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I can't believe we're college. Few foot. We're just walking on our compass casually. It's the first day of college, only. Goodness. You know, official, college student. And I'm I'm so excited. Um, yeah, is just so under you. So it's seven o'clock, right? No there. Morning. The line outside, You know, because that's just kind of school I go to, You know what is clean? I'm probably getting a little bit too noisy, but I'm going to spread up better then on Garrity. I am for thought, a nice, clean the face. Oh, I know it's time to, you know, get that morning shower. Okay, But first class is at nine o'clock, so I mean, nobody decent amount of time to get because, you know, we're going to be early. That's how we start. Or college life and political veda talk to you later. You know, just came out of the bathroom clean and oppression now saying, Oh, so I don't want people to learn some makeup because, you know, we have to come out for the first day of class. This is how we roll. So my makeup on my hair is all done in time for the fish. Okay, the first day of school off it. Coming at you right now. So it isn't weird today. This nice sweater. Nice jeans way just now. It's a tiny fine on my way to get some breakfast head straight to my chemistry class. So I'm I'm going to get some breakfast. I think I went to Goto Marquis because I heard about someone we could Crips in the morning. I know we're trying to get that healthy breakfast. So you see, you guys are never there, so that's our logging, you know. Oh, my God. That's what occurrence for you. So I think I wasted this because, you know, that's all of the filling fruit check. Like 9 50 Now, you never had the class 8 50 you see? Yeah. So I just had my first class chemistry. One toe, one my professors. You seem pretty cool. You know, I'm really excited for it. The topics that she ran through, you know, ever. I'm for me, like some of them, most of them because, you know, Cape was not a waste of time. Guys couldn't believe what I forgot to this morning. I forgot to read my valuable like When I got that Bible notification, I ate thirst. It was just that. My gosh. So, you know, I read that I'm always to get breakfast. I know. After read my daily, at least two chapters could, you know, keep up with the word that's just way. So it's like, 11 o'clock. I need a watch. I need a watch. I went to get the watches. 11 o'clock. Onda shobha on Celeste just invited me to lunch while also going to say, Calvin, he's my friend. You know, he went to George's and our thing and have the link off those two Americans on when we meet him and firing on, I think he's goingto upward to have lunch so green we'll have lunch to people. That's that's all we do in college. Low people shell looking nice. Okay, Girlies. Okay. Danielle comes through with this is my friend Carline Delivery? Yes. Going to be on it? Yeah, of course. So she's from manner, you know, up north. So we do. She skis. Okay. Calvin, come through with a white polo polo shirt. Okay. Okay. Yeah, a nice first day of not sure that's right. No, I mean, really capture my way around the world way. Boom! Next one, We're having a food, Cameron. Arms and fish and chips. Caroline watching, eating. I'm having a case of the chicken cages video. It's alright. It's alright. Mediocre. Is that college time? What you have? I have an avocado guilty. No. What are you having? But this thing, this is a grilled chicken with Romain. Yeah, broccoli. Okay. You're having chicken tenders and fries. Thank you so much. Sorry. Oh, OK. Sorry. Yeah. You know, when you're that greedy in person, freshman, 15 on the way. I just finished my second class interests. Engineering. It was It was cool with it. So much work. Like the theory part of like my lob. It was fun. Last class I have is, um, calculus have calculus next. So after that night, like 2 45 I know it's one 50 life, so yeah, calculus, Eric. And I'm going to go back to my room and chill out and check these homeworks that I've been getting because they don't play like first name it. Remember when you still like Oh, my name is Shanti And my my summer was these people start with work already So I'm going to check up on that on, then. Yeah, calculus it to a 45 last class of the day. Yes, Over. Gonna sweat it. That's kind of cute. So 2 45 of seven minutes to reach Had a little poem. Nothin. House in another 50 minutes, I feel so arrested on Check my homework. Going to print them soon. Herrick. Um Cal Kwan OK. Oh, my goodness. First day off class in college is on the 1st 3 e. You only have one class. You know, Mama teachers so funny. Like a stick. And you don't seem funny. He's very cool. And I wanted it for acidity. I hear they're Zumba going on. Jesus. Remember, we're going to get that body, like, what's good for you to be ready, And I can't believe we're college. Few foot. We're just walking on our campus casually, you know? Okay, So this is Esther. Inner Angelique. That's right. Coming through. Certainly looks. So I'm at the library. I'm truck library because I'm trying get some work printed. Have it hard Coffee, as you just see, that was Estelle. You know, coming through with her nice clothes. She's a really you know, she's very helpful. That's what I'm doing right now. Okay, guys, that's my group. They're hard at work, Alexis Coast through. That's right. Because you have to make that coin. How was your first day, Danielle? The class had had inch of the international. Celeste, how was the president of this college? Pretty good. How many classes you had? Three bushel. That's a favorite. I think my appliance Itwas which one is the global justice? Show up. How was your first day of college? It was good so far. You know what classes you had I had Does one last. Yeah. And I'm going to have wow six and then six tonight. Yeah, you have on that class. Oh, my. I'm so jealous. You guys are done. Oh, my I didn't watch a movie. Okay, let's show you from him. That's right. Represent all Cuban from them, huh? Mom, this isn't okay, so we're on our way to the game. Carl and I were going to get that body. I mean, we're going to maintain it because they already have that body. Right? All right. So we're going to talk to an after work. Oh, you know, getting a rip. Excise it? Yes. So we just finished our work out. You're going to watch a volleyball game? Yeah, that work. It was very this'd. Okay, let's go waiting on our food. Anybody got a black bean burger? Case of Geo you wanted. I did hear about that vegan vegetarian press secretary in life. I love meat. Oh, what you get? You get you from here? All right, So what we're doing, right? No, no, no. You know, treat all of Monday and an aging fighter. I know him not Get routine on. Wait, wait, wait, wait. So there you have it. The first day of college is is over, You know, a lot more to go. And I'm really excited for you. For your first day. It was one. It was okay. You know, he was so many times with that suit cost so much after Mar. I want what? I mean, a one and 1/2 interest. Engineering is not that class every Tuesday, but we're just gonna take pictures tomorrow on them, and f y I s tomorrow. Richard. All right, so that's it for this block. I really hope you enjoyed it. Hey, guys, we're going on a sensation and welcome back to my channel in this video. Finally be doing my dorm room tour. So let's go way. First thing you see when you walk in his kitchen area with all our snacks for everything. Hydrate with water I loathe on then have cereal here. Plus this old meal protein bars, hot chocolate on. I want to be a company without our chicken is the best place. That right? There's a lot of me, but I can meet you. So on then. You have Blasco, you know, like season. So the advice. You know what I'm ready to put out in the kitchen? Getting in our basement so helps on corruption. And then, actually, I have a mirror right there. Day staying nice right here. Have first closet, which it's not really a lovely Yeah, This is actually a gift from on. You're watching this Twitter? No way. End of it over hair way have is that story. I think I have some things I just like. It should be fine, but when it was hot, it's not anymore. So yeah, that's it. So that plates parts, huh? I just that you don't need to see. Okay, then inside. How big con, actually, let's not. You know, Danielle's so on one milk. Indian food I ordered last night gonna match that up later on Dhe eggs thing over here. This is my bed. Yeah, that's my official vault. It's this'll post. There was actually I give from somebody. That's my dream board after in mind. You know what? You have to have some vision for your life. You have happy Maxie knowing I got up there. Business. You. I got this from my work. This is this is nice. Not very No two study area he picks up. So this is not a mirror conditional kind of cocky, Wallace. And, you know, you have to have a different college, a speaker, and this one much is where I have money to make a couple, you know, something it would not become representing Jamaica myself. Blesses This is my person can come inside. Um, yes, actually. So corny oil from my grandmother. I know before you have to keep it that way. During, uh, there's a small backpack. So you see this store here? This is Rocky. All my extra stationery pencil case. Hands like coins. Yeah. Come on. Tape. When you go over this, use those doors for life. My books charges, uh, this night, I think I'm gonna need here books again, Harry. Hygiene stuff, you know? And I always think this is where I put my clothes. So this is, you know, underwear. Everything there. This is, uh, my going out toes area cities, like you know where it's come from? No, on this. Where my work off those tights. Okay, over there. When I get in ready, I'll just take this basket out because it has everything from my Ed Lane potion face, everything boil everything. Clothes I was wearing, but they're not. There she comes, is where I have my actions. Just like hair bands. Cole, Joe, Is there time? Yeah, that's it. Yeah, that's that's my closet Is over here. Barely. Really have a positive what this is Thing is my sight. So put jeans. Because our mushrooms could not hold it in there. So my genes, my other bed clothes, but other specials against action cleaning supplies Clorox my medicine thing for when you get when I get sick, I haven't gotten to us again. that the Lord. Oh, man. That's basically all my shoes. My boots, belts. That's my closet for you. Oh, I have this order bought this rope because it much is my room. It's, like, really fuzzy closing on Or you know what? I love me like, you know, I just I just need to become the O. Okay, So that's it for this video. I really hope you enjoyed it. I just want to thank you so much for filming this video on my man. Like, coming. Subscribe. I talk to you later. were looted before Where that's just wear. No, I'm just like I can't believe I'm going to college. It seems like just yesterday I was going to Kent. It's on primary, and I'm going to love my quietly. Justus, It's so unreal. And I'm so thankful, you know, really thankful for the opportunity to go to school. I just met a person on establish myself on actualize my goals. Like I'm just ready. I was really ready. Hey, guys. So we're in Detroit, Detroit, Michigan. You know how we do in history? It's our connecting flight. So we're going to go from Detroit to Alan Tone here, haven't O. P So we walk into the light. Okay? Huh? Here comes your school. We're waiting on our luggage. No, this is the last, you know. No more planes for us. Yeah, I mean, my body with that tired of fine. That's it. Get let's love muscle. You did it. Okay, guys. So we're No, it, Alan Tone Pennsylvania. I'm just just enjoy it. You know, on this is just where you will be out for the next four years of about 18 minutes away. I can't. I've never seen the stain allowed to Mainz. I've only seen pictures and I get to see it in realize around us. Overjoyed We're here. And why Excited? Yes. Under tie. Excited. I just hungry. That was so fake. Oh, God. Guys. Yo! I walked in and there was this nice greeting. You're just like, oh, on people. Hopefully anyone just so fun, I should have recorded it. Well, you know, let's just hope it is. No, I'm goingto have lunch like this is when you compose what? Jesus? Because it's it's really It's I I'm just I'm so blessed in and I'm happy here, So I just got my room stuff. Enough saying on Calvin is telling me that I have the worst room ever. He's saying that we'll see you come like a sardine teens, But you know what it's like when I think of it as cozy. That's we're going to think of it that nice. I'm cold. It is out checking when I get to my door. My liquor shoes, bucks. Oh, started. Ian walks us copy and said, This is it gets hard. Represent the best haul ever yet. Okay, guys, this is my room. Very junk here. I know what you know, it's gonna be transformed very soon. Obviously, it's not very big Father. Right here. No life, no like that. That's it. So that's it for my room. Get working way, Theo. Okay, so I'm finally don't put in in other things that current health, You know, there's a lot more work needs to be done, but, you know, I'm giving a peek of the bed. That's that's all you're getting because a dorm tour is coming up soon, you know? Okay, so I'm going out with my family, Know, Grant, how do you know? But last time supper, you know, and I mean, this has been such a long, great day on. I'll talk to you a little. Are you feeling family? Tired? Tired? I know. I did so much work of the cleaning. I get, you know, attractive. Hey, guys. So I just reach home. I can be to say home. No, because this is actually no of my new home on dhe. Yeah, I'm really tired. You know, it's been a full day's packed with traveling, shopping, cleaning. Well, else meeting people, you know, laughing. I'm learning. Really. Andi, I'm just really glad I have the opportunity to attend such a lovely school on dhe. Um, is this room went to end the moving damn Malaga. As I said, a dorm room tour is coming to you very soon. And, um, yeah, see? That's it. I'm just so tired. If you can probably tell that, but yeah, talk to you later. Wait. Hey, guys, Welcome to my channel in this video. I'm going to life first college. We'll give These are my friends there anyway. States beautiful more. Oh, my goodness. A story's gone. Alex. You want to say something like, I feel that's Alex Rochelle, the humble person here. Oh, my goodness. Alexis is Yeah, this is my first game. I want to see how I go. Will probably lose. Well, we're going to remain positive because we can win because what? Okay, so it's six o'clock on. We're not even vary these people. What a long walk. Very close. But to say the least, I'm so excited, like, I guess. Excited, though. That was so fake. No support our guys out. That's right. Go. Laughter yet become Can you have? Russia will step forward in her fit. Okay, so we have a laugh. Riot crop top. Okay. With some nice excuse way some nice jeans and red converse, we have Daniel torching a classic look. 187 Lafayette College on. Then the best for last. Alex Ashley. Way E. Oh, my goodness. Here. I think I think I understand the game and expand it to me. You know the half yard line. Some Sonam went. I went to show my crew. Wait, wait. Way line and they pick the united way. I know you. Just a one time we were matching accidents on me on her instagram. Yeah, Within. Wait. Okay, Wait way. Oh, my goodness. I'm introducing the best. Well, married. I love best. Thanks, guys. Have some Some very sad news Were no trailing 2120. You know, there's still hope. It's the fourth quarter. I believe in my team because we're strong. That's just totally up for it. You know, we have to focus on do whatever you do. Yes. Wait the last time, Theo. Way last time. Way. Need this one or else we're going to Come on, please. What are they doing? Time. Okay. Oh, my goodness. Oh, my goodness. He's way, way, way lost. What's going on? Um, we had the ball down at the end zone, but But we screwed up. Oh, my goodness. We didn't make it way. Can't do it right. Way, way! Kick! Run, boy. Run! No, no, no! Okay, Mama. Over there. Final score. 20 mama or Oh, my goodness. They could have one. Yes, it's so sad and so close. So close with my name Doesn't miss himto end way. Get them next time. Yeah, even I'm disappointed. Caroline has decided to help me close all this. You know, we gotta really could've won. Yeah, gonna stay positive. And next time next time we'll get them. So this is the end of my first college football game on. I mean, Lauren. Lauren, are you like this? Appointed, like on the scale of 1 to 10. I know. I'm so you know what? This is almost halfway, like, what about these seniors who never gonna play football again in their lives? Don't you want it? Don't want it.