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Thinking about Marist College and trying to determine if it’s the right fit for you? The college search process can be tough, but CampusReel is here to make it fun and engaging. If you’re thinking about visiting Marist College in person, we strongly recommend you at least complete the virtual tour first. After watching the entire virtual tour, the next step would be to take an in-person campus tour to further vet Marist College’s culture and community. Whether you are a prospective high school student considering the school or interested in transferring to Marist College, these videos and reviews are designed to give you a complete understanding of the Marist College experience. These Marist College video reviews share the culture and daily life of students both on and off campus.

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Hello There

Hi, everyone. So right now I am in the Allied health building, which can tell from the name is a building for science majors. I have a lot of my classes in here by labs are here. Also, Maris has a pretty big P A program. So this is where the students have most of their crosses, and they have actually cadaver labs and which I don't have access to. But, um, it's really cool, and it's a really nice building. So I thought I'd tell you, this is the first floor when you walk in. Very nice. Thanks, Peter. So that is just very quick. Look at health. It's one of my favorite buildings. It's beautiful. Um, and of course, I have a ton Hey, guys. So, uh, I'm going to show you in a minute. Uh, you steel plant building. I have never and probably will never take any glasses in there because it is a primarily, uh, fashion design and digital media building. Um, which are two very popular, uh, major is Europe. Marist. Um, but the building actually just finished last semester, and it's absolutely beautiful. Um, it has a has an art gallery. Has a little coffee shop. A rest area. Um, Meris actually has their own, like, boutique line. Um, and so that's where that boutique is based. Now, it used to be based in Donnelly, which is another building that I previously showed you. Um, But now, like, they have its own room and, like, it's really stylish and cool and hip and everything, And I feel so old saying hip, Someone like twenty feel like, Well, we'll say that anyways, Um, so it's really cute. Um, I like it, like I said, hasn't really impacted my academic career at all because I'm a biomed reader and it is a fashion and art building. But it's brand new, like less than six months old. Brand new, and it's absolutely gorgeous, So I just thought I'd show you it a little bit. So a little bit about work, life, balance in college. Um, it's definitely difficult. I'm not gonna lie. It's hard, especially as a science major. Premed. It's very, very demanding. I take on like the typical semester. Fine classes, plus two labs and labs are not worth as many credits. Just a normal class. But it's just the same amount of work, and it takes the same amount of time, three hours a week. So it's a lot. It's all I have about two have reports do every week on top of actual homework, so I'm not gonna lie. It's very challenging, especially as a science major. Um, I have friends better in different majors on like psychology or digital media, and majors are demanding in their own respects. But they are not doing us till markets. I am. Um, and I can tell you that for a fact. So I will tell you that if you go in as a science major, be prepared to not be able to go out or hang out with your friends as much. Um, there are times when my friends are going out and they asked me to come to tell them no because I have a paper, a lab report due in the morning or or go test or something else. But I just don't have the time to go out. But that doesn't mean that I don't have fun. Hey, Avery. Um, I'm sorry my friend just came open. I don't know where I was, but that's not to say that I don't have fun, though I do. I go out every weekend. I'm I just can't go out as much as I'd like to, um and nights where I can just relax and watch hours of Netflix are very, very rare. But they do have, um it's all about how you manage your time. Um, I don't procrastinate any more. Used to be a horrible progressing. Never. Colleges definitely taught me not to do that. Um, I think it's about the major and how you organize things. Um, I do a lot of homework at night because I'm a night owl, So I like to stay up and do it, and then I sleep in in the morning. So that's my trade off. Um, other people wanted their homework during the day so they can watch Netflix. Um, that's cool. Too. Uh, it's just all about how you're gonna die, and it's all about your schedule. So I definitely recommend getting a planet that helped to keep track of everything that you have to do not just homework wise, but activities and a date. But you have to keep track of stuff like that. Oh. That's pretty much it Weirdly work. Life balance is difficult, but not impossible. People have it as a science major, which I do than anyone can have it, so it's not really not So I'm going to give you a little room toward to start off with, um, But before you do that, I'm just gonna talk a little bit about housing here, Marius. So, because of my sophomore, I live in Lower West Theater, which is a typically software housing complex. So, um So I'm gonna give you a little tour of my room just start off with. But before I do that, I just wanna give a little bit of background information about how is incurable harassed? Um, because I'm a sophomore. I live in Lower West cedar, which is a housing complex. Typically sports off more students. Um, is a whole townhouse. So there's for yes, former homes. Um, a kitchen and a living room and two bathrooms. So a lot of space to spread out. I live with six other girls. And typically for freshmen housing, not typically, always professional housing. Um, you have four options. You have mid arise, which is the on ly sweet style. You know, you have five options for housing house freshman. You see, Um so you have mid rise, which is, um, sweet style. You have your own bathroom, three bedrooms, and you share a common space, but there's no kitchen or anything like that. Um, you have Leo XII and and champ, which are all very similar communal bathroom, um, and regular dorm room you share with one other person, and then you have Mariam, which is again another communal bathroom. But you share your room with two people, and those rooms are a little bit bigger because they're meant to have three people in them. I lived in the Oh, my first year. Um, I really liked it. It was a little bit more rowdier than some of the other housing freshmen housing options. So I liked it. And I really like Lower West now. So I'm just going to give you a little tor my bedroom and tell you guys a little bit about things that you should bring and stuff like So this is a little overview of at least my side of the room. And then this is my roommate side. So as you can see, it's pretty spacious, which I love. Um, you do have to bring your own mirror. We put our mirror right here on the door. Um, but the college supplies you with this dresser and you can see, has five drawers, and it's the same dresser that they supply you with. And your freshman dorm. You also have a bed, and the bed has its own, like riser form. Like, there's, like, notches in here. Um, so no need to bring. Actually, you're prohibited to bring your own bed. Riser is gotten same bed as when you're a freshman and all four years here. And then they give you this desk, which has three drawers on the right side. And then there's actually a tinier drawer right there that slides out just for extra storage. Um, again, same thing that they provide you with all four years here. And then I also brought this like desk topper is actually, I don't think it's made to be a death stopper, but that's what I use it for, um, I have a lot of books and chopped skis and stuff like that that I really like to display, just for a little sense of home. So, um, I recommend bringing one of these. Actually, I brought mine freshman year, and my roommate saw it and decided to go and get herself one because she thought it was a really good idea. S So I really like it provides a lot of extra storage, which I need because I bring, like, my entire life to Scott College. Um, so I guess I recommend one of those very helpful if you like to display like your books and like, little figurines and stuff like that. This is the closet. As you can see, if they give you a little shelf on top, that's where I put, like, all my laundry stuff. Extra medicine, cleaning supplies, things like that that I don't really want people to see. Um, lots of clothing storage. And then I brought my own shoe rack and my own laundry basket or laundry collector, Whatever. Um, it's a lot of stories for clothes, but, of course, with that closet and with the dresser, I still needed more. So I actually use this dresser. I bought it. Kia. I bought a ticket for, like, forty or fifty dollars, I think. And I just put more clothes. Um, And like any hair products or anything like that in there. And then I also brought this, um, trunk, this pink trunk. And that's where I play extra stuff, Like extra blankets and pillows, sheets, stuff that I don't really like use very often. But things that I will need eventually. Um, as you can see, I have stuff on the walls. Um, you aren't allowed to, like, nail anything into the walls, but you can use command strips. So I used a lot of those. And then on top of my dresser is just where I store all of my make up and, um, some of my hair stuff and my jewelry, Um, because the counters for the bathroom aren't big enough toehold on the stuff that I have. So I used this, um we also brought a chair. That kind of makes it just a little more homey. Um, yeah. Thanks to sit him, I guess. Um, so just one more overview of the room and You guys. So I just thought I would answer some questions about my school basic stuff, population size majors, club, stuff like that. So the population is about six thousand undergrads. Um, I don't know how many post grads we have, but it's not too many. Um, I think it's somewhere between one and two thousand, but I'm not positive. Um, the student body is very chill, relaxed, if that makes sense. Like everyone is just kind of very, very chill. Not really. Anything like super hype going on, Um, popular majors. Uh, it's a big majors that we have our digital media, fashion design, fashion merchandising and, um, athletic training and bio. So the science is a really big, um, specifically like bio bio med athletic training. And then we have a really good fashion program here. So fashion design, fashion merch, um, and then digital media is a pretty popular major as well. And so a psychology. Um, a lot of people that came in and science majors like Bio can have switched over to psychology by now. Um, so psych is another big major. We have lots of majors here, but those are, I'd say like the main ones. The most popular ones. Um, we do have Greek life. Uh, I myself animas em in a sorority. We have four sororities and for frats on campus. Um, the sororities are asked he Kappa Kappa gamma tri cig and capital in Desai, um, frats. We have ttx and they sigh and then to others that they forget. But so we have four of each on campus. Um, it's not being in a sort of your fries, Not the be all and all here at Maris like it isn't some schools like they know what Southern schools. Um, that is like, the social scene. And if you're not in Greek life, you, like, don't get invited to, like, any parties or anything like that. It's not like that here. Um, Greek life does group glyph, cannon hands, your social life and your social experience here, But it does not create it. Um, I have most of my friends actually are not in Greek life. And they love it here and have a great social lives. So it's definitely not like, beyond all you don't have to join one to have fun here. Um, nothing like, uh, I just join because I wanted more friends and I wanted to branch out, make friends with people, not in my major. Um, so that was why I joined. And that's why a lot of people joined. But I'd say it's a lot of fun. Um, we also have, like, a ton of clubs here on campus. Um, we have a feminist club. There's a photography club, Criminal justice club. There's some fashion club's, um, those air. I want to say, like the biggest one I know that there's, like, also of that club. Um, but we have clubs for almost anything. We have theater program in the fall. We do a little like kids production, like we did like Snow White the year before I got here. Um, in the last year, I was actually in, ah, Hansel and Gretel, and we basically do it for the kids in Poughkeepsie that go to elementary schools in Poughkeepsie, and they come on campus. So you show when it's fun for them. So that's fine. And then we also have, like, a big musical in the spring, and those are pretty good. Um, we have, uh, music programs. The biggest one, I'd say, is Marist singers, which is like a choir here. Um, they're pretty good. I was in it first semester, my freshman year. I liked it. I just thought it was like, too much commitment for me, for my major, The amount of work that I had just I couldn't deal with it, so I dropped it. But I have friends that are still in it, and they still love it. It's really like a big family. Everyone really knows each other and, um, get to know each other, so that one is a lot of fun. Um, I would say that pretty much the best description I can give about, like social life and clubs and majors and stuff like that here at Marist. So yeah, I hope that information was helpful. So I just wanted Teo give a little information on advice on a college APS. Um, it's a May biggest piece of advice is to make sure that your college essay stands out. Um, I know a lot of people did essays about, like, stereotypical kind of staff, like volunteer work. They did and stuff like that. And that's all well and good. But you really want something that'll make you stand out from the crowd. Um, my college essay Waas. So I'm a big fan of, like, rock music, and I got a lot of concerts and stuff. So my college essay was about crowd surfing at rock concerts, and I applied that to one of the problems that I had to do for the common app. Um, I think the problem was like challenging an idea or something that you were taught something like that. And I basically used crowd surfing and going to those concerts with people with lots of piercings and tattoos and crazy hair, um, to challenge my mother's belief that those concerts and people they're like there dwells almost with the fact that she taught me how that I should be accepting of everyone. And I should be nice to everyone, and you tell me that growing up. So I challenged her belief with a belief that she herself taught me, and I got a lot of great responses from the essay. I got multiple admissions officers for multiple schools, uh, writing me back and saying, Well, hold your application spot. Your essay was great. Like it really caught our attention. Um, so we will hold. If you don't choose us, we will still hold your application and your spot here at the school for one whole year if you don't go here and then decide to change your mind. So I really recommend writing about something that will really make you stand out from the crowd. I mean, who talks about going to crazy rock concerts and meeting people with sleeve tattoos or tattoo sleeves only saying, um, tattoo sleeves and Mohawks and like a bunch of face piercings and going crowds, everything and getting dropped from sixty nine year. Who writes about that in college essays? Not a lot of people, so it really made me stand out. So that is definitely my biggest, biggest piece of advice when applying to colleges is to make your essay stand out, tons of people write about the service that they've done and volunteer work and this and that, which is all well and good. But if you really want to make yourself stand out from the crowd, do something that only you can write about. I went on a trip to Haiti with my church back in high school and half the kids I went with road about Haiti and I could have written about it, but that was something that I had in common with, like thirty other kids. I wanted to write about something that only I knew about. So that's my biggest piece of advice, and I hope you use it because it really, really works. And I think it just makes you look really cool and makes colleges really want you. So does my biggest piece of values. I hope you guys use it because it really works for me. It worked for a couple of my friends. Um, I don't think there's anything specific for Marist, other than if you're applying toe like the fashion design program of the art program you really want, like a good portfolio. Um, but other than that, it's my biggest piece of the face for getting into school. So this is good nineteen home. Everyone. There's like pizza bar your breakfast far cereal. And we've got our bread plates.