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Right now I'm standing in front of our gym. This gym is hoping the most students it is open every day. You I will show you guys the inside, just a basic Jim. And then there's also the weight room that students can go into. Right now I am standing near the track. This track is actually open to most students during the day. They ll have signs when track is close for, like the soccer practices or lacrosse on these air, where most of our for sports games are really fun to come. So while we're on the topic of the gym and the track and what students can use, we also have the pool. The pool is open during a couple weird hours, but you guys have a free ability to go swim during those hours, and they have lifeguards on duty. I personally have not done that, But if you're looking for a different way to exercise, I'd completely suggest looking at the schedule for the pool and going swimming Right now, I am standing in front of our via library. This libraries open most weekdays from six AM to one AM speaking at all you're setting down in the day. It is actually right next to heritage, which is one of our campus coffee shops. And it is open also until when I am with the library. So you'LL be able to get those late night sex. You need to continue study As we walk inside. I'm going to show you how you get in. You are going to take your violin idea and scan it in, and it will lead you through the bars. And then once you were inside, there are three levels to the library in the next video. I'm talking about each one, but I will say that inside I have spent a lot of times using all Right now, I am standing in front of Chase Gymnasium, which is our gym that houses the basketball team. Most of our sports here at Biola ar e, too. So every year we have something that kicks off the backs of all season and is called Midnight Madness, where our cheerleading team comes in and all the different sports are able to be represented. Um, and we just kick off spring season of sports Inside this gym, we also hold conferences. This used to be the place where we all chapels, but because we're getting higher in the league, way had to move out and go to Sutherland. What you guys saw in the rest of my campus tour inside. Sometimes their classes held there because there's like basketball classes. But most of the time you'd only go in there for intramural sports that are at night that don't require like, a big field. And then you go in there for, like, big events for Iowa. Right now, I am standing in front of the bioattack. This track is home to our soccer team and our lacrosse team in attracting field team wear. D, too, except for lacrosse, is a leak sport and Right now I am standing in front of this mural, and it is called the Word, but is better known as the Jesus Merrill here on campus. This is one of our many campus landmarks, and it shows the Holy Trinity in the three shadows behind Jesus. And it reminds us of where faith is based and you see it every day on our way to the cafeteria. It's a very picturesque place and violas super well Right behind me is the fireplace is really in. This is an awesome place to send you on the far places on at night. And so I've seen people have worshipped nights here and different concerts happened on our campus. It's called the Eddie You, by awesome artist to come out and you just spend the night listening to cool music and across from fireplace civilian is actually the student union building. There's another exit, has two floors and a lot of events happened right in front, going to show you guys right now we have a shop pop I am standing right in front of the business building, which is housing most of the business classes for the possible of business, which is one of our biggest majors here. I'm going to take you guys inside to check out some classrooms and talk a little bit more about how classes look here. And then when you come back, Right now I am standing in front of Metzger Lan. This is just a great open space where a lot of students come and sit on the one and do homework. Sometimes we have events out here like concerts, or your first event on campus will happen right here on this lawn. It is between Calvary Chapel and the library, and it's just amazing place to hang out. And I personally have been here sitting and just hang out with my friends and socializing, and it's a great opportunity to want people because of your friends. Know someone. They're going to come sit with you on this one, and it's a thing, and it's amazing. So once you walk in the library, the main floor has the writing center, which is free for all violent students. You can go and make an appointment online, and they will help you with your papers in your speeches and all those kinds of things. And that's you walking you'LL see. There's multiple computers that you will have access to through your dialogue in, and that's where I do my assignments when my computer doesn't work or I need a PC instead of my Mac. Therefore, of the library with just the top floor, there are study rooms that you can reserve online, which are really great for when you and your friends want to study together. Or you have a group project you need somewhere to go. Uh, upstairs gets a little bit loud during the evenings when it's, uh, busy midterm season just because everybody's hanging out up there. So my suggestion is to go down to the basement, where is actually a silent like one hundred percent of the time, and you can also book study Room's down there. It's just a little bit fighter. You get more spaces to focus, and within the library, there is, of course, reserves that tells you where all the different books are that you need for any research paper or Bible people that you have. Right now I am standing in front of the viola bells. This is one of the biggest landmarks on our campus. This used to actually sit on top of the viola building when it was located in Los Angeles. We can see right now there are five different bells on this structure, and originally the five bills were on the viola tower. There used to be eleven, but only five are seen right now, and these bells ring about three times a day, depending on the day. And they usually signify chapels that are happening on campus. Personally, I live on campus and I do not hear the bells during the day. So if that's something you're worried about, don't worry about it. It's not a thing. It's fine. You can see that these bells right here are a significant location on campus where you meet people or you