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Thinking about Lawrence University and trying to determine if it’s the right fit for you? The college search process can be tough, but CampusReel is here to make it fun and engaging. If you’re thinking about visiting Lawrence University in person, we strongly recommend you at least complete the virtual tour first. After watching the entire virtual tour, the next step would be to take an in-person campus tour to further vet Lawrence University’s culture and community. Whether you are a prospective high school student considering the school or interested in transferring to Lawrence University, these videos and reviews are designed to give you a complete understanding of the Lawrence University experience. These Lawrence University video reviews share the culture and daily life of students both on and off campus.

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Hey, So my very last video, I thought I'd say just a few things to kind of sum up the tour here, in the experience of Lawrence. Um, where should I start? I guess when I first came the Lawrence the students here were very welcoming to all the freshmen. There were so many student leaders that were already waiting for us on campus when we got here to help us step things up and help us get a custom toe Lawrence right away. And it we really was very nice. It really shows just how welcoming the school is, how this how welcoming the students are. Um, it really made me happy. It really shows how all how everybody here really kind of inter mingles with each other and how inclusive everything is like all the events here are also very inclusive. Everybody's allowed to come to these events with, you know, the occasional senior events for seniors only. But everything else is just open to the public and open to everybody. And I think that's very, very nice. What? When I started meeting students here, I thought it was absolutely amazing. How much ahead in common with with so many people on how much people enjoy the same things that I did. Um, taking classes here, the college, the teachers were so nice and with thes student to like teacher ratio, Um, it really allows the teachers to get to know every single student individually and that you can, like, really make friends with the teachers here. I think that's probably one of the greatest things here. I love my teachers so much with the bottom of my heart. They're absolutely amazing people. I know. I really, really do. I think that, um, you should come to the school if you really wantto be close to your teachers. If you want to be close to other students because everybody here knows each other, or at least everybody here is connected in some way. Another thing about Lawrence is that even though the classes can be vigorous, it's really not too hard to push through because Lawrence really provides lots of support and lots of help, Um, to really get you to learn and understand the things that are taught in class. Um, there's lots of tutoring that is provided, and the teachers always have office hours that you can come in and you can always talk to them about, like, any issues they're having in class or anything. You're kind of having trouble understanding, and it's it's really, really nice. If I have anything kind of negative to say about Lawrence. I guess it would just be how much, Um, tuition is here. It could be pretty pricey, but Lawrence really does provide a lot of financial aid and like a lot to students, and that's really, really good for me. It wasn't necessarily enough. But when I came here and when I met the people here, I really fell in love with the place that I decided. I really have to go here. And so here I am, And I'm just I'm really having the time of my life, and I'm really, really happy to be here. I guess another thing that kind of bugs me is, um, the meal plan. I guess the meal plan can be a little tough because, um, I even right now I have lots of left over money in my meal plan and the very end of the year, all that's just going to be scrapped and I can't get it rolled over to the next year. So I guess that's probably the only other everything that I have. If about Lawrence, one less thing. You have to come see Lawrence for yourself in person because the campus is just beautiful. It really is just beautiful. The campus is right next to the Fox River and, like, the kind of look out is very pretty. So it's it really is like, amazing sight to see. All right, so that concludes my tour here for Lawrence. I really, really appreciate the time you guys have taken toa watch my videos. And I really, really hope you guys consider Lawrence as a possible future college. Thank you so much. so the worst campus center has four floors to it. Uh, the third floor is the ground floor where the cafe is at the second floor has thie corner store as well as the mail services, and the first floor has the lunchroom, the main dining hall. So right now I'm headed off to the cafe. The meal plan. Here it Lawrence has two components to it. The first component is culinary cash, also known as cold cash. You can use that at all dining facilities here, which includes the main dining hall, the cafe as well as the corner store. There's also like actual meal slights, which is the other component and meal swipes you could only use at the dining hall here at the Ward Center. So there's three types of meal plans that you have. The first one is like all cold cash. The second one is mostly swipes and a little bit of cold cash. The second one is like half and half or both, and you, Khun, change a meal plan every term of the year, which makes that actually a lot easier to take care of then, like having to choose in the very beginning right now. Dying home. Nona's Andrew Commons since Lawrence a very small school way. Only have one dining hall here. Um, but we also do have the cafe as well. So my favorite academic building is you guessed at the conservatory right here. And the conservatory is my favorite building. Basically, because I'm here all the time. I'm always taking classes here and having my lessons as well as practicing for hours a day. Um, so I've really grown attached to this place. Um, and I'm definitely gonna go inside and show you guys what the conservatory has to offer. Oh, one of the biggest components about the conservatory. Hear it, Lawrence is the chapel on the chapel's behind me right here. The chapel is basically the biggest performance hall that Lawrence has to offer and usually houses the biggest, um, ensemble performances such as the orchestra concert and the band concert. But it also does host smaller chamber ensemble recitals and solo recitals as well. So I'm about to head into the chapel right now and show you guys what it looks like around there. But I do need to be quiet because there's somebody in there practising the organ. Yes. No. Hey. So the other big performance area for music is Harper Hall here, and Harper Hall is usually for the smaller ensemble performances as well as the solo on some performances. Right now, there is a composition recital going on. So I'm gonna go in and show you guys a little bit of what the hell looks like and what performances are like inside there. The composition recital is actually part of the composition studio where they have students, right? Piece of music. And they get their music performed by students here at the conservatory. No. Yeah. So the conservatory here also has an auditorium known as the Stansbury Theatre. The Stansbury Theatre houses many plays, musicals and other drama performances, as well as shows put on by students from the college. They're also very large lectures, but take place here, such as freshman studies, lectures. Um, I'm gonna go in and show you guys around a bit. It is going very dark so you won't be able to see much. Uh, that's because there is a rehearsal going on for the plays that are going to be this weekend. I do need to be a little quiet to was well, resigning. Blessing. The bride is you know, you promise freedom from his phone. It's a deal. Proof? No edible. So, um, one part about being in the conservatory's that there's lots of extracurricular stuff that you could be part of, such as a small chamber groups, Um, where you, Khun get together with friends and playing music that you want to play in the much smaller group setting. There's also the largest samba LS such as the band of the orchestra and the choir's. I'm actually going to show you what a typical orchestra Hey, guys, it's May, And today I'LL be showing you around my door. I live in Trevor Hall, which is right by the campus center, where the dining hall and the cafe are located. So this is my room. Um, I live in a doubles. Most freshman. When they come to campus, they are paired with another student. Um, that's also a freshman based off of a server that they fell out. That talks about what interests, um you have and what likes or dislikes you have regarding wanting a roommate. So Lawrence double rooms are equipped with two of everything. There's two desks, two sets of drawers, two shelves, two beds and two wardrobes so that students don't really have to worry much about sharing things. You would need to bring your own extra stuff, such as furniture or lamps or a mini fridge if those are things that you want. So Trevor Hall is one of eight different main dorm halls. There's also Coleman, Hyatt, Sage, Ormsby, Broca, Kohler and Plants Hall. There is also housing for fraternities here on campus, not any housing for sororities, but they're also student apartments that you could get. There is also what I like to call thematic housing. I'm not entirely sure what they really are called, but they're also these dorms specifically meant to sport themes each year. This year we have the gaming house and the Danse Haus. Next year the Danse Haus is going to become the art house, and that's actually going to be the place that I'm. I will be staying so besides doubles rooms, there are singles rooms as well, and they cost more than doubles or any other types of rooms. There also singles rooms and quadruple rooms, but four ofthe rooms of three or four. You do need to find other students who'LL room with you, and then you will apply for those rooms specifically. So in terms of housing selection, I suggest that you get your payments and on time because that makes you more likely to get your first choice of housing. For example, students were in the Conservatory of Music generally tend to go for plants hall, which is right next to the conservatory. It's the closest one oven that, uh, Lawrence has a lottery system where they randomly choose students who want to be in specific dorms. So Trevor Hall has four floors. Each floor is designated to a specific gender, such as for one, and three are for the boys and flood two and four are for the girls. However, there are exceptions made to people who are transgender on all of that sort is one of the foods alcohol. Trevor actually has one of the nicer bathroom's, then most the other dorms. Because it's newer and renovated plants, Hall would be the other dorms that has bathrooms like these. So Lords has four main study room lounge areas. There's three in the basement, one by the entrance. This's what one of the game rooms are. Lounge rooms looks like it has a TV in the bag, lots of couches and chairs and a big table for studying. There's also a ping pong table here that people can play. There's also who's balling back. It's really nice. A lot of the equipment you have, tio just reserve by the front desk, and you give them your student. I d. Then you can borrow whatever you want, and once you're done, you return it back to the front desk and they'LL give you back your student. I D. So This is the laundry room and Trevor Hall. There are five washers and five dryers. I say. One thing that kind of bugs me about doing laundry here is that you kind of do have to pay for the to use the drives in the washers. It's a dollar twenty five to use the washer in a dollar, twenty five to the dryers. So this is the kitchen, uh, Trevor Hall. It's in the basement, just like the laundry room is. There is a fridge and a freezer that all students can use. There is also a stove and oven, but you can use to bake or cook whatever you want. They have a sink here. Then you can use for multiple things. There's also off the table so you can stay, and you can also prepare all your stuff. Uh, there's also a microwave and a toaster, but there's also a microwave and a toaster on each floor of Trevor, which I think is a really good thing to use and to have. So there is also a computer lab here in the basement of Trevor. There's three computers here they are free to use. Um, you just have to log in with your student. I d on DH. You can use them as long as you want. There is a printer up on the fort. First floor of Trevor on printing is free, which is really great. You do have to pay to use the copy machine, though. But that is in the library. Well, because enjoy the tour of my dorm here. And I hope you check out the other videos that I posted about Lawrence University. Thank you so much. So for the standard meal plan here way have three different places where you can get food, we have the company, and the cafe is kind of four quick fights to eat. So grabbing a burger, fries, chicken tenders, maybe even a salad, or like a quick sandwich. So that uses something called culinary cash, and you'LL have a certain amount of Cohen in cash in your way. Also can use calling in cash and something called the Corner Stores of the Corner store is kind of this gas station type. Very other you could get like ingredients. You get food in bulk, mostly food in, like bags or boxes. Things like that on. You can also get some of the produce that they have in the cafe as well. So, like salads and sandwiches. Thing that used swipes, which is the second part of the deal, is the Andrew consciousness. So the Commons is a the style of food area. Where you go in, you get a swipe, and it's all you could eat, and you can stay in there for as long as you want. With a lot of hours that the Commons Open so you could go down there, grab a plant food, fill it up, and then you can always go back for seconds or thirds. And there's not really a limit to what you can eat in the Commons with. We also have clamshells for the comments. If you need to get just quick by deed, so you get a green plastic tub and you can fill it with whatever you would like from the Commons, and then you leave and take it wherever. So if you need to study, you can go get food from the Commons, take your clam shell and then bring it up to a study room. Also, the food can be a bit repetitive At times, I would say so. Sometimes the Commons. You could get the same thing, Uh, typically within like a month. But overall, there are a lot of choices for vegetarian speak, and you also have an extreme allergy to anything, and alternate mill clan is available for you. You can also think about different real plans that are offered in the law office as well. So I am currently on the stage of the Lord's University Chapel, and this is our biggest performance space here at the Conservatory. Take a look and I will be talking about what it is like to be a student here at the Conservatory. So the Lawrence Conservatory has five different music majors, so they have music performance, which is in any instrument or vocal range that there is. We have music education, instrumental general and coral. And then we also have composition theory and a jazz major which is just added very, very recently. The conservatory also has a lot of opportunities for non majors as well, for those who aren't actually enrolled in the conservatory but in the college and want to be involved. So they are welcome to audition for any ensemble here, and many non majors are part of ensembles. We have the symphonic band, which is made up of mostly not majors, and we also have Viking Corral, which is made up of non major life in the conservatory, is pretty busy, so time management is a huge thing that we learn here as students because we're part of ensembles and various Cambridge groups. Classes on DH. Other extracurriculars outside and conservatory. We are often extremely busy students, but there are many, many opportunities that don't go on taken here. Often, the busiest students here are the dual degree students, so the dual degree students are students who are trying to get a degree in both the conservatory and in the liberal arts college as well. So those students are often in and out of the conservatory and in and out of the college every single day. You might also have the idea that, like conservatory is extremely competitive and cut throat, and that is not what it is like here at Lawrence. Each studio is extremely supportive of every single member, and we all are here just to make music. And that's kind of our gold. The community here at the Conservatory is also amazing, even with the small school that Lawrence is. It's an even smaller community here at the conservatory. So it's about five hundred students and I can probably list every single one of their names. Not it's not my head, but I can pretty much recognized anybody who's in the conservatory, and it's a really, really great group of people and you see them every day and we're just kind of one big family. So we do call the conservatory, hear the con. That's what the students say when we're referencing this area. So one part that I'll show you is the Khan couches. So this is kind of the social aspect of the conservatory, and this is where a lot of people will chill out before practicing. They will maybe hang out there before rehearsals be doing homework. This's where music theory tutoring happens as well, and it's pretty empty right now. But that's because we're on break right now, so there are not a ton of people on campus, so a typical practice room will look like this so it has a chair. Sometimes there's a bench, there's a stand, and there's always a mirror and as well, So the practice rooms here are first come, first served, so you go in, and if the doors opened, then it's free and you can just go in and practice however long you want. You do not have to sign anything out way. Do have piano priority practice rooms, which I will show you now. So this is what a piano practice priority practice from looks like we have grands and every single one, and there's also a mirror, and you can also put chairs and stands in there as well. If you would like to do that way, also have huge rehearsal spaces other than the chapel. So this is one of the large rehearsal rooms that is used for choirs, orchestra and went ensembles. You can also use this to practise, and if there's nothing going on, there is usually a sign out sheet. The way that classrooms and large rehearsal rooms work is that they will have an actual schedule on the front of the door. And you, Khun, sign out the room through the conservatory, office or online, so those do require a Sino chief. But if there's nothing happening and there you are, free to go in and just practice, do homework and do whatever you would like in that rehearsal room. So that is a quick crash course of our Lawrence University Conservatory. I love it here on DH. It is really an incredible experience. I've learned so much in just the past two years here, so if you are a music student and you are looking for a hidden gem in the Midwest, I so Loft Living is an alternative housing situation to choose once year. Sophomore Boulder. So it's your housing. So in this loft, which is the very often call me home. There's eight of us until it's four bedrooms, two of us any true. And then we have a common space, our own private kitchen and three private bathrooms with our Washington two sharks. So it's almost like apartment. It's like very nice for a sophomore, because this would only upper class just like the normal dorm room. All law group housing situations have the same type of furniture as a typical one. So we have a desk. We have shelving a light. We have drawers and a standard Ben Trane place of dressers. We'd have our own. So living in a group housing situation, you're gonna come into conflict, obviously, with other people that live here so away that we've navigated. It is there's an Arlen, which is a lot like a R aor are les, which would be a typical dorm. But the arlen is directly associated with your loft, and it's another student who lives in a walk. So you have any issues with anyone else lost or conflict arises. You tell your Arlen unusual person, and then they hold on that person. In addition of Africa, also, conflict resolution teems with initials. So, for example, in the fall I was on the cover of Resolution. Someone else that lives here way didn't have any conflicts that we needed to resolve between anyone that lives here. But it's just nice to have that option. Two. You have the safe people. You could go, too, if you are comfortable with so living in the loft so typically associated with different meal plans that go off of the Lawrence meal plan. So I'm involved in the McCarthy Cough on campus, which is the longest standing coop at Warren's. It's been around for about twenty years, and being a part of that coop, I'm on a different meal plan and normal students, So I still pay the same now that everyone else does. Bye funds go towards a communal debit card where the members of the cop go shopping every week and we get groceries and then we need to cook every night. There's there's cooking teams for two people every night for everyone, and that once a week on Friday, night open dinner, which means there's four of us that cook for anyone who wants to come on campus for now. Area, so be involved in a loft typically involves more public outreach than it would being in a typical warm. But it's a really great option, especially if you're into cooking or just want to be more involved in what food goes in your body. Hey, guys. So I'm sitting right in front of Main Hall here. Ah, and Main Hall is the very first building that Lawrence University built, which held all the classes before they start expanding. Main Hall right now is actually at the center of the entire campus, and it sits right in the middle of the quad. And here's what the quad looks like. It's a very, very beautiful, um, just clearing here that students love to just sit in. They usually will play Frisbee, or they'll just study on the grass. And it's it's a really wonderful, beautiful sight to behold. Especially when I first came here. I thought it was absolutely gorgeous when I saw it. Another place I'm gonna show you on campus is the mud library, which is behind me. Right here. Uh, so let's head inside. So library here in Lawrence is called the mud library. Um, the mud libraries named after Cecily Mud, the physiologist Here in the mud library, you can check out things like books, movies, CDs and even sheet music. Um, people also come here to study, um, tease computers and also for tutoring. No non headed over to centre. Um Ward Campus center is the place where the dining hall is the cafe, as well as the mail services on Kate's Corner store. There is also an information desk there as well. There are many different places on campus that I could show you guys, but I thought I'd choose some of those favorite areas that students like to be, Um, and I really hope you guys enjoy this So this is downtown Appleton. This is right next to the college. So the colleges right over here and there's a lot to do here in downtown Appleton. We have many, many different Russia. One of them is right here. It's called Taste of Time Way also have high music, which is great for conservatory students who need different supplies for their instruments. We also have a lot of coffee shops like moves. A lot of students come here to just work. Wei have a Y M. C. A. Where more students actually get a free membership to here. You just have to fill out a form at the wellness center, and then you could use a Y as much as you want. So we have a farmer's market every Saturday morning from eight a. M to twelve PM during the fall in the spring, it's outside here in town, and then in the winter it goes inside to the mall center, and we have a bunch of different vendors. I come out. There's a lot of food, jewelry, little things you can buy, and it's really, really fun. We also have the P A. C, which is pouring art center here where we have many different shows. We actually have Hamilton coming next year, so those are a couple of things that we have here in downtown Appleton and there's lots to do. Wait. Hi. My name is Mei Garvey. I am from St Paul, Minnesota, and I am currently a freshman student at Lawrence University, which is an Appleton, Wisconsin. So right now, I'm currently studying music, performance and music composition at the Music Conservatory here at Lawrence University. But I also do plan to major in French as well. Within the college, so learned university is only an undergraduate school. There's about two thousand students here and about five hundred per grade, Um, which makes it really small, actually for university. But that's one of the reasons why I came here, because I'm not to fondle of really, really big universities because the community, it's just would be just too fast. And here it's a very, very close knit community, and almost everybody knows everyone here. If it's so, so welcoming. Especially when I first came here. That's how I felt. I thought it was really fun and really amazing. Um, the Kansas itself is actually gorgeous. It's such a beautiful campus, Um is very small, too. So every building is within walking distance. There is no need for driving you, Khun bike. You can take a scooter. People generally tend Teo skate around as well. It's it's really it's amazing, but it's also really easy to get to classes. Um, we do have a Greek life here. There are frats and sororities, but everybody, everyone here is so welcoming. There's there's always opportunities that everybody can join and clubs that people Khun can join and sports that people can play as well. So one important aspect, I think, is really important about Lawrence University is that we have a college of liberal arts as well as the Conservatory of Music here. So there are two possible degrees that you get when you come here. One of them is the bachelor of arts and the other one is the bachelor of music. There is also the opportunity for a double degree, which I will be pursuing in both the college at the conservatory. I would just like to say one last thing in this video that if you are someone who is interested in a level arts education or an education in music such as performance or composition or theory, that I believe this tour is definitely for you, and I hope