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Thinking about The College of Wooster and trying to determine if it’s the right fit for you? The college search process can be tough, but CampusReel is here to make it fun and engaging. If you’re thinking about visiting The College of Wooster in person, we strongly recommend you at least complete the virtual tour first. After watching the entire virtual tour, the next step would be to take an in-person campus tour to further vet The College of Wooster’s culture and community. Whether you are a prospective high school student considering the school or interested in transferring to The College of Wooster, these videos and reviews are designed to give you a complete understanding of the The College of Wooster experience. These The College of Wooster video reviews share the culture and daily life of students both on and off campus.

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So this is another kind of humanity style class from here. Other classrooms in the roof is for science and life sciences classes. This is where you have a political science class or a language class, but also kind of functions as a computer lab. So you'll see that it's set up for Socratic Sal. Discussion with their computers were on the outside, so you need to use different programs, do different work on those one thing I want to mention with class here. They're definitely very small, and so that really kind of facility. It's a really great relationship with Professor. I know that. That's something you get a lot of small schools and kind of blur together. I think it is definitely unique here. Personally, I've been the public's of my professors Houses have dogs at my Professor's before, according to marmalade. Super cute. But it is kind of a really great bond that you gotta have friends to go get coffee with their professors regularly. I'm not trying to suck up or anything. Just going do it. And they also all have office hours if their doors were open, which they usually are totally free to come. Walk by, stopped and talked about schoolwork, talking about personal life. So it is a really great kind of unique Bonham relationship that you build with that that I think is very special about the college poster. Hey, we're here with a student at the College of Wooster. So, uh, what's your name? Hi. I'm Elissa Torrent. What's What? You're you. I'm a junior. Cool. And so what? What made you choose Wooster? I love the feel I had on campus. Everyone self felt so friendly, and I really felt like I was wanted and included here. Nice. And so do you think that had anything to do with, like, the student body? Like, are there any words used to describe them? Most definitely. They are so outgoing and so friendly, so willing to help, even if you're a complete stranger. Um, So what about pros and cons? Like, are there anything that anything that stuck out to you or anything that you might want to improve or change? I love the curriculum at Worcester. I love how you have the ability to take classes outside of your major, even in your extra time there. Extracurriculars that allow you to do that. There could change one thing. I would have a few more vegan options. Nice vegan options are a good thing to have. Um, and so what makes? I know colleges can kind of blur together when you're looking at him. But so what? What do you think makes Wooster different than all the others? It was definitely the feel on campus. It's so small, but at the same time, it feels like this large college with large opportunities on again. Just the feeling of people hear how they're nice. And then, lastly, do you have any advice to like your senior yourself When you're looking at colleges or anything like that? Do as many overnight says you can they really help you decide which college is right for you? So right now, we're in the basement of alcohol, basement looking beacon that there's a coffee shop down here. It's called Old Cafe. So originally, alcohol was the only actor that building on campus, and it was called Old Main. But when it burnt down rebuild, we kind of created this coffee shop in the basement on kind of memory of that. Down here you can pay with your meal plan. Your meal plan is a task your student ID on your student. I d. Will look something like this with your own photo on it on there to really part of the meal plan. The first are kind of traditional meal swims, so you can sweep then either or two dining hall stay as long as you want it as much as you want. Leave whatever you want on the second component or flex dollars. And so flexors function kind of like cash, and they get reloaded onto the card at the beginning of the semester. And if you find out that you're using real swipes more flex dollars, you could kind of adjust those balances down here. It'll be in cafe. That's one of my favorite spots to go on. You can only use flex dollars, but they are interchangeable a lot of other places on campus, so let's go in head this way. So is primarily a coffee spot. They do a lot of different kinds of coffee on tees down here, but you can also get, you know, sandwiches, salads, different snacks. For you. It's a little, too, which means that it's right in between the professor side of students sides makes a great place to find that. Here serves me with other students, hang out, get work done whatever you need. So at the College of Wooster, we're the Fighting Scott. That's our mascot. And so that means that there's a lot of different Scottish tradition around, and one of those traditions that we have bagpipes here is a part of our marching band. We actually also do offer bagpipe scholarship. So if you know how to play, apply for those, huh? But so that also means that our marching band dresses exactly like our mascot, which means killed stockings, Cape hat, all of that and everything, basically, except the sword and shield. So when we have game days here for football, games are marching, Band actually starts exactly where I'm standing right now on the bagpipes play Scotland the brave um and the team. They kind of lead the team out down to our stadium down this way. Uh, so this is our football stadium. It's also where lacrosse and field hockey player the College of Wooster is Division three school. So we definitely don't have the same kind of level emphasis on athletics that you'd find it a state school or a larger university. But that being said, we do still have a lot of school spirit and pride. So all of our athletic events are free pursuits to go to. There's usually a pretty good turnout. Members of the town also like to come to a lot of them football games in particular. There's usually that kind of it's not again not as huge as it would be a large school. Uh, kind of kind of tell me to. So it is a really good time. Now on the residential quad on the residential quad is surrounded by all of our residence halls on campus. All the residents holds on this side that's around the quad, with the exception of one are all upperclassmen rested tolls on first, your instance holes are kind of group together across the street to kind of form that community. Um, it's definitely cold and snowy right now, so there aren't a lot of people out. You could see the people walking across that their footprints, but when it is nice out, it's very common to find students out here on blankets. A lot of people set up hammocks around the perimeter to kind of just hang out. Our WiFi covers the entire campus. You can come out here and do a lot of work. It also gets used for clubbed internal sports. So soccer, flag football, Quidditch, rugby, ultimate Frisbee is out here all the time, playing music and throwing Frisbees around on in the spring and the summer when we bring musicals to campus. We also do set up a stage over here, and it becomes kind of like a festival vibe on campus. We have party on the green out here. Um, so don't be fooled by how kind of white and empty it is right now. It is kind of a great communal space that a lot of people use when it's nice outside. So right now, I'm in downtown Worcester. Blisters kind of split up into three sections. So you have the downtown section, which is where we are right now. Downtown is filled with a lot of local eateries, um, and some, some record stores, things like that. Then you have the middle of Lister's middle of Buster is our campus on that main Street. Belle Avenue goes straight through our campus and next downtown with fruits of the third part of Mr which is uptown. Mr Uptown Wooster has a lot more of the light like that support Lay the Wal Mart. The name brand bigger kind of stuff. I'm also the movie theater. You're allowed to have a car on campus all four years, so that is an option. But there's also a free transit that takes you around wherever you need to go. And downtown, where we are right now is walking distance, so everything's very accessible So you can see here. Downtown Worcester is kind of the older part of town. A little more historic. So there are a couple different things that you could do down here. There's a record store down there, also a really good BBQ joint. We also have a couple different. I'm coffee shop. So we have to loop in, Which is a Hungarian coffee place we have gathering grounds was just a little bigger. Uh, and we also have Sure, house insure House also does really good pretzels, Kristiansson, pretzels mix. Um, definitely recommend trying all those out way Also have Rubbermaid factory or, like headquarters downtown. So that's down here. Uh, and then, you know, excuse that. Excuse that Construction going on this really loud obnoxious, but I can't do anything about it. On then. We also have, you know, some chocolate stops and local eateries, some upscale places and also some fast food. So, you know, Jimmy, Jon subway, but also obviously, uh, broken rocks. City Square, steak house. There's some kind of nicer options, too. Right now, it's set up for winter for Christmas festivities. We just had a Christmas thing down here. They're also actually a lot of different kinds of like events that go on throughout the year down here. So protest rallies, Wooster Street, Faster. There's live music and thanks to eat. So, um, it's kind of a great communal spot to So I'm actually in my dorm room right now. I live in a double with my roommate, Ian, create guy, so I'll flip the camera and show you around a little. So here you can kind of get a sense of what the average dorm room here at the College of Wooster looks like. Most dorm rooms air about this size. Some are a little bigger. Some are a little smaller, but most are about the size. All of this wood furniture that you see comes included in the room. So you'll notice that you Khun loft the beds. My roommate has his high enough to have his desk under. Um, mine's a little lower, but still enough room for storage. So I keep my fridge and my dresser under there, so all the rooms come with a dresser. They also come with a desk and a chair. They also come with a little bookcase that you can use as well with drawers and things like that. Every room on campus also does come with closet space. Some are built into the wall like these, and some have their own kind of wardrobe. So in terms of Ah, dormer of essentials are things that you should bring. I don't really think that there's anything that's a necessity. It is good to bring laundry detergent. Laundry facilities are free here, so detergents really the only thing you do need to worry about their laundry facilities in every residence on campus, too. There's also a kitchen and every residence hall on campus, so you don't really need to worry about bringing your own mini fridge or microwave or anything like that. If you want to have your own space, you can. I do have my own mini fridge and like having a place to store my things. That's a little more private. We do have a microwave in her room as well. I mostly use it for popcorn, but that's kind of up to you. You by no means have to have a TV. I do have a TV. It's a little warm. Get it gets cold here. It's nice to be warm inside and cozy, watching Netflix or whatever you want to do with it. If you game and have a gaming console, you can use it for that. But we also do have TVs in all of our lounges in the residence halls on. So there's a lounge on the TV and every residents. All they is pretty use. You can definitely do that as well. Uh, laundry detergent laundry hamper says something to put your laundry in and then anything, any kind of storage space that you might want. So I have a little little Ottoman storage box type thing in my room that I like to keep stuff in. Um, so if you have AH box or a band or something you can use as extra storage, that is a great thing to bring. But laundry detergent would be the main thing. Storage, space, fridge, microwave TV. Those are all secondary. So I hope you guys have enjoyed the tour. A taste What I've been able to show you throughout this miniseries. Um I'm going to say good bye now. I'm gonna turn it over. I hope you continue. College search. I hope everything goes well for you in the future. Um, I'm gonna leave you with one final piece of advice, and that's this. I think that a lot of people decide where they want to go to school based on the academic programs that they offer. What they think they want a major in my advice would be not to do that. Uh, nobody really knows what they want to major in or what they want to do. You'd be shocked at how many people come in thinking that they're straight science or straight Polly, sire, straight communications and end up changing your major taking classes outside their major. So I wouldn't play in your entire schedule around some idea of what you want to do with your life. Because that could change on instead. And I know you may not be able to visit every campus to do overnights to kind of get a feel for everything but I would look at extracurriculars, the kind of students that they're accepting and kind of just get the campus vibe. And I think campus riel is a great way to do. Come on. So that's my advice. Don't don't try to plan your life out too far in advance, but make sure that you're going to a place where you feel like you fit in and not just because they have a certain program that they want that you want. With that I hope that you enjoyed the Siri's again, and I hope that your college search goes well in So right now we're in Lowry. Lowry is our biggest main dining hall on campus. It's got tons of different options. Vegetarian vegan soup, salad sandwiches, grilled burger on. Everyone comes in here pretty much at least once a day, so I'll take you around right now. So we're going to start over here in the deli section. As you can see, they're bunch of different sandwiches, bagels, baked goods, things that you can eat over here. Um, there's also kind of the Delhi type food. So you've got I'm tuna salad, chicken salad meets lettuce, cheese. All that everything you need to make a sandwich. There's a panini press back there. There's also a toaster ovens. You can toast everything. We have a basic sections of basics. Changes every day. Depends on kind of what you're looking for. Right now. It's chicken nuggets. But that varies day today moving down. We also have vegetarian sections to meet those. Hey, Henry. Henry's here. We also have soups so you can check out the soups. There's also changed a Today we have the grill. So chicken sandwiches, burgers? Uh, anything like that. You want also fry's bacon. We have a pasta station. So you're welcome to eat there. We have a pizzeria. So calzones pizza. You could also get personal pizzas. And then we have a new international station, desert station on then kind of a salad bar. Right here. There's also cereal on kind of a back wall on, obviously drinks really good talking like amazing talking So this is what a typical classroom looks like at the College of Wooster. All the classes here, a very discussion based. There aren't a lot of lecture class like type classes. We also cap our class size at forty students, so we don't really have any large lecture halls or anything like that. The average process here is eighteen to twenty five, and that kind of progresses and get smaller as you progress to your time here on our faculty student ratio is eleven to one, which means it's very intimate. Professors will definitely know where you are in classes. It's kind of hard. Attendance is a lot. A lot of tenants does count as a great participation. Great, so you can't really skip. I'm still kind of succeed in that class, so it is kind of like high school in that way. It's not like you find it a larger university, but it works. It's good for accountability. So this is a typical kind of science style classroom. You'll notice that the deaths are not attached to the floor. That's because it's very common in classes like these professors to move them around and kind of reorganize them for Socratic style. Discussions are based work, things like that. All of our classrooms here also do have the basic necessities to teach a class. So they have projectors, whiteboards, speaker systems, all of that. This is a really new room. We actually just found out that it has differs in it, which is also kind of cool thing. I don't know what you need those divers for, but