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Thinking about Rutgers University-New Brunswick and trying to determine if it’s the right fit for you? The college search process can be tough, but CampusReel is here to make it fun and engaging. If you’re thinking about visiting Rutgers University-New Brunswick in person, we strongly recommend you at least complete the virtual tour first. After watching the entire virtual tour, the next step would be to take an in-person campus tour to further vet Rutgers University-New Brunswick’s culture and community. Whether you are a prospective high school student considering the school or interested in transferring to Rutgers University-New Brunswick, these videos and reviews are designed to give you a complete understanding of the Rutgers University-New Brunswick experience. These Rutgers University-New Brunswick video reviews share the culture and daily life of students both on and off campus.

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Hello There

way. Welcome back to my channel. So if I found a little funky today, it's because I'm not my normal mike. I'm using my cameras and little mike because of you doing a dormant or for you, There's only for me to really be worried, Mike, because I've been moving around. So yeah, have you excited because I'm finally ready to show you my room, So, yeah, let's get started. So when you first walk in, you close the door. This is what you see in my room, right There is where I fell. I sit there and film. You can see the familiar way background and the white free throw I have on my chair to just have these lights on. And there's different settings. I'll show you what they look like later, but, um, I normally just like, just have the lights on like this. This area over here is like my kitchen area, plus my mirror, my trash. My room came with a micro fridge. So what? The microwave attached to a fridge? And then I'll just show you what I have appears. And cups they're not from take out, take out 10 souls. My sponge. Some water bottles, Suraj. Huh? Because I love serrata. Whole bunch of napkins can open air oatmeal for the mornings, hand sanitizer, a bowl, some total seasoning. It was me that every once in a while, over here we have my mini fridge. Right now, I only have water in here. Normally would have food, water, my water pitcher, and then my freezer. I would normally have food in that, too. Like I said, this is my kitchen ish area. So it has a little fake bouquet flowers over here, some lights, all wives and my dishwashing soap. Which brings us to over here my glorious chair. So that's from Burlington Coat Factory. It's just the throw. And I have it under this really ugly, like a butterfly chair from Walmart. But this just makes it look way more sheet, so yeah, and this is where I would sit to record. Let me turn my lights on. These are my soft box lights. I always have the link to that in the description box of my videos. So definitely check that out of you. And you said in them this is what I used to like me. Videos like the lighting check this out. They're really, really great. So I would normally sit here. It only sit right here. And that's my view while I record, except normally my overhead light is not normally on s Oh, yeah, I sit here and sometimes I do my makeup. Sometimes I just hear to talk. Hey, I'm gonna do, like, a makeup collection so you'll see all this in detail. If you would like a man. My bad. My betting. I forget who it's by. You think it's I think it's Nicole Miller. What? I believe I got it from I their home goods or brilliant tinkle factor. But I believe that home goods. So, yeah, my ruffled This is actually. Do they cover? I have. I have not a blanket. I have a comforter inside of it. And this is a Do they cover? Um, this pillow was from Walmart. They know it's for a moment to thes gold pillows. Thes y angle pillows are from home goods. And yeah, and then I just have, like, a black body pillow behind their start of it's a little dark, but, um, yeah, I just have some pictures. That is a necklace. I just have it out for decoration, cause the kind of goes with my theme. This canvas that's amazing. Campus is from Burlington Coat Factory. Definitely check those places out. Birds, ical factory and home goods. They have really, really, really, really, really good deals on, like the core stuff. I love this and I feel like it Just who goes everything in here? It just brings everything together. And I love elephants. Those carpenter from Walmart, they're actually room darkening car ends. I'll prefer room darkening or blackout card. And just because I don't only wake up early because I don't have to because my classes were late. So I don't like the sun peeking through, so I only just have my curtains closed. Most of the time I have this little table from that's also from Wal Mart. Oh, let me let you know this table that I have, like my makeup and stuff Owners from target tissues. I don't. We have water here. That's ah, these little fat chicks that you see around my room. They have like their sentence, but I have my laptop here underneath. My bite is pretty mice at my backpack. I don't normally normally used have a person's extra purses. Um underneath there in that tub is where I have, like, extra supplies as far as like, toothbrush, toothpaste, extra soap. Things like that are in that. Tell them that I have some, like extra blanket. This is what I have. Extra kitchen supplies, extra bowls, plates, glasses, cups and sponges. And mayor, this is just back. The has eggs in it. My slippers. This'd is my box of like hair. I can't even get through it because this is its full to all. My hair supplies er in there like braiding hair crash a hair so thick that's in there is in my two suitcases for whenever I go home, they also have my spring stuff in them now. Well, you know how everyone has a bag full of bags. This is my back, full of bags, like there's a whole bunch of, like, just extra bags and they've ever need them. And then this is kind of like miscellaneous stuff. My air condition that that came with the room. So in the summer came really clutch. But now I just feel like it's a new sense, because let me show you how I had to cover it because look how ugly this looks. Connected to event the connects outside. So what? Well, for heat. But it just looks really ugly. And then when this is not covered, I just feel cold air blowing from outside. So I had to cover it up. This is my desk area sitting on my bed. This is the view I have. So that's it. Not another Saturday. I told you that normally would smell good, but they're really old. I just think they look nice, so I just leave them where they are. That's is the necklace I just have hanging up just for aesthetic. You know, that's Krampus from Wal Mart. This I love my room smelling nice. I have I normally have a whole bunch of these around pens. Well, let me show you while I'm here, let me just show you, um the difference. Like settings that the lights have because I can control it from over here. I really love these ladies because I can control the settings. I can do this. I can do this. Do this too. I'm going to do like a makeup collection tour. This is where I have, like the rest. My makeup from cotton balls, cotton swabs. I know usedto have this. My old videos, if you dont watching my channel for a while. I just have this hanging up. I used to sit here and record thes picture frames from the dollar store. I literally, like found them with this, and I haven't changed them. I didn't create them. They came like that. I have this drawer. I have my bible right here. I have because they're some of the old door decorations I had from last night, sir. An extra notebook in the second drawer. I have, like, kind of messy. You have extra d ordered in here. Wax paper For what? I was making my own lights. Um, extra glue. Because, you know, Ari problems. Um, what would you stop? That should make up while expanding. No posh remover. It's over. Here. Is this is where? Have extra hair stuff. Extra hair products. Aaron here. My face. Soap is in there. This is the other brushes from sprint. This is the other brush heads for my spinbrush. Some stuff I bought from some new stuff I bought from bath body works. I haven't touched yet A little Mary for when I stand here. And when I'm putting my moisturizer on, I only just looking mayor to make sure I'm looking. Okay. This border battling to finish just some stuff I only used in the morning my vitamins and only take take fire 10. Take Biotin and D three every morning. Um, this just has reigned. My, my moisturizer, my toner, and the seller water. This is a new product. I'm trying. This is right on the used to moisturize my skin. Um, the shame, moisture, 100% extra virgin coconut oil. And then this is where I keep my hearing. Sometimes I have some more hair products. This is basically just like hair products, hair stuff, hair clips with caps, My perfumes, Your hair stuff here has been I have my hats. And some random stuff is mostly hats in here. First, where is underwear? Second door is like my tops. Long sleeves, short sleeves, cropped tops, blouses, spaghetti straps and bodysuits. Um, fancier stuff is over here, and sometimes it doesn't close. But that's okay. I tried to make it look nice, toe. You guys think I'm not messy. This is more of like my chill stuff online. I have Mike. This is like my dresses and skirts and then some sweaters over here. Here is where I have my jeans and then sweat pants. Yeah, we get to my closet. This is what it looks like from the top. I have my sneakers. Have I clutches go out. I have my hoodies. Might have a hoody and another like bigger chunkier sweater up there. But I have some clean towels that have some flats here. My actual Klaus. I tried to organize it somewhat. Charge you like jackets and jackets on the end. So my leather jackets and, like, thicker stuff is on the ends. Denham, um, colored stuff is here, but I have, like my dress hands and stuff in the middle here and half skirts. Next address pants that have cardigans and sweaters right here. And then I have, like, my Blousey stuff right after sweaters. And then I have some jump suits and dresses that I have some longer cardigans just here. I'm gonna have all of my African print that I have here. A tte school is after that, have my big jackets and my blazers and then My suit for when I have interviews is back here. And then my everyday jacket down here is my heels. Um, I have actually my ironing board, and then I have my heels of my heels with the dress Eerie events when I want to look nice when I'm going out. Um, yeah, they're just not organized back here. I wish I could show you a way back there if you can see. I don't know, but I have some flats underneath my iron and I have my boots chilling back here. Black and brown boots. That's pretty much it from my closet. This is my automatic spray freshener. Things must still be here because of that. I'm have some extra boxes from other equipment. I thought over here is where I hang my towel. I'm gonna have my hamper and oh, let me show you my rug. My rug is really old and doesn't really go with my room when I've had it since freshman year. So, yeah, that's my rug. And I believe I got it from Walmart. So that's basically it. That's fine room. I hope you enjoyed my room door. If you could make sure you get big, like leaving the comments. Let me know what you think of my really proud of it. It has evolved. If you haven't already makes you describe, Check the description box. They are wondering backups from check the switch box. I might have some links on there for you, so yeah. And yet thanks for watching. So I'm here in front of the Livingston Dining Commons and the Livingston Student Center. Over there is the car library, and those brings over there are the linen towers is mostly first year's international students. And then back that way are the quads is mostly first years a couple of upperclassmen and international soon as well, the common tossing our students anywhere. So this is pretty much all Livingston is. Plus behind over there is till it hall, which is the main economic buildings. Um, psychology departments. Headquarters is in a few other officers and a bunch Okay, so now I'm going to give advice to incoming freshman until the first one is, if you could have one piece of advice to your high school self, what would it be? And it would be to not stress. I mean, as hard as that is to say, time will tell and basically being patient and just understanding, like time and like time management, is literally the best girl you could have because you I need to understand that like some things are just goingto happen and like, you won't have an answer to it right then and there. But eventually you will. But also like timewise, not just, you know, being patient, but also managing your time. So you really like when I wish I knew, But well, I mean, high school did prepare me for this, but it's on a whole nother level. When you get to college like that, you need to really manage your time because, especially coming into college, your schedule isn't like seven a. M till a two thirty PM anymore. It's like on Monday it's nine a M toe like twelve p m. And then, like Tuesday, it's not until five thirty PM. So, like, you have to learn that even though there's those big blocks between your schedule, those box get filled really quickly with clubs and have to go to office hours for your professors and everything she had. Definitely. One other thing is that you have to take a minute of professors office hours because they're here to help you, and they will help you. And, um, something that they didn't tell me on my tour that I wish I knew. Um, I personally don't think they helped me figure out how to use the bus system here, because, yeah, Rutger's because it's so big, you have to get use a bus to get everywhere. So the Rutgers I just kind of had to figure out on my own, So they talked about it, but not to the extent that I wished. Like they were very clear and concise about it. Um, so definitely wants you download the workers app. I would just look over all the buss like all the buses and just see, like, Okay, this is goes here and this goes here. And that's, like, pretty simple. So yeah, overall, when you come in as a freshman. Just also be open, because when you're open, there's just you're open to so many opportunities and you're definitely gonna find something that you like here. Like that's the great thing about Rocker is because it's so big, you're not tied down at whatsoever. Like if you don't want to do this one thing, you can go find something else and just be involved. Like being involved is the greatest thing because outside of classroom, it can help you D stress, too. But it helps you to make friends and everything. And if it wasn't, if I wasn't involved, like I probably like, I don't know how else my freshman year so far would turn out like so, yeah. you wait. Good morning. It's officially moving. Day it. ISS Thursday, August 31st You haven't been watching my Boggs. Um, you might not know that I have moved in almost two weeks ago. All right, so today's official moving day for, like, all of our living learning communities and a lot of just first years and moving in today and I'm so excited you're stood I wasn't as excited, but today I definitely I just, you know, see them and all that. It's about 8 45 and hands. People have already started making a commotion outside Ari's schools like staff. Check in 10. We'll check in with Zebo. We have here problems socially, a little bit of what's going on outside because I'm like, right in front of where everyone is pulling up to unload. So let's see what they're up to. It's so early. Ouch! I'm still getting used to be a slave like walls. My film something today I can There's not too much noise. We'll be moving in down the hall, so yeah, check in with you. Yeah, The crazy thing with bars on the way over here. Group rumored. Zoom in. Oh, okay. Get a whole feature. Oh, but it's a professional man. You were messing it up. She has died down a little bit. We're still here checking people in. It's a good time checking people in right now. Wait, You actually know what still in my home. So let's focus. This is my struggle all the time trying to get my camera to focus well here. So I was hoping a little bit outside with the check in, but it wasn't my actual shift, but it's about like almost 2 40 now I'm going to go to the dining hall to get some food real quick. We'll eat before it's my actual shifted 3 30 years. Help check in. People are still moving in like since, like, 7 30 this morning. Never heard commotion outside my window and still going. So, yeah, I'm gonna head off to the dining hall Brower Commons Dining hall. I was actually a little confused earlier, just being hunted, and I thought today was like official moving. But not all of the buildings are moving people in today. I think most of the first year's and transfers this'd is our dining hall. Did you want to be my vlog. This is what it looks like coming down. Going down. This big ramp thing is not typically paper, dining hall, but this is the closest to me. Theo. I thought this is what I'm eating omelet some fish and pasta among my salad. And I got two bananas for later. And like, beating the clock, because it's 2 50 now and I have to be back by 3 33 before focus. Okay. Hey, it is about almost 11:30 p.m. I didn't pick up my camera. Um, for most of the rest of the day, Um, I didn't do too much to be so They're worth much to share. I did just finish recording a video about, you know, college social life. So yeah, there'll be more actual move in on Saturday and Sunday, mostly sided ages. Because tomorrow's a problem. They're probably not going. I'm not going. You don't even know what it is to be honest, but enough chit chatting. I'm going to go ahead and take my face off and I'll catch your in the next clip here. Just blowing everywhere. But it is days. It's Saturday. We're headed to, um complication. So that's where basically, that's where, like new first years and transfer students ignited a scarlet mates and all that. So we're headed there on yeah, taking our residents to complication. Wait, Wait to its Sunday, September They're like, the third moving day I even now, um, it was convocation. Today's actually throw down on. I can't actually go and film it. Sad fees because I'm on duty holding the phone. What? People are moving in. And just because we have weekend duty. So I'm holding the phone for, like, two hours. I'm looking out my window people stuff. Um, I expect because first years transfers are moving yesterday are two years ago yesterday. I think I don't even know our problems, but I'm young more than his loud as the past couple of these Isn't a lot of possibilities, but took over once and Aaron before before I have to be on duty. But that didn't work out. I just woke up this morning and just cleaned around my room around in my room. Yeah, so I'm just looking at the cars line that Stop. What's wrong person? What's what that stops? See? So we're at Rutgers Cinema right now. It's an awesome place to see movies. We literally have a movie theater on campus. I've been here a bunch of times and you have discounted tickets. So what is it? Five dollars. Seven. Oh, five dollars for student matinee. I've seen you are here. I've seen another movie that I cannot recall the name of. I love rocker cinema. They also offer free slushie Wednesdays at Rucker Cinema, and they even have classes in here. Yeah, and good morning. All right, so this is my first trip Log on my actual Got to stop looking at myself. Uh, sorry. I'm a little bit sick. This my fresh flog on my new camera a Sony a 51 100. I just got it. I'm super excited. And, um, this spa out a V M in the morning of class at nine. All supposed to work about seven, but is really warm. My room. And I couldn't wake up, but I got to get ready. I gotta shave off his beard. Did get a haircut and kind of, like, cut off from years. I just get take it all off. But I have, like, two or three classes today, being even for I think it's for mushroom. Have my last class, but I'm excited to take you guys. Um, yeah, I don't know what else to see. A friend of kind of kind of tired. What you guys just saw is my morning routine. Um, a lot of it, or all of it, is from a youtuber that you guys may know named Arlen More. Um, he got from the Tim Farriss routine, and he kind of put in his own twist, but yeah, I actually been doing it for, like, a week and 1/2 and I enjoy it a lot, but yeah, let me take you to my day and hope you guys watch this video and hope you guys like, all right, But I also want to show you guys where I was gonna eat breakfast, but I don't think I really have the time for that right now, but I'm going to eat, probably lunch. They're like almost every single meal there. So I'll show you guys then and, uh, yes. So I guess the next time you see this will be in class. And maybe if I do film within Woody's will be within Woody's what he's It's just a place I eat. Is this so hard not to give you guys so much background information? I feel like I'm talking so fast, but let's go. You say anything to the students of Rutgers? All right, guys, I'm not sure if I told you, but I'm in my lease. Every closet date absolutely called for Michael Kinetics. I mean, some people might like it, but I'm not a phantom. That and it's kind of difficult to understand. This is a recitation. We have the only class afterwards. I'm not sure if you hear me, but absolutely terrible. My friends aren't here. Guys. Three towards our friend. Good medicine last night. So she's sicker than those the great Depression past the anyone. It's recording. I introduce yourselves. Introduced yourselves. Yeah, I guess I'm Sammy. I'm also one pharmacist student. Explain to people. Look, classroom, Arena and I passed. What is that? Guinea pigs. Okay, so it's kind of like a similarly about counselor. Okay, so it's like a drug counseling. Usually take it for a year. Yeah. Counseling for years? No. All right, guys, please. Especially for this dinner. Check them Bush. Hello? All right. I know you guys are probably thinking, um, soccer. You can't brown shoes with black suit, but like, I think I kind of rocket. To be honest, that also don't have, uh, black dress shoes on me at college, so these will have to I don't know what's up. It's Mary. Welcome back to my channel, so they'll be doing a college senior regrets video. So just be talking about some of the things that have happened that I have allowed to happen at my college experience that I wish had not have had a number one not seeking help quicker when I actually needed it. So this is definitely one of the things that I really regret because I would, especially my freshman year. I would kind of weight until things really got bad before I went to the Learning Center to get, like, help with homework or help with certain concepts I couldn't understand. I wish I would have gone to office hours more often. Spoken to my professor directly. I didn't understand something I needed. Like extra help. Number two is expecting friends to stick around. I think this is something that everyone wishes happened, but it doesn't. The reality is that it doesn't people who you may be friends with your freshman sophomore junior year. You may not be friends with your senior year or even after college, so I think don't expect everyone to be around forever, basically, as bad as that may sound. My third regret is not networking as much as I could have by networking. I don't mean, like, only like when I go to like career fairs like that. But I would say, like connecting with my professors even more often because in my case, I knew that I wanted to do a jar when I first came into college. So I was already taking intro classes. I wish I would have connected more of my professors so that, you know, applying to grad school now I wouldn't have to, like, pick and choose professors. I was really cool with this and that, like it was kind of hard for me. A lot of my professors are seasoned in well seasoned in HR and labor studies, so like they have worked and like police is, I wish I could work. At Number four is wasting time with unnecessary and unhealthy relationships. You don't need that college like just focus on school like I know it sounds very cliche for your education is one of the most important things in your life because your education all most likely get you a better job, which were making more money which goes back to education to pay back your student loans that we have. You'll know when you have talked to people around you. They just use you. The only you know want you around when you're beneficial to them. Back 100 things. You just know when you have, like, talks people around you and people who just aren't focus to like That's unhealthy because, um, I had friends my fry freshman year who were came a cot and they were completely about other things partying and all that. And, like, you know, obviously the freshman, like dabble in that tomb. I remembered why I was at school, so I didn't let all of that, you know, mess with my academics. If you like this video, make sure to give me, like, to let you know and make sure subscribe if you haven't already, and, you know, single my my virtue of the authority vested way candidates you represent degree with great responsibility. Today way university runs with 19. It's identified as well as various inference. You, as a community will be leaving on our after Sunday officials. Wait, wait. Graduation ceremony number two, actually, Major Lord and savior. I want to thank Mama. You know your contains backwards. This'll respect Full way Graduate way Team, Team seven Whole picture. You're my block. It's raining so hard right now. Sorry if this log is a little scattered and I'm sorry from yelling right now, it's just rain is like beating down so hard and I literally still have my like regalia on. Yeah, so So what? Is it looking crooked? Because I know it was shifting back in that frickin cap. Yeah, I'll cut you guys later. We fix my hair first. Can you get my law? I'm not walking way. Maybe like you're blurry. Yeah. Whenever focuses, wait. Thank you. Recommendation with, After mentioning my virtue of the authority vested way candidates, you represent degree with lights, responsibilities, wear graduated way. Wait. No way. Yeah, way. Gentlemen, please remain in your seats recording. I'm going to be Oh, Wait. It's still blinking red. It's like Wait, wait. I didn't know instructional. So when I hit it on the way So he's a victim with that way, come to the end of the block. But here I told be reached the end of the block. I hope you enjoyed it. If you like this video, make sure to let me know by doing me a big leg. Leave me a comment. And don't forget to subscribe for more videos about college. I will be talking more about what I'm doing for Post Grad on many different options. Other people are taking apart from me. But, um so, yeah, I hope you under this video and you'll see you. My next one. Thanks so much for watching by. As they go into the dining hall. I'll show you around. Filming is not really allowed in the dining hall, so I'll just, like, do a quick round of food and stuff. They've got a lot of great options. They have the car, God stir Fry station and pastas. Making pasta station a panini pressed. Its really great there's actually is one dining hall on each campus. Um, they're in the really big, and they had a problem not having a spot in there anything. And then I'm Livingston. There's like some other, like food options, like there's a cute job on a diner. I was really good in the movie here. I'll get to all that eventually. Just I'm gonna take you into the dining hall and do a quick walk around everything. Just after you see the dining hall, I'll explain everything to you. They have. They have a stir fry station every night and you, like, pick out your own meat and veggies and you give it to them and they fry it all up with noodles. That stuff for you. They also have make your own pasta and you choose like your protein and your pasta. And your sauce and they put out together like a grill for you and they took it all up. Was it really good? Quite quite busy. They also have a salad bar all day every day, and they have like a waffle maker all day every day, and they cereal out all day, and then they have like a I got prepared salads and grilled chicken, but that's my favorite there, like all the prepared salads and stuff now and then, like one special thing is every September, they have something called King Neptune night and is a seafood night where they have all you can eat crab and lobster and shrimp and clams deaf. It's amazing. It's like really the lines out the door for hours because everybody and their brothers and sisters and families coming to Goa go eat there. The dining hall's good. Unlike a lot of dining halls, they're living. Someone is the best one out of all the other campuses. They like the best food, and I haven't found myself getting sick of it or anything. Um, it's not too bad, huh? The dining hall on the college campus. It's not as glamorous. It's not. It's new, and people do say they do get sick of it. But the Livingston one great. I love it. Keep going back every day. Okay, everybody. We are Henry's favorite places to come. They have take out and you could sitting in time like actual real diner. And it's pretty cool because they take meals like so let's head on in and see what's cooking. Hello. We're at Henry's diner with the manager here. Could you tell us your favorite part about working at Henry Signer? Favorite part is the students. Excitement is great here. Happy to be around. Everybody keeps them feeling young. I love the energy. Yeah, delicious. And everybody goes crazy for our milk shakes. So thank you. Milkshakes looks delish, guys.