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Thinking about University of Mississippi and trying to determine if it’s the right fit for you? The college search process can be tough, but CampusReel is here to make it fun and engaging. If you’re thinking about visiting University of Mississippi in person, we strongly recommend you at least complete the virtual tour first. After watching the entire virtual tour, the next step would be to take an in-person campus tour to further vet University of Mississippi’s culture and community. Whether you are a prospective high school student considering the school or interested in transferring to University of Mississippi, these videos and reviews are designed to give you a complete understanding of the University of Mississippi experience. These University of Mississippi video reviews share the culture and daily life of students both on and off campus.

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Terrius Harris

International Business and French, Class of 2018


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Tennessee, International Relations, Class of 2022



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A friend. So I am in the Wal Mart parking lot here in Oxford. And so I was like, What better way or time to talk about shopping and living? You're in Oxford. So before I came here, one of the things that was most worried about was that, like, Oh, look, I'm going school middle of Mississippi. There's nothing there especially coming from like a city. I'm from Knoxville, Tennessee, and so just like, you know that my research and I was like, There's no target which there is no target here, which is really hard, the close ones in our way. So probably a good thing. He's not singing at money anyway, though. So Oxford, since it's a college town, it has a lot of stores and restaurants, really good restaurants. Actually, the food here is amazing. But so I was like, I don't know if I can do it, but we'll see, and so far I've been fine. There's a marshal's there's a whole lot of stuff. They're getting an all Navy. Um, so yeah, basically, you can look up all the stuff that's here. Fine. I mean, there's always things to do, I mean, a lot of your time is going to be taken up by like school and setting off stay like that. That's why you're in school. Is Tio learn stuff? But but, yeah. When you're not doing that, there's always things to dio. It was a shopping cart thing to prove I'm a woman. There's always things to dio places to shop. Almost nothing loose a grocery shopping. Need to go get some more baby carrots and Lacroix. But yeah, I think it might go to Marshall's after this Mayor Ross? I don't know. Yeah, that too. Okay, so it's second here. Just wait for it. Happy holidays. Everyone. Okay, so I just walked over to the residential part of campus, and I know what I'm gonna introduce you two amazing people today, but I realized that I haven't even shown you any of the residents halls. So behind me are a few of the residents halls that we have here, and this is our contemporary style. You can see it a little bit about contemporary. What I mean is that they're a little bit newer than the traditional halls. I can't really show you the inside of them because I don't live in a residential hall anymore. Residential halls are mostly made for freshman. By that, I mean that as a freshman, you have to live on campus. There is some upperclassman housing offered on campus also international student housing office on campuses and other things like that. But I decided a little campus for my final year. So we're walking to now. It's called Minor Home. So the cool thing about Minor Hall is that it's actually the home of the Department of Student housing. So if you decide to come to school here, you have any issues with your student housing or you have any questions rust in housing that's actually the place that you're going to go to for all of those words. But the other thing that's in this building is the offer. The Office of Leadership in Advocacy. So the off solution advocacy is right here. The door's closed right now, but it's always usually open, and you can walk in any time that you mean anything. But the important part that I'm going to show you is the key office, which is where we meet our first person for interviewing today. What is of No. So we just went to the silent disco, which is But everyone has headphones and they're all playing music. So from the outside, it looks like that was dancing there. Nothing but on the inside actually decide lip. So you let disco. And since it's homecoming with them, all these activities. And so I took some videos at the disco and played Live, roll, roll the clip role. Hey, guys. So now we're here at the pavilion for dinner. The pavilion is our basketball arena, but they have cans and steak and chicken side. So you couldn't go inside for dinner. And Morgan Freeman has been here before. Morgan Freeman has refer the basketball games. This's a million. Yeah. You good people got a community. Oh! Whoa! That was on there Straits! So we have to explain the meal plan. So here ago, counting amusing. But it's like you wanna figure it out once, you know, you know, like when, you know, you know? Okay. You know, there's the fifty plus one. So it thinks that plus one, which means you have fifty mils and plus one plus one every day. You can use that anywhere. So you say, because they don't all over, then you have fifty swipes, which you can use in the rubber market for the Union for the Union. Most people, they don't have the one hundred plus one, which is the same thing except one hundred mil subs instead of fifty. Yeah, and then I have being Lim Limited. But you have to give. Yeah, I live in RC South. So, like, I have to get the unlimited plan. But if you have the option, don't get unlimited. No, because I don't have any of those flights of union. No, I we have a dining hall, so we can go there down any time. But like, I mean, it's great, but, like, you don't need as much. Have the one hundred plus one and I don't even use all of those, and then, oh, flex flex you get. You have to have two. Fifty. What if you can use a literally anywhere on campus? Yeah, it's like if you go to Chick fil A and like User plus one, which is a couple in eight dollars and fifty cents and your order is nine dollars, then you say, Oh, he's my plus one and then rest is for blacks. Or you could just like, you don't have to use as extra. You can just use it. Yeah, like if he's her plus one on Starbuck for them one. Go to Starbucks and his keys. Your flex. It was like a two hundred dollar like visa card on your honeymoon. So then you have expressed. I don't owe express your laundry and then you can use that some place off campus. But I never have any use of laundry. Yeah, so I hope that explain. So there's like there's mill swipes Flex bust Ryan Express, So as you can see, there's bores all around that have the different candidates names on them. And they're soon is that passed by that? Give them stickers. And so, as you can see right that giving her a sicker and it's the singers of the candidates names on what position that running for so that students? No. And actually that person that was just giving a sticker, it is this's Tempus, Really? It's ah tour for students who are thinking about coming here. So they get to see the behind the scenes of what it's like to be oh, behind this way. Would you like to tell them a little bit about what's going on out here? Yes, so it's campaign season and election days tomorrow. We've been campaigning for about two and a half weeks now, and tomorrow's a big day and we'll we'll hopefully be making it to the runoff. But all of these people are trying to get elected, so it's crazy. Yeah, so the clothing about that is that this goes from any position from presidents of vice president. Thank you all Teo, secretary, attorney general or any other positions that are out here so you can see they have their names, the position they're running for on DH, things like that. And it's every single position, which is pretty awesome. And it's actually kind of overwhelming a little bit, but it's a lot of fun. It's really enjoyable. See and meet all these people. Would you like to tell me who you all there helping today? We're competing family for a president. Hey, what's up? So, as you can see, they have stickers that they pass out and people come up and grab them on. And they wear them throughout the day to show their support for the different candidates. Uh, what do you want? Think about this week. I think it's a little hectic, but really fun. It's really important. Yeah, something. Do you think that people get to actually meet and see the people a lot that's actually running for the campaign? It depends on what time they show up. Uh, but usually hopefully. Yeah. Yeah. Thank you so much for you as well. So actually, we're going to move forward. We got to see some of the candidate. This is one of them. This is actually one of my really good friends alum. And what position you're in a regular president. And do you enjoy standing out here trying to get votes? I do. I love you meeting the people. So what do you think exactly That people shouldn't know about? Campaign weak. If they're thinking about coming to school here, I think that they shouldn't know Wastes avoid business, Ro. Unless they want to meet the candidates and get free pens and stickers. So free pens and stickers is what you definitely get when you're on the tour or when you come out like a creep in love, You see you have a lot of really love a sticker. Hey, vote Ella Miller for President. So there's a lot of different things that you can get. Thank you so much you want, and we're actually about to see one more sign S o as you saw. This one is a really, really cool, and it has like a three d effect to It's really serious here. But there's also different signs that you get to see like this one, which is aboard and has. So the good thing about it it is actually Wister. But the cold is about this street or this road is This is business rose, so it has all the science here on it as well. But it also has the different academic buildings. So a lot of students come through here as they passed through classes. It's really awesome. It's opportunity for students to get to know the candidates really and to see what their platform stands for. And actually, the whole thing right now is that there's there, actually, some perspective suit is walking by. So if you are prospective student and you get so long, but you get to see some of it. But not a lot of people actually get to come during the special time in this special week. But while we're waiting, I'm gonna introduce you to another candidate. This is Wister. Hello. All that are watching terraces, which is probably a lot of people. It's good. Good, good to see you all. So this is actually for soon. He may be thinking of coming here. So what do you have to say about this? Some of the election process and being here on business. Where What? What do you suggest? That people who may come to school here and what should they do when it comes to elections? Well, you know, current students, they try to avoid us and makes us think we have the plague or something of that sort. But here's the thing you have to understand. I think it's very lost. Tom's is that this is their student government. If you choose to come here, it will be your student government. So your voice, your opinion, your ideals and your initiative should be promoted by your student government to the utmost of our ability. I would be doing a great disservice to all those who put me here for this. But I should not be out here. Don not only speak to all of you, but also to hear what you have to say. That's the most important things we could do is way. Hope you come here. It's a great place. I'm obviously biased so but there's a lot of great things here told Miss and Hope you come here. Awesome. Thank you so much. Thank you. Tears. So, as you can see, this is the best place for you to come in Rick me and realize the people and who they are, their values of who may be representing you. And if you decide to come here is a CNN. This is the best place to find them. And they will be the ones representing you. Maybe next year, maybe the year after that. But you get to choose that if you come and find out who they are. Thanks. Hello. So one think that you guys are probably wondering is how did classes work here and how the professor's Well, in fact, here, almost. We haven't eighteen to one student to faculty ratio and about think it's almost half of the classes are fewer than twenty students, so you get the small classes is really great. One on one near with your professor is a law in class, and also at a class you have the option to go to office hours. Every single one of my professors has that option just to talk to them, but you work. Get to know them talked about yourself. Whatever helps you succeed, I'm the classes range in their type, from really interactive classes to electric classes and some online classes. I don't recommend those, but so it really just depends on the class, like my Spanish class is really interactive. We're talking the whole time, whereas my religion causes, really, We just sit there and take notes. So it really just depends on the class classrooms. All look different based on the building you're in, but that's one of the great things that college is. You get a wide variety of sites where I was in high school. It's and you're stuck in this building. And these tiny lacrosse, the rooms all look the same. But college is great because you get all kinds of So we're back on business row. There's actually a lot of cool buildings to see on this road. You can still see the election campaigning happening behind me. Uh, it's actually also today, as the weather is ah, a little out of the ordinary. So it's pretty much overcast today. I thought was going to rain a lot today, but the rain kind of salt, which is also a great thing. But the sun just isn't out today. This weekend was actually beautiful, but oh, and so just so you also concede this is Connor Hall, the one I was telling you about. That's the accounting school. And right next to that is the graduate school, which a lot of people actually come here for graduate school. And they have an opportunity to go in here and get all their administrative things taken care of. And actually, this is one of my friends, Bree Ivory. So, Bree, you're got to see that, right? I am. How do you enjoy it? I love it so much. What's your graduate program? Promotion? Promotion? Okay, cool. And so exactly what you're seeing is doing this morning when they come Well, the gradual school is basically an avenue for people to use his resource to help them understand different programs that we have in different financial aid packages. That we are cool. So is that also, like gradualist ships and things like that? Um, well, graduate this issue. Shoes are dependent on their department, but we handled like a mission. Things for graduate school. So how Martin is regulated? Missions wear the dress. Gunshot. So what would you say to anyone? That is maybe thinking I'm coming here for grad school. Well, I really enjoyed my program. I feel like we have a very good professors, especially gradual professors. Was a kind of a little bit more patient about them. That makes you cool. Well, thank you so much. Use. Well, savory. So the grad school in all of the students that are undergrad going to that department at any time? Uh, as you heard, it's mostly four graduate students, Uh, actually pretty much only graduate students. But if you're interested in coming here, they're more than welcome to help you out in there. Really, really awesome people. And as you heard, there's a lot of financial packages that they have available, so make sure you check it out. If you come here for an actual tour, as you continue to go down business row, we'll see a few other important buildings, which include things like the Trent Lott Institute. So the tree allies do is really cool because it's the third of the two special programs that of the three special programs that we offer here on campus, this one folks, is mostly on policy. So if you're interested in running kind of policy, order and research work for a nonprofit, anything like that, this is the program that I believe it's for you. What else I meant by being a special program is that you actually have to. I applied to be accepted into the program, So you a pie before it's separate from your normal application. So you apply to be accepted to the university, and then you also apply to be accepted into that program sometimes usually do days around December or January. Then you get accepted, and then you'll actually be in this program or any of the other special programs that offer here on campus. It's a really, really cool building, and it's named after Senator Trent Lott who comes. I'm visits pretty often, and it's a rigorous courses that I brought in your knowledge and policy and understanding of political science and things like that. But there's an awesome program that you learn a lot in and get to meet. A lot of amazing people is usually what we call those people who want to be future politicians or, uh, future legislation, writers or anything like that. That's where they end up going. And then right behind us is we're Hall, which is our whole for computer science. And this is actually all right. Get involved there at the moment. So Dima organizations could come out in table here any time they want Teo and get to learn a lot. Are you, as student, get to learn a lot about exactly what's going on? So we're gonna go over and Okay. Life from kick his butt. Okay, Tips for the dorm room first it that comes to mind. Don't over decorate Told over decorate. You don't need all of the things If you're thinking about going to all Miss and you're on one of the old Ms Pages, You know, a lot of people here like Toe really decorate their dorm room. But reality is you're going to move out in light nine months, nine months and you're gonna have a baby. You don't need to spoil it. What? You move in, you have to move out and maintain. So we like to keep it cozy in here. That's tip one tip too pat blankets, I get kind of, but it's fun. Have blankets. I like to help her think it's I have options because when I get too hot, I don't have two layers. I used my blanket. Tip three. Um, I thought of it that way. Tip three. Clean your room and keep it clean. We make our beds every day. Yes, we do, and it makes all the difference a lot and you don't leave stuff on the floor. Don't never leave. Ever Making your bed every day is also just It's a good habit to be a way to start your day and then you don't You don't get back. Just give everything clean. Keep the fridge clean. Keep your desk because this is your house, this tiny square room for nine months. Make it little care of it. Any more tips? Take out your trash, take out your trash. Basically, just keep it together. One extra special Short clip, half snacks but healthy sex, for example. Here we have a granola. Joy. She's my pride and joy along with my plans. Should Tricia she's thriving and a coconut Lacroix can. So whatever you need to keep your room liveable, do The cross institute is right here behind me. It is the crawfish stew for international studies where suitors have the opportunity to go and study international studies. But they're also required to study a language so they can either major or minor that language on. And that could be anything from Chinese, French, Spanish, Teo, Korean. There's so many opportunities, so many options to study aspires languages here at the university. The other cool thing about it is that it's actually the other of the other, one of one of the three special programs that we have here on campus. Uh, and by that, once again, I mean that you just have to apply to get in. But it's a really cool building. Is one of our original buildings here at the university and actually was the first chapel of the university itself. It's an awesome and amazing opportunity, and a lot of people enjoy majoring in this program. I wish that we could see the inside today, which, actually, you know, let's go for it. I think that we can. It's ah, later in the afternoon. So not a lot of people here, I'll show you the first level of the coffins that you like. I said, it's one of our oldest buildings. They just renovated the outside of it. As you can see, new brick. You want to see the old brick, But the new brick looks good. Um, actually, this door is one of the funniest doors on campus because I always do this, so I always pull it. It's one of the few doors on campus that you don't pull what you push. So this is the inside of it assumed you coming to welcome by some stairs. They go up, it's three levels and then a lot of posters. But the cool thing about ISS when you study abroad, which usually have study abroad first a master with the program's message who, a year, they put your face on the wall. So one of my friends, Elena actually made the wall, and she just came back from France. But she traveled around Europe while she was there as well. And then as we come down, you can see one of the classrooms. So I think no one's actually in there. So maybe I will take you in. Yes, I will before you go in there This is the study area for the crops students. They're called Croft piece, by the way. Just so you know, uh, and you come in here, you study, hang out with your friends before and after class. But when it quickly show you this room. So this is the largest room in the Croft Institute. It's also where we have our model U. N. Meetings on a weekly basis, so, as you can see, has tables. And then it also has whiteboards and a normal computer. A projector comes from up there on, and this is just the largest slice class. So the class and the profits to are usually a lot smaller than other classes. And so this from room looks like it fits maybe about fifty, sixty people. Oh, and that's the largest that you'll ever taken. Idol that you'll even take a class that big if you decide to major in international studies. But this was basically the crawfish soup. But before we go, the coolest thing, which is a lot I I see is the Croft porch. So this is the cross porch it's made specifically for cross students. And if you're not in Croft, he don't really come and sit on the porch. Uh, and they actually even have a sign, As you can see here, reserve for Croft Institute. So that's reserved for the cross students. But we're gonna keep moving on, and the next thing I'm going to show you is the growth.