College of the Holy Cross

2020 Holy Cross Dorm Tours and Info

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What percent of freshman live on campus?

According to our research, 99.0% of freshman live on campus at Holy Cross?

What type of housing does Holy Cross provide?

The below table outlines the different housing options available at Holy Cross, and how what percent of students are estimated to live in each type of housing.

Available Percent living in Accomodation
Co-ed Dorms true 100.0
Women's Dorms true -
Men's Dorms true -
Sorority Housing true -
Fraternity Housing true -
Single-student Apartaments true -
Married Student Apartaments true -
Special Houses for Disable Students true -
Special Houses for International Students true -
Cooperative Houses true -
Other Housing Type true -

What are the dorms like at College of the Holy Cross?

You’ll have to watch the CampusReel videos to see for sure. However, College of the Holy Cross dorms are similar to most college housing options. Most on-campus residence halls include singles, double, and suites. Floor plans vary from residence hall to residence hall. CampusReel hosts dorm tours of College of the Holy Cross, and every one is different. As you’ll see, every dorm room is decorated in a unique and fun way - students are creative with their setups to make College of the Holy Cross feel like home!

What are the dimensions of College of the Holy Cross dorm rooms?

The College of the Holy Cross dorms dimension depend on the residence hall. This information is usually contained in one of the dorm room tours of College of the Holy Cross on CampusReel. Supposedly the average dorm room size in the U.S. is around 130 square feet, and College of the Holy Cross likely has dorms bigger and smaller than this.

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So right now I want to talk about dorms. The housing situation. So you just saw my dorm? I live in Handsome In it is a first year student dorm. Eso only freshman live here. It's a coed. Each floor is different, You know, boys, girls, boys, girls. Handsome man is a first year dorm. You really pick that when you come into college. You will do will remain survey on. Then you will get us high to dorm. Right? Random. You can't pick your dorm. Freshman year sophomore year allows you Go on. You get to pick your dorms. And I saw a dick pic time A pick time. And once you're done comes you pick your dorm and your room. I like coming into freshman year. Your roommates are completely random that you cannot choose a roommate. And if you can, you could use a roommate. But there's a big exception. It's only triples. Uh, so you could only do it if you have a triple That's not even guaranteed. I requested a trip body and get it, which is good because I love my remains in. You never get along fine. The roommates there, but I'm going to ask you questions like, oh, like you kind of messy. We're going to go to bed. You smoke cigarette stuff like that to listen to music like it. Stuff like that. Very basic. Takes the two seconds that I absolutely filled it out on my way to work one day at a stoplight. So I'm not encouraging texting and driving, but it was a long stoplight, so it's fine. But, uh, so, uh, that's basically it. It takes two seconds, fill it out, and then you get someone. And I've heard mostly good experiences, always there, Exceptions. I have some people who are not fans of the roommate, but that's okay. Because you could always transfer force comes to worse is a little awkward, but you know, our ways are there to help you. Yeah. So, yeah. So let's go on to raise so Ira's there's there are on every floor. I love my heart. He's actually in my group chat because we're like buds. Uh, he's a great guy. That's usually the same gender is you. So if you're a boy, you're getting boy are ever going to get a girl, right, Andi? Yeah. So basically there to help you there. Hold hall meetings. They hold workshops. Um, literally cannot, Commodore. And just say hi. Like they're really nice people. They don't want to get you in trouble. I'm gonna be honest. I don't want to get your trouble. Someone raise more straight than others that usually there's going to know if you which allowed the rain reason, often yours. If you chew loud, they're not going to come in randomly inspect you for no reason. There are health and safety checks, but they usually tell you when they are, they will tell you that the week of so it's not like super crazy. And also, they can't go through your stuff. It's only like an eye sight inspection. So I can't go through your stuff. But yeah. So that's, uh that's basically that our is a great and then moving on tio housing process. Uh, I'm going to say this right now. Uh, freshman Army can't control sophomore year. You do not want Wheeler Hall. Wheeler holds our freshman dorm. That got a that turned into a sophomore dorm in The dorms are smaller than most first year dorms, so don't take Wheeler the rest. You should be fine. Just avoid Wheeler if you can, but yeah, so that's basically housing. All the dorms are fine. They're very similar. Obviously, as you move up, you could go off campus. But we do get into you for years housing here. So there's really no reason Go off campus and the senior dorms are gorgeous, so there's no reason for you. Go on campus without people do and understand what they do. It's more fun, but, yes, that's basically the housing