University of Louisiana at Lafayette

2020 UL Lafayette Dorm Tours and Info

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What percent of freshman live on campus?

According to our research, 36.0% of freshman live on campus at UL Lafayette?

What type of housing does UL Lafayette provide?

The below table outlines the different housing options available at UL Lafayette, and how what percent of students are estimated to live in each type of housing.

Available Percent living in Accomodation
Co-ed Dorms true -
Women's Dorms true -
Men's Dorms true -
Sorority Housing true -
Fraternity Housing true -
Single-student Apartaments true -
Married Student Apartaments true -
Special Houses for Disable Students true -
Special Houses for International Students true -
Cooperative Houses true -
Other Housing Type true -

What are the dorms like at University of Louisiana at Lafayette?

You’ll have to watch the CampusReel videos to see for sure. However, University of Louisiana at Lafayette dorms are similar to most college housing options. Most on-campus residence halls include singles, double, and suites. Floor plans vary from residence hall to residence hall. CampusReel hosts dorm tours of University of Louisiana at Lafayette, and every one is different. As you’ll see, every dorm room is decorated in a unique and fun way - students are creative with their setups to make University of Louisiana at Lafayette feel like home!

What are the dimensions of University of Louisiana at Lafayette dorm rooms?

The University of Louisiana at Lafayette dorms dimension depend on the residence hall. This information is usually contained in one of the dorm room tours of University of Louisiana at Lafayette on CampusReel. Supposedly the average dorm room size in the U.S. is around 130 square feet, and University of Louisiana at Lafayette likely has dorms bigger and smaller than this.

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Welcome back to my channel. If you hear my name is Ray Washington and not make weekly videos in today, I'm moving into college all my while. That's why I look so crazy to be up at 6 a.m. It's 10 20 so on far behind. And I just woke up anyways, but I'm glad that most of my stuff is out with My stuff is packed. I bit my tongue was My stuff is packed. Um and that's it. I think I'm just gonna put a little bit of more stuff in the truck and then go off to college, so Yeah. Okay, so I'm all packed. So this is the back of my dad's truck, and there's my car there. Look, it's more stuff in here. It's not that much. What does it look like that much? Yeah. Now my car is filled to the max like I can't fit in. I think I'm gonna put one more bag I got from North Stream cause I got, like, a whole bunch of stuff. I think I put it right there, and that's like, full of suitcases and bags that I'm not gonna keep down there with me. I'm gonna bring the suitcases back when my dad gets And in my trunk, I mean, my back seat. Wow. Look at that big mirror. I'm very depressed. Help it as a mess in my car. But everything's, like, build up to the max and so excited. So I just got this package in the mail. The Adidas joggers. But the thing is, I ordered five pairs of different colors. Why did they send one pair of the same color that I already have? But you guys were about to get on the road. But first, actually. Wait. Hold on. Much order. Start. Hey, can I get a venti? Vanilla sweet cream? Cold brew? Yeah. No, that's it. Thanks. Okay. Okay. Thank you. Way. Thank you, too. Wait. Now you have to bring the key with you. No, it locks automatically, but yes, I'm gonna unpack on my step and I'll show you a empty dorm. I mean, empty dorm room. Okay, so this is what my dorm looks like. I love the floors, and then this in my closet area, and then in here, that's my roommate's room. And then this is like a little kitchen area like it's so big, what's going on? And then we have, like, a fridge. But I brought my own fridge, and then in here is a bathroom, and that's it. But you guys. So once we get everything settled in, I will do like an official dorm room tour. So probably like my next video or something like that, but yeah. Hey, guys. So I don't know where I stopped blogging, but here's an update on my room. It's a big mess. It's about my body. And I I'm eating my first meal in my dorm. Yeah, it's just talk about, um, surprisingly surprising, but yet so I will give you an A special doorman to whenever I finished cleaning up, but yes. Oh, this is just my moving day block. It wasn't bad. Eventful, but I know it's probably sure, but yes. So, basically, I'm here early because I have, like, a three day leadership conference, So yeah, today was a London tomorrow calling me Thank you guys. So much for all of the support. And I'm just so excited for this new journey and make sure you get this video big thumbs up, makes Okay, So I'm currently in one of the freshmen dorms that are available with what we all share Y'All's names with us. I'm Jacob. Yes. Okay. So how did you know me? Like what? How did y'All decide that you were gonna be roommates? It's not, boy. Josh will be knowing since high school, about for years. Right? Get together. Go on. And how do you like living in the dorms? Compared to commuting? I don't have to drive. It's, uh it's news on Get. It's convenient. I have been writing Wake up extra early in the morning. I have to drive this. He's happy that you're okay. So how do you like yours? Common room. I know that you all have a common room down the hall. Because you have your own fridge over here because you have your own microwave. My conversation with people, I guess it's nice to have think about it. All right. Well, I think that's all the questions I have for you. You Do you have anything else to say, Teo, Those incoming freshmen? Come in. Do you work? Be on top of the study, Make the most of the time we get involved. Morning. Uh, long story, right? Yeah. Don't for sure. Well, thank you all so much. Hey, guys, welcome back my channel, or welcome to my channel. If you're new here, my name's Kaaya. And today I'm going to be filming my college apartment room tour for you guys. I have had my apartment hall already upon my channel. If you guys wanna go watch that and I'll take, I'll tell you where I got everything from. But I also stayed in this video for the most part. If I remember, you know the things. So, yeah, make sure you'll go check out that video. And I explained in there that I live in an apartment, um, with three of my friends and it's not on campus, but it's very close to campus. We It's like a 10 minute walk. It's not far at all. And you know, we all have our own rooms, and then we all have our own bathrooms, and mine is across the hall from my room, so I'll be showing all that as well. So if you want to see what my room looks like just stating, going to start from the door. This is where you walk in at my door and that's my bathroom right there. But first we're gonna start with the room, so you just walk in and this is an overview What it looks like. All right. So first, we just have my dresser right here with my TV on it. And then there's a picture of me and my bust frontier in, and there is my dresser. I just have my clothes in there. Um, yeah. Pretty basic stuff. And then on here on the wall, we have this set up that my friend here actually did for me. So thank you so much. Tearing. If you're watching this and then Okay, so the first sign says for not signing. What is this? Whoa, whatever it's called, it says with God, all things are possible. Matthew 1926. This one says she leaves a little sparkle wherever she goes. And I got this clock from Target. I don't honestly don't want to read all of that. So and then that one says positive, positive vibes, father of life. And I got all of these so things, either from Marshalls or Burlington. And then you come to this little corner. This is my big mirror that I got from Kirkland's. That's me in the mirror. Hey, you guys. And then I got this lamp from Target. It's a little floor lamp and really cool because you can switch the bold things like, right now it's only on two, and you can switch it. Yeah, so it's really cool. And then I just have random seven, this corner of my schoolbooks in my purse and then some bags back there. And then this is my ottoman that I got from Marshall's to huge feels that I also got from Marshall's. So I shone goods, whatever. And then this is my bed. It is a queen size bed. My comforters from J. C. Penney. My blanket is from target. I loves like it so much It's so soft. And then my pillows, the villa cases came with sheets. These pillowcases came with the comforter. This pillowcase I got interrogate in this pillow I got from Marshall's. It is also my dorm. So yeah, and then when Robin, I just have this one is for shoes. This one is have some snacks and stuff in it. My luggage down there, and I just have some drinks, like I have tea and some water right there, and I keep my backpack right beside my bed by my desk and then appear, uh, this picture frame thing of me and my friends actually need to change them of them because I don't have some of my friends up there like I've made a new friend since I've done this. So I need to stop some pictures out, and then I have this fun in bed. It says, I love Jesus and coffee and naps, which is so, so, so true All of those things. All right, up my alley, then this curtain rod and these curtains that I got from Walmart. They stopped right above my bed. And that's just, you know, regular window and the scientists killing it, which also had my dorm and all of these I had to my enormous Well, except for the clock, that's only when I didn't have. And then yeah, so then we turn over here. This is my desk. I know it looks very messy. I'm sorry. I have a lot of things and not a lot of places to put them. So that's my desk. I'm Yeah. As you can see, there's only one drawer in it. So that's why I have so much stuff on top because, like, literally said this one tiny door and it is also a junkie because like, Oh, no, it's just hard organized when you don't have a lot of space. But it's just my lamp, my right from my TV have some rain or something there and glasses, Staples, markers And I mean not markers like pinned and stuff in there in my journal and then have a book water bottle because no one's gonna keep water by the bed of a book to all the boys all love before. I haven't read it yet, but I've seen the movie on Netflix and it is so good I've watched it twice already. It's so good. So if you haven't seen it, definitely check it out. It's on Netflix. Oh, my God said. And then here's my planner. Chapstick. This is the best jobs that go off a roof. Um, some pencils. I just got this little holder from the dollar store. Okay, that got from Marshall's. This sign says study party Sleeper P. I had all of this. My Norma's well, except for the joy holder. So yeah, I got this for Marshall's. Is will this Marshall's himself highlighters dry, erase markers from lighters from my candles and then some pencils at the bottom that wouldn't fit in there. And then I I'm sorry. I'm getting out of breath because I don't talk this much this fast. Um, that's, um, vitamins that I take every day. There's only one left. Don't need to Boston, Mork, but they really work. If you want your hair to grow in your skin and nails be, you know, strong. I definitely recommend those. This is my laptop. Have a candle over here. Another candle under there. Have another candle. That's why this top is right here. But it's in the kitchen right now just cause I want to smell nice in there. And then I have this jewelry order. Oh, by the way, all this candle literally smells a May thing I got from the Dollar Store. The Dodger that's probably watched, named Congrats and not like a real name. I don't know what's this contract, but it's most so good, so freaking good. Like I don't know what congrats is supposed to smell like, But if that's the smell, I love it. It's so good anyways, so Yeah, I have this jewelry holder that I got from Bed Bath and Beyonce and who shoot almost burnt my hand off some hearing under there. Um, picture of me and my best friend right there have my makeup station over here, all these doors, airfield with makeup, and they're not very organized. But it's okay. And I just have lotion, deodorant, some makeup brushes. This is all like my everyday makeup up here. This is like other makeup. They don't really use that often. But still, you know, like you want to keep it. It's my mirror that I used to do my makeup and then about my desk, I have this corkboard with some more pictures of people that I love. And then this is my closet over here, and I have some little lights above it all. Turn along too. You can see what they look like. Have some lights above there. Q. And I got those from, uh, I think Marshall's I'm not old and then so have some persons on the outside and open and just have my shoes and all my clothes and then some shoes at the top. I also put my night standing here because I didn't want it out there. So I just have, like, no books and stuff in the on there. You know, after suffer class, have an ironing board. In fact, they're just stuff that I don't really need on everyday basis, son. Yeah, that's my closets. I need to fill it up. You need to buy more clothes. I could fill it up. There's a lost face. Also, don't I? My winner last year. Soon That might be what's all right. And then next, my closet. I just have this dry marble Dr Reese board I usually put clipped in there. But I thought recently, So there's not quote right now. And then just backing and I got from or more trash can and that I got from Marshall's and then my rug that I got from targets I didn't show you under my desk. Okay, Sorry. This is, like, kind of out of order under my desk. I just had my printer. And then this is my chair. All the furniture came with the apartment, by the way. So I just put this blanket on my chair to make a little little bit more comfortable when I sit in it. This blanket is from Kirkland's. So, Yeah, just have extension cord under there for, like, my lot touch ordering stuff. So you know what that is? I have another driver support over here, right? But like things I need to do for the week and my grocery lists and stuff like that, there's nothing on there right now because we're on full brake. I mean, I still have to be like I noticed it. Right on. There together is my room. Give you another overview. You know, that's kind of small, but it's okay. It's okay. Oh, and in this ottoman, I just have light extra sheets and, like, boxes to turn my books because I rent them all from Amazon. So that's all that's in there? Nothing really special. So yeah, and now I'm going to show you guys like that. This is my bathroom. When he walked in the door and you don't review, you're I'm not feeling this on my real camera, by the way, because I lost my memory card and I didn't find out till right before one to film this. So I just was like, I'm getting it done. I felt like I don't care. So yeah. Okay. In the back of the world, just have my money back door. Just have my towel. Um, my robe and my chevre cat and then a wall. I have this little fine says rise and shine with eyelashes. It's really cute. And then this is my area and I have my baby planet brush some sailing wash for my ear per scene to throw. I mean, toothpaste in the market district drying. Lucien, I use it like every night. All my breakouts have This little sonnet says, Be still and know that I'm God. My seeing got some. So my toothbrush, one shoulder and that little holder thing are both from target. And then I have some cabinets down here. It's really just like hair stuff. This is like extra things, like messy hair. So we're nice guys. Sorry. More here. So and then this is where I have, like, my skin care is all in their tampons. Cleaning stuff back there. Toilet paper, You know, the basic stuff that you need. And then I have my trash can over here I got from target a toilet. It's air freshener. Little plunger. same thing. I have this little basket I got from Target with on toes and all this stuff in there. And then I was hanging up here. I want above my toilet. I have the sinuses. Confidence is the new black that I got from Burlington. You haven't told hanging up there sometime over here. And then this sonnet says, Wash your hands and say your prayers. Those use and germs are everywhere. And I think that's so cute in my hamper over here in the corner. And this is my shower. Just got this low shark. Anything Pretty sure Scott from Wal Mart or something. You can find this really anywhere. Excuse me. This is what it looks like. So shower curtain. Okay, Eyes, Thank you all so much for watching. Make sure to give this video thumbs up. If you liked it. Subscribe for more content like this. I will be uploading a lot more. I promise Gonna be more consistent. School is just literally killing me right now. Like the only reason I'm filming This is with his royal fall break. And so I had a little free time. But school is literally killing me guys. But I promise I'm gonna do better because I really, really, really want to get into YouTube and, like, you know, build my channel and make more videos for you guys. Because I know that you guys like him and I love making them, So I'm gonna start doing it more. I promise. So make sure to subscribe. We've calmed down below, telling me what else you guys want to see, and I'll see you in my next hail it's guy here, back with another video. And today I am forming a dorm showing you my dorm. I'm in college. I live in a dorm. I'm gonna show you what it looks like. So if you're interested, keep on watching. Okay, so this is the door right here. So when you walk through the door, this is what you see. That is my roommate's room right there. The bathroom. Then there's my room. And over here we just have the common area with the sink and refrigerator and all that stuff. But I'll show you all that later. So if you walk into my room, this is what you see. And if you turn to your left, I just have a what? I just have a white board over here are just write down everything that I need to do for that day. And obviously that's what I'm doing. So and here's my trash down here and then over here, I just have some pictures of my family, my friends, and up here I keep like some necklaces just hung. I don't know what to tech whenever, and I have some Christmas lights up there. I'll show you what they look like plugged in. This is what they look like and they go all around here, but we'll get to that later. So let me unplug them. I'm gonna keep those plugged in because I like how it looks, said that if you walk, I'm gonna go make my way around. So if you walk over here, this is my closet in my mirror and inside my closet. I just have a close and then off some shoes up there, some hats over there and then some shoes down here. I know it is not very organized. Way too many shoes for this tiny closet. And then over here, I just have some more pictures of my friends and family, and I just hung them up with Tax. I know you're not supposed to do that, but like my command troops weren't working so literally. Everything else in here is hung up a text. So I was like, You know what? Why not? Probably gonna get on anyway. But it's okay. And then this door is just the hot water heater. It's locked, so you can't open it. I have my robe hanging up there because I had no where else to put it? And then my purse is down there. Have another purse right there. And yeah, So this is my bed. I'll give you an overview. So right here's have my blanket and a window, and I also have lights up there, but they need new batteries, so they do not work. And then over here I have my white ward where I write a different quote every week. And my quote for this week is a grateful Heart is a magnet for miracles and then in the corner, I just keep track of all my meals for the week and there have a sign that says Positive mind, Positive vibes, Positive life. And this one says, killing it. And so my bed, I just have the blanket like a show jaw. And then this is my bedspread and then thes air my pillows. I got this one from Warm Are this one from Marshalls? And that red one is just from Marshall's, too. I believe in the My pillows back there just came with the or the pillow cases just came with the bedspread, and then I have a silk pillowcase, but I got from Sally's and then under my bed. You have to get my flashlight to show y'all because it's kind of dark under here. So and this black thing, I just have snacks and some extra bags up there. Some water. I have some shoe boxes. You know, My laundry stuff is in that red thing. And in this black, um, trunk, I just have a lot of rain himself, Like sweat pants. I wouldn't fit in my closet. And then, like, extra cheese base and stuff like that. And then my ironing board is right here. Have some towels up there in the my suitcase over here. These over here are bed risers, but I didn't need them, so they're just kind of stuck over there, and then I have another purse hanging on my bed over there. Let me turn the flashlight off. Okay? And then I just have a bunch of plugs. This is my cable cord. This white one, my computer charger. I'm pretty sure you don't wanna know that. That's not very interesting. Then, as you go on, this is my desk. I'll give you an overview. And yep, I'm eternal, my screen saver, because I really like it. And so I started here. I was Have my lamp with my glasses dry erase markers, pencils and pens. Like some cards over here. Just some random papers. My journal and my planner. All right, here. My remote is right here. Water bottle. And then I have this sign over here that just says Study, party, sleep. Repeat, and you can shake it up. It's really cool. Oh, goodness. Sutter's hit the lamp. Come on, Liam. And this, this is my computer. And I really love my background. It's so cute. And while I'm here, I'm gonna show you all my friends. You to general. Her name is Lily. Paul. So you better go subscribe to her. She's of Logar. And she's so funny. So y'all ghost, it's gotta be Lily. And then back here. I just have this sign. It says Be still and know that I am. God saw him 46 10. And my teacher gave that to me. And really cute going then. And then then and then This is a picture of me and my best friend tearing. And over here it has had this holder thing. I got it from Marshall's and I have pencils, staples, highlighters and penned. And then some jewelry down here. Like hearing over here just this phone box, because I got a new phone for Christmas, my lens cap, and then just come some school stuff. My yoga mat is over there. My backpack is right layer, and this is my chair. Oh, and I forgot to mention that I had a stool to get on my bed because I am super sure. And the bed is way too high. And then under my desk, I was have my printer down there, so yeah, and then this stool, I got it from Marshall. That's really fuzzy. Uncomfortable? I love it so much. I thought I went with my room really well and have my laundry baskets over here in this corner. And then over here is my TV. I was watching Glee. So that's what that's on. And then up here, I just have Okay, So I completely forgot to mention that I have a k sitting back there because ah, my name starts with a K. So have a little decorative k sitting right there. But I forgot to even pick it up. So there you go continue some random stuff, like, kind of bad stuff. Really. I like your stuff. I use every day, like deodorant and lotion. What? No perfume. And this is my upper watch charger. This is my antenna that goes to my TV and then up here underwear drawer. You want me to like it of my bottoms That don't need to be hung up. Didn't have room to be hung up and then T shirts down here. And that is it for my room. And this is my long cable cord that reaches all the way across. Oh, and this is my rug going from J. C. Penney's? Oh, I forgot to show you all the things on my wall. Okay, so I got this big photo frame thing from Burlington. I just have a ton of pictures of me and my friends, my family. And then my sister actually did all these little dots of here. They're like little mirrors. They're really cute. I hope they don't take the paint off the wall when we take them down. Oh, and then over here on this wall, I just had this sign. It says, Imagine your dream. Create your happiness live your life. She leaves a little sparkle wherever she goes. This one says the dream as though you have nothing to lose. Believe s so anything is possible love as though your heart knows no bounds and live as though there's only today and then this one up here, just as with God, all things are possible And the little fire alarm thing is really killing the vibe. But, you know, it's fine. So then if you walk out the door, this is our common area. We just have a mini friend right there. Okay, Mark, a wave on the countertop. Just some paper plates, paper towels. This is my side. I'm not gonna show you all my roommate side, because that is her personal space. So I just have my coffee that I make every morning we have, like some. Actually, I thought they were snacks in there, but you know, there's not. And here's my keurig, and that's actually not my drawer. So and in this door, I just have so were were measuring cups, you know, basic stuff and snacks and stuff for down here have, like, breakfast you that I make every morning, some extra plates, cups, bowls, water bottles, noodle salsa, Yes, Emitters, crunch cereal, Ever. And then in here we just keep like cups. And those are my mugs. Like there. That's a lab in here. So and then this is our trash can our broom. And this is our space thingy. Vanity thing, actually. Need to put these dishes up. Hold on one second. Okay, so now that I put my dishes up, you can see my cute little mug that goes with my curate, you know? And so over here, this is our vanity, or whatever you wanna call it. I don't really know what it's going, And this is my side with, you know, well, this makeup over here, this straightener he protected when they also have a mirror over here. And there's like a medicine cabinet being so that's cool. So I just have these containers would make a this porter for the make up some brushes, some skin care stuff. My toothbrush face washed up with that. My towel. This is our scene. Just got some hand sanitizer. So to wash the dishes, you know, from them we have two drawers on each side. So this where I just put my hair stuff. This one is where I keep toothpaste and flaws. And then down here, I just have a bunch of random stuff. More makeup, soap, perfume, hair stuff, cotton balls, you know, blow dryer stuff like that. And then here, this is my side. I'm just showing on my side because I don't wanna be in an invasion of privacy, you know? So did have some extra towels, some sponges, glass cleaner to clean the mirror in some more sponges. Like to wash the dishes. And then you walk this way and there's a thermostat right there. And this is our bathroom. I'm sorry. That noise is annoying. It automatically comes on when we turn the light on. So I'm just gonna talk really loud. But here is is my towel hanging on the door on, You know, trash can toilet basic stuff. It's not really, like, cute and fancy in the air, like we just, you know, doing business and get out. So you have got to trash cans and toilet paper. This is our back. This is my side of here. Cleaner. So and my roommate brought this thing he that hangs on the shower head. And this is my back washer and loofa. And then my shaving cream And the rest is hers. So, yeah, that is our shower, even by new shower curtain. That's just one that came with it. But it's fine. Let me try and wipe off. That would be smart. How? And that is it. That is my completed dorm tour. I should You guys everything. Well, I don't know everything because I didn't want to invade my roommates space. So I hope you guys enjoyed this video of my dorm. It was actually really fun to do. And I've been wanting to do it ever since I moved in in August. But I just like around to do it yet, so I hope you'll enjoy it. And if he did, make sure to give this video a thumbs up and watch other videos subscribe, you know, term posted implications on. So you're notified every time I post a video and I'll see you next time.