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Thinking about Auburn University and trying to determine if it’s the right fit for you? The college search process can be tough, but CampusReel is here to make it fun and engaging. If you’re thinking about visiting Auburn University in person, we strongly recommend you at least complete the virtual tour first. After watching the entire virtual tour, the next step would be to take an in-person campus tour to further vet Auburn University’s culture and community. Whether you are a prospective high school student considering the school or interested in transferring to Auburn University, these videos and reviews are designed to give you a complete understanding of the Auburn University experience. These Auburn University video reviews share the culture and daily life of students both on and off campus.

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So this is my final video. Thank you so much campus rial for giving me this opportunity. I really enjoyed it and I really helped me break my shell. When it comes to talking on camera, I know my videos weren't the best in the world, but, you know, I was warming up as videos, God, or I was warming up as I did more videos. So thank you so much. And my final things to say, Is anybody interested in coming to our university and you get accepted? Just know, always, always, always carry your tiger card with you because you need it for everything. Nah, just a real plan. But access to buildings and access to the rig access to a lot of different things. So always keep your tiger card with you at all times. And this is a very energetic, friendly campus there people's grandma War eagle from the morning till the night. And so honest, so forth. So be ready for that. There is a lot of people, a lot of light, a lot of people, so be ready for that. Classes aren't the easiest, but they're not the hardest either. So Jace, prepare yourself for that cans. Yeah, just enjoy your time and Thank you so That's good. Katniss room. I'm going to bring you back class schedules. No classes today. First caucuses. Production class is visual merchandising and then I'm done. This where? My visual merchandise glass. It's in the science building. And when I get to the classroom, you'll see why it's in the second building. You happy? So there's a variety of different types of he's punctual is what we've been talking about. It even makes garments were better, more comfortable see here. And so they go buy feet maps that you can do in that software. You can also do it with a camera. So thiss class is discussion. Base weigh only have few lectures. And this is also the class that way. Are you seeing someone left for me? Good child. Wait right now. Like finding not got off on the Internet favorite, yes. What are those? Okay, I'll show ya, man. It's pretty terrible. Yeah. Good. Cry like that. I like guys that were in the rug, and he's like the scythe. Okay, You got a wish. Oh, that's Amazon. Hey, Campus Realty. My name is Kiyoshi Monkey. But everybody on campus calls me Yoshie or Kiyoshi. Thank you. I'm from Berman Cam out. Family. A major is a pair of merchant as an in design. I am a sophomore. I'm currently involved in four clubs and I am from Birmingham, Alabama. Yeah, I will be your tour guide for Auburn University. So stay tuned for that and see how You. Sorry. And this is just all right, everybody. Tom, explain over a meal plan so all your food money will be on a tiger. Issue to all first year students then for your mill clan have either. All right, we're ready now. I'm sorry about that. Okay, So you got your own campus at any place? Yeah. The block to fifty five block meals on declining balances yesterday. Just a declining. And I'm sorry that your video and he didn't know I'm sorry. Hee is your a segment of mine? Wait, is this your second of mine? Is this You're either have white any details, OK, so use you. This isn't doing You got your declining balance and you got your black meals, those swipes and those we'll get you into the chair. Hey, Syria showing behind me. And once White will get you one insurance for an all you can eat buffets. Right? Okay, so you got the block to twenty five year plan, and that gives you two hundred and twenty five. That's for two hundred twenty five meals. Lives. That's two hundred twenty five Vision to the cat with two hundred one, three hundred and fifty dollars of declining balance. And then you got the black one. Fifty five. Let's give you a hundred five. All these come with a wrench fifty dollar declining balance and he got one hundred fifteen, whatever you feel like. And you can have the same thing for off covers with cheaper anyway. Basically, you have declining balance, or you can have it and decline and declining. Fellas, if you hadn't given me one more second and you're done, I wasn't done. I was taking a pause for dramatic effect. Thank you very much is different for on campus. That's right, I'm on campus, so I get one thousand a hundred dollars in the decline in Bali. That's a plan I chose, which I chose that. But then I switch. You can switch to the off campus because I'm off campus. Block sixty five, sixty five flights with two hundred fifty dollars climbing down. I want him. I have a remember Maybe you guys asked out there, but I'm not sure And it gives you, like three, four meals a week. Because it also tells you that when you look up the milk win Joshua didn't ask me. Your name. And Major? My name is John Jones, and I'm a French major here it all with university. More even. We'll get it. Anybody hear it over and they were friendly. Every time you see someone that always smiling at you and they open the doors for you, it's a very my student body. Okay? No, we're fine. But we're here and we're closely like when you see one of us, We have to see. Thank you. I'm in the college of LeBron's. Best college here, Major. No, I don't think Damn, I get it. My name is Casey Kilgore, and I am a elementary education major. I call it. I mean my academic climate. It is. Fine like I worked. Come on in elementary school and after school programs. And it's great. I want to be a teacher because I love the little kiddies there, there. Like my classes are. So teach me how to take Mavs that will teach you so it's really good. They're preparing me my career. Okay, Jordan. Oh, damn. I mean, what you page one. Me, we should make it a voice over. What's your name, major? And what's your favorite and least favorite thing about Auburn University money is Jordan Robinson. Favorites thing. I guess I would have to say the school spirit. No ministers gets kind of relative, you know, a lot of give this relatively really hard, like, Well, so like I said, obviously I'm let's see that much there my least favorite. However, you have to be the lack of diversity here, being eighty three percent and then you got what's the percentage points? You've got six texts, Mater. We've got six point forty percent. And take out the athletes. It's about two of us. It's about two percent of us, so it's not a whole lot. Well, that that's just not here is the whole city guard. I guess I have about a vest I am now blocking to a historical landmark, which is the Auburn seal. The myth is, if you step on the field, you will not graduate. In four years, you'll be cursed with seven generations of Alabama fans and you will not find love our universities. To see you. This class is getting get and much everybody's going to avoid the seal. Okay. I'm about to take you for everything. You are excited. Hey, wait, wait. Yes, Yes, I'm going. We got still City pops here with Wayne. Puppy pollution going on there's dogs and costume if you want to get some action of that. Okay. Next on this table where a student association and pops on the plane. Okay. Excuse me. Oh, my goodness. How much? One hundred to cover their petals. Goodness, I don't need another dog. Just got one way. You can make an exception like you can fit in your purse, right? Because I have ah, a marquee. And he's only like four pounds even trying t o get in here like me. Ready. All right? Oh, my God. Okay. Campus aerial team. So I'm giving you a tour of the center. This is one of the oldest buildings on campus, and it is the tallest building on campus. It has not floors, correct. Non floors. Three out of four. It's our classroom Computer labs. We have the speech and hearing clinic, which has their office hours posted on the door. We have the vending machine. Which is my favorite part. We have the bookstore bookstore has close in there has are under armour a whole bunch under our because that is what we're sponsored by. We have the electronics area, which already our students get their student discount on, and we get our books in there, so Yeah, and this is what I want. Classrooms look like this is before. Okay? And this is after no Hey, this is after the class is starting to feel well. Here is my teacher. He's Dr Burke. Hey. Just forget it. Yeah, this is Electra Base class. Wait. We're here. I'm here of my modeling board members about turn the camera around. This's our being a fite Nite. We got candy. It's Halloween and, yeah, fun times. You know, really, This is literally right off campus campus, right across the street. That's really license. Three or four, which is right next and we're dressed up in arms was supposed to be a broken dong. Self explanatory. I think we're the only thing that's just right. Come, Hobart. We got movers so What's that? Good. I don't even have. You like. What really? And I went mad, Matt. So you got here two hours early to get good seats. I do no. Yeah. Right? What? No. With my help. Yeah. No. Yeah, yeah, yeah.