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Okay, so this is one of the VCU dorm Globe apartments. Um, you got all your amenities here. Did anything come with the apartment? Uh, all our kitchen appliances did accept Mr, uh, Michael a dishwasher. Like all this stuff over here. Uh, just the main parts of furniture, Pretty much they put it here. That's right. Everything else is Tio. Tio. Yeah. So, um, and then this is your room? Uh, yeah, this is my bad. I, like, decorated. A lot of it's a lot of stuff, isn't like what it normally is. I'm having remained as a right now, So this would be bad for my mate. With you is a double shift. And this is like standard apartment for, like, living, living in, like, apartment type suite, where you have, like, two beds and then a common space area, as well as like, a bathroom to share with the two of them. What you weigh just have, like, way have it on my desk where you could really use is a desk, right? It's sort of like make up area. And then I just have one year to my bathroom that I have here, and I also have my closet, which is a message that sorry closet. So it's like it's pretty vision space, and there's a lot in the back as well and pile things off I want to show you guys another one of my favorite places on campus. There's definitely not gonna be anybody here right now because it's rainy and schools basically out. But when it's sunny and bright outside is so wonderful. And so I really want to show you guys what makes BC is so great? So here we are at the compass. That's what everybody calls it. Some people call it the quad. Oh, different people call it different things, but essentially, but it's really sunny outside. You will see a lot of people out here sitting with hammocks between tree doing their work out here. Others benches. It's so beautiful. It's really grieve right now, even though it's not sunny outside and it is right outside the library. BC is very old library capital. It's beautiful. You can see over here. Come and sit over here. That is academic buildings. They're here. The light where here in count buildings, another academic building. When you come to you, you realize, but you will see all kinds of things here and cos there's either, you know, there's always some Greek life thing going on, or there's a protest or people skinny signed a petition. Sometimes there's dogs. Sometimes there's people dressed up. You know, there's always something in, especially when it's sunny outside. That's really nice. It's right in between the dining hall, which is right there. Then there's the academic building, and this is a library where rage, it's really big. So this is one of my favorite places on campus. It's like a little pocket of green inside the city called Monroe Park. Uh, right next to undergraduate dorms. So it's easy access, very green, open area for people to just hang out. Enjoy the sun I read, study, buy whatever they want to do. I really like it because in this in this city, sometimes you get the outdoors as much as you like, and this kind of gives it a nice place to do it. Kind of quiet, too, which is nice so you can study if you want Teo for you could just hang out with friends. Last time I was here, I was on a terrorist growing bubbles that people with my friend. Um, but yeah, it's a nice place toe unwind, relax and also a place tio get work done or just just kick back. It's a good it's a good place to connect, socialize and also just have a So this is a better example of what a more average classroom will look like. And usually the work loads depend on the class. Like if it's on arts cost, like a film class or creative medium, it might be a little less strenuous. But if it's something really term heavy, like I have a lot of like, um, book stuff, uh, like biology or anatomy, it'Ll probably be a lot more intensive, Um, but overall, I find the workload to be all right, like the credit level. If it's like one credit to three credits, it's about right for how much work it will be. The records being a lot one credit being not so much usually with professors, you can kind of read in the beginning. What kind of like teaching style they have, Um, if you can treat them as like a very strict professional relationship or if it's more relaxed first name basis. A lot of my professors are first name basis just because they're usually smaller classrooms, but it depends on the professor as well. But most of the professors here are very carrying very open. Teo, Phoebe, I want their students want and are genuine army appear to help and what I want to help. Generally, most classrooms are lecture based or discussion based where they have, uh, like information that they'Ll dio el either talk to the class rep class talk with themselves and, like, a grip typesetting. Um, and the only other difference in that some sometimes, But this mostly happens in the art section. They have critique based, um, works and mediums and presentations where you show something that you've done, and then everybody in the class could speak back about it. So, yeah, that's, um, roughly about, um, what the basic general academic stuff is like, as opposed to some specific, so the meal plan B C. U is really diapers. You can choose to eat from one of the more classic big made whole areas. They have no one on the medical campus called Jonas, which service a variety of foods, and they also have the one on the road campus, which is called Chafer on DH. Both have a variety of foods, So whether you're being in vegetarian secretary in where you're just on a diet, there's all these different kinds of options available to you. I can't. It's all pretty good. I haven't really had much, much problems recently with Schafer or Jonas. So yeah, it's It's all relatively good food, mostly helping at Shaffer. It's looking about face style, so you swipe to get in, and then you get a plate of whatever you want. They also have other options available on campus, such as more mainstream things like canes or I hop on, and they also healthier options like crew times. There's also another place called Crushing, which serves salad wraps and stuff, and these they're all options that you can eat with Camille plant as well. Even if you're Peter, there's something for you with the meals. But which is why it you're on campus a lot. It's really helpful, especially if you are new to the school and you want to get used to B C U dying services. For Richmond itself, however, there is a variety of restaurants here That's one of the main things between his note for is How could Experience is So if you get a chance to have extra cash, I hardly recommend going out just spending a little extra. A strong does not to be fancy, but there's a lot of local grown, well, well rounded, well prepared food here in Richmond, also a lot within walking distance for a majority of the dorms here as well. So you and your friends want to go out, have a good time. I highly recommend trying one of the So I rent a apartment building off campus, so my room looks quite a bit different than most of the dorm's you'LL see on campus. But this is, uh, kind of one of one of the local buildings will look like Room's a little messy, but you know, it's Let's We're livin were living here is like the kitchen area, uh, couch TV set. Because you need that late night office and Netflix that Smith leaves plants. They're actually a really big thing in Richmond. I'm really surprised about that. And honestly, for a good thing, everyone's kind of green and hippie here, which is something. I appreciate it. What arty people here, too. My bike. Because, uh, biking in Richmond is a big thing. We have a lovely view. No. So this is Broad Street, one of the biggest cities in Richmond's. That's where you'LL see a lot of traffic to and throw, and it's also where a lot of the campus buildings up like, for example, there's the medical building on behind that is the art foundation building, and it's a little slower today. That's probably because it's right around noon. Hello, Here's My Kitty, Miss Mimsy College can be really stressful. So if you're someone like me and you have extra mental health needs than having a little something, there can be really helpful. Whether that's like cat and dog lizard or I don't know, just like something to give you support. That's really important. Um, because it is a big change. So being able to have that support, its nice low, let's go see the rest of the campus. Everyone. This is my video on the VC of Segal Center. The secret center is visuals, main sport of it. It is mainly used for the home bath for games hashtag go Owens, the winner Self is also used for other events as well, including school related events. And graduation, in fact, is used for many open houses. So if you plan on attending an open house, you're definitely visit the Secret Center. As we see to these clips, the games can give really hectic. I actually totally in coat attendant game if you have the time as it is honesty and experience that you would not want to miss other than games and school events. The secrets I was asked to use for high schools organised running area as well, most of the time throughout man to high schools in the area, and Quinn Chester County used the secret Santa for graduation. In fact, here's a stroke clip of my graduation as proof And that was my video of the V's. You see Cris Center. I look forward to the moment that you guys finally stepped foot on the secrets. And I swear when I was a high school kid, my footsteps in the secret Santa work magical. And I hope that other students here, same way I do. Thank you for watching this video. Starting off this video. This is the infamous VCU comments. The calmness is an area that is mainly used by students and professors. Just hang out and grab a bite to eat, I seen in the video. The comments awful places Teo, including Peace of Heart, Subway, Foschi's and Check for Light Places are amazing for students who are on a budget, as these places can usually accommodate swipes as payments. Aside from the restaurants, the comments also include a convenience store, which is named the part market. The pod market offers of light of things with students who are in need of the necessities, including drinks, snacks and hygiene products. What I love about the part market is the micro. If Vienna commuter, finding a microbe can actually be quite hard. And I just feel really appreciative when I go to the park market because there's just a simply migrate there for us to use. The second folder comment is mainly used for leisure and events, just like any other woman. A comment. A lot of clubs and organizations tend to reserve rooms and hotel event in them. In fact, actually, many of your major of these who event including homecoming or how did a comment So be on the look out once you start attending causes now, finally, the underground the undergone is an area located on the bottom, full of the comments. The main part I love about it is mainly the game, and Little game in Lee's Room is basically an area where soon as we're able to relax and just hang with the funds of play video games. Wait. That's the end of my tour of the comments. I really hope you guys appreciate the video as much as I didn't make in this as this was one of my favorite areas at BCU. What's happening, you guys, This is gonna be my video of my weekend life at PCU. Basically, this year is going to forget how my schedule is just how I get to my classes and stuff. So yourself, Paulie going to need a got it. Who? That's that arm so could be using, I put aside for the thirty stays away for So the message has got my weekly schedule V. C. U is for giving back the information. So in college, typically your classes or kind of spirit with days, not like even our days, like how it is in high school, but it will be so many depend on just what day and what causes collide with each other. So in my situation out it's filling up the sausages with two two sections. Switch on Monday, Wednesday, infighting and Tuesday and Thursday they're going to different sections in a way, as most of time in college. Your classes Monday, Wednesday, Friday, will be the same. Maybe an additional cuts here and there, but it will most likely be the same and choosing those who will be the same as well, starting off with my first class on Monday Wednesday and Friday. I have Eun If one one twelve, which is an eleven a. M class, you know, one one twelve is basically the best way to spend it. It's English at VCU. Instead of calling it English one one twelve or anything like that, we call English classes unit passes, and basically they're one of the main cast that you need in the university. If you're doing any major, what's over? These are your quiet courses, what they always a teacher, white essays, eighty two main topics and books and literature, and it's a pretty fun class. The cross itself are usually twenty to thirty people. So if you're going to university and you're like, Oh my God, I'm not ready to go to classes between foreign people. This is a very small task. They hit a prepare you for many college college. Then I need to prepare you for the kind of lifestyle is And the water itself, I would say, is not so that my second class after unit is coming. Three one Oh one. This class is pretty self explanatory. It is chemistry. This cast is a male legal fired. It just depends on what you're taken since I'm a computer engineering major chemistry. Sally is one of my required majors, So I Sally, I take it. That means said class itself is actually really I say it's very easy and very dependent on the phone, she said. He's the one I was telling the big classes where the work itself doesn't matter. If you think this costs, you can just get easy A on it is not. You would have to put up a lot of work just to get a good grade, but in the end, I would be very fun and educational. Being said the's actually order closet. I'm Amy take on Monday and Wednesday notice I'm excluding fighting, so if I actually kind of a confusing thing, I'm not gonna spend it now. As and towards the end of it, you got to kind of understand. But for now, these are my main cast for Monday Wednesday, fighting now onto choosing those. So start choosing those is half two hundred realistic, laters Count one. I used this cost twelve thirty and accost self is an hour and fifteen minutes. Like I said, just just help one calkins when those classes where you actually to have put a lot of work onto it. The pain on the major. Of course, this has gone, most likely going to be a class that you need to take offensively, doing business for engineering the casts off its A four credit courses like any other math class. What that means is the class length is actually longer than Eddie under classes. So like I said, the beginning of this video Friday is a mysterious that what I actually have math. Tuesday, Jose and Fighting senses four hours for us. Full credits. I ended. I end up having to take talc on fires. What to fulfill My weekly limit. Like most classes, you'LL have a son weekly limit. But yeah, County want itself if you have a good professor, which I highly suggest using my professor, So save your son off. University Wave of Castle will save your life. It's amazing, but I ended up getting lucky and getting a good professor this year, that being said, I'm going now Missing class on Tuesday and Thursday, we have to be engine into forty five five here. Now I know what you're gonna say. Five PM That's huge time gap. I know help me. But it didn't to forty five best too. Will you spend classes? It's C programming I actually needed for Major RC Discussed is not important to some major sports some other majors, but I need it for my major. So I'm taking it. The cast is off. I would have said it's very important and very fun. Tally this castle's windows cast away. The workload can get really high. Like If you're not putting your time to study and do the material, it's gonna be hard to pass the class. And I will sally about that as they're all weekly quiz in this course, and it's just it's kind of hectic to study for them. That being said, though, as seen in pictures, that should be Bobby popping up as the talking. I do a lot of programming that it's really fun. I would have to say it does take a lot of my time by very loved his coat and etcetera. But yeah, that's engine into forty five nominees class after this is engineer left to forty five through fear now. Not to say there was a only what does that mean? So in college. Besides from major classes, you will have lab re citation and other classes where Sally on seven days this is one of them. So love itself is a classic connects to my coding class. It's basically self spent way. It's a lab where we do projects and things lead to a quick LEM, and the great itself goes to our engine into forty five cuts. So I've made me Tio Point those days I may only have a three PM Love. Lovely. This doesn't cut back on my time. Gap, which helps me out. I would actually love itself is pretty fun. It really gives you a hands on activity on what you're learning. Like I said, when I'm doing things, I prefer to have it hands on, then running through a book. I'm that type of guy. Other people are different, like I say, but this is one of those costs is it's very important. It does kind of cost money of you actually paying for college, so you have to take it, Sally, as required. But yeah, that's engineered to forty five Lab. Finally, my last class would have to become one of one. The citation now not just saying what's three citations. So I can only say this is a class I'm just going to included, as it's my schedule. But can one be citation is basically a study period. So in college, maybe for your science classes, I can only answer what any other classes and any other university. But at VCU, we have the citation. What it is is basically for over fifty minutes every week you have a small study session, usually in smaller groups for your camp SAS science courses. What they are is a basic go over what you're learning in the class itself that week. Like I said, Chemistry one No. One is one of those big hectic classes, and we don't know what's going on kind of the kind of school. So camera one with Citation really just mainly say sessions so that you can use this time to a take some quizzes b do a packet that can just help. You don't retain this information is just one of those on classes where sometimes they're great, sometimes they're not. They're just willing for you to help in this material. I, sadly, just a massive from my citation cost. It is required if I don't attend it. Sadly lost my attendants grade. And occasionally, if we do a packing away quiz, those would lower my rate as well. So how do you recommend going to them? If you're lucky, you might get professor Where there'LL be Citation Just go up to a watch. You leave, I ask you kind of don't like it like that. It depends on a person, of course, but yeah, this is mainly your study session. It works out, though, and I have to say, I like it. I really hate the time. But as you see my Thursdays, my work can get high. So I guess I gotta get there early. Have field to crash. Just do so That's many weaken life at the CIA, you guys. So basically, after my classes, I most of time just go home or I go to a study room just to do some homework. Life's kind of going after that. So that's my academic were in a life sustaining life at VCU. Think of watching you guys wait. Hope you guys like this video. They're trying to a new theme in a way. As I saw him about a tactical trip. And so I said, You don't have much footage of my classes. I don't buy that for that. As some of my professor, actually against filming system engineering and my couch as also mainly smaller classes. And it's kind of hard to film in a smaller class as your professor is kind of like uneven as you filling in class. And, you know, obviously I'm not you too. But anyways, as you guys think, it's so Johnny. What have one. This is my video on the carriage Tweet, Jim. The Carey Street Gym is visuals. Main gym for city. It's honestly one of the best chimps that I've ever been to. It has almost everything that is to remain need for their work out needs. From waits to running machines, The gem caters all types of machines that students may need for your workout. One of my favorite parts of the gym would have to be the rock climbing wall. The wall coming was one of the most fun areas at PCU. It's also one of the main highlights of the gym, and I have to say it's one of the main reasons that I frequent Jim. Aside from the machines and of our climbing wall at the gym also has three basketball courts and an enormous track field that wrapped around it. This is perfect for any student in the mood of playing basketball or running. The gym also has an indoor soccer field for any students wanted to play soccer as well. The gym also offers private racquetball courts for students wanting to play racquetball with themselves or the funds, maybe not in the mood of working out the Jim also offer classes almost every single day. These classes can range from K pop from two number two muchmore, and they usually held in small dance forms like these. Many of these classes are Valley financially, and I like going to them. Finally the some import. If you're interested in swimming, the gym offers to pores and a Jacuzzi for your swimming needs. And that was my video of the Carey Street gym.