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Thinking about SUNY College at Oswego and trying to determine if it’s the right fit for you? The college search process can be tough, but CampusReel is here to make it fun and engaging. If you’re thinking about visiting SUNY College at Oswego in person, we strongly recommend you at least complete the virtual tour first. After watching the entire virtual tour, the next step would be to take an in-person campus tour to further vet SUNY College at Oswego’s culture and community. Whether you are a prospective high school student considering the school or interested in transferring to SUNY College at Oswego, these videos and reviews are designed to give you a complete understanding of the SUNY College at Oswego experience. These SUNY College at Oswego video reviews share the culture and daily life of students both on and off campus.

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So since I'm currently here at my room right now, which is located in our heart hall, I'm actually gonna give against quick Storm tour. So let's go. This is my own roommates. I That's just my side. And you know, the bad dressers we have to dust. I also have a fish over here. I have a fish. That's pretty much how the doorman looks like. Well, the size is not that big, but not too small, too. So I would say it's a decent size. I'm gonna show you guys the lounge and in the kitchen and the bathroom. So you guys have an idea on what heart hole Hey, you guys, it's me, Judy. And for today mention guys a quick tour of soon as he goes. So enjoy. First, we have you at union, where a lot of events happened in this building such as Lana Fashion show you to get your books Also Indus Building. So it's a really good place to know. So next building is Tyler Hall. This is actually the home of the performing arts students. So if you're a theater, major arts major music major dis is your boat thing. I was I was gonna say Hall, but it's a building and we had the Tyler Art Gallery, Waterman Theater and really nice building. Next is Penfield Library, where a lot of studying happens. We have computer labs, printers and lots of studying around you, so yeah, you can get your things stunning here. We also have the quiet study floor. If you're that person who doesn't want any noise, you can't focus when there's a lot of noise going on. This is your floor. People does this year for lots of good areas to study really, really nice library, I would say once the book's resource is he need for any of your classes. So definitely trip is out. Also, we had the computer lab. I just said that in you Laker of caffeine. Word inserted. Starbucks coffee, civil about. You guys know what I'm always here. Open my night every Thursday. So I also have a 24 hour study rooms you need for a matter. This is a whole people also forgot to mention lighting 7 to 7 building. So really nexus now had the center where law student had to happen like hockey games. Foz. We also have a lot of food options in this building. You have some smoothies. We have some pizzas are spies. Costas, what happened in this? So I'm always in this building because I have my Spanish class, which is really fun. So go ahead and take that class. You guys, we also have the w t o e radio station here in this building. And just so you know, one of the notable over Yep. So this is where you wait for the boss. If you guys want to go to Destiny Mall, take the Syracuse bus. Guys want to go to warmer just downtown. Else we go. That's where you wait Books Books next of Shuman Center. The most of system classes happen. So if you're actually has some major justice, your home low hanging out on disability because it's always cold and we have Fusion Cafe, where they serve salad, soup, bagels, sandwich heiress, you name it So ritual. And Johnson, who was connected through a tunnel that goes to link site anymore. One of the best timing, I would say, here at SUNY Oswego, Johnson Hole is all all first year students. So if you guys are having troubles to transition, disciplines place to stake here at Lee Hoff. What did he have? Only whole Morgan Hall has all the recreational sports. It's like a lot of the time it's open for basketball recreational. And there's all seriously walls pulling side, which is what all those glass windows you're looking at. Our little, um, that's re write the pool. Yeah, everything there's free. You just use your student idea skin it when you come in. And, uh, you can rent out stuff and cool a big Jim with two different basketball courts. We haul. We got cinnamon right here. And then there's Wilbur in the Middle Park Hall and then ritual is B. Hind does saying that we're going tol Let's go Rich hole, where almost business classes economic typing line is. I'm not sure I never never been in that building in this building. This is, um, Sheldon Hall, where they have the Sheldon Ballroom, where they take a lot of little events that air their little the admissions building. Yeah, and there are residents halls attached there. And allow your children that Look at that hour for hair the day care for you. The other faculty members that have children, small children ing. You take care for him or students featuring the G's. A lot of geese on campus. We love them Over there. We have Mac and loneliness and Moreland. So those are the two Omar residents Hole and then MacInnes, a dining hall where you can get burger sandwiches fried or all. Yeah, so you can order food up mackin through. Get food you could not luda at absolutely and use your dining dollars. Yes, that is active, and it also connects with dominoes. So, like get food, app is connected to a hater grill. Preheat grill one's own right back in one and the sub shop. Yeah, right now we're gonna go to help him hold you show you guys how it looks like because that's one of the most important you being. That's the bus that goes around campus in the blue room and that's the blue route from mine. So the blue room goes around campus. So if you don't wanna walk to the other side of campus where your classes, you can take the bus, you up. If you're from West side, let's go. But also to the does get to the village. So, yeah, the first bus is the one of the buses that will take you downtown. And around us we go. That's good. We goto Wilmar for the S E C go buses. If you get a sticker on the I D, which is free at the box office, you don't have to pay. And then for the bus to Syracuse with that same sticker is only $2 right and best anymore. Destiny moments are a lot of fun in they say video. So this is Sheldon Hall. What do they have the children hold guys shot because the admissions office, little ballroom, city abroad office, it's Also where they have the child care center. Have some dorms? Yep. In the ballroom, there's a lot of different programs are conferences Go on there in the booth. So I'm gonna end the campus store here in this clip. Thank you so much for watching this video. You guys have any questions? Feel free to ask me and the social media accounts. And I wish you love for finding the best college that you won. I hope you found this video. Someone helpful. Thank you guys for watching by. good. Good. It is video for two days. What you doing? So for today, it's painful for Thursday's hours Tuesday Work after what? Those current age play? Nine. So I just unusual washing my face, my skin carriage And after quick coming this week. So yeah, time lapse. Hey, guys. So I just want to make my son's home. No, it's kind of a 35 and I get dressed. May stuffs together this building, so I'm gonna do that right. It is only for you really have nothing much to do besides to my work study. And in this video. Yeah, that's pretty funny. I don't think it's next week, Yeah. Okay, so we're passing right now is Sheldon Hall. Let us the Hall of Admissions. Other things that are there is the Torah Spiegel program, which I am part of and the shadow in program. Otherwise, that is also a residents hall for graduate students. So it's kind of a cool place to go now. We're gonna go past Mother President Talabani Campos. So this one we're passing on the right is Borland. This is the only one on campus that's the only one on East campus under than loneliness. That's back in which is another dining hall. I'm also going very slow, just so you can understand everything is to our left is different buildings that academic like Bennett Rich Hall. That's our business building. I'll be honest with you. I've never been in there, so I wouldn't be able to give a good tour of it. Uh, that's our water plant building. That's kind of cool. We have a water plant, and we also have a nuclear power plant. But the nuclear power plant is farther away from campus, so we're all good here. Next thing that we're gonna be going Teo, is Johnson home. That is our assistant. First year all to live in that hole, you more or less just have to fill out. I'm an application for it. And that's all you get are arms, which are room mentors. And basically you have to do some extra community service. Teo, get into it what? That's shots. And all right there you were right then. Right next to Johnson, well enough to do it is like side dining hall. And the next two Johnson is Rex Hall, which is another dorm building that is the twenty four hour quiet building. Coming up is some other residents halls like Scales and Waterbury. Those are the two newest resident halls on campus. The one we're coming up to you in the right rate here is Waterbury. That is, Waterbury Hall is one of our newest ones. The next scales. Someone's trying to pull out here. That's okay. And right next to scales Mary Walker, Health Center. This is the place that we go wear sick at all. If we have, like the flu, they also give out free condoms here. So if you want to be sexually active, I highly suggest going there. So right now, we're currently in the Murano Center. This is the the center that has our hockey right and serves the purpose for the liberal arts college in our school. So liberal arts majors would be like foreign language, English and creative writing and film. So typically I'm in this building. Tension's building is the whole called culture, and culture is where you will find the creative writing department in Spanish department and French, German and any other language do you want to take it's, not English. We're currently third floor Alvarado, and this is where my nature has its main office. So in this floor you'll have English classes, creative writing and some months screens of these courses. So the building up here is also a lot like cinnamon in the sense of their lot of seeds. Can we use skylights up here because we're the top of this building? But there's Lord does not run the entire building of Iran, So it may be difficult your first couple of days, but you will find the correct staircase. One of the cool things about being an English or cinnamon screens these majors is that there's so many clubs for you on campus. This right here is the great like review. So this is, um, a literary magazine You can write about movies for There's also the film festival that were on that are forty eight hours long. You have to make a movie in forty eight hours. It's pretty crazy, but the ending's seemed pretty cool. I just finished working out called the pollutes thighs and got to work out. And it's Meistrich. Intel was really intense. So I'm a glorious past Jim, which is located, um, in the basement where you were two presidents, halls are connected, that dog, Onondaga and tonight a home. So the thing about this that I don't have to go out to go to Jen's I could just go underground and walk here, and we pretty much have everything in here. You have a lot of different equipment, such as the cycling I got my bottom. Some died doing what is not cycling. Yeah, we have a yoga mat. We have bars way. Have a lot of happy Wait, Stop here and equipment. So I just quit. Show you where? Long. So that is the glimmer Gus way. Also have other gems here. Thank you guys for a little pain shining called this one of the dining hall. Looks like we have two different stations where we have a salad bar. Go on for Pete's on this side pasta don't kneel aside. You get sort of different. It's not that exciting. There's no salt on your food. That was, like mid year, like you stopping it like you just have sandwiches for, like, two straight. But it's okay because you get through it on. Yeah, it's Yeah, it's a good time on DH. If you don't like what you have here, you can always get ideas and burgers of the other one, which is actually pretty close from the other side. How you guys? My name is Judy, and I'm currently a sophomore here at SUNY Oswego. You're probably watching this video because you guys wanted to know more about SUNY Oswego. So states first, I want to introduce myself. My name is Judy, and I'm from Queens, New York. I am majoring in chemistry and double minor ring in psychology and spending. I'm actually a member off local effect. It is the only show choir you at SUNY Oswego. So when I was in senior high school, I actually didn't have that much time to visit old the schools that I wanted to or like my possible schools. Yeah. So I am actually glad you guys have this kind of resource toe. Actually, like bird truly tour the schools that you may want to like goat and see how the students are currently enjoying that university. I'm excited to actually make videos for you guys and show you guys what I love about suny acid. Even y entry. Senior Seo, So states and for Dad. And I hope to see you guys food. Okay, so we're currently in the Penfield library. Uh, this is the main library on campus. Some cool things about the library is that there is the rating center, the tutoring center, quick print, and the third floor is the completely quiet for we also have a twenty four hour room. So if you need to print something out like it happens to be ten thirty at night and you're like, Oh, man, I forgot to print out my homework for tomorrow. You can go straight there at any time of the day, locked into computer and print it out a lot like shit him in this building while the printer drives are on the website. So you can hook up those printers to your computer and be able to print off of your own computer. So, like the other buildings, this is one of the buildings. We have to film it on a Saturday. Because there are always a lot of people here. It's always very quiet. So we're pretending like this may. Being here and talking right now isn't weird, but here will show you some other parts of the library. We go in. I'm going to mention one more thing. Here is a quiet area, so obviously can't talk in there. But in the quiet study floor, these things called study corrals. Basically, you come in on like the first day of the semester front desk. You ask her, study krill. Get this in addition to like where your room key is in everything and it looks like this and basically what it is, it's. It gives you a little spot rations study in a quiet place at any time, so it's nice if you want to, like, do homework in a silent place, it doesn't here. Close how one other all of these books can be checked out the library for doing a research project. And let me tell you, it's such a nice thank you coming up here and finding a book is period interesting because they have, like three different numbers on here. So once you get a book out, you can have it for the duration of the semester special when it comes to research books, so make sure you do It's the next. Where we're going is Cooper Dining Hall. This is located in the middle of campus and all the honest We're going there because I'm hungry and I'm a classic told thirty. So yeah, this building right here is heart, and that's final in the middle of scooper, really, here on the ground. Yeah. So it's cool was special. This dining hall has ice cream, like Time is being like some Chinese food. Have finer dining. Hall has paninis case, adios and little dining hall pizza, pasta every day. Oh, and then there's Maxine finding home, which is kind of a restaurant you could choose. What you want is below seven dollars and cents. Also, when you're freshmen, they have you in the unlimited meal plan, which means that you could go to Daddy's calling many times want. Dang home for as many meals as you want, as many times as you want. This also comes with eighty ninety dollars. You can use it. Cafes, campus If you can't get to learn, your breakfast is really convenient, but eighty dollars. Example. First, get a semester and I've spent like tennis.