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Hi guys. My name is Neo Karate and I'm from Dubai. And yes, I do equal for breakfast. I have diamond infused toilet paper, and it also do buy a Ferrari in reading. Jokes aside, I'm here at U. C. Davis, and I'm a second year studying manager of economics and statistics. So now you must be wondering why I decided to travel a thousand miles away from home from my comfort zone from a big city like two by two. A college town like UC Davis is because this college town atmosphere helps me focus on my career. And also there are a number of jobs and organizations on campus that helps you get involved. Andi. This is also very close to the beer, which means a lot of job opportunities are easily accessible to So tell me more about yourself. And what did you think? So my name's Rose. I'm a second year international relations major, very famous on. I chose Davis because I really like the clothe. Right? My name is like a thirty year international police major, and I just don't like it here. College town. Very green here, Davis. My name is twenty. I'm a fresh world. I come from China and I choose to see Davis. Maybe me, huh? The reason is because of this drinking and The other reason is in California. This What about you have line a maze and you can just call me Eve Y eyes, uh, from the station that's employ in, uh, my major is clear social science because I really have a figure reach Ask that that really love and quite interesting. And the reason like him to use it, Davis is that, uh, first I really love you. See, the California because I'm a first travel to yes, the Stanford University, which is always a locating California. And the weather is really, really good. Yeah, this sunset a nothing. Um and Davis has kind of like it's on education. He's really kind of really good. And, yeah, I think that pretty much Hi, I'm Rama and I chose UC Davis because it's the only you see that had my major, which is just designed. Hi. My name's Dahlia Barghouti. Um, I'm in new English, phD. Student here at U. C. Davis Reese and I decided to come here is because the English department just seemed really awesome. Uh, very a very collaborative environment, uh, and a place that I really wanted to pursue my pH d at. So I'm a fresh fan from China. My name is, uh, Ndour. There is a pig. Davis is like the sight of a nice school in my I have I have, like, friends and, uh, today, Miss. So I'm here. My name is Jocelyn Best Figueroa. And I chose UC Davis simply because I have a family of in Northern California. That was a big factor in why I chose it, but also because of its academic rating ranking and just really good things that I've read about it on DH of the professor's. Cool. I got them to our apartment and because we live off campus to go for herself. So, yes, we are surviving on Biggles. So to enter some of the buildings you might need you at the car. Actually, quite a few buildings require you to have your ag e card with you. Protect a card order is a must, so you can keep your AG e card right there. And you congrats these for free at some of the events. So make sure to attend the event around campus. That's going. So this is what my head's on Cap on. There's a myth that if you rub the head of the fighting before your final exam find, however, I'm yet to get to the finals so you guys can just up here. So now we will be going into the shoes of everyone just mean Yes. And I'll be taking you around different rooms and sex. Oh, my. Like for everyone. But you need to make the incidence in some Yeah. Library also has a printing room. Gunnar. So if you want, I'll bring something out of it. You got it? Your documents. Guys during the first two. A lot of clubs table around here, so let me show you some of the clubs and bars. Absolutely sort of club can basically felt what business. Management. Pretty smart. Clever, very tightknit. I'm in a lot of our alumni going to do really great. Thanks, Cadbury. No, I don't know. So today we're taking you around. Well, menthol. This is one of the most frequently with it all because I did most of my prerequisites here. Class sizes range between, I guess twenty twenty people in a class to about one hundred people. And it's also one of the hall that is the closest to the dorms. So it's very easily accessible to students if they're walking or if they're biking, so let's go. So this is the first of the women in the first room to my left will be coming here. So this is where you can create any documents that you wanted. Anderson always. Just Oh. Kind as I mentioned earlier doors, Windows the ground cure has class and they're a lot bigger number. Also have student events. There's such a club wants to advertise or having in possession. They usually have it before the law, and this is where they put most of their posters. So the first two weeks off is when most of the props table and like, advertise. So this is where you go. Another thing about this whole is that it's very centrally located, which means the memorial union, where you could grab some food is very close by. Also, a lot of clubs have their weekly meetings in one of these holds because it's very easy any of the students to come in here. So now I'm here at the saddle and I just grabbed myself a falafel wrap. One of my favorite places to have food on. You guys should definitely check out the food trucks at the silo. So a number of other restaurants. So you can get. Screams here if you want to grab something to eat, and there's also a study area around, which also shortly so you can grab something with So what is your favorite thing on police? Everything on So something that I could think of right now, that hit me right as I started my first quarter here, freshman year is how much I love, like almost every professor and TV that a girl's very passionate about. Whatever they're teaching, there are very involved in their students where their success got it. I guess one thing is location, like wallet is like good. You isolate. It's not like in a big city, so they don't have to worry about here. Don't kind of downside. There's not. I mean, it is. There are a lot of things to do like downtown. But if you wanted Teo, go out like I guess. Party's side. I can pick whatever I want nothing. The weather is comfortable and the people are nice here. But not the party's like company is so big. I need you. I need to walk from Well, I'm going into another billion reminisced to me and I don't have a bikes now, so my fairy thing would be biking, but I there's rules. So I've been here for six teams and I got a ticket for going twenty five to fifteen already, and I didn't think that was a thing. I don't think you got speeding tickets on bicycles. Yeah, uh, my favorite thing about you, Sid Davis. Is the people here? Yeah, everyone's so kind. They becoming like, smell headshot that every time you saw even strangers. Yeah. And, um, about the professors there. Or so really cute like my, uh, enmity professor. Like my cone. Yeah, she hey, kind of like hell you Assam. But he's teaching style is really like you, Nick. He's got really fun and tell joking. Yeah, kind of that thing. Yeah, well, for me, I think the most thing. Another thing I like most is maybe the dining hall. I think, um, ice cream especially. Yeah. And they're, uh, sometimes the first R very divers. I'd like that. Pretty much, um, but, uh, it's the most difficult thing for me is the canvas is too big. And, you know you need to have a bicycle. Mimi, if you know I don't have one. If you want to go to the top, it's more convenient to have money. That's it. So my favorite thing about the campus itself, I mean, generally, I feel like being California is awesome. Um, I'm from Michigan, so the weather is great here. However, all of the bikes around campus are a little bit scary. So much favor part of the campus subsided. He break looking away. So my fair part of the campus would honestly be the environment. I love the trees. I'm so obsessed. The trees, because where I come from, it's just during rocks and really sad bushes. So I just love seeing the big trees. Anything my least favorite, which isn't bad at all, would just have to be like so much So right behind me. You see the Yuma which stands for University Mall. So you have forever twenty one here. You also Starbucks and a couple of other restaurants that you can come in. Oh, did I forget to mention Hi guys. So I really hope you enjoy that tour and got a better inside ofthe life at UC Davis. I wish all the incoming freshmen and transfer students the best of flock. I think college is all about experimenting with what you like, what you don't like. It is not at all a problem. If you do not know what you want to do four years down the line in your second year, that is to really fine. I do remember I came into UC Davis as an international relations major, and I was thinking between economics or manager economics here, and I finally went on to do managerial economics, and I'm extremely happy with that. So it is okay to be confused. That just means you're willing to experiment and willing to go step out of your comfort zone. So keep doing that on wish you all the best