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What percent of freshman live on campus?

According to our research, % of freshman live on campus at University of South Carolina-Columbia?

What type of housing does University of South Carolina-Columbia provide?

The below table outlines the different housing options available at University of South Carolina-Columbia, and how what percent of students are estimated to live in each type of housing.

Available Percent living in Accomodation
Co-ed Dorms true 32.0
Women's Dorms true 13.0
Men's Dorms true 3.0
Sorority Housing true 5.0
Fraternity Housing true 4.0
Single-student Apartaments true 39.0
Married Student Apartaments true -
Special Houses for Disable Students true 1.0
Special Houses for International Students true 2.0
Cooperative Houses true -
Other Housing Type true 1.0

What are the dorms like at University of South Carolina-Columbia?

You’ll have to watch the CampusReel videos to see for sure. However, University of South Carolina-Columbia dorms are similar to most college housing options. Most on-campus residence halls include singles, double, and suites. Floor plans vary from residence hall to residence hall. CampusReel hosts dorm tours of University of South Carolina-Columbia, and every one is different. As you’ll see, every dorm room is decorated in a unique and fun way - students are creative with their setups to make University of South Carolina-Columbia feel like home!

What are the dimensions of University of South Carolina-Columbia dorm rooms?

The University of South Carolina-Columbia dorms dimension depend on the residence hall. This information is usually contained in one of the dorm room tours of University of South Carolina-Columbia on CampusReel. Supposedly the average dorm room size in the U.S. is around 130 square feet, and University of South Carolina-Columbia likely has dorms bigger and smaller than this.

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This video is going to be about housing. You know, Start was showing at my place. So this is called a reverie edge. It's one of the many off campus student housing apartment complexes now. What does that mean? Well, it means that it's an off campus living place, but mostly students live there, and they were built with the intention of having students live there. So this is a three by two. So it's three bedrooms, two bathrooms. I get my own bathroom, and I paid just ten dollars extra a month for that, Which is nice, I got to say, though living in one of these complexes is really expensive compared to living in just a house. Come, it's all renting and so usually have a twelve month lease. That's a little frustrating because I never lived here, but the's complexes have a lot of amenities. That's nice. They've been pulling a gym usually, however, so this campus and you're paying for that with your tuition. So after living in these two different complexes for two years, I realized, like probably just living in a house would be the best option in terms of like what you're getting for your money. I honestly like these Complex is sort of trying to take you for all you got in terms of money, and the house is a RH usually like two hundred dollars cheaper in red for months. So I recommended. I mean, either way, it's still pretty. I'm glad I had the pool so close Bikes. I love the pool. But once you're done living on campus, I would suggest going for a house before games for one of these complexes because they really just try Hey, guys. Um, good morning. Welcome to my college moving vlog. Like what? So today I'm going to blocking. I'm moving in to the University of South Carolina, hence the attire. And, um, it's currently 9 a.m. So I don't move until two. But we solved a pack, and then my school is about an hour and 1/2 away from where I live, so yeah. So what to do? Right now, I'm about to run out and run some lesson errands. Um, I have to go pick up a vacuum from my grandmother, and yeah, and then I'm gonna come back home and, um, finished back in the car, and then we're gonna head out, so I don't know. I'm really excited right now. Actually, don't feel very nervous or anything. I think that's partially because, um, I don't know. It doesn't feel very real right now. I think my parents like leave. We'll feel very real. And it hit me. But right now I know I'm just kind of neutral. I don't really feel sad. I don't really feel excited. I don't know what I feel. I just feel like whatever. I don't know. So I'm Yeah, But, um, I'm just gonna block the whole day, and yeah, So I'm gonna go ahead and grab my keys, and I'm going to head out and go run some errands really quickly, but I'll show you guys what I am wearing today, um, for moving days, Sue, I'm wearing my Lina hat, Just this white warm, and then I'm wearing a Carolina T shirt as well, because, you know, you gotta be a typical freshman hair support the school ready. So, um, and then I'm staying here short, and then my ways convert because issues. Oh, yeah. And then my cases by a wild flower. Yeah. Okay. I'm gonna go now. What? Are you gonna miss me? No. What? That was the weirdest thing ever were. Singing the lyrics to the song and then all the way, Turn on the radio and it came on Strange. Yes. Yes, that that's you. Okay. Hey, guys. So I'm back now? It's about I don't know. It's like 9 45 ish, and I just got back to my house and you are finishing packing up my stuff, This all the last minute stuff. So I have this suitcase sitting in my room, and it just has, like, my makeup. I just packed in here so that it wouldn't get damaged raining. And I have, like, last night, closing all that good stuff on my pillow. Another guy. So all the last minute things I need to pack in the car, Um, and then I should be good to go. My room is literally so empty, and it's just really weird because I haven't seen it this empty and like so, so long. I had to say hi to my little brother today. That's why I'm a little teary eyed. Um, we were taking him to my nana's house because he wasn't coming with us, too. Moving day, because it just be really stressful. So she's watching him today. So I went with my sister. She dropped him off at her house. Um, and I had to say goodbye, and it was really sad, as you can see, but, um, it's okay. And yeah, So I am going to finish packing, and then I will check in with you guys in a little, but Okay, so I've got on my clothes in the trunk. Currently on. Then I have a bunch of stuff all in my backseat of my car. And they were also taking the van and has, like, all the big stuff. Um woo. But it just has, like, all the bedding furniture. So really, I felt like I had a lot more suffer on some. That wasn't too bad. It was really easy to pack. Especially as we have, like true cars going. So yes, but we're gonna get going. Seems okay. D'oh! Got my last few things. Goodbye room. It's so empty. You over fall break. He's helped. Okay, so we're going to the gas station. We just got some Starbucks. I got a venti iced green tea latte. It's my favorite drinking Starbucks. Um, with three forms of vanilla. Six. I was the bathroom. She got my drink for me, and that's a lot of Okay, we're gonna go get gas. And I think I'm gonna get a car wash before we leave. But I've got all my stuff in the back and we're about to head out, and this one here is really bothering me. Oh, explains my life. Like why? Please just go away. So anyway, we're about to go get gas and then wash the car real quick because this car is nasty, and then we about to go and get on the road. You want something to me? Hey, guys, long time no see. But, um, I just second my parents, it's really like we just got back from dinner. I'm sorry that I didn't love. Well, I was like, moving. It was just so stressful, Like I literally thought I was gonna have, like, 10 anxiety attacks. But it's all done, and I'm all settled in everything myself, some decorating to do. But it looks pretty good. I'll give you a really quick overview because I'm going to be doing a dorm poor, so don't show too much. But hey, guys. So, um, this is a fast forward kind of zap to the future is now then, uh, almost a month here at school, and I didn't really film a lot. I finally got around to start editing the footage from moving day, and I really didn't film a lot because it was so hard to film that I was not really sick that day, and I just a lot was going on, which I'm sure you guys understand and it's just really hard. Doesn't flog when you're, like, super busy, but, um, I was looking over the footage because I want a post it sometime this week. And I decided that since I didn't have a lot, I would show you what the room looks like a couple weeks later. Like after we got settled. It's not clean at all, but yeah, this is gonna be like a dorm tour. I'm gonna be doing a separate video is just, like a really quick overview of what it roughly looks like currently without, like, cleaning it and make it cute or anything like that. Um, also P s. I just took a shower because I got back from class about an hour ago. So, Pence, why? My hair on my face looks disgusting, but oh, well, so yeah, I'm just gonna show you the room really quickly. Yeah. Over here. We got here. As you can see, I still ugly again. Sorry you have to think is what my again is right now. I was just like my badge. So fragrant first side and yeah, and the closet space is actually really nice in the storms. I was really worried about it. but they're actually so big. And there's, like, a ton of space in here talking. She too much, but plenty of room for everything, so yeah, but this is kind of like a little quick sneak peek of what? The dorm for what kind of be like, Hey, guys. So it's a couple days after what? The last clip you just saw? It's a couple days later, but I just got a package in the mail and I want to show it to you guys. I started opening it, but then I was like, Wait, I want to show them. So I'm gonna show you guys really think I'm so excited about this? First of all, I just opened it, but let her and it says, Hi, Abby. I really hope that you like the enclosed George I made for you. If you have any questions about the items referred to my etsy store or email me the copper one I enclose is not yet listed in my store. So you're the very first to have one. Only now. That's so sweet. They sent. So yeah, So this, um thank you so so much for sending me the jewelry. I'm so excited to show you guys destroyed. It's from this designer named Mario, and he makes these really, really awesome like necklaces on diving. He has, like, hearings and other stuff, too. But hey hasn't at the store. And I'll link all of his information double o because you asked me to go check him out, but he gave a 20% off code for you guys. You like anything that I'm about to show you guys? Then definitely. Go check him out and you get 20% off when you use the code that I give you guys. So I'll have that down below. But yeah, let's just open up the jewelry design. So this'll what? It came in this really cute little box, and it's has their logo on it. I guess I'm just gonna Okay, we're opening the box glitter all over my hands only. So the 1st 1 is this super pretty one. I forget what? It was cold. And I believe it's all Sterling Silvers. That's really good. Like it won't look How pretty. Oh, my God, I'm so excited. Okay, let me show you guys the other ones because there's a couple in here only this is one of the more popular ones. It's like this really cool moon dancing. One moon dancers Hold on the quality of these necklaces. So, so nice. Look at that. That's so cool. Oh, my God. This is perfect for the fall time to I don't know why, but it just reminds me of like, Oh, my God. And this is the one that he was talking about. That is not on his website yet, but he sent to me. So I love all of these. I'm so excited. Where, then? Thank you. So, so much more. Oh, God, I'm obsessed. I'm literally going to be wearing these all the time. Um, so thank you, Mario, for these, because these are just so cool. I was so excited, though, because this morning, um, I was I was at school, like, earlier on, and I went to my mailbox and I had them there, and I was like, Oh, my gosh. And so I was like, I just remembered about him, and I want to show you guys because I was opening them right now, but this is the end of this vlog. I know it's weird because I'm back in my house. It's because I'm only like, an hour on 1/2 away, and it's actually been a month now. Um, but I plan on posting that video today. I'm gonna add an n plus posted today. The reason it took me so long was because, you know, transitioning and getting into college mode and everything, which I've already explained, like in the other clips of this log. But, um, yeah, so that's why it took so long. But this is like a month later, I'm back in my house. It's really nice to be home right now. Honestly, I'm only home for the weekend because I have class on Monday, but everyone was going home this weekend, and so I didn't want to stay there and be alone. My roommate and everyone was gone. So I was like, You know what? I'm just gonna go home, and I did, and I'm here now. Um, and I was opening this package. I just want to show you guys really quickly and included in this log because I'm so excited about these and I definitely think that you guys just go check them out because they're just really, really cool and you'll get my percent off. So that's pretty dope. I'll have that link down below and all the information to his website and everything and the discount code. And you guys can have matching necklaces and you go get this necklace or any of the necklaces this chair that I've showed you. Um, then we can be twins, and it'll be really cool. And you'll probably see these and a future look both, um, and more videos to come. So, yeah, I love you guys so much and I'll see you in my next video. Okay, lets up. It's Abby and introduce video. I'm going to be doing the highly highly requested dorm tour for you guys. If you didn't know, I go to the University of South Carolina and I am a freshman, and so far I have been loving it. There is honestly, like my favorite place on earth right now, and it's just so much fun. So, yeah, if you like this video and you enjoy the tour, make sure to give it a thumbs up. And also make sure shoes hit the subscribe button down below for more videos and college with videos from me and yeah, that's everything. I hope that you guys like the video and let's just get right into it. So starting off in the hallway, this is just our door right here on that. It has this ray little corkboard on it and our names. And then right when you go inside, this is what the dorm looks like. But basically right when you walk in the room, there is this mirror right on the door on just a full body mirror. We got it from target. I believe so. Pretty simple. And then right next to that. We have another mirror that actually came with of the dorm on it just hangs right there. So we've got lots of mirrors to check out outfits and stuff like that right next to the mirror. We have these two command hooks on. We just hang our keys and lanyards with, like, all our soon I d and our money. Um, so that's mine right there. And this is so helpful. Just like to grab right before you're about to go out. Um, and that way I don't, like lose my keys, because I literally was everything right on the mirror. We just have a note from r R M for Mommy moved in. And then we have these two really cool stickers that we got at a local store. It's like a hippie store in Colombia, so we just stuck over there because we have nowhere else to put him, so yeah, but then right as you turn away from the door, you'll notice my side of the room, and this is just kind of a little overview of what it looks like right over here. This is is where my closet is on these closets are actually a pretty good size. When I looked like online before we even moved in, everything I thought that I was not gonna be able to fit any of my clothes, but I actually was able to fit a ton of clothes. And space is not an issue. Um, like I thought it was going to be. I guess I'll show you inside a lot of my clothes. They're going right now because, um, as you can see, I've like, packed my stuff because I'm about to head hole for Thanksgiving off this hangar right over the door. And this just holds like some scarves, Um, and a few of my cardigans and jackets. I just throw right up there and then this is kind of like an overview, but basically, I have these drawers right here and these hold my underwear bras and just like T shirts and sweatshirts. And just, like, comfy like bedclothes. I kind of keep like, all my pajama stuff. And these above that, I just have all my clothes that I wanted to hang up like sweaters and dresses. All that good stuff usually hangs right here. As you can see, a lot of it's gone because I need Thio. But right over here I have these two crates stocked up on and they just have these little boxes in them and these just hold, like, random stuff on. And normally I have, like, shoes up there. But a lot of it's going right now because I've packed my bag and then right below that I have this thing which is so, so awesome you can't really see it that well. But it's basically this four drawer, um, like, organizer thing. And I just keep my pants and genes. Um, and just like any bottoms leggings I have down there, um, and this one, I have some sweatshirts. And then in this one, I keep all my socks and, like, other random things, all right in there and then right over there, just hang my bathroom. They're like a hook up there that it just hangs on. And normally I have my towel on this rack thing. Um, so it's just really easy to, like grab and go to the bathroom because I do live on a community. Holes have this organizer for shoes, and I also keep my like perfumes and lotions all right in here. Um, so you have nothing too fancy? Um, but yeah, that's kind of like the overview of the closet next to the closet. I have these court boards, these air super cute. Um, and you guys saw them in my whole video, My dorm hall. But basically, they just keep, like, Polaroids. My student tickets, Um, and just like a bunch of cute little memories up. But, yeah, I just have some Polaroids, all mom and I don't know, they're really cute. Just decorate. So then moving on. I have this tapestry, right, um, above my desk. And this is great because it just covers the plain boring wall that we have going on in the dorm. And it just brings some color to the dorm, which I really like a lot so that just it's right above my desk and then on my desk, I have a bunch of really random things, um, that are decorative and so on and so forth. But, um, mainly my makeup is the prime thing that I have on my desk, as you can see, um, and this is mainly all the makeup I brought to college, which looks like a lot, but honestly, it's not like a lot, a lot, you know what I mean. But I have this little Drewery organizer from Urban A plant from Target, and then a little jewelry box back there with my Polaroid camera, my lamp and that picture of my friend and me from home and then just my makeup mirror and some more jewelry sits in that little box right there. Um, and then again, this is all my makeup that I brought to school. So, yeah, just sits in this acrylic box that I got from target, and then some more eye shadow palette sit and not little organizer thing right there. Um and then I have a desk calendar just to keep me organized on so on. So then moving on to the first drawer in my desk is just has a bunch of random assorted things and office supplies on sunglasses. Honestly, Just very random things, um, set in this first drawer. Mainly school supplies, though, but yeah, and then moving on to the next door. I just have my calculator, a little photo, album, tissues, some makeup wipes and then, um, m destroy. I have a lot of hair supplies, more makeup remover, tissues and then the bottom drawer. I keep a lot of my textbooks, notebooks, paper, mainly office supplies and school related things. And then there's this little wire been that sits at the foot of my desk, and this just holds extra shoes that I have. Um and then this is my chair, and I just have this fur rug that sits on it to make it more comfy and boo Gee, I guess I don't know. And then my laundry basket, just his children there. So, yeah, and then moving on to my bed. It's my favorite place ever in the whole world, but I went with this gray comforter from Target, and then the blanket, I believe, is also from Target. And I just got that body pillow and, um, husband pillow thing. And the other furry pillow, or, I think are all from Target may be home goods. Not really sure. I just have this really cute D i. Y Polaroid picture thing that sits above my bed. Thio show little pictures from home and then a dream catcher and this really cute, good bad sign that actually made because D I y Queen? Yes. So, yeah, this is just kind of my bed area. I love my bed. It's so comfy. I definitely recommend a loft, your beds if you have option two because it makes so much more space in the room like it's ridiculous. So then below my bed, I have a food time that I actually got from Target. And I highly recommend getting a food Tom, because it's like, so awesome. We always have people in our room, and there's always a place for people to sit. That's really nice on this one. Wasn't too expensive, too. And I also have this little cute thing, Um, where normally I rest my feet on, but inside I have more black booties and heels and stuff like that because, like I said, I have a shoe problem and I brought way too many shoes to college. And then I have some more throw blankets and pillows on the Luton that are from home goods, I believe, Um, so, yeah, this is just basically the whole I guess you could say living room area, and then our rug was actually given to me from a friend. But it's really cute has these little like, circle pattern things going on. I don't know. It's gray, I believe kind Alex Brown sometimes, but it's Post grad and then moving on to the center of the room. We have this cube organizer thing, but above that is our window. Um, and we just got this like, gray window shade thing to block out the sun. Keep the room nice and dark. And this is our view, which it's a pretty nice view. I have to say, Um, we're on the like of high floor, so we have a great view, but, um, moving on to that center area, we have some assorted things on top and our cure egg, which is the love of my life. I literally could not live without coffee on. And then we just have this cute little pumpkin because it's Thanksgiving and it was holding me so and then I have a little jar with some tea on. And then this tray that is was in my dorm hall holds the remote to the TV on, and, um, then we have some books on their on. Yeah, just a bunch of random cute little things. And inside these acts of these cubes, it actually holds all our food, um, and mugs and some dishware. All that good stuff is all in these little cubes. So this was really helpful to keep us organized with are, like, food and dishware stuff and just other random things. Um, and then right by that is the trash can and then moving on to the micro fridge, which obviously is our fridge. And there's, like, nothing in there right now because we're about to go on vacation. But, um, just some random stuff, and right next to that is our TV, which is also, um, something I highly recommend to bring to call it. So then, right above that, we also have a speaker that just chills right up there, and it actually lights up. So it's really cool. And then right below that, we keep extra plates and snacks and then also some random costumes air down there from Halloween. Um, and yeah, and then we just hung these little Christmas lights right above all of that. And overall, it just makes a really nice vibe in the room. Um, very relaxing at night. So I really love the way everything turned out in the room on dhe. That's basically everything. Survive the end of the video. I hope you guys liked it again. If you did, make sure to give it a thumbs up. And also make sure you subscribe down below for more college related videos from me and yeah, that's everything. I will see you guys in my next video. can. What's up? It's Abby and I have to move out of my house like today. So that's what I've been doing all morning. I've been packing up shit and getting in boxes and moving and getting into my car. I haven't gone over to the apartment building yet, but about to. So, yeah, that's been my day so far. It's currently let's e think it's like 10. Yeah, it's almost 11 in the morning right now. That's really not gonna be that hard, because I don't have furniture yet. All my furniture is coming on the third directly to my apartment's being delivered. So all I have is just like closed boxes and like all my other crap. But I have to get out today, So that's what I've been doing. But the house is like super empty, and it's like freaking me out, but yeah, so I'm just gonna start moving and go over the apartment soon and get the key and start putting boxes in the apartment. It's gonna be a lot of work. I'm doing it all by myself because, um, no friends, no sitting, but like my parents are out of town. My sister's busy everyone's busy, and so I'm just stuck moving, corrupt by myself. It's fine. It'll be okay. It's my workout for today. So but this is so far like what's still not back to my car, But yeah, there's so much clothes in this, like, all filled with just close. That's not even all of my clothes. It's just like stuff that goes in the closet. I still have so many bags and boxes in the car with grows, but I won't have a small car for the rest of my life. Like, is just the best thing ever. You can't move anything, and your car goes down to the ground when there's, like, the slightest wait in the car like it's just so great. Like, I can't wait to ruin my car today and yeah, okay. First have actually been in the apartment is so dope. I'm dead. Okay, so let me do a quick, empty apartment or for you guys. Okay? It's not gonna be a realistic one, but here we go. Okay. This is the stairs, and you can literally look down to the downstairs like the kitchen. There's, like, a little space right here and then up here. That's in my room right there. This is my roommate's room. So cool. And this is our back room, and it's huge. I tell you, the best part work. I wish the light was working in here. Not really sure why, But this is my room. Can't really see, because when the dark. But the best for is and he has to closet. I have to like, why is there in this kitchen the living room? So don't have all the merger on. This is the hallway. And this is another better make here where she's already started moving her stuff. Almost cute. And this is their bathroom right here. And then this is like the front. This is our view. There's the pool. Oh, my God. Guys, I love these Windows are huge. This isn't what I need to go head now and get the rest of my boxes. It's gonna be a long process, because I'm on the third floor and the elevators are show slow. I don't have any like cart or anything, so I can finesse one from someone, but yeah, So I'm gonna go ahead and go get the rest of it when you fun ness, a shopping cart and your life gets dramatically. Yes, Daddy. Talking to a guy and I was like, so like, are you still using that car? And he was like, No, Do you want Oh, yeah, I've been carrying like these heavy boxes These giant Tubbs two at a time by myself up in elevator and lots of, like, across the parking lot. And my muscles were just crying. And then I saw this cart with this man, and I would just like it was like a come to Jesus moment. I was just like, Yes, now moving is going to be a lot easier. And I'm not letting go of this car is my like right now, me and this cart are in this together family photo. A long time. No see. It's actually a lot later than I remember the last time. Log butt. I'm currently standing in my new apartment back through Really, really excited. I still don't have for richer, but like I started putting things away like I hate with moving is just so much work. This is the third time I've lived this year, and I'm over it, so Yeah, but I'm gonna go ahead and hop in my brand new Shaler and shower because I feel disgusting. I've just been sweating all day and just so Grover. Yeah, like I look so ugly. So, yeah, um, can can What's up? It's Abby and I have to move out of my house like today, So I have to move out of my house like today. So that's what I've been doing all morning. I've been packing up shit and getting in boxes and moving and getting into my car. I haven't gone over to the apartment building yet, but about to. So, yeah, that's been my day so far. It's currently let's e think it's like 10. Yeah, it's almost 11 in the morning right now. That's really not gonna be that hard, because I don't have furniture yet. All my furniture is coming on the third directly to my apartment's being delivered. So all I have is just like closed boxes and like all my other crap that I have to get out today. So that's what I've been doing. But the house is like super empty, and it's like freaking me out, but yeah, so I'm just gonna start moving and go over the apartment soon and get the key and start putting boxes in the apartment. It's gonna be a lot of work. I'm doing a desk, Um, that we built Yes, the other day. And that's kind of what it looks like. I started hanging things up, but I still need some more like decorations for over here. And then this is the other piece of furniture that we built, literally. I closed up. I'm sorry, my closet just like that. And, yes, that's kind of you, but yes, that's what it looks like right now. I still need a lot of decorations and stuff. Um but for the most part, I have furniture now, which is like a full it. We also put like, um this food Thanh over here. I think I showed it, but it just sits right over here and then, like the window. So, yeah, nice little sitting area in the apartment, but yeah, So we're gonna go to Ross today, and I'm gonna get some more decorations for the apartment. Um, and for my room. I want to get some lights and stuff. I have a list taking that bitch with me and health final behaving and yeah, we're gonna go. Hey, guys. So I was just editing the video, the whole flog me moving into my apartment and I realized I never officially ended it because not that great of longer. So this is me ending the vlog. Officially, I hope you guys enjoyed it. If you did, please make sure to get a thumbs up. And also make sure you hit the subscribe and down below for more college related videos from me. And yeah, that's everything. I love you guys so much. Andi, I hope you guys enjoyed watching me move into And then next videos we're going to be, you know, the other freshman dorm options and things like that, Let's get started. So this is pressed in. This is one place you could live as a freshman. You have to apply to get in. But my friend lives here and she loves it. It's on the smaller side, so it's a close community. This's to East Choir. This is a really good location and so is pressed in. But storms are really close together, which is really nice, and it's so cute and pink. I'll explain more the process of it in the next video. As much as I know. Also, look at the palm trees. That's one thing that I didn't know What's gonna happen when I moved here. Ah, here is South Quad. Keep in yellow right across across from East Quad. It's also called Women's Quad, So only women lived there. I don't know if you'd be interested in that, but it's really close to a black, which is our older