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Thinking about Knox College and trying to determine if it’s the right fit for you? The college search process can be tough, but CampusReel is here to make it fun and engaging. If you’re thinking about visiting Knox College in person, we strongly recommend you at least complete the virtual tour first. After watching the entire virtual tour, the next step would be to take an in-person campus tour to further vet Knox College’s culture and community. Whether you are a prospective high school student considering the school or interested in transferring to Knox College, these videos and reviews are designed to give you a complete understanding of the Knox College experience. These Knox College video reviews share the culture and daily life of students both on and off campus.

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Offer printing, which is located in the library. So you can always, like, go to the library and press stuff You can't go anywhere else showed. Like when I was here most of the time, I well, to the reference desk and I'll talk to the library in our duty and basically just get help from them and then I'll put on my paper and go to class. I'm the books in here are amazing. Checking out the books are very simple. You can go online and do that. And basically, what happens with that is that you know, you just put a your log in or like you're you're logging into your mind. Knock sickle and you just look for the book you of want. If they got it, you can go to the library to pick it up. If they don't and another school has it. There are ships, those books to your school till knocks like, very indeed, you could just go pick it up. So pretty much that's it. You know, just being in the library help used like they come, stay focused and you always have, you know, like a whole bunch of resources to help you. And that's the really good part about being an ox. There are always, you know, willing to help you make People. Hi. So this is my closet where almost flourish my coats. Oh, my stuff for the summer. My laundry Bassi. My shoe wrecked my extra shoes, you know, in my hand. And, boy, all right, me And this is my fish aerator refrigerator broke. And then this Mom microwave, You know, all costumes got Keep the news of cereal in my toast maples at it, but you And then it's my this while beverages in next. What's next? My medicine and spice cabinet in this is Alma paperwork in Brother, it's important to have a criminal. You know, sometimes you want to have a printer in your room because it's coming in. Just case you run a late class, you want to press on Mountain about the bail request a little class instead of going to a library. And then this is my TV when on this. You know that every time what was really going to do that, then I got a keyboard, but it don't work monkey lamps. And it is my alarm clock. I got it right here because, like, if I'm lending my bed in the morning time is that like having there right next to my this I'll just news it will be on it. So it's important for me to, like, lay there and wake up in the morning. Him all our plan get out of it, you know? So I actually give up this much about this home. What home? Like my mom about this. And she put it up with me and this my chiquita because this one that the school got for me is broke and it's my fan. Oh, extension court is always important. Have extension cord tube Could know, Never know what you need A plug. Most items. No extra chair. My desk. My lamp. No. Can you turn off the light? Because I'm just a little scary person. So here comes. Then they'LL let you decorate your room however you want. So my favorite color's think so. I put up Ain't Cardin's in the pink room And then I got a little pig blanket, that whole bunch of pillows. Then I got another baby. But you know, really use it. I like it. Then his wife. Seven. Because efforts I am on the axe. This is my mother there. Sua. Keep all my books. There's my little miniature library and then I keep like Mom. My shot glasses and plates because so class with morning. Hair stuff and my perfume stuff because I'm such a girly girl and house very important. Some more. Hester? Yeah. Jubei is technically a double. This will have adult would actually look because I have to everything Two dresses to this two chairs, this campus supplies. But I treat as single when I get charged as single because I don't have a roommate. I know. So, Yeah. This is my room. My name is Rush. A burn that Africana studies made off. Sorry, I'm double major in Africa. Stays in history. And I am a junior. This just actually to move this at the bottom of my house in the basement. This is documents, stuff like that. We just recently had this last year. So this is basically a celebration because they turned fifty years old. The man in the middle. He's the chair of come studies department as well as over able. He was a president able. He's also my advisor for my mind. I'm sorry. This is about the radio show, which is located in G. H on the fourth building. They have times slice where they do specific things and talk about different issues on campus as well as the world. This is for the choir. Right now we are going to these doors and going to go downstairs, and we are heading Teyla loud. This is where me and my friends spend most of our time. Like which, on the stress from classes or work. We go down here, we play games. Yoki. I just have a whole bunch of form. It doesn't really open until five p. M. But if you can see there's a pool table and a fool's while table as well. There's a pain pong table and also located in the back. That way there is a arson craft as where, as a career closet where you can get business or no dress up clothes for free, and this is out. No. Now you are exit e Too much. I think of this one. It's a door. Helps you to go. I can't. Well, we're gonna go there. Some chairs are here. I've set out here before. Like to just watch. I do a lot of the shirts on campus. This is just a beautiful sea. So I spent most of my time outside doing follow this morning. Turner Winter. I'm really in a house because it's too cold. Tow. Walk outside, Are you? So Yeah, this is just the more of the circle view of campus. So right there is post. They're from poles over. There is the quiet the tennis Welcome. It's my room. Okay. This is my best know. Sometimes I just see here beyond my phone, actually do home where I find this lady's tenor mike personal. Like what you find there. No food, no fresh. Tomorrow, I believe a blast like that, like it is. My favorite one is the lamp. And I used to hold their or like oh, well, like. You know, taking myself feudal snapchat and stuff like that. And you know, I don't have my sinful drawers. And then my friend this saying no when I'm stressed. And then I have pictures of I have pictures of myself for inspirations. Which India? My mom. My advisory from high school in my high school friends first. That changed because his march first. No miss. I get like some of my jacket and my mom professional wear white when I go to the school and miss that, just like my jeans stuff. And then in the back, I got my stories till it's It's my run. Explain a little bit about the clothes that you have to wear from your school. Oh, so I'm a major and I have the golden elementary schools hearing Ellsberg and do ours. So therefore, I have to, like, dress professional. So, like thiss blouse, Carter, give and this Sure, so, like we're professionals doesn't Therefore, thank you, no home. Right now, we're going to talk about how the student board plans worked. So each premier plans consist of a specific number of meals and die in dollars, which are non transferrable. So you can't transfer like you have, like, say, thirty dollars left nine dollars. You can't transfer it over to the next terms, and it sucks. But it's just the way it is. So, yeah, board meals are for personal use the fun times where there was a need to entertain visiting family your friends. Like when my roommate's family came up here, I swiped you know them to get in the cab, and that was like You could use your gun in dollars as well to help other people. But they you know, basically it comes out for of your money. So if they do fight, but you have to be cautious of that Dinan dollars maybe spent like cash, any dining locations. So this is basically the gizmo to see store. This is where she can basically explained the dining dollars. You can't spit in the CAF because they can't take swipes so wait. So right now we're heading to the quiet and the quads is like, right across the street from the softball field as well. The football field was located right there. So if you are coming from that direction, you're basically just walk down the stairs and then up those and you'LL be at the cross. So here we go. So right now we're at the cause. You can see we have a bike racks, You can rent a bike or you could bring your home on the range of processes Very easy. All you have to do is basically give them all your information. Give them all your information. You still not the number and basically signed a waiver. Said it should return the bike unharmed and undamaged and stuff like that and they give you a bike. So right now, this is sure win. It's about four different areas, like different houses. Buildings away. Yeah, they all are available for block housing, which is just basically you being next to people that you know. And you can apply for that. But as a freshman, you Is this your place anywhere? If you don't know nobody. I knew my herself from my high school. So that was why I was able to room with them when I lived there. Post. So right now we're just this only you see some of the bikes right here. This is your area, so you can get a better view. This is Elder. Forward right here. This is one of those the other car you see, people decorate their windows. Right now we're in the middle of winter as on film. In his video, it is March first of twenty nineteen. It's always not pretty, pretty, pretty cold out here, but it's a little chilly that you'LL need a jacket and then, if you could see You know, if you got a little cut, you have the gym track field right here, just going straight for it. Si, FAA, that's where. So si FAA is where people that is like music and theater. That's when most of their classes are. I took a Spanish class in there. Um, I have not had a musical theater class, and I'm a junior. Doesn't feel, you know, I haven't really, you know, took any classes or thought about taking any and then right there, if we're looking at it. If we were looking at it from this room. This is the gizmo. So the gizmo is like one wall. Walking away is like no windows. But if you go all around this, it is a lot of windows. Hi, Shadow. Well, yeah, it's a lot of windows around it to give people just a scenery of cat, This stuff like that. And it's a very, very well, I would be like being in there. You could do homework in there. You don't have to buy food. Thank you. Let me sit in there and do homework. Talk to your friend. Just hang out. So right now we're heading to old name. Oh, so we're heading to our opening and basically an old man you have. This is whether Dean is, um, the student of associate Dean. And you have the bases office in here, and there are some classes in here. I had a black philosophy classic here, as well as a black woman in the civil rights movement class, and they were great. Um, one problem with this building is the stairs. They're somewhat uneven because this is a much older beauty, and they haven't modernizing, So just gotta be careful with that. But overall, this building is very helpful. Like if you're looking to look at landmarks, which I will show you. So So right now we're in told me only has a lot of different artifacts. Something that Knox really appreciates. It is. The Lincoln Lincoln came here some. We have children. That's right. This is just officer. This is my room and just just full of so much like so much information around the walls. When we tell you who's been here, what they do, why they were important to us and make it a very important part of our school. Just because he did so much. He was the Lincoln Douglas debate here, you see? Not college you came here to talk about, You know, like what he could do for little noise. And what do you do for slavery, Stuff like that? Today's a very apartness, a very big part of our campus. We really, highly favor. Wait. So you can see here. I have a lot of pictures of people. And this a beauty in here through the years. Right here is where we have the life masks with labor handling. And it says police stuck. So I'm going to touch it. What it feels so real. This. I feel so so. This is our mission. A community of individuals from diverse backgrounds challenges. Good. It was a very fun experience and I really, really enjoyed it. They have helped me to the stress and learn about something that I'm pretty interested in. Ah, love play video games. So it was very, very, very important to me. This picture I years the link isn't Douglas debate who has a lot of stuff here in school and there something way. We're about to go through one of them. This. This is a landmark. I work a figure or like a very important place to go, which is a This is a weird time now because they have information all around it about the leaking Douglas debate. As you can see this video like there's more and more stuff to talk about. Then if you see this wall down here. The wall is basically has. This is photos of, you know, like students were active on campus or like historic photos that topical springs. So that's very, very nice. And this is explanations. You know, United Station eighteen fifties is what skills? Working eighteen weeks, your noise in general in eighteen fifties. It talks a lot about, you know, just like how knock became a college. You know, I could donate it to Knox. What type of students went to Nag's like, if like a fun fact is that the underground were actually stopped in Gilbert. We're not see this, and I didn't even know that. And so I came here and I just I was blown away because it was just a very great thing to know because I love like, That's my minor. So it may be more interested to learn about there Africana Studies department. And now it's my mind. So thank you for whoever gave me that knowledge of obtaining so that I could become who I am today. And like I said before, we're very like Knox is very big on Lincoln, and they have a leak, a study center, so they get a lot But you can actually go in here. And there's somebody that's, you know, available to teach you all about, like, all about him. And you can any question that you have to accident and they will help you, too. Basically, you know, they do the best they can in the reform you about everything you know and I would them inform you. It really helps you to gain more knowledge about your about Knox and General and how Knox plays an important part in being a Gill's Bert and what their means for, like, knock student and Knox faculty. So right now we're just heading to the library, and I was just going to talk about, like, the work life in the balance in college. Been in college. You have basically a lot of different things that happens when it comes to like balancing your social life in the life. I spent most of my time in the library my sophomore year going out of my work my junior year. I actually didn't go to the library is much less here like group projects, but the library is like very quiet. They have a reference room. You can go and help from people you don't like the on duty on Liberia's and they help you like sighting and, you know, basically correcting like little things on your paper and stuff like that. So I really enjoyed it.