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Thinking about Central Michigan University and trying to determine if it’s the right fit for you? The college search process can be tough, but CampusReel is here to make it fun and engaging. If you’re thinking about visiting Central Michigan University in person, we strongly recommend you at least complete the virtual tour first. After watching the entire virtual tour, the next step would be to take an in-person campus tour to further vet Central Michigan University’s culture and community. Whether you are a prospective high school student considering the school or interested in transferring to Central Michigan University, these videos and reviews are designed to give you a complete understanding of the Central Michigan University experience. These Central Michigan University video reviews share the culture and daily life of students both on and off campus.

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Everyone. I just want to say for one last time Thank you somewhat for taking the journey with me of kind of getting to know its CMU. I hope I hope Teo kind of gets into the campus, gets another people through professors, rather students, different organizations on campus. I love this university, and I can't wait. It's can't believe it's already happening this semester. And I'm just trying to enjoy every minute, um, that this university has to offer before I graduate. So thank you so much for watching and fire up So like I said, it is homecoming week. It is Friday of homecoming week and you can hear the vans kind of in the distance. So I'm kind of walking on campus, and I want to show you a magic man, so yeah, statement. Good. All right, So I'm at the pie, a deejay of that which is for one of the radios. Terrible for both of the radio stations. And I am here with the person that's about to get fired. That's a part of our radio station. You want to say anything kind of about this event, like, what's it for? Well, is this pie a deejay? We do it every year, and it's just a good fundraiser for us. And we just suit to raise awareness about the radio stations, hand out some swag and make some money. So she we have any other, like, events going on during homecoming week? Yes, we're actually tailgating tomorrow morning, and all this weekend is, um, alumni re line. So we'll have CMU alums hosting the radio show today and tomorrow and then Western weekend. We're doing Beetle Broncos. We're gonna have a car, and you can come hit it with a slab by making a flyer for that. It's gonna be fun. So make sure to stop by. So are you ready to get by? I'm ready. Let's do it. Joe, I'm so sorry. Oh, my God. Teo Teo Better fire of chips to W th w one point one of you guys now. Yeah. Really good. Everyone's just getting fire have, chaps. Here we go. Power! Wait, wait! I have already. That was good Head way. Got my ninety one to come in one on one point one, the PR to college radio stations. You didn't run. You get involved with every line, which is so nice muscle, different committees. Would you have to say about the radio station? It's awesome. I'm a freshman and I'm so happy to be of all, What is your role there? I am the promotions director. So I organized these type of the beds Make sure everything runs smooth. How's your freshman year going? I haven't talked to a freshman. Yeah, kind of like for this log. So how How is everything going? I think it's going really well. It's nice because I'm a beast, er trying to be a major on I really wanted to go to sea me way, TA program. And it's a really awesome because I'm taking classes, unlike in high school that are like for my I'm interested in. So it's almost more fun than it is worth it. Yeah, I got your joint way chips. Hello, My name is Kylie Barber, and I'm currently a senior at Central Michigan University, and I'm so excited to kind of show you a vlog around Central. I've been here all four years, and I'm currently a broadcasting in cinematic arts major with a journalism and marketing minor. So I can't believe it's already, like six weeks into the semester. And I'm kind of excited to show you at least different spots on campus that are good to study different programs that we have. It's actually homecoming week, so I'm excited to kind of show you what tailgating is all about and kind of like the homecoming game on how Central's is about twenty six thousand students. But we're also a really close knit in tight communities. I want to show you more about, like, Greek life and the volunteer stuff that you Khun d'oh and study abroad. And I'm a little bit about my department of broadcasting and like residents like fitness. And so I've had a lot of experience here within my four years, and I'm excited to share that with you. So stay tunes and you're gonna be hearing from me all week about sons from Michigan University. Okay, So this is Val and my friend Rachel. So, Rachel, what's your favorite part about homecoming getting together with my friends and being able to eat some delicious food? Whoa. No, you don't even go here. So how is it visiting Central? I love it. I get to visit my best friend Rachel, and then I get to meet new awesome people in jail here. Well, yeah. Get going. So far. Kyle. We're approaching the game. Gonna show you guys kind of where everyone tailgates kind of different at Central Because everyone still gets in one lot and then all of alumni's isn't today so kind of tailgating spread out? But most of the students are in the back booth. So this is the lower everyone protein eternities, everyone. Rise. I'm currently in a football stadium for the homecoming football game, and I want to show you this stadium, show you this soon section and wave a great city much free to get in tall names on him. Piss like volleyball, games, football games, hockey games, basketball. Everything's free, so that's really nice, but I'm gonna show you kind of football stadium. No. We are in North Campus this large earlier and Robinson all freshmen dorms on DH, then. Also coming up here is trout. So all of these are, freshman warns. I'm actually on my way. Tio interview Stephanie, who's a study abroad she works with and study abroad. And she's telling me more about study abroad in the different opportunities that you have at Central and on my way, I kind of want to just talk about how it's so easy to involved. It's central. I think a lot of people would tell you that first. I'm schools, like especially getting involved. Like with your major, it can be really hard, like you can't get involved in any way as a freshman. So, like that's when I was touring different universities like different things with my major, different things you had to qualify for, like when you were a junior senior, and when I came to Central, it was a lot different because as soon as I came to Central, I got involved right away. So I'm a broadcasting major, and when I first got here, I anchored my freshman year and usually like freshmen, never getting anchor spot. So that was kind of like a big, like, life changing thing for me. So what? They're really good, Actually. Freshmen literally never get this anchor spot like you should be so proud, like this never happens. So after I kind of landed obsession, I was like, Wow, like, why don't I just try for anything else? Like I have nothing to lose. So then I started doing like, reporting my my sophomore year, um, I applied for a lot of different positions, and it kind of just gave me a new confidence of just because you should never let your freshman title define what you Khun d'Oh can. That was like, the biggest thing I've kind of learned, like through my four years, and I would encourage anyone that comes like I've kind of taken some freshman under my wing, but I know it went to my high school, and that's like, the biggest thing I've sat like. Do not let your freshman title discourage you from doing anything, because you can do anything that you want to dio and it doesn't matter what your age is. So go straight. What? So that's just one little tip of advice. I would say is one of my favorite things about central eyes that you can get involved right away. It doesn't matter what your major is. You can get involved with so many different things, so yeah. But I'm here. It was Stephanie Hodges, and she works within study abroad. And I kind of want to hear more about study abroad and kind of what you can do as a freshman and kind of overall, the student. So, Stephanie, can you kind of explained to us what so you brought is in kind of what you knew was a freshman? Yeah. So freshman year is a great time to start thinking about study abroad. The first time you can go. It's summer after your freshman year. If you're looking at doing the whole semester, it would be second semester of your sophomore year. But planning early is the key, okay? And then kind of what I know, like study abroad is expensive. And I think that's what turns away a lot of people s o kind of thing. You talk about at least some thanks. God can make the cost go down. Yeah, so the cost of study abroad is definitely a big misconception. It's a myth that we hear a lot of people think that they can't afford it, which is not always the case. We have a lot of low cost options, and we consider low cost to be are below the cost of attending CMU s O. For example, spending a semester in Thailand is actually about three thousand dollars cheaper than spending a semester at cmu s. So if you're looking at saving money, doing a whole semester's generally more cost effective, um, we also have a lot of scholarships that are available if you could only fit in somewhere something like that. Um, our office gives away a scholarship, and nearly seventy percent of people who apply for it received an award. Oh, and those awards ranged from five hundred dollars to twenty five hundred, depending on if it's a summer semester. And I know, like, what would you recommend for students? Kind of looking into study abroad or kind of like, hesitant or just advice for people that are looking to go into Yeah, I don't say it, just do it. I mean, I know there's some things that you think might get in the way like cost your time, which is its not you could still CEO. They don't have to be a barrier. So if you're worried about cost, lookinto are low cost options. If you're worried about time that you could go. You don't have to go for a whole semester. You could do one In short is one week over spring breaker over summer. If you have commitments that prevent you from doing the whole semester eso no matter what your major is, you know, no matter what you're studying, we can absolutely make it fit for you. We also have internships available so you can complete an internship of Radha's. Well, okay, Well, thank you so much. Stephanie. We're doing this. I know. Study broads like a huge part of Central. And like she said, there are cheaper options. So that is an awesome way to get involved in Central, So thank you so much. Okay. It is a beautiful day. Our on campus is like eighty degrees and it's October, which is like literally the forty degrees tomorrow and it's Michigan weather. So that's great. All right? Now I'm going to interview one of my professors that I have had multiple times kind of throughout the year, and your name is frustrates, have any weight? I've had it for, like, two different classes, and I kind of wonder to interview her so that she could give me kind of like her perspective on the broadcasting department. How it is a thruster here? Well, she recommends freshman students has started coming in comes just kind of some friendly advice coming from a professor of how you can stay on top of things your freshman year. This is also more hall, which is where the broadcasting apartment is the kind of journalism and communications. So this is where I spent a lot of my time sometime a broadcasting major. But also you have certain classes. Freshman. You're like math classes and different like university requirement classes that you will have here. So yeah, that's kind of more home. So I'm here with Hi, I'm Tiffany Michelle. Doyle, formerly Tiffany Michelle. Wait. So just in case this makes it's way around and people are searching, you'll see both references. Yeah, Andi, I'm a professor, technically election or two fixed term faculty member at CMU in broadcast and cinematic arts. Okay. And then can you find out explain. Like I don't know, like advice you would give to an incoming freshman. I don't have all day. No, I guess some of the first things is is for many students, there seems to be a barrier between, like, how to access a professor or or feel like you can talk to them. You talk to him like any other person, you know, start going and start asking questions. Introduce yourself. If you're part of a larger course, which a lot of freshmen courses tend to be the the larger one hundred two three hundred, and I feel like then you kind of feel like you're drowning or you're just part of this big group. That all right, you're not an individual, and that's really not true. Professors I know personally, and most of my colleagues that I've talked to are all about having students come and talk to us. And then kind of what would you say is unique about Central? Yeah, like I got one of the unique things about us is our campus set up. So it's a big campus, but it's not humongous. And then it spread out all over town, right? You're not going out. You don't have to go across town to get to this building to get to this class, and then you can walk all around campus and get two from one into the other in about twenty two thirty minutes. I mean, thirty minutes may seem like a while, but if you think about crossing certain roles that but essentially if you're in the center of campus, everything's within twenty minutes of you think it's such a a welcoming place where I think you can be from anywhere and from all kinds of different learning environments, cultures, things like that and come here and find a home. And I think that that's important when you utilize the resource is I was talking about before and go, Oh my gosh, people really want to connect with me. Then I think that that is a unique quality that I have felt here. That I haven't noticed necessarily. And other universities. Is there anything else you want to add about Central or anything else that you think would be important for people coming into the university or looking at a university that they haven't been here before? I wrap it up, I would the last thing for me and this is coming from someone that people will say she strict or she's, you know, I expect a lot. It's true because I know that the potential is there, and I see it in most students who are coming here. One thing is, though, don't give up. The problem is, when you start to specialize in things, you don't have a ton of experience and you're being trained and you're working toward that. But realistically, if you come out of it and you get a name and you don't remember anything, it doesn't help you than it is. That's not necessarily the experience that we're going for for youto have. So don't give up. Get that paper back and look at it and assess it and go to the professor or go to the lab in structure. Okay, so I actually just got out of my second class for the day, and I'm actually approaching the library right now, which I actually spent a lot of my time. And I study there, like all the time, because I like to get out of my apartment to study. And the library has four floors that has multiple computers. There's multiple study rooms. It's a great meeting spot for people to meet for, like, projects in my theater is like, really slow, like laptops and computers at the library. So hey, library is really pretty the glass for it all the way around. I'm coming in the doors right now, actually is a really big you. Get to class and there's also a lot of organizations pop up things like this. You see right here. Listen, actually, be excited. Twenty four hours study access. So it's really nice is that our library closes at midnight when the news comes twenty four hour study. You can stay all night if you have an all nighter that you need to write a paper, which is really okay. So I just walked out of the library, which, what? Ijust don't you was the first floor of the library, and that is the quietest score. So that's why I did not want to talk very much dancing in the library. But so you work your way up, so it's like the quietest floor is first floor, and then you work your way up to the fourth floor and its loudest side so you can kind of see in the background. That's the library. I don't really get you. Now. Where I'm approaching is the U. C. A. CZ We call It's kind of like the student center and their Starbucks in there. There's like a burrito bowl place. And so this is like, not awesome. Also another like great study place. So you kind of come here also meet up like your project's Great way to do. Studying. It's also kind of like, I don't know, it's just like a really good atmosphere. There's the down under, which is kind of like a food court. So you can use, like flux dollars, which were like campus money that you get when you live on campus for, like food and stuff. They can use a Starbucks. You can use a readable you can use kind of at any of the food places on campus. We don't live on campus. Then you obviously have to pay with your own money. Yes, I'm approaching. You see right now also, what's really important on the bottom. You see, like the bottom for you, of the down under food court. But you also have the volunteer centre. So volunteer Center has programs such as like Plunge Buddies. You can help out people in assisted living houses. You could get a lot of your bones here, always like when you're an honor student. So kind of. That's a great way to get volunteer. Always get involved. You can meet new people. Lunch buddies is a program that kind of you go into elementary schools and you're a pirate. Up with an elementary school soon and You're kind of like their mentor throughout the entire year s. I've done like a few, like broadcasting stories in that, and that's really cool. So if you take a look at that, this one. Look. You sound like some of the organizations that they're kind of promoting, like there's lunch buddies that applications are going on right now. So we're going for Sam. Trips, too, also is a very good short cut, Two different classes. And now I'm working where? So now I'm going Teo run. What is in the near distance? Um, let's see, that's that's Powers Hall. So it's kind of like we're more like history passes are. It also connects to a building called Well, residents Hall called Barnes, which is actually being worn down because it's the oldest residents hold on campus. And then to my right, you have Warner, which is actually like where the president is. I'm just kind of more like academic like offices. All right, so i'm with deanna and she works at the pod, which is kind of like a market on campus. We like different food needs and stuff. So i kind of want to ask her, what is the potter wise that useful? The students? The pot is basically like a seven eleven, so it's like a mini communion store with a subway included and in super comedian to students, because they can come down and get snacks and drinks and subway if the cafeteria doesn't have what they want. And like one of the hours of exciting, isn't it open later than the car? Yeah, it's open from monday through friday. It's open till two am its open till two a. M. On the weekends. It's from like, ten until two a. M. Okay. And then why do you kind of like working there? Like, i know, kind of. A lot of students worked there. So why do you like working there? We're going there because it's a chance for you to meet new people as well. A. See some familiar faces from when i used to live on campus, so it's super nice to see those people on like, get to reconnect. Yeah, is kind of better than an off campus job. Or like, what would you say are the perks are of this job? One of the major perks is that i get every other weekend off. Oh, so i don't have toe work. Every single weekend is where you have, like, an off campus. You work every single weekend, and i also have major breaks off. So i get to go home and see my family. Okay. All right. And then is there anything else you kind of want to add about the pot or different? Like, i don't know, different places that you can use your flak sellers on campus or anything that you would recommend, like towards student. I recommend saving your flex because a lot of students like tio money, like, i'm just going to spend it all. But you get flex every semester. So you've gotta kind of say about that flex and yeah, well, thank you so much for doing this interview. I just kinda want to interview us. I know he worked at the pod, so it's kind of like a nice communion place on campus, so thank I am here with Amanda Bell, and she is in the fashion merchandising department. And she is a part of this fashion show called Threads, which is huge on such a mission University's campus. So I kind of want to ask her more about that experience. We can kind of tell me like what threads is. Yeah, S O I have been involved in threads for the past three years. My first two years, I started off as a model, and then this past year, I was on the production team. So I helped plan the twentieth anniversary, and then I also modeled for that as well. So it's a really awesome organizations completely put on by students. We fundraise for it. And it's one of the largest events on Central's campus and how often people get involved. So if you are a fashion major at Central, then you're probably going to be involved either way, way having elective course, the production class, which is what I took. But you can also just volunteer for it. You can model for it. You really don't have to be in the class unless you want a planet. But it's not only for the fashion majors. So really anyone on campus can be involved? We work a lot with event management, logistics majors just because it's technically it's a huge event. So all right, working with everyone to play on that. So really, if you have any interest in event planning, then you could just reach out. And then what would you recommend? Kind of like for freshman getting involved? Because I know what at least like something at Central I've learned, just like you can get involved with almost anything as a freshman. So kind of what would be your advice for a freshman wanting to get involved? Yeah, so reach out here, advisors or your professor professors within the major because, really, threads is promoted everywhere on campus. It's a huge event, so chances are you're going to be able to reach out to somebody who's teaching. You are advising you and they're going to be able to point in the right direction. Also, just get involved in like clubs. We have fam D, which is a fashion organization. I mean, they help planet, they fundraise, they give you all the information for that, so and then it sort of feels you want ad about, like your central experience, that kind of stuff up to make about Central are better city. Yeah, I'm a senior, so I'm graduating and just about a month and a half. So I'm not gonna be in threats this year, Unfortunately, so I would say, just be involved with that. It's an amazing experience you literally could mark on six hundred of thousands of people. And it's just incredible something that you'll never be able to do any where else. So I would just say, just go for it. Even if it scares you, do it. So anything else you wanna add that it Okay. Okay, so these are Northwest apartments, and I know it's dark outside, but these air on campus apartments and so live here, like after freshman year. And I wanted to interview my friend Zach because he lives here, so see if he's a rare alloy. Yes. So this is Northwest department. Sex is you know us, but we don't know. I'm a senior here at Central Michigan University. Study abroad and yes, so coming. Okay, cool. Lt's our campus, as we said, So you can't Levin. He's still far away from your classes are from things that you need to do. I can't. So that's one of the big reasons why I wanted to live here. But as you see, slow down here you have a fridge. It comes furnished. So you get the couch, you get in the countries of close. Oh, so comes furnished. It comes furnishes it was This table shares all this stuff and, you know, we have had our little personal flavor. So I found a business right thing and I can change the car. So is something. And that is awesome. Never little games down, but, yeah, living here it's just really cool Study abroad. Also, you want only stay on campus for half a semester. Or like if you want to just be on campus for half a semester and leave to go to another house. Anything. These are great places as well, because they let you half semester staying and you can leave without any. That's perfect. What's going on? So these that you have what? Two bedroom in one bedroom apartments here. And I have a two bedroom. So I do have remained. That is This is my Ansel looking move. Okay. This is my room. It's not the cleanest. So I have a lot of posters that have my life like downstairs. But it's definitely a lot of space and that it comes with the bed. So we are also mom, you just have your own little stuff around. You just have a good time. So I really enjoy it. And then we do have the bathroom. So we share a bath. Me and my roommate, which is really it's schools convenient. Only living with one person is not terrible. You usually have to live with a lot more people, so it's pretty awesome. But, yeah. So I don't know if you want take a quick look going here. It's just a normal I wish our size. Yes. Good size, Uh, cool place. It's more quiet. Some of the other apartments you might find just because it still is so I feel like it's a very chilled out community that lives over here. And it's just a place I like. And this is actually my second year living here, so elected enough to come and come stay here again. So it's awesome place to come and check out if you are looking all right, Thank you so much that you know anything else about this Biffle apartment? No, just just amazing apartments. I love it. And I'll personally stayed here with you because I want to say you brought So it was worked within my schedule. One with my college career. It's coming back. I just place to try to. No, that's why I decided to come. And I love the location. A love how? Classes on time. Parking is amazing years. Yeah, it's just benefit. So, Richard, thank you so much. Hope you guys have a good night.