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So. That's another part of you age, and this is a little bit. I'm related, but that's the medical building behind me. And although this has nothing to do with what actually goes on in the medical building, it looks super cool like that. It's just a big, old reflective wall, like that's cool. I don't know. It's a little bit of unrelated, really the fact there. But if you like ham, a king, if you like sitting around in a hammock on a lazy day and doing nothing, then well, windshields U. H. Is very windy is there's a lot of about a wind going on, but there are tons of trees everywhere, So as you go through campus, you'll just see people just with hammocks strung between trees, just hanging out just, you know, studying on their laptops, just, you know, doing doing college things. And also, u H has got it way. Have multiple soccer fields. This is one of them. Right over there, you'll see people at the plant soccer, rugby, football occasionally. And although we don't have a football team, there are people on campus to play football. So you like football, There's that there's that and also over there. We've got a tennis court. So we like tennis, you know, there's that and then we also have another another. Another another gym. I believe All I know is they hold music, concerts and a designer came here once and played. That was pretty cool. I've never seen that guy in real life before, so it was cool to see him cool to see my rail. And he he talks very funnily. But it was It was a cool concert. They get you H gets all sorts of music artists to come out and play here all the time, so there's always like I said something fun to do on I saw him in the science building right now. This is where I take my math classes. It's really pretty trying to be too loud because there's people doing work in the hobby, usually right. If you look behind me, you'll see that there's one of the club's going on. It's Martial Arts club. They're always in here a couple times a week, right? The math classes here are pretty tough. You age has a very, very rigorous workload. Is that the right way to put it? The classes here are difficult. They throw a lot of working you very quickly. Um, your if you if you come here, you're gonna you're gonna learn you're going to get a very good education, but you're going to You're not gonna have a lot of free time. You're going to be pretty busy with classes, especially if you do engineering or computer science or one of the stem. One of the stem classes. It's it's quite a mouthful, but it's it's it's thorough and it's it's it's enjoyable. You feel like you're doing something purposeful and I'll tell you I'll tell you guys what it is. It is amazing, like opportunity wise. Like as a freshman, I've already networked with a lot of people. I know one freshman that already got a an internship at a rocket silo, which I went in on that I got it. I did get a pretty good job, but nothing nothing on that level. But the campus is, you can see is beautiful. I'm right next to what's called the green wind, which is where they hold like ceremonies and stuff the parking garage right over there. Then over there, I'll show you guys later we got a chick fil A and a Papa John's in a boars head, and then if you look behind me over there, it's just like a zoom One thing that's really cool of campuses were built right next, becoming research park, which is a very, very, very big stem. In research part. I don't know how big it is compared to the other parts of the nation, but it's big. There's a lot of stuff out there, so there's a lot of really good job opportunities for graduates of you age. They have a really, really high kliment rate on graduation, which is one reason why I came here. I want to get a job and I want to make my money back that I'm investing. You know, coming here, college is expensive and I just don't know. I don't have money either, you know, throw So this is the student services building Up close. Very big. Got that? Good old modern architecture's set it going for it. It's got some art out front for you. Our people. I'll show you guys inside quick. This is what? Like when you walk in, you keep my voice down. Very, very quiet. Master desk. Here. It's over. Welcome center. Cops. All sorts. The registration office and the purser's office. There's not a lot one stuff to do here, but if you down to someone bless you abs our stuff that you need done on time. Is to come. They have an office for here. The spring is just starting to come around and the temperature started to rise and, you know, I got I got only pleasant things to say about the weather here. We get a good variety of seasons, and that's I mean I'm all for good weather because I spent most of my time going to him from class because the campus is pretty large. So I got a bike everywhere. Some people walk, but as you can see, bikes are a thing and they actually have bike rentals. Even if you don't bring it and you come to school here, you'll still have the option to, you know, get a bike, get around pretty easily. You've got two of the news dorm halls, Charger Village and won their building down there. Charge your village too. The exterior is almost finished, but the interior is not done yet. So we're on the third floor of pickles and have to walk around people up here. I'm going to try and show you my labs. Hopefully, there are people in it because I don't want a class. Okay, so there's no classical of this is what the average computer. And yeah, that's about it. All the computers on pretty much run whatever you need to. I don't know what the rules are for installing software with the I t department. Generally, has he covered? If you need to run something, probably I'll take care of it up there. So we are right smack dab in the middle of campus right now. Uh, right between services building and charge. Your village, too. And one large ability to isn't done being built yet. It's the newest dorm. It'll be done sometime in the summer. I believe there were already done with the exterior of it. And where I'm standing right now is where they hold, like all the really big official ceremonies on campus like commencement. And I think graduation. I haven't seen the graduation ceremony yet, but I would assume it'd be somewhere like this because this is this is a perfect spot. They have stuff on the grass over there on time, but events over there because it's it's right in the middle of campus. Everyone walks through. You're going to either buildings way on the other side of campus over there that I showed you guys or back towards my dorm and, uh, charge a union that way. So, like I said, right in