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Thinking about The College of New Jersey and trying to determine if it’s the right fit for you? The college search process can be tough, but CampusReel is here to make it fun and engaging. If you’re thinking about visiting The College of New Jersey in person, we strongly recommend you at least complete the virtual tour first. After watching the entire virtual tour, the next step would be to take an in-person campus tour to further vet The College of New Jersey’s culture and community. Whether you are a prospective high school student considering the school or interested in transferring to The College of New Jersey, these videos and reviews are designed to give you a complete understanding of the The College of New Jersey experience. These The College of New Jersey video reviews share the culture and daily life of students both on and off campus.

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Hello There

Rebecca Mazur

Political Science , Class of 2022


So right now I'm sending t this's a dining options. It is located in between Travis Pool. So if you live in your of those buildings, you don't even have to leave it that way. It's more late night auction. People come here after parties for clothes. There's burritos, chicken finger shit smoothies. Really? Anything you could kind of wants so much. So this is replaced coming out. Okay, So where are you right now? Guys, this is the main dining halls on campus. So over here we have We have peace over here. So they're always changing times of pizzas. They serve it whole wheat crust, you know? God. I have that health on point down there, there's a bakery. They have fresh baked goods. So you know that's That's a plus that things here are fresh. Have breakfast. He was that way. Serial meal pancakes, Egg wei have Quimby's kitchen. That's the pool that they change every day. So the hot, like different types of food, will be like Italian food. Caribbean, Chinese. It really varies. They changed off every day, which is green. You set a salad bar to build your own silent over here that way, have a sandwich station you could build. Wei have a walk. We have a walk over there, so that's what you could build your own like Chinese Food bowl. Build your own taco way. Have we got a bunch of build your own station? So it's really great. You know, you could customize your food to have everything like it. What? Your personal personal favorite is the salad bar? Because, um, Jim here on campus is great. So after the gym will come here, got a salad, some chicken on it. So, yeah, you could get whatever you really like. The food food not a lot of guys will be a bit better for being but a little bit. It does the job. Okay, guys were currently in my dorm room. I live in Travers. That's one of the two towers that I showed. I live on the second floor, so it's not too bad. There is an elevator that goes all the way up to the tenth person, someone on the second floor. I take the steps, so I'll show you around. This is the typical T C. N. J dorm room. So we have two sides. This is my roommate side, and this is my side. So each room comes with a dresser. So you've got your own and your roommate gets their own. You each get a desk, so these are really helpful. You know, you could do homework here sometimes. Like when I'm hanging out with my friends. Someone will sit in the chairs from selling the best sit on the storage case. This my roomie actually brought. This has actually been a big help. Those there's a storage unit inside, and it's also a great place to sit. As you could see, he got a little bit stained from eating and drinking on it. These are our closets, so it split into two sides, usually this big box is a here. So this would typically be one roommate side. This would be the others. But since this is in the way, we just share one closet and have this little storage unit in here. Um, yes, we have some storage on the top. Definitely lots of space to keep food and cleaning supplies. A little fridge and microwave. A cure egg. These are all important things. We rented the fridge and a microwave. I personally think that's better, because, you know, you don't have to worry about bringing it. You don't have to worry about who's going to get it after the year is over. So, yeah, we got some shelves over here. We only have shelves on this side. I was lucky enough. My roommate didn't need any that stole my stuff. See, she just has a wall. We also have a sink in all of the rooms, which this is awesome Toa have because, you know, at the end of the night, you could brush your teeth, wash your face, clean your dishes. As you could see. I was supposed to do that. I forgot. So, yeah, this is the Travers Wolf. Okay, So you're marrying Jared? He must cameraman. So, um, yes, we're gonna talk about the academic climate and also like the student climate. So the people here, they're nice. They're everyone's really nice here. That's one thing I will say when you do. If you do torque the campus here, everyone is super nice, everyone. Super friendly. I mean, there's always a few people are a little bit rude, but, yeah, for the most part, like, especially when you got here. Like your freshman, like, the first week. Like all the upperclassmen are really nice, too. But I don't think you get Yeah, school And like, there's a group for everyone. Yeah. You'll find something different. People here, that's that's very neighbours. Yeah. Um, OK, so what's your academic climate? Everyone here takes it very seriously. I feel I mean, they're definitely the people are late. Emilio Barney. Oh, yeah. But then the majority of the students that get there ten minutes late because they're always in library, they're always hiring. They're always in over. Yeah, there's, like a good bounds here. Like most of the week, you're gonna be doing work and you're gonna be studying, but, like everyone around you is doing it, too, so it's not like you feel like you're being like a nerd or anything. It's just normal, so that's always got it. That gives you a lot of support and motivation. And but have there's a good balance between, like the people that you meet, you'll have good quality friends or not just be wasting your time and then also getting worked on. So there's a good bounce here. Definitely thanks for taking videos for me. You, my sisters. They are representing all of the sororities on campus right now. So you have something to say about TC and authorities? Well, Sanjay, social sororities fall under panel in it. It's a very, very unique environment. It sounds cheesy, but it's not really like a lot of other colleges way have a very, very supportive environment. I hear a lot of pot pan. How love. So even if they're not in your organization, you still support other worlds on campus. And it's really cool, like none of us are in the same sorority. We support each other work here, united on this. Like making out with each other way. Love this for T. C N J. I got way here now with the entire Greek Inter Greek council. So tell us about your organization. So, Mark, I'm the president of the Greek Council. This is the governing body of Greek life. AT T C. N. J. Reasons you joining? Replaced first. I'm Sabrina vice President. Expansion. And people join with different reasons. That way to make friends just get in the Okay, so I'm here in my friendly Yanni. She lives in a This is one of the freshmen dorms, so she could tell you a little bit more about it concerning that. She lives here. Hi. I live in Brewster, and I really like it because even though we're separated by three floors, I still feel like it's all really close to one another when we all talk to each other. So I really like how we're all friends with each other. Yeah, it's a good location living here because you're right across from the dining hall way. Have Mohr residents hold this way. The spiritual center and this way is the academic building. So the education building, other types of hall's. So this was a good location. Standing in the science complex. So have filed cam physics and stunned buildings behind me. We have the fountain. So a little tip freshman year, you're welcome week. Your floor will jump in here and T C J tradition. So I say this is probably one of the most memorable moments of my freshman year Was jumping intothe. It's just like a great weight's a bomb with your floor. So, yeah, I'll show you guys around the building. Right now, we're standing outside the library. This is where you will come to do homework, study for exams, get some reading. And the library is really popular during midterms and finals week. So we have study rooms inside. There's three different levels. You know, there's light chatter, quiet hours. So really anything that you'll need to get your studying done is available in the library. There's assistance to help you with research. They know what to do, So don't worry. You don't have to figure it out on your own. I'm blabbering is a really great place. Help with, uh, your schoolwork and maintain like your social life. Because you know you don't want to be stuck in your dorm when you're hanging out with your friends trying to get worked on. You could just come over here, sit down for a couple hours, bang out work, go back to your dorm and hang out. All right, Let's go inside. All right, guys. Now we're inside a star books which is located in the library at Starbucks. You get coffee, tea, There's food. You can use your meal quick here, which I can explain to you guys later, When We're talking about different food plans. Um, so this is a great to have in the library. Couldn't know you're studying for a long time. You're starting to get tired. Just come down here any time. Get yourself a drink, a little bit of a break and keep going. So we'll go take out the rest of the live right now, guys in our in the library. This is the first out of four floors we have. So on this floor, they're competing light discussions. Keep your words because you're in. There's a reference desk right over there. So that's where we go. Go talkto my brain. If you have any questions about the library, um, printing services. So ten cents a page, you can print us up to his money. Much income over here. Computer. You can use what Your lot top died. You come over here up on a computer. Wei have books, uh, and really anything else your standard library would have. But yeah, we have a great life here in jail, so I would definitely recommend realizing library as much as you can while you're here school, right? Hey, guys. So I know I'm in Green Hall. This is where student finances are taking care of anything that has to do with money. So this is important place on campus. So I'll introduce you to my friend Martina, who's assume worker and she'll tell you a little bit more about what she does in the office. So here in Green Hall, we have many offices. We actually have the president's office upstairs. We have the also sort of financial assistance. We have the officers student account's downstairs, we have resident, which is like your tech guys are gonna help you out on then. Along here, we also have different offices for, like, the honors program, where any you're really involved with that's outside of extra credit activity's and sausage school. Hi, guys. Welcome to my vlog. I think it's a log log of the college, New Jersey campus and environment. My name's Rebecca. I will be your host for these videos. Um, I'm from Old Bridge in Jersey. It's located in Central Jersey. My major is political science. Although I'm hoping to meet you, switch into business. We'll seize kind offer to be I'm currently a freshman in my second semester, so I still have time to decide. I hope you guys are excited for this tour because we're really going to be exploring all of T and Jay's campus and what it has to offer from professors, tow the building's toe, the experience and just really, we're going to cover everything, So get excited, get ready,