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Celestra Acosta

California, Economics, Class of 2019


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California, Cognitive Science, Machine Learning, Class of 2019


So I just got off the elevator of the ninth floor. This is where my apartment room is. Over here. We see the board, which shows you who they are, is or the residential presidential adviser for the floor is Yes, there's my aria. I'm actually living with her in the apartment this year, and our room is just down the hall. I think it's so cutely decorated a bit for Halloween. We have some spider webs, and every room has this. Their names are like on stars because the theme for this floor is the Hollywood Walk of Fame. So we have seven girls living in the apartment. And yes, the our toys has, like something that will indicate if she is inside if she's like in class. So people will know when they could come in and ask her questions. So I'm going to put my code in. I think it enter. All right, So we're in the apartment abilities. Be decorated a bit for Halloween. Just a few decorations, and well, first I'll show you the kitchen. Comes with like an electric powered stove and, uh, Vin and the cabinets for everyone to put their snacks here is my I have a lot of stuff. So the apartment doesn't come with a microwave. So our apartment made bought this micro leaves. Oh, she also brought the toaster. So nice. Um, other things that was bought separately. We're like the drying rack. A rice cooker. Just computing. And we have our rage right here is like the trash duty list. So for all the rooms like every week, we switch off and takes out the trash. And that is a table these pumpkins could've got. They be cute. It sits for so like the chairs like this, it's pretty low to the floor. And now right behind me is the living room. We have a small couch there, a longer couch there and a little coffee table. Julia, this is pretty useful. Our apartment mate. I brought a printer because even though you could print in the library and like the other study rooms like having one in your apartment is pretty efficient. Like I said, there are seven girls living in the apartment. So down there is my triple and my Ari single, and this side is another single and a double go through the hallway to see what the restaurant looks like. We have all of our cubbies here where we could keep our toothbrushes and shampoos and extra space. So there's some drawers down there. Right behind me is the mirror and the sinks and we go in here It's gonna make a sound cause I'm gonna turn on the light So here is the shop comes with we go inside. Right behind me is one of the famous landmarks here, UCSD. And it is the Dr Seuss statue that is right next to the guy's a library. So Dr Seuss's real name is Theodore Seuss Geisel. And there are a lot of places on campus that are dedicated to him because he lived in La Hoya for such a long time. Yeah, we could totally, like, Step up here. So here's a statue, and here is like one of his famous characters from his book Cat in the Hat. And No people they like have this weird story that the guy's a library is haunted by Dr Seuss's ghost. I don't really think that it's scary, because Dr Seuss seems like a nice man, but, yeah, I would rather not be haunted by a ghost yet. So here it is. There's Dr Seuss sitting on his chair and can the high some other places in UCSD that are dedicated to him under the Sousse Room in the library and is also another Soo's room in the Hey, there is the start of the first week of school and to kick it off, we're going to our first soccer game of the year. Um, here's my roommate. Done. We're getting ready and wearing our UCSD gear to cheer on our school. Yeah. Our apartment is super close to the soccer field. Over there is a soccer field, and right behind me is the apartment. So soul clothes, I think I forgot to mention that the game I was attending is this within soccer game, and we ended up winning two to zero against the, um, CSU that we're playing. And since the court is all cleared out, she court a field. The field is all cleared out there. You get a good look at it. And along with soccer, they do also practice like the Frisbee golf here and the baseball team practices of those and also graduation is hold here on the soccer field, He's seven thirty and me and all my apartment mates are having an apartment dinner at the B show. Here's all my apartment meat, yes. So the boost is like on campus restaurant And use your dining dollars for it. Let me show you. It's right here. It's just a few minutes. Walk away. I should really just like a few seconds away from the house. We're dining, but it is very regular dieting. Serious Sit down restaurant. And here to give you So let's look at the menu because it's like a menu that they give you, stating that all my apartment needs my arm is like somewhere else. Here is the menu. They have sushi entrees and like starter appetizers and desserts. I always always get sushi here. I think my favorite is either the tower or horizon and then for dessert. I always it comes early. All got her food. I have some sushi. Don has salmon, fearsome noodles. Can't wait to eat it the way you think this is the same as a dining. Use your idea. Yeah. You bet your ass. Yeah. You get your check, and then it comes in a little cheque book, just like in a restaurant. Don and I just got off the bus from campus. And we're now at UTC sense for University Town Center and this like an outdoor mall where a lot of students go to, you know for what? Shopping bread. What else do they have it? Boulders at ice skating, and there's a dog park. And, yeah, a lot of things that are just like, really, really expensive, though. So I like to just window shop places pretty poppin, especially since it's the weekend right now. Uh, normally on the weekday, you could just go here, and it's pretty empty. But I do see some classmates here sometimes. I'm just like like Festival Shopping Day way. Bought a lot of bread, like I said, and drinks for our friends and for us, too. And I also got this jacket. You know, when I started this video, I wasn't wearing this jacket. So I'm nice and warm now this's a bus station where all the buses are. It's just a few seconds walk from where them all is. So you use your compass, cloud up. That school provides for you, and you can get on the bus by just showing them the app on your All right, So it's Friday night and then with all the apartment needs, Who was that? You Okay, so we're playing a game where we pick out a question from a box, and we're gonna ask everyone I don't know the answer. Okay, So the question is, what is one thing? What is one thing you're grateful for today? I'm going to do a call, though I'm grateful for having our first apartment dinner. That. Okay. Holiday with the person on your left rather be outdoors, sleeping or Washington. What? What it's like being with your family part of the equation. We're taking a break from the game right now. I'm going to make Marga cakes. There's going to be pretty easy. Could I just have to start in a mug and put in the microwave my level of cooking UCSD mud? Actually, I'll just take John doing it because I'm not one hundred. Yes. Always looking at risk. I should have cut. So we're just gonna put some hot water in months. Oh. More. Olympics. This's how it's done way just finished our bonding for Tobi. Yeah. I'm going to sleep. Right behind me is a guy's a library, and it's known for its really unique architecture. People say from far away, it looks like it's a spaceship. Yeah, because like buildings don't normally look like that. Um, the whole thing is covered in a window and windows and concrete, but there's no third floor. The third floor is where those pillar is hard. So if you're on the elevator, the floors go. One, two, four, five, six, seven, eight and, you know, just other things about the library is that you could read out your textbooks there, and you could also rent out like iPhone, chargers, calculators and even Dslr cameras. But of course, you have to return it. By the end of the day, the library, you could see that there is a noise level sign. So for each of the eight floors, there are different noise levels that you could make. Of course, the first and second floor called active studies, so you could actually talking or normal voice, and you could play some of your video. Then, as you go up, it gets quieter and quieter until the eighth floor, which is complete fine. So if you're up there. There is no noise at all and there are no distractions if you really need to study. Over on the left side, there's something called reserves. Look, so you just look at the text book you need for your class on the computer. See if I could give you an example So the teacher will let you rent out a book from the library. You do exaggerate here. And one, one two. And then you could rent out this book for three hours. And then you could also like a bring a home. It doesn't have to stay in the light. You have to return it. Find a three hour due date and you could also library, of course, is named after Dr Seuss, whose last name was So there are a lot of our in a glass case is that you are by Dr Seuss some of the famous ones that he has. And if we go down there is like a whole wall dedicated to his wife. Here is where people can print out their homeward. It's only a black and white. If you want to do something called, you have to go to another party with the library and you could also make copies of your textbook. Downstairs first for Geisel West is a Teal C, also known as the Teaching and Learning Commons. So this is where you could get extra help in your class is also know as supplemental instruction, which is like extra tutoring. A cafe indoors, the library and it's on Geisel East. So this is a section where most students they want to get up. They could just go get the coffee, right. All right. I'm taking the elevator up to the eighth floor so I could show you what the newly renovated floor looks like. It just opened up this year in twenty eighteen. So did end up studying at the library. And, you know, checking out that book that I had on reserve that I just showed you all how to, like, check out a book. Um, I did stay there for about two hours. That's like the normal amount that I stay in the library. But other people stay there for like, way more. I know that during finals week, the second floor is open twenty four seven, and people like sleep there overnight because, you know, they're just on that study grind, always studying. Um, so the second floor during finals week is open twenty four seven, but the other floors will be like, Shut down! So everyone congregates It's tuesday today and i only have two classes. I really went to my first one, which was at nine. Thirty a. M. It was macroeconomics and data analysis, and i did not videotape myself in the morning. You know, i'm just i can't function at eight. A. M. Where before adm. I'm just not gonna take her video, but, yeah, i finished that class and i got my quiz test quiz score back. It was twenty three two. Twenty five. I forgot to put a plot so i could have gone full credit for that. Um, so during my tuesdays after my first class, i have about a three hour break in between my next class, which is economics of the environment will be a three. Thirty. So during my break, i normally just like, either take a shower or i make some lunch or not can't. And that is always good for breakfast. I usually make something really simple, like cereal. I love cereal. Um, but since i have such a long gap today, i think for alleged, i'm going to make salmon market, which is just downstairs. I need to make rice, so get my rice cooker right up there. And i could just, like, cry my salmon over here on the stove. I'm gonna take you through, like, a typical day of hanging out with my friends. Luckily, my friends and i all live in the same building. So we just like to go to each other's floors whenever we want. Um, i am currently in the cs floor. So you could, like, see how this wallpaper very c s themed. And we're gonna go visit willie because we're gonna have a sushi night tonight. Oh, here's his apartment, but all their names already done. Hello. Oh. Okay. That's already done. My roommate. You met her before sally? Going to make some sushi tonight. Yes. So on our typical days, we just eat food. Whenever we're done the class, it's ah sushi night twelve. Twenty three p. M. After first cost of the day, basically. Wow. So he master. Hello, world. You go. Thank you so much for always meeting me. I'm heading over to my second cost with the day, which is at peterson hall and no originally planned to make seven. But, you know, we ended up at lily's place making sushi, which was a lot more fun s. So it's really nice to have a long gap in between the classes because he gets to recuperate and taken out a lot of food before you have to be in class again. So here is, uh, peterson hall. There are one two the for five, um, classrooms here in the building, and i'm going to take you to where my classes held. It's a over here. It's a huge lecture room, even bigger than the ones that i showed you in price center. And this class surprisingly gets filled so quickly there even some people who just sit on the floor or sit on the staircase because there aren't enough seats. It's only, um, an upper division elective for e con majors. But it's a mandatory class if you're an environmental systems major. So once class is in session, i am going to show you a bit of what? The lectures. Is it too like this? Got it. How do we use in the first day? Right man price. Come on. Back home from my class. Um, it's around five thirty now, and i get out of class at four. Fifty every tuesday and thursday, so it said, no one else is home. But i'm just going to get my laptop from my desk and then study in the living room. Uh, normally i on ly study at home, not out in like, cafes or in the library because i love being super comfortable, like taking off my shoes and wearing pajamas on are studying. I know a lot of people do not like that. They prefer to stay in the library. But, you know, that's just me. Um, i have been in the library a few times to study, but only when i need to rent a book so you could rent a text book from the library for three hours. So i'm there, just like writing all my notes for books i don't want to buy We're heading towards Center Hall, which is on the left side of library. What? It's called library. Well, because it's a path that leads straight to the library. And this building is an academic building, which is three floors. The first floor is for big lecture halls. The second floor is for smaller classes. It could be like twenty to forty students could fit in there. And then the third floor is for supplemental instruction, which are like extra classes led by undergrad students. And it could hold around fifteen students in the classroom. Yes, I found a classroom so I could show you all. This is center hall, room one one three. I think I have one. My Nikon costs is in here. So you know, it's just just a plain Coster with some great seats and desk. Here's how the death look like. Yep. So you could either Just what? Your lot. Top oranges. But you're not gone here. You can't be both. Um, so this ill has, like, I don't know, maybe it's Ah, twenty or so students in this aisle And here you're a couple. You could just sit here with your significant other. So I'm heading towards the front of the class. And, you know, this is where the teacher stands. The black aboard spans across the front of the room, and there is also a projector in the back. So the projector will just come down. And if your teacher has something to show on a power point, then you know that's where you see it. UCSD does have some disability student services. So if you make a request, if you like, have trouble seeing the board or you know you want something in the front seat, then there are there are some reserved this here, you know it. You know, we have priority seating. So if you need something like that, you see if Deacon definitely provided for you. And so for class Ooh, like this, The student teacher ratio would be about one hundred students per teacher and their office hours could be either. Two days, three days a week. Um, you know, the thing about this is there. They do have many t a's. So teacher's assistants to help them teach. Well, they don't teach the class, but they do, like, help the teacher grade, and they would also have office hours and lead discussion sections. So discussion sections are something separate from lecture. Um, it's on a different day and you'll go. You even go to a different room. The TJ's will, like, go more in depth about a topic that you learned in the day. And they will also go over problem sets and give exam reviews. So in a class this big, it's like, pretty daunting. There are plenty of students and only one teacher. So, like, I personally wasn't able to get close with my teacher who was teaching a class in this type of classroom. Um, definitely you could be more proactive about it. Go to office hours, and you no strike up conversations with them. But in my smaller classrooms, um, with twenty students, the teachers will learn your name. They do have a role Koshi with Chazz, your picture and your name under it. So when my teacher called me by my name, I was shocked because normally I'm in this type of classroom. The teacher doesn't really know anyone's name, but into smaller classrooms. They will. So that is something to think about. So here is one of the classrooms here in our center hall. It's on the second floor. And luckily, I found an empty classroom right as everyone left. So I was like, Let me go in here. Um, actually did have my writing, my warren writing class here in my junior year, so, you know, very nostalgic. The desks are pretty small. You could see it's like onetime Flip Oh, squeaky. And they are chalkboards, not even whiteboards. So even though, like after so many classes held here, it's very out of date. That's the downside. But it's all right, have it. Written on a chalkboard since elementary school so listless tested Okay. Here is my friend Julio. All dressed up for career day. Yes. This is how you do it, friends. Career day at U. C S D, where undergrads and graduate students can talk to representatives from finance company's tech companies. Mama, there are a lot of other companies that air here to represent, so you just put your resume on a resume. Dropbox to get it. Career fair is spread out through this whole week, so they're other companies that will be represented in a span of forty. So make sure you register to talk to