California State University-Long Beach Campus

Hey, guys. So this is a student wellness and recreation center at Cal State Long Beach. It's also known as our Jim. It's a nice facility. It's a very huge. It's very new and nice looking, very kept a well. And there's a lot of people in there that know what they're doing, so it's actually quite a distance away from upper campus. For most, your classes will be so. It is kind of a new sense of where you should park, where they should stay part by where you're at or by the gym. The gym offers several paid and non PE classes, expand classes, Pallotti's yoga, cardio workouts but workouts, etcetera. There's a nice big basketball court for those of you who like to hang out and just catch some hoops and friends. There's a nice lap pool and Jacuzzi, and I believe the Jacuzzis open until, like ten at night on Monday through Thursday. There's also a nice rock climbing wall. For those of you that like that extra workout, and this is one of those rooms that I was telling you that they do. Those classes, like yoga, are Pallotti's in Ah, there dance room, sometimes you could go in there, exercise by yourself. They have, ah, decent amount of equipment for weights and cardio. And this is their indoor track, which I love to use every time we go Everyone. My name is Joy Route in. I will be your campus real ambassador for the California State University, Long Beach, also known as Cal State Long Beach or Long Beach State. I'm currently sporting the spirit where for the school, and so I'm going to tell you a little about myself. I am a journalism major. I am a freshman. I chose journalism because I love all aspects of journalism. I loved the reporting. I love the writing. I love being in front. The camera love mean behind the scenes and editing the footage. So it encompasses a lot of things that I am like to do a lot of things. And I can't see myself doing one thing on Ly for the rest of my life. My hometown is actually who's on South Korea. That's where I was born. But I've also lived in San Antonio, Texas. I lived in Long Beach, California, ferment middle school and high school years. That's where I graduate high school and part of a reason why I chose Long Beach State because of its proximity to my house, the time and now currently living with your California mother. Facts about me is that on campus I am involved with to Christian groups, one called Crew Ministries and the other one's soon movement on. And then I was also working with twenty two West video productions, So I'm really excited to take you on this tour of me. Although Calc in Long Beach is not an Ivy League school are like, you see, it's a Cal state. Um, some people don't see it as the high ranking school, even though it is one of the most competitive schools, not the most competitive, but one of them for cow states. It's a great school for academics, and there is diversity versatile, and then second of all, they have a lot of opportunities, and they really try to help their students, although if I'm gonna be honest, they do have some problems with how they run things. But overall, it's a great school, so let's get Excellent resource and campuses a twenty four hour study room in the US uu room to one in the west. We So there are rooms in this building that can be rented out or reserved by like organizations, clubs, departments where their meetings and so, But students can use those rooms during eleven PM to seventy and without, like reserving it. But you could stay in this little area, which I am me during the day, and I like to plug in my Mac and my iPhone and charge it up before heading to upper campus. And it's just a really good place. So the bathrooms are actually really nice and the women's bathroom they actually have a free period. So this is the bathroom in the twenty four hour study room. As you can see, it's really nice. Most bathrooms are this nice in school. They keep next clean, and this is just me face into a twenty for study room. Is the corner market waking buy snacks, and here is the university bookstore. They have some really cool stuff. There were still technology, actually bought my math book there and I got a free pair of pizza. I don't recommend buying our textbooks here because they are overpriced. However, they do compared their prices. But other prices like Amazon. And it's a really good price to buy spirit here. Next up, we have the U. S. You also known as a university student union. There's a lot of cool stuff in here for students, and there's pool table's bowling alley foosball, and they come out of cheap rate. And there's also ice hockey. You can sit around watch TV with your friends, study there's lounge rooms to whom, where there's a lot of them. There's even a quad where people consider Al when it's nice and just eat their lunch, hang out with friends, or even just to home where there's a food quota. Carl's Jr. Subway up, oil local. There's a coffee being the Brahmin hauls another important place. This is where you could buy your longest transit bus pass for five dollars. I believe you're taking like financial lay that you would go here to do stuff about Hey, guys. I'm about to go into this student rec center. You can probably see people coming in and all behind me in a second. Um, we'll go in here and show you what the facility has to offer and all the different rooms that they haven't equipment as well. So let's head inside. Thank you. No for this. What? They're back center. Looks like when you first came, it actually spotted some friends, So show them later. If you go to your right, you'll do locker room. So take their first. This is where you're headed. If you want to interview sports and equipment, check out if you don't get clean towels here as well. For your workout, there's also lost walkers. So if you ever need to put your stuff away to work out, let's hear about the woman's locker room and the men's locker room. I'm not gonna take you in there, obviously. And then at the end of this hallway we have a rock climbing wall. She brought a place right now because I'm no hundred closed. But we also have a racquetball court, um, and there's gym equipment spurt out. We also have mats out so you can do whatever kind of ab workouts or floor workouts that you want. And then on the opposite side of what I just showed you is a, uh, really, really large basketball court. So there's so much space and there's always people in there who are willing and wanting to play. All right, so now we're heading into the area with all the equipment. I see some of my friends behind me here. Well, hello. So what work out you guys doing right now? We're just doing some laps down. Hi guys. It's Sunday morning and I'm headed to, uh, campus gym or the rec center and we need to work out. The right center is like a huge two storey Jim that was at the pool in the hot tub and it was just really nice, like it's free for students. It's a part of your tuition. It's really cool. Right now. I'm working with the bus is here. See there no. You're. Hey, I saw Just gonna answer a few frequently asked question. There is about thirty seven thousand sixty five students that Aaron ruled as a huge campus, Let me tell you, but it doesn't feel that overwhelming. If you join clubs or if you're involved with school because everyone kind of does their own thing, I can call it. Just definitely not like high school. It's very diverse long, which is a very diverse city across every category you could think of kind of neat because there's always someone that you can really, too. I really haven't had problems with anybody. I guess the only annoying thing about people at school is like the parking issue. People like they don't really reach out to become your friend. You kinda have to reach out to be their friend. Me. When you do that, people sometimes don't care. Like if you don't click because, like I remember in high school, like we could be friends with anyone. But in college is a little bit different than that, because you have to make more of an effort to see them and hang out with them. Kira. What do you want, girl? Some of the impacted majors that council on beaches are several impacting majors because there's so many students and there's none of professors or classes to take the students. So that's why I told you to join the honors program. That way you don't have to do whether delayed graduation, graduation like their slogan is Doom or And four. They want you to get out in four years. But it's impossible because you can take your classes. But if you don't, I swear, when we get out in four years, I'm gonna get out in three and a half. But that's also cause that AP credits engineering nursing business you much Anything in stem is like impacted. It's very popular, major, but dances pretty competitive to get in because you actually have to audition and they only take like what, thirty at, like, five hundred people, something like that. So you do have to be competitive. I mean, you'd have to be competitive to the point where, like you will be like the first in line to get to Harvard that competitive. But you do have to have like, a standing, I would say Greek life. So I'm not a part of Greek life. A lot of sororities and fraternities on campus, ones that are for specific majors. And there's ones for, like, different, like sub groups of sorties, like There's a Christian story you Khun join on. There's also a Christian fraternity. You couldn't join on campus. There's other once they're just like regular basic, like gamma Phi Beta. Delta Gamma aren't music and theater. Okay, so I was actually, I had to take a theater class, so I went to four plays last semester, and they are really good productions. I do recommend going and seeing the place, but some of the best clubs organizations like Campus A. Depending on your major, I would join something that you connect with people because, like, that's the only way you're going to really meet people and make friends and colleges by joining clubs. And you want to join something that takes your time way, but in a good way. Like for me, I joined Christian clubs because I want to meet other Christian people did, like, determined, like what type of people? You want to surround yourself because that's the good thing about college is you can choose like who you hang out with. Vice Incoming freshman. If you could get one piece of advice to your high school self, what would it be a stress out too much about, like the name of the college Like? I would tell myself, don't worry about like the name of the college, because in the grand scheme of things, it really doesn't matter. I feel like colleges like the experience is like what you make out of it, no matter where Europe and I stressed a lot about, like getting Gray is getting all these volunteer hours doing like everything to be that perfect resume candidates for like a butt. In the end, I knew I was going to go there, and I knew I wasn't going to get in the first place. Application advice. Any advice you can offer students for the college application process and specifically how they can increase their chances again except to your school. So I think casting Long Beach has about thirty four percent acceptance rate, so Cal State Long Beach is pretty competitive. They do get a lot of applications calcium, Long Beach except everyone from like the long beach high schools, and I think surrounding jai schools into the school when they apply. If they meet eligibility Index, which basically takes your either your s A T score, I think times it by your g P A. If you have a really high G P A. But you have a lower test score, you could still probably get it. If you have a high test score and a lower G P A. You can probably get in, so you have to make sure at least one of them is high enough and you confined eligible E index like formula on the website. But that's basically kind of Holly determined. When you fill out your application, just make sure you recommend opening in it. I think they open them like November first. Open it. It started that first date. Add little by little so you don't get overwhelmed. You don't have to submit an essay, which is really nice, but they do ask for your like extra cooker activities and all that. But I don't think that has any weight. Teo, like you're their decision to get you Where are we right now? And which is I don't even think you're pretty. Please. Yeah, It's like a pub saying Yeah, I'm going get here. Here, Great for twenty one. And they also have other food places here. So this is where you go to eat. Come. I think it has a name. Yeah, I'm going to show up in here. So this is the central quad. It's the biggest quarter on campus and the most popular one we could welcome missed, hosted in this area every semester, and people like to sit and hang out with friends, do homework while the sun is out. Today was just raining when I was filming, but it's a great place to catch up with friends. Each hut is one of many convenience stores on campus that half snacks, and it's located next to the library. On campus, you'll be able to find these newspaper of any machines, especially in the central quad. So this is one entrance to the U. S. You second floren. There's also qual, where there's a lot of like couches and seeds with umbrellas. When it's nice outside, people like to sit down and do homework. So this is just a top view of the U. S. You, which stands for the university student union. And thank you for watching this video. Over to lower campus. This is where engineering and kinesiology buildings are. And we also have the very famous Walter Parent. This is the Walter Pyramid. Um, which is kind of like the landmark of our campus. Um, in there is where they have the basketball games and the voluble games when they're in season. So it's a lot of fun to be in there all insert like some clips of what it looks like in there. So this is a clip from a halftime show. It's called at the basketball game. And then here is a clip from when Jeremiah was at our school. A concert. And so a sigh has stuff like that every year. I believe that's pretty cool. Here we have upper campus. Um, let's start with the go sign and here's the awkward pool. It's called awkward because it's really awkward to something there. Don't do it. So this is against the quad upper campus. Um, this is mainly where, like, I hang out on the grass area, you've been like sitting study if you want Teo through the night, um, and then on upper campus, we also have thie book store where you can buy books and like your idea like that. And my favorite thing on upper campus is the Amazon pickup spot here. You can pick up packages. No. I had, like, two days delivery.