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These are used to electric buses. Bubblegum in the nation actually, see, I am the only one in the nation with him. So this is the University Town Center. It's totally a target here. Duncan Donuts Blaze Pizza, yogurt land. Not a whole lot more. Trader Joe's is here, too. So if you ever need anything, you could just come to you to see if super close to campus I'll take inside. Wait here. Couple clothing stores on our way to the father. So if you have something, you could come here, sit down. Some Korean grilled a lot more plausible. Just sit here a lot. You need to find a cave. It's a nice place to be mobile, other shops. And here is university towers. A lot of companies from here book a room and stay there so that's university students can also internships or anything like that. Bob still being on campus, which is a great thing, a lot of things. They're close by here, so don't need to worry about getting a car. It's really not necessary. They also have Indian food, type from, though on a whole other kind of things here, including the movie theater So if everyone is like, you know, watch a movie, you could do it here too. Most of things you need, you could find out. You see, I or you too. See? So everything's really here. And there's no need to go out into the city of Irvine. The beautiful city though. So this is the hill Guys on clothing Find it Your hat. Find it flies. You could find it far birthday cards back. All here. Pretty cool. Yeah, We got clothing here. Hanz of you see a clothing and hats. If you're interested in any, I might get one for myself. Good hat. Yeah, I like it. Scythe Ice cream over there? Yeah. Could have cooked cakes, cookies, brownies on that side. Yeah. Putting in. On this side. Sit down there on the sitting area on this side. Right here. They have fresh vegetables in your official person or a person. You can get your oranges, apples over here on this side. And you should have been honest right there. But I think they're right now. Right now. Wanna write that on this side and that side over there? You can get sandwiches. And on this that you could get salad and you build your own sound? Yes. Okay. And I'm listening. I have more drinks, sodas, juice, nous, lemonade, another kind of stuff. And here at the Anne Marie, we have a no people table and a TV. So you can You can come and you know again. Then children pay something. But with your friends watching TV and stuff like that also, since we are in California, you see, I used Provine is in California. We have beautiful weather right now. It is about sixty degrees Fahrenheit, which is not bad. You can sit outside. You can get your dinner for relaxing time and maybe watch the stars later on. Right. So that's pretty much it for the annual fee. So the way the meal plan works is that there is either a one hundred block five day all access their seventy all access plan one hundred block. It means you can come here one hundred times any time you want and five day all accesses Monday Friday. Seven days is including the weekends, so there's a lot to keep here and you want to take advantage of it because you really wantto understand that each meal here is about so eat as much as you want. Eat as much as you want, because you're going to enjoy yourself. So I'm going to get and my recommendation. When you're coming here, take the seven day all that just because you may be having difficulty finding food on the weekends and you may not want to make your own food, so it's always easy save so much time to have food already made for you. That's a way to get things. Basically, you have two options, but here there's a lot of stations to choose from when selecting what heat. Here's the pizza station, however, pizza isn't saying during breakfast hours nearby, the station is the dessert station, which has is it across the unity of the main hub station, Issers, an ENTRE and usually two sides that change needs Dick. Additionally, there's vegan alternatives to what you can find to the right of the station. Jack. Supposing that is Agro station, which is the left to the hub, saving burgers, fries, chicken and other stuff over. Here are two other stations as save other randomly selected entrees for lunch and dinner. Although doing fractions hours, omelets are always served it. Then we have a salad bar here, which also happens to have baskets of foods available as well as sandwiches. Finally, we have seating in the eatery, which varies from boost to tables, counters and tables outside the theater. Now, if you want to hear, you have to get a meal plan, which can be the seven day Meal plan, which comes with Flex Time, which is essentially the campus currency to buy food and drinks from other restaurants on campus. Option two is a five day a week plan, which a century is the same as the previous one. But just for five days, as the students can go home for the weekend and Option three gives you about 100 swipes is to eat there. Get in. What? Great. So this is where the salad. You. No for right here. Where. They have all sorts of birds here putting bedroom. Right now. I got a burger, a stir fry potatoes All right, guys. So here you see, I there are two points weak kneed You can eat at the scenery, which is this one, or Pippins, which is in middle Earth. So right now, I just Grantham. Beautiful cockles sense it's Tuesday. They have Taco Tuesday three. Let me let me show you around the an eatery. First of all you can see they got drinks on this side and on this side. Like I told you, they have Taco Tuesday. So they have tacos on this sign on. Have a bunch of sausage from the other side of that spit again. Compliment? Yeah, on their side. They always have cost us. Yeah, they make it for you again, right? Miss, This is the American girl. Let's see what we have today. Right? Chicken Parmesan went and some vegetables get off my grass myself right now. Good. Fast. Yeah. What? Hey! And on this side how you can compliment your sandwich. You're remember only talk with Frank. Right now, let's go over to the other side. So as you can see, the January has a lot of places where you can sit down and your food, some friends, something that and at the end you just put your dishes on this side on, you know, that's Here is a Phoenix Grill. This is one of the three food courts on campus for those who don't have a meal plan or just want to actually buy stuff to eat. Kind of weirdly shaped, but yeah has received. You. CIA. So there's tortilla fresco grow, works a bagel,