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Thinking about West Virginia University and trying to determine if it’s the right fit for you? The college search process can be tough, but CampusReel is here to make it fun and engaging. If you’re thinking about visiting West Virginia University in person, we strongly recommend you at least complete the virtual tour first. After watching the entire virtual tour, the next step would be to take an in-person campus tour to further vet West Virginia University’s culture and community. Whether you are a prospective high school student considering the school or interested in transferring to West Virginia University, these videos and reviews are designed to give you a complete understanding of the West Virginia University experience. These West Virginia University video reviews share the culture and daily life of students both on and off campus.

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Okay, so my phone's about to die, but I want to see how much of the character I can show you. This is what my favorite places on campus was. A creative arts center. This is what my major is and all that stuff. And this is the lobby. Awful. Thank you. So here there's too art galleries where they have grad students will put car and like, if there's a visiting artist, the hat, um, shows there. Those are its cool ISI, and those are open to like anyone. It's not specific to review students. Anyone can go see him, and there's also a place they have in the theater. That's part of the theater. And I'm going to show you where my major is. Art, education, all the art stuff. I don't know much about the Theatre of Music kind of stuff that goes on here. I'm definitely going to show you the art stuff. This is a lone holy that I walked down to get to class. Kind of scary. No. Oh, the cactus. Super confusing, though, because not all the floors lineup. And like some of the elevators and the staircases like, they don't go to all the floors. And, like not all that more like the same floor. I don't know how to describe it, but It's kind of confusing. I'm going to show you one my favorite elevators in the CAC. Okay, so here, favorite elevators. And this is what it's a joint galaxy. And there's cat. There's cats all over the CAC like this. I might show you a couple. I feel I don't know what this is. It's here it is. All right, girls, but my elevator buddy for right now, I guess. All right, so right now we're on the third floor. I'm gonna see if there's any classrooms that are open that I could show you to show you what on classroom. But the character looks like there's kind of people in the market. Let's see if we could find no but hysterical project's mine is that woman, so Hey. Okay. This is what an average art classroom looks like at the CAC. They're pretty big. Everyone just crowd around the circle and Yeah, that's classroom today. Yeah, There's some naked people on the wall. If you wanted to see that. Back on the elevator. So take so long. There we go. Okay, we right now, the ground floor. And this is what I was trying to say, Like just like a monkey like that and confusing. And even when you're in the basement floor like they're still staircases that go going even even downer in the basement time. Yeah, he's a music major lookers. They're huge. They're bigger than the art major lockers. I'm going to take you to Black Hole. I'll show you the vending machine rooms. Here is the vending machine. There's people in there. He's like the only vending machines in the CAC that I know of. At least on then, if we keep walking, we will get to here is block off. And this is where they have the big artist lectures. Let's see if anyone's in here. Hello? Yes. Okay. This is block haul. This is one of the, like, big lecture halls. They have visiting Artist column and give lectures here, and they're they're pretty cool. I guess some of them are pretty lame. I'm not gonna lie, but this is about the size of, like, a basic, like a large lecture hall here, Um, at West Virginia, not just the CAC, but this is about the size of a large lecture hall that's block off. Now we're exiting block. Haul! No way. We're gonna end up okay there. This is just basically where all music majors are. Oh, there's practice rooms and things like that. There's over practice theater in all that stuff, and that's just about the character. Um, there's some pretty neat stuff, a lot of the doors on locks of like I think it's really cool because, like, you could just walk in at any building and just explore. Except for that one room that wasn't unknown. But whatever. It's fine. It's cool. everyone to say I'm going to be doing a dorm tour of my dorm at Oakland Tall West Virginia University. Someone requested that I do this video so it's good to it. Okay, so when you walk in, I have my roommate side over here, which I'm not really gonna show, but my side is back here. It's like, Nice, because there's like, this divider wall that separates our two sides, and I have this whole area about here. That's all mine. So first, this is the fridge and microwave, and you can get this, but you have to pay for it before you come. Fun Fact. What old roommate like froze corn dog. Into this, Fraser and I had to get a hair dryer to get the freaking corn. Also, by the way, I got these stickers from my like favorite places to eat on campus in some cookies and lots of losses downtown on High Street. Definitely recommend it. If you ever go out, you'll probably end up at lots of gay personal pizza. It's always packed in there on the weekends, and insomnia Cookies delivers to your door until three AM definitely recommend going here. That's what the fridge. Looks like there's a microwave in there. Some food. Potato doughnuts from the farm shelf. You're from P. A. You know what I'm talking about. Over here is the desk area. These chairs the first how I sat in the They're not like regular chairs. They rock. Oh, no, I I I thought I was following the first time I used that nice over here. I have my makeup brushes, picture of me and my boyfriend, more pictures. I have my schedule, my calendar, pens, pencils, scissors, stuff like that. My laptop. There's a lot of squeeze my drawers that's over, made up. And then here's where I keep all my books appear. Have a picture of me, my parents at my high school graduation. I have, like, inspirational quotes, another board that tells me like what I have to d'oh perfumed stuff. I have this desk lamp, but I don't need to use it because right up here that turns on it's way better than that. So I never even used that we're here. I have my chargers and light cords where I like. Don't even put this in, but fronts a good video over here. You can adjust the heat upper down for here. I have my I D lanyard and two persons back there. I just keep action notebooks, pens my makeup bag's for when I go home, my curler and straightener and I have weights. But here's where I keep my backpack. When I'm not studying, I texted pictures of me and my friends. Here's the closet. So the closets actually really nice because it's pretty big compared to the other dorms. It's a mass right now, so disregard. But I have a crap ton of shoes back there. Shoes is where I keep my towel on a command strips, a shower, rap, water bottles, hangers, cords, electronics off gym clothes of like shampoo, conditioner, exes. That's where I keep my laundry stuff like cleaning supplies, napkins, everything. This is all my clothes, hats and scarves. And that was my shower caddy thing that has, like, all the stuff for showering, washing my fees, everything. So no. If you come over to this side, I have food that used to be organized, but now it's not my coats and sweatshirts down here. I have rice because I eat that a lot and disposable plates bowls, forks, No spoon. This is my laundry basket over here. This is like a thing for my jewelry, earrings, watches, our necklaces and everything. This is like the little head wraps for the shower. This is like where I keep my bras, underwear, sports, brown socks and bullets. Here's my shower shoes and here's my slippers out. A pair of sneakers I never put away. This is one of those, like room sent plug ins from Bath and Body works. I think this is spiced apple toddy, but it just makes your rooms well, Good, because you're not allowed to like candles in here. Over here, I have a beanbag, a throw blanket and a pillow. Little inspirational quotes over here. Oh, I for Assam mentioned. I got these blackout curtains because it doesn't come with curtains when you move in. But I'm like, right near this lamppost. So when I wake up in the morning, it's like, so bright. So I got these blackout curtains when you shut them. It's like no, like it's under my bed. I just keep like water and all of my extra sheets and everything get under here. I keep all of my clothes. So, like my pajamas. Short sleeved shirts, um, is really under arenas. Yoga pants. What? Pants, leggings, jeans, pants? Sure, it's long sleeve shirts. That's just random dog Here. I have more food, some books and my old laptop keys. Here I have a medicine bag. Headphones, Al oh, pills, sunglasses, Chargers, stuff like that on my nightstand. I have cocoa butter for my lips, my alarm clock, more quotes. My sorority guide. I'm rushing next week. I have my phone and this is a 10 foot charger and I also have a lamp, and I recommend getting a lamp at Oakland because I turned it off. It's like kind of dark in here without it. I just think it's helpful. Here's my bed. I used to have another comforter on it. I got this one from Marshall's for this race. Mestre to throw blankets. This has pom poms long, and what I used like it comes with the regular mattress that I recommend getting like a memory foam thing because it makes it so much more comfortable it up here. I got these, like, light up, um, picture clips and, um oh, my will. So here's another overview of the room thes. You can put them under the bed or you could have them stacked like my roommate has them. Well, that's it for my dorm tour. Guys like Tonto Helpful. Make sure you comment down below some other video suggestions that you think I should do, and I'll see you guys in the next video by Hey, guys, it's Alexa will connect. Today I have jailing with me. So they were gonna be filming a video about big schools or universities versus, like, smaller schools. And we have a few tips to share because she went to a smaller school. She went to consume. And obviously I go to West Virginia, So we're gonna be sharing some tips. Yeah, let's get started. So the first thing that I noticed that there's a really big difference is authorities and frats. Now, smaller schools offer the stories of practice, but they're really not a big deal. So there's events that I noticed that bigger schools adventure a lot bigger. Yes, and people can choose to 10 things but, like my remain joined a sorority, and she complained about everything she had to go to, and there really wasn't anything she went to a whole year, except, I think one form also you kind of just seemed like a big job. West Virginia. It's not as big as the South, obviously like like Southern schools have. Like I will be able to Georgia. Yeah, they had been more, but West Virginia, it's like it's like pretty relevant. I'm in a sorority of my school, and it's like it's pretty. We're pretty relevant, like it's pretty big, Big Greg. Life's pretty big thing on campus. So we have a lot of events like date parties, formals, that kind of thing. It's a pretty big deal. So it's way different from make smaller schools cause, like, rushes like a huge thing that I want to feel that rush for Rush. It's like at least at my school, it could sound like the 14 state schools their rushes over like a weekend. So it was like, three days? Yeah, I think, and they also can't have houses, so I don't know where they really do. They don't really have a house to gather that they have to do everything our campus and stuff. So, yeah, we have houses, you can live in the house and our rush was over two weekends and like part of the week, he doesn't do a video like just the Russians already. I could do that, let me know in the comments symbol, but yeah, it's like so different from a smaller school because I was so surprised when I heard they didn't have houses where you meet. Yeah, your meetings are at the house. Second, pretty big difference that I found between the two sizes of schools is that we have a bigger campus we have and Evans Oh, campus and then downtown campus. And we have a purity that runs between the two. So it's pretty big. We have, like, medical campus Evan sale downtown. And, you know, you need buses to get around. You need to appear t to get around. We're a pretty, like, medium size school, so that's definitely different. Yeah, it at my old school, you could walk across campus level campus in, like, 15 minutes if you're walking out like normal piece. But, I mean, we have shuttles that basically are just meant to take you, like, off campus housing, but we really don't need that. So you don't need a lot of time to get places because everything is so close and so small. That could be a good aura about like, you know, if you're looking for a smaller campus, that could be great, because you don't have to figure out the purity and the buses. So that's that could be a good thing for him, like just keep in mind. There's positives and negatives. Yeah, person like I think it just depends on where you came from. So I think we're from a bigger city. So I think I'm just going into a small place is really, like a really big change that. And yet I was going to happen because, well, in Morgantown, it's like kind of a smaller town. I feel like compared to where we're from, because it's like a college town when I feel like you're kind of couldn't find compared to. Maybe if you go to Philly, like in Temple, and that's like within a whole city, So I don't know. You just have to factor that it and could sound like so you could sound. There really isn't much off of campus. There is a way to grocery stores, little shops down home, but that's really it. And it takes about 30 minutes to get to target or Wal Mart. So if you don't have a car, you're pretty much good and you're just trapped. Yeah, campus, Yeah, And so for West Virginia, we have, like, target old like grocery stores like everything in within, like a 10 minute drive downtown We have a lot of clubs, a lot of bars, a lot of things to D'Oh just in general. There's just a bunch of, like, random food places, and I mean, you're not supposed to have, like, houses like frat houses. But there are frat houses where a lot of just like brothers will live, and that's where likely the parties are. They like their basements and, like the cops are out. So there's really not much downtown. So should think differently. Rounds. Yeah, because we have, like, a lot more bars, a lot of clubs, really 18. Yeah, I have. Like when she said that they were clubs for 18 obviously, yeah, because I didn't think that was a thing, which is I mean, it's not even just because it's a big school, because I know Penn State. That's like our big state schools. We live in P A. They don't have clubs. From what I know, that's have bars. So when I found out, almost Virginia had closed because that's something todo going toe. So the next difference is sporting event, so I mean, they're offered offered third, they're they're available, but they're really not that big a deal. It's not something that you want to get up in a 10. Really. It's just kind of fear up in your board, and you have somebody to go with. You, go to a football game? No, there's no tailgates, either. There was one Tell me this past year for homecoming, but that was it. And still, I think that you got kind of like shut down because the cops were very anal about everything. Yeah, so for West Virginia had friends to go over like six in the morning. Just to what about tailgate for a 12 game? And that's insane to me. But like people do it like it's a big deal. The whole hospital parking lot is filled with tailgates, the houses all around ahead. Tailgates. It's just huge deal, like the dorms and, like campus will have, like student, tell Gates for you. Like they provide food and stuff just such a big deal. And like it's televised pretty like it's like pretty televised, like not just locally. So if I was in P A. I still watch it like that smaller school. It's like it's just like, yeah, there's you could watch a game mobile TV. That's it. Yeah. And I feel like the stadiums are definitely bigger. Oh, yeah, Yeah. And the whole I feel like the whole ticket process is a lot of different because I know the westward Jamie. You have to like dude in advance and could tell you literally go up. You show the idea you get for framing. That's how soccer games are like soccer games are really is popular. But for soccer games, you just show your idea. You get ticket and get it for free. But for, like, basketball and football games, you have to request them like like a week in advance, really, depending on the game, like months in advance, and you get it for free as a student. But it's still, like such a big deal, and everyone makes such a big deal out of it. And also for West Virginia. Yes, this is different because a lot of posting names don't sell beer, but West Virginia sells beer there for you, So yeah, I don't know. That's just an us thing, but I don't think they have any back. Yeah, so definitely a bigger experience. Like sports. Okay, so yeah, I just noticed that I changed my shirt way. Want to go get slushies? And I changed into a tank top. So don't mind that I changed my shirt, going along with it being a bigger canvas. It's like a medium sized population. There's, like large population schools and then medium. So I feel like we're medium to large, like population. You like being a medium population school. There's a lot more people for you to find common interests with, like there's people that are just gonna want to study in the honor tall. And there's people that are gonna want to study and go out, and then they're just gonna be like those parties, you know, like you can't find your people. I feel like with a bigger population, Yeah, like in reference could sound hot. About 10,010 to 12,000 students in West Virginia has, like 30,000 so there's a huge difference when it comes to meeting people. When I first like MoveOn, we have like, a group, but it really wasn't a good group that stuff with me throughout the whole year, and I thought that my roommate was gonna be my best friend. Shoes can include me on any everything that she did, because that's what I did and it didn't happen. So I just had a hard time finding a group of people, and I just never ended up finding it. So I feel like going to bigger school. I will have a bigger opportunity to find a group of people that work for me. Yeah, we have Volf as to want to mention that. It's like we had 21 savage come last year. It was really fun. There's like a crap ton of people. There's like food. It's literally like a concert, just already campus. It's like the funnest thing ever so that you mean that I met a lot of people from that. I just made a lot of people in welcome week altogether because there's I met so many people like we had a giant group of girls and obviously become closer with certain ones. You branch off like, you know, school happens, but it's just welcome. Week was a great week from you to be people because I'm kind of shot, So being in a big group, it just helped me kind of feel everything. Another thing Eyes, clubs so We have clubs that could sound, but they're I don't ever hear anybody like I have to go to a club meeting or I just joined this club. So basically my experience is my major could sound was new and we were forming a club. But we started this process like early September, I think. And, uh, we have one meeting the whole year, so I didn't really have anything to be a part of it. Yes, I was in a club, but we didn't do really anything for that. So for my school, I mean, obviously, that's just good stone. There's probably a lot of other schools, and you do have a lot of clubs. But my school in particular has, like 200 plus clubs, pretending to each major news business. There is journalism, you know you need me. There's graduate, you know, cultural clubs, everything. And you can start a club. Oh, and there's also like a lot of opportunity you can get out of being in a club in general because you know this one I'm in, I'm in here campus. There's like a lot of opportunities you get from that. Internships from it started career from it. Like, build yourself up. Yeah. There's just a lot more options of foreclose bigger school. I feel like I'm pretty sure that's all we have to talk about. We covered everything that you were talking about. So I get this video thumbs up, if you like coming down below any other bodies. You want me todo? Yeah. I'll see you guys in uh, it's game. Honestly, it's 9 58 it's really too early for this. Like, can you go through those? My friends right now are already at the tailgate they were up at, like, 6 30 And I was like, no sleep being. But I'm about to go to this tailgate and the game starts at 12. That was gonna wear this girl with the bodysuit and says, What's Virginia? But it's like, huge. So I was gonna see if dependent. But I don't have one right now, so I think I'm gonna change and wear a dress. I changed into this dress. I don't really like it as much like the skirt, but so is supposed to be, like, 80 degrees today, so I hope I don't die. I didn't make it for the game like Golden Blue. I did like gold on the lid and I did some blue glitter liner and then I did like three dots of blue. I do it. I should get a victory. Dan, Uh, don't wait. Hey, guys. Happy St Patrick's Day. Um, I'm walking to Dom's. I'm gonna stop a cheat to get food. That sounds. Thank you. You can't just steal my friends when I get back. I miss him. I love you. Emanated. Reaching couple. Right? If you like my Ripple Racer rather than they know they know out here, do you? Yeah. Getting ready. Boots. Nice. Those tall boys on two. Wait, 306 Six, Baby buddy. Who? What is that? That drink is hard. Wait, You don't know, you know? Just do you like it? You might be careful. I guess it is. Oh, my God. How do you go to school here? Yeah, Every day. Every single day. A way. That's why I don't wear Use your genius. No, I figured I cracked the code with Wait, wait, wait. Celebrate Every day he's ready for today. Be anything you want. Wait, wait, Hold up. Did anyone just see that girl? Let's go back. Oh, let's go back to the law in Dodge. Wait way. Adventurous. Arriving long as day And we're barely What's up, everyone? It's Alexa. Welcome back to my channel or welcome. If you're new, be sure to hit the subscribe button down below. If you're new to my channel, I post a lot of college related videos, and I kind of want to deal with more fun videos in the future. So subscribe if you want to see those. So for today I'm going to be doing a video about what to bring to college and a little bit about what you shouldn't drink, because I know last year this time, when I was getting ready for college, I didn't know what I would necessarily lead. One unnecessarily didn't need it spinning. It will help you guys out if you're wondering what to bring to college, so let's get started. So the first thing that I had on my list of what you should bring is either a beanbag or like where those fold up like cushy chairs because I had a big bag in mind or because I had space for it so you might not have space in years for it. But if you do, it's great because in your dorm, or you have to sit on things like your desk or your bed, and it gets, like, tiring to sitting in my battle all the time or at my desk. So I wanted to sit on my beanbag sometimes to do homework and its could she and cozy. And when your friends come over, they have a place to say incentive on your bed or like on the floor. So I definitely aren't getting a beanbag inter picture of the one I have confined anywhere. It's like so because she and my sister actually slept on it when she came to visit me at college. This second thing I'd recommend, which is not even like a recommendation like you need this, you need to get a mattress topper or like a gel pad. I had, like, a gel foam mattress stopper, and it was the company's thing I ever had slept on. It was even company than my bed at home. I've got It was like the value pack I'll nd dug lower put it on the screen here, but I got like, a comforter with it, and like all that stuff with the gel pad that came in the pack and if I didn't have that that would have been so uncomfortable. The third thing that I had on my list was aware, and it depends on your door or stuff like that. My door was a little bit dame when all the lights were on just because we only had the overhead lady and that we could just turn the overhead laying off and keep the lamp on. And then I'll just switch the lamp off what I was about. So it's just nice to have the next thing that I think would be helpful is an alarm clock. Now. I usually use my phone as in alarm clock every morning, but I had it at home and it was nice because it was a speaker and an alarm clock. So I'd said by phone, one clock and the regular alarm clock, just in case, because I have definitely had those wearing Gray didn't wake up right AM, and I had to leave a rush to get ready so the alarm clock definitely helps with that and just like they used to have because the time was on it. And like, I don't want my phone all the time from time, so I like having the fifth thing I have is a shoe organizer for your closet. You couldn't store them like under your bed or in your closet, but I just found this way to be the most conservative for space, and it just hangs in your closet and you can put your shoes in the little companies that it has hanging down. All uncertain picture is I can find one, and that's what I used for most of my shoes. Going along with that. I also recommend bringing shower shoes because if you will, you have the kind of door you have to share a bathroom with, like the whole hall of Dorms. Then you're not gonna wanna, like, share like the floor of the showers with that, so everyone pretty much bringing showers, you get some shower shoes, you can get the cheap ones. Old Navy. That's what I did. I just have like those cheap dollar football ops. What I also had was an under bed storage that zipped open and I kept extra sheets, extra pillow cases, extra towels, all that kind of stuff in there. You could put extra shoes in there. It was just nice to have to put under my bed because you're so limited in the door. So I reckon my getting under a bed store. So I brought a bunch of, like, plastic reusable water bottles because I thought I would be using them all the time. But I actually ended up just using, like, plastic water bottles that you could throw away. So I just got cases of water and I had a fridge in my room. So I put the cases of water in the fridge and just bring a bottle of water in a class of me every day instead of having to fill it up because I didn't have a place to fill it up unless I went somewhere and paid for it. Or if I found a water fountain somewhere, which I didn't have a water found in my dorm, so I just would have been inconvenient. So I recommend bringing cases of water because I just most convenient. Also, I've seen a lot of people in their college video say that they're bringing Britta Filter, and I guess I I would never use that just because my friend wasn't big enough to hold a Britta filter for water and second, I wouldn't want to have to keep going to the bathroom and filling it up with bathroom top water. I just kind of gross me out. I don't know. I wouldn't do that. But if you want to do that, you can. I just found the disposable water bottles to be the easiest way. The next thing I brought an entire plastic bin of snacks. I had, like chocolate chips, candy, just everything like popcorn in there for snacks in my door because I would like one eat when I'm studying or you wanna born or just eat all the time. So it was nice to have, like, snacks with me already because you can go and buy snacks, but I just wanted to have some with me. The next thing is command hooks. I used so many command hooks because I have a lot of stuff on my walls. I hope like I did a string lights, they conceive my dorm tour. I did, or for video Lincoln, But I have pictures with command strips, and I had a little key thing to put my keys on that command strips. I just used command strips a lot so I definitely recommend bringing lots of command looks. The next thing is kind of obvious, but I brought a calendar White board. I know some of my friends just brought calendars like the paper card they wrote it in. But I'd like to have it on a whiteboard, because if plans change or anything, I'm just a race it, like, change it really easily. So I hope that my wife work how under right above my desk So I could see what I'm doing every single day and cross off the days and everything. And it was really helpful to keep my schedule like together. And I knew what I was gonna do for the day. So that was helpful. And going along with that, I had, like, a white board to do list. I don't know. My mom got it for me, and I was like, I don't think I'll be using this at all, but I actually used it a lot. So for the calendar, I put the stuff I was doing that day. Like if I had a meeting on my calendar, I would put like meeting at six at this place. But I'm ready to do list, I would put like assignments that I needed to do. So I'd be like, Okay, I have an English essay due Friday or something like that. It was just more in detail, so that was less have both of those because I knew the assignments I had to do and then the places that had to be Obviously you're gonna need a laptop runs over there, but I run a Mac book pro. I have the 13 inches. Think I brought the Mac book Pro the bigger size? I forget which which size it is, but it was the bigger would, and I ended up not eating that because it was just too big to carry around. And it's also heavy so there could be getting me 13 inch pro or air. It doesn't really matter. I don't really see that much of a difference for a normal school day, I added in some phony. So it's nice to have the probe, but if you're just like a regular student, the air should be just fine. The next thing I have on my list is like a durable and comfortable backpack. I know in high school a lot of people got backpacks because they looked you or like something like that. In college, it's really important that you have a backpack that you're gonna want to be able to walk around with, and it's not going to get uncomfortable or too heavy, and it can carry your laptop in any books you need. So the one I will show you I still didn't empty from the school year, but it's fine. I really need to get together. Like when I came home from college. All of my stuff is still in the garage, like I haven't touched most of it, so I just I'm really slacking. So what I have is the Northeast back, and I just don't think this. It comes in a lot of colors. I got in at Dicks, I think. But yeah, it's like, really durable. As you can see, I used in this whole year and then on the back and has like cushioning in the arms and everything, and there's a lot of speed. So yeah, I really like this backpack because it has a laptop compartment in it and the giant amount of room for all of your folders and then talking appear for your pencils and everything. So it's a really nice back. If you're looking for a good one, I know it's not. Obviously knew a lot of people have it. I'm gonna get a black one for the school year. But yeah, we're looking for a nice backpack. That's a good one. The next one is like a good shower caddy, which is kind of obvious because you're in it, even if you live in a dorm and it has communal bathrooms, and I also recommend getting like the shower terms. It's called like a turn me twist, I think. And it's just nice to have to put your hair up. And also a shower rap, because I wore that to the shower inside, like a room with a shower, rap or robe would be good to bring because it was just helpful to bring to the bathroom and then, like, wear back instead of just to tell. The next thing is a good parent headphones, because I listen to music every single day walking to class, coming back from class in claws like you just use headphones a lot, so I recommend getting good parent headphones. I just used like that will once again with my phone, but like it's like any good pair of headphones that you like definitely recommend to bring. Oh, also a long charger like a sick. I had a six foot long charger. I think it would be like roll around in bed and stuff like long I'm on my phone, So that's why I'm calling alarm Charger. So that's really helpful to have do recommend getting lots of color pens and a highlighter is to organize your nose. Another thing that I didn't think I would use were slippers, because I wore slippers around in the winter a lot around the building, because I would go to the study rooms at the top of my building and like study. And I didn't want to put on actual shoes, so I just want my slippers or like to the bathroom and stuff like that. We like to get food in the lobby area. The next thing is like one of those corner pillows for your bed. I have one right here. I use like my other white one last year, but this is what I'm using this year. It's like pink. I got from Target. Pretty sure it was like 15 bucks. But it's just really fuzzy and pig. And I was like, Why would I use this like, Oh my God, why would I use it? But I use it a lot because my bed was against the wall. So you said a lot when I was watching videos on my laptop or like doing homework and stuff like that. So it was nice to have to, like, leave my back against it was just comfortable also are moving in soon to my apartment. The lease has already started, but like, I didn't get to move in yet, So I'm gonna be moving some of my stuff up there. If you guys want to see, like, a moving block, get getting the keys to my apartment block, let me know what I can do that the next thing is like a lanyard or a cardholder, like for slit kind of thing, because you're gonna want a place to keep your dorm key. Your i d. And like any cards or money, you need all in one place. I used to lead your last year, and it was helpful, but like it's just a thing that, like a lot of the freshman, always wear light hues around your neck. So if you don't wanna look like freshmen don't wear lady and around your neck, If you don't care, then do it. But I didn't care, and I just did it because it was convenient. But like, don't if you don't want to or another option, like I said was to just get like the wristlet cardholder and you could just put your I D cards in there and then just wear it on your wrist like throw it in your bag or something like that. The next thing I used a lot that I didn't think I would use was disposable, please. Silverware, napkins, stuff like that. Because I actually made food and rent dorm quite a lot. Depending on your room, you might need a fan. I didn't have a need a fan in the middle, so I didn't bring one because my dorm actually had air conditioning already. Okay, the second to last thing I recommend to bring is a sleeping mask. Now, you might not actually need this, but I wish I'd brought us living mask because the second remaining had, like to go to sleep to like TV, but she leave her, Netflix opened on her laptop and just, like, have it full brightness. It was like sleeping in daylight, so that was really fun until she saw him doing it. But if I had a sleeping mask, that would have been really helpful. So if you haven't ever remain like that, that a sleeping mask will come in handy for you going along with nighttime. I had a blackout curtains that I used. I'm not there a few weeks into the semester because I ended up realizing I needed blackout curtains because my there was a street lamp right outside my door, right outside my window, and that would turn on at night and just like streaming to my room. And I didn't want that. So I got blackout curtains, so it literally looks like night time during the day when they were closed. All right, so that's everything I have on my list of why you should bring to college. I hope you guys found this video helpful. If there's anything you think that you should bring to college leaving in the comment below, if I left anything out. I hope you enjoy this video. If you didn't give it a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel down below for more videos lets you All right, So I'm here with a couple of fellow. Don't view art students. What's up? We're walking to Evan. Still crossing, which is one of food courts here at Don't You? And I'm going to show you guys around. Thank you. Yeah. Okay. Walking into crossings. What a gentleman. Thank you. Okay, Chelsea. I'm sorry is just something you want. Hop Sing? Yeah, place. You have two birds, which has like a chicken, Mac, No. Here. Salty. Yeah, there. Mediterranean and Yeah, yeah, This's a Barnes and Noble where they have a fake Starbucks. Hello. These are the elements. They're all usually spaced apart. No one really cares about, Like, for the record, that multimedia. So now we're up here on the floor. Great. Look, you could see all the campus here. Yeah, get up here. You have a juice bar, which is pretty good, Ugo. Which is obsolete, flitting about up here. What? Oh. Orange is smooth. That from the juice bar. Highly recommended gamma shawn. It tastes like a Christmas tree. Like an orange A Christmas tree. What's up, everyone? I'm Alexa. Today. I'm going to be answering some questions that I had commented on some my old video of, like some of the questions that people asked. And I thought they would be helpful to anyone that is looking at going to W V U next year or in the future. So let's get into it. Okay, so the first question waas What made you choose w view toward a lot of campuses and also considering going to Penn State. West Virginia has really has a really pretty campus like West Virginia is known for, like the mountains, obviously the Mountaineers. But, um, it's a beautiful campus. There's the downtown campus, which is where most of my classes are. And then there's wth E Evans Dale campus, which you have to take a bus or the P. R. T, too. And, um, the campus is just beautiful, like all year round. And also I'm in the journalism media program and they have a really good media program. So that was also what I decided to pick give you going along with that someone asked, is hard to get in. And what my major is, um, honestly It depends on your major if you google it. The acceptance rate is I'm pretty sure it's like 80% or something, but like it depends on your major. If you're going in as undecided, you probably have a higher chance of getting in. Then someone that's going into, like engineering or something like it really just depends. And that goes along with any call. It's going to depend on what you're what college within the university that you're applying to part of the Reed College of Media. So answer that my major is journalism, and you could like within my college you could be like Stratcom journalism like there's so many majors within that college. I'm not sure what I'm gonna focus in on eventually, like I'm just a freshman, so I have plenty of time to figure that out. But that's where I'm at right now. Someone else asked if there's any absolutely you can use on campus and I have a few on my phone. Um, the 1st 1 is W View Mobile. That one basically just has the purity status because anyone that goes to W View knows that the P R. T breaks down a lot. So kind Elise, you if you take the purity every day, So I started to just to take the bus. Basically, this up is really helpful, especially in your first semester of freshman year. Because, like I said, it has the purity status. So if you're on Evans, Dale and you've class downtown just going your app and see if the purity is down or not whether whether or not take the bus. Also, it has a list of like events for that week. You're into going to like campus events. It has all that. Also, this is a big help. Like if you're a freshman, definitely because it has a campus map. You just like click the map. It has Evansville and downtown with everything like every dining hall, um, like residential hall building on labels. You can see it. It also has all the dining halls on campus, and it has their hours and like where they are so they can get to that on both Evans Dale and downtown campus. I don't really look at this tab, but it also has the W view news tab, and then I don't use this app for the bus but it has like the bus line information. I use the blue and gold and the teachers bus Lauren's to get to Evan Zale and downtown. Um, but I don't It tells you like the hours and where what stops it goes to, But I don't really use this out for the I'll tell you that next. So the other app that I use is M L t A. And it's the bus line at for our university. And the buses are so consistent and so reliable they come like consistently. If you miss one bus like another bus will be there soon. And like I said, I used Beatrice or blue and gold, and they both go downtown to my classes and also up to Evansville. It's just closer than me walking all the way to the P R t this out. Basically, I use this one instead of the W View mobile because you contract the bus like in real time where it is. So you know, like if it's cold outside, I'm not gonna walk to the bus stop now. If the buses all the way downtown, I'll walk to it when it's like closer to me so it's just helpful, definitely in the winter. Also, someone asked if the purity is free and, yes, if you're a W B U student, then you get like a student, I d card and you can swipe that for the P R T. And it's free and for the bus that goes for that to just sweep your I D. And it's free. But if you don't have your i d and you don't go to W view than the purity and the buses 50 cents, I think someone else asked if there's a way to find roommates, there's a few ways if you go if you have Facebook, which I know like no one has Facebook anymore. But definitely I'd recommend to get a Facebook if you're looking for a roommate, because I'm part of the W view class of 2021 like Facebook Group, and it's really helpful. People like post like now. Since we're into the semester, people would be like I have like, a football ticket for this weekend. If anyone wants and even, like, sell it on Facebook. I definitely have recommend that for freshman because coming in like we would post like Hi, I'm looks I'm going in as a journalism major like this is what I like to do for fun. Like, here's my social media hit me up if you want a room or just be friends or whatever and then you can, like, put pictures of yourself People like it and comment and, like, follow you on social media that tell you like I made some friends. Once you apply through your housing application, there's a section for room like roommate finding. I'm not sure with my roommate on there, you basically say, like you're sleeping habits. Are you messy? Are you clean like Do you like to stay up late? Do you wake up early? Will you share your food like stuff like that? Just like to match you up with someone just fine. Like me and I remain are both very clean and like we get along just fine. I recommend that or also once you doing the child, there's like this other website you could go to to find roommates. I like, leave it in the leg. I'll leave it in the description below because I can't think of what it's called, but I'll put it in the link in the description box down below so that you guys can check it out. Someone else asked, How much is rent? Because I put up the apartment or for my last video, and I ended up signing my least there. The rent is I think it's about 6 89 which you could definitely get cheaper apartments and they'll leave you. The apartment that we got is just like it's pretty nice. It's you club. It comes fully furnished with utilities with parking like it has a pool, a grill, Jim, all in the building. So I think that's like a pretty good deal. Like for all that money, like you could get apartments that door have all that that are still like about 700 or something. It's like there's some that are out there. But if you're looking for cheaper options, there's definitely some people also rent houses. Personally, I wouldn't do that because I feel like it was just in the long run, be more expensive to get, like furniture cleaning supplies. The utilities are separately. You have to pay for all that stuff, and I'm not down for that. If you were looking for apartments like there's definitely cheap replaces. Um, if you're looking for cheaper right? But if you're looking for a nicer places and you don't really mind the price, you club is definitely nice. And I definitely recommend you tour it because they give you free candy and free soda pop and the tour. So that's a plus also with the apartment that I signed my lease at. If you guys don't have, like, four people like to room with, like, I only have the one girl that I know that I'm Wonder Room with. But we didn't have to other people and we knew we went to live in the four by four unit. Then they have a roommate matching service because it's not like regular apartments. It's like four college kids, so they remain match and you basically do the same thing you would for the dorm. Also another thing for like the dining plan coming here as a freshman, I got the highest amount of meals that you could get a day for the male plan. I'm not sure which one it is. It might be the blue and gold plan. I not join my dad like sign me up for it and everything, but that's like, basically get three meals a day, which I was like, Oh, Dad, look, I'm obviously gonna have three meals a day like breakfast, lunch and dinner, but I really don't do that. There's the option to use Mountie bounty for some places and dining dollars, and I use that for some might meals for breakfast. Like if I have any 30 class, I'll roll out about it. E. I'll just get changed, take my time waking up and like, have a granola bar that I bought from, like, home and for lunch. Like sometimes I don't feel like walking to the dining hall, so maybe I'll make rice in my door. Basically, I'm just saying a real limit. You were male player, and depending on what you think you're going to eat like I was like, Oh, yeah, I'm gonna be eating in the dining hall every day like I'll be using my meal plan all the time. It's not like that. I mean, grace sometimes sometimes will go to subway and use Mountie bounty like it just depends. So if you're gonna be like me that I definitely recommend getting like a lower meal plan so that you're not like wasting it. Because once the semester ends, those male plan, like those males you didn't use, don't transfer over. So they just, like, go to waste. If you're like me, I just take my advice and choose a lower meal plans for Oakland Hall. I figured I'd throw this out there for anyone wondering about the dorms. So for Oakland, my art is air pretty chill. You like never come in almost 1/2 to get us to sign something. Also, if you guys want, like a dorm tour on Oakland, I can definitely show you it because as a freshman, I was wondering what the dorms looked like. It's definitely different than, like some it whole or like data Zeman, because those are definitely more run down and say they're a little bit older, But it's downtown, so it's a prime location, like if you're looking to live downtown, those air definitely great dorms to be in because they're downtown. They're convenient to everything. But if you're like okay with taking the bus sometimes like being more laid back over on Evans Dale, then Oakland's definitely the place for you. All right, so that's pretty much all the questions that you guys had asked me If you guys have any more, go ahead. Leave them done below. In the comment section, I will see you in my