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Right now we are in Fleisher kwab, and that building behind me was my freshman dorm. I live on the fifth floor, and one of the greatest things about this building is that one. It is the tallest building in Blacksburg, so that's something worthy. And two. Because one of my freshman dorm was facing the East Side East Side every morning, the sun revised and like Wake me up inside of my alarm clock, social power and through their back there. It's like the lobby like part of the building that connects plus your power and you're away. Flusher wing is, like really long, only three storeys tall. So one thing about Flusher replied. It is cold doornbos, but divide the gender by four. And on the other side of the quad, thinking, Campbell Campbell Campbell, he's Campbell Hall is a call girl's dorm, while Main Campbell is a cobra. And, of course, there's a volleyball for those who want to play during the warring weather like some fire little pinch for like a little bit of barbecue and stuff. I never used it because I never had time with them. I need to get food for grilled food Yeah. A little picnic area for those who want you like gather. Fortunately, I don't live on campus anymore, so I can't really show you what the dorms look like, but I hope the outside work. No. All right, So I'm coming to you from the quad between and Laura Johnson and Cochran Hall. So Cochran Hall is a much more common freshman dorm house is a lot of people so easily. And they're the nice thing about Cochran and the antler Johnston's is West End is right there, so you can go. They don't serve breakfast, so you have to go somewhere else for that. But really great setup for lunch and dinner. It's why people like to live over here. You're right across from much parking lots. Parking attack. It's very, very difficult. So living across from the parking lot of a huge benefit. But over here we have West Ambler Johnston. You Seymour Johnson is behind this on the other side. Continue this love you and that's the outdoor seating for West End. So today is not a nice day. But if it were a nice day, you'd have the opportunity to sit outside and enjoy it.