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What's up? It's story. Welcome back to my channel, where today it's gonna be interesting. Might be a long one. Had this great idea to do a week in my life because I'm a college student, Go to school in New York City. Think it would be interesting. So it's currently Sunday at 1 33 I'm going to start tomorrow. But I wanted to enter a video because of class early, and I'm not gonna do that tomorrow. I have class all day tomorrow, so I'm just gonna basically take you along my life for a week. So, Toby, enjoy. Good morning. It is currently 9:14 a.m. on Monday, February 12. Have class at 10 so I have a little time. But I have some things I need to do before then. I actually have about 16 minutes to do them because I leave for class like 1/2 an hour early. Just to be safe, you may have to email back one of my teachers from last year because she's helping me out with an internship for the summer. Have to eat breakfast because that's important. Also, I have class from 10 a.m. All the way through the 5 15 today, So that's gonna be fun. I know. I sound e mails with her. Just Victoria, not Victoria Gusta, because I love her and she's that bitch. Have Kim from 10 to 12. 45 I usually on the head from 10 to 11. 15 but have recitation today. It's basically like a practicing, I guess is the best way to describe it. But there's that. And then I have statistics from 1 to 3 45 lab and then lecture. And then I have physics from 4 to 5 15 So Superfund stuff. I'm gonna eat breakfast now, and I'm bringing food with me because I try not to buy food in the day. I almost always end up doing that anyway, so about have this okay, vanilla and almond with my almond milk that cost me an arm and a leg in the city. This box cost me anywhere from $3 to $4 in New York City. But it's a dollar at home in New York. And this bad boy 5 69 I'm getting robbed here is basically what I'm saying. I'm putting my shoes on about to go. You probably see him, but I forgot to mention that I had three exams last week. So the probability of you seeing me having a breakdown over those three exams is like very high. Had Kemp physics and statistics, which was just everything I ever wanted in my life can wasn't the best. You changed the format. Now there's no multiple choice. It's just true and false and short answers. That was really fun. Statistics was fine. I should be getting that back today. It was like 20 multiple choice and an open ended should be fine physics. I have the same professors this muster as Last Monster. It's like the second part of common physics. So, like I knew the suffering I was getting myself into, basically, is what I'm trying to say. If I get called to the board today during recitation actually going to jump out the window, it's only on the second floor, though, so I mean enough damage to, like get out of class for the week but still be OK for the Kim Petrus show in two weeks. So seems little peeling. I don't know, see there what's up? It's later and I'm tired had a lot of class today, and I'm very tired and my dad wants to call me because he won't spend my mom concert tickets for for Wednesday night. Crucial. But my mom said she didn't want to go to didn't get my come exam back, which is good because I didn't want it. Got my statistics. One back did pretty good. Kind of happy about it. But I got 100 but I got a 98. I know. I sound like a pretentious bitch. I don't do that. Well in exams, usually, I just really thought it did good on that one. Taking my physics one back either. Which is kinda strange. I'm starting to think my man fired his greater. Now he has two great his own exams, but whatever. So currently have supposed to grab spinach, pesto, excited shames and video comes out in an hour. So I'm gonna call my dad and probably and then watching the video because my dad called me, like, four times while I'm filming this and get probably think so. You know, people don't like that part. Just spoke to my dad. He's not buying the tickets because my parents are I kind of like me in the way that they don't like sitting at concerts if they're not very close and my parents don't, like, keep on top of the artists that they like. They don't know when tickets go on sale so they can't buy like, front row seats for, like, the regular price, and they go on sale, and then the resale tickets for front row are like $800. So that's not gonna happen. So it was like Dad just let it go showed in three days. She doesn't want to come to New York to see a show riveting day in the life of a New York City College student. Feeling kind of broke with these wires and right now, but I guess I'll just have to live with it. I am the number one airpods enthusiast. Two premises. That's me. I bought them of where they were cool and I love them, probably best purchase I've ever made, but I forgot to mention that class got canceled tomorrow said that's funds were supposed to get snow. I was physically to Rose Hill, which would've been like a fun thing for you guys to see but I'm just gonna, like, explain it when they put the phone down. It's, like, kind of interesting What amounts to campuses? The Lincolns under bro. So I go to Lincoln Center, which is in Manhattan, and Rose Hill is in the Bronx now, my psych major, and I'm on the pre med track like I planned on going to med school. I can get in. I have to take, like, pre Rex for med school and one of those is camp. You have to come lecture and Ken Lab. You heard that I was income lecture today, but they only offer came lab at Rose Hills. I have to go to Rose Hill every Tuesday to take Kim Lab sound that bad to have a band that goes there. But anyway, we had a lab last week that it's like a two week club. Basically, we got unknown solution. We have to figure out all the items that were in a nerd alert, but we found three that were in ours, and we don't know the other two. There's five total, so we're supposed to come back this week, too, you know, like redo everything and find out the missing too, because then we have a quiz in two weeks to chase the 11th. I suppose to go back tomorrow the 12th to finish the lab. We were gonna have off the 19th because that's a Monday schedule. That's a whole another thing I'm not going to get into, but we're supposed have off. The 19 were supposed have a quiz on the 26th based on the lab that we just did. I don't know when we're gonna finish the job. I'm happy. I don't have class tomorrow so I can sleep. Probably get coffee in the morning because I found the other day my new favorite drink at Starbucks. It is the vanilla bean coconut milk latte iced, of course, but I don't have many assignments this week. I'm going home this Friday because we're off on Monday the 18th. I think it's President's Day. I'm looking my calendar appear. If I keep looking over there, I have the right up for my lab and physics do Friday. I have a paper due Friday, but it's not like a big paper, small paper. So we'll start that tomorrow probably. Yeah, I just have to, like, read a bunch of stuff for class of some reading due Wednesday and some new Friday. See, I'm gonna take a shower. I don't really don't shut up. This video is gonna be, like mostly, just, like make sitting at this desk. Like telling you about my day. Am I gonna venture out to get coffee? Not the smartest move. Good. Coffee is good. So who really cares? Just text me to call her. I can do that. And I can tell you that I was a crackhead. Went to Starbucks till pretty this morning. I'm just chilling thinking, writing my paper for Kristen. Mystical texts. I might actually start editing this video. I have, like, the first couple days at it. You know what I mean? If I do anything interesting, I'll keep you updated. But it's a snow day, so I just like watching TV news. Um, work, Theo. I don't know why, but I'm happy about it. To know only one cost on Friday and then I can go home at 11 37 3 30 So, like, cooking entire way. Good morning. I'm tired too. Classes today. That's Superfund Christian. Mystical texts at 10. Not my first choice for class that I would like to take. But I go to a Catholic school, so have to take it and have diversity and globalization from 2 32 5 15 So really looking forward to that stuff. I have a break. That's like three hours in the middle. Probably makes include for dinner in that break, Maybe do some work. You know, the same paper that I said I would do yesterday, that I didn't maybe all actually do it today. So, you know, it looks gross. So bad. What is going on here? You're confused. Us. What I was doing in the last clips me to nosing pasta for dinner because I got costing five. Teen don't really want to cook at 5 15 So I made it now, and I'll just, like, warm it up for dinner. It looked bad, like, unusually bad. I'm so don't eat it. It's like I'm hungry and I don't want any more money because everybody coffee today, somebody's probably gonna start my physics up. I've been saying that I'm gonna start things for, like, three days now, and I haven't heard any of it. You're probably noticing a trend, you know, just have some cereal and I'm out again. So after eat, this'll have to go get some more because I'd like to eat this week. I can't wait to get robbed again. Back with a questionable choice of pants. Fine, right? Yeah. What's up? Happy Thursday, My hair is going crazy, and I bet you can see, like, the progress through the week of like how bad my skin has gotten. So that's really cute. Today's Thursday, I got to be honest. I'm really sick of this video, but I'm gonna finish it. Help for you guys today have three classes. Cam at 10 to 11. 15 of statistics from 2 32 3 45 Physics from 4 to 5 15 Happy Valentine's Day. I'm hanging out with Miriam. Later. Go in a Taco Bell. It's still don't have a girlfriend, so I'll just get talk about with my friend. That's fun. I hope I don't get my cam exam back today. I'm really just trying to have a good Valentine's Day being single like I don't need any more heartbreak. I probably will get my physics one back today like he's usually he's very quick with grading exams So, like if I take a bad examine his cost, I'm like, I don't get it back soon anyway. But like Kim, she sometimes takes, like three weeks to grade it. I'm hoping this is one of those times, and I don't get it back until after the Kim show because I would like to have a good weekend home with my family this weekend and a good weekend next weekend. But I think we're gonna get it back next week because we have a Monday off. So I'm just assuming we'll get it back after the long weekend. Like when she has time to greet it. That's just what I'm assuming. I hope I don't get it back today, but yeah, happy Valentine's a. Hopefully today is a good thing. And you might be wondering if I finished my paper that I've been talking about. No, I didn't finish my physics right up. No, that's all. Dubai, like 11. 30 tomorrow. The papers, due at 10 tomorrow and the physics thing while I'm leaving at 11. 30 have to submit it by four. But I'm leaving at 11. 30 so I have to submit it by 11. 30. I was do laundry today. So I'm gonna do that in my break in between classes and probably work on both. Not probably like today, actually. Have to work on both so or my acne and all. I can tell there's a cereal. I'm back five minutes to spare. Common coffee, not my cereal, but I'm not hungry Markets. Now I'm drinking coffee, so kind of pointless. But someone else had this problem with vans that, like, tongue like, goes all the way to. Besides, I have to fix it. It's probably from the looks of this, you might be thinking you got nothing done, but I'm actually planning's over here. Have to have, like, a bunch of quotes. So we went over in class and, like, how I'm gonna separate my paper cup contemplation and then silence and then God, just as categories. So tell Minelli separated. I have class in 1/2 an hour. 1 30 We'll have it at 2 30 But I'm gonna leave around to um so, Yeah, I'm probably gonna have some cereal now, and I'll work on this. Also a shadow to Kim Petro's for making this playlist of just her entire discography. That I've been listening to that's been helping me get my work done. Shut up. Change my pants. They were just two Questionable for me. Going to be marrying person. Taco Bell. That's that. See this shit again? It's 12. 56. Damn, I'm currently writing the Sensei. I'm done. I've been writing this essay for a little bit Beauty contests when I sell it. So I stayed up until midnight to buy beauty contest. It's It's in April. That's kinda concerned We're gonna sell out because cardio will be there this year. So way said it bought tickets that you have the right. In a sense, I suppose we fortify pages have, like four and 1/2 right now. It's not due until midnight tonight, so I have, like, almost 24 hours to do it. So we'll leave the rest for now. And I met at a the city on average. I don't know why, but, like I'm not really tired. Somebody do that. Yeah, Son. Yesterday. Listen, I'm technically going home today. I only have one class to have the class of the paper's doing. It's not due until tonight anyway. Um, I have that class until 11 15 on my mom's coming to pick me up so kindly coming to pick me up. But yeah, so I guess I'll see you later. Videos almost done. Which is why I'm so sick of it. Because my skin looks bad and I don't feel good in college. So this is the end of the video. It's over. It's done. My week's done. I'm leaving for my mom to pick me up. It's 12. 55 cents will be here about to have a little bit. I just ended this entire video except for this clip. So that's it. I hope you enjoyed this week in my life. You know, it was just a week in my life, but I hope you found it interesting. If you did give me a thumbs up to describe that'd be sick. Thanks for watching. And I'll see you guys next. Hey, guys. So now me and my roommate, when I saw on Eddie's this's like army green space. It's like super nice day. You see everyone out here when it's above, like, sixty degrees? Always. Um, yeah, I'll give you a nice little You just, like, look at this side. So pretty. And Mrs Keating, this's where everyone takes pictures in front of because the view Yeah, we're just chilling out here doing some homework. Well, I'm trying. We're doing homework Homework when this is drawing letters. Yeah, but like, he always run into people out here. Which is nice. Like friends stopped over before. Um, just chill music, you know, becoming a Fordham. Fordham. This was, like, the most ecology part of, like, torn up, like the lawn. Like our lawn. When you see the college movies where kids are outside, going for his fees and stuff like that is this That's like, I don't think that was real until I came to this school. Yeah, I know. It's for sure, really. Here with a plate, actually. Thank you so much, guys for watching this video. I hope you got some really helpful information out of this. I really enjoyed showing you guys around my campus and showing you what my life is like here at Fordham and the life of my friends. And basically everyone that goes here, I really hope you do come to foreign. Um, it's an amazing school. I love it here so much. And if I had to give some advice to anyone that was coming here, I would say just like remember to take the time to enjoy your freshman year because it does go so fast, like I'm at the end of my freshman year right now I have, like, a little over two weeks left, and it's actually insane how fast it went. Like I remember move in day like meeting some of my friends were like some of my best friends. Now for life, meeting them for the first time ever. It's just insane, like how fast the time goes. So just like, really enjoy every second. I know that's like such a cliche to, but really just enjoy, like every second of your freshman year of college. Wherever you do, end up if you do end up a Fordham or any other school. And yeah, so I hope you all have an amazing day and an amazing time in choosing your college for What's up, everybody? Only I can't show the sweat pants because I look cute from this up. Okay, Anyways, before I begin, I just wanted to say Hit that subscribe button. If you want to see more content as a suit in New York, I kind of live this double life in the fashion industry while still being a student at a university here in New York City. And any point, leave a comment. If you've a question about my school, my life, my favorite color, my favorite TV show anything you want to know. Anyways, let me tell you a little bit about me if you're new to this channel. So my name is he in a sky, and I am a junior at Fordham University, Lincoln Center. My major is new media and digital design, and I'm a fashion studies minor. Since I often film school related content, I wanted to kind of clear things up because ah, lot of people always assume that I am a student, F I. T. Or Parsons just because I am in the fashion industry and I did apply to those schools, so I wanted to make this video kind of like an explanation as to why I didn't choose those schools. Because this could help you if you are also deciding like I was when applying to colleges. If you follow me on Instagram, if you're watching this, you should. You see that I am very much involved in fashion. And so it kind of is a surprise that I might not go to a fashion school and even a lot of the times at events when people ask what I do, I always say I'm a student and they just assume I do go to F I t. Or Parsons. Anyways, I'm gonna explain kind of my process and my thoughts on these different schools in New York City. So I guess let me start back in high school. So I'm originally from New Jersey. So growing up, I was always in the city anyways, and I knew this is exactly where I wanted to be. School was always a huge priority to me because I'm sure some of you guys can relate. Parents could be kind of tough and expect a lot. Um, but I always expected that for myself to like I was always expected to get B's and above. But the thing is like, I was a dancer my whole entire life. I always knew that I wanted to transition into the fashion industry because that's always what I wanted to do. Like you can watch my style evolution video. I've always been a little unique, I guess you could say so. I knew that I was gonna stop dancing once I got to college, and I knew that I wanted to be in New York, so I only applied to schools in New York. I applied to F I. T. Parsons, the new school. I wanted to be like this program where it was like half Parsons, half new school L. I am Pace, Marry Mel Buruk and Fordham Lincoln Center. And obviously there's no you. And I didn't apply there because I just, like, knew I didn't want to go there. I didn't really like the campus like I had seen it and kind of like the programs. I don't know. It just wasn't for me, Like I know I don't want to go here, so, like, I just didn't do that. But I kind of wish that I did, because I would just be curious to see if I could get in growing up. I always thought I was gonna go to F I t like that just seems like the school for me. Just it was. Obviously, it's such a well known fashion school right in Manhattan just seemed too perfect. And I would watch you two words like Kelly McKenzie and she went f I T. And so would be someone I would look up to, and I was just super excited to be there. However, my guidance counselor kind of like right before applying for college, he mentioned Fordham University, and I honestly never heard of it. But I like the fact that it was more of an academic school that also had a fashion cities minor. So, like that really appealed to me. So I added 14 Lincoln Center to the list of colleges to apply to you and to tour, and the only colleges I toward were the new school F, I T. And Fordham. And at the tour for the new School, I I just didn't really like the way that the program was set up, because the tour guide made it seem very like up to the individual and, like not structured it all. And I don't know, just being like a little high school kid like that made me really nervous because I was afraid that, like, I wouldn't be able to handle that, like picking everything myself. I don't know. It just didn't the way he explained it, just like it just wasn't for me. And like some people like that, word's not very structured. But I feel like I wanted kind of to be placed in the right direction at least like the first year. But Tour Guide that day also said that you could take any classes he wanted, which at the time I was like, Look, if I'm gonna pay I think it's like, uh, $50,000. But I wrote it down like about $47,000 like I feel like that, I would mess everything. I don't know. It seems like a lot of pressure on the student to like have this very free college experience, and for some people it's very ideal and I think now looking back, um, like Fordham has a lot of core classes in a lot of classes that you have to take which is a lot. Maybe the less structured school is a better option. I don't know, like that's I guess, like if you're watching this, that could help you decide. And then another thing, like at that time, none of the majors really stuck out to me. Honestly, for every school I applied to something different because, like, I just had no clue what it wanted to do. I just figured that once I got and I could just change majors to find something that interests me and then for F i t. The summer forcing your year I took a summer course and I did fashion styling and it was amazing, like the teacher, the people, just a school, the atmosphere. It was great, like I was really excited that I thought I would go to F. I T. And I was like, This is great. It's gonna look great on my application like it was. I'm so fortunate that I had the opportunity to do that. However, like I said, I think when it came down to it, I really wanted a school that was more academic just because I felt like I tried so hard in high school. I had a 4.1 G p a like I put a lot of pressure on myself. And then I realized, like if I went to a school like, um, I think for F i t. And Parsons, you don't need to submit S a t scores. And so I was like, Why did that puts pressure on myself if I'm not gonna utilize that overall like out of this video like that was kind of the main factor. And I like a lot of people, like, if you're watching this animal comment below, if you have the same idea, Fordham is definitely a more academic school. But Loki, if you wanna know the real reason why I chose for it, I'm honestly, you don't have to go outside like the dorms. I live in the dorms like I lived here all three years so far, you don't have to go outside. There's like underground tunnels to get to the classes when it's cold. When it's snowing, I can show up to class and whatever I want shorts and T shirts Pretty convenient. I have dorm tour videos. If you're interested in going to Fordham, I could just like them below. I have to dorm tours and a full Fordham tour thing. I could make what I'm about to say into a separate video for you guys. So come on blow if you're interested. But I got into every school that I applied to, and I think part of that, like the biggest reason was because of my essays. I've helped a lot of my friends. I'm especially ones that are younger than me with their college essays. So I feel like I have some tips that could help you guys, for example, for F i T. They have an essay that's like, Why, if I t. A lot of colleges do this, but for that I kind of told this story and like I've showed friends my essays before and they're like I can see reading That's like I can hear you And so I think I did a good job of showing the admissions personally, whoever's reading my essay like exactly who I am and I told this story from first grade, so we will remember, like clinging onto their mom's leg or like being scared for the first day. But like I remembered my outfit and like It's so cheesy that essay, honestly. But it's like perfect for F I t like. It's exactly what they want to hear. Something else was very successful is that I was able to kind of, like, put in like my leg Bragg she type of things because like, you submit a fraction as well that I've been working with Teen Vogue since I was 15 without listing it like a resume just putting that into story form. And so I think it's entertaining for the person reading it. But also they're like, OK, she does this and this and so I think that's like a good tip have so I could make a super video if you guys want just coming below and also like sorry, his videos all over the place. I'm just trying to make it as informational as possible for you guys. Before I went to college, I always watched YouTubers going to college in New York because that was like I wanted to live some kind of doing that for you guys because I really enjoy making videos and I have a lot of other contents. You should check it out after this video also, congratulations. If you did recently get into these schools because I know it's none of my friends have been posting that they got into F I t. Another thing. Like, if you're in school in New York City like, No, I guess I'm bad. But also look good for you guys like you're already a step above so many other people. Because just New York being here and going to school here is just an amazing opportunity. I'm so happy that I'm here, but yeah, that's kind of all I wanted to say. If you have any questions, I will answer all of the comments below. And also, if you have a YouTube channel or you're starting YouTube channel D m E because they should Collab. I think if you've seen any of my other YouTube videos, like, if you're not just finding me off this video, you know that I always come down to make new friends and meeting people. what's up? Mining story. And if you didn't already know, I live in the city. So I'm not like a self sufficient 18 year old. Two already has enough money to afford rent in New York City. But I go to school in New York, go to Fordham University at Lincoln Center. So I live in the dorms that they have for us, and I was noticing when I was picking this bullet, I was going to that almost all in New York City. Dorm tours are like perfect doors, and it's just not realistic. So I figured I'd give you a tour of my dorm, which is nowhere near perfect and very small and messy. Just you get an idea, like what an actual New York City door looks like. Okay, so I guess we'll start with the door. So right here we have a little emergency evacuation plan. We have my note right there. Please don't hand literally get that as a joke between me and my roommate. So this is the door, um, door handle, you know, and right here is our thermostat. It is only a ridiculously warm in here, so that's cute right here. We have our light switches. We have a little garbage, just in case. We want to throw anything out right before we leave. And this is where we keep our cases of water because we go through a lot of water. And here we have, like, a Swiffer and you have an ironing board to things we hardly ever use. And a jacket is blocking the focus. Ignore that. So right here is the closet that each student mine isn't absolute master leaving, Nor that so it's pretty tall. We keep our cleaning stuff up there. This is literally a message in the world is my junk drawer. I have, like, an iron, maybe needs air. There have a couple sunglasses and bracelets. They're so moving down. This is where I keep my pants. That one is sticking out because I'm wearing it today. Um, here's my lunch. Kidding. Please, any process and down here keep like pajamas and just like every day, T shirts and, like, lotion and makeup and stuff down here, we have shoe drawers in this one. I keep my underwear and stuff, and that one is like textbooks and kind of like miscellaneous stuff from the door to the closet and I were over here towels for the shower on this little rack. I have some bags like urban bags and stuff. I loaned you about caravans right there. So here's my roommate's closet. I'm not gonna go too much into death because that's hers. But right here we have a mirror. I'm not showing me because I'm not wearing pants, but there's our mirror. We share that. And I forgot to say before I have this little hook on mine that I keep my jackets on, used to be switched. She used to have the hook, and I used to have the mirror, but I used to have a lot more than she does that we switched. And now I have the hook. But you know, so after my roommate's closet, you've walk over here and this is you know, this is the money. You This is kind of this is New York City and it's it's priceless. It is literally priceless to walk into the room every day and see this, but we'll move over here for us because this is my side. You know what? Let me Let me straighten this up before I could get you literally just flip my comforter over. We're gonna ignore that. We're gonna move over here, So right here we have our micro fridge. We rented it from this school, so basically, the idea is that the microwave power is not on while the fridge is on. And when you're using the microwave, the fridge turns off. So you don't use too much power because it is a dorm and you don't want to be hogging all the power. So there's that. And on top, we have a lot of miscellaneous things. We have a tissue box. My phone is there. We have some paper towels, some cops we have honey, I'm not sure why. Because I can't remember the last time we had tea have a curate o'clock, my routine er and my lip balm. And we have two fans because, like I said before, it is ridiculously warm in this room. So the fans help a lot. So now we're gonna move over here. This is my little like drawer thing. The thing that I've learned the most of being in school in New York is that you have to conserve space where possible, so This is really good. I keep a lot of clothes and just like little things in here in the top one is where I keep my pajamas. My laptop's here, and I just have all my charger's right there. And so under bed space is one of the biggest things in New York, and I think just even any dorm, it's really good to have a tall bed seeking store, A lot of things. So right there, I have some blankets. Keep some toilet paper there. That's like foodstuff. Have some cereal. Uh, that's more. She is not some shower stuff and you can keep my shoes right there. I also kind of just throw them anywhere. My roommate hates that, but what can I do? So right over here, I have a wall of pictures. It's basically everybody important in my life, with the exception of a few people that, you know, I didn't have any pictures within it, printed them or new friends or stuff like that. But it's more so friends from home. So I left my wallet actually really happy, and if you look closely, the pictures were curling at the bottom because it is so hot in this room right here. We have my calendar. I'm actually filming this in February, but I get really anxious when the months are getting too close. So I just switched it. Tomorrow should have ended February right over there. Calendar helps me keep up with everything, which is good because I have a lot going on and it's down here. Spring break is coming. So I already showed you my door. The closet, my broom. It's closet. Are Michael Raven Fridge my bed. So now let's move on to my desk. So this is right above my desk. I have a Lady Gaga poster and I have my class schedule with some tack on the wall that I'm too lazy to take off. So here's my desk. It's a little messy, but I will take you through it. These are the books that I have no room for, so I just keep them on my desk and right over here before I move on, is a garbage every cycle. So, like I said, books, there are my keys and Wonder woman lanyard. Have some lotion, bill mace and sunglasses. What a combination. I have an empty Starbuck's Cup with a Wendy straw with some change in it, which is interesting. Have some paperclips and binder clips and a reusable water bottle. I also have this pride pin. I don't know what that's doing there. I have a index card case and an extra makeup over there. I don't know. I'm not even close to being done with the 1st 1 right here has a expo markers and hair ties and scissor. I'm have some tape in a little Fordham thing that Ashley Mamie. Thanks, Ash. I have a pen, holder, pen and pencil. And like, white out and stuff. I already have my dissection kit for Bio and the speaker that I have literally never opened Over here. I have some pens I have assigned Camila Cabello CD from the signing that I went to have a picture of my family and a picture of me and my friends else happened. Sandwich bags, you know, never know when you're gonna need them. When you're studying, I have some post it notes, a flashlight, a stapler, hole punchers and calculators, and a succulent Let's have a little spray bottle for my succulent. I find it a lot easier to remember to water it. If I have a spray bottle, I'm gonna have the lens cap for my camera. So where my desk drawers, the top one is locked. I keep on my valuable stuff in there like my camera. When about filming where my wallet and my laptop and stuff like that. The shore is books for class, and the bottom drawer is super message. I'm not going to tell you that. It's just basically like toiletries and stuff, right? Here's my desk chair. If he was very closely, that's hair dye from when I dyed my hair brown and you couldn't even tow. And here is this. Georges has a random stuff in it. Gal Gadot magazine. This is just like throw shit in here. So many Tripoli napkins. It's ridiculous. So right down here have an extension poured. And like I said concerning space, you gotta help another stackable Things do have gifts on the floor, those friends about exchanging them today. But I had no other place, so they stayed there. This is just food up theory, a pirate's booty, some stash mix and some snow bunnies on the rock Costco and I was like, good So I got them. Put them into little bags. Second, just grab and go. And this is literally all food, so there's no use going through it. And right back over here with the garbage on my desk, I have all my bags here, have just like many backpacks and, like cross body, that is bad. But I take it so this is my view of New York City from my desk. It is extremely hard to focus on studying or homework or papers when you have the prettiest city in the world looking at you. Um, so that's that right over here we have my roommate's desk. She keeps the TV on her desk because she's a lot neater and she has more room for it. Um, and that's her view of the city. And there's her bed a lot need in the mind, but once again, I'm not gonna get into it because it's her stuff. So, yeah, I think that's pretty much of it. All right, so that was it for my dorm tour. I hope you enjoyed, and I intend on making a lot more in New York City's enduring videos in the future. When I was moving to New York. There was a couple of things that I wish I knew. So I'm gonna share those with you. Those were becoming very soon. So if you are interested in that, please subscribe. Really appreciate it. What is a party? People? We are clearly not in Arizona anymore. There's a lot of water right there. And a lot of water coat for this guy. We are on our morning run, but this is our dorm tour video. Let's get out of the rain into the arms right now. What is up? Party people. Okay, so today we resume our weekly scheduling of weekly videos with this guy. I know we missed last week, and I'm forever sorry about that. This little thing called college got in the way. It interferes with a couple of cool things, sometimes kind of like this, but, um, we're here my new home at Fordham University in New York City. And before I take you on any cool adventures and this big apple out here, I figured I'd show you around my home base here at Fordham University in my dorm room. So without further I d'oh, let the cliche dorm room tour begin. You say hotshot from give you three days? These Wall Street dogs, they can smoke in my scent is Chef. You don't. New York City's jumped there. New York City. It's a jungle out there. York City It's a sharks moving white on these corners. No woods, but stories like that you're not from here. They can smell you in my tent. Okay, party people. Now that we got the nice, buttery B roll out of the way, I'll show you a little bit around here first. You got my bet. First I had the room with these photos is everyone knows that I can use a camera. What kind of what? Looks nice, But we have our hats photographs over here. We got a venture for Oakland and San, All links as coast and a bunch of stuff in the bio. The brand said he worked with me past. Now I'll show you guys my magic making area first for all that planning with Red Bull magazines, because for them. But because I like them. Who got that Red Bull? That order when I got some textbook Dr Liberty wrapping the Mexican Saraki your graduation tassel on the Empire State Building Because why not got the tune making machine Big jam box And of course, the magic making machine much. Then I use the iPad pro person. No taking here another whiteboard, because why not? And more schools, flies. That is my desk area and pretty much all of my room. But by far the best thing about this dorm here at Fordham University, Lincoln Center, is you that we're at Lincoln Center on the Upper West Side, and this view is pretty much prized. Best thing I'll ever get to check it out. Look who lives right there. That's 100% to a specially. The sad thing is, is when I'm in bed all the way over here, I am blind without these glasses. So when I take them off, this is what I look like That this is what I see. I can tell there's a good Jew right there. What? I cannot see it on this side of the room. We have all four eggs way have our cabinets, which pulled our medicines to fresh units, ups, contact juice and, uh, a lot. The other stuff that mom packed for me way have a close year, choose there and spin around here way. Have our bathroom. Nothing too exciting. But it's not because we don't have to share it with anyone because we got a triple due to Ford, a residential life policies. This might possibly be the last night with the cool lights on which I did not show you guys, but here we go. I am going to turn the light off now. Okay, Hold on. Wait. Part of people flashing lights. I hope you guys enjoy the dorm room tour video. I know it's kind of cliche, but I figured I'd show you around here my little h Q in pop before you head out there into the Big Apple into cool adventures. I'm sorry that I missed a couple weeks on creating a video, but I have to say that we're back on schedule with the video we for the foreseeable future. But remember, life happens. I hope you don't miss me too much. I did miss you those way. Remember that We are in New York City, Manhattan. And if any of you guys were ever in town one link up, make sure head down into description. Blow close on that Instagram Lincoln to shoot me and GM and hopefully we can meet up. But anyway, thank you guys watching please subscribe. Like this video. Remember Oslo Go from Diego. I'm gonna show you guys. Keating, third floor auditorium. And this is where I have, like my ground floor entered business lecture. But like, the room is never felt like there's definitely, like, thirty five kids in the class Class sizes are really smart, small here. And I'm just like talking out here because there are kids like in that room right now. I'm gonna go show you guys like I'm gonna go like peak camera and willing. The doors. Get something a typical action, but yeah, we like the middle section is not even felt like maybe three sports Okay. Wait. You were in the cab right now, which is like the main hall. It's actually called it's called the marketplace Marketplace. Come, come here a lot like, let me just explain. Let me just explain me and this girl work on this thing called the Odyssey, which you should join if you come. One of us was online writing for him. So we used to do a lot of work in here together. And she starts saying you personally and saying, I'm here all the time, and I am I am. But it's a nice place. But yeah, I mean, I only actually there's other little food places, but they're not a big list. So this is like and then you go up there and then you get your food. They have some ops and that ROK cookies, air. Really, I don't cookies, reasons to come. guys, welcome back to my channel. So I have not done a sit down video in a very, very, very, very, very long time. I'm back at home in Georgia right now. It is summer break. I just finished my first year at Fordham University, and I posted my dorm for video a few months ago. You can check it out in the eye card. It'll be there somewhere. A lot of people have been asking me questions, so I wanted to make a little video just like put together so that people have, like, back to reference like you wanted to go to Fordham like I am going to be answering most of the questions that I could think of that are a relevant be. I would have probably wanted to know at some point if I was a brush minute. Let's get into it. So the first thing I just want to clarify it is I lived for my freshman year in McKeon, so that is the freshman Onley dorm, and most of the freshman lived in that dorm. I'd say like 400 ish people live in that door and then there's like a couple freshman sprinkled out McMahon. It's like the apartment style dorm. I lived in a triple. Basically, there is no kitchen in the room. All that's really connected to the room is you have your own bathroom. So there are no communal bathrooms, Thank goodness, because I just would not know what to do with myself. So we didn't have to share a bathroom with another room because we already had three people, which is usually how triples work. McCann's a newer building. It's the one with the really, really pretty views. In my opinion, if you're a freshman, I think it makes the most sense to live in Maquis and a because you get to experience the views, be the building is nicer and see you just build a lot more community. I feel like if you live in McMahon as a freshman, you're just kind of living with, like every single other person in the building who still lives on camp it. But you don't really get to know a lot of the freshman because a lot of the time people hang out on that side of the campus. If you're a freshman and you don't have a meal plan, if you're in McMahon because, I mean, you don't really need one because you have a kitchen. I would advise if you're an incoming freshman and to put in your application for, like, your housing assignment. Like put McKeon like, even if you have to be in a triple put down McCann, because that will do you so much better. Van McMahon. So I talked about a man having a kitchen and key and not having a kitchen. So if you were a freshman, you have to have a meal plan. Basically, Neal plans. Yeah, so you don't really have an option as to the kind of food that you get just because you don't have a kitchen. So let's just explain, like the meal plan situation. You know, there's the basic. There's super high extra lots of D C B, which is declining balance dollars, which is just like fake money in the lowest one, which has like a little bit of D. C. V and a little bit of swipes. Anyway, I got the basic I don't know what it's called. It might be blocked to 25. It's 225 like meals, wipes and like $400. Maybe I don't know. You can look it up on the website. I'm not really sure about that, but basically the only place in the Lincoln Center campus. Everything I'm talking about, by the way, is on Lee Reference, Lincoln Center. Because I do not go to Russell. Basically, the only place that you can use your meal swipes four is the dining hall. Everything else in the building is D. C P D. C. B. Food is better than dining hall food, dining hall. Food is very sad. A lot of the time. Just being honest, you will be surprised how much you don't use. I got the basic level of the dining plan, and I don't think I used half of it. I think by the end of both semesters, I still had, like, $50 left on my declining balance. If I had 225 wives, I think I've finished with, like 90 swipes left, 100 swipes left. Like dining hall food's not words out, especially if you're a person like doesn't eat breakfast like why are you going to the dining hall like breakfast, lunch or dinner? Obviously of the Big Three meals. Most people usually only go to the dining hall during lunch and dinner because for some reason, people just don't like to eat breakfast. I personally would only go to the dining hall twice a day during breakfast and dinner because I would just go to a place with declining flints for lunch. Or I would just go buy food because it's just a no for me. So that city on the dining hall, you know, you win some, you lose some like it's It's one of those kind of things like a really good place to go for your declining balance is Argo t. They have really good sandwiches and they have a lot of tea. It's like fake Starbucks. It's very fun. Hell's Kitchen is like three blocks away, so you just walk a little bit and then all of a sudden you have, like, a million restaurants is at your disposal. It's pretty. It's pretty great. So I think that I did not know and that I would not have known because I didn't tour the campus before. I just accepted and so that I was going there, which would have been super helpful no. Is that where the campus located and how the campuses said so at Fordham. There two campuses, Lincoln Center and Rose Hill. I go to Lincoln Center. That campus is on 59th Street, Upper West Side by Columbus Circle. Like literally one avenue away from Columbus Circle. It's great. There's like a B, C, D and one train all around Columbus Circle, which can get you pretty much everywhere except for the East Side anyway. So it's on the Upper West Side, which is great. But one super super super cool thing about Lincoln Center that nobody decides to like talk about is that it's all interconnected. So New York is not. I feel like having really cold weather, really bad winters. It's like the worst thing ever. But the thing is, all of the buildings are interconnected by tunnels that run underground or on the ground level. So if you really do not want to go outside, you never have to go outside. For example, if you're going to McCann and you want to go your class, there is no I'm leaving my dorm building walking outside to go to my class building. No, there's a tunnel that leads from your dorm building all the way to your class building, so you never have to go outside. You could dress like whatever season it is that you want, because it literally doesn't matter. You don't ever need toe. Wear 10 scarves and a pair of gloves and a hat and earmuffs if it's wintertime because you're staying inside literally the whole time, it is great. It's also a Loki trap, because I have had an instance where I did not go outside for five days because you literally do not have to go outside if you don't want to. I have never been so grateful for something before because you like, think like, Oh, tunnel is so cool. No, you don't realize that everybody else walking on a normal campus has to. Even if it's snowing outside, they have to walk outside to get to the glass of its knowing. I don't I can stay myself all inside, walking around in my skirt with no tights on heels, click clacking around, and I'm just doing great. Another super important thing about the dorm that I would have liked to have been informed about before. I literally got fine. Thanks, lady. And get fined. Like I'm sure that some someone did somewhere is So you know, all those cute like, you know, other YouTube videos that are talking about Oh, my God. Like, leave your door open so that you could make friends of people walking back and, like, come into a room and say hi. Yeah, no, Fordham has a closed door policy and all of their dorms because the doors are fire doors. So that basically means that if there is a fire, it can't get into your room. Or if there's a fire short in your room and you close the door, it can't get out. So I can't like, damn dress of the building, which is, I mean, great in theory. But like in practice, it makes the community building much, much, much harder. There are times like during the first, like orientation week, like people like keep your door closed. Like even when you're trying to make friends like people like, I thought I'd leave it open so people can come in like No, there's none of that. You cannot keep your door open. You'll get fined tomorrow. The story, anything that I say that you can't D'oh, You'll probably be find if you do it. So a little bit of details about the room picking and remain selection process because I've gotten a lot of questions about that. I personally did not pick my roommate because I just did not feel the need to do so. Like I didn't I didn't really care, so I decided to just go out at random. But what I do know about that process is that when you get like, the e mails that start telling you Oh, my God. Pick your roommate so that there would have already been a Facebook page for your class created where a lot of people, like go in there like looking for a roommate. I live like this. Isn't that something that really good about what my class did, which I think is amazing is somebody made a Google slide and everybody put like their own picture and stuff, like in the slide, and then they put like what time they like to go to bed. What kind of temperature there like in the room? How nice. They like the room. Are they gonna let people up in the room like preferences and things like that. Like they put that all on the Google slide and like, they're interesting stuff you can get to know them and then literally, it's like tender. So, like you picked the people that you like and then you're like, Oh, Tammy on instagram. I thought that was a very organized way to do that. So if somebody is watching this, like early on in the year and that has not been made, make it because very, very, very useful. So basically, you pick your roommate, you type it in tow. Whatever system, email, whatever. If you don't think your roommate like me literally just be like put in your preferences. If you don't have a roommate, skip the page and just move on. I got a couple questions in my dorm video about how important is it that you guys have the same major and stuff like that since I went random, I think they purposefully put me with people who were not in my major like I was the only person in the business school Go belly and the other two were firm F C L C. Fordham College Thinking Center. I don't really think it matters. But I do think it is important for you guys to once you like, get your room assignment. Thio, talk about who actually likes to go to bed early. Who likes to go to bed late, like this whole thing about like, Oh, I went to bed late in high school like beating for real, for real, with yourself. If you are a type A person and you know you're never gonna change Fine, that's great and fine and say it. But, like, honestly, I'm gonna say a good 75% of you are gonna change your living habits. So, like, just tentatively say, like, Oh, yeah, I like to go to sleep like around 11. Like I said, like all my roommate preferences, like sheet that I like to go to bed around. I mean, like labeling too late. And I ended up going to bed, probably a 2 to 3 a.m. every single night for the first semester. So you know things things changed, like you mean people. And then you hang out with people when you adapt to their lifestyle and they adopt yours, you know, and it's like it's like absent flows, ebbs and flows. Be as honest with yourself as you can about your roommate preferences. Nobody's look, Look at you like you don't want to say that. You wake up early at 8 a.m. When you know you're gonna kill yourself to try to do it, and then you're gonna hate your life. And then the roommate who does wake up at 8 a.m. actually and sets her alarm every day is waking up. And you're like, Oh, my God, I'm gonna kill myself. Do not lie on the roommate preferences. If you like your room to be super super clean, don't say it's fine because it's not fine. You don't want to get in a fight with you. Remain about who's cleaning room. Who's doing this? Take yourself off the floor. Trust me, you don't want to do that. So I'm getting a little personal to me. I will be frank because I always am. Fordham was not my first choice school whatsoever. I applied to Fordham as my safety school because I knew that I would get in based on like my high school statistics, and that's totally fine. And like I'm going to Fordham in its great I will say that even though it was not my first way school, I think that this was the right school for me. As I reflect Fordham, Lincoln Center's a really small net school like you will see everybody every single day. If there's drama, everybody's gonna know about it. Coming from a school where my class size was 700 and, like the entire school was 3000 like that was it was pretty intense and like Lincoln Center's like that, too. But I think living in the freshman dorm really gave me, like, a chance. Like meet a lot of people. See, people even know I have a really bad habit of non saying hi to people that I know. I still like, see them actively. So, like, I'm no kind of what's going on. Like people say, like, own your English, Wanna one class? You're gonna be like one in like 300 like Fordham salt like that, like we do not really have like giant lecture classes. Every class size is like 30 and under, like my comp to class was like 14 people. If you want to go to a small school. You're gonna I feel kind of like you're going to a mid size small school just because, like class size, our summer of them are smaller than what I had in high school. It's gonna be like I kind of feel like even though it wasn't my first choice, I'm in a super good area that I really, really like. I met a great group of people. Fordham really is the home for me. I'm so, so happy that I found that I'm in marketing, So basically there is a difference. So I am in Gabelli, which is the business school at Fordham, and then the other school at Fordham Lincoln Center is called F C L C, which is Fordham College Lincoln Center. So, like at Rose Hill, it's F C R H. So Fordham College, Brazil. So there's two classes, basically, so Gabelli's the Business one and Fordham causing its center, is the liberal arts college. I chose this because I'm not going to get, I don't know, a math degree, like the only thing kind of close to the marketing degree, I would say, is communications. But I just always wanted to go into business and some cabella gobble. It feels like I say this all time like a belly feels like a trade school. Like we had a class called Career Explorations were literally you just did your LinkedIn page and did your resume and cover letter like that was the entire club. Basically, I knew I wanted to do some business things, and I just didn't want to do all the other things or whatever. And like honestly, like a bell, it's really hard. But there's something like extra local pushes that I didn't know about that people, you need to give out this information. You don't have to take a science If you're in Gabelli. I don't know why it's great. So if you are trash it science and you don't want to do it, go belly might be the way to go. And also you don't have to take a language which it's really weird because of the global business, major and you don't take a language, but I mean to each their own. Like I took three years of German in high school, I don't need to take any more language. I have no desire to take any more language and I just didn't feel like it. Those are the requirements that you just don't have to dio. There are so many other requirements that you do have to do if you're in your belly, for example, your freshman year when everybody else is registering classes at FC l see you don't even get to pick. That's like less stress on you, I guess. But literally, you just get sent an email that says, Here's your classes Have a great semester and you just kind of have to deal with it like you literally have no choice in the times. The professor is the order, like nothing like. You need to actually build your life around that schedule because you really don't have an option for me like that was nice of me not having to really do anything. They're very stringent about the classes that you have to take because there are certain requirements for go belly that you need to meet in order to graduate. So kind of makes sense. So that's why I chose a Bentley instead of FC. So I feel like if you are going into college, one thing you always want to know about our parties, so I'm gonna spill the tea. There isn't really a party scene at Fordham, but like you see, I'm smack like our bar stole items only been on Marshall one time, and that was not because of a party. So nobody's really having parties in the dorms all that much like it's just kind of like people are having kickbacks like there's a lot of kickbacks in the dorm like people will just hang out, like in the room or whatever. But there's nobody's like raging out in the part like we don't have Greek life. So if you're looking for that, this is not the campus. Maybe you can head over to Rose Hill if you really want that experience, but you're really not gonna get it here. As far as I know, a lot of people like to go clubbing about two bars. There's really no like, Oh, the party on 20 like, let's goto the 20th floor and the party like that doesn't exist. Most of the time, you're not gonna walk by the hole in like you're bumping music like that's just not gonna happen. Like most people just go out. The Knights of Friday Saturday. It seems like a ghost town in the dorm solely due to the fact that people are just not in the dorm like whether or not they're partying, There's not there. Like if they're out like, they're gonna be out, like clubbing or going to bars himself like they're not gonna be like in the dorm. So that city, that's like, realty. One thing I'd like to mention just, like really quickly. For the people who don't know Fordham is Catholic. So yeah, which I think it's clear because I'm George s. So I'm kind of used to like the whole Bible Belt like lifestyle thing, like in my high school. We have, like, Christmas trees, just like in the school, which I didn't know was not okay, apparently, But then we had, like, a cute Christmas tree lighting during Christmas time. My friends were like, Oh, my God, this is so crazy. I'm like, Why? And they're like, Oh, right, because it's religious school. So, yeah, they don't like, push their Catholicism on you. So there's a lot of Muslim people. There's a lot of eighties people, especially at Lincoln Center. There are just so many like I don't know non Catholic people at the school that that's not really something, in my opinion, that you need to worry about. Like, Yes, there will be emails about going to Mass, But nobody is like Have you gone to Mass? So if you're worried about that whole situation or that something you didn't realize, like, I'm just when you know like it's really not a problem at all. And it probably will not affect your life or your experience at Fordham in anyway, let's chat about orientation orientation. I think it's something that's really important to talk about, especially if you're a freshman, because you're just kind of want to know what you're in for. So I'm gonna be an orientation leader. Hi, I If you see this video and I'm your orientation leaner, tell me that you watched the video because that would be great. Fordham's orientation. I feel like it's like literally every other schools orientation. It just feels like long summer camp, which is fine. I mean, you know how also they supposed to do everything. Mutation is like three days long, like you move in, and then all of a sudden you have always orientation activities. It's great. You do sensitivity training. You d'oh like listen to all the rules, motivational speeches, those a really fun, you know, like summer camp activities like you play getting to know your game. So be mentally prepared for that. There are excursions, So I got an email in the middle of the summer that's like O sign up for your excursion and will rate and then, like, pick 1 to 3 options. 123 and then we'll sign you to a group. Whatever. Do an excursion. 110 million% do an excursion. My expression that I picked was top of the rock and I got I was like $50 don't have to pay for. I know our excursions are free, so I personally recommend doing the ones that cost a lot of money because you don't have to pay. I don't talk. The Rock and I got into the group. It was great. And then suffice to say, I did not end up going to chop the rocks because I missed the group. Yea, Thankfully, though, one of my orientation leaders was leading another excursion and I just joined her excursion and on that excursion I met literally every single person that I hang out with for the most part, like I met literally, that I talked to in the year every single person. So go on an excursion and I feel like that is what it's like for a lot of people. So please go like that's the one push that I have about orientation. Is police going on excursion? Because even if you don't like have my experience, it's still gonna be really fun. I went to the Brooklyn Bridge like that was my like thing for knocking atop a rocket, and it was still really cute. Fun things happened. People bonded. We took some cute pictures like it was it was great. It was great time. Please go to the excursion. So the one thing I do want to talk about is making friends because I think that's a thing that a lot of people get concerned with. Making friends at Fordham is probably the same as making friends that literally anywhere else. But you have to keep in mind that for two Mrs Small school again, the tea is if you see somebody, you're going to see them forever and ever until kingdom come until the school year's literally over, because the school was so small and all the freshmen lived pretty much in the same building. So making friends in that aspect because of school so small is you will make friends relatively quickly, like you won't make like B F f's relatively quickly, maybe depending on like who you are on your personality and stuff like that, like I made my B F F's like two months into school. But I know for a lot of people, a lot of people don't really make their real real friends until second semester. They make like friends, but not like were great. I will say boredom is a cliquey school because it is so small and not clicking in a bad way. Necessarily. It's just like there are clumps of people and the clumps of people hang out together. And it's all about people don't enter like socialize or whatever. It's just like, very clear, like who the groups are, especially when people make groups of 10 or more wrong with that. But if you don't I guess like that, then I don't know if that will get under nerves so much. I don't think that's a bad thing. I think it's a very secure way of having friends because you get in your friend group. You bond, especially since you guys are in a newer environment and like there's a lot to do and there's a lot of activities and Superfund like. So in that sense, I think making friends is a really secure thing that you can do for him. So, guys, I hope you enjoyed the video. I hope you found it very informative. If you have any more questions, something I did not touch upon, I mean, is the best of my ability. I tried to do as much as I can without making this video like three hours long. So if you have questions, leave it on the comments below. Be sure to check out my dorm tour and read those comments as a well, just to see if those questions were like answered. Because there's a lot of questions in those comments, which I like touched upon it as well. Like this video, if you want to see more Fordham related content or college related content and just like let me know what else you want to see? Follow me on Instagram and Twitter at the Bella King Underscore. And on the bella king dot com, you'll see more of my outfits and like how I like to do fashion because that is my passion. If you like the video, make sure toe like the video. And don't forget to subscribe so you can say, notified on all of my latest uploads. And don't forget to hit that little bell so that you will be the first to watch when I upload Okay, Right now I want to take you guys to another one of like my go to food places. That's not the dining hall. This is called Pod and they just renovated it over our I think it was winter break pretty sure or thinks he might break. I'm going, exactly. Sure, there's a really good deli in there with flakes. Worse had Delhi. So the food is pretty good and then they have just a bunch of junk food and like, you could basically shop. They have like, cereal and sub t o buy ice cream in there. So I like to get sandwiches in there. They have good sandwiches, and I basically get a sandwich there every day. It's the same thing every time. It didn't like right under a residential building here. Sandwiches, right? Basically the usual, Right, right, right.