What Can You Do with a Public Policy Analysis Degree?

This degree is focused on public wellbeing and policies which can help to promote that. In earning this degree, you will be working towards making and enacting policies which benefit the general public. With this degree, you may find that skillsets from other areas, such as sociology and political science, come into play, too.

Public Policy Analysis will be a degree which enables you to hone your analytical and independent-thinking side, and best prepare you for key issues of society, as well as being able to deal with qualitative and quantitative data.

You should seek this degree if the above job roles appeal to you, if you would like to work with government policies, and if you would like a career which sees you aiming to help the community.

What Can I Do with a Public Policy Analysis Degree?

With this degree, you can go on to study in a variety of different public service sectors. Public Policy Analysis careers will carry different environments depending on the path you choose. You can use your knowledge to implement and evaluate public service policies.

Furthermore, this degree will help you to develop a variety of skills. You will need skills such as critical thinking and data analysis to succeed with public policies, as well as strong decision-making.

With a Public Policy Analysis degree, you can become involved in a government- and politics-related career which allows you to help your community.

This degree can also help you to become more confident with people skills and communication skills.

What Careers are available with a Public Policy Analysis Degree?

The following are a few examples of jobs you can expect to gain with this degree. Public Policy Analysis salary will vary depending on the job.

Market Research Analyst

This job role would see you studying market conditions to consider the potential of product or service sales. Market Research Analysts can expect to make, on average, $63,790 a year, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, providing a stable wage for an in-demand job.

Public Relations Manager

This job role would see you directing marketing material for the public image of a client or employer, alongside other responsibilities like organizing campaigns. The wage on average for this role is $116,180 a year, therefore well over average at a desirable wage.

How do I choose where to pursue a Public Policy Analysis Degree?

If you’re interested in gaining a Public Policy Analysis degree, then you need to be sure that the place you choose to study is one you will enjoy. Choosing the right place to study isn’t just about the degree itself, but also about a range of other factors, including:

Being able to choose the perfect campus for your needs will be important alongside your career aspirations, as enjoying campus life means you can strive to get the best out of your degree.

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