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I want to show you is this mosaic. And this was created by I'm one of the art classes on campus last year, so they each broke all the different pieces off the rocks and they placed it one piece of time and all cannot seem to get a full view of this mosaic. And I think it's absolutely beautiful. One of my friends helped make it. She did a lot with the water right in here. And yeah, so that is a wrap of our time here at weaving together and and just want to say this place is really special. You can really feel it in the atmosphere of campus in the way people interact with one another. People know how to care here. One of the things that is commonly said by students is that we love each other well on and just the body as a whole is really good at noticing when people are hurting or noticing when people need a little more care and love them. Perhaps one man except expect. And the campus is just good at providing that. All right, and one other thing I would say is know about the Covenant and read about that, especially if you're applying. Read through the company and see what it says. Because when you get here, you are held to it. So that means way won't drink alcohol on DH. It's way don't have sex here on campus and different things like that that we just agree as a community Teo abstain from not necessarily because all that sinful, but just so we have a really close communities of people who do struggle with things like that aren't feeling tempted. So if you decide to come to Wheaton, which I hope you d'oh read the Covenant first because when you get here, you are expected to stand to it, and it's not hard to do, especially when all of your friends were doing it. But if you if you think that that's not something you Khun Dio, then yeah, maybe maybe look into it a little bit more. But don't I don't want to. Don't come here if you can't do that because it can be really good to challenge yourself like that. But if you're looking to have a really wild party scene, maybe this isn't the place for you. That being said the community here completely makes up for in my opinion, I have not felt a laugh of socializing or anything like that because of the Covenant. I think it's a really a great thing that the campus has to keep each other responsible. So, yeah, that's I think the last thing I want to say other than I hope you all have enjoyed seeing around campus. And I hope you get to see it sometime in real life. All right, Have a nice In a puzzle library, which is a three story library here on campus. There are a lot of really nice books here collections, all sorts of things like that, but there's also the weak in public. Library is about two blocks from campus, and you can get a library card there for free. And a lot of students also make use of that library to get off campus a little bit. There's a ton of books there. It's one of the nicest libraries, and I think it's in the state. But it might just be in the area really big. They redid it just a few years ago, and it's really nice. But, yeah, I'm impossible right now. Impossible. Have a lot of really big collections, sort of really old books have a lot of music scores for musicians here on DH. Yeah, there's computer labs or tons and tons of computers he can use. If you don't have a lot topic college or for some reason your laptop isn't working, you can just go ahead and sign in. I personally use Google Drive to save all of my work and papers so that if for some reason, my computer on my laptop stopped working. I can just head on into the library and used it on the computer labs here. They're also computer labs in the dorms and everywhere else, so you can go there as well. One thing that's kind of fun about metal is they always have an art exhibit going on in the cafe. So the, uh, exhibit that's going up tomorrow is actually my exhibit. Well, not mine. I participated in it, and basically my friend to community. Our project will be all embroider different emotions that we felt it's a super abstract and re it's coming, Really, I embroidered those another green hung up on the wall in the cafe, so anyone who comes in can, like, look, att the things we did and see what our process with their. So it's really good at integrating different things, like art that students are doing on campus and sharing it with everyone who comes into the library because there are a Meyer Science Center. And right behind me is a must. See if you come to it. This is the Wheaton Master Don named Perry. And Perry was found just a few blocks from campus, innit? Nineteen. Sixty three. I want to say I could be off year Teo, but he was discovered when the guy was building this house. We found this massive bone, and then a team of students went and dug down and found the bones of Paris. Let's see if I can get a better view. I can't go in there right now because it's currently law, But maybe you can see it better. They're Yeah, they're all the bones from the Master Don. That was found on yeah. House right in your campus. I want something that the school does. The accident is that around Christmas time. Well, but this big Santa hat on him on DH, he looks right out to the theater in the street, you'll be walking by and I look over and there's this huge master don with this huge red Santa hat and it's just really fun. So if you come to it, definitely check out the Master Don. And if you're visiting. I think you go inside. It's usually locked on, but if you're with a group, usually you can get a tour of the inside getting Right outside of arena Theater and and look inside. I am a calm theater major, so I'm in here quite a bit, and it's just a place I like to come. Teo, relax. Um, Noah's friends, I have some theater classes in here, and we're also currently putting on this show. So I'm about to enter into the Black Box theatre. Um, and I will show you what the set looks like to. This is our current set. We have a really cool design going on here, and we basically this theater's designs that the students from the show to the students made this set with the help of the directing team on DH. It's all pretty much done and worked out by students. And if we continue through, we can see the living room, which is we're pretty much everyone things out behind me. It's a high end and it's one of the theatre props here. You're saying hi to the people on campus. Real parking, the virtual tour of the banner high their future students eventually welcome. Tell them to come to Eton ways. My theater friends mean or don't. It's your choice. But this place is pretty good way. Love to theatre here. So if you do come, definitely. Come and check up a show we have going on. And, yeah, a lot of people here unconscious. Okay, Here we have Lilia and children and my babe anesthesia way. Yeah. So we are going out in here, and then I will show you my favorite part of the building, which is why we call it a show. And right here there are just more couches. And it has a really, like classic theater. Look, there are a lot of, like light bulbs and mirrors and everything, and it's just a really warm, like atmosphere of this place on DSO. I'm in here a lot, making out in here with a lot of friends, and it's just a really wonderful place. So if you do ever visit Wheaton in person, or if you decide to come, definitely stop by the theatre. The people here really welcoming. And we just love having people come along for different shows and help Bill. So I have support up Tio, so yeah, definitely come to the theater. Okay, so we is not a really big party school. That's not something I think of. When I think of this college, I don't think any other student would be super inclined to tell you that this is a big party hip spot. But that being said, there is a ton to dio in the evenings. There are tons of improv shows, a really fun. There are theatre shows that I'm indifferent place that are going on. There are a lot of fun events that happened. We talked about Oct Ember fest earlier with Kaylie on DH. Yeah, there are all sorts of just different fun goings on there, a lot of choir concerts, and there are a lot of just like big, all class events like roller, disco or different things like that. So even though it doesn't really sound like a big social life is happening here. There's a lot going on, and there are a lot of things that students will spontaneously do. There's a burrito place, about five minutes driving from campus, and people are there at one to two AM all the time. It's really crowded at Loth is the place to go on and Yeah, so I'd say, even though it might not seem like there's a lot of organized parties here, there's so much data is spontaneous and fun and things like that, so yeah. Leave my room on DH, Go down the hall. We can go see if the bathroom which is in the middle of the hall. There are lots of different rooms alongside that. We passed by. Um, the bathroom is here, so very clearly marked. This is the bathroom. So you get forestalls here, you get a really nice big mirror. We write on the mirror it someone's birthday today, so we are writing next to her. There are also then five believe showers right here. So there's one corner and in the four along the wall there's nice lighting and all the windows are obviously blurred. No computer mentorship as well. So this is the bathroom. All the steamer rooms soothing Faber bathrooms are organized pretty much like this. Let's go quick. Head on down to lobby for the lounge. You can see that. So if you head on down, get doing down. We have a lot of different things on the walls that remind us of home pictures, different quote things like that. And then you're behind me is the lounge. We have a lot of different Couch is there's a nice window with the view of neighbor lawn. And then my friend on the phone that we have just some space here. So if you look out this window, you can see the science center and then the theatre of So that is pretty much what a typical its neighbor floor looks like for rooms along the way. Have bathroom have allowed a member right off the One in routine is pretty regular each day, so I don't change it up very much. I get up at seven to seven twenty every morning because I have the first lot of classes each day. So Monday, Wednesday, Friday, I have a eighty and German class, and on Tuesday Thursday I have in eight thirty on English Cross. And so I get up in the morning around seven, and I make tea. And then I walked onto Saga and Saga has a lot of different options. There's a waffle maker and homemade eggs, or you can go to the bill. Dione almost station. And there are things like green peppers, jalapenos, cheese, ham, spinach, pepperoni, things like that that you can ask for people to put in. And then you have the two omelette makers in the station. They make your omelet and then serve it to right there. There's a really long line for the omelet because it's so good. So you have to get there early for that. But yet then I just sit in Saga and I have my food and usually friends will stop by and I'll talk with them or or I'll do some homework, depending on what the day holds. And then I had to class. So yeah, it's pretty straightforward routine. I don't have really any traditions. Ideo. I guess you could say there's no special thing about my morning, but it's nice and slow and quiet, and I really recommend that for cool. It's like Father here at Wheaton or somewhere else entirely. Make sure you have a consistent morning routine that's not rushed because the way you set up your morning, we'll really affect the way your day goes. Yeah, definitely. Make sure you have breakfast. Make sure you have food. Make sure you aren't rushed as you're eating your food. So, yeah, that's my morning I am a student and this is what you go. You need a burger. A solid, real quick before classes, so it's pretty empty now. The lunch rush is over, but Burger chicken sandwich sandwich. And then you go through the line. They have amazing terrifies here. Definitely get those, Andi. Yeah, just typical on a burger joint, tight plaits. And then if you yeah, out here, there's a lot of eventually Zidan while you eat. Or you can take it to go as you head off to class or something else like that. Sokka and I have friends with, and today is chicken parm day. As you can see, we have the lovely chicken and harm and chicken parm. Pick this really big deal in Saka, Lines from food get really long, and everyone just get so excited because everyone loves chicken part. And if you don't, I don't know what to tell you. What you're missing out on a chicken farm, Chicken Tenders day and who the rustic bread is my favorite has, like four different kinds of butter. It's fantastic. It's pretty great. So we have a lot of different like special meals at Saga. A few saga tricks. You need to know it. Don't take a trade. If you take a train, don't take it. You look like a newcomer. Which look, that's not the worst thing possible, but people will know so yeah, ten on ten. Don't recommended your train. And also there's a single floating where people if you're sitting and it's just one guy and one girl you may have Ah, well meaning that friends are coming up. My friends think you know where you may have a low meaning friends come up and give you a root beer float with two straws in it. And it's This is like a tradition that's gone back in soccer for a very long time. So yeah, you may get floated at soccer, so always be aware and be really ready to, like, just like, take it out of a person's hand if they're coming at you. No, I'm joking. Yeah. So this is what I'm talking about on. In the lobby about head onto my floor. You can see behind me. This is the dorm lobby for freshmen and sophomores there. Two freshmen girls are slaver, as known by a sweetie kids. So if you look behind me, no floor. There are about thirty people on the floor. I think on we have a lounge way down at the end of the hall. I don't know a thing. See that there? And we have a communal bathroom, which is about in the middle. Behind me is my room, so I'm right off the door on. As you can see, this is about the size ofthe the typical neighbour room, the fisherman's air a little bit bigger, and they have sweet Stallion's their bathroom attached. But in Snabe er, it's individual room to clean a bathroom. So basically what comes in the room are to wardrobe. So here's my roommates were job and that if you come over here here is my war job. The wardrobes are pretty big. Still, they do take up space, but you also get room to put your stuff in. So, you know, pros and cons to that has a nice ledge above. I put my shoes their clothing stuff, but the bottom pretty big, nice, full size wardrobe. There's also room to put some stuff on top. I keep my journey laundry up there. Behind me is, uh, door to this sweet that I'm next year. So the girls and their If we open the door being just walk back and forth without going through the hallway, it only works for every two rooms. So you can't just go straight down the line. But yeah, so that is there. I just have some pictures up here is my desk. It has. I layered my bookshelf onto the desk. So each room gets each person in the room gets a bookshelf, which is to hear a desk, which is the desk with two bookshelves attached and a chair along with the wardrobe and then the beds behind me. So that comes with the room. You can request a ladder if you want it for your bed. My roommate, it climbs up the side. But then everything else we brought, so I brought a couch, which is behind me in a coffee table on DH, some other odds and ends. So if you come this way you can see that there's actually quite a bit of space along the walls. Room was pretty big. You can hang stuff, do whatever behind me is my lonely view of the parking lot on DH. Then we have a lot of plants, a swell that we like. And then right back here is our kitchenette area. I guess you could say on hot water maker coffee makers, movie maker Blender. I guess you could call it on DH. Then we have a fridge as well. So we have a three storey French three racks so that we can hold a lot of stuff in there. Then here's my roommate stuff. I'm not going to show you her is because she's not here. Um, but, yeah, her bed is up above mine right there. So that is a typical snabe er room. And, yeah, we also get a mirror on the back of the door. So if you close the door, there is a mirror that comes with it.