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Hey, guys, look back to my channel today. I'm actually going to be blogging for you guys. Um, I've honestly been putting this off just because if I'm gonna be honest, I don't really do a lot of interesting things at college. I mostly just go to class, study, eat and sleep. So not very interesting. But I do have a couple interesting being going on this week. So I just figured I would flog it for you guys, but like every time I've logged, it's I just never liked the footage or I don't think it's that interesting. So then I end up deleting it, so but I'm gonna force myself. Thio, get this out for you guys. So on Mondays and Wednesdays, I have two classes, But today, my first class, Actually, it's not canceled. But like today is what we call flex Day, in which we just review for the test, which I'm not gonna go to because it's not that beneficial for me. I found. So I'm not going to that. But I do have an anatomy test today at 4 30 So fun, which is funding because I'm actually going to go meet with the professor at three o'clock to go interview him for one of my other classes. That that's extra credit. So obviously I'm not gonna vlog that. That's kind of weird, but yeah, today should be kind of interesting. So this is just my outfit for today. It's nothing special. I'm just wearing a Indiana T shirt. I got some leggings and my Birkenstocks. I live in these Birkenstocks. They are my favorite. That's literally all I wear over the summer. So that's nice, but yeah, it's only, like 11. 30 right now, but I am going to go ahead and go to Well, I'm gonna go to starve experts, and I'm gonna go to the library because I know if I stay in my room all day, I will not want to do anything. So, going to the library, really? Just some place in public will help me be a little bit more productive, but I don't know what I want for lunch. I think I'm going to take let's see what we're having here. I think I'm gonna take one of these to go he up, So, yeah, uh, I'm just gonna put that in here from someone. Put thoughts in there and take it to go on. Just cover fork at campus center. Okay, I can't do this with one hand. There's somebody behind me, but it's fine plugging in public. But you guys didn't know I walk like 10 maybe 15 minutes every day to get to class. My dorm hall is about, like, I want to say, half a mile, maybe less from, like the main campus. And so their shuttles that, like, go by my dorm. But most of the time I just walk, which I don't really mind, especially on a day like this, because it's been really nice lately. Um, it got so you know, I'm from Indiana and the Midwest has some pretty bipolar weather, so Yeah, but like on a day like this, it's It's pretty nice to walk in. I'm looking at the line, so I love that. Okay. Thank you so much. It is actually much, much later in the day. Um, after lunch actually ended up going back to my dorm, I wasn't planning on it, but I was just feeling super tired until I went back and I took a nap, and then I got up to go meet my anatomy professor to interview him for one of my extra credit projects for another class. And now I'm just sitting here underneath these really a pretty trees. They're so pretty. Um, I'm just doing some last minute studying before my tests. That's in, like, 30 minutes. It's literally in that building over there. But you know what I'm doing. And then I just realized I scheduled for my psychology test today at six. So, yeah, I don't know when I'm going to flog next. Um, it might be when I'm getting dinner. Not sure, but Okay, so I just got done with mine psychology test and obviously, no, my dorm. I just grab something from the den t eat, because the last time I was, like, around 11 o'clock and I haven't ate since then. So I am, like, starving. But I just threw my hair up in a bone because it's really hot in my dorm. And, like, I'm really oily in, like, sweaty by holding this up, right? But yeah, I really gross. But I'll show you guys, but I got I got this burger. It's reportedly cheeseburger, which is really good, but I got it without any onions. So if you go toe, I pee while you should try this, it's really good. And then we just got some heavily seasoned prefers right here. Pretty good. So I don't know what I'm gonna vlog next, cause honestly, I have a lot of homework. I need to start and probably just go to bed, because I have a 9 a.m. tomorrow, which you guys will probably see. So, yeah, I will see you guys tomorrow. What did he do that? I don't know why I do that. That's like, that's, like, everybody's defense mechanism when they don't know what to do. They do. Okay. I was literally in their flight 30 minutes. It was like a really short lab. So it's like, it's like, nine. I have so much to do. I think I'm gonna go to Caribou and get a coffee. Anything. I'm just gonna find a place to just really be productive this time. And I'm not gonna take a nap this time. Probably. But I have so much to do. I have to write a paper. Well, I have to write several papers, and then I have to work on a power point presentation for my agent said it's class, so yeah, that's the plan. Yeah. Okay. I am so sorry If you can hear the wind or anything but I am heading Thio my class I didn't go to on Monday. That's the one where I said that I didn't have to go. But now I D'oh, um, it's kind of unfortunate, because this class is in the opposite side of campus, Huh? Ball hole is like the second for this building on campus. So it's like on the far west side and then the building where my classes as on the Far East side, is that it takes me, like, 15 20 minutes to walk there. I could just take the shuttle, but half the time I don't really want Thio. I don't know why, but that's what I need to stop doing that That's so annoying. They're talking about what normal and abnormal I tried. Well, it's for YouTube because I'm walking. Okay. Oh, so pretty. Those trees are Hey, your face is so big witness. No, it it's because it just say I'm fat. Cory, you're not. It's just cause it's really zoomed in, huh? So what thing is fat. No fresh market. So you're recording. So we're supposed to do that? Hank is in being break. Oh, good. I was five. Okay, I'm going to get super e. Don't I e m Back in my dorm. And earlier, Caleb took me Thio. One of our favorite Italian restaurants is called areas. Um, again, if you live in Indianapolis. Ah, highly recommend areas. It is so good. Anyway, we went to areas because that is Caleb's birthday gift to me. Uh, was taking me out for my birthday. Well, two days before my birthday, I told him not to get me anything because he already does so much for me. So thanks came, but yeah. So I have a 90 m tomorrow, but actually think we're gonna wake up, like, pretty early so I can get my laundry done before I have to go home. Because the laundry mats are always so busy on every floor. So I just kind of want to get that done and out of the way. But, um, I think that my end this week's blawg on Thursday and then start a new flog, um, at the end of Thursday, because I kind of want to do, like a weekend in my life because my weekend is a lot. Send them my normal college week. So yeah, I will see you guys. So cute. You are so cute. So I haven't been watching this morning because one I don't feel good. And I'm really stressed out because I've been trying to finish this presentation for my English class, and I'm trying to cite some stuff and I'm just really confused on how decided it. So it's finished. But my next class is in about an hour. And that's my Asian studies class. What You guys will definitely see. I'm holding myself to that. But you guys will definitely get to see that because she's bringing in some food because my birthday is tomorrow used. Hey, you guys want to see Oh, What? Don't say anything inappropriate. My mother? Yes, actually, In my grandma, I I'm actually working. I'm officially nothing. I like corny, right? Her flower shoes Sweet. That's to stop it. Wow. I look disgusting. So I am back home. I didn't do like any Cool. Can I help you? I didn't do any cool like driving montages because I don't have like a phone mount. Otherwise, I would. Because holding your phone and darling is not safe. And I do not support that. So anyway, I'm just gonna end of log here. I can't promise that I'm gonna do a weekend of my life because I am feeling sick. As you guys can tell. I've got some allergies going on. My head hurts, but still what kind of hurts? So, yeah. Thank you, guys. So much for watching. Let me know if I should do more of logs. Actually, don't let me know, because I don't really do anything and just take put. Thank you guys so much for watching and be sure to subscribe. Hi, guys. And welcome back to my channel. Long time no see. Um, I've been a busy gal, so I was gonna make a whole another video dedicated to why I was gone. But I was like, You know what? I don't really want to know that one of those on my channel because that shows I'm really inconsistent, which I mean isn't a lie. But basically, the reason why I was gone is because usually in the summer, I don't wear a lot of makeup. And I don't usually have the motivation to because, like, it's hot, it's McGee. I don't want to feel like uncomfortable with my face, if that makes sense in the summer anyway. And then just on top of that, I was really busy over the summer anyway, So obviously, by the title of this video, I am gonna be showing you guys my bedroom. So if you're new here for salt, my name is Corey. I am a software here at U. P. Y. And last year as a freshman, I lived in a dorm, wasn't the greatest experience, but also wasn't the worst. So this year I get the privilege to live in her apartment. I have three other roommates who are all amazing, and, yeah, I don't want to make this intro too long, so let's get started. So right here is the entryway it to my bedroom. And when you go to like this left, we have my bathroom. What's up? So right here. I have this, um, kind of, like, bull thing, and it has, like, this flower detail ing. I actually got this at a vintage store for super cheap. There's nothing in it right now, so I don't know what I want to put in it. So I guess I'll figure that out later. We're here. I just have this should know kind of, um, Paris landscape type thing going on, which, by the way, I'm going to say this now. All of the wall are in here is literally, like, downloaded pictures from Pinterest. And then I printed them out from Walmart and eight by tens. And then you can get a pack of three frames for, like, $5. So luxury on a budget, and then right here, I just kind of just like, sad this clip here one day and I thought it looked cute So it kind of like gives with the aesthetic. And then I have the soap dispenser, Um, just as a lotion, Um, even though it's not lotion, but this is from Marshalls, and it was on sale for, like, $3 So that's awesome. And then I have this little bouquet of flowers that I just had in my home, and then I put them in this vase, which I also found they have a picture of Kayla. Hello. And then I have a beauty and a fashion kind of like topography. Is that the right word? Topography? Um, art. And then Oh, actually, right here I have these two cabinets. It's a little messy, but not that missy. I'll show you. So I just have, like, these three. Okay, It's actually really messy, but I just have, like, these three baskets, this one has, like, extra towels by here. Tools, um, brushes Just bring himself this has a bunch of random stuff, and then this has a bunch of random stuff. So I love that over to the side here. I just have a trash can, and then I have this gold mirrored tray. This just has all of my skin care products on it, which I want to do enough to get it taken care routine. But I don't have a tripod, so that I'd be tricky. And then over here, I just have this little quote that says, not me, but the grace of God within me. I thought that was really nice. And then I just have a white shower curtain in, Um, I didn't want to go too crazy with the sheriff because I wanted it to seem like bright and dumb, spacious in here a guess. But it does have, like, this own flower print on It's like I don't know, So I mean, gives it some character. And then over here I just have this vintage vase that has, like, these fake rose buds in them, which I also got from hobby Lobby those flowers over there also from Hobby Lobby. And then I just have, like, another kind of like a luxury picture, and then this clock I actually see stole from my house. It doesn't work, and I'm pretty sure it's from Hobby Lobby. And then this white shell thing I had last year and it's from home goods. I believe a lot of this stuff is like vintage or like TJ Maxx HomeGoods Marshall's. So I'm gonna be saying that a lot throughout the video. Let's just have some dish cloths right here, some towels. And then I have this just little K thing sitting right here. This is from last year. I didn't know where to put it. So it's just chilling there. And then also right here is my shower caddy thing that's supposed to go over the shar ahead. But like, look, the shower head is like super tall and like the bottom of the shark, and he goes, like, really short So and then I just have these bath mats. They're actually just kind of like a biggish tan color. And it came with the set of, too, for like, 16 99 anything so super cheap. So moving on to the rest of the bedroom. Right here we have this ladder, which we wanted to do a ladder last year of my dorm. But a good thing we did it because it would have been way too crowded, so I just have my purse is hanging here. This one is actually it was either my great grandma's or my great grandma's sister. I forget what my mom told me, but it's so cute, and I just have the person Caleb got me, and I actually just recently purchased this one. I just have these bathroom hooks on these so we can, like, hang things. So it got like keys. That person's being hung by those. And then I just have, like, my scrunchie scarves and like my regular scarves. And then over here we have my dresser, which is probably like my favorite part of the room. I was worried that, like the furniture in here wasn't going to match like my aesthetic, but it works out. So right here I have this little jewelry necklace display thing that I got a good will for literally, like $4 it's sitting on top of this white rabbit for that. Got for my sister, and then my sister also got me this a little perfume bottle that is from Hobby Lobby. I believe it's so cute. I just have a little perfect here and then these air setting on two books. This one I got at a vintage store from like, $5. What a steal. And then this one I got from a website called, um, better World Books. I believe it's that cabinet Kwan making faces like beauty book. And it was only like $4 if he want books you want decorate with books. But you don't want to spend a fortune go to that Web site because they have a lot of books. They're super cheap. I got like, four of them for $20 plus shipping and this little mirror thing I stole from my mother. Thanks, mom. And then I just have, like, my pearls hanging on that on this side. I have this jury organizer thing. I got this from a store called at home. I don't know if it's like a nationwide or like, international kind of store thing, but yeah, that's where I got it was only like, actually, it was kind of expensive for what it is. It was like $15. Actually, the price sex don't want it, but I'm not gonna look at it, so I just have someone like my jewelry hanging on it. And then back here I have this sent a vogue send a vogue, I don't know, but it's just like a magazine cover of Lucille Ball. Which fun fact. I used to love the I lovely. See, Siri's that was like my thing back in the day and then up here I have three art pieces are wall prints. I have this, though, cover of Greece. Kelly. A lot of people have this one in their room. I thought was super cute. And I just have this one of, like, you know, and I have this one of Audrey Hepburn. She appears a lot in my bedroom. So, yes, I've actually been, like, super inspired by her lately, which is why there's so many, like Audrey Hepburn related things in here. So, yeah, this is like, my favorite part and the moving on here we have my bed. So this throw is actually from T. J. Maxx Saber que. And then the betting is actually from Marshall's. Um, it's just like this lightweight comforter kind of quote thing. I was just going to use like the white comforter had last year. But it got so dirty and it's so hard to clean. So I just wanted something like lightweight. Anyway, I just have my corner pillow and I have these pillows. These two are from last year, Um, to these are from last year. And then this one is from a store called Gordon's. I don't know if it's like a nationwide store, but it's just kind of like, uh, like a home Goods or like a T. J. Maxx. But it's a little bit less, in my opinion. And then this one, his from hobby lobby got it for $10. Always, I moved over here so the lighting would be better. But this is probably my favorite part of my bedroom. So this picture here is a scene from breakfast at Tiffany's, which, yes, I have actually seen. And it's the scene where she's literally eating breakfast at Tiffany's. She's like, um, kind of just like a window shopping, just kind of dreaming. And she's wearing the iconic dress made by Givenchy. I was like, I need that so and into contrast it I just have this, um, this kay something a little bit more minimalistic and then right here we have my nightstand. Sorry, my computer charges in the way, but this night stand, we actually got for, like, $30 out of interest store and it had some knobs that I didn't really like, and I wanted it to be more like vintage E. So I bought these ones from Hobby Lobby. They were actually cast iron, I believe. And so I just spray painted them gold to give him, like, a kind of like, um, a rustic vintage in five. I don't know. Then on top here, I have another gold neared Trey and I have this vase and these flowers, which are both from Hobby Lobby. I thought these were so cute. And then I have a picture of Ricky right here, and I have this crossing that one of my roommates about and I just kind of kept it because, I don't know, it's kind of comforting to me, And then I have this land which I just stole from home. I have this, um, note and Polaroid of Caleb. The note he gave me, obviously, And I just keep it there because I wanted something cute on my nightstand. If you feel have this, this is actually a cutting board. And I got this at T. J Maxx, by the way. And it has, like, these gold feet, which were so cute, but I just wanted something to kind of like protect this. So like when I said drinks on, um when I said drinks on it, it's not gonna ruin like this top down here. I have this little decor thing. If you've seen my dorm video from last year, you would know that this was yellow. And so I spray painted it white. And then this is just like a Steve Madden shoe box, and then they have my favorite heels right here. They're actually so lightly too big on me, so I don't wear them a lot. So I thought, you know what might not just display these. So I have them right here. And then I made this kind of, like, floral arrangement. And these are all from Hobby Lobby as well. And then I just wrapped them in like, kraft paper and, like, tied it with twine to make it look kind of like, Oh, I went to a flower farm. Kind of this mirror is from last year, and on it is this kind of like, White Creek thing. I also have this from last year, but I don't know if it appears in my dorm video, but we got there at HomeGoods. And then my mom got me this, um, little picture thing also from that place called Gord Mons says Paris is always a good idea. And it is said by Audrey Hepburn and then right here I have this little love thing which is from high Be lobby. My sister gave it to me, and then I have this. I was gonna put rings on it, but I really don't wear a lot of rings, so I just have that here. This is from HomeGoods, I think. And then right here I have this magazine rack. It's so cute sitting on top of it, I have my Polaroid camera picture of Audrey Hepburn and then this vase I actually spray painted and I stole from my house. And I just have, like, a couple magazines and books here. I've got, like, Vogue magazine's, um, Audrey Hepburn book, A little black dress book. This is actually a Bobby Brown like beauty book. And then we have the gospel According to Coach. Now, this one is, um, how to be lovely by Audrey Hepburn. And then this one is hashtag girl boss and It's by that, um, the lady who founded Nasty Go, which I got like like all of these books right here on that same website called Better World Books. But this one I got from a vintage door super cheap, and I got that one from home goods. Also super cheap. And then right here I have, like my desk a k a. Mostly my vanity I have This is technically a file organizer, but it matched perfectly with this. So I got it. This is from T. J. Maxx and I should put all of my makeup palette in here. My headband. I have some little straws right here, some beauty products. It's a little disorganized, not as aesthetically pleasing, but it's fine. And then I have my brush holder, couple sponges, and then I have my actual makeup thing. Hope. Let's shut this. I have my actual makeup thing, which, if you want an updated makeup collection, I will do that. But it's not that interesting. It's like it hasn't changed that much, you know. Then I have a picture of me and my mother, and then before we get into the closet, I have this thing right here. This is obviously like a wall hanging based thing. I got this at a thrift store for $5 and then the flowers are from Hobby Lobby. And then finally it Let's get into the closet so interesting. So I just have, like, a bag of random stuff right there and have my laundry hamper my slippers, which are not in place. And then I have my suitcase. And then there's, like a number lower back there, too. And the way I organized my closet was by clothing type and then by color. So I have, like, all of my jackets, color coordinated all my long sleeve short. Steve's tank tops, dresses, skirts, things like that. And then up here is where I keep my shoes, which I actually don't wear a lot of shoes. I you wear shoes with, like, multiple outfits, so, like it's not that big, and then I just have my robe hanging right here. I put like a little command hook thing right here is so cute, like a little diamond. So that is it for my bedroom tour I might do a full on apartment tour. Depends our living room and things like that are like in the process of getting cute, so we'll see. But I definitely want to keep making college related content. I'm not sure about beauty right now because I haven't, like, been in it for a while. Thank you guys. So much for watching. I will see you guys next time and not in Welcome back to my channel. As you can tell from the title of the video, I'm going to be sharing with you guys what you actually need to bring to college. And so just for reference, I go thio you, Pia. Why? I lived in Ball Hall my freshman year, and I was actually in a single dorm, so that means I didn't have a roommate. So basically, what I'm getting at is that everything that I'm gonna mention in this video might not necessarily apply to you, but it'll kind of help you give. Kind of like a guideline as to what? You kind of like a longish list. So hopefully this will be a short video because I'm tired of putting out 15 minute videos, and the first thing I have is a water filter. Now, I feel like this could be optional for you, I guess I don't think it's necessarily a necessity. But for me, personally, I had a, uh, coffee maker. So I would need water, like every single day if I wanted to have coffee. And then on top of that, I tried to drink a lot of water in college, so I don't I wasn't necessarily comfortable using the water fountains because you know how, like sometimes school, water fountains just tastes like iron. So I would fill up my water filter. It would, like, filter out some of that iron. Not completely, though. So I would use that for drinking water as well. So the next thing that I have are slippers or just shoes that you can easily slip on This is really gonna be beneficial to you, especially if you are going to be not commuting. Especially if you have. What is it called? Communal bathroom. So that means you don't have a bathroom. Actually, in your dorm, you have to look, go walk to a certain part of the building to use the bathroom. So I didn't really elaborate on this point, which I kind of got sidetracked. But my point was that you're gonna want something that you can slip on easily in case if you're gonna be going in and out of your dorm a lot. Like tease the bathroom to throw out trash, You know, things like that. So leaning on to that about the bathrooms and excitement you're gonna what are flip flops? I'm not talking about, You know, Q flip flops. I'm going to go hang out with friends. I'm talking the 89 cent walmart flip flops. That being said, if you have a communal bathroom in your dorm, please, please, please, please. Where? Flip flops. You would think that be common sense. Like wearing flip flops in the showers. But surprisingly, I saw quite a few people on my floor specifically Not where Flip flops in the shower. Like that's kind of gross. Like you don't know what kind of bacteria and, like, nasty stuff is in there. So please, just bring foot flops. Please, Please, please. Oh, my goodness. I can't describe hello. Discussing it is to not shower with shower shoes in a public bathroom. Basically. So the next thing that you're gonna want to bring is metal utensils. Obviously, you're probably not gonna be going to the dining hall all the time or if you are, and you're gonna bring it back to your dorm, you're gonna need something to eat it with. Next up, I have paper plates as well as a glass plate and same thing with bulls. The reason why I recommend bringing both types is because you're not always gonna want to get up and wash your bull or wash your plate. If you're eating in your dorm by having like a paper plate, you can just easily throw it away and his paper. So it's good for the environment. Okay, Not necessarily good, but it'll break down faster. The next thing I highly recommend bringing is cleaning supplies. Now. This means like Windex. Disinfecting wipes would also having here paper towels because your dorm will get Dusty Road or Mom will get crusty. Okay. Oh, I hate that word. Why did I just say that? From my experience, My dorm got really, like, dusty really fast. And I think it's because the building was sold like I would have to sweep, probably like almost every day, because the walls and the ceilings were kind of like cracking. So like the dust from like the dry wall would fall onto the floor. That also brings me into bringing kind of like a mini vacuum or some sort of device that you can easily vacuum with. I wouldn't say you need like a full on vacuum. I personally brought a many one. I don't know what it's called. If I can find it, I will throw it up on the screen. But it was super helpful because I cannot stand it when my dorm is so like dusty and nasty. The next thing that I would recommend bringing obviously is a mini fridge. That's kind of like common sense almost because almost everybody brings a fridge so that they can store like food that they want to eat in their dorm like being put in a bridge. You know, I highly recommend it bringing your own trashcan. So for ball Hall, we were given, like, these really, really tiny trash cans. And I'm like, Yo, that's not gonna hold all of my trash. And if I'm not mistaken, I don't think, uh, tower in North whole provide trash cans. I could be wrong on that. Another thing that I recommended bringing is an over the door hanger, and this is because you're gonna want hanging space for, like, your purse. If you have it. Your backpacks, sweatshirts, you know, things like that, things that can be hung. Obviously, you're gonna want to bring a laundry here burger because gonna be doing laundry, you know, um, I would highly recommend it getting one that's, like, easy to carry and one that's like can be really accessible. I know several people had, like, um the kind of, like, basket on wheels, and you just pull it behind you or something like that. Those air. I think those are a good option. I personally just used, like a cheap one from Walmart. I wasn't going to get super fancy with it. You're also gonna want to bring a shower, Caddy. That's kind of obvious. If you know, you're gonna be in a communal bathroom, you're gonna need something to, like, carry all of your toiletries and stuff like that. I really like the one from Target. It's like it's really flexible. It's kind of like a basket, I guess. Um, I would highly recommend those kind just because, you know, if you have, like, a hook in your shower or something, you can hang it on there because, like, you just have, like, one of those, like hard trays. Is it a tray? Like a heart caddy? You're gonna have to, like, step out of the shower and leg, you know, get your stuff. I don't know. That's just like a personal preference. And then obviously you're gonna want command strips to hang all of your pictures, your lights, things like that so that they don't damage the walls. That's also kind of just like, common sense. You're also probably gonna want some power strips as well as extension cords because just like sometimes the layout off the room isn't convenient for what you need. So, like, I wanted to put my bed by an outlet, but the outlet was kind of like far away for the length of cord that I had at the time. So I bought a power strip and an extension cord, especially, was like the power strip. I think you would. Definitely, because you're gonna be plugging in all sorts of things like lights, your fridge, phone, chargers, things like that. So here's a big one. You're gonna I only want to bring clothes for the season. Now, I know you've probably heard this like, a million times, and I've definitely heard it many times. But if you're somebody like me, you just have too many clothes for the season. So, like, that's kind of hard. So when it really comes down to it, when you're picking out clothes Onley, bringing the clothes that you were like almost on a daily basis. Like for me. I personally brought, like, a bunch of clothes that I didn't wear that often throughout the rest of the time. And it's mostly just because I'm wanted options. I wasn't realistically thinking. Okay, this is what I wear like constantly over and over again. So just be mindful of what clothes you actually wear versus what you just I want to bring next. You're definitely definitely gonna want to bring a mattress topper because most commonly, mattresses on college campuses are not that comfy whatsoever. But that being said, I know people that, like the mattresses, have the R, which I don't know how, because they're literally rock hard. So if you don't know what a mattress topper is, it's basically kind of like it's a sheet. But it has like padding, so it provides padding for the bed. So that is a little bit more comfy. I would highly recommend bringing an extra pair of sheets and pillowcases things like that just because when you are gonna be like washing door Vermijl betting, you're probably gonna want another pair just to put on your bed so that you can lay comfortably on it. Offending sense. And also you never know you could end up like staining it or something bad that it doesn't look good. So having an extra pair of sheets is really good idea what I would consider extra, depending on what kind of door may have. So the 1st 1 that I have is possible extra storage space. Now this really depends on, ah, your college campus. So the desk that I was given in my dorm, it was literally just a desk. There were no drawers. There was no like overhead thing. There's really there's basically no storage components to it. So in that case, I bought a kind of like, um, just like I don't know how to describe it. I bought, like this furniture piece that could go on top of my desk that would provide Maur space that I could put stuff like my makeup, some decor pieces, some textbooks, things like that. And then I also ended up buying a plastic drawer set from Target so that I could put, um, more like kind of like office type supplies in there, and another example of that would be so. Typically, you only get one dresser in the dorm. I don't know how it is other places, but you get one dresser at ball hall in your dorm, and I personally needed more drawer space, especially for my clothes. So again, I ended up buying a plastic door that could fit, actually fit in the closet that I already had. So the next thing that you could possibly ring is a fan. So if you're the type of person who cannot sleep with a fan at night, then this doesn't apply to you. But I personally have to have a fan, especially during my first semester, because I had a lot of loud people on my floor and the walls were pretty thins. You could hear every single noise. So a fan was definitely crucial for me. You know, I thought, coming like it. It's like that sounds counterintuitive. You know, you need noise to block out other noise. I just love that. Okay. Next, I have a coffee maker on the list. You definitely. If you don't drink coffee like obviously you don't need one. But if you are a heavy coffee drinker like I am. You are probably gonna want this because you will save so much money on coffee by just buying a coffee maker. So my brother in law, my sister, actually bought me one. It's not curing. It's, um, it's called. I think it's Hamilton Beach, and it's like, so a small and like compact for just what I need it because, like, it's like a single serve coffee maker. If that makes sense, it's nothing huge or fancy. It's very slim. I will throw it up on the screen just in case. If you're curious, Um, what kind of coffee maker used the next thing that I highly recommend bringing is a robe, and this is because from this is kind of like personal preference. But for me, I like to put on a robe before I go to the shower. Some make sense. I like to wear rope to the showers, and then I don't have to worry about drying off completely and then putting on clothes and plus robes air just like really comfy, A really comfy laundry, where why wouldn't you want a rope? Honestly? So that is the end of today's video. I hope you guys found this, like, kind of helpful. It was kind of all over the place just because I'm really jittery. But I hope you guys have fun, was kind of helpful and gave you kind of like an insight of what you might need to bring to college. And if there's anything else you want to know about college, Um, I'm thinking about doing a college experience. Not sure on that yet, because the topics I want to talk about our kind of sensitive to me. So I don't know. We'll see, but subscribed for more. I do college videos, makeup sometimes fashion sometimes whatever I want. But yeah, Thank you guys so much for watching. And I will see you guys next time. uh heh. Everyone, welcome back to my channel. I am really excited to be filming for a couple of reasons, one of them being I'm using my actual camera to film. I've actually had this camera for, like, three or four years. I just never really used it for filming because I didn't think it was that great. I feel like this camera is more for like, for top grade free rather than video. But I just recently picked it up and just kind of, like, started messing around with it, and I actually really like it, So I'm really excited to be filming with it. And then I also found a video editing program that I am learning, and it's fairly easy, kind of a little bit, but I'm just really excited to like film. And then the other reason being that I've gotten quite a few d. Evans from people that I know that I've been asking me, you know, like, How do you like Are you peel I What's the campus like? How are the classes and you know, just things like that. So I've actually wanted to do this video for a while now, and so I thought, Why not? Why not just do it? Now's a good time. So there are a couple things that I just kind of like. I want you to keep in mind. Like a little disclaimer, if you will. I'm gonna be talking about is strictly mostly my opinion. Um, I definitely wouldn't make your decision to come here. Not based on just my opinion. I definitely talk to other people. If you know somebody else that comes to a u P y. And I'm gonna try not to go super in depth about him. Few I Even though my outline that I have right in front of me is like four pages long. I'm just gonna mention the things that I think are important or just things that I I want to mention, I guess I don't know too. If you like this video and you want videos more like this, actually, Do you want to make more college videos? So then definitely. You let me know. Done in the comments and let's see. Oh, uh, don't mind the background. Um, it's not you I know, but the tripod that I actually have a camera on right now is like massive and it won't fit on my desk. So this is what we're dealing with right now. So enough of me rambling. Grab a snack, Grab a drink. Might be a lengthy video. Even though I'm trying not to make it a long video. Let's just get it. First thing that I'm gonna talk about is the actual campus. In my opinion, the campus is not that big, but it's also not that small. If I had to compare it, if you've ever been Thio Purdue University or are you East? I would say it is right in the middle of their personally, I think you people, why is a pretty good size because you don't have to walk like a really for distance to get your class. I mean, there are some classes that I have are kind of a long walk, but I don't really mind it personally. So I live in the second farthest dorm hall, and then I have a class that is right on the edge of campus, and it takes me about 15 minutes to get there tow walk there. If I feel like walking now, that being said, you don't have to go over to a class. I know some students I Bloomington have actually had to uber to their class because it's that big of a campus. But you don't really need to do that here. There are electric scooters all around the city as well as on campus that you can rent and actually like, use them to get to class. We also have shuttles on campus, so you can take one of those to get to your claws. Will the nearest spot to your class? I guess I don't know. And we also have a shuttle that runs from downtown indeed, to Ru Bloomington, which I don't know if you need to go boom and you can take that So you pee. Why is located like right downtown of Indianapolis? And that being said, it's like a 30 minute walk to get to downtown, which don't have it has a lot of stuff, obviously, like shop being eating, coffee shops, all that good stuff. And we have something here called Massachusetts Avenue, also known as mass of, and that little strip of road is mostly known for the really nice restaurants, and I know there's like a dog degree which I really want to go to with Caleb. And there's also a macaroon shop. Also, if you get tired of like eating the food on campus, you can take a 10 minute walk to Indiana Avenue and 11th Street and right there is a bunch of restaurants. There's like There's somebody. There's like Edoga Chipotle, a news and company. There's even some Indian restaurants, a sushi restaurant, pizza, Let's see. And we have something here called Lincoln Square Pancake House, which is a breakfast place, which is super amazing. 10 out of 10 recommend some other neat kind things about campus is that we have the use of water bottle filling stations. It's kind of hard to describe, but I'll throw up a picture in case I don't know, but I'll throw up a picture so you know what I'm talking about. It's basically water machine where you put your water bottle right underneath it, and the water automatically comes out and fills up your water bottle, which is actually like something that's really handy, because I don't really like tipping over my water bottle to fill up the water because, you know it can only go a certain way. We also just recently got a new recreation center, which I have been to multiple times, and it is actually pretty nice. If you live on campus, it is free for you to use. You just have to sign a waiver. But other than that, if you like, commute or just live off campus, it is $50 per semester, which is still really good, and you have that option to put it on your purse are or just pay up front. So moving on, I am going to talk about the pluses. So for me personally, there are typically 22. I want to see you 40 or 50 people in a room. Now. I'm not saying that like there's 50 people and every single one of my classes. It just kind of really depends like one of my classes is actually being taught for the first time, so there's only like 10 people in it. But then my lecture class has around 500 people in it, which you will most likely at some point in time. If you decided to come to I P Y, you will have at least one or two big lecture classes which, honestly, for me it sounded super intimidate, like Madonna's 500 people. But really, it's not that big of a deal in high school. People like would actually pay attention, like if you hear or not, and just, like, be more aware of like people in there but and lecture classes. Everyone's just kind of like doing their own thing. They don't really pay attention, toe, like who's in the room necessarily, if that makes any sense. So the majority of the professors and the T A s are super nice and super helpful. I've only had, like, one instant where I didn't really like my professor. But that's just personal reasons. I'm not gonna get into that. But they are really do care about how you're doing in their class and will do literally anything to help you pass the course. So, for example, in my biology lecture class last year, uh, my professor actually had two lectures back to back, and in between those two lectures she would actually like take the time Thio talkto us that who were concerned about their grade in the class or how they did on the test. And I think that's just super nice like they don't have to do that. But she did. I can't really say much about the difficulty of the courses, in my opinion, that totally, like depends on you. But for me, I have had an equal amount of fairly easy classes, moderately hard classes and the hard classes. And then, obviously there are online courses available to you, but it depends on the class. Not every course has an online version available. If it makes sense. Version Is that the right word? For example, I am taking statistics online, which I tena 10 do not recommend. It is the worst. If you are struggling in a particular class, you have literally thousands of resource is available to you. For example, we have several, um, help centers that you can go to, So one is the biology resource center. If you're struggling in biology, an enemy or I think physiology thinking can go there for physiology are not really sure. We also have a chemistry resource center, and we have something here called the Mac, which is the Mathematics Assistance center. I don't know, but basically it's for if you're in a meth cough and then Honestly, you can go to professor's office hours. You can email them. You can email that Yes, and you can also join clubs that are specific to, of course, kind of like we have Ah, biology club, Chemistry Club, a physics club and so on. It's over. So now I am going to talk about the environment like the overall atmosphere of all u P y. So it was in, I think a week of me being here. I definitely felt like I belonged here. I can't really explain why. It was just like that inner feeling and a sense of belonging is like something that I appeal. I really focuses on, and I feel like you do get a sense of belonging because there is a wide range of different people here. There's so much diversity, like it's kind of expected because like it's in a big city. But, you know, if you didn't know, I didn't go to a very small high school where the community was primarily white. So going from that to a school that is so diverse is honestly awesome for me because I personally like to get to know other people and, like I get to learn about their culture. And I don't know, just like the diversity here just makes me really happy. You do get a very nice view of downtown, especially at night. It's so beautiful and even the sun sets and the sun rises here are amazing. So something that was like drilled into my brain before I got here was that you have to be safe in Indy, which is 100% true. Like it's a big city. There are bad people in the world, so you just have many. Sure you're staying safe. But personally, when I am on campus, I feel like pretty safe, especially like walking at night on campus. I mean, it's a little sketchy, but for me, I don't feel like completely unsafe. And that's mostly because usually there are cops, like patrolling the area at night, and then I p I also has those emergency kind of tower. Things like you press a button and the police will come right to your location, and I appeal. I also offers safe lock, which is basically a free service where if you don't feel safe walking around campus or back to normal, whatever especially at night, the police will actually come get you and get you where you need to be. So the next thing I want to talk about is sports now, depending on who you are, this might be a maker break deal for you because we don't have a football team and we also have baseball team. So if you're someone that is big into college sports specifically football, I you I might not be the choice for you, I don't know, But I will say that basketball here and soccer, I believe, is super popular around here. I personally have not gone to one yet, but I heard that they're really fun. And don't put me on this. I don't know if it's 100% true. This is what I've heard. But if you go thio A are you Bloomington sporting event? Supposedly you get in free because you are technically a Bloomington student and produced it. I don't know if that's the same for Purdue University, but but we definitely do. You have a lot of clubs sports. I know we have tennis. I think Ping pong is actually one of them too. I don't know, uh, makable Yeah, I'm not really sure, Honestly, So moving on, I'm gonna talk about the food here. I wouldn't say that the food is horrible. I would just say it's very mediocre. So next I'm going thio talk about the food here on campus and off campus. So, like I said, there are several places in India that you can walk to you to get food if you're not feeling the food on campus. But on campus we have a little convenience store kind of thing called outtakes, and there are several spots located on campus. And it's not just one spot, and you can, like, grab a snack. And I think actually cell, like a couple like convenient stuff like batteries, claws, teeth brushed, things like that. So that's located all around campus. And we actually just recently got something called the Market, which is in the campus center. It's basically like a bigger version of out takes now in the campus center, which is basically like the main building. I would say we have restaurants like Chick fil A, Papa John's something called a Girl Nation, where is like you can get burger. We also have caribou, which, if you've never heard of that. It's basically like Starbucks, but personally, I think it's better and kind of cheaper, too. And then, obviously we have Starbucks and we also have. And Einstein at Biggles isn't restaurant. Is it a shop? I don't know, but that's looking on the farthest building on campus, which is kind of unfortunate. But so next we have the tower. Dining, which is the main dining hall on campus, is that's where you can use your meal swipes at, and it's located within the tower residence hall. The food is, honestly, it's not terrible, but it's also not great, either. If I hadn't put it, if I don't describe it, I would say it's pretty mediocre. I'm not even gonna light. When I first got here, the food was honestly not even that great, like I would never go to the dining hall. But recently they have honestly, really stepped up their game. So cheers to you on that. So in the tower dining, there are several stations. There's like, kind of like a buffet set up kind of thing. Breakfast is served all day there. There is also a place where you can get what the heck is it called stir fry? You can get stir fried in the tower. There is a salad bar. There is like a grill station, and there's also pizza served in there. We also have something called the Trend Chancellor's Restaurant, which I can't really say much about it because I've never been in there. But I'm guessing it's just like every other restaurant. And then we also have the den by Denny's, which is basically just a restaurant. But you can use a couple of meal swipes there. They serve breakfast food all day. They have lunch and dinner. I personally like the Chipotle, a chicken tacos and the Philly cheeseburger. It's so good. So I don't know about everybody else. But I personally have had the greatest experience with like the food worker is like, I don't want to see the rude because that's not true. It's more just sub. They're not very friendly, which I totally understand that because my first job was McDonald and I. Honestly, I hated that job every single day that worked there. I did not want to deal with customers and just people being rude to me, which I totally understand But, um, so moving on, I'm going to talk about I kind of like general dorm life, but more specifically a bull hall. So there are four main dorm holes on campus. There is a hall, which is why I'm in North Hall, the tower and Riverwalk apartments. So the tower was basically a hotel, so it is very hotel like, which, personally, is not something that I wanted. So I didn't choose that one in North. Always actually just recently built, I think, like five years ago, So it's very modernized. It's actually like really nice in there. The only problem for me is that it's it's expensive, and then Riverwalk apartments is just like it sounds. They are apartments. So if you have me on any social media whatsoever, you would know that, um, I'm not the biggest fan of Ball Hall. Okay, that's that's kind of a life. I really do like it here. Overall, it's just that my dorm life, my dorm experience could be a little bit better, but it's one of her. So here at ball hole, I live in a single, by the way, So here at Ball Hall, every single room is different, which is kind of good, but also kind of bad. It's good in a sense, that I don't know. Just like the fact that each room is different makes yours unique. So, for example, some dorms are perfectly square. Others have an alcove like ay dio, and then somehow wardrobe some have in wall closet. So you know where you know where I'm going. But it's also kind of bad in that it's hard to buy furniture like my mom and I didn't buy most of this stuff until we had actually, like, moved myself in. So as far as living in a single, which that means I don't have a roommate, I personally like it because for me, I like my personal time and I don't really have to deal with, um, not necessarily deal with, but I don't Okay, I don't have to deal with remain, but I do like my own personal space, especially if I am hanging out with people the whole day. I will usually just wanna come back to my dorm and just relax and enjoy my own time. But that being said, having a roommate is definitely not a bad thing. I know several people that have roommates and they actually like became best friends. So that is something you want you want to take into consideration. Okay, so or all I really do love you, P Y. I love little occasion and I love the diversity. It's just a really great school for me personally. And I also think that it's the perfect school to transition to if you're coming from a small high school like, I'd be wise big. But it's not like that big, like Purdue or are you? I feel like, personally, I'll get super overwhelmed if I went to that school. But again, it's perfect personal preference. So, like I said, if you have any more questions about U. P Y. Or just college in general, definitely shoot medium or comment The questions now low answering people's questions about college is actually something that I am applying to be so quickly. We have a thing here called Oh, Team, which is basically the organization that is responsible for helping freshman's transition into college, and I actually haven't any of you for oh team next month, which I am super excited for me. I'm applying to be a mentor. So I know I didn't talk a lot about the as far as, like, academics and like the different schools we have here, but I feel like that's for another video. But if you want, if you want to know more about that definitely again, comin down below. And so I hope you guys like this video. And if you did, definitely let me know a little. Like, you know, it's hard do the usual YouTube things. I don't know, but I am hungry. So I'm not going. I hope you guys enjoy your day and I will see you guys in my next