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So I rent a apartment building off campus, so my room looks quite a bit different than most of the dorm's you'LL see on campus. But this is, uh, kind of one of one of the local buildings will look like Room's a little messy, but you know, it's Let's We're livin were living here is like the kitchen area, uh, couch TV set. Because you need that late night office and Netflix that Smith leaves plants. They're actually a really big thing in Richmond. I'm really surprised about that. And honestly, for a good thing, everyone's kind of green and hippie here, which is something. I appreciate it. What arty people here, too. My bike. Because, uh, biking in Richmond is a big thing. We have a lovely view. No. So this is Broad Street, one of the biggest cities in Richmond's. That's where you'LL see a lot of traffic to and throw, and it's also where a lot of the campus buildings up like, for example, there's the medical building on behind that is the art foundation building, and it's a little slower today. That's probably because it's right around noon. Hello, Here's My Kitty, Miss Mimsy College can be really stressful. So if you're someone like me and you have extra mental health needs than having a little something, there can be really helpful. Whether that's like cat and dog lizard or I don't know, just like something to give you support. That's really important. Um, because it is a big change. So being able to have that support, its nice low, let's go see the rest of the campus. Hi, everyone. So this is the sawbuck just located in the library. Basically, also boxes Just like any normal Starbucks that you could find in your typical college library. We offer a place where you get your drinks and just a place for you to chill and do homework. I could see in the video there are a lot of students just finding a places said, doing their homework, just relaxing with you. So this is a first for Carver Library. This force many use for collaborative group, meaning students who want to work together with the funds and just have a nice maintain voice level. This is a perfect for for them. So this is the second floor of Kabbalah Library, just like the first or the second four issues, many for students who want to work together other students. And it's purely a place to study where you're allowed to have a higher voice level that the third and fourth floor was different. Or what's apart from the first four is that the second for has costumes and multi purpose room means, meaning that a lot of students and a lot of teachers tend to teach their classes in the library. It's really cool and that it gives the library amore purpose and movies and and makes it a better place to work in. Also offered a Kabbalah library is Toe workshop, located underground library ranging from thirty points to cameras. Students have the capabilities of using the equipment at the workshop and also check out any equipments that they may need. Also offered at the workshop or computer stations designed for every students need a war production studio, a music studio, any game in studios. Hey, guys, what's up? What's going on? So today I'm going to be doing sort of a different video, actually have done this type of video before on my old art channel. If any of you guys were ever subscribe to that today, I'm going to be showing you my portfolio for the past. So, master. And if you didn't know I am a photography student at thief you are. It's the number one public art school in the country. And I'm planning on doing a video how I applied and how I got into the school. So if you'd like to see that video, please give this video a thumbs up or let me know down in the comments below. But today I'm just gonna be showing you a couple different pieces that I've done this semester that I really like, um, and just telling you guys about the process and maybe a little bit about the class. So if you'd like to see some of the work that I've made semester than just keep watching only had two studio classes this semester. I think next Mr have three. But so I only have working two different classes to show you. So the first class is called sequencing, and it's about how you can sequence images in either a video or just on paper and how you can successfully put them in a sequence so that they can portray message or meaning. Sequencing was interesting class for me because so used to just having, like, one photo speak for itself. So to have multiple pictures on a sequence was kind of challenge for me. But I did really enjoy, and I learned a lot. He only really did like two big projects, and one of them was a video, which I might answer a little clip of in this video on the other one was like our final project. And even though that wasn't the one that took the longest, it was still like my favorite. I'm gonna show you guys my final project and actually have the prints right here. Try to show you on camera, but also include some pictures that are just like insert into the video So far. Final project. We were learning about symbols and how things can be symbols and totally represent something else, So I decided to take pictures of like trash or litter around the city because there's so much trash everywhere because people literally just do not give a shit. And it really irritates me because there's like, trafficking everywhere. But they're still like trash, all of the ground. So anyway, I took pictures of trash and then I wanted to do something interesting with them rather than just have, like, a piece of trash. So I decided to use two different images on and put them into one picture these air suit. Really? I think I might show you one or two of these just because they're so big, they're gonna fit on camera. But the classes favorite was this one, and I kind of wanted to focus on, like, brands and logos like things that we see and use every day and then kind of show everyone like where ends up or like, how it is actually disposed of in beast around our city. So I know you cannot see that all this is, I think, 11 by 17. So I took this picture of this crushed up Mountain Dew can that I just found in a back alley somewhere and in the background photo. I know it's hard to see in this, but actually just a picture of, like, a huge pile of just garbage and like crap. I just layer this and I concede the image in the background or can you not be able to tell? But it's actually negative. So I made a negative and then put the positive image on top of it, and I'll definitely insert some pictures. But everyone really likes that one. They really liked the color of it and how the Mountain Dew Can was abstracted. Then another favorite of mine was Whoppers one. Just because I just really like the graphic of the walkers packaging because it has been like it was, like, rained on. And it's just so weather down that it just looks so old and gross as you can see. Just another negative image of a bunch of garbage behind it. Yeah, I just like put all these up on the wall. There's five room and I just put him like, almost like I put him very close together on the wall. They're all the same size 11 by 17. So that was really fun. To make it like a two week period. It was fun for me to walk around the city and, like, take pictures of stuff that I saw the other class. I'm gonna show you some work from eyes called alternative processes. And so last semester we took our dark room classes basically into a dark room, like how to use a film camera and print silver gelatin prints in the darkroom and how to use chemicals on things like that. And then alternative processes was also in the dark room. But as the name of the class suggests, it is alternative processes such as science types. We had 10 types. We did some silver gelatin. We also did salt prints. But there's so many different kinds of alternative processes that are out there. We only got to practice. I think, like 45 historical types of process is my favorite will always be silver gelatin. We have a theme for the entire semester, and mine was about body image and just like self image and just thinking about myself and like how I think about myself self, self, self, self portrait. So the first process we had to do silver gelatin prints that we had to manipulate them in some way either before printing or after printing, or you could use it. You could, like, cut up the film or something. So hear this 1st 1? I just made this a photo, Graham. And this isn't actually hold up my concept very well. I just thought it was, like, kind of a pretty image. So, as you can see, it's a picture of me and I'm looking into the mirror. This is like light from the blinds in the background. And I just created a photo. Graham and I used fake flowers from, like, dollar tree. These were the flowers. And the way that the light just passed through the flowers was really pretty. So I just think it looks really cool, like the contrast of the, like, really dark hair and then my, um, my flowers. So, as you can see, it's just like my face again in the light. And then I just took fishnets and put it over the picture and then exposed the image so created this photo, Graham and I really like the way the fishnets came out. I'm probably gonna use that in the future. This one I like to is not the best photograph technically still a little bit out of focus, and it could probably have some more values. But this one was a manipulated negative. Sarge took the negative and I cut it up. And then I just, like, kind of flipped it upside down in a few places, taped it back together on and then exposed it onto this piece of paper so I could see it's a picture of me looking into the camera. Still got that nice contrast from the light coming through the window sayin types were super hard for me because they take like, Oh my gosh mind we're taking, like 20 to 30 minutes to expose. And then some of them would just wash right away, like the images. What wouldn't stay? So I was having a very hard time with those because they just take so long and again my pictures like they were not my favorite for my concept that was kind of struggling with, like, which picture should I take to, like, show my meeting and again or not my favorite to express my concept? I like this one the best, probably because you can see the emotion in my face and Unfortunately, when this was exposing under the UV light, someone must have accidentally, like, pushed it a little bit because there is some blur. If you can see, it's like, kind of blurry. The next process we did is salt prints and salt prints. Have this like really nice brown CB atone this one. I took a used makeup white from that day, and I just, like, put it over my face. But they really liked this kind of like creating a mask for myself. This one, You've probably seen this kind of picture. Lee everywhere is kind of a cliche, not my favorite, but she's my back. I like how the salt chemicals worked with the photo and like, made the tones nice. But this you probably also seen this type of image before. I'm just like driving my stomach. Because of the cost of materials, we were only allowed to make 3 10 types in case one was unsuccessful or something. Um, so I will show you all three just because it's a learning process. So I'd like to show you guys So this was the 1st 1 that I did, and I had a group helping me with this. I know it's really hard to see. It's pretty dark, but as you can see, it's actually a piece of tin. So that's why it's like, Reflective reflecting my light right there. This is another self portrait. So this is me, and I'm just kind of like, bunched up on the floor. But as you can see, this image was unsuccessful because it was way too dark the eye. So the tin types is one. So you needed a ton of lights. I know you can't see in this picture, but the lights were so freaking close to me, and we had to flash twice when we exposed the picture just to make sure that there was enough light. As you can see, there still wasn't enough in this one, so we had to redo it on. Here is the redo of that image. This one, as you can see, is a lot lighter, and you can see all the details a bit better. And I wanted to keep the overall look of it pretty dark just because it with my concept about self image and body image and where I was at that time, Um, just doing the same post, and this one was my favorite was the third and last one. So when this one is actually looking at the camera and because of how the tintype captured the values of this image, it just makes it look like super freaking creepy. I'll put an image of the scanned picture in here so you can see it a little better. But yeah, that was my favorite. My mom sent me a picture of Samara when I showed her this because she thought it looked like, but, yeah, I really like this one. And this is definitely my most successful piece from the semester. US mates really like this. And they all agreed that this was kind of the thing in my portfolio that really stood out. But yeah, guys, that is all the work that I have to show you that it's from this semester. If you guys enjoy this video, please, Mother to give it a thumbs up and subscribe down below. If you're not already also comin down below, which piece I showed was your favorite. I would really like to Hey, guys, it's Marlena. So today's video is going to be a college week in my life log. This is like the week after. I just totally forgot to film in intros. That's what I'm doing right now. So, yeah, I'm going to be taking you around, um, a week of my life in college. It's super realistic on I also do of log of the weekend because I did some fun stuff over the weekend. You guys like to see a week in my life of a photography student at VCU Arts? Then just keep watching is my outfit. As you can see out of the lighting is terrible. But I have this pink crop top over this black and white striped long sleeve t these red black skinny jeans, my black combat boots and then this black teddy bear coat. Also, these really cute pink sunglasses that I got from Charlotte Rousseau, I think, but yeah, we're having so much fun shooting. I'm so excited. Oh, yeah, about 9 a.m. Right now. I'm about to go downstairs and meet my friends, get some Starbucks, and then head over to the train station. Okay? I have never been appear before. Oh, my Not so much. Oh, um uh, yeah, It's going okay. Over my shoulder over here. No more beautiful. Oh, shit. Okay, my makeup looks so good. Hey, guys, back again. So I just had lunch with Andrew and I got my one of my car headlights replaced because it was out. So she knows what happened soon as I did that. OK, we have a break until five. So I'm about to go back and do some homework, hopefully film video, hang out with booby and stuff. Yeah, I had so much fun shooting with Dom and Deana this morning. I can't wait to show us the pictures. And so yeah, keep an eye out on my instagram for all the pictures. Hey, guys. So I'm now back in my apartment. It's about 1 30 I'm so tired now from, like, shooting all day this morning. I'm, like, exhausted from running around. Oh, yeah, Basically, I'm just gonna do a bunch of homework and kind of chill out here, maybe film a video if I have time. I really honestly don't know what to film right now. I'm working class right now. It's almost five o'clock after the class money. Go get dinner, Panda. So I'm basically just excited for that Thank you movie he watches. We loves to be in my business. Well, I'm trying to do my work, but look, guys, I'm coding. I just had to my name in that pool. It's Tuesday. This is literally have to open my door. You should drop on this thing, huh? Mine up. You try to get it straight and you pull on it. Take some strength because we're still friends. Three hours later, here we are. Have you screams for that one? I've been trying to Dale. Okay, I just shoved my lunch down my throat because I have to go now. I just did a little self portrait shoot nude, semi nude. So obviously couldn't have law that. But right now I'm officially spicy from that Penny Rosa. But right now I have to go to another class for about an hour and 15 minutes. And then 40 minutes after that, I had my last class, which is also an hour and 15 minutes. Yeah, I'll try talk to guys between classes, but right now I'm in a rush. This is reality. This is how it usually be. Um, but right now I'm gonna rush. Oh, I got to go home. Super long and freezing day and high booby. Hello. So, anyway, I just got home. I'm waiting for Andrew to get back. Now we're gonna go get buffalo Wild Wings for dinner. I really want their corn dogs for us tonight. Just gonna eat and take a shower in my pajamas because I have to wake up early for work tomorrow, um, and hang out with booby, right boob? Yes, it's a booby. Oh, hey, I'm getting gas right now, and I'm about to go to my parents house. Just drop off some things and pick up some other things. And then after that, I'm going to dollar tree and Target might stop and get noodles for lunch, because I am hungry, but, yeah, I'm getting stuff for our Valentine's Day shoot tomorrow. And also just starting Valentine shopping for Andrew, Baby, why don't you Come on, baby. Hey, guys. So I'm in my bedroom back at my parents house. I'm sure you all haven't seen this for a while, so I know it's kind of late for me. Stoned. I'm still too Yeah, it's about one o'clock right now. I'm going to head over to target in dollar Tree now. Um, excited. Like I'm so excited. Oh, my God. I also I don't know if I mentioned this before, but I'm going to get some stuff for myself this year just to be, like, treat myself like love myself. Um, I don't care if that's, like, self centered or something, because I have actually never liked done that before. Um, I don't know why, but, like, I just want to get something for myself. Okay, I want to show you guys this stuff that I got, um, Saliva is like suffer, Andrew, but for my photo shoot tomorrow, pick up some props I might want to use. I got this really nice pink and red confetti. What I thought would be cold, like, put around the camera lens and, like, creates a distortion. I got these mirrors, which I'm really interested in. Um, I just think they're really cool. So I got this white one, and in this black one, I'm gonna try to use in the photo shoot tomorrow, see how it looks. But then that I could just, like, put in my apartment because they're like you. I also got some stickers which I thought I could, like, put on our faces or something. Um, and I got different kinds of confetti, Got this foil heart, confetti, and then these glittery part. All right, I just got done it target. So first I got these warm white lights and their cute little pink hearts, but that could be cute for the shoot. If not, I'm gonna use um, in my apartment, and then I got this balloon. This is XO, XO, which I'm really excited to use this guys, I'm so excited for the shooting on. Then I got this, um, plastic xo, XO banner tanking. It has gold glitter in it. And I just like plastic. Kind of like translucent aesthetic that it has. And I got some conversation hearts. I thought we could use these somehow. I got these pink and purple ones which are very very on. Then I got these large conversation hearts, so those might be better for the shoot. You can see him better. Also got thes pink story lights just pink like So Now I am about to go into subway and got myself some lunch because I also have a subway. You've card. All right, guys. So it's about 3 15 right now. I want to help my friend Alexis take pictures around campus for one of her projects. So just gonna get a nice outside time with my friend and then coming back here. I'm about to go into the shoot. Only makeable. So good. You'll Oh, my God. My eyes in this light. All right, So you guys so much for watching that video. I hope you enjoyed it. If you did, please remember to give a thumbs up and subscribe down below if you're not already. Also, let me know if you guys want to Seymour Week in My Life or day in my life of log type style videos. I know I don't have the best of quality cameras because I am using my iPhone eight plus, but I hope to be able to save enough money to buy a Sony Vlogging cameras soon. Thank you guys again. So much for watching this video. And I will talk to you guys and next time way about toe leave. Um, my house. It's actually kind of bittersweet. I don't know why I actually do you know why? Because I don't wanna leave. I don't want my eyes like this. I've been told to look at the camera because I've been looking at this. So let me correct myself. Were about to leave. I mean, my mom are driving up to D. C. Together. Um, I'm really sad to leave home. It's crying, but I'm sad, but I'm excited to start school again. And being Richman, I think I'm kind of sad five hours away, So it's a distance, but, um, it's gonna be a very fun vlog and leave me and my mom struggled Been screwing very struggle. Like if you guys remember my move out belong. I moved out by myself, and I had half of my whole room. It was a mess, and I had to go something, boy. So this walk hopefully will be better than the last and funnier than the West. So stay tuned. All right, guys, and welcome back. We're now in the car. Um, this is all myself. It's actually not a lot, I think. And my move out law like I had more stuff because I was in my dad's car and it's way smaller than the van. But it's not a lot I have on my bedding and my clothing and extra stuff is all back there on the time is so 9 16 up with the time in the corners of us can see it takes five hours to get from Colombia to Richmond. So it's gonna be a long drive, but I'm gonna try to block as much as I can U S C. North Carolina and stuff and calling me Hello? Is Dad okay? So sorry about that. My dad called. So its answer, obviously. But we're gonna get us now. I'm kind of tired. It's like I said, It's like 9 69 15 19 got tired. So, like I said, I would try to block as much as I can. She, like comment described. You got to be attentive, you know, right away way she's pulling that dog. Alright, guys, some We stopped to get a snack in this Consider break. Things were getting crispy cream on. It's well deserved. So about a stag. I didn't have a hot chocolate Good morning. Can we please have one small hot chocolate all? Yes, ma'am. Yes, ma'am. A medium coffee with, ah, hot coffee with cream and sugar. Do you added or no. Make a note. Yes, ma'am. I'm Do you have equal? Yes, ma'am. Can I have that with four equals and three cream spleens? Yes. May I Just please? Can I have 1/2 a dozen? A glazed doughnut? No, ma'am. That will be all. Thank you. Batteries lost the charge to last night at one job. Okay. Good way at Darlington. Were in Darlington, South Carolina. Right. It's kind of your homes were in Florence. You said we were in Darlington Monster. Just. Well, we're in Florence. Is Florence near Lake City? Well, she doesn't. I don't know. Yeah, we are. It's hot glue. It's hot. Aren't you hot? What would you think the degrees are right now? Hey, it's body. Get a B. Now it is. This is my mom. Thank you. I don't know. They had little cute boxes. There are food. These are my grandma's trash. This is your blessings and tied lessons and tied now about to eat. And I cannot logging it at the same time. So I'll see you guys later, Actually, before I should have. How much to soothe? I'm done. I'm focused. You could sell over video. You can see it. So, yeah, I get it. Okay. Hey, guys. So my camera died, so I have to block. Really? Could kill my phone because I'm trying to get every little moment. That's long taking a picture. We just got half of my stuff. And this is my amazing view of the street life. It's very nice. I can see everything that's going want Any time. Yeah, we're about to finish getting everything from the car, and then we're gonna move everything in here. Um, actually, that's, um, world My camera comes on, like how it all looks here on inside the apartment, but that's it for right now. I'll see you guys later. All right, guys, welcome back. Um, as you can see, I'm kind of almost done again. I want my camera because I mean my phone, because my cameras charging right now, the battery's charging. Actually, the battery's not charging. I might need to try a battery for relief, but, um, that's why I'm logging on my phone. Right now, but we're halfway done. Everything's coming together the way I wanted Thio. It's way less stressful than my past to move ins, and I don't know why, but it is. Thanks to my mom, she did 80% of the work, and, yeah, um, we're about to get some food, probably. And the last thing I have to do is for my close up, which is the hardest part, I think. But check up. Is it a such a nice I know. Alright, guys, I'll see you when I get back, all right? Hey, guys. Again. No camera, Which is you would think I would spend $1000 on a camera to use it, but we're last minute shopping because it's a must. And now things here, obviously, because we're shopping when it's like people who are you? Um, progress lacking. But we have really what we need. We're just trying to get a little. All right. Hey, guys, back on the camera. Um, all right, guys. So yeah, I'm back. Um, can we finally won after after hours of not having a camera? Um, I am literally obsessed with my view on my brother. My view. Well, quick. My view in my living room is amazing. In my view of my room was fantabulous um, this was my prayer. You'll probably just see my shadow more than my actual view, but it's like just the streets of broad, the rod of streets. You can see every single dorm like it's over there like broods roads. Brandt honors college. My old dorm Johnson West agrees. Northern's I'll shoot down There is grace and broad and you know the cars. So I cannot wait until it starts to snow. I know I'm gonna have, like, bomb view. I just gotta get a little more things tomorrow. My mom and yeah, I might go hang with my friends tonight. I kind of think this vlog might be coming to an end. I don't really know. We'll see what happens tomorrow. And since my camera be fully charged, I could show you guys I'm doing tomorrow. So they back concert that in this moving blawg colossal Moving in. I'm sure you don't mind really quickly. It's obviously not finished at all. But this is my bed. I just messed it up without sitting on it. That's my bed. It's very cute it was what I was going for. Um, this is my desk again. Everything's not finished, but you'll see tomorrow. Because tonight I'm gonna work on it. This is my little area. I like this Larry the most. I think it's one of my favorite My bucket list. My little board thing. And I'm gonna put a picture in this. I just got to get one my plants and then dirty clothes I got on my clothes away. That's my suitcases are still here. Um, it's, like, 8 15 right now, and I'm really tired, so I'm probably gonna, like sleep. Um, Didn't hang out with a friend later, but really chill day. Relax day. I lied. It wasn't relaxed. It was more relaxing the others, But it was still very tense. So I want my shorts in my tank. But that's all that is. I'll tell you a little bit later today, or I will see you guys too. Bye, You guys. Time is currently what's one block? I don't know. I'm still a week, but I was like thio in the fall. But just for a little update, I went with a friend earlier. 23 hours. So That's why I went after the last video. Just wanna showering on. Trying to kind of get my room needs to be kind of sort of not really still got to do a lot, but not to eat some food. I know it's got to be the one that I'm starting not to eat. Some leftovers from all grown in and call it a night on Orange is the new black. You guys like that show comment like this video cause I'm getting really into anomaly Season four and I already know there's a lot more to come, but I'm money, faith. But yeah, that's it, guys. Um, probably a little more tomorrow. Just add into this book and see you guys later. What's up? I am almost the next day. I'm always here to get my stuff on right, All right. My mother is not leaving viewing. I appreciate all her help and dedication here, even though my family but I see her in November. It's according focusing when you're OK. Tell the bad luck with b o la Bog long Oh, belong way our way about to wrap it up. But before I want to show you guys outside Richman's cause. It's always nice things hot. I don't know why we're long sleeves. Look at that dog or you're so cute. I don't know why we're along some meat, and it is actually 1000 degrees outside, so I look very stupid. My room is actually finished. I will. Since I'm hitting the long I'm gonna insert right now how my room looks, how everything has come together. How I like living room, area looks, everything from the other. Yes, I was bad. I don't care, but that's so the meal plan B C. U is really diapers. You can choose to eat from one of the more classic big made whole areas. They have no one on the medical campus called Jonas, which service a variety of foods, and they also have the one on the road campus, which is called Chafer on DH. Both have a variety of foods, So whether you're being in vegetarian secretary in where you're just on a diet, there's all these different kinds of options available to you. I can't. It's all pretty good. I haven't really had much, much problems recently with Schafer or Jonas. So yeah, it's It's all relatively good food, mostly helping at Shaffer. It's looking about face style, so you swipe to get in, and then you get a plate of whatever you want. They also have other options available on campus, such as more mainstream things like canes or I hop on, and they also healthier options like crew times. There's also another place called Crushing, which serves salad wraps and stuff, and these they're all options that you can eat with Camille plant as well. Even if you're Peter, there's something for you with the meals. But which is why it you're on campus a lot. It's really helpful, especially if you are new to the school and you want to get used to B C U dying services. For Richmond itself, however, there is a variety of restaurants here That's one of the main things between his note for is How could Experience is So if you get a chance to have extra cash, I hardly recommend going out just spending a little extra. A strong does not to be fancy, but there's a lot of local grown, well, well rounded, well prepared food here in Richmond, also a lot within walking distance for a majority of the dorms here as well. So you and your friends want to go out, have a good time. I highly recommend trying one of the So this is one of my favorite places on campus. It's like a little pocket of green inside the city called Monroe Park. Uh, right next to undergraduate dorms. So it's easy access, very green, open area for people to just hang out. Enjoy the sun I read, study, buy whatever they want to do. I really like it because in this in this city, sometimes you get the outdoors as much as you like, and this kind of gives it a nice place to do it. Kind of quiet, too, which is nice so you can study if you want Teo for you could just hang out with friends. Last time I was here, I was on a terrorist growing bubbles that people with my friend. Um, but yeah, it's a nice place toe unwind, relax and also a place tio get work done or just just kick back. It's a good it's a good place to connect, socialize and also just have a Hey, guys, today I'm going to be sharing my 15 college freshman tips, basically just telling you some things that I learned over my freshman year. I'm just gonna read off my little planner. So my first hip is save money before you come to college. And I say this because I did it and there's been times where my mom was, like, Okay, I'll give you 50 bucks per week, flow a block, and then I run on my $50 just like money and is nice to be able to have, like, spare cash is in case like we need something. So I definitely say if you're gonna be working over the summer saying that money I didn't I wish I did my second tip ISS use rate. My professor, my first semester, I had some really iffy teachers, and I didn't use read my profession. I didn't find out about it until I was in college, and it's like, tremendously helped me, because this semester I love all my teachers like I'm doing so good in semester, and it's because of my professors. My 13 is don't take a really hot. Last semester, I took a class that was at 9 30 Which doesn't seem really because, you know, when your high school, it's like seven o'clock, you have your first class. But No. 9 30 is actually really, really Do not take it 8 a.m. to not take a 90 in this semester. My earliest class is Ted. In those 30 minutes really make a difference. My next hit is to wait. So after your first week to get like school supplies, I was like, so lucky to have, like a lot of family who gave me school supplies at my graduation party, so I didn't really have to piety. But I have a whole bunch of stuff that I don't need. And once you get your cell abyss after, like, uh, still look this week, you'll find out what you need. And then you can just go to like your little store and get that or your parents can mail it to you so you don't need all your text post in writing utensils and everything like your first week. All you really need is maybe, like your book, a pen in a holder to put like your syllabus it, and that's pretty much My fifth tip is when you come to college, get involved because I didn't and I regret it. And everyone always hold me like, Oh, when you get to college, you're gonna make friends, and it's gonna be super fun. But making friends is easier if you get involved in something. So if you like to play sports or you like to take pictures and you're into music, it's easier for you to make friends and have fun. If you get involved in school activities. I am working on that one. Like, for example, I'm gonna join a black student union. That sounds pretty fun by six tip. I think it can be a dorm body, and it's okay to have fun. Um, for example, I am a dorm body and like my roommate in, like another friend that I had, they want to go. Wow. Well, it's a party and have fun. And that's just not really what I like finest bud. So, like, it's okay to, if you like to party and it's okay if you like to stay inside. Uh, you know, you just got to find a balance that kind of leads into my next tip which is to not give in to peer pressure. And I haven't had a problem with peer pressure, really. But you need to be able to say No, it's the end for yourself if you don't feel comfortable doing something, If you don't want to do something, I definitely say like, you don't give in to peer pressure. Don't do it because your friends are doing gigs like Think for yourself. And if you don't want to say on my next tip, I think it's number age, one that I really need to follow. Don't procrastinate because it's easier to do your work in like segments. And when you procrastinate, it's just like, Oh my gosh, it's works like cramming and you literally like lose your mind because, like college work piles up so quickly and it's not worth it. Like don't hurt Cassidy. Number nine is to use Your resource is like, for example, if you get student discounts or like they, they take like points off. If you do is in like there's an app called pocket points that I used on my campus, and it gives you like discounts for just turning your phone off. So, like I definitely stay. Use all the resources that you have at your campus like is amazingly, my campus has so many things that like to offer me and you really should take advantage of it. Um, number 10 is to work smart, not hard, Which is something my dad has told me. Like I feel like since I came out the womb. Um, it means basically I do think smart. So you don't have thio overwork yourself, And that's really important because, like like I said procrastinating, it really gets to you. So when you do distributive learning, uh, it hopes you remember things that holds you get your stuff doesn't flicker your stuff turned in on time. And I definitely have to, like, remind myself like even when it comes to like doing my makeup cleaning homework, like even in my relationship. If you think about what you're doing and take time to really do what you need to do, it won't be hard for you. Number 11. I heard this somewhere, but like it's really stuck with me. If you don't seek it, you won't find it. And what that means to me like a really hard time seeking health what it's needed. And I'm so independent that I don't want to get hope. So, like virally stuck with me like because if you don't, if you don't look for help, you won't get it and you'll sit there and shovels. And that really applies to school because your teachers, your academic advisers, like they're all there for you. They're all going to help you if you ask number. I think it's 12 time management when you're in college, your parents aren't there to baby sit you and tell you wanna wake up when you do your dishes when you do your homework when it's time to go to bed? So we really have to learn. Like to put yourself on a schedule. And it's a really hard concept to grasp because, like you're not, you're not taught time management. And how do not procrastinate in high school? Because I'd be honest with you, high school really did not prepare me for college number 13. I think it's okay to fail and make mistakes, so I'm just gonna share. It is it was really embarrassing for me. Don't talk about effort, but my first semester of college, I found class. It's ethically. I didn't fail class, but I feel the class because of my It was my ninth Harry. And like one day I was sick. One day I have really bad period craves, and then a couple times I overslept. And so I failed. A class is it was only due to me not showing up, so I really felt like a failure. Like I didn't even tell my parents and do to me failing that cause. And I had a D in math, which I'm really bad at it. I really felt bad for myself, and I learned that it's okay to make mistakes. It's okay to fail as long as you pick yourself back up my 14 10. If mental and physical health is above off. And I say that because college can be very stressful, you have to deal with friendships, relationships you have to do with classes, family savior and spores or clubs. It's a lot of stuff thrown at you, and it could really mess with your mental, but you really need to tend to yourself and like you meditate, take a nice bath, do whatever makes you build it, please, like take care of your mental self while in college and also like physical girl. You know, fresh 15 is really I've seen so many people, like gained weight because they weren't like exercising. And, of course, they're not eating home cooked meals all the time. So you really do need to take care of your body in your mind. That will definitely help you in. My last hit is make your freshman year slash college experience memorable because it's yours. It's quite the experience and probably some of the best years of your life. I think it'll be really cool if I go ask some, like, um, of my peers. Some advice they give chief incoming freshmen. So let's go do that and see what if I stay out for you? Just stay on task eyes. This is my suitemates, Amy. If you could give any advice to an incoming college freshmen, um, just thinking about it. Um, probably just don't be afraid to step outside your comfort zone because it's kind of a scary world. You're away from all your friends and being at home, depending on how far you go. But don't be afraid to be yourself and find things that too do outside of school. Don't make your other seat. Me, Lydia? Yeah. Same question. Okay, So are you a freshman advice? I'd probably say first, make sure you spend more time focusing on your studies there. With those freshmen, they get all Epps also colleges racist, experiencing things, should make sure you're, like, active. Go out. And just like you wear your surroundings, it's like I said, You're whatever talent schedule. Don't stay in your doorman high like me and saying you had because nursing sometime. Yeah, just It's important to make friends with a lot of that would really get to know each other. They have high school friends, Booth. You could give a college freshman, and it would be Oh, c can. This Cory ain't a joke. Thistle. I say get the hell conference with a lot of people because you never know what. So I hope you enjoy these tips and put them to use. Thank you so much for watching, please. Woo. Hey, guys, it's Marlena. So today I'm going to be doing another art photography related video. So today I'm going to be telling you all how I got into the number one public art school in the country. VCU Arts. If you didn't already know I am a photography major. I'm going to my junior year at BCU Arts, and I absolutely love the journey. I'm so excited to see what next year brings, and I truly do love school. I think it's amazing. I love how diverse it is. So I started attending in 2016 after I graduated high school, and I'm going to be showing you today the portfolio, or leave some of the pieces that I included in my college application portfolio that eventually got me accepted into B C words, also telling you guys some tips and recommendations throughout the video. Some things that I did or used my portfolio. Yeah, you guys like to see my portfolio for my college application. Then just keep watching the Yes, VCU is the number one public art school in the country, and they are also number one in the sculpture department. I don't know what they are in a photo, But I'm pretty sure the number one and photo is Savannah College of Art and Design. Not 100% sure about that. But yeah, Here's the first piece that I submitted into my portfolio, or at least included. I absolutely loved this picture when I took it. So in love with the colors and how I edited it. And I obviously really likes the Scylla wedding and the material and the effect that that created remembering taking this photo, I was in front of my window and I had, like, my curtains and a conscious like we're at my curtains in front of my face and like, the white was coming from behind. So you can't really see any of the details of my fate. And in editing, I'm pretty sure all I did was make the saturation like almost 2 100%. So that just brought out like these blues and purples. And I also like playing with the Hughes and stuff like that. But yeah, this is just the matter version that I had because I wasn't a P digital imaging class, So this was one of Miley pieces for that as well. If you guys want to see my AP art portfolio, I did a P two d design, which is basically digital imaging. If you guys like to see that, I will definitely do that video for you as well. Also, pretty sure I included this in my college application. I'm not sure if it was my college application or dressed my AP portfolio, but it's just another photograph. I was doing a lot of self portrait. I just took these pictures using a long exposure on my camera. That's how I got like, this orange light up here. And like these weird blue tones you see, I used three different photographs and I just play with the capacity and the modes of blending. And I just got this really cool like, over laid kind of effect on. I still really like this pictures. So tip number one, as if they really like to see Variety the first year of the Sea artist called Foo, and it's basically a whole year of like the basic art principal classes. I suppose you have drawing to D surface and then you have space, which is like sculpture and in time, which is like video photography, stuff like that. So basically they want to see that you are prepared to tackle those core kind of classes, so they like to see a variety of work. So in my portfolio included painting, drawing, photography, digital art and then I also included, like 123 D pieces and really not even like the best at drawing. I just I had my own style, though I just wanted to show you guys that I did submit a drawing. This is one of the drawings that I submitted and I'm looking at us now. I really don't like it. They made you. They make you go through a drawing class and fo and they are like super strict about teaching. You had a drawer, at least my professor Waas. So I'm looking at this and I'm just like, this is bad, but it's definitely in my own kind of style. It's like between realistic and surrealistic. I'm not really sure, but I just know that my portfolio and a lot of my work I used this like squiggly design. So I have another three d piece. I don't have it here to show you guys But I will insert it here on this screen while I talk about it. So we have to create, like, a three D peace, including a photograph. So we have these huge pieces of foam core. I think it was so I could see the foam core. I don't remember exactly how big it was, but it was like this anyway, So I took that and I took a picture of my friend Hannah. Just put it on like regular printer paper, I think. And then I used, like, ma ji podge to pace it to the phone core. Then I want to use and caustic. So I had, like, this thing of hot wax, and I put like some red coloring and it's a dark red coloring. And then I What did I use? I just use like a paintbrush and took the hot wax on, kind of like painted it on the edges a little bit like end of it and to increase the three D aspect of it. I had, like, dead roses and answer had some negative filmstrips and, as you can see, just like hot glued those on and random places, and I also used the wax to kind of see it. And then I took some different kind of stamps. I kind of really overdid it with this piece. Looking back, there's way too much going on. There's no like concept or anything at all. So I usually these black stamps and I just kind of randomly put these like, pretty embellishments everywhere. And then I put the word doll face at the top as concede. That's also using stamps. So another drawing piece that I have where I kind of continue this like swirly design is this. I remember when we had this project to sign to us in high school, so we had to, like, draw our hands and like different positions, just so we would be more comfortable with dry hands and human anatomy. Use my squiggly designs. I used my friends for those, and as you can see, I just like, shaded it with blue and purple color pencil again. Not my favorite thing that I've ever done, but they just really like seeing a variety of work. There's a digital drawing piece that I did so for this. I drew a little doodle on paper, and then I scanned it into the computer on. And I also did like a watercolor on separate piece of paper with water with blue and purple watercolor and ink. And then I also scanned that in, and then I used Photoshopped to blend the two images together. I really like how this came out again. Enough the best drawing. But that was just like and so is my like style of drawing people. Um, but I just really liked the watercolor. Part of it isn't the highest quality image. I'm not really sure exactly what I was doing to make it not that high quality, but yeah, they really liked seeing that I was able to take my traditional art into the digital world. It kind of makes them together. So here's a still life piece that I did. I'm pretty sure I submitted this as well, Unlike kind of not that Sure, just a picture of this gold leaf ashtray that my grandma had been. There was like cigarettes in it, but I just took a picture of it and liked it some basic editing and photo shop. And, yeah, another example of photography. So here's the last piece that I want to show you that included in my portfolio this is the three D piece, as you can tell. But I actually had to submit, like a picture of this three d piece you can't like, send it off to them, obviously. But what I did was I just bought this, like, wouldn't circle from Michael's. I think they have a bunch of them. They're a bunch of different sizes and stuff. And it was really moss, like, completely dead now. So I just took this picture. My friend Hannah I made this like leaf bra, and then I made her sit and leaves and it was freaking freezing. I remember exactly what do this photo shoot, but she was such a trooper on. And then in editing, I've just made easily super vibrant and the other one's really dull on. Then I printed it. The printing is very terrible. If I worked redo it, I would have definitely reprinted it. There was something wrong, the printer at that time, so the colors are slightly off, and it's kind of like faded looking anyway. And the night just module podge touch This would I did some sanding to kind of blend it into the wood. And then, as you can see a hot glued moss and leaves on the edge of the picture to kind of bring that like nature aspect through on. And then I just this, like little picture hanging thing on the back of it, just so I'm able to like, hang it up if I wanted to show it or something. Some other tips that I wanted to include on when you're applying to art school. So as for applying to college, make sure you include, like every single award that you've ever won for your art. If you know about the Scholastics program, if you have that in your high school, police, please always applies this classics program. They give out a lot of awards, and you may think that something isn't good enough. But then you might be surprised and win an award for, and that's just something that you could include in your college application. They also like to see that you are well rounded. I was never someone that really did anything besides art, but I included in my application that I was the co president of like my High school's photography club So if you have anything like that, just make sure to include in your college application. They really want to see that you do a lot with your life and that you're productive. So, yeah, guys, that's all I have to share with you today about me applying and getting accepted to the number one public art school in the country. If you guys have any questions, you can leave them down below and the comments and I will definitely be sure to answer any of those for you. Please make sure to get this video a thumbs up and subscribe down below. If you're not already and you guys so much watching this video, I will talk to Starting off this video. This is the infamous VCU comments. The calmness is an area that is mainly used by students and professors. Just hang out and grab a bite to eat, I seen in the video. The comments awful places Teo, including Peace of Heart, Subway, Foschi's and Check for Light Places are amazing for students who are on a budget, as these places can usually accommodate swipes as payments. Aside from the restaurants, the comments also include a convenience store, which is named the part market. The pod market offers of light of things with students who are in need of the necessities, including drinks, snacks and hygiene products. What I love about the part market is the micro. If Vienna commuter, finding a microbe can actually be quite hard. And I just feel really appreciative when I go to the park market because there's just a simply migrate there for us to use. The second folder comment is mainly used for leisure and events, just like any other woman. A comment. A lot of clubs and organizations tend to reserve rooms and hotel event in them. In fact, actually, many of your major of these who event including homecoming or how did a comment So be on the look out once you start attending causes now, finally, the underground the undergone is an area located on the bottom, full of the comments. The main part I love about it is mainly the game, and Little game in Lee's Room is basically an area where soon as we're able to relax and just hang with the funds of play video games. Wait. That's the end of my tour of the comments. I really hope you guys appreciate the video as much as I didn't make in this as this was one of my favorite areas at BCU.