Criminology Degree

Criminology is all about the study of crime, but more specifically, the social and personal aspects of crime in individuals. You will learn about the general aspects of crime, as well as victimization, responses to crime and deviant behaviour. You will also learn the necessary skills applicable to a criminal career path and investigation, such as evaluating evidence.

Other skills necessary within this degree include critical thinking, analytical skills and communication skills.

When studying for a degree in Criminology, you can expect to learn about problem-solving, the interpretation of data, how to write effective reports, and making ethical judgments for a variety of situations.

What Can I Do with a Criminology Degree?

Studying Criminology and the related skills will make you valuable to a variety of career positions, and typical employers will be those focused on law, crime or social aspects.

Criminology salary will vary depending on which specific job role you go for, and how much career development you undergo.

If you’re wondering which jobs with a Criminology Degree are available, there are some examples listed below.

Criminology Careers

Here are listed just a few examples of the type of careers you could expect when you have gained a degree in Criminology.

Police Officer

Police Officers work on the front line to provide law enforcement to specific districts. This can see you involved in a variety of police work, from small disturbances to larger criminal investigations. Police Officers normally deal with the protection of people and environments, whereas Detectives are more involved in active criminal investigations.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Police Officers and Detectives can expect to make, on average, $65,170 per year.

Social Worker

Social Workers help individuals and communities deal with everyday problems. This could be in relation to personal family life or environmental issues. Social Workers can operate within communities, schools, healthcare settings or in individual homes.

The salary is an average of $50,470 per year.

Crime Scene Investigator

This role involves the collection and analyzing of evidence within a crime scene. It has a highly scientific focus.

Crime Scene Investigators can expect to make, on average, $59,150 per year.

It’s also important to note that there are many other related industries where a Criminology degree could be useful, without directly relating to the position where criminal behavior is a key factor. This could be counselling, charity worker or becoming a lawyer.

Where Should I Study for a Criminology Major?

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