What Can You Do with a Health and Physical Education/Fitness Degree?

Do you enjoy staying fit and the idea of helping others get into shape? If so, a health and physical education/fitness degree could be a suitable choice. The following guide will explore what the degree program entails, the type of job roles for graduates, and how to decide on the right college.

Should I become a health and physical education/fitness major?

When studying for a degree in health and physical education/training, you take on a variety of classes as part of the program. These classes include:

When combined, all of these classes can help you develop the knowledge and skills to teach physical education, monitor gym facilities, teach about nutrition, and even help to improve your own athletic performance.

What can I do with a health and physical education/fitness degree?

When it comes to health and physical education/fitness careers, there are various directions which graduates can take. Some will decide to use their degree to enter the medical field, while others may even try and become professional sports competitors.

As well as the type of health and physical education/fitness salary to expect, the below examples help illustrate the type of roles available.

Physical therapist

A physical therapist is responsible for helping afflicted people deal with pain and improve movement. For patients suffering from injuries, illnesses, or chronic conditions, these professionals play an integral role in putting together an effective rehabilitation and treatment plan.

Based on research from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2019 figures reveal that physical therapists earned a median annual wage of $89,440.

Fitness trainer/instructor

A fitness trainer/instructor helps to build fitness and motivation levels in people. Working in groups or with individuals, these professionals assist by leading activities such as stretching and cardiovascular exercises.

In 2019, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics notes fitness trainers/instructors earned an annual salary of $40,390 on average.

Exercise physiologists

When patients are trying to recover from chronic diseases, an exercise physiologist will develop exercise and fitness programs that help improve flexibility, body composition, and cardiovascular function.

An exercise physiologist, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, received a median annual salary of $49,170 in 2019.

How do I pick the right college?

You know what jobs with a health and physical education/fitness degree are on offer. If you’re still interested in studying this subject, the next step is to pick the best college for your needs.

This is no easy task. You have to take into account price, location, and the colleges’ reputation. You also have to factor in the quality of the campus. A campus with substandard dorms and limited facilities is far from ideal.

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