Hospitality Administration/Management

What Can You Do w ith a Hospitality Administration and Management Degree?

Whether you want to work in a hotel, a restaurant or a resort, a career in hospitality administration and management is both rewarding and lucrative.

That being said, if you want to ensure you get to work within the best hospitality venues, you need first to undertake a hospitality administration and management degree.

Within the below guide, you will discover whether a hospitality administration and management major is the right choice for your career aspirations. Plus, how much you can expect to earn and how to choose the right college to pursue your major.

Is a hospitality administration and management major the right choice for me?

Do you want a career that involves entertaining and making guests feel instantly welcome and at home? If yes, then a hospitality administration and management degree could be the perfect further education option for you.

Hospitality Administration and Management students are given an overview of the industry and can choose to either take a general program or to focus on a specific area such as food service or hotel management.

In terms of job security, the hospitality industry is growing steadily, with this industry set to account for one in ten of all jobs on the planet by 2024.

What can I do with a hospitality administration and management degree?

As briefly mentioned above, there are many exciting and satisfying jobs within the hospitality sector. Plus, once qualified, you also have the choice to follow your interests anywhere in the world.

Below are the most popular jobs for hospitality administration and management graduates.

Accommodation Manager

As an accommodation manager, you will be responsible for the efficient running of your establishment. This includes ensuring cleanliness standards are maintained, budgets are controlled, and any issues are quickly rectified.

The average salary of an Accommodation Manager or Lodging Manager is $54,430.

Food Services or Catering Manager

The role of a catering manager involves the planning, organizing and developing the food and beverage services of organizations and businesses. You must meet customer expectations, food and hygiene standards and financial targets.

The average salary of a Food Services or Catering Manager is $55,230.

Conference Center Manager

Overseeing the day to day management of a conference center, you will be required to manage both the business and administration aspect, as well as the customer service aspect of the center.

The average salary for a Conference Center Manager is $54,047.

How do I choose the right college to study for my hospitality administration and management major?

With so many high performing colleges across America that offer this popular degree course, it can be a challenge to decide which establishment is the right choice for you.

When choosing a college, you need to look at not only their offered course material but also their campus experience as this will have a huge impact on your overall success.

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