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Hello, everyone. I'm here with my very, very good pounds was good with it. What's your name? James. Away from my name is Maxim from Boy. You may miss Max. How'd you see James? That's my alter ego. All right? Anywhere I like Starbucks always say, James, I dig it. Would you like to do Maximilian? I like to jump off stuff. Right on. I have another friend. Max likes to jump off stuff and use featured on the YouTube channel. I'm here with you. Like Theo? Yeah. Max is have something weaver them wear at the Lido. I've never been here before. I'm kind of ashamed. This'd call the leader of Lagana. And as you can see, it's a lovely pool. We got way. Got a mountain up there? There's a restaurant right there. All right, we got a pool down there. We got a factory, you know? Yeah. Yeah. And I got a diving board up here. We'll catch this'll. Very, very good friend of mine. Who I'm very surprised has been on the Evan show yet. Which in him? Let's see where you're from. Florida. What do you like to do in your free time? Go to the Lido with Evan. Ooh. Oh, yeah, that's right. That's fucking right. I can turn my thumb back like this. Up close. Not really up close. Like, really closely camera. Wow, That is amazing. It's almost as amazing as you are. Hey, this shit is street food in Lugano the first time ever. I think this is a great see sense. It's a beautiful day out. I'm about to show you got another English? Sorry, this is an empanada. It's from Venezuela on. Have not had one of these ever in my leg So it's a first time for everything gonna street food 2017 That's a wonderful movie. We're famous. Famous star Swift famous He's got her in the movie that I was in there You're gonna be famous, Travis Way have to find some food Lexx you're getting my stone tonight Even like when eating in the street I'm still the only one he's standing up You saw how busy it was downtown, right? He's like not even a place to sit. Okay, But it's nice living in Laguna because you know where secret spots are hidden like this one. All right, Sushi in more sushi. This is where it's at Hidden bench, in part Yes. Okay. Little recorded, like five. It's me talking and it was not recording. That's a commando or something. You see a tall black man in Lugano. He's probably on the basketball team. He probably knows Taylor yogis that leave only featuring you start by having children. You okay? What? You're not Wait a wait. I'm not really sure what's going on right now, but I was just the park talking. Some bills on walked through a party that is at town hall right now. It's just like Dennis there, dressing up exactly like you. I don't know why. Because today is like the food Truck Day is just a street food, but I know everybody's down like they There's no rain, there's no rain. I'm making this video and there's no rain, but it's been raining all day. You know, I could be mad about that. Got drilling over there, making the house. But I am so thankful that I could make this video right now because it is a beautiful day. It's been raining all day long. Now the reason that I'm doing so is because I just finished the edit for my Italian final project. Okay, I had to demonstrate for class my understanding of a certain aspect of the Italian culture. It's like the culmination of the entire class throughout the year, and I chose to do the nightlife in Italy. So in order to do so, my body and I know we're doing this project in tandem. This is my project and Rodrigo's. We went downtown and we interviewed Italians in Lugano, and we asked him about the nightlife. We got, like, local scoop, and you'll be able to see that came out so well, I'm gonna make this an actual vlog. So So this is going public. Rodrigue. Oh, when you get your own YouTube channel, you could put your name in the title. All right. The rest of this video is completely in Italian. So if you don't speak in town, you're fucked. If you don't speak Italian, then you're just see me looking like a goose. If you ever wondered what it sounds like when I speak of time and I told you that I have I told you that I learned another language. This is a demonstration of that. Okay, if you do speak in town, you'll be able to understand what we're saying. You get entertained. It's funny in some parts, and I think you really enjoy it. You'll be able to tell the difference between my accent and Rodriguez, cause Rodrigo's from Brazil speaks Portuguese. So his Italian accent is really, really nice. You'll be able to tell that so enjoy what you're about to see. Like a subscribe. Leave your reaction to comments section below and enjoy puce. Wait, Theo Way, Katie. Ever heaven, Even even of course, a teepee out. Your father is a teepee out your father because the teepee out of 10 they pretend I know that toe. No, that way you get the okay. Okay. T Yankee and a beautiful called for the ankle Busted Lago TV queen like Bonnie gonna meet? I came up to me. You won't say, Salgado Stature Condo pattern woman Because the check in on woman get you just got a No, no, no, no, no, no. Okay, cuando Cherokee Pattern woman now And check in on Momo because a Jericho you know not I got sergeant stuff, you know? I got to see you know what I got. Uh uh, No, no, no, it's okay. It's a free zone. You can be neither. Like, Okay, sure. They I don't control the 80 bump. Okay. I wasn't the one on three different care solamente Bingo. No. Seven. Put a chocolate cone. Cavallo. No nippy Ajino Cavallo. So limited. Better candidate is a little sudden. Nobody. Nobody. Lot isn't here. Some of the corridor do sick on the day in your mouth. Americano Gross Because the pen see delivery tonight Orna qui invece della tua pays and the canyon agency and she stands up close. How do you say life expectancy in general General Cuando Seymour Seymour. It's whatever you say but stands very close. But you won't know the sea The World Trade Organization. Okay, Like that stuff Yeah, yeah. Jovian countrywoman Get in! So I just got so out of it. Me conceal Ian that I got maybe a TV. Oh, my God. Area check. Get me Italian. A prima facie Concilio Lugano. Bella Bella seven. Okay, Civil Clark and even Largent. Ikari Mojito on Grand Cherokee. That's Emily. Even commit. Avoid many soon. That's a believer. Separate Committed. Violence it at the Kuala Gun of Committee Vala Serrata Kuala Guardianco Petunia Altria Cheetah At the beginning of a ballistic journey shin over area in Spain more quickly started to shake. You're from second biggest Presta organs are Sacco di Vita with more contained TDs. Wait, this was judging. The liberty s here. Daddy 40 Logano K p h and contracted to Sony. They say the Khitan to pays a Logan is a on a deal to post e Also non ci sono tante bar Tante club. Crazy Case and queen are more than Otto Request A different quality video difference started 77 Yankee. I'm more than okay. Wait and I'm more veto specific. Um, in the comic cumbia trailer committee. Very. Come on me. My brother said so. Get your camera. Yes, sir. Is in prep you Cordy Ali? Yeah, that I am 40. Allegra allergy and Philip it Sonic of England. Listen, student the same play professionally. The Tonto. Carry me in the mix. Rome, Your ego. Cheetah, grand nickel content Eob seo and cocoa. Huh? Especial Lady Lugano. True body. No. Sumita. Uncle Che. Intensity. Security. Tired. Cry. Okay, put it. The butler Import the English telemarketer? Yes. How are you? Fine, thank you. How are you? Fine. Your English is good. Thank you very much for participating under granted me life.