What Can You Do with a Zoology Degree?

Zoology is an obvious attraction for those with a passion for the natural world. It’s an excellent subject not just for animal lovers but also for people who strongly support sustainability. By combining aspects of psychology, environmental science, and biology, a zoology degree teaches students about how to conserve and care for animal life.

Even though the name suggests otherwise, zoology graduates have more work opportunities available than simply working at a zoo – although that is an applicable role. In fact, the skills acquired from the degree make graduates an attractive proposition for a wide assortment of organizations. These include government agencies, research centers, universities, and charities.

Should I earn a zoology major?

Simply put, all animal lovers who are going into further education should explore the possibility of studying zoology. This is particularly the case if they have a strong interest in science and biology. The reason: zoology is, in essence, the study of animals. It’s about looking at the evolution, behavior, anatomy, and more of these animals, to the point you know everything about them.

You don’t just read about these animals or watch them on video. You get to be up close and personal with a wide array of feathered, furry, and even scaly animals. Forget about spending all your time in lecture halls and dreary classrooms – you get to venture out into the field and enjoy productive stints in the lab.

Certain colleges that offer zoology courses will also partner up with local wildlife trusts, giving you a truly hands-on approach to conservation and research work. Plus, you may even get the opportunity to travel abroad to study more exotic animals.

Aside from positioning you for a career working with animals and conservation, zoology also provides you with various skills that are applicable for all professional walks of life. These include research skills, data analysis, communication, and the ability to work in a team.

What can I do with a zoology degree?

Yes, a zookeeper role is an exciting and rewarding one. Yet it’s only scratching the surface in terms of the career paths presented once you graduate. Below are examples of the available jobs with a zoology degree.


While you don’t necessarily need a degree to work as a zookeeper, it does provide an upper hand for those seeking employment. The role involves caring for zoo-based animals, with day-to-day tasks including feeding the animals, planning diets, and monitoring their behavior.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics notes the average wage for ‘animal care and service workers’ is a modest $24,990. However, this amount takes into account everything from pet sitters to animal groomers – and not simply those who have a specialized role within a zoo.

Zoologists and wildlife biologists

Zoologists and wildlife biologists are centered round the study of wildlife and animals. This delves into studying animal behaviors, their physical characteristics, and the type of impact humans’ cause on natural habitats and wildlife.

It is estimated that zoologists and wildlife biologists earn an annual wage of between $60,734 and $91,450 on average.


An ecologist surveys ecosystems, where they evaluate the behavior, profusion, and diversity of the organisms found within. Ecologists work for sectors ranging from research institutes to government agencies.

If you’re searching for a financially rewarding zoology salary, the Bureau of Labor Statistics notes that ‘environmental scientists’ earn an average of $71,360 annually.


Generally speaking, a conservationist’s task is to protect biological life, places, and ecosystems. Their job is to preserve these aspects for future generations and also to maintain and improve the health of the planet’s ecology.

Conservation scientists, according to payscale.com, earn a respectable $54,257 on an annual basis.

With a slight change in your career trajectory or additional training, here are some other zoology careers you may want to consider:

Selecting the right college

Zoology is a specialist subject. Not every college in the United States features a zoology program. While this helps to narrow down the decision to an extent, you still have to make the important decision of picking the right college.

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