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Thinking about University of California-Davis and trying to determine if it’s the right fit for you? The college search process can be tough, but CampusReel is here to make it fun and engaging. If you’re thinking about visiting University of California-Davis in person, we strongly recommend you at least complete the virtual tour first. After watching the entire virtual tour, the next step would be to take an in-person campus tour to further vet University of California-Davis’s culture and community. Whether you are a prospective high school student considering the school or interested in transferring to University of California-Davis, these videos and reviews are designed to give you a complete understanding of the University of California-Davis experience. These University of California-Davis video reviews share the culture and daily life of students both on and off campus.

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So today we're taking you around. Well, menthol. This is one of the most frequently with it all because I did most of my prerequisites here. Class sizes range between, I guess twenty twenty people in a class to about one hundred people. And it's also one of the hall that is the closest to the dorms. So it's very easily accessible to students if they're walking or if they're biking, so let's go. So this is the first of the women in the first room to my left will be coming here. So this is where you can create any documents that you wanted. Anderson always. Just Oh. Kind as I mentioned earlier doors, Windows the ground cure has class and they're a lot bigger number. Also have student events. There's such a club wants to advertise or having in possession. They usually have it before the law, and this is where they put most of their posters. So the first two weeks off is when most of the props table and like, advertise. So this is where you go. Another thing about this whole is that it's very centrally located, which means the memorial union, where you could grab some food is very close by. Also, a lot of clubs have their weekly meetings in one of these holds because it's very easy any of the students to come in here. I filmed half of that video without my Michael. So we're gonna start over. Battery's about to die. It sounds like I said, this is just great, but I'm gonna try and get through this video as quick as I can. They want My name is Ashley Joe, and if you don't know who I am, I am going to be 1/4 year cinema and digital media student at the University of California, Davis. And today I thought I would share some of the tips and tricks and hacks that I learned these past three years, especially if you are an incoming freshman who want to know more about the school. So I'm gonna title this video. The Ultimate College Survival Guide. U C Davis Edition. Let's get started. One of the biggest things that UC Davis is known for is its bikes. You'll see them all around campus all around the city. It's inevitable to not see a bike around. One of the most important things about riding your bike on campus is knowing how to navigate around bikes. Tip number one is when you enter into a bike circle, make sure you yield for those who are already in the bike circle. Make sure you remember that. Number two, if you're crossing the street and you see a biker coming your way, do not freeze. That is how dear, Get hit. If you're walking, just keep going and the biker can navigate around number three. If you haven't already, make sure you download lift or uber or some sort of transportation up like taps. You will need it. Eventually, taps gives you rides for free. They have their tipsy taxi and things like that to get you to and from places. And you can also use over lift to get to wherever you want. Actually, number four do not wait until 10 minutes before your class to find out where it is. The campus is fairly big, and if you don't know where it crosses are before you start, it's gonna be a little bit difficult for you to find. So what I like to do, at least before my classes, is to find where it is on the map. There is a campus map and a directory for it online. I'll put that link right here, but you can also just wander on the campus. That's what I did my freshman year, A couple of friends and I just biked around campus. We got used to ride our bikes, and we also just looks for our classrooms to make sure we knew how to get there on the first day of school. I promise you it will be much more beneficial on the day of when you're looking for your class. So here's a little hack for you guys on the first week of school. Make sure you have a screen shot of your schedule from schedule builder or you have implemented into your calendar on your phone or Google calendar or whatever. Just make sure that you have your schedule and you have where the classroom is. The times because sometimes schedule builder doesn't work. It crashes because everyone's trying to look at it at the same time. On the first day of school's take a screenshot of it. Save it as your home screen. Do whatever you can to make sure that you have that schedule on the first day of school, and it'll make everything just smoother. The bookstore is pretty pricey, and throughout the year you're probably gonna need something that you either didn't bring from home or forgot to buy for your dorm. So sign up for Amazon prime using your UC Davis email, and then you'll get that two free days shipping as well as that student discount. And speaking of buying things, never buy a book brand new unless it is absolutely required. You can always find a used version of that book or an older addition you can find on Amazon. But what most people like to do before trying to find out Amazon or resorting to the bookstore is going to be free. And for sale page or the text book marketplace on Facebook, you're most likely going to find a book that you might need on those two pages. Someone's bound to be selling one of your books, especially if your class is very common. A good used bike is always much better than a brand new bike, especially if it's over $250. And once again, people are always selling furniture and bikes and things that you might need on the frame for sale page. So if you aren't a part of that, make sure you join. But in terms of bikes cruisers are kind of frowned upon at UC Davis because one they're heavy too. They're slow. Three. They are of pain to park next to bike racks for your set side by side. And if you have a cruiser with the big handlebars, someone won't be able to park next to you because I just gets stuck entangled with your bike So I would settle for a fix E or a road bike, which is probably the best bike that you can have on campus. Registering your bike is required, but rarely do you see people being fined for not having it registered. So I'm gonna leave that up to you. In my opinion, I registered my bike my freshman year, and I actually found it to be kind of helpful. Not too long ago, I got an email saying that they were doing construction on this one building and my bike was parked in front of it. And if I didn't come to pick it up, then they would just dump it. They would cut it off and dump it. And because I registered my bike, they were able to contact me and tell me to move it and so my bike is still safe and somewhere else on campus. But I'm gonna leave that to you. Make sure you have a bike light, especially if you'll be going to your dorms. You know at night, sometimes you'll have a class that gets out at six or eight, and towards the end of fall and winter it's gonna get darker, and so you'll need that light, and it is technically required for youto have a light. The UC Davis Police Department actually gives out free bike lights, but you know they're not really that strong, and your phone can also act as a bike as well. If you don't have a next tip is, do not taken a T M unless you are absolutely required to take that class. You know it's not like high school recon. Get to Class 7 a.m. and wake up every day. It's gonna be difficult, Trust me. The gym, also known as the Ark, is free for all students who are enrolled. I would take advantage of this because it's actually pretty nice. You can do intramural sports, or you could just work out, run around the track, use the machines. There's a lot of stuff that you can do it the ark. And there's also different classes that you could take a well, make sure you have a scantron in your backpack, your full there, your binder, whatever you use, because you never know when you're gonna need it. Microsoft Office 365 is free for all you see EVA students. I actually like to use Google Drive for all my notes and things like that, because the school gives you unlimited storage and you can access it from your phone or computer anywhere in any time. Having a water bottle is very necessary. Davis gets really hot, especially in the summer, so make sure that you stay hydrated. And speaking of water, Davis water is nasty. So make sure you have a field trip, some sort of britta filter you can share with your roommate something like that, because drinking the top from Davis's honestly, not now, unless you wanna look like a freshman, do not wear your I D. With the lanyard around your neck. What I used to do was keep it in my phone, please. I actually still do. And that way, when I got to my dorm or whatever. I needed my card. I could just pull it out, and I knew it was always with me, and it would be pretty impossible for me to lose. Professor's office Hours are the most valuable resource that you could have, even if you don't think that now. Going to an office hour asking for questions, honestly, very essential and very helpful to get you through and, you know, raise your grade from a B to a nay if you're having trouble in that class, the Student community center or the SEC has the cleanest bathrooms on campus, while the EMU first floor has probably one of the nastiest bathrooms on campus. But if you're in the EMU and you need to use the bathroom, go to the second floor because those air much cleaner, much nicer and that's pretty much it. Those are a couple of tips and tricks that I've learned from my past three years of experience at UC Davis that I wanted to share with you all, especially if you are a freshman, our transfer student, and hopefully it'll help you get around a little bit easier. If you enjoy this video, make sure you give a thumbs up, subscribe to my channel If you aren't already so that you can stay up to date with all the videos that I post, I'll be posting a couple more practical videos. And if there's anything that I forgot in this video, make sure you leave a comment down below and I'll try to get to that in a another video. So thank you so much for watching. And once again, if you're new. T. C. Davis, Congratulations on getting in. Welcome. And maybe I'll see you around and son is still out, and there's still one bar left on the Not too long ago, I approached my first college welcome week. Here I am going into my fourth year at my last of the welcome week festivities. This fog is gonna be about in Eastern celebration or fall convocation or whatever they call it now. So let's just get into it. If you didn't already, I'm on the dance team called M K Modern. And for the past three weeks, we've been putting together a set to perform in front of all the incoming freshmen and transfer students. Today was the first of four performances this week. All right, Day one of welcome week for me performing at 3 45 today. But we have a tech time at 11. 30 which is in about half an hour. And I'm just now getting ready, putting all my stuff together, getting all the cameras together for us to fill. So I'm gonna go through the super fast Super quick packing camera Number one, Camera two Yesterday I kind of hurt my bag by lifting some things, and now I'm feeling it. So I'm trying to take it easy, but we are performing today, so I've been putting heat packs on in just resting. But I might just have to take a painkiller and just suck it up for today and then rest. We'll see how that goes late. I am trying to get everything into my car. So much stuff. I kind of packed everything in a rush, so I don't even know if I have what I need. I have makeup and shoes, and then I just hacked a bunch of camera stuff because we're gonna be filming it. And then I'm also gonna think pictures after on blogging that I might just use my phone. All right, I have a story to tell. I tried to get out of my complex, and this guy was like, blowing leaves everywhere. And then I get into my car, and then he starts blowing leaves off of my car. So he's blowing out. My windshield was like, Hello. I have to leave. Thanks. Hold me. I appreciate it. Honestly, he said he said you're cute. You don't deserve these in your car. Yeah, He went all the way around my car like he started in the front, went to the side, and I went to the back and blew it, too. I got here that has a tank. But get this tech messed up. Information practice on stage. Make sure everything is good. Gonna get this money. I heard she's looking comfortable. Oh, man. School starting. All right, we are at the art taking over Dallas job you're looking for? Yeah, that camera batteries actually dying when you charge it, leader. But I just like this fluffy thing. Yeah, we just finished performing complications, and then they did wonderful. Yeah, we're coming again tomorrow P i R S E c Open house and at Yes, yes, yes. Oh, every war come through to those three performances, maybe you could get a free trip and apply it. And they're like postcards. Yeah. You wanna audition, travel fire, find us walking around with one of these shirts, These pants looking cool. Ah, little ready are for my ears. But anyway, it's like a greeting kiss. Anyways, get past performance successful. We had got a decent amount of shoes, especially given the audience way got fired. You're gonna be passing about Nina's hello school right now. Oh, from the angle, it actually looked like cops outside of one of these fires will be firing like always kind of basically. So be on the lookout. Find us in one of these shirts or something that looks like the shirt or empty Mom came out of you. Just wait. Ready? No, wait, wait. We got the son. Same on you, sons. That's gonna be beautiful in, like, 30 minutes. I just got back to ashes. House, post performance, post the free food free shirt and creeping up on freshmen that looks like dancers. Now we gotta go swim place in basketball with the rest of our modern Alison hopped the fence to get in here cause my key doesn't work for any of the facilities here. Um, so great. Create hopping skills. A pause for Alice and, uh, nowhere in the hot tub because it was too cold and it's dark out. Got nothing about it. Just chilling. It was nice to be able to relax with great company before the school year begins. We've been working pretty hard these past few weeks, and the state was a great way to unwind. It's three AM now, and I have work in the morning and we're also performing in tomorrow, but tonight was not everyone's going to the bus. Seymour said, though I see you making moves. Okay. Yo. Yo, that's not even funny. Yo, Yeah. Oh, seriously, You see? Seriously what you think Number said that? Oh, my gosh. Listen, I'm leaving. It's like the other one You can see. It's like, partially open. It's so quiet. Why are so many people here? I've never seen this many people here. What? Wow. So cool. So fresh, So huge. It's like an upgrade. It isn't. Upgrade. It should be. You got to go. Please. Yeah. They're giving you like, for example, from trade sauce. Forget it. No, I saw what was there. Everyone. Before I started this amazing video. I just wanted to inform you that I have merged on my channel. Link will be on the description down below. Go check it out for yourself. Yes, it is shipped world. Why did you get in the Philippines? Wherever you are in the world, get ready for our meeting. Read more information and enjoy the video So tell me more about yourself. And what did you think? So my name's Rose. I'm a second year international relations major, very famous on. I chose Davis because I really like the clothe. Right? My name is like a thirty year international police major, and I just don't like it here. College town. Very green here, Davis. My name is twenty. I'm a fresh world. I come from China and I choose to see Davis. Maybe me, huh? The reason is because of this drinking and The other reason is in California. This What about you have line a maze and you can just call me Eve Y eyes, uh, from the station that's employ in, uh, my major is clear social science because I really have a figure reach Ask that that really love and quite interesting. And the reason like him to use it, Davis is that, uh, first I really love you. See, the California because I'm a first travel to yes, the Stanford University, which is always a locating California. And the weather is really, really good. Yeah, this sunset a nothing. Um and Davis has kind of like it's on education. He's really kind of really good. And, yeah, I think that pretty much Hi, I'm Rama and I chose UC Davis because it's the only you see that had my major, which is just designed. Hi. My name's Dahlia Barghouti. Um, I'm in new English, phD. Student here at U. C. Davis Reese and I decided to come here is because the English department just seemed really awesome. Uh, very a very collaborative environment, uh, and a place that I really wanted to pursue my pH d at. So I'm a fresh fan from China. My name is, uh, Ndour. There is a pig. Davis is like the sight of a nice school in my I have I have, like, friends and, uh, today, Miss. So I'm here. My name is Jocelyn Best Figueroa. And I chose UC Davis simply because I have a family of in Northern California. That was a big factor in why I chose it, but also because of its academic rating ranking and just really good things that I've read about it on DH of the professor's. Hi guys. My name is Neo Karate and I'm from Dubai. And yes, I do equal for breakfast. I have diamond infused toilet paper, and it also do buy a Ferrari in reading. Jokes aside, I'm here at U. C. Davis, and I'm a second year studying manager of economics and statistics. So now you must be wondering why I decided to travel a thousand miles away from home from my comfort zone from a big city like two by two. A college town like UC Davis is because this college town atmosphere helps me focus on my career. And also there are a number of jobs and organizations on campus that helps you get involved. Andi. This is also very close to the beer, which means a lot of job opportunities are easily accessible to in the car right now putting my final together before I get it printed. I'm actually in the parking lot at FedEx, but it's raining. So he prepped this before I go outside. This is of I'm just gonna take the l and submit what I have. And hopefully, you know, it's done. All right. It changed screen. Just finished. I'm done. I got it. It's currently raining right now, but basically this building that you see behind me is a miracle. It is also the office of the Chancellor. I work down in the basement of as a video production intern and you know, basically all the videos that come out of my office and all the things that I do go straight to the news channel the city of Facebook, Instagram. Things like that actually did a video on my dance team on the city of Z Z channel. So if you guys want to check that out, it'll be here, sir. Currently in the computer lab working on my phone for T. C. S 1 30 which is pretty modeling. It's taking me for this is what I have got a strawberry and it's sort of creepy Let's bomb. Are you on the floor? This'll This is where we come to study and eat and hang out a lot. You'll see me in here. I'm always the wall, too. Wall is very convenient place. I just finished my design finals. No one pretty well. Got some good critiques, things like But everyone had some pretty good projects. So what? Well, so I'm gonna go home now. It's raining. Any had taken up. I've been awake for too long. Just it's raining so hard. Why? Why? And I'm going to either take enough or do work because my final due tomorrow we're on our way to practice. You almost don't way do it while we do it. I do it for you. I didn't go hard. It was like standing the whole time. What hard in the explanation. It's three wear out safely right now. Way just finished practice. Look, I want to get some cereal company in Syria. Yes, Okay. Very crackles. Fraud. Silly circles on honey nut. It's gonna be 1 50 Anyways, let's get one post practice field at 3 40 in the morning. Bruh. Friend of 50 we're just going to McDonald's. Gotta love frozen meals from safely. Honestly, just that great. But I'm just so hungry. It's fine, Everyone. My name is Ashley. I just made that last year that you watched, and I really hope you enjoyed it just a little bit about me. I am 1/3 year cinema and digital media major at UC Davis, and I'm also doing a little bit of design. I just wanted to create this video to try something new, because the majority of the videos that I have on this channel, or more cinematic and kind of like a bunch of on Sergeant. But I wanted to try something new on this channel with lifestyle videos. I kind of did a little bit, um, about a year ago, and I kind of stopped because I I couldn't really find the time or let the motivation to do so. But I really just want to try something new. And, you know, I don't know where it's gonna take me right now. I have a video on U C. Davis in my Life in the Sea. Davis. Maybe it'll go in that direction. Maybe it'll splurge into different things, but if you guys enjoy the content on from this video at least, and you want to see more? Um, I would really appreciate it if you subscribe. We just followed me on some sort of platform. Yeah, I think he has for watching, and I really hope to create more exciting constant like this. It's something that I think it's raining. I just wanna have a lot of fun with it. And I think that's one thing that I really want to bring to this channel. So thank you so much for watching, and I'll see you next time. So now I'm here at the saddle and I just grabbed myself a falafel wrap. One of my favorite places to have food on. You guys should definitely check out the food trucks at the silo. So a number of other restaurants. So you can get. Screams here if you want to grab something to eat, and there's also a study area around, which also shortly so you can grab something with So right behind me. You see the Yuma which stands for University Mall. So you have forever twenty one here. You also Starbucks and a couple of other restaurants that you can come in. Oh, did I forget to mention Hi guys. So I really hope you enjoy that tour and got a better inside ofthe life at UC Davis. I wish all the incoming freshmen and transfer students the best of flock. I think college is all about experimenting with what you like, what you don't like. It is not at all a problem. If you do not know what you want to do four years down the line in your second year, that is to really fine. I do remember I came into UC Davis as an international relations major, and I was thinking between economics or manager economics here, and I finally went on to do managerial economics, and I'm extremely happy with that. So it is okay to be confused. That just means you're willing to experiment and willing to go step out of your comfort zone. So keep doing that on wish you all the best