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Thinking about San Diego State University and trying to determine if it’s the right fit for you? The college search process can be tough, but CampusReel is here to make it fun and engaging. If you’re thinking about visiting San Diego State University in person, we strongly recommend you at least complete the virtual tour first. After watching the entire virtual tour, the next step would be to take an in-person campus tour to further vet San Diego State University’s culture and community. Whether you are a prospective high school student considering the school or interested in transferring to San Diego State University, these videos and reviews are designed to give you a complete understanding of the San Diego State University experience. These San Diego State University video reviews share the culture and daily life of students both on and off campus.

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Hey, guys. So this brings us to the end of this tour. I hope I was better able to help you figure out which college is best for you. I will end on one last piece of advice, and that is to make sure not to make partying your number one priority. Obviously, college is meant for school and academic purposes, and partying is also a really big part of college culture. But it is so easy to forget about assignment, due dates and not really care about school. When you're having the time of your life, especially as you so just remember everything in moderation, there will always be another party, but not another day. Wait. So first things first. A lot of the stuff that you may not bring or may need here that you forgot you, Khun, usually just file wall. But here's some of the things that you probably want to bring with you so that you don't have to leave to go by. Take a little. So the first things I got when I came here, your utensils knife's for experience. Stuff like that bulls. Even so that you can cook your own food if you need thio. If you run out of meal plan money or just for convenience. Really? If you wantto make tea or coffee, the next thing I recommend bringing is a ham. Now, this is what you're gonna use to do your laundry is what you're gonna use whenever you need Teo, put your clothes in and take him in and out of the dryer. Bring them back in your room. Stuff like that. And the last thing I would say, you would need to bring his probably computer. Um, if you don't have one, of course they can use notebook and pencils and stuff like that, but it's kind of like the biggest necessity for college general, in my opinion, so yeah. Oh, one more bedsheets. Bedsheets is my new number. One thing that I think because they don't come with bed sheets and they're kind of unsanitary, so I just bring bedsheets for sure. So something really unique about CSU is their zip launchpad program. So that's pretty much just a program for anybody, as use you, for those of you who have a business dream or business idea, but they have mentors that work with you. They provide structure and training to create a business proposal. And every four months AH, panel of investors will review those proposals, and if they like it, they'll actually provide the funding and invest in it so that you can make that proposal. Reality. Also, as he issues study abroad, program is nationally ranked. It's number nine in the country for the number of students that it sends abroad because it's advisor. Is its program so helpful? And it really, truly caters to each individual student, even if you don't think that it's possible? For whatever reason, I myself thought that finances would get in the way of me studying a pride. They worked with you and they find a way, and we find funding and they set you up with scholarships. And they're really so awesome. So definitely definitely reach out Welcome to Sunny San Diego. Guys, my name's. I say today we're going to take a tour of Estes super psyched about this. We're gonna learn a lot. We're gonna have fun. It's gonna be awesome, guys. So before you get started, I just wanted to let you about myself. My name is Isaiah. I'm a t f major from Texas. Time is basically television film. And so I work a lot of TV at work a lot. Theater classes, just a lot of entertainment. So they were going to talk a little bit about dorms a little bit about livelihood here. What to bring just the overall campus life. Okay, guys. Seo, Lots of my Spanish class. So this is an average sized class like forty to fifty students. Um, this is a general ed class for the language requirement that a lot of majors need And we're about to take a midterm. So right now, I'm going to kind of explain the meal plans to you which one you want, which you don't want, which one is best, in my opinion, on which one you have the most. So I have to flex seven. There's Affleck seven, Flex five and we call it the fact. Give me a plan, which is probably really bad, but it's just a big so the Flex five. You get to eat five days a week. Um, it's excluding weekends and you get twenty four dollars to spend whenever you please. So in the Flex seven, which is what I have, you get money. You get a money allowance every single day of the week, including weekends. So I get twenty two dollars per week day and I get Mom Think it's seventeen fifty on the weekend? I don't really know. I just go in and spend it. And in the last meal plan, which is what my roommate has it is the effect. A meal plan is what we call it. It's called the Meals plus is what it's really called. And in the meals plus you get, I believe it has thirteen hundred dollars per semester to spend, and there's no limit. You could spend thirteen hundred and one day or you could spend a hundred a day or none of it, and it'll carry over into the next Mestre, too, So it's kind of the most freeing. But what I've realized is that people, people either take advantage of it or they don't use it. The best one I would recommend is the seven. I have seven, and I eat pretty comfortably. I I'm not out of money, all right, don't find myself out of money and still hungry, and it's kind of just the overall best meal plan in mind. The next I'm going to be showing you guys the library in the bookstore. So these heir to the most important places on campus, I would say, if you need your books, if you need supplies or just kind of need to get really academic, I mean, I would hope so. Your school here? So let's check them out, guys. So we're actually right here at the CSU bookstore right here. And the bookstore is just across from where we eat West Commons. So let's go in So you can get everything from tech in here to video games. So literally, Anything in here, books, whatever you need cyclic. So here's a cool little personal story. I'm from Texas, right? And when I moved out here, I didn't know, like what? Life it bottle or drinking container was out here, and I recently learned it is Hydro flask. So they sell these here. I had no clue. Like literally. I did not know what they were before I moved out here. So we have a whole wall of, um, people carry on. They put stickers on their really cool thing. And another thing that's really bigot. The school's skateboarding. So that's not big in Texas. Nobody really does it. Unless you, I guess. Know how we were raised with. So, once again, the hydra flask there, everywhere here and the penny ports. So there's a wine collection of them? No, you can carry them around your hands. People keep them in the dorms, take him in the class, but it's just kind of a faster way to get around campus. So right now we're headed up to the second floor of the Yes. You lie or not? Library has deceived bookstore. So this is where you're gonna find some of the more academic or more more art and even ah, journals and stuff like that. So right behind us, we have some journals right over here. We have markers, creative stuff. And look, we even have a notebook notebook carriers. Now, pencil patch is so we have scissors. And to be honest, if you want to find the stuff, I'd goto Wal Mart. It's a lot cheaper. You'll save a lot more money. But if if you need it now, it works in a pinch. So we would have calculators to so they really have everything here. It's so another cool thing that you can do. And the S d s U bookstore is in the name. You can actually buy USGS your books here. They can order them for you and they can either ship them to you or you can pick them up here. They do buy back your book's a cz well, and you can also buy use books here too. If you are a little low on money, something new they're actually starting now is the instant access, which is basically you get your book online so you don't have to hear. You do have to pay, but you can pay later. So it's kind of like putting it on your own on your plan, like you pay later and you get the book now. But we have used books here. So electrics are fundamentals of electric circuits. I don't know what that is, but we have it here and it's used. You can check it out, guys. Surprise. More TVs. Come on. This is the chill space, one of the initial spaces. So every dorm has multiple force. Every floor has multiple wings. That's a wing more study space. When you're in the dorms, people come like everyday to clean the bathrooms and the halls and everything more study space. Except for on the weekends. I think they don't come until I do that. Come on. Yeah, On the weekend, they dont come. So that's kind of on you. You get to, like, decorate your store room and you have a little bored. And most people have roommates that you can buy singles if you like your personal space. And so are we on any specific like living floor? I know they have different themes. Honors, honors this system. Aggies room pretty average size for like a single. Pretty nice. See what we're here. So how do you like living in, sir? I love you. I'm going to be in our next year then I'm really hoping that ghetto deserve for thirty years because this building has become my home familiar with Yeah. I love all the amenities that is love living. What would you say is the best and worst part about living in the dorms? I think the best part is being able. No, we're in the community with sort of doing what you're doing and get, like go through things with them. I think one of the worst parts is sometimes the lodger is can be crowded. You might go down there, bring all your stuff, and then find out that writing machine has taken B a. Get him. Oh, no, it's not that they do. And what do you feel like? The general vibe is of the students here. Like the culture, the community. What does it feel like to you? Feels like like a fan because everyone's looking out for each other. Yeah, all the fresh. Same thing. Essentially. Yeah. So I feel like I want just cares for each other. There's not really any issues that go on, very prevalent. It's very chill. That's great. So, yes. So just so you guys know, you know, we have some space under your bed. You the room comes with these drawers, two drawers and actual, like closet space. So it's not too much base, but honestly, it's not going to get much better than this. Most college dorms have that space. Um, get a cool, really chair. You get your own microwave and your own fridge. Printer does not come with it, unfortunately. And obviously, you can decorate your room if you want to sew. That's the dorms. Thank you. Okay, so I have to show you something really cool and really unique. Toe SD s u and that is our father's market. Every Thursday we have a farm with market on campus, and that includes a lot of tables. So, for example, the student health services, their table ing. But we also bring in a lot of local vendor like fresh am cool. You could get Hamas and Peter. Uh, and then we also have, like, some more healthy options. Farmers work is basically just to give San Diego State students more options on campus, like, once a week. So we have this one hundred percent plant based here, plant based kind of thing here, and then this place is awesome. I always go here. They have awesome egg rolls. We have Hawaiian food over here. We have East African food, Mexican food. And down there we have, like, more Japanese and stuff like that. And that might change next year. So don't be all Oh, my God. She promised me who, Why? And I'm not getting a line. But, um, basically, it's just a bunch of different options for you, and I love it. And most kids do So that's why Thursday's like the Okay, Everybody, meet my friend Jordan. We have bio lab together. I'm going to show you the class in a little bit first. Jordan, how about you introduce yourself and why you chose? So I'm doing. I am nineteen years old. My major is journalism with communication. And I chose you a beautiful campus. It's a very good school to get to you, and I really like the atmosphere. How would you describe this body? So I would describe this student body. It's very welcoming. And I just feel like people in San Diego are very, you know, chill. Get along with each other really well. Pretty good vibes here. Yeah, I felt that too. Um, what would you say is the academic climate? Everyone at this. I'm very passionate about what they study and everyone. You know, I'm committed to doing well in your classes, you know? And what's your favorite? At least everything about state? And why my favorite stay? People. And I feel like the teachers here, Very, like, passionate about what they do. And they're my least favorite thing is probably how crowded the gym is. Yeah, it's extreme. Yeah, but good news is we're passing the art referendum, so it's going to be expanded by, I think, getting two years. Yeah. So in tears, the gym will be much more. Even though it's off now. I won't say anything about right. It'll be perfect. Okay. Thank you, Jordan.