A Chiropractic degree is the first step to becoming a highly valued chiropractor. A profession that revolves around alleviating pain in those suffering from back pain and body aches, a Chiropractic degree means that you can enter the chiropractic field and specialize in bones, muscles, tendons, ligaments, or nerves. To become a chiropractor, you need to have a Chiropractic degree or a doctorate in Chiropractic study, as well as a state license. A chiropractor is unlike many other healthcare careers and takes a 'whole body' approach to health and wellness. Students undertaking a Chiropractic major will study the self-regulation of the body, musculoskeletal functions, diet, and exercise designed for rehabilitation. The result is a well-rounded area of study that opens up many potential careers.

What can I do with a Chiropractic degree?

Chiropractors are in high demand, and there is predicted to be a 4% growth in available positions over the next decade. As people start looking at alternative forms of medicine, a Chiropractic major is appealing to a wide range of demographics, and your career isn't limited to simple chiropractic treatments. Some of the careers that you go into with a Chiropractic degree include:

As you'd expect, the vast majority of people who graduate with a Chiropractic degree will go into some form of healthcare role, which itself is one of the fastest-growing sectors in the US.

What to expect from a Chiropractic salary?

With such high demand for Chiropractic professionals and a wide range of potential careers to choose from, the average Chiropractic salary can vary between extremes. If you get yourself an entry-level position at a Chiropractic or healthcare facility, then the average wage is around $69,460, although this can rise very dramatically if you continue your studies or set up your own Chiropractic business. Being a self-employed Chiropractor will mean that you can set your own hours and charge the rates that you prefer. However, it's worth knowing that the more years that you have been practicing, where you are based, and how many hours you work will all affect your annual salary.

Where to study for your Chiropractic degree

There are a lot of schools and colleges in the US that offer robust Chiropractic degree courses and majors. Knowing the best school for you will depend on many factors. Think about your career path and check the course details to make sure that you can specialize in what you want to focus on. You should also find out more about the school itself, which you can do by signing up for your free account with CampusReel. We have compiled over 15,000 videos from students at every school and college in America so that you get the inside view of what each campus and your relevant department is really like. Student life is just as much about finding the right kind of dorm and the perfect social scene as much as it is about your Chiropractic degree and the facilities available to you.

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