Mr Friends going to the gym. So I started to find balance time for friends. Because people need friends to study when making friends socially or making something fun. Advance whether, dr, whether, whatever happened with that and so much Anyway, you have to do something about it already. But I just wanted to get a first hand imprint on it. Have suffered so much for my appointment time scales and Okay, wait. First start meditating way. Okay. My major is one of our history, and I think a favorite memory is starting. Something trying to Teo, Remember? Okay.