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all right. You should know. You should know what this body of moving water is. We'll have to do Indiana about No, no, no. But meow Meow. Do that shit. Okay, she's trying. She's making is right there now to fucking Yeah, it's really important. That old thing is my friend Jess was really cool. Glasses watch. This just goes last. It's like a 10 to 1 scale of what I'm doing right now. Right now. 60. Show you where I'm standing. I'm standing right there inside. You know what I mean? Don't look down. Good. Good luck. Great. Today. Way grain Spelled rain stones. I got some Had have rushed Ginger Thai food, baby, They do like three or four. It is really sure at this point, time does not really exist. Your vehement But cars Thio taxes due. Okay, we're at the arsenal right now. Let's see. How would you describe are so in right now? Yeah. You know what? This looks like a crock. Yeah, like you did that. We're having a nice which is dope. This'll waas waas chicken Paula. Oh, my. I just met with some, uh, important Vietnamese diplomats thing was ambassador. Nice guy he definitely kind of miserable. Like he's been in 20 meetings today, which is? Yeah, definitely the case. Yeah. Mariana wants to get married. Yeah, Okay. I'm super sad. I need explain this. It is my dream job. And I loved everything they dio. I was just, like, so interested the whole time writing a bunch of notes. But I was so sad because I cannot never in my life because I have a Mexican passport. So this doesn't work because Mexico is not part of the Oh, I see. So I need to get married, so I don't know. I'm deciding, like the Swiss, like nice kids or in an American one could be Evan me if things get tough. Yeah, yeah. We'll be a happy you. I just bought it. Yes. What is the next time we're gonna be sitting in Vienna on this bench random subway station with nothing else to do. But people watch much. Awesome guy. Lucchese last himself in the fucking way. Have nothing to do with the next scene happened? Never. What do you say, job? So this guy does not have a train that is gonna come on. He's just hanging out and smoking bugs and Louise trying to get in on this. Like I know she's pregnant. Women. Good. Right? It's Thursday. Wait. Now we're being waved into us. You hear what I was from America, Actually, lives doing. Likes to Dylan smile at the camera, Uh, do a lot of things. That's really That's really hard questions, right? All right. Wait. Our this is Agent Far. Table upside down. You watch this? Yeah. Wait. Some word seven. Uh, what is your pal? Hard core working, mom. Great. Right now I think we're doing way. Don't swear on the Evan shows. Watch your fucking language. Wait. You're a criminal. Give it to me. Give it to me. Way went for 11 and ice cream. We want to grab a Guinness beer of the Irish. Poppy is happy St Patrick's Day? Yes. And okay, so the tourist guy goes like in the tour like, Oh, yeah, trench like a whole lot on how you see them. Oh, yeah. Those are in the way. Come out way looking up. This is on the ceiling with perspectives from the way you just did. You just went to I'm Art Museum way. See? So a lot of paintings naked, that women. The one thing that I can remember that from Brown's one of his paintings, he painted it in such a form showed his own capabilities. So showed he painted himself painting a painting to show how well buyers that he could paint. These are friends. Friends. Hello again, friends. Uh, me out that metric, okay? No, nothing way turned out for the way. I had a really great time company way. I think this travel made us better. People Lebanese way. Wait, I'm here with Stephanie. Why? Don't forget my name. Oh, my goodness. That's how sure. I am a Lebanese food. I love lettuce. Let us look straight off the head of the iceberg. On the ground. You lean down, grab it. Needed Get your people somehow. I'm not you. Why not? Evan, Be cheeky way. Last travel. Tomorrow you're back. That I have ever heading toe. But way, Professor, we lose in there way enjoying this view. There is this guy right there that you can't see and you can hear? Probably. But it's been playing some amazing. That's it on. Scott's not gonna smile after the plenary session. We have the closed session. Where only the ministers. Oh, we're open right now. I'm on the board right now. Yeah. Patrol! No, don't touch it. We're gonna get kicked out. No, we're going. Hi, everybody. Amen. Of patrolling, Exporting from trees. So is the last day in. Mike. I have no plans, and I'm really gonna do today is, uh, show up. You know, we've visited so many important places, so many monumental structures, so many monuments and ended up themselves every day. It was new. There's a new treasure to be found. It's interesting that in my last moments in Vienna, what if I choose to do? I didn't choose the visible structures monuments. I didn't go back to the U N to a fountain of gardens. Are man made for have spirits came back too. It's a beautiful thing. Hi, Mom. Hi, Dad. You're gonna be okay. Good morning. Hello, everyone. Today we're going to Valley for Sochi. Weigh its value for Sochi. Yeah. It's gonna be really cold from the glaciers. Boy, let's do it. I'm here with David Lee, who is from California. I'm here with John Lee from Hong Kong because he's got a long schlong. I'm here with M horse. Eminem. Who's from Ludo? Yeah, I just blew down. Good morning, everyone. I'm here with my friends. What's your name? Amanda. Where you're from? Seattle. Nice. Right? And where these are? Brick, I mean I mean Stone House. She's mine too mighty. And she's been around since 12. 56 BC No. After death a d Mmm. Take it off. I don't got this, Bob. If I die of hypothermia, it's going to be okay. Get It's pretty nice When when water melts from Galatians, it's really appear. And that's what's happening right now. It's also really cold, but you could drink it out here in some places. Negative five. Hey, I'm just showing here with the most interesting man in the world. Thomas. Well, well, What? I am your father. Video. Oh, Q b so Hey, good game. Get him Wait out. Mm. Do this fucking flips and check it out Right there. Three ships really heaven in the water have stayed up. No, you let me say what up? Tom Brady is a criminal of the 10 years at least New York's best place. Don't. You was overrated. You just heard. It's actually like from out here floating and shit. The old man in a Speedo taking pictures of a woman. Ah, update. I have so something Account. What? Okay, Go away. What? Over? No. Should the Gopro come out? I e I don't know. You might Yeah. Today's been amazing. Uh, except for the fact that I lost. I don't currently have my room key. Just a $300 Frank replacing first, Caroline. So, other than that, Rob, Say hi, guys. Hey, ladies, ladies. Five, 43 to one. todo Hey, I didn't see you there. Today's a beautiful day. And today his whole Okay. I think that I have just found a new favorite. Park is tiny. It doesn't have a name. It's right next to a beautiful vista. Just name it Park. Oh, Mac. Oh, why not? That's a stupid name. Check it out. No, I'm good. Thank you. You got me a gin and tonic because I'm a shoe way Didn't stick his crutch of my ass Way are here Holy police. The festival of colors, colors Celebration of the seasons and changing of leaves On that wild cards Come out way do this. Here's body bodies about famous body Last time you're on this channel you said happy birthday to my mom. My birthday was last week. Thank you. Wait Gives me grades happy Holy thistle Video Black. You're white sort of guy. Why's there so much color of your eyes on the prize? Right here, baby. Right? I'm here with travel. You know this is your boy a bread also known as this is from I like to be Chinese food in Switzerland. You like todo who likes to party and celebrate what you gonna do with the rest of your life, man, I am gonna run away further and for the country's until no one else would take me kind of move back to the U. S. And I'm gonna I don't know who run the world or some shit like that where him everywhere. the best guy off New York. That's right, even ever. 90 Your gun. I just meet you. This guy also recording a video and I just squeeze. Who the fuck are you? Okay, Wait. Thio, wait. We got 2% left. It's fucking do this. Okay? The footage that you're about to see is a bunch of videos that I took last summer while is in Lugano. I spent about a month here by myself taking a summer course, And I only had class from, like 9 to 12 noon. So I had a ton of free time. So what I did normally almost every day we take my camera ditch, class after class, I'd take my camera and go downtown and perform well. I like to call it a staycation. Some people called a staycation. If you perform it, Dennis vacation. You know, when you do a vacation, but you don't actually leave. And I ran into some really cool adventures. I got to say I explored some new parts of the Ghana that never been to trespassed. I found cool, new shortcuts, hotel pools. I befriended people that worked a cool places and got in tow behind the scenes and I took videos of some of it. You know, I would go to George in Armenia. Well, is this actually happening? For that, I would go to, like, Vienna, Iceland, Buddha, Pash, Barcelona, all these crazy places, right? And come back only to realize and be reminded how beautiful Lugano is. I mean, look at this. Look at this. I got this tripod. Now that I could show you what? I'm gonna show you some more stuff. But, I mean, Lugano is so beautiful. And, you know, 90% of my life is spent here. Only 10 per cent is spent abroad. It could be even less than that. But you see, all the adventures that I have outside of we got No. And I kind of feel like I'm not doing it enough justice, uh, so forth So far. So I want to show you part of Logano. Um, I made some videos in the past, but I think Yeah, me. Uh, hey, Jenna. I'm here with Alison. You remember my name? I just wanted to introduce so high from California. Who likes to, You know, I was the thinking. What? You're thinking what you're thinking, say God, I thought I knew you were saying my moving What, Dick? Yeah. About a year and 1/2 ago, I visited, uh, Lugano and I got to come down by the lake, and I never went in. But I always had this, you know, thought in my mind this sort of expectation that when I would come here, I'd go to class at Jill, Then I'd come down by the lake and swim. And that's kind of the case. I feel like I don't do that enough, But when I do, it just brings back this poignant memory of like, Yo, this is what you were thinking about for, like, a year and 1/2 like, this is what you're aspiring to do, and you're literally doing that right now. As I was swimming, I was listening to the water hit might years. I opened up on my eyes underwater, and I saw this turquoise soothing blue and sand under my under my toes and feet. And the water felt so soft and refreshing. You know, it wasn't too cold, but it wasn't too high. It was fucking perfect. And then I opened my eyes. I saw the blue and I put my head above the water and I saw a beautiful mountains These beautiful Swiss Alps with the sunset shining on them. The light was just soft, nice orange, little bit of purple in the sky. Man got so I heard that. Wait. You know rickets Absolutely. Come party with Americans. Get one of her. She's smart and she's She's a blonde one. You're from Sweden? Yeah. No, I'm not just American. 123 Hello. I'm here with Rebecca. Who's from New York. Where? New York. Long Island. Okay, Rebecca, what do you like to do in your free time? I like Thio be here and go to the beach and play soccer. You dance? I can dance, but not the way that we're gonna show on here s O. So I can record another video for my twerking channel. If you like the lights down and then give me a bottle. Yeah, okay. No, we haven't. I'm not noble crossed boy. Beautiful off Katerina body. Bti do it. Did you get my French? Is wood? Wait, men. Ah Ah! Okay. Would you order dude because I nationals just a second course Japanese Americans. It was a video committed Hoping way No. Hello. I'm very happy. Thio thinking aboutthe thank you for coming. It was amazing. Here. You're about to see way good people. It's my last day and we're gonna Do you have any words, Consul? Uh, no way. got here? No, it's for money is not free. Take pay money. I'm sorry, baby. Do you like it? You know. Look how beautiful this is. Wait, listen, listen, listen, wait, wait. Eyes in this beautiful. We're outside here, on a monastery on the top of some mountain outside of team. Really? See, right now I'm just enjoying the beautiful views and the awesome pause of energetic vibes coming from the monastery and the beautiful people That just song a gorgeous song that just sung a gorgeous song. That wasn't me. That was not me. I wish it was. But last night at karaoke E, it was me. But that just now intel was not me. Okay, I'm here with my good pal named. My name is Jordi. Where you from, Jordan. I'm from Spain from Catalonia. And what are you doing? You're from cattle Voda. Okay. Like two days ago, they just voted to be independent. Oh, my God. And what are you doing here? Well organized international competition off singing and then think here in Georgia right now we're making a flesh mop off Georgia and singing. We have participants off six different countries that seeing common song in Georgia. And they started this song in two hours. Here. Wow. I gotta say, that was beautiful. So beautiful. Thank you very much. I will send you the footage. And I hope you have an amazing day because I got to go find my group. Thank you very much. All right. Wait. Your video. I'm from Franklin. Where you from originally? I'm from what, A mile originally. What do you like to do in your free time? Um, I like to travel, and I like to watch TV. What you like social? My favorite serious these days is how I met your mother. Really? Yeah. And you have any jokes? Jokes? Oh, my God. There's so many. But I don't know if I did. I don't know if I should tell them. In this step of environment, that kind of dirty jokes that are appropriate for 21 year olds under your surveillance don't corrupt minds. Oh, my God. I don't know. Only the bad jokes come to my mind right now. What you got? I don't know. I'll have to think about a joke and we'll do another selfie when I get out. When I get a clean joke. We will continue this way. Really? Right anyway, Leader, stay there for food more So you look so cool. Next. I want that. I want what's out? Look, now I'm gonna divide that country. You guys over there, I'm gonna kill, like, 20 minutes and, uh what? I die. I want to take a hold of my pits. You ready to smooth way in the parliament up in this booth? How does that make you feel right now? Looking important. Well, I know I'm important, so I don't need Do you want You've got some trouble again, then is my gut feels No way. Opening scene on. I can't do any way you got. It was It was the 1st 1st I'm sorry. What? When? When I went, when did. Did you know? Okay, okay. We're gonna cut a couple things out. Okay, though I'm a dipshit. Fatty. Delicious, you know, do you know any jokes? I only know Arabic tooks that are funny in Arabic, but they're not funny. No, I cannot, because it involves Arabic names on it would not be understandable English. So Arabs are the funniest people in the world. The way people in the wild. It's not funny. Prove it. I can't prove it. If it's that if this is an Arabic channel out of said something very funny in Arabic and yeah, okay. Why did so many black men die in the Vietnam War? Because when the commander said, get down, they all got up and started dancing. Oh, I didn't say it wasn't gonna be recent. She thinks my tractor's sexy really turns around on. What happened to your pants? They got stained from my banana. A piece of banana got on them and I try to rub it out. And then I got stained. And what you gonna do about it? Inconvenient? Complain like a little bitch? No, because I'm smiling at the same time. Fine. It's a banana drawing on the inside, huh? Hello? Maybe it'll come out. It's me. Ah, did wonder. And if after I'd been in a t me todo over everything you did you spot way, Friends way. Sean, Sean. Sean already fucked it up. But I'm here with Sean, who's from California. And Sean, would you, apart from drinking wine what you like to do in your free time apart? Um, I liketo have you seen? I don't know. A spot here. What is the most beautiful thing in the world? According to you? Silence. That's a really bad answer. Never mind. Um, this is a really beautiful view, so I'd say like, these mountains here. Really nice. Um, there's a lot going on here, but it still has that kind of like a peaceful silence feel, you know, 32 but it's ready. Dance party in front of Introduce yourselves. Introduce yourself. No way. I'm still Ali. I'm still Rachel. I'm still Evan for now. And this is my world, and you're on. Did you get that way? You see yourself? Wait. You okay? So we're at a winery right now, and we have some delicious food. Did you try the wine? I did. Well, I don't really generally like wine. The 1st 1 was white. Wine was, um okay, I guess second was really bitter. I didn't like it at all. I mean, gag a little bit. Last was really sweet. And I really like sweet line. Yeah, I guess you could say the best of the worst. You know, I'm saying Okay. So it's like picking trump over Hillary the or Vice versa, Right? Right. Yeah, I have to get that Anyway. What? I understand these caucus mountains, border aggression. Yeah, Russia is just about up here. Now, if you ever hear the term Caucasian, that means that you live. It means that somebody that is Caucasian describes a person that's to the west of these mountains. So technically, the Georgians Caucasian. I'm Caucasian. You're 100% Caucasian. And this is dividing line that coins the term. So enjoy only thank you for watching. I had a blast filming all this over the past couple weeks. Last words Just enjoy the video of its great guy so great video feed videographer. And we had a great travel. It's also visit George Army. It's pretty beautiful. I did not pay your bribed him to say that. It's August 23rd. You spoke up? Yeah. Difficult. Jack Sparrow were on a train going to get our bags Long flight, like two hours of sleep. We're still going more of a nap. What? Yeah. Wow. So I just got into my room. I'm living in Juris Oli, which is located pretty much in downtown Lugano. As opposed to the dorms that air next to the like, academic buildings and stuff. Um, and I have my own room with my own shower in a little kitchenette. I have a little tiny little balcony you can see right here. This guy there's a couple of rooms in this building that have formed balconies if they become friends with those people. And, um, this is the view. I may not be a fool like 1 80 but I can't argue with that. Anyway, you're probably curious. See where I am, what you gonna looks like. So I'm gonna throw together some footage that isn't mine, because I don't have a drone yet and put some cool music onto it. And hopefully you enjoy. That gives you a good vibe, but this place is like it's absolutely beautiful. Fair. Thankful to be here. And I should get my wife I so that I can contact people and let him know that plane didn't my, uh my friends won't make of log about on average in my life. So that's from you, Daniel. Life Luke for me today. Wait. In the world, you've been most dangerous after times. You sound a little bit. I was Yeah. I can't believe we actually made it to class. I knew what she was talking about. Just pretty sweet class. Get some food. She is the apple I've been eating for the last five minutes. Great. I had this in my pocket. Not What's that? Froth? Months later, she knows a lot of French. Actually, she poured me a glass of wine last night. It was hard. It was snowing. They don't have this in Mexico. I texted my dad that, like, today I won't open. It was knowing that he was like what? I know, right? Wait a minute. No job, huh? My nose? Yes. I think this is Evan. Probably have met him before. This is Allie. She's eating mozzarella. Stick you After she told me that she was gonna be right. Bubba, grind all this'd Siri. It takes Barbas news and documentary who love German way. If you've been Americana, Dennis audience. That's obvious how do I stop it? Yeah, like we made it. I didn't. When I woke up today, I did not think I was coming to Milan at about eight o'clock. Eight o'clock. Fuckin Brendan's like, Hey, get ready. We're going number one. And I was like, All right, we're going to Milan, and this is my first time, Raymond. Good old Morty. A little finger in there? Yeah. No. Well, little cathedral right here. Hey, this shit is street food in Lugano the first time ever. I think this is a great see sense. It's a beautiful day out. I'm about to show you got another English? Sorry, this is an empanada. It's from Venezuela on. Have not had one of these ever in my leg So it's a first time for everything gonna street food 2017 That's a wonderful movie. We're famous. Famous star Swift famous He's got her in the movie that I was in there You're gonna be famous, Travis Way have to find some food Lexx you're getting my stone tonight Even like when eating in the street I'm still the only one he's standing up You saw how busy it was downtown, right? He's like not even a place to sit. Okay, But it's nice living in Laguna because you know where secret spots are hidden like this one. All right, Sushi in more sushi. This is where it's at Hidden bench, in part Yes. Okay. Little recorded, like five. It's me talking and it was not recording. That's a commando or something. You see a tall black man in Lugano. He's probably on the basketball team. He probably knows Taylor yogis that leave only featuring you start by having children. You okay? What? You're not Wait a wait. I'm not really sure what's going on right now, but I was just the park talking. Some bills on walked through a party that is at town hall right now. It's just like Dennis there, dressing up exactly like you. I don't know why. Because today is like the food Truck Day is just a street food, but I know everybody's down like they