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How long do Fordham University tours last?

CampusReel hosts a total of about 35 tour videos for Fordham University, so you can expect to spend between 105 to 175 minutes total watching content. Of course, we are constantly adding new content. Come back to CampusReel often to see new videos and campus tours of Fordham University and stay informed on campus life.

Where do Fordham University tours start?

On CampusReel, you can start your Fordham University tour wherever you’d like. If you’re touring Fordham University in person with a traditional walking tour you’ll likely start at the admissions office. The school’s address is listed as Bronx, NY so we recommend plugging that into your GPS. Before beginning a tour at Fordham University, make sure you check the weather and plan out your itinerary and accommodations appropriately. Bronx weather can be unpredictable, so bring comfortable shoes in case it rains. Also, check what stops the tour includes to make sure you’ll see everything you’re interested in! The Fordham University website likely outlines important information for tour visitors.

When do Fordham University tours start?

Needless to say, a CampusReel virtual tour of Fordham University starts whenever you want. However, most schools provide 2-3 different start times for group tours in-person: in the morning, afternoon, and late afternoon. We recommend choosing the second available timeslot because Fordham University students will likely be up and about by then. You can explore Bronx if you wake up early and want to gain a deeper understanding of the surrounding community. Check the Fordham University admissions site or student services to confirm tour times.

What are the best landmarks and locations at Fordham University?

Below is a list of every Fordham University building that has a tour on CampusReel.

What will I see on a Fordham University tour?

All CampusReel tours for Fordham University include everything from dorms to dining halls to student interviews and gameday videos. Most importantly, you will see Fordham University students!

What is city Bronx, NY like?

Bronx is listed as Mid-Atlantic. You need to evaluate the area carefully to make sure this is an environment you want to go to college in. Some people love a town this size, and others don’t. Either way, it will affect your time at Fordham University.

Who are the tour guides for Fordham University on CampusReel?

Scroll up to the top of the page to select from a number of tour guides available at Fordham University. Keep in mind anyone can upload content to CampusReel, so the available tour guides are constantly increasing.

Summary and Overview of Fordham University tours:

Fordham University, like all colleges and universities, has its pros and cons. At the end of the day, your goal with these tour videos is to try to decide if Fordham University is the right school for you. After you’ve taken the time learn about the campus, Bronx and overall experience, then you can consider taking your search one step further and visiting Fordham University in person.

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