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Thinking about North Central College and trying to determine if it’s the right fit for you? The college search process can be tough, but CampusReel is here to make it fun and engaging. If you’re thinking about visiting North Central College in person, we strongly recommend you at least complete the virtual tour first. After watching the entire virtual tour, the next step would be to take an in-person campus tour to further vet North Central College’s culture and community. Whether you are a prospective high school student considering the school or interested in transferring to North Central College, these videos and reviews are designed to give you a complete understanding of the North Central College experience. These North Central College video reviews share the culture and daily life of students both on and off campus.

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Gianna S

Broadcast Communication, Class of 2020



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So this is the cage on campus. So this is one of the many dining options on campus in North Central. It's more of a grab and go environment. So they have the grill over here, which is, you do breakfast or lunch opposite options, and they have a girl features and girls specials each week so you can order for, grab and go. Or you can just kind of hang out with your friends here for breakfast, lunch or dinner. But also they have a papa John's in the middle for pizza. You could grab and go as well and the most kind of our children only on campus. So actually, this is what I got for lunch today was a no bowl, so I got some tornadoes, ground race and all that good stuff. So I would say the food on campus is really good at the cage like cages. More for me, I would say because I live in the north end of campus, it's really convenient, like it's located, um, in the center of campus. And then there's a couple more dining options on campus, but I definitely think this one would be the best option because it's centrally located. They have a wide variety and also it's not based. I'il personally, I think, face styles like lower qualities. So eating at the cage is definitely more fitted for me, and you kind of get to pick and choose what you want. Like, I mean sale is good, but at the same time, I feel like the food is more fresh here, wears more seating on the back, and then there's just like so cute walls with pictures. So this is my room in Kimmel Hall. So Kimmel Hall is typically a double or triple occupancy. But I happen to be a resident assistant, so I do get a single to myself. So I have my bed over here. Typically, there are two beds in a suite, which I will show you all later. BIA. This is my betting area cyber like a little couch, and I put up some decorations to make it more at home. Also, pictures of my friends and family from back home just to kind of look back at, um, I also have a microwave and a fridge, which is really good for having people over our kind of cooking your own food. So the nice thing about Kimmel Hall is Kimmel does have kitchenettes included in the sweets, so each resident or residents will get their own. So top so you get the stove top, you get cabinets above and below. So you have those in the fridge built into the kitchen at area, which is a really nice and the sink for dishes and all that good stuff. And then being sweet style, you do also have your own bathroom, which you typically would share with your roommate or roommates. So this is just my bathroom. It comes with a toilet, a sing some cabinets, and then the mirror opens off horses, and then you also have another built in closet on the side for storage. And then you do have your own shower, which is a really nice. So I think my favorite part about living in a suite is you definitely gained more independence, living on your own and having kind of these resource is available in your room. So you get kind of a larger area in Kim Mahal compared to some of the residents halls on campus. So you can play around with your decorations like I did at some furniture in whatever makes you feel more at home. So the meal plan it North Central kind of acts automatically once you become a North Central resident. So if you're in North Central Computer and you decide not to live on campus, you can opt for a meal plan if you would like. But it's a bit smaller than the meal plan of resident will get. But the meal plan consists of two things, which are swipes and bonus bucks. And the bonus books can act like a debit card. So, like if I want to go to the Starbucks on campus and get a four dollar car macchiato, it would deduct for bonus bucks and say I have hundreds of people in the spokes. It started the trimester that would deduct one hundred forty six moments. Folks left. And then that's what I would have remaining as the time goes on. The nice thing about bonus books, though, are they Transfer over by trimester and next year's case, which goes into twenty nineteen, twenty twenty, our first year in semesters. It'll go by semester's as Faras I know and then swipes act as a meal on campus. So if you were to go anywhere on campus for the main dining Holly, you just swipe to get in, and that's one meal. It's all like buffet style, so you can just eat what you want and kind of like, go about. And if you wanted to get more than one meal, you just swipe it once and you're good to go. If I were to go to the cage on campus, which I showed you earlier, I wanted to get, say, the irritable I got my previous video. That is one swipe. And if I wanted to go to the grill and get a burger, fries and a drink, that B and Andre side of drink, obviously, and then that would be one swipe. So swipes are a little bit more simple in terms of like getting a meal and going about your day. So if you wanted to get one meal, that's just once white. If you wanted to go get a drink, or if you wanted to use your bonus bucks for food, you could itjust access a debit card more or less. So if you wanted to get something for eight dollars bonus bucks rather than using your swipes, you could. It would just adopt like eight dollars from your bonus So this building in front of me is the Dr Myron went Science Center. This is the newest building on North Central's campus, so it is made entirely of glass, steel and then bricks on the side. It is three storeys high, and it is home to our biology, chemistry, computer science, engineering, mathematics, physics, psychology and neuroscience, as well as Stephenson Hall that is used for showing researches and events on campus. So we're gonna go inside and take a look a P classes and the offices that are available in the building. And you got some cool features on the wall, just featuring, like different majors. And like the work, students will do so. A lot of people have like different communities in the classrooms and thie residence halls on campus to kind of better their academic focus and their career aspirations. And, yes, seating in the lecture halls is typically super comfortable, like you have the desk and the cool chairs. And since this is a newer building like it's very green efficient and the space is very clean. Look, it's a very sterile lecture hall, so a lot of students will come here for bigger classes and sciences or business, or because it is a larger space. And there's more like boards. Teo, write some stuff down and also just a great way. So for professor to student relationships at North Central, I would say they're very connected. So I've had really good experiences with almost all of the professors I've had at North Central for any classes, whether it's for my major or just a general education course, professors are really good about communicating assignments and just changes to the syllabus. A swell as the lectures in the class. So, um, I guess the best way I would recommend reaching out to your professor is going into their office hours or emailing them. So professors are usually really on top of email. So expect a response within a day or two, and they kind of keep you on top and make you feel like connect us to the classroom. And they also want to see you succeed in their class and beyond In North Central, So northcentral literally sets you up for academic success the minute you come here, I think so in terms of academic success, if you do bad in a class or we'll not bad in a class. But if you do bad on an assignment or you need some extra help in the class and you feel like you're falling behind with something or you have a quick question. Reach out to your professor because they will, like, go to the ends of the year to help you? I think so. Um, don't be afraid to go to their office hours as well. It's really nice because when they give you the syllabus at the beginning of the semester or trimester, they will list their office hours on their availability. And even if they don't have availability for when you're available, you can still reach out to them through their phone number or email, depending on what they give you. And then they'll do their best to, like, reach out to you as soon as they can and like, figure something out. So my professors in my department are really chill because we're like a small little family, like the broadcast communication department at North Central is small like It's good, but it's small. So there's only like ten to fifteen professors in the communication media studies department. And I've had Maybe I want to stay five to ten of them, and I'm a junior. So I still have classes. It takes it, get done with my miners. And also learning more about activities at North Central so professors will connect you to resource is on campus, and then sometimes certain departments will put on events for prospect of students or prospect of majors to come, explore and just enjoys and free. The nice thing about North Central is we are very academic focus school. So we're known, like for our academics, like the classroom experience in North Central is so much different than being in high school, like the classes are still small, so you feel like you're sitting in a high school class. But at the same time, like the agenda that the professors will typically have is nothing like ah, high school class, in my opinion. So we do have feelings for my major and the general education courses I've taken. They've been primarily lecture based, but also it's kind of like we're open to answer or not answer. We're open to ask any questions that we may have like about the lecture, or we could open up for discussion depending on the day. So the nice thing about being in college is the professors will give you the syllabus in advance and kind of show you what is planned for the course of the class. So you could be doing projects you could be doing, papers you could be doing just lectures and speeches and all that good stuff, and it's kind of all laid out for you. So you know what to expect. And it's really nice because any professor I've had, they've been super on top of communicating any changes in dates or cancellation of class or cancellation of assignments. So you're always kind of on top of what you're doing, As long as you're in the loop with your email and checking blackboard, which is what we use for classes, you should be pretty set for classes. I wouldn't say in my experience that classes are hard. The only class is that really stressed me out where general education courses that I had to take my freshman year. So me being a broadcast communication major, I had to take to our know how to say one man, of course, and then one lab course my freshman year and that was the hardest for me personally because I'm not really was interested in learning about environmental science or finite math. I had to do it because it was part of my own curriculum. It was just kind of something that was hard for me. It was really stressful to kind of take my interests like away for a little bit and do general education courses so I think that's the only con I have about academics. It more so several is It's really good for people that are like declared for a major, but they want to explore their options. But I feel like the people that kind of know what they wanted to do like I did. It was not like I don't want to say it was a waste of time. But for me it was because it just kind of got me like bad grades. And my GP wasn't is good freshman year. But now that I'm in all major courses, I feel like I'm more passionate about what I'm learning about in the classroom and like I'm actually excited to, like, do work for my classes now. So as long as you find something you're passionate about, you will enjoy the classes here. Regardless, if you're undeclared and you want to do whatever general education courses sound the most interesting to your freshman year and do it. If you're declared with your major than awesome. The classes that are set up for your major are really designed for you to get more in depth about what you're learning about him. What you're passionate about. So whether it's lectures, it's papers. It's projects like for me. I think any form of what I'm doing that I love. I will be happy with what I'm learning in the So this is the school of business and entrepreneurship. So this originally was North Central Science Center, but I got renovated in two thousand seventeen, so now it's home to the accounting and finance offices of Curd Development Economics, the entrepreneurship program we have for small business management, as well as thie management and marketing programs. So we're gonna go inside and kind of see what the main study area is like and also just kind of what the size of the classrooms are. So the building has a very sleek look to it, which is similar to the science centre, like the classes do as well. They've got nicer equipment, and they made the rooms more ICO friendly in terms of the lighting and just the overall features of the room. So this is another classroom in the business centre for larger classes and lectures. Typically, classes range from twenty one to forty five students forty five max. But North Central is known to keep their classroom small, just to kind of get connections with the professor's more intimate and resource is going and then also on the side. Here, like the Science Center, they kind of incorporate the programs in this building with what goes along with students, like what students are doing like internships, alumni jobs that they've managed and career fest that are going on. So there's a bunch of different resource is that students can use and just kind of look at because it's very like, aesthetically pleasing, like all of the nice colors and just kind of like showing opportunities for students in So we are currently at the downtown Louisville Riverwalk. So this is the perfect stretch for a nice day like today so people typically will go down the river walk and around the bell tower. And you just kind of enjoy the scenery because there's a lot of colorful buildings in the area is very like up and coming over by the river walk. And then there's just a bunch of trees and shops around the area. So downtown Naperville is actually one of the larger towns in Illinois. I think it's four five on the list, but it's a really cute area, Very quiet. Um, a lot of people take pictures over here in the summer by the Riverwalk Bridge, which you can see further away. So it's just a nice little area, Very quiet. Good for going out with your friends or a significant other. This is usually where all go when it's warmer out faller sprinter with my friends and just kind of walk around. And then there's a red mango over here that you can get gelato and smoothies out, which is really nice. And then there's some brunch places over here that I'll go on the weekend when it's nicer out on, then, usually a lot of people, when it's either the afternoon or even a nighttime like night. Life is really big in downtown Naperville for people that are over twenty one. So we're actually on Washington in Chicago Avenue right now, which is a really popular street for people on the weekends to go to the bars and just kind of hang out with their friends and get involved with doubt how Naperville and just the atmosphere. So it's very crowded on the weekends typically, but during the weekdays it's a little more quiet. Sometimes on the weekends, you'll see a lot of families going out for meals together when it's nicer out on the weekends. This is typically like the area that North Central students will go to, unlike myself. So people that are twenty one typically like to hit up the bars over on the corner and then the restaurants down the street. And then sometimes we'll even have a two dollar hot dog stand for people to enjoy, which is really nice, kind of getting out of the So living on campus in North Central is different when you're first year versus an upperclassman, so your first year you will be kind of placed in an area with a traditional style layout, so you will have at least one roommate and you'll be sharing a bathroom with the other people on your floor is well. So I think once you get older, the experience kind of gets more broadened because you have more options to choose from and housing, and you will go through housing selection. So sophomore junior senior year, I say you're a little more independent. You kind of know what to expect of living on campus. So your first years kind of like paying attention to the policies and also like knowing the rules before you move in and getting any questions answered. So also each year you will have a resident of sister or our ears. We call them on your floor to kind of showcase diversity, inclusiveness in your community as well as building community on your floor. Your floor is a wing, and they'll put on programs and kind of directed towards Resource is for you, So that's really useful to kind of build better connections with the people on your floor and get to know more about living on campus and what is offered at North Central, whether it's in the residence halls or out of the residence halls, innocent organization or a job on campus. I would say once you work your way up in credits academically in North Central, you'll have more say and where you'd liketo live because the more credits you have, the earlier you're going to go through housing selection. So housing selection is based entirely on credits, so typically juniors and seniors will get the first choice of living where they would like. So juniors and seniors typically will live in the sweet style residence halls on campus because they're a little more updated than the traditional style of residence halls. So the newest residents hall on campus is built in two thousand fifteen, and then the oldest, I think, is about nineteen fifty six. I want to say so most of the first year residents hauls are a little bit older compared to the newer, sweet style residence halls on campus. So, um, in terms of experience, you do get more space once you work your way up. So sophomore junior senior year, you'll you'll even notice any up gausman areas that you'll have more space in your room or in your sweet per se, rather than in your first year residents home. Um, so your first year residents hall you typically will have two bads, two desks and a closet to share with your roommate. Thie on ly option. First weeks All your freshman year is if you opt to live in the Honors Residence hall, which is sweet style. So you'd share a suite with three to four other suite mates and you could opt to have your own room think. And also there are options to have a roommate as well. Typically will have a roommate, though the only exception having a single is if you opt to pay for