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Okay. Wait. You were in the cab right now, which is like the main hall. It's actually called it's called the marketplace Marketplace. Come, come here a lot like, let me just explain. Let me just explain me and this girl work on this thing called the Odyssey, which you should join if you come. One of us was online writing for him. So we used to do a lot of work in here together. And she starts saying you personally and saying, I'm here all the time, and I am I am. But it's a nice place. But yeah, I mean, I only actually there's other little food places, but they're not a big list. So this is like and then you go up there and then you get your food. They have some ops and that ROK cookies, air. Really, I don't cookies, reasons to come. Hey, guys. So now me and my roommate, when I saw on Eddie's this's like army green space. It's like super nice day. You see everyone out here when it's above, like, sixty degrees? Always. Um, yeah, I'll give you a nice little You just, like, look at this side. So pretty. And Mrs Keating, this's where everyone takes pictures in front of because the view Yeah, we're just chilling out here doing some homework. Well, I'm trying. We're doing homework Homework when this is drawing letters. Yeah, but like, he always run into people out here. Which is nice. Like friends stopped over before. Um, just chill music, you know, becoming a Fordham. Fordham. This was, like, the most ecology part of, like, torn up, like the lawn. Like our lawn. When you see the college movies where kids are outside, going for his fees and stuff like that is this That's like, I don't think that was real until I came to this school. Yeah, I know. It's for sure, really. Here with a plate, actually. I'm gonna show you guys. Keating, third floor auditorium. And this is where I have, like my ground floor entered business lecture. But like, the room is never felt like there's definitely, like, thirty five kids in the class Class sizes are really smart, small here. And I'm just like talking out here because there are kids like in that room right now. I'm gonna go show you guys like I'm gonna go like peak camera and willing. The doors. Get something a typical action, but yeah, we like the middle section is not even felt like maybe three sports So first thing I want to talk about it's kind of like the main, not like hot spots, but almost landmarks on campus. And I'm standing behind one of them right now. This is like our main fountain. Things are only found, but it's super pretty and like they put a lot of flowers around here in the spring when it gets really nice And, um, yeah, it's just like a nice view. This is my roommate, and they just, like, did all these flowers because it's spring now and you could see keeping in the background. So people always snapchat like Instagram, this like she you honestly might see this trending like on social media. This is also like one of our main costume buildings, and then this is the business school. So it's kind of just like you have a lot of people like going in and out of here, so there is a lot going on in this area. This is like our next kind of landmark. Say sorry. It's kind of like drizzling right now. It's super gross. So this is our ran super cute kind of our mascot. Well, it is our mascot, but this's like r pretty sure only main full ribs, Teo another one. But it's like a CZ big floor as important. And at the beginning of the years, people kind of like Ride the Ram. So it's like a tradition like at night. People like get up on the statue and takes a picture on it. So that's kind of like a big thing here. So it's like you have to do that freshman year. I still haven't done it, but people like you need to do it before the school year ends or something. Okay, so this is like a typical larger classroom. Turn the lights on. Yes, this is it. That sounds like a pretty big um I've never had on this big, but there's like chalk boards over here. Whiteboard. You have, like a little put up. Thing is, most my classes have, like twenty five kids in them, thirty kids in them. One of my classes has eleven kids in it. This one has a lot of chairs, but, like, I doubt they're all filled cause there's literally chairs like piled up in the back. But this one's actually really nice because you can see like her field with the football field at these windows. That's kind of a really pretty view. Yes, that's our football field like stands. People like kind of A go to the Games in the beginning of the year, like the first game's really big. The first game's really big and then like kind of the second game and then people are like pretty much done with it after that. But like even though going to the game system really big, like everyone knows all the team members like I'm friends with a lot of people on the football team. And unlike Swim team, like all the different sports teams here. So there's a lot of like, conectiv ity between the freshman class, like I didn't know a lot of people in the sports teams. Even though I may not code of their games, everyone is still kind of like Thank you so much, guys for watching this video. I hope you got some really helpful information out of this. I really enjoyed showing you guys around my campus and showing you what my life is like here at Fordham and the life of my friends. And basically everyone that goes here, I really hope you do come to foreign. Um, it's an amazing school. I love it here so much. And if I had to give some advice to anyone that was coming here, I would say just like remember to take the time to enjoy your freshman year because it does go so fast, like I'm at the end of my freshman year right now I have, like, a little over two weeks left, and it's actually insane how fast it went. Like I remember move in day like meeting some of my friends were like some of my best friends. Now for life, meeting them for the first time ever. It's just insane, like how fast the time goes. So just like, really enjoy every second. I know that's like such a cliche to, but really just enjoy, like every second of your freshman year of college. Wherever you do, end up if you do end up a Fordham or any other school. And yeah, so I hope you all have an amazing day and an amazing time in choosing your college for Okay, Right now I want to take you guys to another one of like my go to food places. That's not the dining hall. This is called Pod and they just renovated it over our I think it was winter break pretty sure or thinks he might break. I'm going, exactly. Sure, there's a really good deli in there with flakes. Worse had Delhi. So the food is pretty good and then they have just a bunch of junk food and like, you could basically shop. They have like, cereal and sub t o buy ice cream in there. So I like to get sandwiches in there. They have good sandwiches, and I basically get a sandwich there every day. It's the same thing every time. It didn't like right under a residential building here. Sandwiches, right? Basically the usual, Right, right, right. Hey, guys, what's up? I'm Kayla and welcome to campus. Real today. I'm gonna be giving you a tour of Fordham University. I'm in the good belly school business here at Fordham. I'm majoring in information systems, and I'm gonna concentrate in entrepreneurship and most likely, minor and film. I say this all like hypothetically, because technically, your undeclared your freshman year, I'm also from New York originally. So I'm from Long Island, which is more like beachy the New York City. But I've kind of have been going to the city medical life, So I have, like, a lot of experience being in the city to, um and I'm really excited to give you guys a tour Okay, really quick. I just want to give you guys a little dorm tour of my room, so I really like my room. It's kind of like a safe space, almost actually important when you get to school right away that you decorate your dorm room like the way you want it to be. Um, yeah, because you're going to be in it like a decent mouth and you're gonna be moving away from home, and you just want to have somewhere that you could feel really comfortable, kind of. So this is kind of like an overview of my roommate and nice dorm room. You see, we have, like, a fake plant in here to get a little greenery. So this is like her side. If she's like an art, Major likes, he says so. She has some really cool artwork, like pictures from home. She also painted this which is like, Amazing. This is our fridge, which is just like a nice pop of color. And then we have, like, this cool rug in the middle. Then this is my side. So it's just like nice neutrals. I have some pictures from home on that may have like a TV here, which we never actually used. The odds are you don't really need a TV. It's just like Netflix anyway. And then we have, like a nice plant and some lighting, and this is where I do like, make up and some homework sometimes and just like getting ready for things on. And then I have more pictures over here. These are closet, and the closets are actually pretty decently size. Like, Obviously, it's hard to kind of shove all your stuff in one space, but get the gist. You have, like stuff up there and then clothes, and then you have, like, a drawer on the inside. It could also put that under your butt if you want. Um, yeah, that's basically I I chose to put that drawer thing in my closet because then if you put it under your bed, you have to raise your bed up another notch. And it's like, really hard to jump up on it if it's up that high because, like, I'm only five six, like I'm not six foot like, I can't really jump that high, so it's easier to just have it in the closet and then you don't have to kind of, like, struggle to get in your own bed. Um, and then over here, we have a mere. So this is just nice. You can, like, look, get ready before your going out the door to leave, and then we have, like, a nice white board on the back here. You, like, write reminders or whatever. This is kind of like a typical freshman dorm. I guess you could say I live in along my court south, which is like a very typical freshman building. This is the best building I would say to live in freshman year because it's like the funnest that's where you meet the most people on this one. And Loescher those air kind of like, the too not like rivalries. But like people argue, which is over the best one. Because, um, like people from those two buildings tend to, like, hang out with each other if you're struggling to decide between martyrs in here because I know martyrs like does have the A. C. Which is only beneficial for like a month, actually, and and after that you kind of regret it because the martyrs rooms are so much smaller than these rooms, so I recommend putting South as your first choice.