Graphic Communications

What Can You Do with a Graphic Communications Degree?

The role of designers has evolved massively in recent years, and to succeed in this competitive industry, you need to be willing to embrace the latest technologies within the design industry.

That being said, once you have gained a graphic communications degree, you will be qualified to work in an extensive range of exciting design fields such as branding, logo design and illustration.

Keep reading to find out more about pursuing a graphic communications major, including what you can expect to study, plus, the most popular and lucrative job roles for graphic communications graduates.

Should I pursue a graphic communications major?

If you are looking for a bold, exciting and demanding degree that will encourage you to unleash your creative side, experiment with design and explore innovative technologies, then a graphic communications major is a great choice for you.

Undertaking a combination of practical projects and theoretical studies, you will graduate with a strong profile that is incredibly sought after in today’s design industry.

What can I do with a graphic communications degree?

One of the best elements of graphic communications is that it is a broad topic, meaning you can choose which specific area of design you want to specialize in when undertaking your graphic communications degree. From animation to special effects, publishing to printing, there are so many interesting fields of design that you can choose to study.

Below are a small selection of some of the most popular positions that graphic communications graduates can go into.

Logo Designer

A logo designer creates the branding used to represent a particular brand, product, or service. Many logo designers choose to work on a freelance basis, although you could work for an advertising agency or design firm.

The average salary for a graphic designer is $52,100.


Illustration is a fairly competitive career path, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t succeed in this profession, you just need to make sure that your work stands out from the crowd. Using your creative skills to create original images for a range of printed and digital products, you will be required to work closely with marketers and clients alike.

The average salary for an illustrator is $63,030, with an expected job growth of 7.1%.

Photoshop Artist

Adobe photoshop artists or illustrators are typically employed by advertising agencies and publishing houses to generate ideas and create illustrations.

The average salary for a concept artist with Adobe photoshop skills is $52,395 per annum.

How do I pick the right college to study graphic communications?

A core aspect of a graphic communications degree is research through practice, meaning that you will be required to work with other students to develop your leadership and teamworking skills. These crucial skills will prepare you to undertake graduate positions at design agencies or even to set up your own design firm.

However, you will only learn these vital skills if you choose a college that will support your overall learning and development journey.

As well as choosing a college that offers the specific degree program that you want to pursue, it would help if you also focus your efforts on finding an establishment that provides a productive and supportive campus.

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