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All right. We're walking to the shuttle. This my roommate, Tina and the shuttle's really convenient for when you live off campus. And yeah, it's just like it. Go straight from the apartments where most students live to campus. And how often does it go? Every need something like that. There's like, Ah, a website where you can, like, check when it goes. So it's very convenient. Um, so yeah. Okay, so I live off campus. Uh, a apartment complex that's called Park Avenue. And there's a lot of students that live here first. So I thought I would take you guys with me a little apartment tour, so yeah, let's go. You walk in Sierra Living room. She's nice and cozy. We have huge catches. And then here's my roommate here, Mrs. I got that, William. So, yeah, this is where we eat. This is our kitchen. It's pretty big kitchen. And then we have a what's this called patio balcony? She is What? What? What's your major design major? Yeah. So, no, I am building a boy. Yea, elephant here, certain sports. Because me and Selina took surfing last semester, but just so cool. It's like, really early in the morning, but it's totally worth it because it's so much fun because it's really pretty, all the palm trees and everything, and then we look inside. This is like our bedroom area. So this is my bedroom. I'll show you guys that later. This's Mariam's bedroom. This is marrying me and Miriam's fast through both of me and why Long, beautiful letter. It's a nice little bathroom, you know, the necessities. And then down there is Selena and Tiffany's bedroom, and they also have their own, like private bathroom. And then here's my bedroom. Um, I love pillows, Even tell and there's my sorority letters. Just try to make it really homey because I live so far away from home with snacks from who, Like some stuff that my little got me actually, here's my desk is usually where I do my makeup and my homework and basically everything in life. Also, my sorority letters. And I've got a calendar that's, like, totally outdated because it's from two thousand eighteen. You know, some pictures of my friends, You got comfy little chair, Excuse this mess and then I've got my closet, which, like huge. I've got so much space in there, which I love. I don't really use the whole closet. It's pretty messy in there. I'm going to show you guys there, I have my clothes. And then here is my TV shoes and these are actually my pom poms for when I was in Cheers, which was like like two years or one year ago, I believe. Yeah, I hope you like this little Right now, I am journalism Republican main building, which is four. Okay, so I just decided to do a voice over instead l a four cents for liberal Arts four. It's the fourth of the liberal arts buildings. So here are all the cross rooms are all, like outside. And then there's the computer lab where you can edit stuff in Adobe light room Photoshopped, all that good stuff. As you can tell, they're all I'm Max, which I absolutely love. So if you're thinking about studying P R, this is the building that you're going to be You guys. So I'm currently in the fifth level of a library at Cal State Long Beach, and this is one of the forest that can talk, and it's quite collaborative group study. So, like you're free to like watch videos talk. I was just going to talk about work, right balance and call it. It's definitely doable on, like much of a load you can take, it is challenging to balance for school at the same time. My experience. I just because, like other stuff besides working social, have personal hobbies. And so it came. You lie, definitely working because way work. You have extra money that you do things. And also it's just something on your resume service, retail, whatever for me, I work on the weekends like Saturday, Sunday last. Mr. I'm really worried about notions or like one shift a week, and that was based off my own personal. There are some people that do where like for a part time, but I worked like anywhere from seven telling sixteen hours a week, just like one or two ships bearing the pain times like when you bring Thanksgiving break. And that's when I work. A lot weren't working like almost like full time with thirty five hours. I don't recommend doing that during the school year, so I reckon plan for scholarships That way you have to have a job. Anyone that job has a good flexibility because you won't have events that you want to go to college that are on Ken's on week days and you can go club like meeting after school. It five really hard to make it to go work on those names, so I recommend not working as much. Working on the weekend Saturday, Sundays, Fridays, names just for schools. You could focus because normally you won't have a lot of homework to do it anyway. It's challenging. If you do, we're probably more than sixteen hours a week, and it's hard to balance because you're in school and you're doing schoolwork like Monday, Thursday and Saturday. It's only you were. And if you want that job ability, when I recommend nine forsaken amusement park I work and nonce berry farm ton of workers, and then you get more hours when you're out of school and when other people are waiting for two hours, you get less ours when you need less hours because you're in school because everyone else in school is a good place to start. It's like in another is very flexible with your time, and they're open later, too. That way you can't with day work at night. Don't recommend is Rachel because they don't give you enough hours a week. Also waitressing. Even know Waiter Waitress. It's good pay first. I don't have experience in that, but I know that it does. Out of time, commitment special. You were getting like a non to restaurant, then they probably recycling the same couple of people. Thunder is currently storm good money because you get tips and you crossed to get the minimum wage salary if you need money. But it is time consuming law jobs on campus to that you can apply for Know. Some people say that there is a wrong weightless because they are very popular. So when you see an opportunity, whether it's an internship, whether it's a job more volunteer, get Yeah, definitely do that. So I'm currently in the room where my common thirty craft will be taking spring semester. It's actually a smaller class, even though the calm one thirty, it's a you know, a lot of people take it. So this is just a small classroom Sizes. As you can see, it has quite a few seeds, Always e. There's probably like fifty five seats in here, but for college class gene, that is kind of small because they can range up to one hundred forty hundred Okay, so there are a few sit down restaurants, not that many. So the university dining hall plaza. There's a good bunch of seats inside that you can sit at the restaurants when it's usually during, like, lunch hour. All the seats are kind of taking up, especially the seats by the outlets. You'll notice every time you need an outlet, you can't find a seat near Well, because someone's already using it or they have a backpack there, saving your spot while they're in line to get food. Mall food court basically shot room restaurant, which I have never been. But I always walked by. It it. I think it's a good buffet plus salad bar. Thank you Need reservations for although if you're going to have a part of your group there do need reservations. There is the Outpost grill, and they have a Papa John's inside that restaurant. It's also sit down. We're Shy Billy the Nugget Grill and Pub, which is a sit down restaurant next to the University Dining Hall Plaza. And that's the only place where I believe you can get alcoholic beverages, that you have to be of age most important and life saving food locations on campus are the six convenience stores, which I have spent so much money at. My twenty nineteen goal is not just on those places area lifesaver because you'll realize that the University Daddy Hall Plaza as much as this sounds good, eat after having that math class or I mean a hard class or that midterm. Its extensive, Let me tell you expensive. You see that like, six dollars, eight dollars adds up and you're like, I don't even like that meal that much, you know. So as a broke college student, you know, I don't recommend spend your money on campus, but that. So make your lunches. Don't eat campus because you'll save all money. Been like seven hundred million dollars? Asked Mr On Food alone. Like that's where all my money went. Reason why the six convenience stores are your friend is because they sell Scantron CE pens, pencils like a little like notebooks, like erasers paper. But they also sell, like very convenient and food like frozen food, like those like TV dinner type of things. And then they have cup of noodles, which is a essential for college students like I probably ate more cup noodles then I did have hours of sleep have all of that. They have, like all the good junk food that, like as a kid, you're like, Oh, my gosh! Rials, flaming hot Cheetos, toddies or those like breads you always see in like the gas stations that are like Danish, like strawberry cream and cheese. But they had all of that stuff Beach Hut, which is next to the library and is the bookstore convenience store, which is like next to the bookstore. They had the corner market near the Usu, and then they have outposts, Wall Street, and they have the prominent hop each car, make it almost too convenient. Find yourself like this happened to me like I had it midterm or final. And I had Scantron was at home, but I forgot they had to bring it for class because I'm used to, like in high school. The teachers created the Scantron is like, I don't have to bring it. So you they're very convenient. Oh, my gosh, I left it at home and my house is like, twenty miles away from here. You can't just go back my eyes. So when and now it's like twenty cents, ten cents for, like, a scantron. And yeah, And when you're in a rush, just get that couples. You know what I really like is this Japanese style hood on that is like the booty of couple noodles, but it's, like three dollars more. So for two person room A cost seven thousand six hundred fifty dollars per year and broken down into its two semesters, it cost three thousand eight hundred and twenty five dollars. This does not include the price of the meal plan, which fluctuates on based on which one you choose. And it's required that all people who stay in the dorms buy a meal plan. I'll say Long Beach offers about a different meal plans. In my opinion, I think it's best to go with the cheapest meal plan, the one that has ten meals because you're not going to eat all campus for every meal you're going to eat out with friends you're gonna eat at restaurants. So it's not safe to just buy the ultimate seventy access Well, because you're might not even be using them, though first year freshman student living in the dorms on campus are not allowed to purchase a parking permit, nor are they allowed to bring their cars on campus due to limited parking spaces. And first, you're freshmen are also required to live in university housing during their first year. I had CSU will be, unless they're over the age of twenty one, or they'll be living with a parent or legal guardian during their entire freshman year and that their parents houses approximately within a twenty file minute mile radius of campus. And in order to do this, you have to cement an exemption request and, ah, exception requests are on ly Given Teo those, like with current active military or veteran status, the person has to be married or domestically partnered and or with really dependent children. And also it came. You could be exempt with them for medical or disability circumstance. Or you could be exempt if you're enrolled in five or fewer units because they do not require you to have university housing if that's the case. So the different housing options are Parkside, which is a first year housing community with mainly freshman and it is on campus. There's also Beast Beachside College, which is approximately one mile away from campus. It's super close, but it's not on campus, and it's geared towards continuing and transfer students. But freshman, if their space available, can join that community. There is a gender neutral housing. Um, Hillside College is the closest university housing to the central university, like we're all most classes are, and it's comprised of first year and returning students. So these halls offer residents single and double occupancy rooms and some of the academic house at Hillside College or university honors, which is the low. Siri knows the room and then also the International House and the G B T Q. I. A plus. And the low pseudo storms, I believe, are the only dorms I have a C. So some of the things that Cassidy Long Beach offers its student residents are academic advising free or low cost programs and events. Dying services. Free cable TV free Internet access free basic phone service. Tutoring by on campus faculty. Free admission to regular season athletic events. Free overnight parking with paid student permit. Free campus shuttle service for real Armitage Transit rights. Convenience of campus Resource is and you can pay in full or do the installment plan for the housing costs. Hey, guys. So today I'll be talking about nineteen locations and like convenience stores on campus, I am supporting my other favorite, Long Beach State. First one is Starbucks, which is very popular places actually to Starbucks. There's one in the university dining plaza, and there's one inside the library. They both tend to get a little bit busy. So sometimes what I would do is if I want a copy or some thing that resembles like a Starbucks drink, I'll go to the coffee being in the U. S. You, which usually has a shorter line. Different Russia is going to tell you that are in the university dining plaza. There's an app called Tapping Go that you can use to like Order your stuff without being in line, and it's really helpful. But it's also bad because it encouraged you like and more money and eat more my decoration felt. Now. Next we have the beach walk, which is like a vegetarian begin type of place. Have stuff like raps balls off Conable, My evil side like potato salad chips, soup and their prices range like further wraps are like seven fifty nine, and they're served with chips and choice of fruit or potato saddle salad. Then they have paninis, bagel salads, stuff like that. So very like. If you have like dietary restrictions, then that's a place to go open Greek, which basically it has Greek food pellets, which can range from six dollars to seven dollars seven twenty nine they have. Bones. They have sandwiches. The is just Greek food is the best way to explain it. And there's Hibachi San, which is a Japanese fire cuisine. And then there's Panda Express, which I'm very guilty. I spent so much money, Master Panda Express, and the thing is like, I don't know. I never used it. But whenever you buy something there, the receipt is always like uses through next, like food thing. You get a free entree or appetizer, one of those, and I never used it. And I probably could've got like I'm No. Ten free appetizers or something like that. Our entrees. So Parent express, they like every other Pan expressed. The line gets very long, so I definitely recommend using topical for that. Squeeze me, which is a drink smoothie place so you never staying. Plaza is open from nine to seven Monday through Thursday. On Fridays, it's open from nine to two on Saturday and Sunday. It's not. It's not open, so a lot of things on campus because casting Long, which is a commuter campus, a lot of things are not open on the weekends like it's kind of like a ghost town. Starbucks, ours are a little bit different there. Open two hours earlier, Monday and Thursday, is there from seven a. M. To seven p. M. So we can have my laptop and then on Friday, seventy two and they're closed on Saturdays and Sundays